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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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americans banned from entering the country over alleged abuse of human rights it's a direct response to america's so-called magnitsky list. as well it picks its future by choosing between the chavez's socialist revolution or a free market champion the polls are opening in less than twenty four hours. and here in the sea we look at how the u.s. wins the loyalty of opposition leaders around the world by handing out fistfuls of cash. i. told wired news live from moscow this is r t with me will receive thanks very much for joining us on this saturday we start with the latest diplomatic spat between a rusher in the united states and moscow has drawn up
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a list of americans suspected of links to torture illegal arrests and the abduction of russian citizens and ultimately has banned them from entering its territory the move as a response to washington blocking russians which officials in moscow dismissed as russo foppish let's get some more on the diplomatic standoff now with medina caution about joining us here live in the studio good to see you today medina ultimately russia has fired back but who do we know i mean who's actually owned the list we're talking about here and why did russia feel the need to even publish it in the first place writes while rai it is really an exchange of lists of people who both countries. are violating human rights and the us came up with the so-called. that was published late on friday and then it was russia's turn and it basically responded with a similar measure but if we take a closer look at the russia's list that it really consists of two parties here the fast one is devoted to those feel. well responsible for human rights violations at
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the guantanamo detention facility and the second part and the second part of that list is really is devoted to those people responsible for human rights violations self russian citizens abroad when you talk about the various lists here you've got two lists and one of them certainly is a lot smaller than the other one the so-called guantanamo bay list ultimately four guys on the list here are all of them former high ranking officials from the george w. bush administration a lot of them though we're not talking to him but talking to dick cheney instead of david addington he was one of them indeed he was actually overseeing methods of torture guantanamo bay this guy here john you was well he wrote a bunch of manuals on different methods of torture including waterboarding sleep deprivation as well we have a tumultuous time when they were also on the list out of a jeffrey miller as well former u.s. army military official here also engaged in various forms of torture one ton of obey he also oversaw abu ghraib prison of course in iraq finally geoffrey hobson a
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man who was supposed to oversee any violation of human rights abuses guantanamo bay so for high ranking officials from the dorsch george w. bush administration have they been held up to face any allegations no no but here they are and we've got them here and these are the top one of the top officials but it was already triggered by the u.s. move in my colleague and as they see it you can in new york taz us now which really what really latch of the situation and what caused this country measures. the obama administration has released a list of russians to be blacklisted under the so-called mug act despite moscow's calls not to put such a list together in the first place let alone publish it the list includes eighteen names including sixteen judges and investigators in the united states accused of human rights abuses going to directly to the mother needs case these individuals will be forbidden from getting a u.s. visa as well as have their assets frozen so they might need to keep was
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a russian lawyer who was arrested for tax evasion in two thousand and eight he died a year later while still in pretrial detention at the age of thirty seven since then the u.s. has eagerly been exploiting the circumstances of his death which president putin said was a tragedy moscow warned washington that its handling of the case was a domestic issue for russia and russia alone and that the americans must not interfere responding to the so-called mug needs cue list russia's prime minister dmitry in the fears of so the u.s. has the right to bar anyone from entering its territory by simply denying them a visa so the purpose of this additional ban is unclear except for its symbolism russia's concern that the release of the documents comes at a bad time apart from putting strain on u.s. russian relations it comes ahead of the visit of the u.s. national security advisor to moscow on monday but what russia is really most first traded about is that old elvis russians on the list had never been under any
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investigation and it was never proved that they actually had any links with human rights violations but nonetheless washington without actually proving their guilt labels them with human rights violators and we can now listen to the reaction that comes from russia's foreign ministry. under pressure from the members of the united states congress there has been a serious blow to relations and mutual trust between russia and the united states and we had to respond and react to the proportionality in attempt to interfere in our internal affairs. but you know what i find quite fascinating is the fact that with these lists here you've got no really high ranking officials names on the list for now but i understand that could change right you're absolutely right here as those lists which are which were published from both sides are just a short version for a longer list that exist and there are reports that there is
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a secret list and for instance the u.s. secret list even includes the chechen had they had of the chechen republic or bit of however a rushing that respect says that it also has its own list and so we see here that it is very symmetrical move but you know you talk you talk about these blacklists being local law back and forth between washington and moscow going to washington but it's not just blacklist those at the actually being laws being passed by these different teams here that essentially go against each other right through well the u.s. first introduced of the law and then it was followed by russia's response which introduced a law that among other things that banned u.s. citizens from adopting russian children and that adoption ban came after a string of child abuse cases by u.s. foster parents non the last to russia was really criticized by that move all over the globe and the u.s.
