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eleven children and a woman are killed by nato air strike in afghanistan that was supposed to doget taliban militants but military officials are yet to admit the civilian deaths. where the weaponry it's told israel and jordan have arrested a suspect over the massive cyber attack which took down the israeli government websites party yes from the middle east he was allegedly involved. and atomic on certain teams solve career skills but claims that the results are planning a fourth nuclear test this week i was up to saying it's part of the increased activity at its neighbors nuclear site. it's two pm here in moscow you live with us on our team with me to by monday it's
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good to have your company with us. eleven children and a woman and now added to the list of civilian deaths at the hands of nato forces in afghanistan coalition officials admit carrying out an airstrike in the canal province on the border with pakistan but haven't confirmed the deaths the major u.s. and afghan operation was supposed to dogood cement taliban commanders but the civilian deaths are likely to stoke the main source of tension between afghan leaders and foreign forces in february president karzai told his sheaves and not to call for a strike then demanded that made to avoid hitting populated areas the attacks are also deeply resented by the afghan public and have even seen taliban support grow than it should you can look said how relations have sold between the u.s. and afghanistan. these airstrikes come amid repeated pleas from the afghan government of president karzai to stop killing civilians because in course those words they fuel insecurity and instability they further alienate afghans from their
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government which many afghans see as a puppet government so president karzai although he does over his power to allied forces to washington specifically but he clearly understands that those civilian casualties steer more violence in afghanistan and undermine his government even further these are the types of attacks that infuriate the local population like the one the supreme the last year nato killed eight women or in may a nato airstrike killed an afghan family including six children two women earlier this year president karzai banned afghan forces from calling in airstrikes although his order appears to have been ignored by international forces now these attacks also undermines u.s. efforts to negotiate an agreement to stay in afghanistan past twenty four team or the president karzai appears to be prepared to strike a deal he knows what kind of backlash it may have been of ghana's spent in order for u.s. troops to stay they need immunity from prosecution under the afghan law and that's
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what they were negotiating now the deadly strikes killing and certainly make it hard for the afghans to accept such a deal and allow foreign forces to further operate there with impunity. the civilian deaths that came on the same day that a car bomb killed five americans including three soldiers a diplomat and a defense department contractor in the southern province of the bull david swanson the peace activists and the author of war is a lie says the u.s. media unfortunately doesn't draw enough attention to the attacks innocent afghans die. even the news articles about this strike which killed a greater number of people are dominated by paragraphs talking about another strike that killed americans and in particular one woman who was a state department employee who had met john kerry and the u.s. deaths of course are always smaller numbers but they dominate the coverage and americans are not aware of the extent to which this war is essentially
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a one sided slaughter of helpless people who meant us no ill and has been for over a decade the debate going on is how many u.s. troops will stay beyond two thousand and fourteen that but the idea that they should be staying until the end of two thousand and fourteen and that we should just accept that has sort of built into all the news coverage in the united states and it's actually rather outrageous because there's been no evidence put forward that there is any sort of progress or any sort of good being done it and they predictably killed far more innocent people than those alleged to be to be guilty of resistance to an illegal occupation. at o.t. dot com tell us what do you think the consequences will be of those late as deadly as strike in afghanistan let's take a look at what you've been saying so far almost all of you think it will spark attacks from groups i'm looking to hit back i coalition forces that's just about forty two put in six percent of you there what is the percent believe that the avg
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m. president will make forceful statements but little else while seventy percent of you believe that lies hand will be forced end to end he will have to bend nato airstrikes while five percent of the only believe that this will hasten nato to exit they need to exit dates will go to r.t. dot com and tell us what you think and a violent. right dad made a g.m.t. peter lavelle in cross talk also where the world leader is a ship flees trial full global climbs on iraq when nato forces launch a military campaign whether the foreign leaders behind it well operating above international will. the way the world is set up is we prosecute developing leaders or rebels for war crimes but we don't we can't do it for major powers because they have too much power in the system and i guess that's what
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people think they're just simply too powerful the prosecute here is what happened the britain and the us invaded iraq and even killing rebels what we would call some terrorists that was unnecessary so anyone who died in that war. died unnecessarily because it was aggression right so bush and blair killed probably hundreds of thousands of people the problem that we have in international affairs is that sometimes autocracies are not aggressive and sometimes democracies are very aggressive. led me to putin is in germany promoting russia as a solid opportunity at a time of poor long to global economic turbulence after visiting the world's biggest industrial say and one of the he's made some key statements on the range of this seems from cyprus bailout deal to korean tensions are just beat all about is they he now joins us live now a pizza have you heard any breakthrough announcements today. well
