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tv   [untitled]    April 13, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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and from entering the country over alleged abuse of human rights the right response to america's so-called magnitsky list. but is where the picks its future by choosing between the. revolution or a free market champion polls open in less than twenty four hours. israel is accused of mistreating palestinian children held in jails after a teenager with u.s. citizenship who was detained makes allegations of abuse our top stories this hour. nine from the new center here in moscow this is our t.v. we have international news and comment twenty four hours a day and we start with the latest diplomatic spat between russia and the u.s. moscow has drawn up
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a list of american suspected of links to torture illegal arrests and the abduction of russian citizens and banned them from entering its territory the move as a response to washington blocking russians which officials in moscow dismissed as russophobia. about the standoff. russia has but ultimately who's on the list and why did russia feel the need to publish it the first place right well it well it is really an exchange of a list of people that both countries suspected of violating human rights now fast the us came up with this so-called magnitsky list about was supposed lish late on friday and that it was russia's turn really and it responded with a similar measure here but if we take a closer look at russia's list then it consist of two parts here are the fast one is devoted to those people responsible for human rights violations at one time
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a detention facility and then there is a second part and there it is devoted to those people responsible for numerous human rights violations of those russian citizens abroad well you talk about these two lists let's address the slightly smaller one is now being known as the guantanamo bay lift it's got four officials on it here we are here's one of them here david addington no formally of the george w. bush administration he was supposed to oversee various methods of torture going on in guantanamo bay join you also the george w. bush administration he actually wrote some memos on methods of torture including sleep deprivation and of course the in from of waterboarding and using the word in for most let's go to geoffrey miller here this man oversaw one ton of obeying cuba but also the infamous abu ghraib prison in iraq of course that had all amounts of scandals coming from that prison geoffrey robinson as well here's a man who was supposed to monitor human rights abuses them obey but all that was really triggered by the u.s. move and my colleague and this they see it in the new york now tells us what was
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really behind this whole situation and what glad to these contra measures the obama administration has released a list of russians to be blacklisted under the so-called magnitsky act despite moscow's calls not to put such a list together in the first place let alone publish it the list and. eighteen names including sixteen judges and investigators in the united states accused of human rights abuses going to there were actually to the mother needs case these individuals will be forbidden from getting a u.s. visa as well as have their assets frozen so good magnitsky was a russian lawyer who was arrested for tax evasion in two thousand and eight he died a year later while still in pretrial detention at the age of thirty seven since then the u.s. has eagerly been exploiting the circumstances of his death which president putin said was a tragedy moscow warned washington that its handling of the case was a domestic issue for russia and russia alone and that the americans must not interfere responding to the so-called magnitsky list russia's prime minister dmitry
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in the fears of said the us has the right to bar anyone from entering its territory by simply denying them a visa so the purpose of this additional ban is unclear except for its symbolism russia's concerns that the release of the document comes at a bad time apart from putting out a strain on u.s. russian relations it comes ahead of the visit of the u.s. national security advisor to moscow on monday well what moscow is really mostly for straight about is that all these russians on the list had never been under any investigation and it was never prove that they had links with human rights abuses but non the last washington still without proving any of their guilt labels human rights violators. under pressure from the members of the united states there's been a serious blow to relations and mutual trust between russia and the united states and we had to respond and react to the proportionality. in their internal affairs
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but you know one of the points i find very curious is the fact that all these lists there are no high ranking officials but from what i understand that could all change you're absolutely right here and now these lists are the shirt for longer and standardless that both countries presides now. there are reports that the u.s. secret list that has not been published yet even includes the name of the chechen leader thereof and russia in response says that it has its own extended version of the list so as you can see well a lot of a symmetrical moves here a lot of a tit for tat as some might say but apart from just the the law being that these so-called black lists between moscow and washington and washington and moscow the two biggest boys on the block have also been trying to create laws but ultimately about each other exactly well fast the u.s. introduced the new skill law and than it was followed by russia introducing
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a law that among other things banned u.s. citizens from adopting russian children and that adoption ban came after a string of child abuse this cases by u.s. foster parents however non the less russia was still highly criticized for the adoption ban the you asked if russia does not give a chance for a better live to so many does evil children but what's so interesting here is that rory do you know which are the countries that never ratified the most important document it's pro-tax children rice across the globe the u.n. convention on the rights of her child over what i understand why do you know the almost the entire united nations signed off and ratified this document but there were two left of to write two countries somalia and the united states the united states and in a culture about thank you. there are voices within russia claiming the magnitsky
