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tv   [untitled]    March 31, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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day's news in the week's top stories from r.t. savers in cyprus real from the shock of a highly controversial e.u. bailout which will see large depositors losing up to sixty percent of their cash and saddle the island nation with rigid capital controls. rising powers the fifth summit of brics economies pushes ahead with the creation of a joint development bank but set to make waves on the global financial scene. putting their lives on the line guantanamo bay detainees who've been a hunger strike now for nearly two months say they're ready to go all the way. over again even if you just joined us for a viewer watching around the world kevin owen here tonight from moscow with
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a round of the big stories from r.t. for the last seven days in our weekly program and first avoiding bankruptcy has come at a steep price for cyprus while the wealthiest save his face losing up to sixty percent of the deposits ordinary residents have also been subjected to and president of capital controls daily cash withdrawals are limited to three hundred euros per person now per bank no checks can be cashed payments and transfers outside cyprus are limited to five thousand euros a month and those traveling abroad won't be able to take more than a thousand euros with them the restrictions have been imposed for an indefinite period two and a tester is still a found out families are already feeling the pinch. like many in cyprus later leaders agreed this is simply stunned at the speed and manner will finish the banking crisis in his country seems to be spiraling out of control he shows us his wallet yo cash a lean lottery tickets a single parent unemployed and caring for his sick mother in raveling of cyprus's
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financial woes couldn't have come at a worse time and i feel shame that i live with the pension of my mom all of your life is coming up so i don't you make a plan for the future the people in the younger. you hear of the economy of your country or in the park system these. so. you standing with an empty hands. a sentiment echoed throughout the tiny island nation. scenes like these becoming a daily occurrence another day in nicosia cyprus another protest though this one in particular is a gathering about the poor use of the country's largest lender the bank of cyprus but they're worried that the company is headed for collapse and they may eventually lose their jobs though many cypriots told me that they are well aware that this is just the beginning of a long hard road i believe that. europe. germany strolled
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because we're a small economy they felt that the consequences would be minimal what they don't know is that the president has been said and what happened today in cyprus could easily happen tomorrow to italy to front soon to spain we just want to be left alone to pick up the pieces and get on with our lives the prison is part of your peer european union system falls and for. paying the money through the european union to help. the other two contras you may embarrass. no but is that cyprus have a problem or it's because you know economy or something else as economic drama continues the politicians and bankers drawing up painful measures to execute the years old i.m.f. back to the bailout plan it's all too clear to ordinary cypriots who is going to be
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very deprived need is his mother for example have a monthly pension cut from one thousand one hundred eighty nine year olds to just over one thousand a month ago why they cut from the simple people who have special needs they cut from the people for his part allies question all cypriots would like answered as well. yes or sylvia r.t. because c.s. cyprus. the capital nicosia has indeed been hit by a wave of protests throughout the week about all this with people venting their frustration over the controversial measures business insults in germany to favor says the e.u. is approach to solving the cypriot crisis has been far from ideal i think the debate here is obviously much broader than the particular case of cyprus and the political message that's being conveyed behind the the high end of the base and have been going on for the last week or so are clearly underlining. the lack of
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a lack of vision behind europe's bailout the particular case of cyprus shows a political move where we're we're we're trying to. to heal a deep wound with a band-aid obviously cyprus is again a particular case but the overall discussion and the overall worry and fear that is that is underlying here is is for for every european citizen. thoughts too from wall street journal correspondent matthew dalton he says the financial shock waves from cyprus are being felt across europe. the euro group president your own diesel gloom caused a lot of havoc in the markets earlier this week when he suggested that yes in fact the cypriot template would be used to deal with other failing banks throughout the euro zone and that's that includes imposing losses on an insured bank depositors this is something that is still quite controversial among other eurozone countries and you had a number of countries such as luxembourg france and others saying wait
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a second you know we've got to think about this before we go down that road a lot of other people say look you're playing with fire when you when you try and impose this kind of solution in a crisis you're really going to have to guarantee a significant portion of bank liabilities that ludes depositors that includes even some bondholders and that was the approach earlier on in the crisis with ireland for example where every single bank liability was basically guaranteed at the start so there's a wide gulf between what they've done for ireland and what they did for cyprus and probably the solution will end up being somewhere in between but it's difficult to say where it will play out. so that as we've been reporting the repercussions of the super bailout deal of being debated right now are t. dot com that's where we want to know what you think about the mass seizure of funds from large cypriot deposit is its big story it's ongoing we will know what you
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think about it r t they'll call a lot of chatter there about it tonight and this is what's been telling thanks for voting if you have done so far yes pretty much the same as last small change they'll get out of the minute and the majority of those you that you can see the sixty one percent normally are votes of more evenly split than this but you know all kind of talk of the same book they're saying oh you. used to you think it will become you know welcoming the white model for future bailouts and that is a worry. as you can see twenty four percent just done a percent from last you think is going to trigger one of the banks across the e.u. again that is the worry ten percent of you think is going to. be overturned by public opposition ever the optimists five percent you think it's going to be a one off it's not going to be repeated because of all the farseer still plenty of time to make that change let us know what you think make a comment about over stories as well at r.t. dot com.
