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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the heaviest exchange of rocket attacks following the ongoing palestinian prison riots and street clashes over the death of a former member in israeli custody. the war of words. with many south koreans very. crucial industrial zone. with the presidential race now underway in venezuela we take a look at whether any of the main candidates could fill the shoes of the late. top stories this hour. live from our new center here this is our t. would you twenty four hours
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a day tensions once again flaring up on the border between israel and palestinian militants launched rocket attacks on tuesday and early this morning with israel retaliating hostilities and street clashes with the death of a former hamas member in israeli custody well for more let's cross now to. she is in tel aviv and tell us what is the mood on the streets there at the moment. well you can see it's kind of tense at the moment of course over the past forty eight hours there has been increasing auscultation in the mood over the all over the western and of course in gaza of course we should start with that that's where fiery exchange took place between the palestinians and israeli armed forces. reportedly shot several mortars into these really territory israel retaliated with an air raid the first the first such raid since november since the november sixth
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cease fire and then and then palestinians from the gaza strip. have sent several more rockets into israel we don't know about any we haven't heard about any damages or injuries or deaths because of the fire exchange but. remains so that the tension is running stream lehi the clashes continue. preciously raging today in hebron which is the hometown of abuse of the. palestinian prisoners who died in an israeli jail several days ago there have been clashes all over the western bank you can say there have been protests in ramallah but there of course were less significant than the ones in hebron there was an exchange between there were clashes between israeli police and. palestinians on the street the palestinians were throwing rocks at i.d.f. have retaliated with. with rubber bullets and tear gas and we know that at least twelve people according to the red crescent have been treated for injuries
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from the rubber bullets and of for gas and so obviously tensions are extremely high right now in this doesn't seem like it's going to end anytime soon because of course the funeral for a gruesome dia is tomorrow in hebron and we're expecting even bigger classes after the funeral procession and this is the second recent death of a palestinian in israeli conformant has triggered such a strong response. because it's the second the second death of a palestinian prisoner in israeli custody and in as many months just in february a thirty year old prisoner died from a heart attack that that caused a flurry of protest among palestinians palestinian prisoners themselves went on strike they went on a hunger strike in fact they have done so in this case two you have to understand there is almost five thousand palestinians in israeli jails right now some of them have been there have been put there without any trial they never had an explanation
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of why they were there there are some who have been in those prisons since before the oslo accords. took effect in the one nine hundred ninety s. so some of them have been there literally for decades and some of them are growing incredibly old as well as their health is obviously giving out and palestinians during their protest continuously ask israeli officials to either release those prisoners or at least treat them appropriately however it doesn't seem to be the case at least according to the palestinian authorities because as you as you see palestinian prisoners keep dying like in this particular case it looks like there was no like no medical aid was given at an appropriate moment and this of course means palestinians incredibly frustrating and then of course there is the issue of the israeli occupation of several palestinian lands as well as the issue of settled settlements so obviously all of these issues just piled on top of one another and the mood obviously grows with every day just for the return from other what are
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people saying there is there a danger of the protests will escalate could get worse. well it does look so certainly of course the molly was a. people of them all it did march towards the center of the city are earlier in the day but there weren't that many of them out there it looks like a lot of them may be waiting for tomorrow the funeral of something who was who was sixty four years old he was serving a life sentence and i have to say i have to mention here why it looks like he was never treated properly that was because he complained of his pains in the summer of last year but he wasn't appropriately treated according to his family he wasn't treated by medical by medical professionals until february of this year when he was finally told that he has terminal cancer and that's it literally has days to live obviously this is not least this this is not leave a lot of people happy and obviously they're going to continue with their struggle and we will see more protests in the nearest future and in the into the big thanks