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list has sunk the chance for moscow and washington to reset diplomatic ties but actually pushkov the head of the foreign affairs committee in the russian lower house of parliament believes president obama is trumped by an anti russian mood among american lawmakers. the irony of all of this is that to my mind president obama has become hostage to this list has become hostage to the anti russian elements in the us congress because basically obama needs a corporation was russia and is a corporation in korea it is a corporation on iran on so many other regional and global issues corp if he wants to make progress in the cuts. nuclear armaments and so on but by having signed this law is like shooting oneself in the leg so i don't really see the rational for this from the point of your bomb of the ministration which claims to be an administration that is paying attention to multilateralism to international
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partnerships well i can see by having enlarged the list the obama administration is definitely narrowing very much the possibilities for such a partnership with russia. while on our website we're asking you where the road between moscow and washington will lead you can log on to r.t. dot com it's on our home page and vote on our on line poll let's see how you've been voting so far well this hour we can see that most of you believe this will lead to even more tit for tat measures between moscow and washington twenty one percent think that this point in fact the key political issues between the countries for not eighteen percent believe that the end is now come for any dialogue between the two in this could well scupper those so-called reset of relations and some of you fear that the measures will escalate and be blown out of proportion that it's fifteen percent that's how it's looking this hour when have your say r.t. dot com. israel
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is under fire from human rights organizations over alleged mistreatment of palestinian children in israeli custody the issue was brought to light by the detention of a fourteen year old palestinian who also happens to be a u.s. citizen and claims to have been physically abused during arrest and interrogation rather wabi an advocacy officer a prisoner support and human rights association representing the detained palestinian child share the details with r.t. . but how many is being held in all foreign military prison which is just outside of ramallah we have had limited access to mohammad senses arrest his father has not seen him except in the few minutes during his court proceedings but we do know from
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what he has told us in the court that he has been. potentially abused in the prison he has told us that he has been slapped in the prison his braces are broken off and we are very concerned that he is being mistreated while under interrogation and in the prison we have heard several cases from other children as well forced confession. very harsh interrogation where they are denied access to their families and lawyers and they are coerced into confessing under harsh conditions for example we've had children who have told us that they've been threatened with sexual abuse with not being allowed to go back to school and so forth in the case of mohammad specifically. his father was at the police station and he heard his father's voice and interrogators told him just confess now and we will let you go home with their father and so this poor child who has no idea what's going on ended up confessing to something just because he was told he would be able to go home after this. was
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actually extended for a further two days because he is a dual citizen and he has much more attention for this case but the fact of the matter is that seven hundred palestinian children are arrested every year and they face the same conditions that mohamed faces as well. well there are more than just allegations of children being abused in custody the issue of palestinian prisoners is long been a major sticking point in volatile relations with israel is all too good explains. the issue of palestinian prisoners is a burning one in the relations between israel and palestine there is almost five thousand palestinian prisoners some of them have been in israeli jails for decades a lot of them have been there in the so-called preliminary detention which means that they're arrested with no charges pressed against them they're not told exactly what they're being arrested for and they're held in confinement with absolutely no legal substance to their confinement but the. time period from which they're jailed
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keeps being extended almost indefinitely and there's hundreds if not thousands of them and of course the palestinians are trying to get away because you prisoners have been trying to battle it with by their own means and that is a lot of them have actually gone on hunger strikes and in fact all of the forty five roughly forty five hundred palestinian prisoners forty two hundred of them have been on a hunger strike just recently but another probably died while in jail from from cancer and he's there are his relatives as well as lawyers are saying that he was not treated properly by the israeli jail officials and unfortunately again this is not an isolated case they're saying that a lot of palestinian prisoners who are in israeli jails are not being given the proper treatment by the authorities and this is an issue that has been on the surface for a very long time and even the is rest of the israeli knesset members are saying that this is perhaps the easiest issue to solve you know to kind of settle the dispute between israel and palestine or at least take a first step but unfortunately the israeli physicians do not seem to be taking that
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very important first step. plenty more ahead for you this hour on r.t. including a retrial of egypt's ex president while the current leader faces that melting pressure we look at mohamed morsi has faded for us the rise in sectarian violence. also this hour we'll tell you how the u.s. wins the loyalty of opposition leaders around the world by handing out mountains of cash those stories and all that after the break.
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the group of international and world in the very heart of moscow.
