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tv   [untitled]    April 5, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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north korea warns all foreign embassies in pyongyang to evacuate citing critical tension and risk that after the regime there reportedly ordered another ballistic missile to be primed in the face of encroaching american south korean military hardware. and muscle flexing between north korea and america britain says it needs a better nuclear arsenal citing a threat which many critics believe even exists. in the billions it revealed the president's international celebrities and captains of industry year old implicated in. a void in scheme been laid open by millions of leaked e-mails coming from the british virgin islands. also hungry for humane treatment now the no food. brings attention back to the controversial prison and the continued use of it as a human rights blackhole. thousands of birds slaughtered poultry markets
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closed down. fears caused by six bird flu deaths in china and here it. is being blown out of proportion. live from moscow this is. your news from all around the world we start this hour with news just in that an earthquake measuring six point two has been detected in north korea there's been no confirmation yet whether it has any connection to the reclusive nation's recent threat to test another nuclear device meanwhile north korea has asked all foreign embassies in pyongyang to evacuate in light of the rising. risks on the peninsula it follows reports the north had armed
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a second ballistic missile with an unknown payload on the eastern coast of the country and washington and south korea meantime say they're taking all precautions dispatching more ships and missile systems towards the north sea catherine off reports. with tensions on the korean peninsula escalating we do have confirmation that north korea has asked for an embassies to evacuate their staff from pyongyang in the event of an emergency saying at least to the british embassy that the north koreans will not be able to guarantee the safety of staff the embassy staff there in the event of conflict following april tenth it certainly is a tense situation there although we've heard from diplomats saying that the tensions on the ground within the north korean capital were rather calm at the moment what we know from russian foreign minister sergey lavrov is that the russians are currently considering the proposal but there's been no decision made
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as of yet whether to actually evacuate the staff we know that the russians are in close contact with other allies in the region and let's take a listen to actually what the russian foreign minister had told r.t. when asked about his worries in this rather tense situation. solution if you are in close contact with the chinese american and regional partners who are highly concerned about the build up of tension which is so far been verbal we're trying to understand why we've been asked to evacuate and whether it's in order or just advice or you know it's good to see their staff are still considering this proposal this has been of course a rather tense situation north korea has said that nuclear conflict could break up at any time on the korean peninsula and really what has been an escalating war of words over the past month we do know as you mentioned least according to south
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korean press the north koreans had moved to intermediary range missiles sort of getting them ready for a potential conflict but at this point no one at least in the diplomatic community really believes that this could lead to an all out break of war this as these kinds of tensions have course taken. place in the past and diplomats at this moment are simply looking at this as escalating rhetoric as opposed to the actual potential of conflict although we should of course mention that the united states had deployed military assets to the region and it certainly didn't help but these tensions were last week the americans and the south koreans have held joint drills it in many ways. of course we'll have to keep a close eye on the situation as it develops but so far we do have confirmation that the staff have of course been asked to evacuate but no confirmation yet whether any embassy will actually take them up on their suggestion and. what are going on the
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offensive is the best way of being defensive that's the tactic political writer and journalist dan glazebrook believes north korea is currently using north korea's. whole intention is to show its willingness preparedness to defend itself should war should war be launched upon it of course every year we have these massive provocations of joint us some south korean war games exercises right on the borders of north korea this year the provocation is was stepped up to actually simulate mutely a missile attack on north korea b. two bombers were used for the first time along be fifty two using f. twenty two bombers so this military to military provocation from the u.s. north korea feels rightly threaten to seen what's happened to iraq to libya and so on it feels threatened knows it was under the overt explicit list of. the american government some music go. to make very clear that it will not tolerate any kind of
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infringement of its sovereignty any attack and this is what all of this is about is to show that it's willing to defend itself. well north korea also features in today's edition of breaking the set with host i mean martin explores the who stands to gain from provoking the communist state to the brink of war. the war rhetoric from high level north korean officials is not letting up and as a result the u.s. announced that in a precautionary move they'll be speeding up the deployment of advanced missile system defense to the region in the next few weeks this following a series of u.s. training exercises in south korea as a show of military straight including sending b. two stealth bombers each of which cost taxpayers more than three billion dollars but wait before you run for your bunkers it's important understand the legitimacy of these threats and the context of why they're happening in the first place. to. ever achieve anything like. how
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to. live from moscow this. britain is looking to pull billions of pounds into cementing security by upgrading its nuclear deterrent the country's prime minister is citing what he calls the evolving atomic threat from north korea which continues to top the headlines with its american dr sees it sarah ferguson a closer look into whether david cameron's initiative will it all be welcomed by the british taxpayer . he made the case in a news paper for renewing britain's nuclear deterrent saying it was underlined by what's happening in north korea at the moment and the escalating tensions and he said it would be foolish for anyone to think of scrapping that needed a tyrant right now at a time of such global uncertainty well the prime minister was in scotland on board the hate victorious which is one of the four vanguard submarines that make up the tritone twenty four hour around the clock nuclear deterrent it always sees one