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president putin then chancellor angela merkel took the stage here at the house of a trade fair in love a boyish tone talked about some of the issues that they perhaps don't see eye to eye on the two did say that the country supposed germany and russia have a long history of cooperation he wanted to see that cooperation continue in the future but there are still certain issues that they do slip up on cyprus is a major war and president putin saying that the way in which the recent cypriot financial crisis was dealt with was really not acceptable that it shouldn't be repeated in the future that private. private account holders should never be having their money taken to bail out the wrongs of the government of course many russians do have their savings but some hold bank accounts in cyprus many russians affected by the us. for her part said that well the situation with cyprus was
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a one off and they cyprus had broken laws and they really it's not bailouts that need to be focused on it's the actual fundamental causes of the global financial crisis that have to be sorted out in the eurozone if the e.u. and the euro is to get back on its feet now n.g.o.s have been something of a a hot topic regarding germany and russia of late russia implemented some new laws that require n.g.o.s to register to meet putin again reiterating what he said in an interview with german television last week that the reason that n.g.o.s were having to register was due to russia wanted to find out just where the financing to goes to these non-governmental organizations comes from and what it's been used for now to put into example just how much money is pumped into those n.g.o.s in russia it's close to one billion u.s. dollars so no small change at all it is a good reason why he's wanting to find out where that money's coming from and why.
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it's going to influence he said that russia was in no way trying to clamp down on n.g.o.s but this wasn't a subject that himself an anglo-american particularly agreed on mrs merkel said that. she was concerned by the laws in place in russia runs the recent investigations into german n.g.o.s in the country who are here at the heart of a trade for it's one of the biggest it's the biggest i believe in the world pardon it's the biggest trade fair in the world and there's plenty of things on display from all over the globe but while. i'm glad i'm here putin were looking around there they were interrupted by a talk list then then protester. president putin taking a moment to crack a few jokes if you will about the protester saying well it was thanking the ukrainian feminist group for promoting the trade fair here and saying that well as much as he appreciated it it wasn't really the time or the place to be naked.
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right peter apart from the distraction from the ukrainian girls this is have been a lot of issues that were being touched on what other burning international issues that the two counterparts sort of talk about. well i spoke a little bit there about some of the issues that they disagree on one of the issues that both president putin and chancellor merkel agree on wholeheartedly is that the provocation from north korea must be stopped the both mr putin and mrs merkel saying that this is one of the biggest issues facing the world right now something that everybody has to come together and condemn because as mr putin's words if north korea were to take the nuclear saber rattling further it could be kotecha catastrophic for the whole globe.
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we are against nuclear development and for the dinner claire ization of the whole korean peninsula we're very alarmed by this collation that because we are neighbors and if something happens the catastrophic normal will seem like a kid's fairy tale i think this thread does exist i'm calling on everyone to calm down sit at the negotiating table and solve all the problems which have piled up in recent years. president putin there calling for calm over the on going tensions korea and their nuclear saber rattling certain and she we're following here team peter oliver there reporting from hannah . why president bush is a warring thoughts about the current deadlock on the korean peninsula come as south korea backtracked on claims that the north is preparing for the nuclear test later this week a government minister install now says he was being in accurate when talking about
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indications of activity at a north korean test site has meanwhile announced if this rendering all work at two countries industrial zone and is going to evaluate its personnel from the area earlier washington delayed is a long planned to result as to avoid further escalation at the korean peninsula has been toughening its rhetoric recently threatening a preemptive nuclear strike on the us and acquiring a state of war with all the u.s. and south korea responded by sending warships an aircraft to the area let's talk to let's talk to glenda ford now who's a former member of the european and the expert on asia now these harsh rhetoric that we've been hearing about we've heard seoul say north korea is planning another nuclear test then backtracks does p.r. nyang pose a serious threat is it is is it valid. well i mean it clearly is a potential threat of a conflict on the provincial or we've seen
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a number of instance over the last few years where they've been trashed particularly around the northern limit line at sea between north and south and in the current climate another clash like that could very easily escalate i don't think either side actually intends to start a military conflict the dangerous of these things can happen by accident so what is that solution what is people young trying to achieve with this war rhetoric to aimed against a country clearly superior in terms of in military might tight what you i mean what we've got us over into israel is a dangerous escalation on both sides i mean it started with kim jong un actually. me evolve you know in a satellite north back in december then we had the nuclear test in february just before going to hate the new south korean president took office we have a situation now where she certainly doesn't want to be seen as weak the same true of kim jong moon and so we're getting this sort of escalation upwards and neither
