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tv   Headline News  RT  April 28, 2013 5:00am-5:29am EDT

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the latest news in the week's top stories here in r.t.s. u.s. investigators dig further into the details behind the boston blast questions are raised over whether washington's reluctance to consider evidence from moscow prevented the f.b.i. from taking action against the suspects. warhawks at their sides in syria amid rumors that the military there has been using chemical weapons while damascus fouls its arsenals are under a law can key and call the charges a bare faced lie. clashes in protest as unemployment records battering the eurozone with even brussels this week sounding the alarm over the cost of the sturdy strategy. and the official number of guantanamo bay hunger strikers reaches one hundred doubling over the past week as the figure grows so
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does criticism of the harsh methods being used to force feed those reviews meals. in moscow this is r t with me marina joshing now u.s. media say russia has given the f.b.i. a tape of an intercepted phone conversation between one of the alleged boston bombers and his mother the recording was made back in two thousand and eleven and reportedly contains vague references to jihad at the time russian authorities notified the u.s. that it was concerned over one of the suspects extremist views are reports of why moscow's warning failed to prevent the tragedy. in the wake of the boston bombings this the f.b.i. now bombarded with questions how could they let the alleged boston bomber
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a long time and i have go off the radar after being warned about him multiple times over the last two years and still want not only the f.b.i. about tamerlan son i have did they drop the ball the f.b.i. . dropped the ball his note for sure they dropped the ball here there's no doubt about it she was on the radar and they want to go he's on the russians radar and why wasn't he a flag put on him or the russians right and did the united states ignore their warnings disrespect repeated warnings from our lawns are now i have someone you tube page full of radical content friends driving a car with a license plate that reads their audience the number one all of this was missed it's possible that they were too down by some preconception of who would be a possible jihadi that they were not able to see something in front of them maybe they work thinking well if these guys are chechen you know they hate the russians they don't hate us politics maybe in the real why u.s. authorities failed to connect the dots on thailand's one i have another possibility
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is that poor relations. between moscow and warship devalued or something that the russian president says has to be fixed if we truly undertake a joint effort we will not suffer these blows and take such losses if one more possible the us authorities politicized the intelligence given the fact that russia's concerns had been ignored before you yes amada the white head of the internationally recognized chechen terrorists science was given asylum and now lives in boston. for russia's accuse of heinous crimes against innocent people is still seen in the us as a chechen freedom fighter the odd part of this if anything we've been i'm not going to say sympathetic with them but we've certainly been critical of and how far he's gone in dealing with. so if anything they should they shouldn't have this anger at the united states many ask whether tom or lon may have learned about bomb making on
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his trip to russia but the answer could be much closer to home according to a senior government official quote they got their instructions on how to make bombs from the internet it is newsworthy to know that nobody has to travel anywhere or get any specific in person training from some expert somewhere in order to access instructions for making explosives when joe parts are not i woke up this week he reportedly told the authorities that he and his brother were motivated by a desire to defend islam because of the wars in iraq and afghanistan many terrorists have tried to politicise their heinous acts but that doesn't change the fact that there are heartless killings when federal authorities look at intel on a potential extremist form a more political rather than purely law enforcement point of view that could be a recipe for future disasters in washington i'm going to check on former u.s. federal agents clean rally believes that u.s. citizens have fallen victim to their government's policy of paying good and bad
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terrorists. this idea terrorism is such a confusing concept because we have our terrorists and their terrorists it's the definition is supposed to be acts of violence against civilians for political purposes but you see this over and over where there the you us considers that there are good rebels and good freedom fighters at the very least the separatists in other countries are not considered as terrorists we have a whole establishment neo conservative establishment in the us now are heavily involved in propagandizing that there are good rebel groups for instance in iran is the latest example of the mujahideen call that actually was on the u.s. terrorist list but now we have been delisted to become the good rebel fighters against iran. now the also faces the specter of homegrown terrorism an alarming number of young europeans have joined the uprising against president assad in syria
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and it sparked fear is they could bring terrorism back home details are just ahead . also coming up nato top officer criticizes the e.u. for leaving the united states to bear the financial burden of keeping the alliance afloat as the fancy cars jeopardize its effectiveness. hawkish politicians in europe and the u.s. are stepping up their game after accusing syria of using chemical weapons against rebels damascus the calls the charges brazen alliance of innocent of the build up to the invasion of iraq and its weapons experts who are now asking the questions first off they say witness accounts from an alleged gas attack did not match the actual effects of the gas you origins of soil samples said to be contaminated in such a dry girls obscure and see for the basis of the accusations of washington london