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submarine out now trident quite an old system it's being full bank on suddenly being saved out by twenty twenty and the conservative government the prime minister arguing for a like for like for placement where these submarines are not try didn't system will be replaced out of the system is going to be made in just a couple of years time and it's thought it's going to cost the british taxpayer tens of billions of pounds going up hundreds of billions over the lifetime of that new project now the liberal democrats have argued that they want to see a cheaper alternative there's a review ongoing at the moment so quite surprising that he came out with these very strong comments he questioned in the article how anyone could now at this time talk of surrendering the nuclear deterrent well funny hundred some into the talk the liberal democrats and no one can argue that we're not going to have much to talk about or way of course people to argue yes that's true i mean i think that the lib
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dems will be completely blindsided by cameron's approach to cause they clearly want to chew put on two sodas sort of slave forty and comers basically using the current crisis in north korea to say we have to take this step because look what's happening in north korea and i think it's kind of disingenuous because north korea does not even have me the capabilities but even cameron says in his article it hurts so you know we are basic. we giving them far more credit than they deserve yeah i mean we've actually got a quest fix that i think we can get up to do is to look at that say he's kind of top of the range of the missiles capabilities that north korea is maybe has maybe doesn't have an operational about three thousand kilometer is in development six thousand clematis u.k. nine thousand kilometers away merely i mean why why we waiting into this debate well i suppose i mean that's exactly right it's not a conflict however you could argue not so what the prime minister is arguing is
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that this is a long term decision to make and so in about ten years time if north korea does have that capability then we have to take precautions against that the north korea is not a threat you know we have other threats purely mostly from small terrorist groups for example those are the ones that we should be focusing on so we're focusing on the wrong enemy and i think thank you very much for joining us here huge amounts of money that we're talking about half the something that many people say could never be used thirty something to ponder as a british taxpayer could well in the not too distant future be being asked to stump up the vast amounts of cash. for porting now north korea's rhetoric is drawing to attention away from another nuclear bogeyman of iran but of us our on our t.v. report on where international efforts to diffuse what some see as the dangerous atomic potential of tehran currently standing. two
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months without food but still returning a good appetite for justice a hunger strike among one ton of mowbray prisoners has managed to bring the issue of human rights and terra facilities back into the spotlight and the un human rights chief has called for the prisons closure while uncomfortable questions are being thrown at the u.s. state department as he's elected a chef skew looks into whether officials there are prepared to answer them. a russian citizen of one thousand or more. of the man who spent eleven years in the prison for his alleged links to al qaeda and russia haven't been concerned with the situation right now in the prison with the hunger strike has asked a delegation to visit this detainee when a journalist asked if they're new and about how things were with him in gaza from the state of situation there was a very interesting exchange between the state department's spokesperson and the journalist let's have a listen mr mingles of has refused through his own legal counsel to meet with any
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russian delegation we've conveyed that to the russians so we're not able to facilitate the interview that they requested because we have a longstanding policy of not forcing such interviews if they're not voluntary so it's ok to focus on all of the battlefield of course rudiment one trial but we're certainly going to respect his right not to sue the russian. not to sue the russian delegation we have when work is interesting which wrote to you we have been we have been working hard as you know to. meet international humanitarian law standards at guantanamo including the right to refuse visits by individuals victoria nuland went on to say that the invitation for the russian delegation to visit guantanamo still stands but the russian foreign minister says he knows nothing about this
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invitation the majority of the one hundred sixty six detainees at guantanamo have been held without any charges for nearly eleven years more than half of those eighty nine have actually been cleared for release but the authorities failed to either send them home or close the facility altogether has led to the current act of ultimate desperation with one hundred thirty inmates now on the hunger strike according to lawyers at least three people have already been hospitalized and almost a dozen are being forced fed through a tube. but the authorities who worry about inmates right to accept or reject a meeting with the country's delegation seem to be taking no action at all to bring this protest that could turn fatal to an end instead camp officials have been already pressuring detainees to end their hunger strike by methods criticized by human rights watch talks worldwide hunger strikers have complained of being denied drinking water and being forced to drink from the tap lawyer say that they further excessive weight of their conditions and lead to health problems with their kidneys their nervous systems and stomachs in addition the prisoners claim to temperatures in their cells were being kept extremely cold so you can see for yourself whether
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these facts actually correspond with what the state department spokesperson said at the press conference about respecting inmates rights. or lecture safety reporting right there and back with more news after a very short break. we'll . its technology innovation all the developments from around russia we. covered.
