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tv   Headline News  RT  April 26, 2013 2:00pm-2:59pm EDT

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one hundred forty suspected affiliates of muslim extremist groups detained in moscow after a raid on a house of prayer it's claimed to have been visited by those who later joined militant groups in the northern caucasus and planned terror attacks. the u.s. says it suspects with varying degrees of confidence that the syrian government used chemical weapons and now the u.k. has joined allegations citing quote limited but growing evidence. the riot bad member denied parole with the judge ruling that she'll have to serve out her full two year sentence for the protest performance at moscow's christ the savior cathedral. and terror alert e.u. when you k. official suddenly alarm over young europeans being recruited to join islamist rebel groups in syria claiming they pose a serious threat if they return. ten
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pm in moscow a matter as a good have you with us here on r.t. our top story more than one hundred people detained in moscow on suspicion of having ties to muslim extremist groups security forces saying they swooped in on a house of prayer that they believe was visited by people involved in carrying out terror attacks as part of a north caucasus militant organization artie's marie if emotion as more. one hundred forty people have been detained in southern part of russia's capital moscow for suspected ties with extremist islamist organizations and more than thirty of them are reported to be foreigners although we don't know what countries that coming from or which nationalities they are that's following a special operation by russia's federal security service that we are hearing is continuing on that right now in that part of moscow the detention has happened at the time with deliveries gathered in. one of the residential areas in that part of
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moscow for their friday prayer as we know most important prayer for all muslims it hasn't been in a mosque we know that that built in a situated in the residential area of moscow so apparently towards kind of an apartment maybe a private apartment that's been used for as a chapel where deliveries have been gathering for to pray police saying that most of those who've been regularly attending this place have a late to join the ranks of militant groups active in northern caucuses in russia and some of them have been involved in preparing carrying out extremist on terror attacks in russia police is saying that at least five people of five of those who were arrested in two thousand and eleven for connection with terror attacks carried out before in russia were visiting base place in something so definitely police has had traces of this before and has been following them for
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quite some time police is saying that in two thousand and eleven following a special operation by russia's law enforcement bodies at least one militant was killed and four others were arrested for connection with terror attacks carried out before that in russia and all of these people were visiting this place in southern part of moscow before these attacks happened but only proves that counterterrorism operation in russia is continuing and terrorism remains a big and serious threat for our russia as well as for the entire world. there's a cautious mood building in washington and london after they claim there's a scarce but growing body of evidence that syria's government used chemical weapons with britain announcing it's extremely serious some in the u.s. claiming that a red line may have been lost by via such this as damascus blames syrian rebels for a chemical attack in your aleppo this march and remains resolute that its army has never use such weapons let's get more on all this from our g.'s marine important
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joining us live from new york. what's the latest information that you're hearing. well white house press secretary jay carney said that military force against the same government is one of many options that u.s. president barack obama is currently considering this revelation of course is coming one day after u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel claimed that the syrian president bashar al assad has used chemical weapons against rebels and now fielding questions from the media during an afternoon press conference carney said that he could not speculate on what action if any president obama would pursue against assad but he said that as a general principle the united states retains the ability to act unilaterally will remember how back in two thousand and three washington acted unilaterally against iraq claiming saddam hussein was harboring weapons of mass destructions those claims of course proved to be false but forty five hundred u.s. and tens of thousands of iraqis died in the decade long war that followed
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a few months ago u.s. present barack obama did say that the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government would be a game changer in the u.s. position on intervening in syria now talking about just a brief our viewers about his comments they came while he was addressing reporters and on thursday the defense secretary that they said that the white house has informed members of congress that intelligence officials believe with some degree of varying confidence that assad's government has used weapons of chemical weapons against the opposition specifically sarin gas u.s. officials claim that the attacks in question took place last month near aleppo and in the outskirts of damascus however a letter the letter that was sent to congress states that washington can not confirm the origin of the chemical weapons allegedly but the white house still believes that any of any use of chemical weapons in syria would very likely have been originated with the assad government now acting in lockstep with the u.s.