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and paris from maine and daunted demanding action now to secure serious chemical weapons stockpiles the panel journalist robert harneys says a chemical scare provides the perfect cover for more aid to rebel forces. they clearly cannot do colin powell stunt in the united nations security council like they did with iraq because everywhere you go for the last thing that this is that much closer to stick a good piece of news presentation the mainstream western media to tell you this story about how they might have being some small amounts of chemical weapons used by us and other side it's a lot of nonsense that everybody in the diplomatic well knows it but these things tend lute creates an atmosphere where america and its weston's satellite allies can begin to be more aggressive in their assistance to the rebels or terrorists or
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whatever you want to call them syria well native syrians are not the only fires battling the forces of president bashar asad the terror to leave as voice concerns over the number of europeans joining the ranks of the rebels the main concern is that europe could see all these people returning radicalized after the conflict hands artists are cilia now reports. syria's two year old conflict is already seen spillover some neighboring countries but now it is extended far beyond that it's estimated that hundreds of europeans from fourteen countries mostly young men have joined the rebels in syria in fighting against bashar al assad a london based international center for the study verticalization put the tall figure at six hundred. well here and there were built for the read it cover and shot the radicalisation young people as recently focused on one specific story that of a father in search of the son of dimitri want to stop him short of radical islam his
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group had gone to syria to join the fight father had gone all the way they're hoping to break the somebody. kill planes are flying overhead all the time when we are on the streets or inside a building we have a bomb was dropped on us i haven't had a contact with youyou and we should meet here in aleppo we spoke with dimitris lawyer who is a constant contact with him and he says the father is hell bent on finding his eighteen year old son. we don't expect that he will send me to syria i think that's that's clear so that's what we'll also why didn't he was most eager to go yourself he said i want to do something for myself a son who started changing about three years ago a problem with to us that at a certain moment he was influenced by some radical list. girlfriend and he didn't even work out and there were some friends who say ok come with us and very slowly
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started it he was really influenced and really brave to us to grow beards and. to do everything we do clothes created for if we five times a day this rupee would have come into contact with a shari'a for belgium a radical islamism group who. as leader followed belka some have been arrested for hate speech and calls justifying the use of violence over there is judgement day if you're if you're a muslim you are you will go to paradise if you are this believer or you will go to hell terrorism expert glowed many cases the rise of radicalized us is alarming many of whom are easy prey the first question is why they convert and usually they don't convert because dude they convert because of a problem at one moment in their life most of the have no clear political ideas and they go to fight because the fact if they really don't meet this can you convince
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them. they could be insect because the trapped in the net of people who have just talked writing them and for the convincing them that to be good in the scene they want to go to so you have to sign or to commit another terrorist attack. authorities are paying even closer attention alert levels heightened while worried family members of some the youth fighting in syria have been calling for a clampdown on radical groups the best they could do short of going to syria themselves although that may not be completely out of the question does or sylvia r.t. antwerp in belgium. of wave of violence swept across iraq this week leaving more than two hundred people dead and stoking fears that the country could cross the brink into civil war between sunni and shia muslims that's coming up. on
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a look at the investigation into a mosque in a region psychiatric ward fire that killed thirty people this week carol smoky and the sedative drugs are cited as possible reasons for the high death toll. now it's been a a disheartening week for the eurozone with unemployment in spain breaking twenty seven percent and reaching a new high and france figures so grim in fact that they've left brussels questioning the benefits of the sterett the president of the european commission admitted on monday that europe's drive to slash spanning has reached its limit comes amid worrying signs of public unrest fresh protests have been held across the euro zone with official polls showing distrust towards e.u. institutions has more than double the leader of the u.k. independence party national ferrars believes that anyone with money invested in the single currency zone is now at risk. big investors should be worried all over the
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euro zone particular southern europe i been pondering for years you know what would happen when spain finally went back how would they possibly deal with the sheer scale of the bailout that would be needed which perhaps would be five or six hundred billion euros how could this happen without huge american support old lobel help because what cyprus has done is give us the plate of the what they do in future is they won't buy all countries out there by a woman a little do it by stealing investors' money by taxing people on their properties and by forcing central banks into selling their holdings of gold i mean that there is absolutely no way that the euro zone can last forever they may keep. i mean for a few more years by invoking other more extreme measures but also believe the euro zone is going to break up maybe it will be the economics that break it up it may be civil disobedience or violence on a very large scale that eventually get some of those mediterranean countries out
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but off the bat i think the big question that is well what is the euro union for now with the euro crisis raging on the clamor to join the union is dying down coming up after a short break here at r.t. we turn to a success story in iceland were the opposition is poised to win the general election void by its i'd say european message. ski theatre i'm a the second to be a.b.c. money in stevia to see which is both a cultural contemporary i want to logically serve the auditorium so join me to almost say honored c m a the second as we bring you the glitz the glamour and the best of the best in the performing arts prine here at marines due to team.