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international landlords in the very heart of moscow. it's a quarter past seven in the evening on friday here in moscow this is a part of all of the trillions of dollars hidden in tax havens by the world's most powerful and influential figures could soon be a matter of public knowledge leaked e-mails about stashed money in the british virgin islands is already implicated the friends of french president francois
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hollande american politicians entire arab ruling families and international all the guards. are australia has more on the leak and just who might be behind it. let's just look at the actual league we're talking about two hundred sixty bytes of documents here two million e-mails and about one hundred thirty thousand people from one hundred seventy countries could be implicated in this massive leak this information was passed to the a washington based international consortium of investigative journalists in collaboration with the u.k. the guardian newspaper and other media information was given by an anonymous whistleblower now already this has really caused a lot of effects we're talking about a money stashed in the british virgin islands and you know it's not illegal to set up a company in the british virgin islands there are a mammoth of reasons why you could be doing so personal reasons to keep your wealth discreet however where when we're talking about possible criminal offenses such as
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tax evasion or tax avoidance that certainly would be coming to light and already there's been some embarrassment we were looking at the front wall and close friend for example also his campaign manager during the presidential elections and now he had been forced to to reveal his in the name of his chinese business partner and to acknowledge that he has offshore investments also and this is investment afonso alone because a lot is so staunchly against a clamping down on tax savings also we've seen a number of a politician saying that they may already be thinking of leaving their post because of this investigation we see russian oligarchs names public public officials from the u.s. from the u.k. basically around the world now what does this all mean it's really interesting to see that we've seen a slew of whistleblowers or citizen journalists making use of technology to reveal important information and in fact it has really proven a bit more effective if you will then the government or legal systems in place around the world when it comes to clumping down or are looking for transparency and
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governance pursuing those values of course of revealing information we have to acknowledge that it is a double edged sword however when it comes to really going after those in high positions. who may have been hiding information that should be made known and should be criminally or publicly liable the rules of the game has certainly changed with this way of technology and whistleblowers and leaks of information and what they thought they could hide forever from public view may not be the case anymore. correspondents are australian right there a second round of talks over iran's nuclear program has now begun with tehran again reiterating the peaceful nature of its atomic energy project a previously the world powers had offered it a choice the lifting of some sanctions in exchange for a holding if you raney in production and off iran refused on the grounds that it was unfair professor mohammad marandi from the university of tehran explains why the demands are basically. they run against iran sovereignty and iran's
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independence. both individuals than nations they are innocent until proven guilty the iranians. have been open to the i.a.e.a. the iranians actually halted nuclear enrichment enrichment for about two years they . allowed that this show no protocol to be implemented in iran for extra inspections and insights that iran. did in half to allow them into for those two years and there was no evidence at all ever found that iran's nuclear program was anything but peaceful it's good to have you with us here on our seed today bird flu pandemic is spreading across china and its neighboring regions many thousands of poultry have been slaughtered markets closed down to prevent the spread of the virus as well six people though have died out of the fourteen
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infected it's raising the alarm over a possible outbreak of the strain. more of the virus and the panic. there is evidence of a localized type or panic specifically regarding the h seven n nine strain of the flu virus if you look at what's happening in china twenty thousand birds slaughtered from one market there from a place where the birds tested positive live birds tested positive in hong kong the stock market shares dropped particularly in relation to chinese airline companies because they want to restrict travel vietnam bans poultry imports from china japan puts health posters up at points of entry from people coming from china taiwan raises the corn to level alert and us in canada they decide that they're going to move to develop vaccines specifically for the h seven n nine virus just to be on the ready now all of these moves are localized is not coming from the world health organization in fact of the world health organization on the other hand they are
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saying they want a more measured watchful response in fact they are saying they're not going to be mass producing any vaccines they're not going to be making recommendations for trade restrictions and they are not recommending special screenings for one thing if they stop what they're doing and do you know this h seven n nine vaccine then they're going to have to put regular flu vaccinations on hold and they're also pointing out that there's no evidence of the disease spread easily between people and that you actually have to have contact with the disease burden in order to contract that so here's where it gets interesting leading vaccine companies the top three where the money is being made and where it gets controversial they're all into reading they're saying hey we want to do this we want to make sure that this happens let's go through the swine flu back in two thousand and nine first case in mexico march seventeenth april fifth epidemic mention for the first time in the news twenty seven first confirmed deaths from that time until may third the swine flu was the most covered story then from may each day new countries getting on the