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british prime minister david cameron has come forward or repeating his assertion and claims that the u.s. have a growing amount of evidence. the syrian government has used chemical weapons against members of the opposition according to reports and sixteen agents that were operating in syria smuggled soil out of the country for it to be analyzed for chemical and biological contaminants however military scientists from the u.k. have said the soil contain traces of some kind of chemical weapons that they could not positively identify the type of weaponized chemical so what we have here is the u.s. and britain coming forward with very strong names and allegations that the syrian government used chemical weapons against members of the opposition but what's lacking in this story is a credible amount of facts all right are these are going to live for us from new york thanks very much for that update or hundreds of young europeans allegedly
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heading to syria to join a radical militants there tooling fears of how the e.u. should deal with them if they were turned blocks anti terror chief said it's a worrying trend that poses a serious threat to european security belgium launched a crackdown on islam as networks arresting several individuals suspected of being fighters or these tests are syria has more. seems spillovers in neighboring countries but now it is extended far beyond that it's estimated that hundreds of europeans from fourteen countries mostly young men have joined the rebels in syria and fight against bashar al assad is this a national center for the study verticalization put a tall figure at six hundred. people here or there were built for the media coverage shot the radicals are still young people as recently folks want specific story that of a father in search of the son dimitriy want to sub him for the record his last group had gone to syria to join the fight father had gone all the way they are
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hoping to bring his son bad. planes are flying overhead all the time when we're on the street or inside a building well he was dropped on us well i haven't had a contact with yeah you recall when we should meet here i left by he spoke with dimitris lawyer who's a constant don't believe it and he says the father is hell bent on finding his eighteen year old son we don't expect that he will send me to syria i think that that's clear so this will also why didn't he was most eager to go and sophie said i want to do something for myself a son who suggesting about three you know problem which is even worse in that moment he was influenced by some radical list he made contact with some people on the street and there was also a story about. told love girlfriends and he didn't he didn't work out and
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there was some friends who say ok credence and very slowly started that he was really influenced and really brave to us to that that are the words of michael and the globe and. started wearing other clothes. three five times a day things like that so he was a little bit awkward for some of fifteen sixteen years old. so you was really under influence of radical of medical people this ruby you had come into contact with sugar for belgium a radical islamism is leader followed belka some have been arrested speech and calls justifying the use of violence over there is judgement day if you're if you're a muslim you will you'll go to paradise if you're this believer you will go to hell terrorism expert glowed many cases the rise of radicalized is alarming many of whom are easy prey the first. question is why they convert and usually they don't
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convert to them to make sure they convert because of a problem at one moment in their life most of the if not political ideas of the go to fight because the fight and their goal is to fight if they were they don't meet listen to convince them they could be in a sect the could have done that to people who have just talked writing them and for the convincing them that to be a good machine they want to go to the side or to create another terrorist attack. authorities are paying even closer attention with a look at levels heightened while worried family members of some youth fighting in syria have been calling for a clampdown on radical groups the best they could do short of gold to syria themselves although that may not be completely out of the question does or sylvia r.t. antwerp in belgium a massive fire today or if you're a psychiatric hospital in the moscow region killing all but three inside thirty
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eight bodies found after rescue operations wrapped up the blaze engulf the entire building reportedly erupted in a wing that provided special treatment to patients or to zero piskun of has more. it was around half past one in the morning when a nurse at that tiny psychiatric hospital in the village located around eighty miles away from moscow noticed smoke in one of the hole which she trying putting out the fires self but the flames were spreading too quickly. we saw the front entrance catch fire we dashed for the door we someone in line and cautiously we try to help others but there was too much smoke and we had to run away one view local saw were happening some of them rushed to the hospital to try to help with the fire was already too powerful for them to handle only two patients and that nurse made it out alive while dozens of others didn't and this is a psychiatric hospital and patients are given seductive drug investigation that could be one of the reasons why so few people made it out alive they say that most
