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max keiser welcome to the kaiser report never go to the hospital for a simple colonoscopy and end up having or getting rid of. you could be a capitalist superhero about whom i would write trashy novels but the fact is that accidental hysterectomy is an unexpected heart transplant or the stuff of the new industrial revolution they see. and hash tag where is that he's pig because they took my kidney when they meant to take my call and ask. so tell me mark the artist taxi driver has been on a rampage pushing the pig across london all the way to the trough at ten downing street and this is in protest at the privatisation of the n.h.s. here's chunky mark with his own reasons for doing this ok we do this is me vo is text your stomach in my words finished nice broken. they be complete
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government about a privatized the n.h.s. about that they wouldn't let me pick up the road but to leave you at the gate because of the abusive references and. it's a stupid like the people to over there is the government and their primary purpose is to move public money into private pockets right ok so the n.h.s. the national health service that it's got to be privatized right because there's a lot of debt for the n.h.s. then loaded up with of debt it's just a simple organization that does the job fine that well i compared to manchester united ok here's a simple football team the glazers came in they load it full of debt ok they win the game they win their particular game but they've told destroyed the game of football it's dominated by these over weened puffed up pigeon chested excuses for athletes they're just. chunky headed basically they want manchester united but like
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i said they represent the destruction of the beautiful game just like private equity like terra firma or guy hands are these private equity groups that come in they destroy the destroy so it's going to destroy the n.h.s. sure some people get good health care a few people get private health care just like a few for. ballplayers get multi million dollar contracts but the vast majority of those in the health care system are going to land they get nothing they'll be on the street they'll be dead done but of course in this country you talk about football people start to just collapse in a heap of their own urine thinking oh my god you stop because you're talking about football and i don't care who the branch directed me of every day. well so let's look at this story that's ongoing here so that a privatized the n.h.s. because that h.s. cost the government half of what the health care system the private health care system in america cost the government there. how does it end up costing twice as much well let's look at some of the stories of america this past week hospitals profit from searchable errors study finds hospitals make money from their own
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mistakes because insurers pay them for the longer stay some extra care that patients need to treat surgical complications that could have been prevented a new study finds and so they they've discovered and it was prompted by one of the hospitals in this study they found that their circle error was about five percent and they were looking at ways to reduce the cost of these surgical errors and what they found was that in fact if they reduced surgical errors their profits would decline but as the vietnam approach to health care in america the more dead us soldiers the more profits bell helicopter and those contractors made same thing if you understand state of iraq the tree of mental illness that is the health care system in the us the more people we killed more people in mangal the more money we make it's not want to just betray the n.h.s. and do a mash unit hospital on the battlefield capitalism the more people they maim the better for the private contractors are going to be parachuted in to destroy the
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national health care system so of course here because it's the public feels entitled to know what the costs are when there are medical errors here the public pays the government has to pay so there's no incentive there isn't a profit motive to cost surgical errors to take out some somebodies kidney when you meant to operate on their hands so let's look at what the costs are what the centers are the financial incentives for the private hospitals in america the median length of stay for those patients quadrupled to fourteen days and hospital revenue averaged thirty thousand five hundred dollars more than for patients without complications forty nine thousand four hundred vs eighteen thousand nine hundred private insurers paid far more for complications than did medicare or medicaid. for patients who paid out of pocket so medicare and medicaid are the equivalent of the n.h.s. essentially the government is paying but in america medicaid or medicare refuse to
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pay the hospital or a doctor if they accidently take out somebody kidney they won't pay them at all but shows an incentive to maim the patients and that's coming to britain this coming to the n.h.s. in the form of the privatisation of the national health service but you know if we take so many by mistake or you maim a patient as long as you've got a manchester united game on t.v. then a fair game a free game a pint of beer and a manchester united game and you can take their legs they would give if they were like oh i got a free go live football game out of. here if you take out kidney of a patient who just went in to have their foot operated on then it's on the front page of the tabloids the scandal our n.h.s. has done this in america it's a profit story and it's on the front page of the wall street journal of how great a profitable business you have to get into it. so the daily mail will be reporting on a daily many people's kidney and be on the front page of the telegraph or the financial times of the new private equity version of national health service we accidentally
