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some of the oldest city in central asia. was a prosperous humble on the silk road. today. a former soviet republic. one hundred dollars if someone wants to go to a european country the government's permission. if they want to go to russia. the mother of these twin boys. to find work. is no different to thousands of others in many former soviet republics which have experienced almost total economic collapse. spent the past ten years working on moscow construction sites he's back in the russian capital after a week's holiday to his home country. where he just had enough time to marry his
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young bride. but. she's joining him in moscow to get a job the couple will need all the money they can to build a home in their native land for their future children. didn't want to go to moscow but her feelings don't matter in the past all the important decisions were made by her parents and husband who has the final say. they didn't like the idea of going to moscow but my mother and grandfather said they must. when you first get here it's always like that. one of the couples relatives in moscow has agreed to let them stay in her rented flat for a while. seen as the most successful family member she's worked in moscow for ten
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years the young couple is confident she'll help enough you to find a job like all try to find someone for you. oh please call me if there's an opening for the girl. thanks a lot. because it is well connected she has russian citizenship and will soon own a house of her own outside moscow needs to work hard to pay it off she is employed as a cleaner in three different places that are both most of the people working here are my fellow countrymen who have no place to live and asked me for shelter i help them and they help me by building a house i don't pay anyone for construction work i just pay for the building materials. it took a long time for her to decide to sell her house back home but she did it for the sake of her children their motherland is where you feel the best.
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you know is back in stone the twin boys as is unless his last saw their mother nearly two years ago the grandmother takes care of them she wants the boys to learn to take pride in their homeland while they're still young they were born in summer count the grand capital of time elaine's empire and a mecca for scholars of the medieval orient. today only ancient buildings serve as a reminder of the city's former grandeur industries at a standstill and most of his adults now work in russia. i often wonder was there a loving mother would abandon her children like that i ask myself whether i did the right thing when i bend in my own children but then the soul that i'm doing something for them says my mind at rest they tell me come here as soon as you can win miss you so much. i try to comfort them i say i'm ok be
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patient i'll just work here a little longer and then we'll all be together. in most good works as a nanny raising another family's children. the twins mother has even had her name changed by her employers the kids find it hard to say they call her rosa instead just knows or lives in someone else's flat far away from her own children. you get so tired that you don't even think about your own family i just forgot about it because i'm simply exhausted. after her husband left her house he had came to russia where she found work and started a new family so then she had four children to look after. her for clear that you've come here to make some money what's your dream what do you want we want
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to build a house there into. yes we'll also want to have kids. what do you worry about. i'm afraid my husband might leave me. which i was very worried that i could lose my job so i even went to work on saturdays and sundays and it was about that. though a train schoolteacher because he had had to work as an unskilled laborer and spent the night on the construction site. those were very hard times you know sometimes i even felt i didn't want to live anymore. but then i thought about my children. and how we'd be dead if i didn't get back on my feet with their side even had arsenic within reach of things really went bad.
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now those hard times are behind to cross the aisle six husband has even sent her a friend request on a social networking site. should i accept the friend request or not now absolutely yes yeah let him see how far you've come. yes yes i'm very pretty yes and show him how much of a mistake it was terrific to i have grown strong ever since then i'm no longer afraid of losing my job like i did before. until recently it seemed that central asia traditional ways of life would never change parents arrange the marriages and children would wed for life. family had at least four children women kept the house in order while men with the breadwinners initially only men would go to russia or in search of employment but many of them stop sending money back home they found new wives and started families and then you
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home the wives they left behind had to go to russia to support their children. the women from other countries have better chances of finding a job in russia than the men companies and wealthy families are only too keen to take them on as cleaners most of the women work long hours because they're employed illegally they're deprived of all employment rights. are you looking for fatima the woman who works with a daughter yes yes. has come to a vegetable market on the outskirts of moscow to visit her friend for three months . she hasn't been able to reach her for two weeks and trust me i know she's not well
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ten years ago they lived together back when their lives were very similar both husbands had abandoned them and the children both women left their homeland to find work. and first she gave us a helping hand and she helped me find a job for my daughter. my son and i were working at a construction site. fatima was lucky she met a man in moscow and had two more children twin boys but then life took a turn for the worse she was alone again with only her teenage daughters to help. girls don't go to school ever since they came to moscow they just. took the older daughter looks after the children. and the younger one she wanted to resume study aids but couldn't because of her mother's or help. the girls have no time for school the second daughter works with her mother while the eldest looks after the
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young children it's not clear why their mother left her country ten years ago or if she really did so for the sake of her children. can't find a friend nobody knows where she is how easy it has been to her home only once before and doesn't remember the exact address. all these buildings look the same years i can't figure out which one i'm looking for. this boy has always been known to his classmates is colia a common russian name but his real name is called bun. i was called could a bun by my parents because i was born during the muslim holiday of could've gone by around but here i want to be told. in school there are some kids who would
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tease and laugh at me if i went by my real name. tells everybody that he was born here but his mother actually brought him to mosco with the age of four but kolya tries to figure out about. his upset that kolya has forgotten all about his roots for the first time in ten years she's taken a holiday to celebrate her sister's birthday at home and she's taken colyer along to show him the country where he was born.