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of the others it's very likely simply were not able to wake up when the fire started due to the hate medication and other problems that the nearest fire station is located around thirty miles away from here that combined with bad roads were the reasons why it took over an hour for the first rescue teams to arrive investigators say that some of the patients died from smoke inhalation but most simply burns to do their best to stop them there to work that night is in stable condition in hospital but she is obviously shocked by this terrible a painful experience experts were already able to investigate the building where the fire took place and they say. that it started in the sofa backing up rumors that one of the patients could have left a lit cigarette on it we're not allowed to smoke there most probably someone lives a cigarette in bed and it all caught fire obviously right now many questions need
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and some there's lots of uncertain information and contradicting information as well but hopefully the ongoing investigation will help shed some light on the reasons behind one of the worst hospital fires in in russia. years you go to school or to moscow region will stay with us here on r.t. still to come no prison break a jail or a pussy riot punk denied parole at a hearing in central russia last or about the remainder of her two year sentence details coming up after a short break. the
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international in the very heart of moscow. fifteen minutes past the hour now one of the jailed pussy riot punk band members has been denied real early release from prison a judge in central russia has ruled to keep the data told acoa behind bars for the
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remainder of her two years said he got that term for hooliganism last summer after her group's impromptu protest performance at moscow's christ the savior cathedral. has more. whole process lasted for almost ten hours and the decision on. parole plea has been negative now the judge said that she considered every single statement coming from the defending lawyers which were mostly related to her having a rather good behavior during her prison term now in central russian prison and also the fact that she said she has a small daughter to care of the fact that she could get unemployment after she may get this parole but all this was negated by the accusations from the prosecution that she in fact had several misdemeanors during her time in detention and during her pretrial detention most going to bring her prison sentence here in central russia so these facts were according to the judge weighing much more and she
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until the member of the pussy riot punk band was denied her parole and now we already know that one of the members of the punk band it in the church is on parole she was released because the judge is not approach the altar are during this so-called prayer in christ the savior cathedral mosco and the appeal here at the parole hearing of the third member of the group i look you know will be will be reviewed as one to stand later in may but for now we understand that an idea of the law will have to spend the rest of the prison term that is until march twenty fourth teen in prison unless the defending lawyers decide to appeal because when the stand there was a violation of the code when the judge did not let the defending lawyers have the final word and this may prove pivotal because when the sound from the defending lawyers that they will appeal this decision which was made today in this court in central russia. while the u.k. has been promising more support to syrian rebels british volunteers have apparently
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been joining the battle and have put intelligence services on the alert the u.k.'s foreign secretary william hague warns those radicalized while fighting alongside extremist watsons could launch terror attacks if they ever return home let's take a look at the figures that were summed up in a report by things college london now among all of europe is seen the largest contingent it contingent of its citizens head to the fighting in syria since the start of the conflict in twenty levon now the numbers range from anywhere it's kind of fuzzy from twenty eight up to one hundred thirty four and out of that seventeen to seventy seven of them are brits that are still on the battlefield let's discuss this all with defense consultant moeen or roof who is joining me live from birmingham in the u.k. thanks for joining us here on r t so give us please first a profile of who these people are they're obviously not the kind of person who just goes and signs up say for the military forces and then tell us please why europe is concerned about it well these are mainly arabs
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citizens all residents in the u.k. . they're being radicalized primarily in their living rooms up and down the country . the television sets informing the realization process on a date but on the second debate it's because of peer pressure if you like so the radicalization taking place here in the u.k. and not overseas when there are all of the fighting this can be seen from the libyan conflict twenty eleven twenty twelve and now in syria so these. are the arab citizens and residents of the ok. and so why do there appear to be more of them as coming from the u.k. to syria versus other e.u. states. i think they're more residence fraud i would say the middle east living in the u.k. . you'll find there probably are yemeni saudis and syria because of the syria conflict. they reside in france and other areas you find them or more than likely
