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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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as part of the so-called magnitsky list dismissing moscow's objections that it will deal at heavy blow to bilateral relations. also there too socialist i could be going to chop it squares off against the children of the free market after a better but short presidential campaign in venezuela with both vying for leadership over the world's most oil rich nation. and egypt's ousted president hosni mubarak goes on trial again over the killing of protesters during the revolution of twenty eleven i mean growing chaos and disappointment and his successes policies. international news and comment live from moscow this is r.t. with me thanks for joining is fast moskos preparing to respond with teeth photons
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action after washington released a list of russians it's banned from entering the states due to alleged human rights violations the move house poor sold further into the window of russian american relations more details now from all seasons the citric and. the obama administration has released a list of russians to be blacklisted under the so-called mug needs act despite moscow's calls not to put such a list together in the first place let alone publish it the list includes eighteen names including sixteen judges and investigators in the united states accused of human rights abuses linked directly to the money it's key case these individuals will be forbidden from getting a u.s. visa as well as have their assets frozen so they might need to keep was a russian lawyer who was arrested for tax evasion in two thousand and eight he died a year later while still in pretrial detention at the age of thirty seven since then the u.s. has eagerly been exploiting the circumstances of his death which president putin said was a tragedy moscow warned washington that its handling of the case was
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a domestic issue for russia and russia alone and that the americans must not interfere responding to the so-called mug needs cue list russia's prime minister dmitry in the fears of said the u.s. has the right to bar anyone from entering its territory by simply denying them a visa so the purpose of this additional ban is unclear except for its symbolism russia's concerns that the release of the document comes at a bad time apart from putting out a strain on u.s. russian relations it comes ahead of the visit of the u.s. national security advisor to moscow on monday. and is the ban on american adoptions of russian troops or in part of the count a little towards washington's magnates which is stirring wide public debate in both countries the legislation comes after a string of abuse cases in u.s. foster families moscow and they try to go even further with a shift child protection as it considers whether to ratify two international documents aimed at protecting children's rights and security the motions of
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focusing on preventing sexual exploitation and abuse against mine is as well as the sale of children prostitution and pornography one of the documents comes as part of a why do you unconventional the rights of the child which was never ratified by the us and reuben direct the american adoptions congress explained why. what's been reported. and seems quite logical that the opposition is coming from conservative religious groups and their opposition seems to be based on fear that it's going to usurp. and. state and federal laws here in the united states these people are very concerned about rights such as that the child shouldn't be able to have the choice to choose his own religion they're concerned about their right to punish their children and they're
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concerned that ratifying this treaty would interfere with their individual rights. japan comes into north korea's cross has pyongyang threatens it could a talk talk if it should start any missile test fires while the u.s. reiterates it won't talk to the reclusive nation unless it agrees to drop its nuclear program. plus the london cafe is offering more than a teaspoon of politics with its coffee and it's looking to stir up radicals all that later in the program. allegations of plots conspiracies and trade tree are coming in thick and fast in venezuela capping a short but better presidential campaign some nineteen million of it is well and to more of for their next leader to head the world's most oil rich nation. campaign and game venezuela chooses a new president chavez choice runs against
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a free market poster boy for possible venezuela choose after commandante self-styled socialism or free market model venezuela votes fourteenth. and in the latest exchange the government's accused the opposition is bringing in the colombian military's i should say to soak the lection day a challenge that's been of a man played tonight the opposition in turn claims to be the victim of a government smear campaign and on occasion there's been ridiculed by the else who are chinese test so see that now reports on the faces of the venezuelan elections on that chances. important elections for the venezuelan people certainly snap elections after the death of will go to this about a month ago it has been a short campaign for everyone who has been told and there are two top contenders in these elections on the one hand you have a nicolas maduro he's the acting interim president of the country he was the vice president during that childlessness time and on the other hand you but because this
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happened run against a good thomas and options in october two thousand and twelve and he's a rivalry with talking about bringing change to the country now there's been a lot of name calling during this campaign period you have a model accusing us of being at the prince of the bourgeoisie not representing the poor calling him capricious some of the other hand he's accusing me of being a liar or using chavez as a body to run a political campaign now however they did talk to both of them tough on the issue of tackling crime in the country this is a top concern of the citizens here they want to see the quantum level addressed and brought down a small as a government bureaucracy and inefficiencies in those you work staunchest supporters very loyal to everything that this is stood for the so-called socialist revolution big want to continue this and some of them out of this loyalty vote for nicolas maduro on the other hand you have those people who have been blaming the government for a lot of the problems of the country not least
