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tv   [untitled]    March 31, 2013 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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on dissent the sunni monarchy has been suppressing anti regime rallies since two thousand and eleven using violence to disperse campaigners asking for jobs and freedoms physician dr foote team up haji recounts her own experience while being held by the country's security forces. when they get. out of the house right. there and we just got the fifty eight who had left a lot to get the lawyer out of the it were blindfolded and of. course to thankful for the fashion line without leaving them and that you think this is going to think you know it. could be it's ok and i mean by that they're physically very thankful akiko ok we've been denied from one of our. family is going to be given food or a new way through our hifi good thing. so we get our word for lock down the
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thing you think the friend. who always did that like oh by the looks of you can and then have fictional harassment and that should be you know i'm very all of that to get traction confessions. unfazed by the controversy created by its drone strikes overseas washington is looking to expand the use of unmanned aircraft at home the federal government is pushing to put thousands of on manned aircraft in american skies for surveillance but as are going to to can comments the idea has not met with a warm welcome on the ground. one point this documentary on u.s. public television touts the technological capabilities of drones and their new super sensors this image was taken seventeen thousand five hundred feet above quantico virginia and covers fifteen square miles if we wanted to know what is
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going on in any spot along the seam i'd say near this building at this intersection we can generate a moving image that shows what's going on in the area the state of virginia was the first to stand up against this kind of surveillance in early february the state legislature passed a two year moratorium on the use of drones but the bill is yet to be signed by the state's governor who is known to be very supportive of the spy aircraft. in charlottesville virginia police have never used drones but the city council has nonetheless restricted their use just in case these this technology is already being heavily marketed to local law enforcement agencies and other groups and there's even one county in virginia that already purchased two drones for surveillance and so we know it's coming and we just we want to get out ahead of it at least twenty seven states are now considering legislation to outline how drones can be used by law enforcement or to ground them all together but there are those
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who believe the lawmakers effort not the rise of the spy planes so they're taking the matter into their own hands a company in oregon says it has developed and will soon start selling to acknowledge that could shield people from surveillance drones over the phone the developer did not offer any details but said this for not disabling their cameras or anything like that we are not doing anything physically to the drones we are simply not allowing their cameras that area. also in the battle for privacy a designer in new york came up with an anti sabella clothing line and this is a garment of designed to be firmly reflective. which means that he bounces off and he does what's he was for thermal imaging particular this technology is used a lot on drones and you refuse but it's doubtful that this designers gear however creative could compete with the cutting edge spiked acknowledging now being
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developed for government use a million terabytes of video a day which is the equivalent of five thousand hours of high definition footage so you can go back and say i would like to see what happened this particular location three days two hours four minutes ago and it would actually show you exactly what happened if you are watching it there is actually enough resolution to be able to see people waving their arms or walking around with clothes they wear as a number of states try to restrict the use of drones at a federal level there is a great push to expand their use the federal aviation administration projects that in seven years there will be thirty thousand flying over the u.s. there's absolutely no way of knowing if we are being filmed at the moment so we might as well wave to big brother up there in washington i'm going to check out. now let's take a look at some other international news in brief for you this hour in mali three
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militants and one soldier have been killed in renewed fighting in timbuktu that's after the regional governors residents came under attack from islamist fighters french and government troops and initially seized the city from the rebels in january this comes just days after president hollande announced that french troops would stay in the country until the end of the year. in morocco thousands of workers have rallied to protest against of the economic policies of the islamist led government marchers were demanding the prime minister's resignation unions are furious over high unemployment and planned reforms of the pension system a moderate islamist party came to power in two thousand and eleven elections following an arab spring uprising in the country. according to syrian state media rebels have set up to nine oil wells a blaze in the east of the country that's after opposition groups got into
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a dispute over who could use the wells allegedly over five thousand barrels of oil and over fifty thousand cubic meters of gas are being lost every day because of the fires meanwhile near the city of aleppo heavy fighting has been reported between government and opposition fighters. iraq hasn't witnessed another day of violence ahead of parliamentary elections later this month in baghdad two blasts left four people dead. three people were gunned down including a local sunni imaam known for organizing weekly protests the country has seen a spike in sectarian violence between sunni and shia lately on friday a wave of bombings targeting shia mosques killed over a dozen people in recent months eleven politicians have been assassinated by what is suspected to be a terrorist group linked. security fears have led to the government to postpone local elections in two provinces former m i five agent any making it says iraq is unable to shake off the disastrous legacy of the american led invasion. we've now
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seen a massive destabilisation of the old star witches and no real meaningful new structures put in place so it's not just the politicians who are under threat but for segments of other areas of society to things like proper hospitals schools even just water and sewage and things like that have been decimated and not rebuilt appropriately it's great that people are stepping forward and they want to represent their constituencies but if you can't guarantee that democracy will be democratically elected you can't guarantee that people are not afraid to go and vote you can't guarantee there won't be oppression and violence around that process and you can't guarantee as well that the people who are then elected have real powers to represent their constituents then it's not a real democracy it's just yet another oligarchy it's another dictatorship imposed on the hapless people and are staying with iraq a decade after the u.s. led invasion are to talk to the country's former chief of intelligence after
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a short break. when their country charges for them. sometimes have to leave their children behind . i don't like to work just long. dream of millions of migrants that their children might choose their. i want my children to win over moscow. russia has become this step. migrants working hard to find a way home. it is easy to.
