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tv   Cross Talk  RT  April 29, 2013 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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radical extremism plays within that religion writer conservatives lashing out at the entire religion when only a few are responsible for the violence we've seen over the past couple of decades and each year millions of americans are diagnosed with cancer their discovering the cancer drugs are more and more outrageously expensive far more so here in america than anywhere else in the world we can change that and make prescription drugs affordable in america i'll tell you how to steal a tape. so sometimes you know what you know and sometimes you know what you don't know and sometimes it's the spires and theater says everything you know is real. and you know if you go right. to. your right. you always write. most religious people believe in a kind karine and nurturing image of god over there are those religious individuals
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who believe in an angry and punishing god and as it turns out believing in an angry god may reveal a variety of mental health related issues in an individual so if you think the believing in god is always good that everything you know is wrong joining me now is dr nevus sultan assistant professor of psychology at marymount manhattan college dr silke welcome. thank you so much thanks for joining us i understand you can still conducted a study on beliefs in an angry god what you find. yes so we looked at differently as he looked in angry benevolent god in a deistic god which is kind of a neutral type of turf and what we found is that belief in an angry guy that can be associated with various inside this order's including obsessive compulsive disorder panic disorder social anxiety disorder and mostly anxiety based disorders. were you surprised by those fun. and not so surprised because based on evolutionary
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threat assessment systems and theory we realize that there are neural mechanisms which may react to different fears in the environment and so with beliefs in god we see that beliefs might act your sense of safety and your sense of danger in the world and so belief in a benevolent agg i might relate to kind of feeling protected in this world whereas belief in a harmful or punitive guide might relate more to feeling endangered in this world and. that this god might be a negative source in your life as opposed to a positive source maya just personal experience has been you know i mean just observing throughout my life has been. people who tend to be republican slash conservative slash even hard right who are religious tend to be very worried about
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this. angry god that's going to send them to hell whereas people who tend to be liberal progressive. whatever you want to call it democrats. tend to be more associated with the idea of you know the kind of kind of jesus help each other we're all in this together you know feed the masses sort of thing did you look at or find or could you extract extrapolate from what you did look at and find any sort of a political connection between people who believe that whatever i have daughters as an angry god he had there been some really interesting studies that have been done on that exact topic where they correlate your political kind of stand and your belief system so yes many articles have looked at that i won't say many but if you have any are quite interesting and they somewhat align with that with your prediction they're your hypothesis but it it's definitely worth taking
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a look at and seeing what's out there and they've got all sorts of studies with belief and this one was particularly interesting because they controlled for belief in god in general which very few studies have done before and because it just kind of showed that evolutionary threat assessment system theory really does play a role it could potentially play a very strong role here you know no evolutionary threat assessment theory just chilled pearson in his book the magical child i think it was wrote about how in the womb the child developing fetus is constantly asking mom. am i going to be born into a safe world or a dangerous world and the way that mom communicates that back is by levels of stress hormones particularly cortisol and sort of experiences a lot of stress through a pregnancy actually what happens is that the fetus develops more hindbrain fight and flight response and less for brain thought response whereas if mom has low
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levels of cortisol and doesn't experience a lot of stress during pregnancy you're more likely have a child who's born with less super response less brain fight or flight response competence but greater intellectual emotional competence. that that's the case does that mean that we're basically born to believe in a but evelyn god aurora or an angry god and therefore we also may be born with certain kinds of politics. wow what an interesting question well first of all that's really really fascinating and we do know that it's cortisol stress during pregnancy can be very harmful very deleterious to the fetus it could cause hypoxia and all sorts of things so it's very good for a mother pregnant mother to cope well whether were you the chicken or the egg phenomenon is somewhat relevant here you know is it that more anxious people are
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more likely to believe in a punitive type of god or is it that belief in a punitive god that leads to martyrs so the the direction here is somewhat of someone of interest in this particular study we really believe that the an association works where you start off with the belief and then you end up with the mental health issue or the protection from the mental health issue. but yeah i do believe that that whether it's meditation or yoga or whatever a mother can do during pregnancy to reduce stress i think can only help. the the embryo and also what once the child is born as a developmental psychologist i can say as well once the child is born and the environment creating as stress reducing or a low stress environment is very important to reduce that strain anxiety of any sort there relates to political belief systems etc that's that were that it was
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interesting to look into that i think darkly dark dr davis elton thank you so much for being with us tonight thank you thanks so much. for the best of the rest of the news out of the boston bombings and before the sarnia brothers were it identified conservatives immediately pounced arguing that muslims had to have been a result responsible for the attacks. they are a member of a larger group of an army of islam of islamists acting together to bring justice to the islamic the islamic nation they believe in this jihad is to be ology right that violence is acceptable to impose is law because islam is under threat in their beliefs by the west and that's really the the basic fundamental reason why these guys carried it out this is a muslim problem that needs