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very much indeed for that live update. let's turn to some news we are receiving from russia's chechen republic a massive has engulfed the higher skyscraper in the region's capital grozny and we bring you live pictures of what is happening there at the moment you can just see it to the right of the screen is a recently completed forty story lavish hotel which also boasts luxury apartments dozens of fire brigades fighting the blaze there are no reports of casualties as of yet the skyscraper is part of the grozny city complex of high rise office and apartment buildings and movie stars the producer was recently handed the keys to an elite five room residence in that complex that's after russian citizenship live pictures there from grozny. north korea has barred workers from their self from entering a jointly operated factory zone it's pyongyang's latest move in the conflict
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between the neighboring states which has been simmering in recent weeks the key song industrial park has been one of the few successful efforts of reconciliation between the two koreas from which the economies of both countries benefit south korea based journalist joseph kim has more. the south korean president is newly elected north korea doesn't want to test her limits and perhaps if she's willing to change her policies towards north korea and the games main objective is actually to start dialogues with the u.s. with north korea's recent. what the u.s. calls provocations it's actually been easier for the united states to pivot its military back into the studio something that the pentagon has said that it was wanting to do to rebalance back into east asia so because of this we've seen a larger increased presence of military expansion by the u.s. into east asia during these annual drills something that we haven't seen before
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we're seeing a lot of money spent despite the eighty five billion dollars budget cut that the u.s. is currently going through these threats from north korea or what people say are perceived threats have actually become common and to many people in south korea but this time around the rhetoric has actually gotten a lot harsher so many south koreans are actually getting more of an eerie feeling on what this might turn out to be i don't feel a direct threat but i'm getting a little anxious sense can't even the south korean government is taking a coup worse this time so it feels like it's getting closer when the u.s. is more forceful it has a less positive effect from the perspective of a south korean citizen i feel anxious and it doesn't feel like protection. first of all it's not the first time north korea has issued threats so to us we don't feel the threats we don't perceive them to be dangerous but it seems there are a lot of things happening inside kim. it seems that the u.s.
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is doing those things to make correct evaluation on king john so that the nuclear problem doesn't see it and i'm putting stress with south korea with the joint military drills but i don't think it is really helping in terms of into korean peace to. well let's just recap the events that have been developing on the korean peninsula of late pyongyang and now its plans to revive a nuclear reactor that's been shut down to sixteen is previously said all of its missile systems to be mobilized and on high alert the north also declared itself to be in a state of war with its southern neighbor washington maymont is being taking more solid steps by upping its military presence in the area its navy sent a second guided missile destroyer to the korean peninsula on monday that's all to u.s. stealth planes arrived in the region following the deployment of nuclear capable b. fifty two long range bombers gregory it she's on the advisory board of the korea
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policy institute he believes there are hidden motives behind it united states have hundreds of bases throughout the military throughout the world. if north korea collapses united states stablished military bases right on the border with china and then circle men of that nation. also consider middle east deposits and north korea which would be used for exploitation by u.s. corporations and united states. has never tolerated country that won't criticize economy of the service of a foreign corporation they want to know that about north korea knows that if they're of course diplomatic we're going to go sure but if they're threatened or only respond with firm the third you were kind of a feedback loop where your bottom restraints come out and cut off on a gore stations where north korea and nothing since since the last several years obama is following a policy of what he called strategic patience which is enough to act a slow strangulation of north korea through sanctions and economic measures in the
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hope that it will collapse at some point in time. the life here in moscow coming up in the program this hour with open arms the u.n. adopts a treaty and the controlling exports of conventional weapons to advance humanitarian concerns but critics say it's phrasing leaves too much room for interpretation. plus a daring tell about attack claims dozens of lives in afghanistan just a day after president calls i offer the militants a chance to enter politics that and political stories shortly after this break. down.
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wealthy british style sun it's an awesome time to. time. markets why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on our. time. about international and world in the very heart of moscow.