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choose your language. of choice because without the federal court today still so much on how to. choose the the concerns get to. choose the opinions that invigorating outlook on. choose the stories that in time the lights choose to access to your office or.
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a movie about international airport in the very heart of moscow. the. i'm joined by mr salim jamali former chief of the iraqi intelligence services american office he's an extraordinary man who played a key role in providing the iraqi government with intelligence right before the invasion mr solomon you destroyed all documents after the war was over you burned them at a safe house in baghdad but i'm sure there is still a lot of information that you committed to memory let's start with the pretext that the u.s. used to justify the invasion they claim that iraq had ties with al qaeda is it true
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or was it just a pretext. of course america did everything to prepare public opinion inside the u.s. and internationally for the war against iraq there were two major parts to this work u.s. try to convince everyone that iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that it had close ties with al qaeda and terrorists in general in the one nine hundred eighty s. we did have certain relations with some organizations but in the ninety's we received orders to stop all contact with any organization that had terrorist connections talking about ties with al qaeda george bush said that president saddam hussein had sent his envoys to meet with this summer bin laden but he never mentioned what the result of that meeting was we had connections with the muslim brotherhood in syria they had connections with some of bin laden who was in sudan at the time we got permission to establish that contact through the syrian muslim brotherhood message
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to some of bin laden was we all were against the american presence in saudi arabia we had the same enemy therefore we could work together undermining the saudi regime and pressuring it to remove americans from the arabian peninsula then we got a reply from bin laden he said the baath regime in iraq was a pos eight and that it was because of the iraq regime that the americans came to the middle east therefore he couldn't have any contacts with this regime that there were other attempts to establish a connection but a sum of bin laden's position never changed americans also contacted bin laden they were the ones who transferred him to afghanistan to fight against the russians over the course yanna if bin laden refused to work with saddam hussein does it then mean that it was the u.s. who cooperated with al qaida and not iraq hone. i would not define it as cooperation though as it was later revealed they did have
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contacts they coordinated their actions and supported al qaeda is fight against the russians and the soviet union when bush said that saddam hussein sent an envoy to bin laden he didn't talk of the results of that mission so formally his statement was true but in terms of the meaning he was wrong now let's talk a little bit about the weapons of mass destruction in iraq really have these weapons as america claimed when it invaded the country but. now one more thing about al qaeda before the war against iraq the u.s. media talked a lot about abu musaab now is that kerry who allegedly was in iraq and had connections with the iraqi regime we searched but didn't find miss sampson we had no connections with or al qaeda there was an attempt to establish a connection with the taliban through one of the ministers who was in pakistan from iraqi intelligence proposed this but foreign minister tariq aziz said that it was an unstable regime and it wouldn't benefit iraq to have relations with it did iraq
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actually have w m d that could threaten the entire world or the region where. they fabricated a certain problem analyzed it and drew their conclusions based on that the data they receive from various sources was untrue this was their attempt of swaying public opinion in terms of the intelligence operation iraq was a closed country and they obviously had no sources within the country that would have told them the truth so they relied on other sources that fed them lies such as for instance photos of trucks portable labs which according to their allegations were used for producing chemical weapons that they were actually used for checking food products supplied for the government but they took photos of those labs and presented them as units for producing w m d but what i am absolutely convinced had the americans had an iraqi source that was telling them the truth they wouldn't have done what they did. in spite of having problems between the cia and the national security adviser it wanted to impose her opinion by making certain changes
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in the cia reports in the counter intelligence business you should let the opponent have its sources inside your country who you keep under control you should ensure that there's a certain information leak to the extent you want to have it before the war in our secret communication we confirm that they convince the world in the need of entering iraq in order to resolve two major issues w m d and ties with al qaeda but what would they tell the world if they invaded iraq and didn't find w m d's or ties with al qaeda you may have noticed that the entire talk was held in a different key after a while they changed the entire plan and they said they were pursuing democratic goals in a rug and once chaos began in iraq they called it constructive chaos seize the entire arabic region in their strategy they believe that america would rule this whole area once they overthrew saddam hussein but it actually works out the opposite way when chaos sees the entire area. were you prepared for cooperation
