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i learned figure in russian business exemplified nine hundred ninety s. russia he made millions while his country starved he was the subject of several books and the basis for many crime movie villains and i picked qualities of people i knew personally. influenced by. them. to create an entirely new persona always come up with the car. reminding you of someone and. it was part of that image that have created but he said. on the one i probably wrote some of his biographical details and. personality traits he wanted to be a living legend in his lifetime in that he succeeded his sudden death is as big a mystery as his rapid rise to the peak of russian business and government.
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the english town of ascot forty kilometers from london has a population of about eighteen fells and is famous for horse races frequented by the country's elite now it has a new claim to fame. spent his final years before a mysterious death. god for me what you deserved he says to himself as he looks from the other world. he died in poverty at the age of eighty seated in a rocking chair. the british social system would have just sent a nurse to care for him. she had had to wipe his dripping nose they give him slippers to stop his. can't imagine that.
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before that that's what he did. using. the. french to alexander. defending the interests of russian oligarchs there was a time when he was on good terms with the. business into power the wealthy entrepreneur . to be his lawyer but the invitation was declined. i don't like crazy people he was obsessed with the idea. you never knew how the tale would work out in the end. you always have to work with crazy people with the money but when one of them is obsessed with politics it's hard to work with them. politics and we are completely different things. better equally insistent in
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calling on you to join the opposition but fail to gain the sinister rest putin of the ninety's was now the target of derision and jokes nobody took him seriously anymore alexander that doesn't believe better he was murdered by special services what would have been the point of killing him he had long since ceased to be a threat. and incredible number of people might say that security agents. britons the americans or irishman got into the bathroom through the lavatory by dissolving into a molecular state. to realizing his james bond. with a scarf but not before saying to him. we're going to strangle you after that they get reduced to molecules i went down to level tory with the stewards later to emerge in the kremlin that i will be with you shortly before his death row to penitential put in criminal cases against him to be dropped and to be allowed to
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return. former head of security believes that better promise to hand over a secret files on certain officials and businessmen in return for a pardon or. understood only to well let's just saying forgive me i won't do it again wouldn't be enough i'm almost certain that he would only expect a partnership in exchange for something otherwise he wouldn't have written a letter. of the in. veera threat to several russian nurses. overseas but. knows first hand of the jury in the nine hundred ninety s. . compromising material on some of russia's top businessmen and officials he has no doubt that better plans to use it against one of the country's oligarchs. they're
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trying to find archive i think that's why they did. what he called the president he said. pardon me if i come back and i can incriminate a few people to your liking and he pointed to some interesting pieces of information simply writing a letter or talking in an interview with forbes would have been a foolish thing to do and i don't think he was a fool or a madman. before he died better he had lost the cold case of the century one russian oligarch. demanded that another. pay him five billion pounds owed from a deal with the oil company. it was unable to produce any evidence that had pocketed money that didn't belong to him in those times deals with sealed with handshakes rather than signature. business would do nine hundred ninety s. russia fortunes were being made in months even weeks but better meteoric
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rise outstripped everybody. lifestyle was a bit like a nuclear reactor in fact he was a nuclear reactor constantly generating and spewing out excess energy and of course no one despite how healthy a person is like that for a long time and then comes the apathy. he was the orchestra conductor and the center of the universe he wanted to be the focus of everybody's attention and he wanted to be talked and written about even if it was derogatory he said there's no black or white p.r. there's only. he started as a. ph d. in mathematics. at the academy of sciences. finally opened up forty years of age. threw himself into business.
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and became a key business figure in the country. t.v. interview for ukrainian. politics i was ready to spend any amount of money to achieve political. spending fifteen. that was the most effective business project in my life. to build it. he claimed the project. would get their revenge. one hundred forty million rubles. money sticking to the one rule that he set from self in the ninety's. that made it possible for him to plunder.
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make money from off and. he liked under the of his friendship with the family. company already controlled russian motor industry but still he wanted more. with the highest authorities could bring in the really big money. officials and even members of his family. when he showed them with lavish gifts this will he found a weak link to boris yeltsin of the people at the president's younger daughter tatiana . she had been married several times she wasn't chanted by bears so was yeltsin's wife nyima who heard many good things about the entrepreneur from her daughter both were frequent guests a lot of was
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a french chef served sumptuous food in the relationship simplified gifts and money with money and gifts nothing else but turning point came on june the seventh nine hundred ninety four when better limousine was blown up the drive a died instantly decapitated by the blast the targets body guards and several innocent bystanders sustained serious injuries miraculously better self escaped unharmed. i thought to be burned alive if i stayed in the car but if i got out they shoot me my driver died but in fact he saved my life because as usual he'd forgotten to lock the door i just got out it was an incredible sensation it's not even like being reborn it's a sense of purity and what's happened before is of no importance all your problems are unimportant you have an airy feeling overwhelming.