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get mono the big story for the week lawyers for guantanamo bay detainees say some of their clients are preparing to die as the mass hunger strike of a citizen is the two month mark but the u.s. military claims only thirty seven captors are refusing all food and continues to deny the other claims that more than one hundred detainees are starving themselves to death in protest against mistreatment and indefinite detention while human rights groups about in vero cry at the crisis urging officials to take decisive action amnesty international went as far as calling guantanamo an american gulag and says the facilities brought pain and suffering instead of justice the white
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house insists that its monitoring the situation it remains committed to closing guantanamo the twist in the tail end of the pentagon in the last week or two now saying it wants to renovate the facility saying congress has decided to keep it open indefinitely out of those two things meet what it leaves the detainees in limbo anyway and desperate to draw attention international attention if they can to their plight one lawyer who's advocated for guantanamo prison has told us that the mainstream media is helping cover up the scale of the crisis this is what he had to say to me. if you talk to people in the united states they simply don't know about kuantan m o they don't know today that eighty six of one hundred sixty six people down there are innocent have been clear have already been cleared many of the others are also innocent they don't know that the people at guantanamo weren't picked up on a battlefield they were sold for bounties by northern alliance people they don't know these facts anymore because there is no coverage in the united states the white house has said that it's still interested in closing guantanamo but i think
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it's delegated the issue to other people and it's also thrown up at hand and said well congress is stopping us from doing anything my former client. fozzy our. condrey our innocent people who are wrongly held the president can get in and make sure that those people are released and sent home they don't carry pose a danger those people are desperate they want to die if they can't get out of guantanamo the u.s. courts have no authority to order a release of someone who's in guantanamo they're in the hands of the president the president has the authority to do it congress has said he could do it only with difficulty but he has the authority to do it he needs to step up to the plate and get it done the u.n. has condemned indefinite detention to graham turner who is a former top ship red cross spokesman someone shown no says the captives the defense has because the legal vacuum that they found themselves in. from our
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observations and we those tensions and and this anguish that detainees are experiencing these clearly related to the lack of a clear legal framework in guantanamo and this is now adding a real impact and as an impact for detainees for some time on their mental health on their emotional for us would be the issue beyond just what you know we are seeing right now in guantanamo is this issues that lawyers are talking about the issue of the legal framework that regiments the detention of guantanamo and this is the issue that administration must address. course we're committed to bringing you the full story of a hunger strike a quantum obey as you'll know if you've been watching us over the months or years it's an issue that the mainstream media is preferring to ignore still we got a comprehensive tire lima vence complete with quotes from officials attorneys and detainees and a website com. fresh revelations on the last days of boris berezovsky life emerge in britain we'll talk about that shortly then the broke russian tycoon said to have big massive cash payout before his death last
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week and learned where the money was going to come from than just a few minutes from now.
