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international and in the very heart of moscow. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser follow the sounds is not the prices he who has the gold rules and if you don't have the gold you are ruled stacie indeed max we're in a time of great wealth transfers and during these times of course it doesn't come easily there's a lot of financial war and one of the main ingredients of this financial war is psychological operations. for twelve psyops this is from hugo salinas price our friend we flew to greece with him in greece is in the headlines later but the definition of psyops psychological operations applies to the events of friday april twelfth and monday april fifteenth two thousand and thirteen when the price of gold
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was taken down to thirteen eighty and to get it down to thirteen eighty max it took one thousand one hundred tons of paper gold according to commerce bank which was forty five percent of annual production of gold well stacy herbert on this on many occasions i have told you the audience out there around the world about my concept of price propaganda we live in an age of price propaganda in the old days back in the last century propaganda to the form of media propaganda image propaganda news propaganda at the age of manufacturing consent as noam chomsky would talk about this is price propaganda if you can move the price to a certain level then people's perception will change based on price i invented this idea because i invented the technology to change prices. to
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create a difference in perception for hollywood movies if you recall now that idea has been taken to the extremists by these financial terrorists the gold banks were using price propaganda to change people's perception of the underlying value however the intrinsic value however is increasing is increasing ok and now everybody calls ben bernanke and the e.c.b. and the bank of england. keynesian but they are fighting this war against the austrians and they're doing it intentionally for the austrians because austrians would say there is no intrinsic value there's no such thing because all value comes from human consciousness is what humans perceive something as being worth that's what the worth is so he says this is what hugo salinas price who was a good friend of me sees by the way so he is an austrian school following the wikipedia dot org definition the psyops war on gold is intended to influence the target audiences value system belief system emotions motives reasoning and behavior
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i would add especially this last which is what directly affects the price of gold well you know austrian school going back to karl manga is a transition from medieval economics to more of a post medieval economics and this idea of value is in the eye of the beholder gives the same connotations as knowledge is in the the it's kind of like know that or it's kind of like the i think therefore i am when it comes to economics karl manga brought this fresh way of thinking that the value is what i think it is so that's very interesting and very important so we're going to look at what how he says the most important is behavior so we're going to look at the behavior around the world and whether or not the keen's in acting with an austrian mindset towards their purposes in this cold war whether they're achieving it so first we're going to head east where all the gold is flowing golden times per perth mint. then we
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have a headline three fold increase in demand for gold this isn't india and we also see this in bangkok maxa talking about traffic jams on the sidewalks outside shops gold bullion shops in bangkok they're seeing that in india they're seeing it three hour four hour waits in australia but that's our show our show is seen globally and the idea of keeping gold suppressed is local it's local to the west keynesian money printing propaganda wars but globally people understand people globally our show is global they buy gold. so well where they to me where these concepts meet where the psychological war where the belief in in paper and the mighty nests of paper meets in japan which is over in asia of course where everybody else is consuming consuming and buying japanese see gold as hedge against stocks and yet so we know that the gold price and yen had an all time high right
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before the price crashed and a lot of people are now lining up seven hour long waits outside gold bullion shops in ginza and a lot of them are doing it because banks pay no interest on their deposits they're also a fearing war but some japanese also harbor fears that the expansionary monetary and fiscal policies known as a banal mix coupled with a national debt more than twice as largest annual economic output could set off a crisis that's true that's why they're buying gold over there in a new all time high just a couple of weeks ago that set off the paper bugs avalanche of sales in the paper market and it'll hit a new all time high in the end probably next two or three weeks and that'll be another waterfall effect against forgot currencies so that's the war front there in japan now the interesting thing about this of course is in the years leading up to the global financial crash it's been mrs watson abhi of the investor in america who's mrs watson abi the investor in japan who deals with the household finances
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and she's spending gauging for its market trading paper especially going into icelandic krona for example so now if they're actually instead of playing in the paper market they're playing in the physical market this is where the new york times suggest in this piece that the mrs watson abhi the proto typical marginal buyer or seller in japan who's been in and out of forex is now buying physical is out you're saying if that's true then gold is going to ten thousand dollars an ounce if that's true stacey can you categorically state right here that what you just said is not. falshood it is unimpeachably correct is that what you're saying this is what you know we. have a little job that is woman well it would be important in terms of the psychological war the fact that it's backfired in this case here has been the one of the most passionate participants in the whole paper bubble that has emerged over the past