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took people's kidney out in a fantastic the g.d.p. has boosted your job or especially g.d.p. is going higher because for many people down at the hospital. the article goes on to say in an editorial dr reinhardt an expert on medical economics from princeton university called the study's findings trouble some but not surprising he called the current payment system untoward adding that it can quote tempt all the wise admiral bull people into dubious conduct which was pretty remarkable covering for a doctor from princeton who say suggesting that there is a huge financial incentive there to you know leave a sponge and make them have to stay for fourteen days enough that bankers have an incentive to commit fraud they want to give doctors will scalpels incentives. to commit murder you know the pain by the head pain by the scalp pain by the bust of kidney so this is where the economy is going because there is no organic growth there are actual generic kind of organic growth of the economy from manufacturing
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from jobs or anything like that it's all about death destruction drug dealing like h.s.b.c. or any of these other banks well of course it's a problem of how people how we as a condom use calculate g.d.p. this is a booster it's triple the cost so it's triple the g.d.p. this is a three times more productive this doctor has become by messing up the scene in the movie lincoln by steven spielberg movie member at the end of the film there's a scene where they bring out a wheelbarrow full of limbs that have been severed in the military hospital and is used as a hospital was a metaphor but here they'll bring out limbs of but the limbs that they've cut off by mistake is like george upwards yeah our g.d.p. is it is going for your work putting people's lives up movies needlessly well more on the u.s. hospitals that chuckie mark the artist taxi driver is trying to avoid by pushing the pig where is that is pig hash tag where is that he's pig u.s. hospitals quietly deport hundreds of undocumented immigrants so this article
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follows two mexicans just scinto cruz and jose rodriguez saldana they're undocumented immigrants in america but they work at a pork factory speaking of pushing the pig. and they were involved in a bad car exit they were hit by a tractor trailer in a coma in a hospital the men had health insurance from jobs at one of the nation's largest pork producers but neither had legal permission to live in the us nor was it clear whether their insurance would pay for the long term rehabilitation they needed so what did the hospital do which is you know obliged to have to treat anybody who comes in and a life threatening condition i will methodist medical center in des moines took matters into its own hands it quietly loaded two comatose men onto a private jet that flew them back to mexico affect lead to. without consulting any court or federal agency so they're deporting zombies back to mexico well they are taking it into their hands to not be financially responsible for any of these men
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even though they had health insurance which would have covered it we don't know because it wasn't tried they didn't let go to a court they didn't let it go to tribunals they didn't contact police in contact immigration what they did is they say they consulted with the families of these two men and then said that they put them on a private jet flew them to mexico dumped them one hundred one thousand eight hundred miles away from where they were in to another hospital now a few years later these men are still one of them is paralyzed on the side neither of them can work because they weren't giving sufficient treatment they were sent overseas but here this is a policy that could be brought in to get the straight up and you know they just b.c. and other banks they flood with guns for their money laundering operation people escape the cartels in mexico into america where they get illegal jobs or poor processing plants where they work for slave labor by the poor processing plant owner who purposely doesn't document them because he keeps them on a slave until they get into some severe medical problem in which case they're
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injected full of drugs and turned into zombies and then put on a plane back to mexico so they can be decapitated by the same drug lords that were given the guns of american h.s.b.c. the u.k. bank to begin with because of america that's kind of what you're hearing now it's a process known formally as medical repatriation which allows hospitals to put patients on chartered international flights often while they are still unconscious hospitals to typically pay for the flights and the pilots usually unconscious as well you know the composite is not start on because well they're part of the money laundering scandal so the fact they crashed into a town on the way to mexico that would be another g.d.p. boost that's the only full flaw in this story the crash the plane into a town and few people get the g.d.p. really rolling now as far as they know because this isn't like the. don't have to record any of this this is off the books so here's that about six hundred immigrants undocumented immigrants as far as we know they were undocumented because
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these don't go to any courts this is through the justice system these hospitals take it upon themselves to put comatose people i don't know even know how they ascertain whether or not they're undocumented or there are legitimately some of these people presumably could be legitimately there they put the patient on you know american airlines flight to mexico city and hasta live use that but you know the experts interviewed this article they say it is actually international law what it quite concept of law and order and i remember i remember that that quaint idea of law and order they used to be something people would use to guide their behavior well the artist actually diver is stopping this from coming here by pushing a plastic pig across london you could join with the hash tag whereas daddy's pig keep the private medical practitioners or health insurance scam stores from going to david cameron's trough which is open and operate down to downing street that's daddy's big trough all right thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank
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you max stay tuned for this a whole lot more. this is a little problem. because no one talked to. school. next week because i'm far. other local what's notion of there's a law in the local needs you want the community i lend you most mortgages just. don't get. them for my property i was right about. i'll fight. right.