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the international airport in the very heart of moscow. a law against russian tycoon boris berezovsky was a line for a three hundred million dollars payday shortly before his death us according to a british newspaper report just over a week after he was found dead at his mansion in england the details now from r.t. sara first. these are the leaked email and police documents that is being reported say that an investment company which controls three all of. these offshore trusts
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said c b going to liquidate his assets between teva t. thousand and twelve and march two thousand and thirty own family with the aim of providing him with around three hundred million dollars in cash now at the time of course president last saturday it's been widely reported he was under pretty severe financial pressure not least because of his recent high profile call case which he lost against fellow oligarch graeme in a primate it and i certainly it's been said by his friends and family lots of people he were at that call case at the time to not just to put him under financial pressure but psychological pressure as well and the police at the inquest that was a fair and a wednesday said that the cause of death was consistent with hanging that boris berezovsky was found with a ligature around his neck there's no evidence at the moment of third party
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involvement or of foul play but police haven't ruled that out yet as he said that he took that have emerged as some sort of intriguing facts to this we had a report of record interview that he gave live a journalist the day before he died in which he's speaking about losing hope in his life in then of course he got the family and friends coming out to say that this wasn't a man that they would have thought would have committed suicide despite the financial pressures so it's very difficult i think tally up all the evidence right now. so first well for use as a shady power broker alongside the russian government or the ninety's bros or ski float multiple fraud charges by moving to london his story from where he still tried to pull political strings talk to during the goals we depend an expert on russian feels it was all ski never believed that he'd lose hold of power. i don't think that there is much doubt that you know barry's ascii thought was somebody that he could control that he would you know let's previous financial dealings
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he water under the bridge and of course president putin said no he stood up to the oligarchs who was first elected in this was the reason that. russia a number of mr very soft friend and confidant have come forward and said that it's very depressed and had lost meaning over the past couple of days we do have to remember that he had just lost an extremely high profile legal case which not only with the financial cost that british judge had attention we call him a liar on record i mean this was a broken in defeated man. online couple stories to look into tonight china's economy is running rampant and the boom is taking its toll on the nation's waterways we'll tell you about that online so interesting read a report suggesting real number of rivers in china is less than half of what beijing's estimate is of the real need for water there we've got to count on our website the u.k. flat bedroom tell us why hard pressed brits will take the latest well for schoolies
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lying top rather to the. next the leaders of the world's biggest emerging economies the so-called brics have agreed to enter formal talks about creating a joint development bank that could potentially rival the world bank and the international monetary fund or to go to prison offspring following that blocks fifth annual summit in south africa. leaders of all five brics member states were very optimistic in terms of the future of the organization they all stressed that it is potential is still far from being used to the fore and actually one of the latest initiatives to change that is the creation of the so-called business council to get the business of the five states to get directly engaged in more joint ventures in various fears also earlier china and brazil decided to use their national currencies in the least while in nearly a half of the payments between them only the trade turn or between the two states
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stands at around seventy five billion euros dollars and the general idea is for all other members of the brics to do the same to protect their economies from things like currency wars or the possible negative consequences of the change of the dollar of war the us also the five leaders of the world alternately able to agree on which we should know of a joint development bank possibly with a starter capital of around fifty billion us dollars but it's a massive project and it's going to take time to work out all the details but in general for the past two decades these five economies have been the most rapidly developing ones in the world currently it's estimated that their growth is around seven times faster than that of the g seven economies it's also thought that by the year twenty twenty combined the brics states will make up around twenty percent of the global g.d.p. so it's no wonder why they want to protect their economies why they want to trade freely and how they wish between themselves and be less dependent on the western
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financial institutions especially in light of the the latest problems with the western economic model in general and what we witnessed here at this summit in south africa is that brics as an organization is transforming from a forum for dialogue to a full scale mechanism for strategic cooperation and so more states are voicing their desire to join the. rationing according to egypt and russia's president vladimir putin has also met with his egyptian counterpart the ties between the two countries are quite strong both economic and court last year or egypt was visited by around two and a half million russian tourists despite all the turbulence in the middle east and northern africa these issues have also been discussed including of course the conflict in syria. dr see charlie is a professor at the school of international affairs in india and says the blocks made huge progress over the past five years from the early days when it was seen as an upstart that was still getting its act together and resolving and ironing out
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some differences we have come a long way in five years the fact that the summits are continuing to be held all of the life some of the critics who said that this was just a marriage of convenience or just a short piece i don't for a photo op and nothing more what we're seeing now is that their agenda is quite advanced especially the economic economic integration and one latin america asia and africa is being spearheaded by the legal of the brakes definitely russia and china are i would say the central pillars of bricks if you remember this you deal with the old unit of the concept and many of us brought along so to africa india and brazil to play a larger ruler and also russian turner much more global in their overall approach towards the world order and trying to transform the world order the other three are i would say a little more student school east although they do want to move towards more people already.