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he continues here in auty in less than twenty four hours from now but his way to stop voting for a new leader the. was triggered by the death of a month will determine the course of one of the most all rich nations in the world a short presidential campaign has been mowed by allegations of conspiracies and assassination plots let's take a look at the two candidates and the chances with syria in the news when a couple. of important elections for the venezuelan people certainly snap elections after the death of this about a month ago it has been a short campaign for everyone who has been unfolding there two top contenders in these elections on the one hand you have a nicolas maduro he's the acting interim president of the country he was the vice president during the thomases time and on the other hand you become you know this ron i guess an obvious and options in october two thousand and twelve and he's a rival was talking about bringing change to the country now there's been a lot of name calling during this campaign period you have
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a model accusing us of being at the prince of the bourgeoisie not representing the poor calling him capricious some of the other hand he's accusing me of being a liar or using this as a body to run a political campaign now however they did talk to both of them tough on the issue of tackling crime in the country this is a top concern of the citizens here they want to see the crime level addressed and brought down a small as a government bureaucracy and inefficiencies there are those who work staunch supporters very loyal to everything that this is stood for the so-called socialist revolution big want to continue this and some of them out of this loyalty vote for nicolas maduro on the other hand you have those people who have been blaming the government for a lot of the problems of the country not least of these two which is why you rock to see what they say is a bit of stagnation in terms of the way business is going in the country and they say they will vote for the best so many are watching these elections closely not
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least of which is the united states and has had strained relations so with the country during the time of google. for everyone else who is observing and want to know what happens next they want to answer really is what steps are going to take in the hands of somebody other than this. will be bringing more expert opinion on venezuela's future over the next twenty four hours or so don't miss live coverage of the election here on r.t. . some breaking news here in the u.s. military says they are being clashes between prisoners and guards amid a hunger strike at guantanamo bay the military chooses detainees of preventing guards from monitoring them during a hunger strike that has dragged on for more than two months officials say when officers try to move prisoners from communal to single cells they resisted with improvised weapons leading guards to lethal rounds no injuries are reported following the incident which happened just hours after red cross representatives
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left the facility prisons went on hunger strike in february in protest of alleged mistreatment and indefinite detention lawyers claim most of the one hundred sixty six prisoners are taking part in a live report and analysis on this breaking news story next hour here on. the retrial of egypt's deposed president hosni mubarak has opened with a surprising move on the part of the judge who has withdrawn from the case referring it to another court the announcement was met with angry show mubarak was sentenced to life for conspiring to kill protesters during the unrest that toppled him but a retrial was ordered after he appealed the verdict the proceedings are taking place against the backdrop of growing discontent with the current president's policies mostly in his ruling party are facing mounting pressure of the lack of democratic reforms and a worsening economic situation in addition the current government is also blamed for a rise in sectarian violence as true now reports. days after
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a brutal assault on egypt's main coptic activists and opposition leaders meet. a response many of them like tony sabri a christian protester who was trapped inside the church say they're still in shock . tactics from everywhere even from the street next to the gas stations by the supporters of the police called insults that are this is going to be one of the civilians bombarded us with molotov cocktails rocks rubber bullets and live ammunition and the police protected the whole market they were painting the. sort of the more the nation was shocked on sunday and bloody scenes of egypt's security post is firing tear gas and birdshot bullets directly at mourners gathered on st marks the beach or here behind me one of the main churches to coptic christians president mohamed morsi has promised to investigate and his alleged comments saying an attack on this cathedral was an attack on himself has done little to satisfy the
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coptic christian community with divisions deepening between the two religions many fear the worst has yet to come in the aftermath of the attack coptic pope to watch as the second criticize the president for failing to protect the cathedral members of the clergy present at the scene also demanded answers. at the cathedral has never been a time before who the people outside the cathedral are going to the police not even attempt to intervene why didn't they arrest one single person. had been a riot egypt director of human rights watch agrees government neglect is contributing to rising sectarian turmoil part of the problem is the way the authorities respond to incidents where there is violence between muslim and christian communities there's a long history of purity for sectarian violence and a fairly it's really acknowledge that there is a serious problem the reason funday is such a worrying precedent is that we saw the police we saw images of the police finding with people who are throwing stones or sometimes shooting at
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a funeral grounds leading member of the ruling freedom and justice party dr amr darrag admits the police behaved unprofessionally but claims the state is not to blame the christian community has been suffering from the from the behavior of the previous three to find all the time people trying to ignite the situation trying to cause chaos trying to spread violence as part of the of the air force to. bring down the revolution so it is very likely that these forces are behind this as we would like to know who is behind this and bring him to justice despite these assurances with only two prosecutions for sectarian violence since the revolution many believe the new muslim brotherhood government is continuing mubarak's culture of impunity in the meantime thousands continue to demand justice for the cathedral victims and christians like attorneys say they will continue to protest in till the