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even sad that russia does not give a chance for a better life to may need children but what's most interesting here ari do you know which countries now for ratifying the most really important document that protects children rights across the globe the un convention on the rights of wild so you and piece of global distillation designed only to protect children around the world wrapped and everyone in the u.n. signed off except except somalia and the united states the united states true it is it is very present and due to our daughter has been a question of thanks for bringing us up to date on this story if you were just as. stay with us for more in here on r.t. because ultimately on our website all at sea dot com right now we're asking you what do you think the fallout will be behind all of this what's going on here with the blacklists we're in moscow and washington d.c. let's bring up the numbers medina here we go so far the vast majority regarding the war of lists between russia and the u.s. what will happen well sixty percent latino saying it will lead to more minor tit for tat measures who comes in a close second and
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a close second now but not really close second but fourteen percent has said that it will not a fact key issues over copper a sin well that's interesting you know that is interesting you know we're not going to live in percent of all photos from ati dot com who are saying well it's going to escalate severely affecting relations as we know ever since the big reset between hillary clinton and sort of a lot of what often it seems that might be failing or the last minority him in medina right while seven percent are even harsher with their comments here and they think that is going to be death knell for russia u.s. or inside and that's wild that's also intriguing yeah but it's intriguing to say them to say the least we're certainly still taking votes from dot com it's never too late for you to get involved with our stories here the war of lists between russia and the u.s. what will be the outcome we're still taking your votes dot com and more news to come interest.
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so ten minutes past the hour here in the russian capital in twenty four hours of venezuelans voting for a new leader in the presidential election was triggered by the death of last month and will determine the course of one of the most oil rich nations in the world a short but big presidential campaign has been marked by numerous allegations of conspiracy. between the opposition but the finger pointing let's just take a look at the. reports now from. the venezuelan people certainly. a month ago what has been a short. and
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. i guess. there's been a lot of. you have. some of the other hand. the country this is a. citizens here they want to see the. rock the sea and inefficiencies there are those who work stunts and support is very loyal to everything this is still for the social socialist revolution things want to continue this and some of them out of this will vote for nicolas maduro on the
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other hand you have those people who have been blaming the government for a lot of the problems of the country not least of which is why you walk to see what they say is a bit of stagnation in terms of the way business is going in the country and they say they will vote for the best so many are watching these elections most of them not least of which is the united states and has had strained relations with the country during the time of the for everyone else who is observing and want to know what happens next question they want to answer really is what step is then is really going to take in the hands of somebody other than who got this. reporting right now nicholas my daughter maybe chavez's anointed successor represents a continuation of his political course but he's not a chavez mark that's according to international consultant adrian. spoke a bit earlier to my colleague. probably one of the main problems of nicolas maduro
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has that he does not have the same charisma the same popularity sort of surfing on the hugo chavez wave so to speak and that's why he's using a lot of your memory of hugo chavez the image of hugo chavez the ideas and this course that he gave to the people but nicolas maduro himself really has no special personal power base that he can fall back upon that's why it's really hugo chavez who is in the election through. so to speak on the list take a minute now to talk about the second candidate show way. he wants to create a free market economy is that something venezuelans want as well. well some do some don't some but israel is definitely are very tied in with the interests of the united states hugo chavez and hopefully my daughter have done a very good job for them as well and for the region in the long term something that i am sure was a completeness would not because you would completely aligned venezuela in two united states requirements and banking global financial interests stronger ties
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with the us if he gets in does that mean that dictate that does that mean the u.s. would dictate more developers way or in the future than oh absolutely they try to do it as a matter of fact they tried to do that exactly eleven years ago when on the eleventh and twelfth of april two thousand and two they staged a coup d'etat the orchestrion they were mr cupp leaderless was one of the key people in the coup d'etat he was only too young then but mr koppel egoless is definitely the face of washington inside because we were and i will be bringing you more expert opinion on venezuela's future certainly over the next twenty four hours i also don't miss live coverage of the election right here on r.t. . campaign and again that is way less chooses president chavez choice runs against a free market poster boy for possible venezuela choose after coming down to self-styled socialism or free market model venezuela votes fourteenth.