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north africans residents from the immigrant. essentially these are people who are radicalizing already closing india groups and that's the issue here is the government is now chasing up or concerned about this too late when they supported them when they went into the libyan conflict in the first place now at this point the home of the foreign secretary rather is saying that this is a national security concern so what is being done about it. well if it's a natural a national security concern then why have they been allowed to go out into libya into the conflict and return back to the u.k. where the been seeking medical help in terms of follow up assistance for gunshot wounds or conflict area wounds and also physiotherapy so if they're concerned about this course libya and now also they're concerned with the syrian aspect of their involvement then it just means that they're losing out to this conflict isn't going
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as well as they wanted it or it would. obviously be a loss from card if you like with the sarin gas accusation which is unproven by the way. they now have to really back their support all. remaining silent about these fighters go in and out of the u.k. traveling up to libya now to syria and returning back to the u.k. and seen as a risk so what do you think should be done about that what's the best way to combat these people from a practical stance to go over there they get more radicalized get training at this point weapons and tactics what's to be done should they come to be u.k. . well if i was advising the government i'd say you stop them from coming back to the u.k. stop them from boarding commercial airlines and returning to the u.k. it's obvious he has some legal issues of the british citizens but certainly with the british residence they can deny them entry back to the u.k.
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but the deal the problem is that these people have already people that most people in libya and syria and the comeback in knowing full well that there is no legal. entity that's going to charge them with these acts against humanity or crimes against humanity so the british government has remained silent about this for. a libya and now all of a sudden the sultan gets concerned about these fighters going out and the already gained experience a lot of them gained experience in libya so they're trained in proper use of weapons and now they're plying their trade if you like to syria so why are they getting concerned after that after this happens you know these these people are for moving in and out of the u.k. freely and in and out of. europe freely all right maureen refence consultant thanks very much for your time thank you. what are plenty more that's available for you
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a click away at our team including this. is a specter of tax of the boston marathon reportedly planning to carry out another bombing this time in new york's times square plus. pounded a file sharing giant pirate bay now seeking exile in iceland relocating its servers there from greenland the full story on our t. dot com. download the official publication to yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just does not so now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. any time anyway. or un torture investigator has revealed his trip to bahrain was canceled a short notice by the gulf state the kingdom has been plagued by an arrest with
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authorities frequently using violent methods against anti-government protesters yet arrest shows no signs of abating over two years with the shia majority in congress trading for increased rights in the sunni world kingdom i should have i ten intensified in the run up to last weekend's formula one grand prix as demonstrators called for the high profile race to be cancelled leading authorities to fire tear gas at crowds the u.n. representative who was meant to visit the country one man says he doesn't think the reasons given to him by the bahraini government for canceling his term as trip. they gave me a letter that. they are in the middle of. a national dialogue with all of the season and. they've been longer than they had expected and. use. different people for different. i told. them and for me. good make any sense to me. in my presence. and
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him learn from the country i am certain that my person who is. more. for the government has. a lot of material to work on the first. train and. there's no room in the ground there's all. these will demonstrations also. has to review. judicial decision. who. has to relieve you why people who are human rights defenders have been incarcerated again let's talk about some other stories making global headlines this. our rescuers have located fifty survivors trapped in the rubble of the eight story factory that collapsed earlier this week killing three hundred in bangladesh at the
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same time hundreds of thousands of angry and factory workers clash with police over the tragedy security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets as roads were blocked hated and textile factories attacked authorities have come under fire for negligence after the factories in the doomed building continued to run despite noticeable fissures in the structure. gunman and pushed an election convoy in the southern philippines late thursday killing thirteen wounding ten a local mayor is daughter and her relatives among the victims police say the attack was carried out by fifteen assailants possibly from a rival clan during the country's two thousand and nine elections more than fifty died in poll place of violence including thirty two journalists. forty five people killed in afghanistan when the bus they were going in crashed into the remains of an oil tanker that had been attacked by the taliban a few days before ten more reported injured and women and children among the victims the bus burst into flames after striking the tanker it had been left in the