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the international airport in the very heart of moscow. welcome back you're watching our t.v. now one hundred the guantanamo bay detainees are now officially on hunger strike and that's the latest number recognized by our military and it's almost doubled
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over the past week but the figure is still far lower than sided by the detainees attorneys they will leave as many as one hundred thirty people who are taking part in the protests all that it's out of one hundred sixty six prisoners held at the detention center well as you can see and all charge here twenty people are now being forced to nasal tubes which is said to be an extremely painful procedure one five have been hospitalized although according to prison authorities their conditions are not life threatening welltried began in february to protest against interests of searches and the mishandling of prisoners korans clive stafford smith a lawyer for detainees describes the abuse the prisoners have to face when a prisoner doesn't do exactly what they're told the six being dressed up you notice if they're in their outfits come in basically beaten up to make them do it to the
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floor and check it describes how this one guy who's three hundred pounds he sits on the. stomach and i've seen the bruises on him from this process every time i'm there and this comes up to the admiral in charge of the general in charge i've never yet got a reply from them i'm in the best one can do is complain loudly and tell them well when you get out what you see is that this shames them because unfortunately the federal judge. for all charge of the cases ruled just last week that he has no jurisdiction to avoid the military to behave better under the circumstances. now sixty thousand people signed a petition for the u.k. to speed up granting asylum to afghan interpreter against held british troops are now finding themselves at the mercy of the taliban which has branded them anime collaborators. and more than two hundred people have been killed across iraq this
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week in a series of six terrorist attacks one of the deadliest to place in hell which are near the northern city of kirkuk on tuesday when an intense firefight broke out as security forces raided a sunni anti-government protest camp the clashes stoked anger between sunni and shia muslims that al dragged the country into civil war president nouri al maliki said on saturday the violence in neighboring syria is fueling religious tensions political analyst dan lazar burke says a wave of violence comes as a direct result of the occupation of iraq i think what we need to understand what we're seeing here in iraq is that we're seeing the fruits of this policy that was adopted about six years ago by the u.s. and saudi arabia in particular and if you look at the way that the occupying powers are paved ever since two thousand and three since the start of the iraqi occupation they've done everything it seems possible to try and form an sectarianism the constitution introduced was completely based on confessional identity not on
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national citizenship sunni militias were to be equipped financed. by saudi arabia and qatar in order to wage basically sectarian war against shia muslims and we know that these two powers say that saudi arabia qatar the forefront of representing imperial u.s. and british interests in the region so nothing gets done without the say so of these other powers. the same parties that oversaw as lanza konami collapse in two thousand and eight are now poised for a spectacular return to power the euro skeptic in the panther party has won the most votes and is now expected to form a ruling coalition while the opposition's victory though is likely to put a man decide on iceland's accession talks with the european union the nordic nation was desperate to join it in the aftermath of its financial collapse but it hasn't has since waned reykjavik is widely seen as a textbook example of
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a fish cauvery had all happened without any major staring cut the editor of popular konami's dot com harlan green says iceland has nothing to gain from e.u. membership. i believe it's because they are against joining the euro and i believe that's what the icelanders are voting for now is to not get into the whole which which the socialists were doing they were to go shooting that with some sticky points but i think the icelanders just said they don't want to join the euro they're doing quite fine with their own right now they get almost all of it it's a bloody european union i think they belong to their trade already their their trade union so they have all those benefits and they keep their own currency i would say. the main problem is is that they need to keep going to recover it just as all that is doing now in fact the last yes yes dear. mayo's top officer has called for more financial help from the e.u. in order to keep the airlines afloat he's accused the block of getting
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a free ride with washington their responsibility for the majority of the fans bandy nato has already suffered cuts amounting to forty five billion dollars which equals germany's entire military but while the western alliance his popularity among european soldiers is also nosediving as their number in the blog has plummeted they have survival now out of the hands almost entirely on the us spending which makes up almost seventy five percent of its budget what are t.'s contributor optionor tons he says your lines as global to actually do more harm than good journalists from all over the world seem to be covering the straight line that nato is this complex system of fine military generals and military when of course every time a goes into a country it ends up in either disaster or blowback as it has been in libya which is given power to however many militias and of course when we have to look at
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afghanistan to see what it's done there not many people actually covering the aftermath of the war in yugoslavia to see a civil is better off now that perhaps the worst fears would be that the nato drone attacks that killed so many children in the back border regions and so forth will result in profound blowback activists are waiting for the british prime minister to decide on whether to grant asylum to afghan interpreters who worked with u.k. forces during military operations this week sixty thousand supporters signed a petition launched by one of the interpreters or has been forced into hiding by the taliban who consider him an anime collaborator and as artie's playboy can now reports there are hundreds like him. required translator working on the frontline so they're working with soldiers risking their lives in exactly the same way soldiers do but while british forces withdraw the afghan interpreters who made their work possible be able to fend for themselves there is your order for.