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good until three. three. three. three. three. four your media projects. tom. welcome back to the kaiser report imax guys are time now to go to new york and talk with mark well it is an effing crusader who runs the website uncorrelated
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investments dot com mark welcome back to the kaiser report good to be back max all right mark you've ordered off an m. f. ing crusade to remind the audience of what happened with global and why it still matters today ok and if global was a one point six billion dollar theft of customer it can be technically termed theft it was an illegal transfer that was known to some people from the start and then there was an investigation that appears to have been blocked into this off of customer assets and as a result the financial system has been damaged so part of what i'm doing and i work with a small group of people we've developed articles to try and create awareness and to use journalism as a tool. to help justice prevail in this instance so who are the main players in this theft mark well there is john cores on. the m.f.
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global sea level executives and then there is edith o'brien john kors zine is documented to have given orders and edith o'brien is a mid-level treasurer active who is said to have transferred funds from m.f. global customer segregated accounts into other accounts that benefited the global corporate entity and it's been nearly two years mark how much of if any of the missing money has been recruit by clients the missing money that's actually been a success story than a couple success stories to emerge out of this the pressure that was applied early on apparently generated fruit in terms of the fact that customers of m.f. global returned their had their money returned much earlier than anticipated and then their profits sixty percent of their money but you know it's approaching one hundred percent and i will speculate that by the end of this process that customers
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will get a hundred percent of their money back but the damage to that is this is cost of the financial system and in particular the regulated revisit and this is where i'm going in that industry is tremendous it's really devastating. in the morgan have they returned the funds illegally transferred to vent this is going to be a technical point they have returned some funds there are certain to go should go in and some funds remain at j.p. morgan but i think the whole asset transfer from off global to j.p. morgan is a fascinating look and you know when people say where's the criminality in m.f. global i think it's important to cut the noise out of the situation and just look at our five points you know when money went from m.f. global customer accounts it was held at a j.p. morgan account and then it went to a j.p. morgan account to satisfy a margin call that is known as using customer assets to fund ongoing operations
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of a brokerage firm that is the sin of all sins that is widely known as a no no in the brokerage industry what is documented to happen is. john corazon and m.f. global executives i'm of coble executive specifically a order not to transfer funds after those ones after that order was given funds were transferred there was a segregation report that contained false information that hid this information and then there was an apparent game of cat and mouse between j.p. morgan and f. global and it appears to me that there was deception involved and there was downright defiance i have never seen the laws and the commodity industry been so disregarded for an individual or for company to receive warnings and there are documented numerous warnings that were received relative to this one particular j.p. morgan and j.p. morgan asset transfer and i think when you look at it j.p.