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road after police deemed the area too dangerous to enter. bangor a strike by inmates of the notorious guantanamo bay prison has now officially reached ninety seven and nineteen of them being force fed but lawyers for the prisoners claim these figures are much higher since inmates have been starving themselves for nearly eighty days or abuse of rights and indefinite detention without charge the obama administration recently announced plans to keep the facility open despite mounting reports of abuses. and doctor joins us next with all the latest business news so. a so not another european politician on friday something going on there tell us more about it well absolutely the politician actually said the death of the euro is an avenue inevitable within five years and it's going to benefit the most if it happens europe's strongest economy and all of the details after a short break. this
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is a mysterious c. m no this is not a fifty's beside five movie sleep it is what a.b.c. news is trying to find out when they investigated how leno finally produced this type of quote beef has become very widespread throughout fast food restaurants and supermarkets in the usa and has led to its south dakota based manufacturer profiting profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars but. choose your language. with. the consumer. to.
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choose the stories to. choose. it's thirty minutes past ten pm here in moscow welcome to the business program with me that the science camp the european currency will be dead within five years that's according to one of the top economic advisers to germany's chancellor angela merkel in a newspaper interview this week conrad said europe not the euro was important to him and that he only gives the european currency a limited chance of survival the statement came as germany reported a slump in the squad of spain's unemployment rate soared to a record topping twenty seven percent earlier i spoke with alice stomachache from i g markets to london i asked him if he believes in the inevitable death of the euro
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. when it comes to commentary about the eurozone and the euro as a currency germany does provide more than its fair share of slightly more outrageous comments i think maybe the complete demise of the euro as a currency within five years is a little bit on the bearish side however i wouldn't be too surprised if we saw it restructured in some format certainly with the likes of cyprus and greece and maybe want to see other countries out there finding it difficult to stay within the fiscal restraints that one currency across the european union entails so it's quite possible five years down the road we might see maybe one or two countries. either extract themselves from the euro was a currency or the eurozone but i think the complete demise of it at this point i'm a little bit bearish as far as i'm concerned what do you think would be best for the eurozone countries. as well i think as far as the euro zone countries are
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concerned and as far as the commentary coming out of germany is concerned about the euro as a currency part of the reason he may feel that five years is a sort of time line for the lifespan of the euro as a currency is really because there were effectively forcing one template on all the different countries and i think we're seeing in a number of different regions that they really are straining with this we need to see day unemployment figures out of spain but at twenty seven percent it's more than one in four people being unemployed some sort of change to the current austerity measures being imposed upon that country a number of european countries need to come into play and i think this is arguably where we've seen the e.c.b. talk about the fact that they're going to look to lower the interest rates across the eurozone but i think alternately some sort of change the structure and balance between austerity and stimulus is probably going to have to come into play and
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arguably a little bit more stimulus to help some of these countries that. g.d.p.'s around rather than purely the austerity play which has been a effect of the german preferred strategy right let me ask you almost a personal question considering the mass the eurozone is currently in do you think the u.k. is now happy that it doesn't have the euro that it was able to keep its international currency. i think when you look at the u.k. and you compare it to any other country in europe and i don't just mean the euro zone here we do have very much of our own unique way of thinking and it is very much an island nation as a sort of psychological feel that we are separate from europe so we're getting the united kingdom to join the euro as a currency and give up what is affectively quite an extensive history as far as the likes of say the bank of england is concerned and giving up power to to brussels
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and all the rest of europe was always going to be one that was very difficult to impose on on the british population as such i don't think i am too surprised that we didn't go wholeheartedly into that and join the euro as a currency i think trying to bring the euro as a currency onto the u.k. and i mean it's an almost impossible task and i think as far as that's concerned part of the reason we held our membership from the euro currency is part of the reason why london as a financial hub in europe is so powerful so close to europe and yet our side of the fiscal currency and let's quickly run through the markets now on wall street where trade is in full swing equities are mixed so far this friday the day is however a somewhat above the line and then as that is trading in the red on lower than expected first quarter g.d.p. figures while they did not meet analyst expectations older all the demonstrated much more confident growth compared to the previous quarter two and