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decade because it came back to japan has been artificially lowering interest rates down to zero to give banks and why on wall street a way to borrow money at near zero to speculate for free mrs watson and he's been you know the japanese housewife as been who oversees the japanese savings which is the highest in the world i think we should make the point they've got a quadrillion in yen and savings that they can use being dictated by the housewife's because the japanese men are famously down at the pub drunk off their keester on whiskey they don't know the difference between a dollar and a football so mrs watson abita mrs japanese housewife was making the decisions made been in the paper market if they go into the physical gold market it's good night i remain for the central bankers like ben bernanke. so let's look over into the west here in europe you know where there's been massive psychological war that is beating down the people so let's see what's happening well look at greece
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and ireland headline reads disposable income in greece felt eight point three percent in q four of two thousand and twelve consumption down eleven point two percent so max total income is now down to supposable income is down thirty percent since the crisis began savings fell by five point nine percent in the fourth quarter and now thirty percent of the population of greece say they they it was better for them and they would prefer them the very mockers say no they just know that they prefer the one to over the troika. the the over the troika the hood didn't try to shuffle them up on railroad cars to concentration camps did they they just were a military occupation the troika is like oh let's all incinerate everybody because we can't afford to keep them fed after we stole all their money and then similarly over in ireland not only do you have horrible wave of suicides but in terms of the psychological war what they want is the capitulation and obedience and you see that in this next story irish debtors face ban on vacations caps on food spending irish
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bar was struggling to meet their loan repayments may be banned from taking vacations and face limits on how much they can spend on food under guidelines published by the country's personal insolvency service to open our person in ireland now and i think the solution there would be to instigate new economic policies monetizing better so the bank of ireland would be capitalized by butter because there's a lot of butter in ireland it could be a butter based economy there would rule the world would be better dollars but our dollars could go but butter coins could replace bitcoins. well monthly individual living expenses for people seeking debt relief may be capped at thirty five point seven three euro's for clothing two hundred forty seven and fourpence euro's for food and thirty three forty euros for personal hygiene items so they have specific numbers it's very controlled it is like being
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a cattle or sheep people know exactly you know the farmer knows exactly how many calories they're going to feed this sheep before it gets sent off to the slaughter every single sheep and cattle is very carefully modulator dislike of you know big opera twaddle they've got all these irish people they're going to line them up still all their money they've got to carefully calibrate every piece of their life . well the guidelines they set are set to a standard of living that is based on needs not wants so this is the psychology you have to they're trying to alter people's perceptions your life should be based on your needs not your wants which is the end of capitalism by what the way that's the junta that's what the junta would tell you that's what the totalitarian government would tell you your life style that we're willing to give you is based on your needs not your wants so let's move on to the final have and then max oh the look representative mike rogers wife's they have to benefit greatly from cispa passing it would appear that representative mike rogers the main person in congress pushing
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for has kept rather quiet about a very direct conflict of interest that calls into serious question the entire bill it would appear that rogers wife stands to benefit quite a lot from the passage of sr and has helped in the push to get the bill passed so his wife's name was christie clemens rogers and she was a former c.e.o. of a just some big security firm now she's a lobbyist for all these security firms and the security firms are the defense contractors are the ones pushing for sis which is the invasion of online privacy now it's passed in congress just like sopa passed congress as well easily and is supposed to go to the senate and to the white house to decide whether it passes that it's uncertain but we know this is a psychological war that they'll break us down eventually they'll keep on using terror attacks and false flags and and crazy people out on the street who just go crazy one day is that because that guy went crazy we need to watch everything you do know they've got a new hashtag on twitter called. america fatigue so whether it's just or somebody
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getting blown up in boston or whatever it's just america fatigue it's a country in decline it's less than four percent of the global g.d.p. they produce twenty five percent of the global garbage let's dump it get rid of it do ignore it and maybe they'll go away and the rest of the world can buy gold and be happier ever after stacy or thanks so much for being on the kaiser report. thank you all right stay till the second half i was thinking with wall.
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street. if you're away from. any time anyway.