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he's this city has changed so much in ten years it's beautiful now. yet i expected to turn up and find a dirty. dull plates. school. is their shopping mall here can we get a chicken burger. king of stairs i'd like to meet friends on the other soon do you remember them. well a little bit. of them one year later. are you going to talk to the. look at the beautiful sunset how beautiful i love to do this stroll in the city center i can't remember it at all.
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i mean so can only a city in europe on a host of the twenty fourteen winter the picket. sign see. such. a. dog days of. pride days it. is so common. to see it's so true. wealthy british style. markets. scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our. dangerous. experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have healthy guinea pigs in the regular society they're not able to use prisoners i mean more they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. hate to pop the deadly pills to get it passed away he was killed. he didn't pass a law let him get. his pharmacy really about helping people. follow suit.
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claims. when a baby is born in the ancient city of some account everyone hopes to persuade granny dodaro to preside over this ceremony. the ritual is performed each time the baby is put to bed for the first two weeks of its life. and night stone mera and even
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a couple blood are used to ensure that the baby grows up to be a healthy handsome and happy adult. granito done as one of the most respected women in the city she's the twins' great grandmother and she knows his grandmother. was a teacher of the it was based language and literature for more than forty years the husband was a hero of the soviet union. had twelve children of their own and adopted two boys. from a coolish were regarded as a model soviet family and featured in many documentaries traditionally married couples it was because done have large families but i'm like granny does children few of them ever receive a higher education. the whole family tried to talk just knows her out of going to russia only one who does forty grandchildren had ever gone abroad for a better life before but she knows i was determined not to live off her family any
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more. i said to her remember your country is your mother and a foreign land is your stepmother. for the first time in two years knows employers in moscow have allowed her to go home for a week for medical treatment. this new year's eve and the wedding were just too much i didn't get enough sleep i was drowsy when i stumbled down the staircase i fell down and hurt my head back. when this the plane arrived. you should be at four o'clock. you know they didn't go to school today they're waiting for you. when the twin boys learns that their mother was coming tomorrow they were so excited they could barely do their
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homework. with just coming here and she won't go back she's seen and worked enough i already found a job for her here. meanwhile some of arrived at the native village in tajikistan. hasn't been here for nearly ten years she's been working in moscow all the time. at first she simply wanted to survive but then she started earning money for her children's education after that she started saving to build a house in her home village the residents greeted with a hero's welcome. here. this is if i know this show korea where is korea. do you remember playing with korea. it was a full one as i remember i know now he does not know you does it on your problem how come you're never him are you older i think he is when were you born.
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and that i hear you're older you must remember him. i knew quite. well that. i remember quite a bond or whatever that he doesn't know court he doesn't know couldn't buy that cornish woman. he was born of three minutes past midnight when we were celebrating the whole week us civil war going on by and he had to be given the name for bond because he's a boy i'll give him the name do you think ally will be angry for call him call yet anyway we called him put it on but others don't we can't do anything about it. this is how you do it no no like this.