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bandwagon and if you break it down back in the thirtieth of june forty million expired doses had to to be. of a us order of two hundred fifty one million doses that was eighteen billion dollars of profits for the drug companies made in just the course of a few months to put this in perspective the c.d.c. says that the united states country of three hundred fourteen million about thirty six thousand deaths from regular from the flu so given these small numbers looks like a lot of hype over nothing are for more on the spread of the bird flu and its implications let's talk live now to william and dollar geo political analyst and author of the book seeds of destruction the hidden agenda of genetic manipulation joining us here on r.t. a pleasure to see you today so let's jump into it right now if we can this whole hype and panic about bird flu in china let me just ask you quickly the common cold or influenza can kill anywhere from two hundred to five hundred thousand people a year all around the world is it a bit too early perhaps to be sounding the alarm of
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a six deaths gets way way too early. number one w.h.o. list the symptoms of the h seven n one as pneumonia severe cost fever shortness of breath these are symptoms that can apply to a myriad of illnesses six people have died in china in a population of one point three million but we haven't conclusive proof what exactly died of it he may have habits of your. and other respiratory complication. believe died of those but because the doctors identified this h seven n nine they claim it's the death owing to the bird flu it william as you say there as you say there are certain certain various types of symptoms that can be confused between that's a pneumonia or perhaps a lead me perhaps by by accident to my next question because i health officials say the strain is very difficult to detect in research so perhaps it is very dangerous and perhaps we do need a bit of panic well i think the fundamental thing is has the world health
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organization the c.d.c. in atlanta or any health organization in the world isolated an h seven n nine virus electronically photographed and detailed the biological chemical characteristics of that i have seen no evidence but has been done and done in numerous cases to see the reproducibility about so i think we're getting to a lot of hype over nothing it's interesting that the v h o again is recommending tamiflu a company that donald rumsfeld has a huge personal interest in and who was involved when he was secretary of defense and by and billions of dollars worth of this worthless tamiflu to unload on american soldier oh wait a minute i mean let's get into that you talk about the drug production here there are certainly allegations that the drug producers are just cashing in on people's fare and on the hype you think you think that's quite accurate will well look in detail at what happened during the during the pig flu. hysteria in two thousand and
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eight and that was pure hysteria the w.h.o. was corrupt up to the top levels the scientific advisory board the s.a.g. of the duffy h.-o. was the influence most of the key members were receiving grant money from the big pharma. industry and the pharma industry were sitting in on their accommodation meetings to tell margaret chan of the deal be a troll to declare a pandemic a change the definition of pandemic in april of the. year to include only geographical spread of certain symptoms the symptoms were the common cold or something so here fish officials seem very quick to go not just from an epidemic but to a pandemic and that certainly seems to be carried by a lot of the worldwide media network so william and bell which i have more time i just don't have it for us right here on our political analyst and it's too quick on this discussion but we'll cover it further on r.t. and dot com geo political analyst and author of the book seeds of destruction the
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hidden agenda of genetic manipulation william and dollar pleasure to have you want to see today thank you very much well at a dot com right now we gauging your reaction we continue to do so well on the web site we have the poll concerning this whole bird flu in china is it a crisis or is it perhaps a bunch of panic let's see how you're voting for this hour from the dot com and the numbers have changed again the most most of all voters forty seven percent saying it's just a chance for big pharma to cash in a close fairly close second is just a flu it shouldn't be hyped up down to the minimum only six percent saying this will harm economies but ultimately the bird flu will stay in asia we're still taking your votes at dot com but coming up next here on the program our exclusive interview with the president of yemen and yemen's future ties with russia live from moscow this is not.
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what if one third of the population of the capital city of a small arab country took to the streets in protest when the mainstream media would scream the people of nation x. are crying out for democracy we have to intervene and take their oil i mean help them but the earth shaking a large protest is in arab country it's in paris france and for traditional marriage yes protesters in paris claim that they had eight. hundred thousand people on the streets of france's capital and even though the police said that half those numbers for a city of worse than two point five million people this was a huge protest for a card less the european union loves to educate the world about democracy and show that's liberal values around and yet that doesn't really seem to listen to the citizens very much who want to stop the madness of waves of illegal immigrants bailing out members on the dimes of other nations and for focusing the union's
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national attention on social issues like gay marriage instead of creating jobs to the e.u. officials out there who claim to believe in democracy maybe it's about time you actually try you know listening to a few voices who disagree with you before you keep promoting policies against possibly the will of the majority but that's just my opinion.
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the international and world in the very heart of moscow. mr president welcome to r.t. . hello. mr president what subjects did you discuss with the russian president vladimir putin during your meetings to get those either. first of all i'd like to thank artie's arabic channel for what it's been doing for the arab world as a whole and yemen in particular this is my first visit to russia since i was elected in two thousand and twelve i came to thank the russian government and mr putin for supporting the people of yemen at the time of the crisis in twenty eleven yemen was on the brink of civil war but its political forces the ruling party opposition parties together with our social youth and women's organizations agreed that we should take the way of peace and stop the civil war that had been raging in our camp.


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