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international airport in the very heart of moscow. welcome back to the kaiser report imax guys are time now to go to california and talk with wolf rector of testosterone pit dot com wolf welcome to the kaiser report thank you max for having me all right wolf the euro took
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a tumble this week on suggestion of a rate cut what's going on there. well i don't think the rate cut is going to make a huge difference the rates are already so low and so markets reacting a little bit but. rate cut stem cells are not the primary movers here i think when the when and if the e.c.b. decides to. buy more bonds when when it does that there will be a big move about the rate cut in itself if it happens i don't think has a huge impact well it sounds like they're setting themselves up for more what's called quantitative easing just like the bank of england will engage in more quantitative easing the federal reserve bank is already eighty five billion or so a month and in buying of its own bonds so the entire globe now with the e.c.b. was lagging sounds like the e.c.b. will join the arms race toward who can solve destruct the fastest by lowering rates
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and buying lots of of their own paper now professor peter bofinger an economist advisor to merkel said this week that over the next ten years the rich should give us a portion of their assets like vacation homes in spain so quantitative easing is not enough wealth they want to take the people's houses to your thoughts. well it's certainly an interesting twist so far in the bailouts the people who have paid more usually the pension nears the lower class people who've seen many more wage cut increase for example private sector employees public sector employees they all have been paying for these bailouts and of course taxpayers know that countries have been paying for them so now that this proposal would actually shift that a little bit would say ok so the lower levels increase to lower levels and in in
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other countries imports of all have been paying for this so let's let's tax the rich people also and this is interesting also because they're not talking about a tax on cash which can move very quickly but they're talking about a tax on on assets that cannot move like really state and so this will be this will face a lot of resistance but if it actually does get pushed through it will be a very new development that may have major consequences but it sounds like a mountaintop but now cyprus will have their sovereign gold reserves rated in exchange for a bailout what happens when they go to italy and has got twenty four hundred tons of gold it will italy simply lay down and give their gold to berlin or will they maybe decide that they don't want to give away their gold or anything. i don't think italy will lay down at all i don't think i don't think italy is cyprus italy
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is a large country with a substantial industrial base banking is not a huge part of the economy and. the part in italy that is not doing well is actually the industrial part and. so i don't think they talian zwolle wall yields to the pressure of selling the gold i think right now there's a lot of discussion in italy whether to stay in the euro or not and whether to greed to any more austerity measures or not so at this level already there is resistance to a any kind of torture imposed bailout so i don't think that it will sell its gold but the pattern that we've seen so far and we reported on the show back when goldman sachs and the pump and rail and john paulson colluded and they attacked greece destroyed the economy and then they put greece's gold up for sale in cyprus
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these guys that had funds in the government colluded to attack the government and now they have to put up gold to pay off the debts that were imposed on them from these outside marauders and had funds and what i call financial terrorists so in the case of italy sure it's nice idea they don't want to give away their twenty four hundred tons of berlin but this is a currency war they'll stop at nothing if berlin if italy doesn't give up their gold who knows what berlin what germany. will do to get their hands on their on their gold now let's talk about california for a second year in california what do you make of the huge increases in pension contributions to cowper's that menas apologies will now have to pay looks like the pension accounts are now being raided your thoughts wolf right in california of course we've got the same problem the people in greece half and which is we have huge unfunded pension liabilities we have. deficit's we have every financial issue they have for we what we do have and we have high unemployment in california what
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we do have is a pretty sound high tech economy and and lots of good functional agriculture it so now we have to figure out how to pay for the promises we made as . it's a deal or boats of being bought over the many years with with these promises and so now it's time to pay them and in our most recent bankruptcy case here in the city of stocking we discovered that in fact the courts are now allowing. pensions to be thrown into bankruptcy proceedings for the first time and which means that when there are bankruptcies and many see policies in california pensions may have to get a haircut and that may happen and one in the number of ways and one which is to do raise contributions it would be to do no of the benefits and this hasn't played out
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yet but it contravenes a california state law so we'll have to see how that that washes out so it's not quantitative easing in countries where it's a forest transfer of wealth from savers to speculators using artificially low interest rates then we had outright confiscation whether it's m.f. global or cyprus now you're saying that the laws and by laws that govern pensions are being changed so that these speculators can have access to pension money and of course there's another problem in the pensive business because whether it's calipers or roberts the trone remember he was managing the orange county pension they're open to corruption cowper's famously bought into a bad lehman brothers paper even though i for one told them it was a corrupt corrupt situation but they are obviously and a corrupt institution so they've got corrupt management you've got plus the government and corporations that are a lot of them so. toward stealing people's wealth and at the end of the day i guess the new governor of california jerry brown although he's doing seemingly some