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and usually took the back seat with a blast caused little how many would later speculate that the only god must a mind to the attempt on his own life to join russia is ruling elite. to the apex of power began. to british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy. for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report on. that
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international airport in the very heart of moscow. the murder attempt provided better with a ticket to the presidential club a small circle of the highest officials associated to yeltsin and his family they met only a few times and better off his role was that of mata suffering for the ideals of entrepreneurship he was a laughing stock after the car bomb that was the first time he appeared among the elite in the early ninety's who even nicknamed him smoky well they were all glamorous people and suddenly they saw the man with burnt hairs on his bald head and a bandage face this way he takes advantage of the opportunity to attract attention
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be heard and take another step forward in his career at first but he's also he had no real power he said himself a different task he simply wanted to be seen among the presidents in a circle as often as he could to impress on old that he was welcome at the highest levels. it was very funny i think it was very important for him to establish himself in the kremlin and make it clear to everybody that he is all ski was there he was fond of making phone calls from the kremlin he would say that he was calling from the waiting room of this official or that official he felt it was very important for him to see the official in question after sitting in the way. for a long time but getting no concrete decision from him. created his image they would say. just. the gunmen in the gangsters
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are all going to show up instantly look at him. they'd exclaim but actually he was a completely different person as around the same time better off he was often seen in georgia with another eccentric multi-millionaire. with. a handsome face and a liking for flashy ties. business friendship and a fondness for eccentricity and promotion. i remember waiting room for hours on end. holding his hands like this when he brought bad dream to me for the first time he made a better impression. later that he'd been up to his ears in crime it was badgering who did the dirty work that the jew was responsible for. just. a heart attack his funeral would be attended by almost half of tbilisi's
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population. and even. he would not pay his last respects to his friend he could be arrested. death was a terrible blow to. the ninety's they had together moved from being ordinary businessmen to becoming rulers of destiny. as a complete surprise to everyone. i said i couldn't believe it. the funeral of. he would not be able to get them back off to bed because the. financial support. was left with no money because.
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nobody knew exactly where. because he lost a good deal of money he could no longer afford to fund. with his image. by controlling several russian t.v. broadcasters and the country's most successful publishing house. wasn't a human rights campaign. committee activist. for political competition. but he knew how far he could push journalists. between truth and truth. the difference between half truths.
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adored by the public. the t.v. advertising market. in russia he had written about financial dealings but there was no proof that he was involved. because he feared prosecution not political persecution. should be kept at a distance from the authorities disable the mechanism. for himself to make money close links with the government. played a key. election in. six by using his media assets after that he became a leading figure in the president's. call it takes. my thoughts. i think politics all the time that's what i like why do you.
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have you the right to do that that's what i often hear the simple answer you can't imagine how much i love it. and boris yeltsin needed both financial and media support for the election confronted with a conflict between business and special services. he had to fire his own chief bodyguard who had openly been involved in a disagreement with other oligarchs. twenty nine hundred ninety six i left the kremlin and i took no part in further events. should think about repenting their own sins i've never been like that i didn't raise him so high. i once said i'd live long enough to see the end of him and a few others so far he's the only one who's gone.
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after the success of yeltsin's presidential campaign there was also he was given control of the signal for practically nothing he was also made a high ranking government official deputy secretary of the security council to settle the conflict in chechnya. was my days are very interesting case when i get down to stealing an oil pipeline or pump oil out of it certainly not i thought it was the all important for business politics and for russian general. was the most disturbing lasting issue at the time. back home by taking advantage of his longstanding contacts and. t.v. channels that he controlled repeatedly pictures of men rescued from chips in a captivity. the airliner touches down and
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stops some distant short of the airport building comes to the airport it gets into the plane. it approaches a group of journalists on the apron. to liberate or appears on the stairs it was a constant feature on the teach channel. that he grabbed all the glory. at that time white people were still unaware of the fact that the time would come when they pay a heavy price for that glory. nearly all analysts for better politics was an extension of his business so he only tackled the problems in chechnya so he'd be able to win contracts for its restoration. but. they said that his office he expected to get gazprom and the rest of the russian federation as well as c. but you have to that was a conspiracy theory. ready had enough and simply needed to protect what i have. the means of creating
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a stable political system. so that food. continued to. action there were only two official meetings between them only one appearance with yeltsin was broadcast on t.v. that was when he was being appointed to the post of executive secretary or something for security council. influence on the media if he'd had a hundred meetings with i'm certain. unable to influence. the confidence of the president's elder daughter. she was the president's most trusted confidant it became clear the would have to leave early for health reasons. convinced that he had made the choice and was sure the new president would
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appreciate his efforts. brought him down he had to go because his time had run. into trouble. and. the country against my will i can't. do or i'm going to kick the bucket because i already think. yes it was. the prosecutor.
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trying to create a political party to influence the course. of the presidential election in two thousand and four. former security council had mysteriously disappeared before the vote. some claim he arranged. to disrupt the ballot. possibility. that i don't think i'm in a position to say in front of cold feet that he betrayed me or anything. intelligent. british intelligence accused. but he is convinced that it was in fact. he was obviously lying we have all the records of little interrogations they contain no mention of anything like that that means. it was in
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charge of security for the. control of. his former chief. pay sixty million rubles to anyone who would give putin away because he allegedly came to power illegitimately and that was complete nonsense it makes absolutely no sense. over time. oppositionist became the butt of many jokes. of power in russia even the british authorities to issue a warning that his political asylum could be reviewed. six or seven years ago. still the country's principle. still being demonized. and this is what i said to him.
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you want to hear me say yes i'm guilty. and he walked off to buy some pictures. losing everything divorcing his second. two hundred million pounds. in money. remains with the. market value he also had to cut down service and security. people who in the months before his death he was taking antidepressants. did smoke before but not much then at one point he started smoking two packs a day and drinking heavily his personality began to split he would say one thing in the morning but it would be something different at lunch time or in the evening several times in november he said that he'd lost the meaning of life and realized
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that he made many mistakes. business with. money. and even the president. would no longer work at the end of his life there was no way back for him. olympos. live. goodspeed. her.
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mum is so good. just seems to. come out of my mind i'm a little. sleepy and so technology innovation all the list i'm elements from around russia we've done the future coverage.
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good laboratory. was able to build most sophisticated robots.
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found anything tim's mission to teach me. about. this is why you should care only. goal. be abused you. tube. immediately the. opportunity i'm going hunger strike at guantanamo.


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