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government acts this is true for r t cairo. ten million dollars support package for the syrian opposition fighting against the regime of president assad has been approved by the u.s. support for the rebels now cost america more than one hundred fifty million dollars result is going to car and explains washington willingly pays old for political gain. opposition leaders in many countries have sought and received washington's backing but u.s. support often comes at a price counting on money and arms from washington and its allies serious opposition coalition has elected a us citizen. to be the leader of an interim government we're on ourselves have to take action we must be an action the syrian born i-t. executive from texas mystics he may have washington's blessing to form a new government in syria but even anti outside voices inside the country say instead of uniting syrians the american leader in syria will sow even more division
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. in order for mr hill to build a team with which you could have mutual understanding he needs to find these people abroad that it means that these people will have no idea what life is like here before the election i didn't even know his name well listen whole election of a government down the prime minister was simply chimerical. for the us the benefits of having a government that holds its will power to washington can be considerable and that is the case with the current libyan government oh the current regime mostly into the united states and the united states will be seeking and are cashing that check very effectively for their own interests in terms of the strategic geographically importance of libya united states and west europe how about in terms of unfettered access to the high recall resources of libya against the resource nationalism or with all his government they have for years the u.s.
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has supported the opposition in another which countries venezuela in the hope that it would replace the legal charges u.s. educated in the company is would be washington's perfect choice in the budget the state department's budget for two thousand and thirteen there was a paragraph included that specifically said money is for these venezuelan political groups that are aligned with the opposition or that form the opposition. more than three million dollars right wing government under someone like enrique car previous a menace well what helped the u.s. regain its influence and dominance in the region it's not uncommon for washington to host prominent opposition figures to declare its theme is u.s. support for human rights but some note throughout the history of washington's dealings with the opposition in different countries there was another common theme it's my experience after studying. many thousands of u.s. diplomatic cables that. the united states makes
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a. gamey influence and contacts and informants. we've seen. movements actually in order to corrupt them partly in order to have bets on. the soviet also in the second case there is a transition of power having said all that it's not oppressed opposition figures that washington welcomes for example the us is not going out of its way to free opposition figures the brain who are sentenced to life in prison for taking part in protest against the government there bahrain hosts the u.s. fifth fleet in the persian gulf so washington has been quite selective as far as who's opposition it supports in washington i'm going to check out. the two brings up to date for the moment we'll have more on the reports of violence at one time obey our breaking news story this hour in about thirty minutes from now in the meantime it is the militants breaking the sabbath.
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you know i always try to stay clear of falling into the trap of fake outrage on this program people love to come on t.v. and be angry over this angry over that just to fill air time but trust me seeing obama signing into law with that wacky lobster like way he has of writing the bill marked the monsanto protection act well it does not put a smile on my face that's for sure not only does this bill effectively bar federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of g.m.o. seeds and crops no matter what the health concerns are according to ib times but the bill was also written by senator roy blunt who's gotten sixty four thousand dollars for his political campaign pain from the g. eight. itself so that's what it
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cost to allow companies to possibly poison millions if not all americans with risky and proven g.m.o. technology sixty four thousand for a can dollars that's not even enough to buy a decent house sixty four thousand dollars is chump change well citizens of america now you know how much your lives are worth in washington but that's just my opinion . more news today. again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day.
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you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how bad the less bad luck i got. i mean. i know that i'm still really messed up. and we're all for it so personally. it's. worse cheaper to live through the white house or the. radio guy for a minute. what we're about to give you never seen anything like this i'm told. what's good folks welcome to breaking the set i man well rob lowe filling in for abby martin you know these days it seems that everything in this country boils down
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to budget cuts things the a sturdy measures that we call sequestration one of the victims of these cuts is the department of energy's nuclear nonproliferation program you know the folks trying to limit the spread of nuclear weapons well according to foreign policy magazine under the white house's twenty four thousand federal budget the program would be cut by twenty percent seems like an odd move considering the u.s. has been working tirelessly to try to keep other countries from acquiring acquiring nuclear weapons namely north korea and iran but that's not all your bomb administration is on board with new spending to the sum of five hundred million dollars to upgrade the already existing nuclear weapons stockpile what a great idea let's cut money from nonproliferation and spend more to upgrade nukes are enough of this crap let's break this up. all right folks you probably realize by now that the show is very much rooted in activism which.


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