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tv   Headline News  RT  April 29, 2013 8:00am-8:29am EDT

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syria's prime minister survived an attack in damascus as a car bomb explodes near a school and kindergarten killing ten people. all speculation emerges that one of the boston bombing suspects could have been trained in georgia as the country's prime minister admits they may have been militant camps on their soil. and the russian couple desperate for the return of their baby son after he seized by u.s. social services they talked to r.t. about their family battle.
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costing live from moscow twenty four hours a day this is r.t. on carried on syria's prime minister has survived a bomb blast targeting his convoy in the capital it's thought ten people died and thirteen others were wounded in the explosion which happened in a busy district and local correspondent i was in it with the very latest from damascus. the blast took place today in nine o'clock targeted the prime minister convoy in. western se it was a bomb that was attached to a b.m.w. a black that was two days ago in that way where the convoy usually goes from his house to his office usually the convoy goes from different routes every day but this time he drives it's way and intentionally. placed led to the killing of one of his but because that place took place near can the garden and the school thanks god this happened when were the children went inside so one only
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two of them were injured in this list as it's it's and it's technique and it's way it's very close to what's usually shepparton most of which is a part of the. usually doesn't this and how they usually do that bombing or joining us live now is imo our car for london based member of the syrian social club which campaigns for peaceful reform thanks for joining us what do you make of the latest rebel tactics in their fight against pro us forces. well hello what we've seen in the past few weeks really is a certain advances made by the syrian army in areas around damascus encircling the rebels in the areas west to host their early lebanese border and probably have the prime minister did not all probably have a prime minister been assassinated today that would have given those or rebels a large boost or moron and you know this is this has been going on of officials
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have been telling you before you know that i was there until you were the top brass in the military were actually successful assassinated about back in july and and the tactics to always been there is no let's get rid of top of issues of of the syrian government and let's give some people on the ground more out to continue to fight against the syrian army a syrian government you mentioned these these things are happening before and some of these tactics seem to be trademarks of if mr radicals fighting alongside the syrian rebels just how big is the role of extremists do you think in the conflict. well since the since the video that was issued by humans or harry in july two thousand and eleven only a few months into the crisis calling for jihad and calling for you know providing aid to the brother in in syria against the tyrant in
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a sense and i quote unquote and there have been many have to ask the first suicide bomb that took place in leave five months after that specific call that specific call in july two thousand and wasn't taken seriously by the international community and indeed the first few through side bombs killing lots of civilians a lot of people were there you know the there was some finger pointing at the regime being complicit and so on and so forth up until july other news druggy known affiliate of i am now starting to take responsibility of such attacks now these people have their own agenda it's this is not about you know formally democracy in syria or having and any simple reform or a progressive state this is about having a state where they have islamic revolutionary arrow and paving the way course being that across the borders to other areas in the middle east and possibly in europe these people are gaining ground every day now let us remind ourselves that the
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there are certain western countries that support those people a few days ago there was a video that was leaked of an assassination of iraqi. officers and personnel army officers and personnel and in that video we had suppressed guns being used we had night vision who was being used and all showed up in the video and we know that the western governments are so supposedly supplying those things the syrian rebels and this could show really that dealing with such. you know elements extreme elements you can never guarantee that these things are not going to cross border to neighboring countries or even into europe. and tell us about i mean these allegations that i mean america and britain are increasingly suggesting that chemical weapons might be used is this possibly a context for a future military action even though it hasn't been proven well the syrian ambassador to the u.n. to the shows are pretty did point out that probably almost probably this is really
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you know pretty huge for pushing the u.n. to sending you know like an inspector penis' like hans blix teeth and so on and so forth into iraq be two thousand and three which would be a create you know for interesting and misinterpreting their findings and going in there but what we see on the ground is actually there is increased evidence that the rebels are again using chemical weapons not only a few weeks ago in hundred. chemical weapons were used and evidently the syrian government did ask the new entity to come and investigate but actually a few days ago as well in the neighborhood of what is it as the outskirts of damascus were actually used to live there is an attack on an army posts with chemical weapons and about thirteen people were killed and nobody talking about this what we hear is only that the there is especially with the syrian government is actually going to weapons this whole show mike service and really covering up
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for the rebels using some chemical weapons ok i'm our car from the syrian social club i thank you very much indeed for joining us here today thank you very much western intentions in syria come up in today's cross-talk program with people about later this hour what's behind that president obama's red line in the syrian conflict and good nato countries break the civil war deadlock. there appear to be more questions than answers as the boston bombing investigation continues one suspect dead and the other in custody and online media frenzy is in overdrive and speculation is really where the theories is that younger brother. was