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with the international community for instance with europe or the u.s. in their counterterrorism area. we were and we sent a number of letters on that matter in one nine hundred ninety three a truck full of explosives drove into the world trade center that attack was developed and executed by an iraqi american who came from samara iraq this man fled back to iraq following the attack the iraqi intelligence detained him and put him on trial we were willing to extradite him he was an american and we had no right to keep him but we wanted to have guarantees that the extradition would take place within the official framework but often when handing such a man over both sides are supposed to sign statements of transfer and acceptance in presence of an intermediary we drew up those statements which were very explicit and the americans refused to sign the acceptance statement. and the only reason they did that was to claim that iraq was reluctant to cooperate in the war with
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terror that's right. it is said that you've penetrated into the us department of defense is that true we have recruited a high ranking officer from the united states department of defense however not all of this information was genuine a part of it was supposed to mislead us this offer say even unveiled a general scenario of the war with iraq the us military strength in turkey information about troops and counter intelligence in countries neighboring iraq such as saudi arabia and the gulf arab states he was the one who confirmed there would be no attacking from turkey guided by this information we relocated the adnan division from the mosul region closer to baghdad that's fortifying positions of the troops around the city the u.s. counter intelligence suspected we had a source in the department of defense and was deliberately exposing tons of all sorts of information but we knew which of the information was true that we had information that the americans would invade as soon as they amassed seventy five
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thousand troops in the gulf about a month ahead of the invasion we sent to reports to the command staff informing them that the american forces stationed in the gulf had swollen to seventy three thousand in strength coming close to the benchmark for launching the invasion at the same time the americans were faking leaks to make us believe the invasion would start somewhere in april may but we were certain that this would kick off any day now. does that mean that the leaders of iraq actually had a chance of avoiding the war. we were positive that they would be war the american media propaganda machine had been blatantly manipulating public opinion internationally and inside the united states it was already too late for them to call off the war effort and for us it was difficult to sway public opinion after nine eleven there was a missed opportunity here prior to the nine eleven attacks it was still possible for us to come to terms with washington by making some serious concessions but after nine eleven with the us administration and especially the department of
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defense becoming dominated by hardliners we found it increasingly difficult to deal with the americans we had the american jewish lobby to thank for that as they were investing serious efforts in toppling the iraqi regime or what about the high profile decision makers the group of new york conservative decision makers who are responsible for starting this war. but like on the whole and i've already mentioned those who were officially in charge of the war richard perle colin powell donald rumsfeld on top of all of them dick cheney and president bush but the policy advisers i'm referring to were a group within the defense department effectively assumed the role of intelligence national security community the state department and so on during the period in question strategic decision were made exclusively by a single institution the department of defense the department of state objected to
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their war plan and so did the cia the cia told the pentagon toppling the iraqi regime is the easy part but what's your scenarios for iraq once you remove saddam hussein the d.o.t. replied just let a savior through him and then everything will stabilize but that's the kind of mind frame that dominated the american war effort there was no sustainable long term strategy and that's why it all ended in chaos now look what happened to iraq after two thousand and three would warn the americans that if the regime would fall iraq would devolve into a jihadist stronghold and iran would expand its area of influence across the gulf region it was us who checks terrorist activity and contained iran's quest for regional domination i'm sure that all of our messages and information did reach us decision makers up to the very top. or did the iraqi leadership believe that america would stop short of starting the war because of its program attic policy and little interest in wrecking havoc and endangering its allies in the persian
