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i think it was more discovering that he and his brother were both muslim and discovering that the brother not the actual defendant but that the older brother had been watching radicalized video propaganda i actually watch the same stuff as part of my job. in national security and human rights so that doesn't necessarily mean you're a terrorist russia tried to warn the us tried to tell them that they should check into the us but the minute the news came out everybody was talking about his background everybody was even confusing with the czech republic what do you make of all of this massive ignorance on the part of americans in terms of geography and religion obviously islam is a peaceful religion doesn't believe in bloodshed but also you know the
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geographical confusion i think again it was to immediately put this person category of other this person is not like this person should be treated as an enemy combatant they should not have their rights they don't deserve to have their rights i mean normally we operate on innocent until proven guilty in this country but for this suspect there reversing the usual presumption and that was clear from the get go and the surveillance state not only failed apparently the f.b.i. failed because russia tipped off the f.b.i. years ago that they should be concerned perhaps about this older brother after his visit. to russia and i think chechnya too i'm not clear on that but someone dropped the ball and he you know i play said at the feet of the f.b.i. in the american government but yet. he. the u.s.
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didn't do anything about it and this sort of a blame game started the minute after soon after the boston bombings and they were talking about him being in the u.s. for just a short period of time not having lived he and his brother in the u.s. for a long time which makes the story completely different it really does i mean the narrative that they tried to feed everyone from the get go was that he had they had recently come to be us. they were radical islamic jihad and as the story evolved in you learned well they came over here the suspect who's been charged with nine years old and then you get senator saying like senator grassley saying we need to be tougher on immigration what are you going to do ask a nine year old if they have a propensity for terrorism and the younger brother seemed kind of to be following
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the older brother if anyone was more radicalized like perhaps the older brother would you consider this a case of domestic terrorism because they've been living in the u.s. for a long time. i would in terms of oklahoma city bombing by timothy mcveigh was domestic terrorism but i don't think he was actually charged with anything like weapons of mass destruction even though he improvised filling a truck with fertilizer and create causing far more deaths by an order of magnitude compared to the three people that unfortunately died in this incident so you could call it domestic terrorism but the charges for a mic they certainly didn't sound almost like war and war like charges that the u.s. since nine eleven beefed up its spending on security. yet something as big as the
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boston bombings happen what has the u.s. failed i believe this was a massive failure of the surveillance state that we've created in america since nine eleven we have spent over seven hundred billion dollars on national security and a lot of that is surveillance with video cameras with massive data collection with fusion centers and none of those have helped to deter or detect any terrorist plot and while surveillance video was useful in reconstructing what happened after the fact it didn't prevent it do you think the u.s. will turn to more surveillance they will increase the surveillance in the u.s. after this attack unfortunately i think that will be the myopic reaction in america not to say why why the surveillance failed to detect but rather to yes have even
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more surveillance which would be really unfortunate. the u.s. seemed divided over the last i mean not over what should happen and how but over the legal. of the procedures and while some congressman kolbe to as again to call him as an enemy combatant and to try him as an enemy combatant others where like we cannot there is a constitution and we should just uphold the constitution where is this going to take the debate in the us do you think you know we've been having this debate since nine eleven i happened to have been the whistleblower in the case of the american taliban john walker lindh and that was a few months after nine eleven and back then they were talking about whether or not to church him or call him an enemy combatant or an unlawful belligerent and whether or not to mirandize him i mean that's what i eventually blew the whistle on was the fact that they would not let him see his lawyer and then when they eventually did
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mirandize him they told him but there are no lawyers here in afghanistan so this debate's been going on i feel like the law is pretty settled that you can't just designate someone an american in particular as an enemy combatant and do whatever you want with them you have to go to court and i think he is lawyers understood that this was going to eventually end up in court and that's why they finally let him charge him in this case they allowed him that do you think this debate is going maybe to lead to more division in the u.s. over cases like this who's going to win such a debate. right now unfortunately the people who've been dismantling our constitution and due process rights for defendants and for all american citizens and terms of civil rights and liberties they're going to be the loser in
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this case i think there will be renewed measures in con congress for designating people as enemy combatants and new definitions of terrorism that they're not going to be explicit by saying ok if a muslim person does that but they'll say al qaeda and this was seated forces and anyone connected there two or something that makes this so broad it could encompass someone watching a video which like i said i watch it this morning because they wanted to see what video the brother had apparently watched that inspired him and supposedly some people say that this incident and other incidents will probably. the u.s. will witness more islamic phobia there will be islamophobia rise in the u.s. post such as students do you agree with them unfortunately i do because as you
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noted from the very beginning the narrative started to form to places suspects one or more into another camp and in particular into a terrorist camp and while the president initially was very careful not to call this an act of terrorism and not to use that word casually by the next day he was calling it an act of terror and there started to be rumors about them having come from chechnya. which is not normally that has a large presence but is not normally associated with al qaida. so it i feel like from the very beginning there was the best case scenario for in a lot of people's minds would to have them be muslims who had become radicalized and did this as part of jihad i think that was there from the get go and
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the latest. in the week's top stories here on our team as u.s. investigators dig further into the details of the boston blast analysts say the attacks may have had nothing to do with terrorists in the russian north caucasus despite the suspects chechen heritage. warhawks said there are signs on syria amid rumors out the military there has been using chemical weapons while damascus valves its arsenals are under a log in kenya calls the charges of a bare faced lie. clashes and protest as unemployment records batter the euro zone with even brussels this week sounding the alarm over the cost of it's a serious strategy. and the official number of guantanamo bay hunger strikers reaches one hundred doubling over the past.


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