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killed by police off to being captured so allegations shared by the suspects mother sorted inconsistences and police reports and footage from the manhunt and the suspicion that's triggered online disputes is that the whole thing was staged and edge of the backed up by pictures from the blast site and new revelations are also emerging but from the usa or russia there's been a cautionary with the details. as speculation continues regarding where exactly the elder brother to meddle on saturday night became so interested in radical islam in russia's north caucasus during his six month visit or in the united states where he lived for over a decade the theory possible a third country being involved is now circulating in the media and that third country is georgia which tomorrow allegedly managed to visit during his trip to russia back in two thousand and twelve now this theory is fueled by the latest
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revelations coming from georgian prime minister. he believes that previous government led by president mikhail saakashvili before he dissolved some of his powers was involved in recruiting and training a group of chechens and that these camps were later set up to send trained militants to russia's volatile north caucasus to further destabilize the situation there now prime minister even. believes that there are strong suspicions that the authority this worked closely with terrorists as a. source of this is possible that terrorists had been trained in georgia but the investigation is underway let's wait for its results we will get a lot of new information maybe even some shocking findings there are suspicions that authority has worked with terrorists and militants so if this information is confirmed this will be shocking some say that the investigation will hurt the country but the countries even it will only be if somebody else is conducting the
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investigation so far it remains unclear whether this received news has sufficient grounds on the one hand it could just be the latest twist in the ongoing political rivalry between two political factions in the country president mikheil saakashvili and the new government led by prime minister when you should really on the other hand it is really well known that georgia wasn't ready on friendly terms with russia after it really came to power so there could be some real grounds for the speculation so now investigators must establish whether there is a new frontier opened up in the terror trail and whether this takes the boston bombing quire in a new direction where u.s. investigators are also convinced such an attack could not have been carried out without special training the list of suspects keeps growing as the investigation continues details on that and much more at all to dot com.
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russian born couple are back in the u.s. courts for the return of their five month old son the baby was seized last week by child protective services of his parents did i do heart surgery while waiting for a second doctor's opinion on a nickel i've told us about their plight. been shocked when they walked in the door and just they all of them in saying it's just let us see your son if he's ok and i said i'm holding him in my arms he is so ok you can take
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a look and they're saying give me your child and that's when they took away no paper not so ever they've been providing and they just off the door was any reason given behind the nine eleven call from the hospital after you took your own child to another hospital or second to opinion i mean have they given you any reason whatsoever. they say that his and them urgency that he's almost dying dying dean needs medical treatment and that he needs that needs to get back to the hospital immediately. or do you believe this. you. know he was fine he was laughing he was eating he was a normal child normal baby to go home and he was released from the from the other hospital that we took him to the doctor released the baby and did a statement so the parents are basically good to go home with their baby in the baby's safe in their arms. very interesting now taking
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a step back the facebook and social networks they are a way for you to get support and you said facebook shut down a page that you set up to get support for your case did they give you any reason why they closed down this page no i think it has everything to do with the government we've got a lot of support we've got a lot of prayers a lot of people who were there you know just praying for us and all all sighed in the first facebook page a blog called facebook basically my sister in law called facebook no answer every question as she was asking them there was no answer coming back we opened a second facebook page for support same thing happen again your child hasn't been a lot of home in four days what's going through your mind it kills me i don't have my baby of me at nighttime i just visiting him like been visiting him three times today for an hour and you're leaving at seven o'clock again empty hard going home your baby's not though if you know you're just feeling empty there's some missing
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something in you and we're just waiting for tourists they just know like coming in this court hearing good news taking your baby going home or going to a different hospital or russia's child rights somebody in the says he's across the case and will provide support to the parents we talked to a lawyer in the us who believes the government has a head start over nicholai family they were provided with medical evidence that said the baby was fine to be taken home and despite this they decided to manufacture an excuse to take this baby away i think what it comes down to is the parents did. appreciate the opinions of the doctor in the hospital and in my opinion what they did was that upset the initial physician and he decided to make a call to child protective services and say that there is a child who had. what didn't know at the time was a gone to a second hospital and it's different doctor said no it's not an issue history says
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that c.p.s. will win this case at the initial spot. judge judges will tend to err on the side of caution i am hopeful that when all of the evidence is put forth and the facts are shown it will be very clear that these are wonderful parents who have taken every measure to care for their son have done everything appropriately and have done nothing more than just like one particular doctor and wanted to have their son cared by someone who they had faith and confidence and. a series of killed nineteen people in southern iraq share provinces in the program we take a look at how the country is bought and. the rising number of sectarian attacks since the u.s. occupation. and fifteen thousand state workers a sack the price to meet its bailout terms. of a german chancellor. that's on
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a couple minutes. well with. science technology innovation all the developments from around russia the future of coverage.