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gulf. and. i think our leadership believed that the us administration could foresee the implications of toppling the iraq regime that the american administration would do something as stupid as letting the iraq regime fall and allowing al qaeda and iran to spread their influence across the region was totally inconceivable authorities thought that the wall wouldn't last long and that afterwards the us would put forward. conditions and we would say yes but no one had expected americans not only to crush the regime but the whole country as well in such a brutal manner they even went as far as damaging their own country they lost people and money it's those wars that sparked the economic crisis that it going through now no one had thought that americans would act so irrationally so the whole. you may refuse to answer this question but i will still try and ask it a few days after the attack you were arrested by american soldiers. did they try to
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make you speak or find out about your sources in the us on april the ninth baghdad fell on april the twelfth i set on fire all the archives we kept on the us western europe and asian countries. so i think it was how long did it take you to burn them and what a. total of four days after i took the decision in order to gurneys files there were tons of documents but i made sure they were all destroyed while on april the twenty second i was arrested those guys wanted to make me speak in his book the cia director right that they had successfully located an important informant in the intelligence the pilots were told to get ready for an airstrike we insisted that we needed him a life that was important for us here they broke into my house at five in the evening did you consider attempting an escape. and i know i was sure i would get caught no matter where i went i was responsible for the archive on the u.s.
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i had all the information i wasn't worried because the archive had been burned and words are just words. let's talk about a sensitive subject. did you really try to bribe mr el baradei. you know i'm a i work for intelligence and ninety percent of intelligence work is illegal it's true for all intelligence services around the world if you always observe the law you won't be able to work for intelligence we encouraged el baradei to tell the truth in which case the americans would have tried to get rid of him if they had tried to do that we were ready to take his side and support him all they had to do is tell the truth and they would have be no need to worry about his position or financial security eventually this plan was discarded so you're not even sure whether mr el baradei knew about this deal yet with no i don't know that for sure. and finally my last question were there any cases of treason within senior military
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command not too much as far as i know there were no such cases i'm absolutely sure of it the military command remains united but last minute changes to our battle plans led to the destruction of three republican guard divisions that were moving to cut into the rolling american columns as they stretched along the western bank of the year for eighty's of course we had no support from the air they were able to tap into our communication so they focused on that they managed to recruit a communications expert from special services who knew how the communication system of the prisons back up residences works was he in a rocky i guess he was an iraqi when the door a neighborhood in baghdad got hit this person vanished without a trace thank you mr solomon.
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you know when the history of any culture there are some dark chapters throughout human history there's been war on every continent and religious strife and oppression every culture has some skeletons in their closet and in recent u.s. history the scandalous prison at guantanamo bay as making patriotic americans scurrying around a decade or so rather than slamming the door shut and get mall i hate that term condemning it as one of the greatest mistakes in american history and gloriously declaring on t.v. channels and newspapers the country wide that it shall never be repeated again the pentagon instead wants to blow another forty nine million dollars expanding it even if you are one of the types of things that american gulags are super cool and awesome do you realize it takes over one million dollars per year per prisoner to keep the place open are you sure you don't want that money to go towards something
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else like your children's education the thing that burns me up about this the most is that obama promised if elected to close guantanamo bay and as commander in chief of the armed forces he could do this whatever he wanted no amount of filibustering by the republicans could stop him obama you promised hundreds of millions of people to do something very simple start the paper work tomorrow buddy make the nation look better that's your job but that's just my opinion. speak your language. well programs and documentaries in arabic it's
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all here on the t.v. reporting from the world's hot spots the v.o.i.p. interviews intriguing story for you. then try. to find out more visit our big teeth dog call. players. play. it.
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play. play. play. play. play. play. play clean. i mean so to know your city in europe i'm the host of the twenty fourteen winter olympics thanks on see. thank you.
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so much. thank you. it's on. the dog days of the fridays it. makes common. the. zazi did so. much.


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