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morgan of course i mean has done j.p. morgan no favors in this global incident and a strong argument can be made that a p. morgan was deceived by. global executives all right now the m.f. global trustee just filed a lawsuit against john corps zein what well this is even aware of the criminal investigation mark hopefully the lawsuit brings out some of the criminality i delivered evidence of testimony to m.f. global executives and much of what i have put front of people has yet to come out some of it's in the public domain which really sort of speaks to journalism you know there is evidence in the public domain and the national futures association actually referenced it in a in a public document there's enough criminal evidence in the public domain to warrant a clear and robust investigation and the whole thing has been a little confusing to understand how
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a you know an investigative officials can be quoted as saying the case is cold before they had investigated the primary suspects so the investigation in global has appeared to have been blocked and manipulated from the start i can document three stand down orders that were given i had written articles with a group of people and these articles were submitted into the congressional record and the issues raised were not investigated then separately we wrote articles where we documented specific manipulation of data and what is should be considered evidentiary information and a u.s. congressman who used to be a f.b.i. financial fraud investigator delivered this information to investigators and then a c.f. commissioner later called for an investigation i mean this was clearly serious infractions and my sources as of
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a month ago told me that that has not been investigated so i think part of the issue with m.f. global is motivating a proper investigation based on the information i've seen all right now mark we know that eric holder is department. of justice. in the case of m.f. global it appears as though perhaps there's been a cover up let's go back to lanny breuer the assistant attorney general sixty minutes documented that in the two thousand and eight mortgage crisis specifically with countrywide he did not ask the appropriate witnesses questions there were the financial fraud investigator had significant information and that person wasn't a question of this report if you look at what's happened enough goble it's got more and more brazen you know the law firm that lanny breuer now works now with was the same law firm he worked at before he was at the department of justice they represent john corazon and you can make the argument the throughout this process
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clear evidence was in view but it wasn't investigated and that's damaging this this process of not not investigating what is considered clear criminal fraud is damaging to the financial markets one can make the argument that if you look at how the decisions were made in the asset transfer is that enough global it looks to me like it's defiance it looks like to me like it's disregard it's my opinion that knowing the facts in these asset transfers that they had no concern for criminal accountability they did was so brazen that it defies logic dealing with the only logic that i can come up with is the fact that they didn't think that the law was going to be enforced in their particular circumstance oh we know lenny breau is quote from the sixty minutes piece he said basically that he could prosecute bankers because it would be systemically too big to miss so that
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the idea of too big to fail has corrupted the justice process to the extent that the bankers as. are describing it will commit frauds to commit acts of criminality knowing that nobody in the justice department whether it's eric holder or lanny brower brewer will come after them because they they basically have taken the system hostage correct it's fascinating because once you start to get in the because you're starting to go down a rabbit hole and i think that this rabbit hole needs to be explored what is the current situation has appalled people there are three people on the record at the department of justice who have stood up and said that this is wrong there's a u.s. attorney who has been heard to have significant problems with the m.f. global investigation and who after receiving a letter from regulators suddenly resigned and i think there are
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a number of people that are deeply troubled with where this situation with m.f. global stands but i understand that i'm a flow bill is really the symptom the problem is the fact that investigations are not being robustly conducted and that people involved know this and they are acting accordingly what what needs to happen is there needs to be deterrents and there needs to be a message of deterrence when there is a group of people that believe they are above the law and they don't believe that the law is going to be forced in their individual circumstance what you get is m.f. global what you get is h.s.b.c. that's what you get and you know it's time for renewal it's time to make things better and the industry has been destroyed by an off global needs to have a rejuvenation period and also the problems the root problems that we're led to this tragic incident need to be addressed in my opinion mark. the thing that
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i don't seem to understand i guess is that here you have as you point out right criminality which is condoned in almost encouraged by eric call. the attorney general his office and i want to works and justice and yet when something bad happens like there's. bombs go off in a city where there's some kind of attack or some act of criminality they expect us to care i don't see worth a double standard here that the attorney general has given a green light to financial terrorism so why should we care about anything that happens in a system like that in our you say what are the people in america if the justice department doesn't care if people get blown up and we're told about five farmers here who were on hedged and their positions got destroyed because of course on outright criminality because of jamie diamond outright criminality because eric holder outright complicity in some other terrorist act why should we care because
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the justice department saying go for it here's a couple things about the justice department i think it needs to be made clear that there are people inside the justice department who are working hard to change there are brave people right now inside regulators who want change to happen it's in my opinion it's a minority that is essentially doing this and i you know i've run in the people in an investigative capacities and people in regulatory capacities who want change to happen and i think we can get there i think that this week we can make change we can make a difference so you're right things i have never seen things this bad in regards to the rule of law in the financial services industry and i think people inside the financial services industry need to stand up and befits miss and no one outside of a small group of people all right mark mellon rather time thank so much for being on the kaiser report my pleasure max all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert and we thank my
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