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making some progress there the state it's a state going to get out of the fix that it's in what do you think wolf. well it depends on the economy so far the high tech industry. funded by venture capital has been booming the last couple of years and agriculture is doing very well in california. in then economies are not doing that well and unemployment is still relatively high in california so i don't know if if this economy will stay in a growth mode for long enough to pull california out or whether this was it last two or three years it's going to slow down again and we'll go back where we were which is which is you know borderline bankruptcy for the state and i all i want to get your comment on whether what we see what appears to be the case of incredible all levels of corruption in wall street in washington and municipal government it
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seems i what we're seeing is really a two tiered financial racket where those with access to government authority can take pretty much anything they want to get a nice retirement if that's their goal while those poor people working outside of the government outside of this of this racket are really being abused i mean it's really a case a racketeering in america in california anywhere anyplace where central bankers have their way is that why am i exaggerating in your opinion or is this is this what is your what is your thought on this is this really as corrupt as it looks wall. well i don't think you're exaggerating i don't think anyone can exaggerate about the corruption that central banks haven't gendered and as we have already seen. through the audits of the fed a couple years ago amount of corruption going on right in the middle of it and this is happening every war these central banks are out of democratic control so i can
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do whatever they want to and they don't have to account to two people there is an audit ok julie when it's when congress forces upon them and that audit is only partial so that they know they're there they're really free to do whatever they want to and so they have right now they're you know handing out eighty five billion dollars a month at the fed it goes to. twelve banks and they do with it whatever they want to and ideas that it flows into the economy and it does flow into the economy at the at the very high levels it does not flow into the economy at the low levels and people have not been benefiting from it at all right now it's it to follow up on this corruption between washington and wall street earlier this week without much attention new legislation was passed overturning some of the stop training on congressional knowledge or stock act so now there are connected staffers in washington able to trade on inside information they have the
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legal right to do so and this is an open pipeline now between lawmakers in washington who might be passing laws about drugs or manufacturing or mining or margin requirements or banking regulations directly a pipeline to wall street where insiders in washington can benefit and profit from trading on inside information it's canonized in law by this stock act that allows us to take place yes what do you think think of this one effectively there will be no chain. that has always been going on that's always been a cesspool of corruption this sort of thing and the effort to to write a law to prohibit that obviously were short lived and so now we're back to war it is all out and it will continue to happen every every study that looked into this has documented how how insiders in washington trade on his lady of information
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and how profitable that is and obviously congress doesn't want to stop it because that benefit from it themselves now there seems to be a coordinated effort to corral the population into the stock market trading at all time highs and away from things that might give consumers or citizens maintenance in their purchasing power such as gold for example there was a massive gold recently but the stock market even though the g.d.p. is down wages are down jobs are down corruption is high everything you would normally associate with the stock market in trouble is completely divorced from the current crisis in the stock market is this a bubble waiting to burst wealth. it is definitely a bubble waiting to burst and as we have known from from prior bubbles so long as the stench of banks are willing to inflate bubbles they are generally able to do so
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at some point this becomes impossible and so now we we are hearing lots of discussion at the fed about stopping the current program. printing eighty five billion dollars a month and when that stops for sure the bubble will play well now we have seen. a shakiness recently in the stock market that we haven't seen in a while and so i think there's a lot of resistance right now to buying more stocks the smart money is trying to get out but the american public hasn't fallen in love with stocks yet and doesn't seem like it's going to so this will be will be an interesting scenario to see and i doubt i mean i don't predict stock markets but i doubt that it can't go much higher from here it's just it's just logically difficult to justify. well for it or at a time thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you max for me all right not going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and
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stacy herbert i'd like to thank my guests wolf rector of testosterone dot com if you like to contact us you can e-mail us at kaiser reported r t t v are you or tweet us at kaiser report until next time max keiser same value. sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you don't i'm tom composedly.
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