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i thanks for joining us here on r.t. let's get back to our top story now of the exchange of black lists between russia and the u.s. for more on the standoff i'm now joined by alexi pushed off of the head of the foreign affairs committee in the russian lower house of parliament good to see you today sir thank you for joining us on r t just how big of a blow is this for ties between russia and the united states do you think we recently seen what's been dubbed a reset in time has that now gone away. well i think it is quite a blow and the law the miniscule law when adopted by the u.s. congress and signed by the president it was already a blow and we warned the united states about this but somehow is saying that the message did not go through the feeling in washington was that they can adopt any laws they want any type of laws that would interfere in russian domestic
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affairs and moscow will swallow this well most school didn't swallow this and i think that the setting for the visit of mr thomas donilon the national security adviser of mr obama is very negative indeed so i think that this exchange of blacklists is not something that will really do a lot of good to the already ailing russian american relationship but ultimately the u.s. started this route by introducing the magnitsky law i'm publishing its list of russian officials do you think russia was correct to almost stoop to that level and engage america on not level some might say the russians even making it was. no russia didn't make it worse because russia was responding everybody knows that international politics there is a rule when you are being attacked politically you respond in the same way and there is no way for russia not to pay attention to what is going on in the
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u.s. congress and not to pay attention what is being done by the u.s. administration so russia did not make it worse russia. took the only possible step from a country that is a great power and member of the security council so if people saw it in washington that russia would not react that is all just words and that america do whatever it wants or it's russia without russia responding it was a very wrong calculus now the u.s. administration is also saying there is a secret black list that has not been published yet but there are reports it contains a more serious names are for example the head of russia's chechen republic but i'm saying cut it off what do you what you know about that it almost an overhanging threat. while i sing that the meaning of the blacklist is to forbid it. the entrance of the united states. to a certain number of russian citizens and what i have heard about mr goodere if it
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is only what was published in the new york times is that there are some important personalities following the blacklist but the irony of all of this is that to my mind president obama has become hostage to this list has become hostage to the n.t. and russian elements in the u.s. congress because basically obama needs a cooperation with russia and he's a corporation on korea it is a corporation and they run on so many other regional and global issues in his corporation if he wants to make progress in the cuts. nuclear armaments and so on but by having signed this law and by having enlarged the list has become a hostage to a very negative dynamic in the relationship and so i seeing that is like shooting oneself in the leg so i don't really see the rational for this from the point of view of a bomb administration which claims to be an administration that is paying attention to multilateralism to international partnerships well i can say that by
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having enlarged the list obama administration is definitely narrowing very much of the possibilities for such a partnership with russia so whatever whatever the case said that this spat at the moment of this exchanging of blacklists between moscow and washington it is absolutely not helping relations between the two biggest boys on the block the funny thing is that i must say mr pushkov that our russia also says that it has its own secret black list of perhaps you might know some of the names on that list could you share any of them with us. no i don't i just suppose that you have to look into the secrets of people who were mentioned in. by the russian foreign ministry back in december and was supposed to be on such a list according to the law that was adopted by the russian parliament in december these are the people who have been connected with. the secret
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prisons with guantanamo or with. also people who have damaged the rights of the russian citizens abroad who were involved in the process although mr booth and mr jarosz and co also the congressmen and the members of the senate who have been active in working out adopting the mr beast so i don't know the names but i know that this seeger is a people who can be targeted by such a secret list so i would not be surprised to find they're exactly these very people that i have mentioned. the head of a foreign affairs committee and russia lower house of parliament a great pleasure to have you want to thank you very much indeed for joining us. more ahead for you this hour here on our including a retrial of egypt's president while the current one faces mounting pressure. we look at mohamed morsi has failed to address the spike in sectarian violence as well
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. after the short break.