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a half percent versus zero point four percent. now across the ocean and europe shares slumped on the last trading day of the week and that's breaking their five day winning streak and london miners dragged the footsie a quarter percent down over in germany the dax lost roughly the same for the week though the index posted again four point eight percent which is not bad at all here in russia equities and then friday's session in a real negative a journal factors in lower crude proved too much of a downward pressure and on the currency market the ruble a lost value to both the greenback and the dollar and the u.s. dollar share value against all major peers on friday including the euro and the japanese yen the end posted first weekly gain against the dollar since march and the latest bank of japan meeting was the driving force now a bit more on that meeting the regulator on friday said it will continue printing
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up to seventy trillion yen that's roughly seventy one billion dollars annually the bank of japan hopes it will help fight deflation it pushes consumer prices lower corporate profits wages are all down a dangerous trend if left unchecked and it's dogging the country for the past fifteen years the bank said in a statement it counts on the measures but in some polls violate twenty fifteen. developing russia's regions is the answer to the country's economic slowdown that's according to vladimir ukrainians the head of russia's state railway company russian railways one of the world's three largest transport companies and an exclusive interview to business artie's katie pilbeam ukraine and says investing in infrastructure in a country like russia is always a winning bet. we need to develop infrastructure really as this huge territory huge country we need infrastructure to support their
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plans to develop economy to support the plans to develop social sphere to provide people with easy way to communicate you know anywhere they want to go dead to real give a boost to develop you know transportation the transparency of the manpower to do regis where actual it could be started. and that's all the latest from austin business join me for an update at twenty thirty g.m.t. up next thirty talks to a lawyer and former ethics advisor to the u.s. department of justice just. the boston marathon bombings.
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we are business. in. the cold know what operating. minutes. for. other local what's not enough but there's a law in the local needs you want a community l.n.g. most will be used. that. you've just done for america artist i was
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fired i must fight. fight. fight right. international at the very heart of moscow.
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just number a deck a lawyer and a former ethics advisor to the department of justice joins me today to talk about the boston bombings thanks for joining us on r.t. i want to start with the charges that the u.s. said they will charge the suspect with weapons possession of weapons of mass destruction what is that well i wish i could tell you more about that but i haven't actually seen the charges leveled against anybody it's obvious that they are considering the weapon of mass destruction to be the bomb which they termed improvised explosive device so they gave it this military kind of term for what most people would consider a bomb and weapons of mass destruction obviously sounds pretty. pretty horrific they were talking about homemade bombs pressure
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cookers and now they're talking about weapons of mass destruction i mean how how how is that impossible when you're talking about homemade bombs i honestly believe that it's because the defendant a suspect is a muslim obviously there have been a number of people who've committed massacres lately in aurora colorado whole shut up the movie theater adam long shot up all those children. and at sandy hook elementary school and none of those people were charged as terrorism or with terrorism type charges we also so a lot of the media play into that right after the bombings a lot of people were talking about possible connections to different people different countries even what do you what do you make of that i think immediately there was very much a desire to frame this as an act of terrorism and therefore to try to put the label
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on here on these men that they are this and i mean the only positive spin i could give that is that they were trying to people who are trying to distance themselves from it to make a film or normal but the more sinister interpretation is obviously we have a lot of islamophobia and a muslim bias in this country as evidenced by the fact that the man charged for this massacre is being treated as a terrorist and charged with carrying weapons of mass destruction whereas other people would get different charges like timothy mcveigh did for his bomb making and because of his background maybe there was a lot of or there were a lot of arguments leading out first reading his rights then to charging him as a enemy combatant or as a u.s. citizen and now all the arguments about his rights and the interrogation.