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those. or you are. to be killed if i catch you then i would rush he worked at camp prince in the helmand province says he gets regular calls from the taliban some six hundred fifty interpreters just like rafi remain in afghanistan with no right to settle in the u.k. those times when you when you finish the job and you've done it very well there's a thank you at the end of that job in this case it's a death threats against your life it seems like that's how about this having collaborated with the enemy and dave in the past year targeted killings of so-called international collaborators by the taliban have doubled r.t. got in touch with the foreign and commonwealth office responsible for the interpreters asylum claims this is the stance we've got people who have put their life on the mind for the united kingdom will not be abandoned the government has
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put processes in place to ensure the service given by former enterprises with a term forces is taken fully into account if individuals apply for asylum in the u.k. . the keyword here is individual for the moment it's a case by case basis according to the foreign office to make sure the personal circumstances are recognized case by case the sign of claims can take months even years there's no accountability every other nato country diary employed interpretations offer them some kind of special program visa program asylum in britain is the only country that has an interest or dragging its feet on this we will be involved in events overseas in the future at all military build it will need to have people helping them if they realize that they're not going to help themselves senior military and political figures that urging the people who work here in the u.k. foreign office to rethink the policy and campaigns gaining momentum over sixty thousand people have signed an online petition urging the british foreign secretary
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to offer a bulk resettlement program while the politicians think it over and here the men that risk their lives to help british forces say that the waiting game is getting deadlier by the day we will be helping the people but all they see is that reward with aggression forces in africa. which are so-called the no two forces or forces but to every other of the national the ground forces and once they leave the people who endangered and pulls the some wrongdoings of the americans who have been interpreters and their families. r.t. london. well this week a fire broke out in a psychiatric ward outside moscow killing thirty patients and staff only three people made it out alive or it is a group is going off was at the scene looking at the possible causes of the tragedy . it was on half past one in the morning when
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a nurse at that psychiatric hospital in the village located around eighty miles away from moscow noticed smoke in one of the hallways she trying putting out the fires self but the flames were spreading too quickly. to the front entrance catch fire we dashed forward and broke the door we saw one man line and cautiously we try to help others but there was too much smoke and we had to run away one view local saw was happening some of them rushed to the hospital to try to help with the fire was already too powerful for them to handle only two patients and that nurse made it out alive while dozens of. this is a psychiatric hospital and patients are given drugs investigators say you know that could be one of the reasons why so few people made it out alive they say that most of the others it's very likely simply were not able to wake up when the fire started due to the heavy medication another problem is that the nearest fire station is located around thirty miles away from here that combined with bad roads
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were the reasons why it took over an hour for the first rescue teams to arrive investigators say that some of the patients died from smoke inhalation but most simply burns to death in their beds. the nurse who worked that night is in stable condition in hospital but she is obviously shocked by this terrible and painful experience experts were already able to investigate the building where the fire took place and they say it's more than likely that it started in the sofa back up that one of the patients could have left a lit cigarette on it. it's not allowed to smoke there most probably someone lit a cigarette in bed and you don't find the right now many questions need answering there's lots of uncertain information and contradicting information as well hopefully ongoing investigation will help shed some light reasons behind one of the worst hospital fires in russia in years you got the skin off our moscow region.
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well stay with us for our special report the delta boys that's coming right out. of this is a mystery to see pinks and i know this is a fifty's beside fi movie slogan it is what a.b.c. news is trying to find out what they succeeded how alina finally textured beef is produced this type of quote beef has become very widespread throughout fast food restaurants and supermarkets in the usa and has led to its south dakota based manufacturer approaching profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars but so what's wrong with some processed before might ask well the reporting showed that ammonia and other chemicals were doused on to the meat to kill bacteria and make it
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safe for consumption although this product is for some reason legal the films have power to create public backlash and many companies gave up ordering the mysteriously and finally took should be ok while the media or was it something valuable for society and what did they get in return sued yeah the pink slime crew decided to sue.


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