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a lot of which is why bureaucracy and what they say is a bit of stagnation in terms of the way business is going in the country and they say they will vote for the best so many are watching these elections closely not least of which is the united states. has had strained relations with the country during the time of about chavez the for everyone else who is observing and want to know what happens next the main question they want to answer really is what step is that isabella going to take in the hands of somebody other than her godfathers. so nicolas maduro may be the heir to charges and represent a continuation of his policies but he will almost certainly have trouble filling his predecessor's shoes are supporting to international consultant adrian somebody who spoke to my clinic kevin. probably one of the main problems that nicolas maduro has that he does not have the same charisma the same popularity sort of surfing on the hugo chavez wave so to speak and that's why he's using
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a lot of your memory of hugo chavez the image of hugo chavez the actual ideas and this course that he gave to the people but nicolas maduro himself really has no special personal power base that he can fall back upon that's why it's really hugo chavez who is in the election through nicolas maduro so to speak on the list take a minute now to talk about the second candidate sure way. he wants to create a free market economy is that something venezuelans want as well well some do some don't some but israel is definitely are very tied in with the interests of the united states hugo chavez and hopefully my doodle have done a very good job for them for the region in the long term something that i'm sure mr previous would not because he would completely aligned venezuela in the united states requirements and banking a global financial interests a stronger ties with the u.s. if he gets in does that mean the dictate the does that mean the u.s. will dictate more to venezuela in the future that. oh absolutely they tried to do
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it as a matter of fact they tried to give exactly eleven years ago one of the letters in twelve april two thousand and two they staged a coup d'etat the orchestra they were music up lewis was one of the key people in the coup d'etat he was only too young then but mr koppel is definitely the face of washington inside because we were well the us wish list of political change abroad goes far beyond venezuela and coming out washington's hands try to reach every point in the world the country aids political forces in exchange for loyalty that means that your political game. that's later but now egypt's former president hosni mubarak is going to court again over the killing of protesters during the uprising in february twenty eleven has already been sentenced to life behind bars for failing to prevent the deaths however an appeals court later overturned that ruling and ordered every trial so their original trial which began in august went
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to lebanon was seen as a symbol of change in egypt but many supporters of the revolution were frustrated by the sentence they deemed too lenient the trial comes at a time when the current president mohamed morsi is facing mounting protests himself used of betraying the arab spring and only pursuing the interests of his muslim brotherhood and made the chaos and clashes are on the rise with coptic christians facing increased violence so the believers say the police have done little to protect them as both true reports. days after a brutal assault on egypt's main coptic cathedral activists and opposition leaders meet to discuss a response many of them like tony sabri a christian protester who was trapped inside the church say they're still in shock . because. their taxes from everywhere even from the street next to the gas stations by the supporters the police called inside listen to this is going to be out more no civilians bombarded us with molotov cocktails rocks rubber bullets and
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live ammunition and the police protected the whole market they were painting the. presence of the more the nation was shocked on sunday and bloody scenes of egypt's security post is firing tear gas and birdshot but it's directly at mourners gathered on st marks the beach or here behind me one of the main churches to coptic christians president mohamed morsi has promised to investigate and his alleged comments saying an attack on this cathedral was an attack on himself has done little to satisfy the coptic christian community with divisions deepening between the two religions many fear the worst has yet to come in the aftermath of the attack coptic pope to watch as the second criticize the president for failing to protect the cathedral members of the clergy present at the scene also demanded answers. cathedral has never been a time before who the people outside the cathedral and why did the police not even
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attempt to intervene and why didn't they arrest one single person. had been a riot egypt director of human rights watch agrees government neglect is contributing to rising sectarian turmoil part of the problem is the way the authorities respond to incidents where there's violence between muslim and christian communities there's a long history of purity for sectarian violence and a fairly it's really acknowledge that there is a serious problem the reason sunday is such a worrying precedent is that we saw the police we saw images of the police finding with people who are throwing stones or sometimes shooting at cathedral grounds leading member of the ruling freedom and justice party dr amr darrag admits the police behaved unprofessionally but claims the state is not to blame the christian community has been suffering from the from the behavior of the previous regime you find all the time people trying to ignite the situation trying to cause chaos
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trying to spread violence as part of the air force to. bring down the revolution so it is very likely that these forces are behind this and we would like to know who is behind this and bring it to justice despite these assurances with only two prosecutions for sectarian violence since the revolution many believe the new muslim brotherhood government is continuing mubarak a culture of impunity in the meantime thousands continue to demand justice for the cathedral victims and christians like tony say they will continue to protest in till the government acts this is true for r t cairo. present fledging a preacher now says they russian budget for space exploration is to skyrocket all the signal that fifty billion dollars will be pumped into the national space program up until twenty twenty so go online for more washers and dishes to reach for the stars. and also in america the f.b.i.