2:41 pm
i mean where is the legal system in all of this well the legal system should never put up with that i mean i think most people most reasoned people would knew that he should be mirandized and maybe there was a small window during which they could ask him about immediate public safety concerns. that was it and then they needed to mirandize him and read him his rights in terms of trying to call him an enemy combatant that is specifically so they would not have to mirandize him and we've seen that in other cases with who's a pretty. where they initially called him an enemy combatant and he didn't get to see a lawyer for some three and a half years so all along there's been this effort to treat him differently than we
2:42 pm
would an ordinary criminal who should be tried in federal criminal court it may be that his background that is when into this that's actually. leading into the events or leading into the conclusion that's how you know not even so much his background as immigrating from chechnya i think it was more discovering that he and his brother were both muslim and discovering that the brother not the actual to fight it but that the older brother had been watching radicalized video propaganda by actually watch the same stuff as part of my job. in national security and human rights so that doesn't necessarily mean you're a terrorist russia tried to warn the us try to tell them that they should check into the us but the minute the news came out everybody was talking about his background and any what he was saying just now with the czech republic what do you
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make of all of this if it was a massive ignorance on the part of americans in terms of. religion obviously islam is a peaceful religion. doesn't believe in bloodshed but also yet the geographical confusion i think again it was to immediately put this person in the category of other this person is not like. this person should be treated as non combatant they should not have their rights they don't deserve to have their rights i mean normally we operate on innocent until proven guilty in this country but for this suspect there reversing the usual presumption and that was clear from the get go and the surveillance state not only failed apparently the f.b.i. failed because russia tipped off the f.b.i. years ago that they should be concerned perhaps about this older brother after his
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visit. to russia to not clear on that but someone dropped the ball and he no i play said at the feet of the f.b.i. in the american government but yet he. they west didn't do anything about it and they sort of a blame game started the minute after soon after the boston bombings and they were talking about him being in the u.s. for just a short period of time not having lived he and his brother in the u.s. for a long time which makes the story completely different it really does i mean the narrative that they tried to feed everyone from the get go was that he had they had recently come to the u.s. said that they were radical islamic jihad and as the story evolved in you learned well they came over here the suspect was charged when you're told and then you get senator saying like senator grassley saying we need to be
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tougher on immigration what are you going to do ask a nine year old if they have a propensity for terrorism and younger brother seemed kind of to be following the older brother if anyone was more radicalized like perhaps the older brother would you consider this a case of domestic terrorism because they've been living in the u.s. for a long time. i would in in terms of ok. houmous city bombing by timothy mcveigh was domestic terrorism but i don't think he was actually charged with anything like weapons of mass destruction even though he improvised filling a truck with fertilizer and create causing far more deaths by an order of magnitude and three people that unfortunately died in this incident so you could call it domestic terrorism the charges sputnik they certainly didn't sound almost like war
2:46 pm
and war like charges that the u.s. since nine eleven beefed up its spending on security yet something as big as the boston bombings happened. as the u.s. failed i believe this was a massive failure of the surveillance state that we've created in america since nine eleven we've spent over seven hundred billion dollars on national security and a lot of that is surveillance with video cameras with massive data collection with fusion centers and none of those have helped to deter or detect any terrorist plot and while surveillance video was useful in reconstructing what happened after the fact it didn't prevent it do you think the u.s. will turn to our surveillance they will increase the surveillance and they away after this attack unfortunately i think that will be reaction in america not to say
2:47 pm