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these continues here in r.t. the presidential race has kicked off in venezuela or though there are seven candidates running for the top job the spotlight is on the battle between just two acting president nicolas maduro and opposition challenger in a leaky capitulates well let's take a closer look at the leading contenders president during pledges to preserve the legacy of the bolivarian revolution and build socialism is biggest trump card is the blessing he received from the late chavez who named him as his successor the former bus driver managed to work his way up to finance minister and vice president during the chavez era now complete with his trademark baseball cap has popular support among the youth with crime even with comparing the some even comparing him to being a rock star coming from a wealthy family he's also viewed as a rich kid a pretty low as is perceived as
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a voice of capitalism in venezuela advocating a free market economy and foreign investment will in my colleague kevin zero in spoke to dr francisco domingo's he's head of latin american studies at middlesex university and he believes despite the good intentions the chances of securing the top job are slim nicolas maduro has demonstrated to be a formidable communicates of easy person to use in bali land which he says he conveys a good message is he is very good very astute politically and i think he's doing very well that's why he's leading in the polls. gaining if you like from the spontaneous outpouring of grief or for chavez is he capitalizing that for want of a better word on the grief. oh i'm sure there is a lot of sentiment about it i mean of that child is was a figure of atrazine the international media now the population of venezuela
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realize how much he was loved with two million actually that came out in the streets to be a bit him fair world as he possibly was the big his demonstration in the history of the country and any candidate whoever they are would be foolish not to use it however the key point is that i think is the message people are saying you know mother is saying to them do you want the continuation of what you had with him for forty years improve in a perfect need or do you want to go back to the bad old days of republic which the british represented and the message in that says is very clear that. isis is living between ten to forty percent in the polls. the taliban has claimed responsibility for attacking government offices in western afghanistan at least forty four people have reportedly been killed and more than ninety wounded during the onslaught in the town of farah is the deadliest attack in the country for more than a year the latest violence comes despite attempts by karpal to appease the militants afghan president and the taliban could be given the chance to enter
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politics and even contest the country's top post according to him and karzai a taliban leader may run for the presidency in next year's elections but only if the militants renounce terrorism and to to r.t. contributor hashim returns he says the insurgency is gaining popularity among afghans and the occupy nato forces actually helping to boost this trend. the american public may be thinking what was the point of this debris relatives of all those thousands dead they must be getting a very strange picture of afghanistan and the taliban under more low more is going to run afghanistan is it going to be a pullout of course lots of people are asking there hundred fifty thousand nato troops there and already people are talking about fifteen thousand remaining on five different bases. the continuous drone attacks and the atrocities committed by u.s. and nato are nice to have troops of course do catalyze pro taliban support it was
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only in the past week or so that a u.s. commando unit were thrown out of new york province after allegations of complicity in kidnapping torture and summary executing people in the province because i told the americans they better get out and of course those kinds of atrocities around town and support artie's we see coming off his reporting from afghanistan believes karzai is just playing politics while his closeness to the west makes him a lame duck president. he's made this point numerous times before calling for the taliban to participate in elections is that stand is so open and democratic that even mullah omar working to disarm essentially could run for office the reality is that this is a complete political nonstarter because the taliban have been very clear in their position they do not see the karzai government as being legitimate they have openly called it as a puppet of the united states they refused to hold any sort of negotiations much less view the constitution as legitimate or offer any sort of candidate so again
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this is just sort of wishful thinking perhaps or rather a rhetorical remark by president hamid karzai than any sort of reality on the ground because the taliban has refused to negotiate with him there really isn't very much that cars i can do in the situation for the taliban the number one position is this affectively to remove all foreign troops from the ground in afghanistan in order to do that why negotiate with the so-called puppet government when we can talk to be occupiers themselves but there's divisions within the taliban as well do they actually hold negotiations or do they fight until the occupiers the u.s. forces leave the country there are also divisions within the obama administration about this because while this war has been encouraged credibly costly to the united states and the taliban has long been an enemy for the u.s. many factions in the administration see the political solution as the only possible sort of way forward i mean it's been more than clear that military might isn't enough to eradicate the taliban so somehow talks have to take place but at the end
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of the day i don't think anyone actually realistically expects peace with the taliban anytime in the next few years for sure when i was in afghanistan most of the afghans that i've spoken to have seen this deadline with looming trepidation in fact they think that once the americans draw down and there's no indication the americans will fully withdraw from the country but of course they will leave a massive power vacuum there's the potential for the country to descend into civil war and it also really remains to be seen what happens with the elections in two thousand and fourteen because again if the country doesn't isn't seen as sort of having a legitimate. elections it really could spark a much much much further unrest than we've seen so far. the united nations is adopted its first ever treaty designed to control the global trade in conventional weapons the act was already historic although the document has no inforced meant mechanism let's take a closer look at what it's aimed at achieving well the treated burns countries from