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is doing all it can to sneak a closer peek at passo online communications to dot com and find out how much money the agency wants to point into the lives of its citizens. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said talks with north korea are possible only the country agrees to end its nuclear weapons program during a visit to the south korean capital he reiterated america won't accept the north as a nuclear power one pentagon intelligence report suggesting pyongyang may already be able to find a nuclear weapon has published mistakenly and quickly done played by the white house feel young meanwhile has one tokyo it could become a prime target if it should start any test missiles the north launches that was a response to japan's warning it will intercept any missile heading in his direction and for pentagon official michael maloof believes a full scale war is a real possibility unless provocations stop. like not like the others like south korea the united states should be keeping
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a very low profile keep their powder dry but not make any provocations. and i think that. as long as there are provocations underway such as those continued u.s. korean south korean military actions sizes. this is this crisis is going to continue if not explode i do some this calculation. is has threatened to shoot down any any missiles that might. go over it from from north korea but i think primarily it's because the united states has a bases there and they see the united states as the primary threat. the secret police for extra bailout cash hits a brick wall in the face of the e.u. big eurozone orders to make do with a ten billion euro rescue. quickly spiral out of control well that and other news out of the great.
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campaign and again venezuela chooses a new president chavez choice runs against a free market poster boy for possible venezuela choose after coming down taste death self-styled socialism or free market model venezuela votes april fourteenth.
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the international airport in the very heart of moscow. there will be live from moscow welcome back a ten billion bailout for cyprus is now all but guaranteed after eurozone finance ministers settled on the fine print the same officials though want to cyprus which is asking for more that's all it would get so it's a match that nicosia will need to come up with certain billion euros almost twice the amount of money needed just weeks ago in parallel the euro zone wants the government to stop pressuring the country's central bank which by law now answers only to senior european bankers cyprus may also be forced to sell vast amounts of its gold reserves which is something marx and stacy believe was always the troika's
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end goal the full kaiser reporters coming up at seven thirty am james. cyprus to dive into its gold reserves well on this show we have said that the i.m.f. the e.c.b. the so-called troika there their goal as they maraud around europe is to grab the gold remember greece had to give up their gold to the troika cyprus of course will give up. they're gold and it's funny because obviously the cypriot government was the last to know that the i.m.f. had taken their gold then they said wait a minute no that never happened then they got the phone call saying wait but we did take your gold then they came out so i think they did take our gold meanwhile chinese gold buyers are frantically on the phone will take it will take it all as confucius said i.m.f. stupid gold we by. the us has once again him to the moon age is set to head to the syrian rebels as
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secretary of state john kerry met with the opposition for many this indicated washington's sticking founded to the trend of supporting the loyal movements all governments at any cost and he's going to confound the u.s. doesn't limit itself to influencing just one country. opposition leaders in many countries have sought and received washington's backing but u.s. support often comes at a price counting on money and arms from washington and its allies serious opposition coalition has elected a us citizen. to be the leader of an interim government we are ourselves have to do x. or we must be an action the syrian born i-t. executive from texas history he may have washington's blessing to form a new government in syria but even anti outside voices inside the country say instead of uniting syrians the american leader in syria will sow even more division . in order for mr hill to build a team with which you could have mutual understanding he needs to find these people
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abroad that it means that these people will have no idea what life is like here before the election i didn't even know his name well list whole election of a government shutdown the prime minister was simply chimerical. for the us the benefits of having the government holds its own power to washington can be considerable transition that is the case with the current libyan government oh the current regime mostly to the united states and the united states will be seeking and are cashing that check very effectively for their own interests in terms of the strategic geographically importance of libya united states and worst europe how about in terms of unfettered access to the high recall resources of libya against the resource nationalism with all his government they have for years the u.s. has supported the opposition in another oil rich countries venezuela in the hope that it would replace the lead to put charges u.s.
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educated in the kick up previous would be washington's perfect choice in the budget the state department's budget for two thousand and thirteen there was a paragraph included that specifically said money is for these venezuelan political groups that are aligned with the opposition or that form the opposition. more than three million dollars right wing government under someone like an rekick our previous administration what help the u.s. regain its influence and dominance in the region it's not uncommon for washington to host prominent opposition figures whether from cuba or china the declared seam is u.s. support for human rights. i'm learning the constitution of the us and the declaration of independence for me to have a better comparison with china so that will help me to improve chinese law in the future but some note throughout the history of washington's dealings with the opposition in different countries there was another common theme it's my experience after studying. many thousands of u.s.