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the international airport in the very heart of moscow. welcome back more well news for you. china's clout to the east asia rapidly grows japan is looking to forming its ties with russia as a counterbalance the country's leaders are meeting in moscow with big deals on the table to fill the energy gap left in japan that fukushima nuclear disaster with the details it's live now to hugo piskun off. relations ago haven't exactly been at their best recently have it so how is portent these meetings. well russia and
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japan have a long and very complicated relationship there is the territorial dispute over the south and cool islands there's still more peace treaty all the way back from the times of the second world war but if you look at it then japan's relations with its while the other regional players are just as complicated if not more especially with china where there is an even bigger territorial dispute which has almost reached the stage of full scale military confrontation then there is talk your strategic alliance with washington and its growing military presence in the pacific including troops bases the joint drills and all that is definitely not helping improve relations with china which is russia's strategic partner but times are changing and the global economic centers are now shifting towards asia and many analysts say this may be a good time for talk you have to start looking at changing its foreign policy to improve relations in its neighborhood which would only be greeted with applause by the japanese public which has really become tired of all these on and we solved
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problems and also after the fukushima disaster japan shut down most of its nuclear reactors and is really hungry for energy right now which is yet another reason to improve ties with moscow. ok. thank you very much for joining us from moscow. five car blasts have killed at least eighteen people in shia dominated provinces in southern iraq because he's experiencing its most severe spate of sectarian attacks since the u.s. occupation tensions on today after a deadly army raid on a sunni anti-government protest camp last week three hundred seventy have died in recent clashes a shia led government has also banned ten t.v. channels including al-jazeera from reporting inside the country and they incited sectarian rest dark age uncertain from the aid organization s.o.s. iraq that's a spike in violence is more than just what it is standoff. after ten years of
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occupation because we consider distil an occupation there is still no basic services people are randomly arrested they are locked up without charges they are gorgeous women children and men are being raped that's why the protest started by the way and. this talk about sick darian is this is totally wrong these are not sectarian protests these are protests against a situation that is untenable for the iraqi people. poverty there is unemployment there is no health care there is. you've got occasion them has collapsed the media has been very weak until we covering these protests have we seen images on television about the millions who were in the streets in ramadi fallujah. mosul no we haven't because the security forces didn't want them to go to these places iraq's prime minister is known to talk to the leader of the
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country's kurdish minority i think to bridge the ethnic divide the kurds are also hoping to overcome the head bitter differences with a neighboring turkish government with national reports on why distrust on both sides is the negotiations could collapse at any moment. three of these men sons are in the ranks of the p.k. k. want to get real a movement trying to turkey's military for the rights of kurds and in almost thirty years of armed struggle thousands on both sides have died. youngest son and man them and if no one would go into the mountains without a reason they would voluntarily sacrifice a warm and comfortable life for a disturbing existence on the run up in a harsh mountainous environment what okey treats the kurds with respect we had to stand out on a milestone agreement between the turkana k.k. includes a cease fire fighters would have to lay down arms and give up their struggle but
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that won't necessarily mean families are united they can do mountains in iraqi kurdistan away pick a fight as a base to form a great natural fortress and it's totally in the girl's hands no one can say exactly where in these mountains the fighters are hiding know how many they are and it is to these safe haven that those of them now fighting in turkey will most likely withdraw too if the peace process lives up to expectations. turkey's prime minister enda on who has been personally negotiating with jailed kurdish leader or john says it would be sabotage if those retreating take their weapons with them but one former p.k. insurgent and current kurdish national congress member believes this is exactly what will happen but. always called for a kurd fighters they have more weapons and they'll never give them up easily or ever leave them on turkish territory as. the reason is not only get real principles and member of the only pro kurdish part in the turkish parliament told me that
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while every side types for the best they're preparing for the worst from the other side actually there is no full trust from kurdish side through government. because we have very bad experiences since establishments of treasure public up to now a massacre in rights violations the denial and a major they say that many other bad things have happened to us the ruling a k party which is the driving force of talks with p.k. k. and or john wants everyone to show just a little more optimistic on an issue which has been the result of losing over thirty thousand lives in this country will come to it and i think that is more important than how it is handled who it is who is who is going to brief i think those are details many do actually share some hope although perhaps even more worry that in these details lies the devil reef nationality from turkey.