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side seems capable of actually looking at how they might deescalate from where we are now puts us in a dangerous position not because as i said i think either side intends to to use military action but these think them very silly happened by accident. let's talk about the us a little bit here and tim's of their role around that area they have been basing their military presence around the korean peninsula while all of a sudden delay a ballistic missile tests in order to avoid as collation like they say. well i mean frankly i'm i'm i'm not very convinced we actually have a situation where they're deploying more troops are deploying warships they've announced that they're going to deploy theater missile defense in guam which user i mean u.s. collina it's comparatively close to to to to the korean peninsula so there's three steps one way one step backwards so i think it's difficult to convince people yang this is much of a push of a concession ok my support let's take
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a look at the situation hoss rhetoric war talk all of this what would it take for both sides to sit down and actually have a talk well i mean i think the the whole issue is that the north koreans generally see the u.s. as being key the north koreans are always been asking for bilateral talks between between the united states from pyongyang washington and pyongyang raffled in seoul because they see if you want washington actually calling the shots in the whole timidly. we've heard the us say. around the bay of the korean peninsula saying we cannot guarantee your safety things are escalating there is a lot of talk about war. two words do you see things getting before they actually get better and while the international community actually. i'm not sure it could get a lot worse so we've just heard they're actually going to suspend the work in the in the case on industrial complex which employs about fifty three thousand north
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koreans. in a joint venture with the south that has never been suspended before they had trouble so we've got to a situation we've probably not seen in terms of the dangers for several decades at least so i don't think he can get much worse and he start getting better as soon as possible. x european m.p. and asia expert mr glenn of florida thank you very much for your insight on to the into the subject we thank you. right most stories ahead including a report from protests played in egypt that is a tear in violence along the country again as religious groups turn power as main coptic christian. into the battle ground will have more.
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science technology innovation all the moves developments around russia we've got the future covered. wealthy british style sun it's time to. go. to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy comes a report on our. international
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airport in the very heart of moscow. thanks for staying with us you're watching our team israeli and jordanian authorities have reported seeing arrested several activists suspected of taking part in a large scale cyber attack on israel government sites we disrupted in the atomic with the news said oh websites that still dump i guess all disputing government claims that there were no it lost in effects on trees are you know going to school isn't television. well of the moment it does not seem like that israel has sustained any palpable damage to its infrastructure and there were obvious hog's into the private accounts twitter facebook private accounts of israelis and that was actually probable when i saw a lot of a lot of spam you can see coming from most of these really counts some of which i
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had no idea even existed and they were all just information which led to various up palestinian sites israel knew about this exact locations have claimed that they are prepared for and they have according to their data they actually have employed at least five thousand i specialise in order to prevent the d.d. o. s. attacks of having an effect but it does seem like those preventative measure measures have actually somewhat failed now we do know of course that the palestinian hackers they have. the anonymous groups that they have promised not to stop just here and by all indications this seems to be just the beginning of their cyber warfare. we are the sons of palestinian people and we feel the pressure of the israeli occupation not only in gaza but also in all the arab and muslim world and as the first retaliation we committed to fast and full scale attack on israeli web sites to warn israel in all its supporters about the
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threat that hangs over them they have weapons and we have our own means as a result of this attack we receive the names of those who cooperate with israel the aim of the attack was to show the world the true face of israel and its armed forces and we coped with our task we failed to fulfill by using force to resist but we succeeded through the cooperation of palestinians in the whole arab and muslim world so now we make a clear warning to israel in the future be ready for a new larger surprises i think here is thing about this however is that it seems that the israeli hackers have been maybe perhaps even more effective than these. well the government when it came to stopping their d.z.o.'s attacks they have also how some of the palestinian sites and put up are pro israeli messages on there as well as they have delivered the following address so that for every one hundred conducted against israel there there will be a retribution of dozens similar harks on the person who conducts those hacking
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attacks so it does seem like we're looking at sort of a beginning of unused to it this time it's going to be an internet stage in the standoff between palestine and israel. israeli defense forces have previously admitted being gauge and. consistently and relentlessly to disrupt enemy projects which target the country's military and government now they are long the weather the uighurs are widely believed to be behind the starts in that virus which made waves across cyberspace several years ago the program got into iran's natanz nuclear facility infecting the software which regulates the nuclear equipment it sent fake readings about it stage damaging as many as eight thousand centrifuges sleep the subsequent flame virus which contained some of the same code as stock nets has been among the largest and most sophisticated malware of its kind run in officials admit the virus damaged their computers and axes their personal