why why did surveillance fail to detect but rather to yes have even more surveillance which would be really unfortunate the u.s. seemed divided over the last i mean not over what should happen and how but over the legality of the procedures and while some congressman kolbe to again to him as an enemy combatant and to try him as an enemy. about and others well if we cannot there is a constitution and to just uphold the constitution what is this going to take a debate in the us do you think you know we've been having this debate since nine eleven i happened to have been the whistleblower in the case to be american taliban john walker lindh and that was a few months after nine eleven and back then they were talking about whether to church him or call him an enemy combatant or an unlawful belligerent and whether or not to mirandize him i mean that's what i eventually blew the whistle on was the
2:48 pm
fact that they would not let him see his lawyer and then when they had ventured lee didn't mirandize him they told him but there are no lawyer sirin afghanistan so this debate's been going on i feel like the law is pretty settled that you can't just designates someone an american in particular as an enemy combatant and do whatever you want with them you have to go to court and i think gives the lawyers understood that this was going to eventually end up in court and that's why they finally allowed him counsel and charged him in this case they held him do you think this debate is going maybe to lead to more division in the us over cases like this who's going to win such a debate. right now unfortunately the people who've been dismantling our constitution and due process rights for defendants and for all american citizens in
2:49 pm
terms of civil rights and liberties they're going to be the loser in this case i think there will be renewed measures in cond in congress for designating people as enemy combatants and new definitions of terrorism that they're not to be explicit by saying ok if a muslim person does that that they'll say al qaeda and if it was seeded forces and anyone connected there two or something that makes this so broad it could encompass someone watching a video which like i said i watched it this morning because they wanted to see what video the brother had apparently watched that inspired him supposedly some people say that this incident and accidents will probably. the u.s. will witness more islamic phobia there will be islamophobia rise in the west pull such incidents do you agree with them unfortunately i do because as you noted from
2:50 pm
the very beginning the narrative started to form to place. suspects one or more into another camp and in particular into a terrorist camp and while the president initially was very careful not to call this an act of terrorism and not to use that word casually by the next day he was calling it an act of terror and there started to be rumors about them having come from chechnya. which is not normally that as large as long presence but is not normally associated with al qaida. so it i feel like from the very beginning there was the best case scenario for in a lot of people's minds would to have them be muslims who had become radicalized and did this as part of jihad i think that was there from the get go and unfortunately i think this will only increase people's tendencies towards
2:51 pm
islamophobia and that's really unfortunate because so much for joining us r t thank you you thank . steve i'm a bit sad going to be a big money in stevia to see what is both a cultural contemporary i'm told to piece of the auditorium to join me to say on the red sea on may the second as we bring you the glitz the glamour and the best of the best in the people may not want it at marines yukiya to team. no way things are going the republican. better all for the state of. texas has got
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its own like. has got all the hauling and everything and. it's got all that and. everything you can survive but the rest united states would. not survive without the mind that it was. striving for brit and an independent future. republican texas. oh.
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i think the song hundred new morning we will remember that. we will. hold it. hold it. live. the speech. if you. wish i. was pleased. because i'm sleeping good live. just sleep on
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it and. i come out fine i'm a little. live .
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live. to clint. well. it's technology innovations all the things but it's for. the future of coverage.
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toxic warnings the u.s. says syria's use of chemical weapons could be a game changer but at the moment based on uncertain allegations supported by quote various degrees of confidence. one hundred forty suspected affiliates of islamic extremist groups detained in moscow after a raid on a house of prayer it's claimed to have invented by those who later join militant groups in the northern caucasus and claim terror attacks. oppose the right band member denied parole with a judge ruling out a lot to serve out the full two year sentence for punk protest performance at moscow's crisis savior cathedral. terror alert the e.u. and u.k.
2:57 pm
officials sounding the alarm over europeans are to join islam is to rebel groups in syria saying they pose a serious threat if they were turned.
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