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the international landlords in the very heart of moscow. live from moscow this is r t with me will receive shy. the retrial of egypt's deposed president hosni mubarak has opened with a surprising move on the part of the judge he's withdrawn from the case referring it to another court and the announcement they met with angry shouts and geas mubarak was earlier sentenced to life for conspiring to kill protesters during the unrest that toppled him but a retrial was ordered after he appealed the verdict the proceedings are taking
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place against the backdrop of growing violence against the current president's policies mohamed morsi in his ruling islam is party facing pressure over a lack of democratic reforms and economic situation in addition the government is also blamed for a spike in sectarian violence as bell true reports. days after a brutal assault on egypt's main coptic cathedral activists and opposition leaders meet to discuss a response many of them like tony sabri a christian protester who was trapped inside the church say they're still in shock a lot of the. attacks asked from everywhere even from the street next to the gas stations by the supporters the police called insults that are this is going to be our civilians bombarded us with molotov cocktails rocks rubber bullets and live ammunition and the police protected the whole michael they were painting the. sort
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of the more the nation was shocked on sunday and bloody scenes of egypt's security post aspiring to gas and birdshot bullets directly at mourners gathered on st marks beach or here behind me one of the main churches to coptic christians president mohamed morsi has promised to investigate and his alleged comments saying an attack on this cathedral was an attack on himself has done little to satisfy the coptic christian community with divisions deepening between the two religions many fear the worst has yet to come in the aftermath of the attack coptic pope to watch as the second criticize the president for failing to protect the cathedral members of the clergy present at the scene also demanded answers. the cathedral has never been a time before who the people outside the cathedral are going to the police not even attempt to intervene why didn't they arrest one single person. has been a riot if egypt director of human rights watch agrees government neglect is contributing to rising sectarian turmoil part of the problem is the way the
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authorities respond to incidents where there's violence between muslim and christian communities there's a long history of purity for sectarian violence and a fairly it's really acknowledge that there is a serious problem the reason sunday is such a warring precedent is that we saw the police we saw images of the police finding with people who are throwing stones or sometimes shooting at a funeral grounds leading member of the ruling freedom and justice party dr amr darrag admits the police behaved unprofessionally the claims the state is not to blame the christian community has been suffering from from the behavior of the previous three to find all the time people trying to ignite the situation trying to cause chaos trying to spread violence as part of the of the air force to. bring down the revolution so it is very likely that these forces are behind this and we
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would like to know who is behind this and bring it to justice despite these assurances with only two prosecutions for sectarian violence since the revolution many believe the new muslim brotherhood government is continuing the mubarak culture of impunity in the meantime thousands continue to demand justice for the cathedral victims and christians like tony say they will continue to protest in till the government acts this is true for r t cairo. and president vladimir putin announces the russian budget for space exploration is to skyrocket promising more than fifty billion dollars to go up until the year of twenty twenty r.t. dot com has those interesting details for you. and in america the f.b.i. is doing all it can to sneak a closer peek a personal online communications r.t. dot com tells you how much the f.b.i. . wants to be paid to spiling in. the u.s. our secretary of state john kerry said that talks with north korea are only
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possible if the country agrees to end its nuclear weapons program and during a visit to seoul he reiterated that america won't accept the north as a nuclear power and one pentagon intelligence report suggested pyongyang may already be able to fire a nuclear weapon well that was published mistakenly and then downplayed by the white house meantime is want japan that could become a target if it shoots down any of its test missiles has warned that it will intercept any rockets in its own direction a former pentagon official michael maloof believes a full scale war is possible japan and like not like the others like south korea in the united states should be keeping a very low profile keep their powder dry but not make any provocations. and i think that. as long as there are provocations underway such as those continued u.s. korean south korean military actions sizes this this is this crisis is going to continue
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if not explode due to some of this calculation if you can has threatened to shoot down any any missiles that might. go over it from from north korea but i think primarily it's because the united states has bases there and they see the united states as the primary threat. just a moment i was special report charlie up in the sky long. with oil pipes bursting in arkansas people across the usa starting to realize that they are moving towards what the atlantic calls the infrastructure cliff in short america's infrastructure starting to get a bit old and according to infrastructure port org the us needs about three point six trillion dollars of infrastructure spending by twenty twenty to turn things
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around the site sponsored by the american society of civil engineers gave all aspects of american infrastructure like bridges and drinking water in schools cetera some pretty bad great except for solid waste removal for some reason in their opinion everything in the us is going to crap except for america's ability to throw solid crap away i'm not trying to sit here and scare you there is nothing to fear this is a big challenge but it is a very possible one to accomplish according to cost of war dot org the last ten years of war of cost about three point one trillion dollars just cutting wars in half by fifty percent could put a huge dent in the infrastructure spending and what about all those billions in bailout that were spent you see the money is there it just gets wasted if the money stops getting thrown away and start getting spent a well planned infrastructure then the infrastructure will start paying for itself rock'n infrastructure creates wealth so don't fear the infrastructure cliff just stop wasting money or allowed politicians to waste money and everything will turn out to be just fine but that's just my opinion.
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