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for the first time in his life doesn't feel ashamed of his roots he's happy to be cooled by his true name. on. there are many children around here they're all good natured i wish you'd stay here for good or. understand sometimes what we say to him because he responds although he answers in russian you can also speak our language. the twins mother was arriving late took some account. a flight from moscow it was delayed the children to shine because they haven't seen their mother for such a long time. what's the matter to your mother they're shy in front of their own mother. they
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probably resent me because i've been away for such a long time they were just little kids when i left. this is an unusual morning for chef knows a one she's preparing breakfast for her own children in her own flat her mother both the apartment with the money sent from mosco she hopes that her daughter will now stay here for good. children say don't go away you've got what you wanted to have don't go away now i say she won't go away any more but she and still uncertain i'd like to work a bit longer. if you stay here you'll have a job i've already made arrangements. but she knows a cult possibly and enough money to meet all honey to time so far she's been working to feed and clothe the twins and buy toys for them then she'll need money for their education and then their weddings. just know his parents always told her
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where she should work and live and who she should marry when she chose to go to moscow to look for a job. it was the first decision she made by herself has been with joe bliss and seamstresses salary was barely enough to buy food later just knows i found a job for her husband to. force her to get married against her well i wanted her to have children yes i was forced to get married. because it's ok you wouldn't have found a better husband anyway they said i wouldn't find a better husband if you don't marry him you have neither husband nor kids. meanwhile see i decided to take advantage of his to touch it just to look closely at the tajik relatives in the hope of spotting a bride for a second so. if we take it to the contest she's sure to be miss
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russia is it enough for mary. i've come to talk it over and ask your opinion considering that we're family was. no. model my husband was my own choice and my mother approved of it. i'm not against letting our children choose somebody to that i like. you know if things are done here but i won't mind if they decide themselves i don't want to interfere with me maybe that will match each other who knows. where clean young tell your son to come here to look at them through right to her and she is to win her heart. he must win her heart. by their love. and here's a future bride. i think yes i'm good at it young heaven but i've also got an
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eight. the week long holiday at home has flown by. didn't even have enough time to visit all their friends and family as local custom dictates the all of the guests are given a noisy sendoff with music and dance. sing and. the people who come here to get time off even during national holidays. it's an important occasion for today the second son has returned home from the. oh my dear son my little soldier are you cold oh it's wonderful to see you we've all been waiting for you this sense of this is your. own home. with. my son has been discharged. there is such a pity we aren't in our place otherwise the whole family would be here at least
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you'd be like go letting. go and we'd slaughter a lamb. there's a tragedy to my sons i thought to the soldier. the next day they will go to a shopping center just to have a look at planning to buy anything the family comes here each weekend. life is my favorite. i really like it i see it in my dream. will we ever be able to buy it yes we will and as soon as we move into the house. i adore wife because it looks like a bright future for me. i want everything in our flat to be whites.
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know that shows are is spending a week off in her native city of some account she wants to be with her children as much as possible she has made up her mind yet whether she'll go back to earn money for her kids' future by looking after someone else's children in russia or if it's more important to stay here with the children during the early years. or. i've told her a thousand times she can get plenty of work here. her children are here. takes pride in showing pictures of her older children. lives in the states she
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graduated from the university of tourism in management. new york. goes to beijing's university of technology even an extra in a recent jackie chan film. school and i want the children to keep on moving forward no rest no stopping always going forward. i want them to win over moscow and win over other cities to. what i want what's my dream well i hope that they'll be successful. for you then i want them to have more luck in life than i did. my job tomorrow. you must know three basic rules three the first you must always be polite the second never wait until you're told to do something. and the third never tell any
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lie. so. lucky the first job in russia was not a cleaner was expected but working in a supermarket. this is his trash to get rid of. but it's also a treasure. worth fighting for. and a trap was no way out.
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can you please please. please. speak your language any body will not advance. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little turn to angles couldn't stories. here. to try all teach spanish find out more visit eye to eye.
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hold it. hold of. her mother. good speech. we're. going. to. come out.


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