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exporting embargoed states of weapons to those who could use them to carry out war crimes or of terrorism dr it also requires states to prevent conventional arms reaching the black market the un chief said the human will become a powerful new tool to help prevent human rights abuses but some states point out that the deal is ambiguous and lacking clarity or he's got to come reports on what it means for the world's major expenses. the u.s. accounts for thirty percent of global arms sales russia twenty six percent germany friends china seven six five percent respectively the figures are provided by the stockholm international peace research institute they cover the last four years of arm sales by the way this global. is worth around seventy billion dollars and four out of five of the world's largest stakeholders in this business happen to be
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permanent members of the un security council two out of which abstained from the vote that is russian china they cite a lack of clarity in the language of the treaty in the part where it says arms transfers should be subjected to risk and human rights assessments first so it's supposed to tie arms sales to the buyers record on human rights which sounds like a very good idea but then this raises all kinds of questions like do brain or saudi arabia have a perfect human rights record so the treaty leaves lots of room for all kinds of interpretations russia being actually supportive of the effort to regulate arms sales says it abstained from voting for the treaty also because it has not been arms sales to non-state actors. this by the because of the number of states it was not reflected was the ban of the supply of weapons to north ryde state and this is a significant shortcoming which will inevitably have impact on the effectiveness of the international arms trade treaty. even though the united states supported the
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treaty at the way congress has made it clear that they will not let anyone tell the us who to sell arms to so it would be like the kyoto protocol the one that set obligations on industrialized countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases the u.s. also signed it and yet never ratified it gun manufacturers like lockheed martin or a northrop grumman have an army of lobbyists on capitol hill to make sure that their ability to sell weapons and profit is not constrained in any way but then thomas countryman the assistant secretary of state will lead the american delegation to the talks defended the treaty saying it will actually give american weapons manufacturers a better competitive competitive position in the world so maybe the u.s. government is actually trying to help its gun producers by supporting the treaty anyway the international community seems united on one thing and that is something has to be done about the unabated flow of arms in the world but as they say the
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devil is in the details in washington i'm going to. as the british government champions for further austerity schools affirmatives across the nation the struggling to put food on the table meanwhile supermarkets and restaurants are throwing perfectly edible products away. as more plums so that's again going to be good going into the deserts. down here we've got. lots of. spring onions again. goods and absolutely free daniel volunteers at the people's kitchen it's an eco conscious collective in east london their aim to say food that would have been thrown away by shops and markets at the end of a day's trading today daniel and chef tom are preparing to wow two hundred dinah's with a feast made from discarded food as a chef i've seen for being wise to every restaurant and i've ever done on
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a big scale in the supermarkets and even larger scale at these big markets so the food that we're taking is not good enough to sow to throw away it's kind of a not agree there's a forgotten nobody's really doing anything about it in the western world and it's just sad really that nobody has respect for the food it's just kind of ok to get someone to the ground when there's people starving not just in the other countries where this food came from. in this country one in five of the u.k. population lives below the poverty line but there's a dramatic discrepancy the rest of the population spends an average of just eleven percent of its budget on food the institute of mechanical engineers says that that's fueling a tragic throwaway culture with four point four million tonnes of food avoidably each year in this village. it's ridiculous he had loads of reason you can see. these are just perfectly good maybe one or two bad ones but it's just really
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a matter of sorting them having someone to sort them so this is a huge scale the fact that someone managed to salvage for their kitchen is likely to end up here as phil in fact over ten billion pounds worth of food is thrown away in the u.k. each year that's a colossal amount of waste for such a tiny island and before fruit and vege even hits the show. up to three quarters of it is discarded by pharma is just not looking good enough at the moment we pay supermarkets and other food businesses to trash the planet to grow food and waste a bit we need to make a demand as consumers they change their behavior as well when we go to a supermarkets and see that. look the same we need. why do all those fruits and vegetables look the same what do the supermarket do with all the demand actually they stock fruit and vegetables as they grow in a huge variety not uniformity competitive supermarkets don't help by tempting
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customers with. consumers alert into buying excessive quantities of food. which ends up in the ben spent many years visiting the skips of supermarkets literally. and what you see is a ray of perfectly fresh good vegetables and fruit and other foods that have been thrown away and most people think gosh how disgusting to get food. it's true it is disgusting but what's disgusting is that with away the consumption food and while every link in the supply chain continues to. tom and dan can keep proving that finale there really is such a thing as a free lunch. he east london. breaking the set is next after the break stay with us.
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what's up guys i'm enrolled below filling in for abby martin and i know i know you guys miss abby and i promise she'll be back here to break the set tomorrow but until then i want to tell you about a new campaign underway that's coming to revoke president obama's nobel peace prize the petition launched by an organization called roots action is calling out the obama administration saying that it is quote widen the use of drones and other instruments of remote killing in several countries and it made perpetual war look even more perpetual than ever since just me or is it a bit ironic that a peace award is going to the same man that's managed to completely destabilize it it's about that time let's break the set.


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