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come president hamid karzai is in can't start peace talks with the taliban the group's opening a political office in the capital but has so far refused to talk to president karzai describing him as an american puppet washington's pushing both sides in the go ceding table with the looming handover deadline a course of and the twenty fourteen security honesty pachter party joins me now in london let's talk about this with other deepak good evening to you oh if these talks do happen can we expect any positive results though judging by the way the utterances so far. informal contacts have been taking place in your heart for the last couple of years but then those informal talks did break down for two reasons first of all the taleban accuse the americans on being shaky and vague. they wanted an exchange of prisoners president
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obama didn't want to have anything to do with any exchange of prisoners because of merely congressional pressure but also outside the congress from his opponents and secondly president karzai himself suspect that he was being sidelined because the americans were in direct touch by i mean cities with. under president of us and he resisted the idea so that thoughts if they were going on they couldn't progress so there's nothing new when. it starts to declare yes but i'm not a deeper there seems to be a lack of trust or run of the karzai government in washington recently but having spat with a withdrawal of troops on tuesday president karzai appeared to suggest america's big colluding with the taliban why would he say that in the countdown to taking control of security where these talks may be on the cards as well. as i say
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president karzai. has hand if you can do is with the americans serving for two or three years sir especially with president obama there are internal events that are taking place in which have undermined president karzai as authority continuing attacks etc by the need of forces in which civilians human children are being killed every now and again and the americans have openly accused president karzai of being incompetent and corrupt so there's no love lost between president karzai and the americans and and president karzai doesn't want to be undermined by the external forces but what about the opening of this taliban office saying qatar is going to soften the taliban or indeed give them more credence more power. well they're americans hope that if. i didn't mention one aide to.
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the taliban to open an office then somehow. would be able to influence them in a positive way in a way that the americans would want the taliban to be influence that possibility is still not very close i think there will be problems. even if. they are going to open an office the taliban have always insisted that afghans have a summer right to decide what the world they want to do and one of the main demands of the americans is that the taliban will cut off all relations with the hideout. not as close as there where a few years ago but also commitment to peace and the taliban again regarded as undermining their sovereign right come the end of twenty four taking this bit of
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confusion to about the overall size of the american contingent is actually needed to support afghan security after the majority of the soldiers leave reports differ in between six and twenty thousand that's quite a big difference that there will stay beyond how much do you think of really needed there. well i think in the end. any arrangement above the completion of a troll will leave several cars and maybe five maybe six thousand maybe up to ten thousand. first of all to provide stability through the current government of president karzai president gul leg says that he will not contest the next election but whoever comes in place of president karzai as president and secondly for training purposes and training is something that. armed forces if this government remains and the current arrangement of hogan armed forces and police
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forces continues then the training will be needed for many many years to come to a party for example so much security has to apply to parts of their life from london on the line. they involve a known thursday twenty one doctors finally walk free after spending two years in jail accused of taking part in antigovernment protests they were initially convicted of instigating hatred and quote participating in a legal go brings and quote the doctors insisted they were only doing the job though in treating the wounded and claimed that they were tortured into confessing crimes they didn't commit but acquittal didn't fully deflect attention from the gulf states massive internal problems though and the crackdown on dissent that the sort of molecules been suppressing and the regime running since two thousand and eleven using violence to disperse campaigners asking for jobs and freedoms that week i spoke to physician dr fred about how g. she recounted her own experience while being held by the country's security forces . when they get disappearing from their houses after house right.
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there and we just have to sit here and he left a lot to get for both the lawyer out of the. line for the most of the. who were forced to sign also fashion line you know that we did them and that. didn't really think you know. if you have to ok and i mean by their physical very thankful akiko ok we didn't deny from speaking for. the family not given food. you know where we where are you getting. so we get our word for lockdown you think the phone. call is that is that like oh by electrocution and then have fictional her acting and that should be you know and free all of that to get traction on the question.
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putting programs ahead next in fact after spending three decades in penal colonies we want you to meet the man who turned his own life around by helping other former prisoners on to the right path for the break. plans to create a war medal for cyber warfare have been put on hold by a new defense secretary chuck hagel but should they have been put on hold i mean hackers a drone operators do play a real important role in modern militaries and there are already u.s. military medals for things that don't involve people shooting at you the antarctic a service medals given by the department of defense for service between fifteen and thirty consecutive days in antarctica although the cold down there is potentially
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deadly no penguins are going to storm the base with kalashnikovs the homeland security distinguished service medal has also never been issued to anyone on a battlefield because thankfully for america there haven't been any invading armies in the homeland so is there precedent for a medal like cyber warfare battles i mean yes just there is but when you think about it giving someone a medal for using a mouse to blow up blips on a monitor really seems to devalue the medals of the guys who are brave enough to storm the beaches on d.-day or slog through disease and sneak field swaps in vietnam so maybe for the sake of the prestige of the of their medals let's just let the cybersecurity one go but that's just my opinion.


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