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british energy saving plan could prove to be a real turn off for households norty dot com plans are being emitted to install sensor chips into appliances which can be proud off at any time even without the owner's consent. and ukraine marks the twenty seventh anniversary of the world's worst nuclear plant accident in a vision section we have pictures and reports of the tragedy. fifteen thousand jobs have been struck off in greece with the massive public sector layoffs starting immediately this was the reaction as parliament signed away the
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jobs together with an extension on taxes it's all part of the effort to push through e.u. and i.m.f. mandated austerity return to bail out cash throughout the year as in the tide is turning on the austerity architects germany french president francois loans party sparked a diplomatic gaffe by describing german chancellor angela merkel as selfish in the draft document on european policy all the officials have since said certain that an investment advisor patrick young says it highlights a growing rift between the euro zone's two big hitters. they share is tearing up part the fundamental fabric of the european union at the moment or not is between the northern european nations led by germany who are seen to be fiscally signed pragmatic and sensible by their economies and then you have the rest all contend to come closer to the mediterranean and they're led effectively by from some in france likes to think that it's still a first world economy but the difficulty is their numbers really aren't
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dramatically better than some of the elite economies of the mediterranean such as say if the leader or spain the french eleven in a situation where they're desperate to do anything and basically move us back to the one june sixteenth or seventeenth level of the last decade they want to in that lift the economy by spending lots of money that france doesn't power but they're hoping germany is going to give them and this is not gold says no not a round up of some other international news this hour. a powerful blast has partially destroyed a building in central prague one person is thought to be killed and dozens more injured several others are believed to be trapped under the debris police say the explosion on the fire that followed were already forced by desailly playing out windows in nearby buildings firefighters have managed to put out the base. in the back of bestial garment workers are demanding the penalty for the owner of a tower block had collapsed killing at least three hundred eighty one of. the
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biggest marches was held in outskirts. monday morning reports say a number of vehicles have been torched by demonstrators in the interim minutes they seized rubber bullets and tear gas to bring out the rest of the control. the libyan foreign ministry in tripoli has been surrounded by up to two hundred militants demanding that senior posts in the new administration and not given to members of the former gadhafi regime officials said negotiations with the group have begun on the factions tried unsuccessfully to storm the interior ministry and state news agency on sunday. but we're a couple of minutes away from crosstalk on a serious deadlock and a possible western intervention stay with us. most
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people in the western world would agree that having laws that officially create second class citizens is totally unacceptable we can look at the way jews were treated in nazi germany or blackstar in apartheid in south africa and the slavery jim crow era as in the usa as examples of legally dividing society by necessity i think most people you with their modern sensibilities would find these practices to be bob barrack and backwards but my question is that why is there to this day officially sanctioned second class citizens in certain e.u. countries or to be more accurate i should say non-citizen residents of the two million people in latvia around three hundred thousand of them are considered non-citizen residents who can neither vote nor hold public office these non-citizens are russian speakers of various ethnic backgrounds whose children also by birth bearer of the non-citizen status not happy be on the bad side of apartheid the non-citizens have logically decided to vote for their own parliament because
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they can't elect to participate in the left field what even if the parliament has no power whatsoever it will be their chance to shine light on the issue which the mainstream media has been keeping quiet for years you know you'd think that people would be outraged over segregation but what happens to russians and russian speakers is just not cool or hip or trendy or convenient enough for the mainstream media to take notice but that's just my opinion.


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