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diplomatic cables that. the united states makes a. gamey influence are and contacts and informants. we've seen opposition movements in order to correct them partly you know wanted to have bets on both. the lead also and the second case there is a transition of power having said all that it's not all oppressed opposition figures that washington welcomes for example the us is not going out of its way to free opposition figures in brain who are sentenced to life in prison for taking part in protest against the government they're operating host the u.s. fifth fleet in the persian gulf so washington has been quite selective as far as who's opposition it supports in washington i'm going to check in. on some international news in brief this hour away were targeted killings has continued in
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pakistan as it can only cover toko ranchi with twelve more deaths involved in today's political activism traffic wardens in the city were among the dead most were shot by gunmen on motorbikes in the drive by shootings so the country standing in so elections planned for next month was gunned down on thursday by men both the town of on. hundreds of people have turned out in berlin to protest against the eviction of a sick sixty seventy year old woman who later died in a homeless shelter mourners laid flowers and candles in her memory rapidly rising rents in the capital have forced a number of long term residents from their homes to places on the outskirts of the city where costs are cheap. and southern mexico teachers have joined forces with vigilante groups to protest a coming education reforms the teachers say they fear the privatization of the education system with bottles and sticks demonstrations demanded every p.l.o. they plan to charge it changes the jaunty patrols created to protect the community
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from drug cop. so they took part in the match in the name of justice. it's a new cafe with a difference a lively brew of coffee cake and political agitation the just last month offer discounts to striking workers on it's looking to serve as a place for people facing up to the powers that be and finds out there are more than a few crumbs of radical sort among because songs on the lot. five books calls itself a revolutionary new phase where people can come to an intelligent political and intellectual debate that seems to be no shortage of customers over here we've got a charity debating immigration issues and a quick glance at the bookshelves will reveal marx and engels up there on the menu you've got drinks such as the monitor of mark's tail and the agitator and over here we've got founder class solomon class what's the idea behind one of my books is the
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place where people come to pass to organize to talk about what's going on in the world and discuss how to change it we've had all sorts of people coming here holding events doing film showings poetry and i there's obviously a lot of anger against what our government doing to us here the cuts to education the cuts to the welfare system trying to dismantle the the n.h.s. the attacks on just say people i think there's a lot of people here that are very angry and want to question what they can do to defend ourselves but also to bring down the government the first time i've ever been here so it's just a new experience just try somewhere new and have a chat with my good friend and colleague phillip you know we've come painters so we feel we've done this very attractive there's a political the question we should be bold in the broad we look very like when we come here for coffee. this place isn't just a coffee house downstairs you've got a special area for courses in citizen journalism as well as
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a room for. poetry readings and comedy nights if you type a mix of politics and coffee that hasn't really been seen since post-war paris judging by the posters on the walls it's a mecca for everyone who's an anti anti war i don't see austerity cuts and team period as i'm considering the current face of british politics but so many people dissatisfied it looks like this place isn't going to be running out of business anytime soon playboy k t london and right after the break we'll be having our that's our washington studio full of the mountains breaking this said stay with us here.
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you know i always try to stay clear of falling into the trap of fake outrage on this program people love to come on t.v. and be angry over this and angry over that just to fill air time but trust me seeing obama signing into law with that wacky lobster like way he has of writing the bill marked the month santo protection act well does not put a smile on my face that's for sure not only does this bill effectively bar federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of g.m.o. seeds and crops no matter what the health concerns are according to ib times but the bill was also written by senator roy blunt who's gotten sixty four thousand dollars for his political campaign pain from the g o giant monsanto itself so that's what it costs to allow companies to possibly poison millions if not all americans with risky and proven g.m.o. technology sixty four thousand for dollars that's not even enough to buy a decent house sixty four thousand dollars is chump change well citizens of america now you know how much your lives are worth in washington but that's just my opinion .
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about international there in the very heart of moscow. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so many i mean. the towns that i've seen really messed up. and we're all
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very so personally apologize if the. worst cheer for those. white house of a. radio guy in full detail minestrone office. quote for about fifteen years you've never seen anything like this i'm told. what's good folks welcome to breaking the set i man well rob lowe filling in for abby martin you know these days it seems that everything in this country boils down to budget cuts thanks to the a sturdy measures that we call sequestration one of the victims of these cuts is the department of energy's nuclear nonproliferation program you know the folks trying to limit the spread of nuclear weapons well according to foreign policy magazine under the white house's twenty four thousand federal budget the program would be cut by twenty percent seems like an odd movie.


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