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information and thousands of machines mostly across the middle east are believed to have been infected not former m i five agent any machine on believes the recent attacks on israel a pale in the significance to cyber operations carried out by some governments. it is very much matter in convenience to the websites that are under assault but of course it does get a lot of publicity the difference between this and real hacking real cyber attacks can be seen very starkly what happened when the us and israeli governments committed an act of cyber terrorism when they attacked the iranian nuclear production facility is when they released the stuxnet virus now this is the first we have western governments colluding to attack the infrastructure of another sovereign country so that is cyber terrorism that is not a real cyber attack looks like and of course it has ramifications now because the stuxnet virus went out to attack these precise facilities but it's now out there in the world it can be used and abused and tasted by real cyber criminals out there so
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what the u.s. and the israeli government did to stop net is that you far more damaging than any protest movement trying to bring down certain websites in certain countries. knowledge is a power but in france they can land you in hot water i volunteer for you give me a is threatened with arrest on the as you did leads an article on the online encyclopedia the details are not a dot com. and double trouble at moscow's xenu as there's a two headed albinos makes it gives visitors a service that was up to the slithering sensation on our g.'s egypt channel. violent protests have once again erupted in cairo this time outside the city's main cathedral a mob of threw rocks and five bird shot at several hundred christians who were marching against egypt's islamist government which they accuse of failing to
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protect them one person has been killed and around sixty injured the protests followed the funeral of four coptic christians killed in sectarian clashes over the weekend which ended in a scuffle with riot police journalist tom dale saw the unrest. i spoke to one witness who said the events began when clothes were thrown from a nearby building down on to the funeral march and marches responded by attacking cars for what is clear is that fighting quickly escalated between the funeral marchers and locals the marchers retreated within i would say cathedral compound and after that the security forces were involved in standing by while first locals fired weapons into the cathedral there were five people killed. four fools which is a town outside of cairo and sectarian rioting full of those were christians and it was their feudal which was being held at the st mark's cathedral sectarian violence
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in egypt is nothing new it goes back decades so we have a combination of growing religion and prison and security forces by the standing by we're actually getting. so many more lives and many others feel that the muslim brotherhood of freedom and justice party government is encouraging an exclusive religious identity the basis of what it means to be an egyptian so this is the second consecutive we've seen violence in cairo on saturday the question is resulted from a protest by the april sixth youth movement which is calling for. a new more inclusive government and an opportunity to rewrite the constitution again on a more inclusive process on such very conscious police trackpad demonstration spring takers rocks once again in downtown cairo to some international headlines now in syria government officials say a car plows has killed at least ten people in damascus no other details as yet but
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we'll bring you more as we get them in the in the latent headlines now for the next in our other headlines are turkish police have used tear gas and water cannons to break up a massive protests outside the courthouse against ongoing trial of a controversial opposition group members of the. general can consider the terrorist group or by the government are being tried of plotting the overthrow of the government demonstrators say the trial is a crackdown on political dissent prosecutors have to manage life sentences for a number of the accused you're watching right now live pictures from that protest group. who could do. a bomb a bomb has exploded underneath a bus in afghanistan nine people are reported dead and at least twenty two others injured it's thought that taliban insurgents may be behind the attack which
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socketed a government boss traveling between kabul and does me violence is on the rise as the u.s. gradually hands over security to local officials. portugal's prime minister has revealed a round of spending cuts which will head as social security health and education this comes just days after the constitutional court overruled several planned the second time of the budgets have been knocked back since the bailout in twenty eleven the opposition is demanding that the governments resigns as economic strains continue to rattle the country while the european commission is wanted leaders to stick it to the bailout terms. thousands gathered to any ukraine's capital on sunday to demand early presidential and parliamentary elections the protests was led by vitale klitschko the world heavyweight boxing champion turned political leader the demonstrations coincide with the presidential pardons given to two former ministers imprisoned alongside
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form of crimea you had to machine amid increasing local and european pressure over political unrest. up next of a palestinian women who risk encounter and arrest to every night just by traveling from their village to work as clean as in jerusalem. ten years ago by jobs was overtaking. ten years of political infighting terrorism and economic decay. trying to rush a rise. to fame by. our people knowing on our take.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china cooperation through the day. i.


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