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a muslim solution chairman king and when the word got out that the sarnia brothers were indeed muslims conservatives cast councils blanket statements condemning the entire islamic world for the actions of a few and labeling all muslims as a violent people but in reality at the core of islamic teachings are beliefs that are very similar to the world's other major religions so why are those on the far right so quick to label as long as a violent religion and blame an entire religion for the actions of a few crazies joining me now is reverend bill keller founder of live per dot com or of color welcome back. tom always good to be with you but i wish you would quit saying false statements for example for example islamic has been for fourteen hundred years a documented religion of the trid terrorism death and
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domination ever as a voter joshua. parmeet mud bill your pastor you've read the book of joshua you know you god telling telling joshua to go into the city i have anything to cut open the bellies of the pregnant mothers kill the children digital islam has always every day you can go on the internet and find somewhere in the world where islamised are killing people in the name of allah and you could say and you can find christians who are calling for killing people there in order to get yeah and in your god you are actually you know about as the laws to kill people because they're gay these are christians christians in the united states who are pushing those laws there are no place in the bible that says chill gays kill abortion doctors anybody who does that in the name of christ is not operating in the in actually there is the book of joshua know however those who kill in the name of allah that's what islam teaches they just don't have the numbers in this country to
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do it bill unbuildable we're looking at documents of bronze age religion sweet you know we can both find all this nonsense the fact of the matter is there's a billion catholics there's you know a billion and a half christian made war and there's a billion muslims are christians. i don't disagree with you but i mean you know you've got there's just just the catholic church claims a membership of a billion and then there are probably another a half a billion people you know you prisons where as you know protestants and other very so but my point is that islamize is about the same size slightly smaller but about the same size as christianity and and you've got a few crazies and you and i'll. say you know the saudis cut the deal with the devil with the law bill going back to the thirty's but aren't but this tom tom tom let me give you that this offer tonight ok. you and i together we will go to look say the mall of americans in minneapolis which happens to be kind
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of hot bread of islam there's a law islamised up there and we will stay in the middle of mall of americas and i will preach and you'll stand next to me i'll preach the gospel then you and i might treat we will get on a plane and go to go to saudi arabia and we will go to the airport and we will stand in the middle of the airport and preach well you're making my point i just said i think that the king of saudi arabia back in the one nine hundred thirty s. could cut a deal with the devil when he let the lobbyists in and there is there are there are factions within islam and there are factions within christianity that are malo tom not by there's an entire network of people who are and now who are supporting the guy who was the you know getting his name but he was a limping bomber you know if you're rich you go to cairo you want to go to cairo with me. i'll pay it bill the wolf you want to go that car oh we'll take your we'll
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take your camera crew you want to go a car called little jeans and jeans last year and all you do go to them can go would you like to do that i not follow the teachings of jesus and love your enemy and do good to them or is your eyes so clear of beings that now you know there's only the talk about the most others god is a god of love mercy all that love mercy grace peace also got a judgment we're all sinners tom and that's the difference is the law is about death and domination christianity is about love and p. except that you're scared of your god who is going to punish or harm me ok bill thanks a lot for being with us we're out of time well we'll consider your car altogether now we're not your diet book. coming out should have more children surviving a devastating disease or living a life of poverty pharmaceutical industry thinks so but i'll tell you how we can change that and i'd still take.
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policies and in the case of ann coulter even calling for the arrest of any woman wearing a job in true mccarthy like fashion peter king chairman of the house homeland security committee has used the boston tragedy to call for the increased surveillance of the american muslim community appearance as a minnesota congressman keith ellison hauled out congressman king for his support for in effect and dangerous profiling is what you start saying we're going to drag the community what you do is you ignore dangerous threats that are not in that community and you go after people who don't have anything to do with it remember we women after a community in world war two and japanese internment is this is a national stain on our on our country and we are still apologizing for well put keep the level of hateful speech use so freely by the way is startling disturb you
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gave us all a well needed dose of sanity yesterday let's hope your fellow congressmen and women get the message the bad tennessee fire. arms association the volunteer state based group recently sponsored a lottery giving away a ar fifteen assault rifle. rack or have photographically away the same weapon used by adam lanza in the newtown shooting is weird enough the group's advertisement for the promotion makes the whole situation all the more concerned. phase website is giving away a bushmaster heir fifteen to advance the to resist rock obama the federal government and even a few in tennessee state government who are determined to do straw years second amendment rights. is just what we need right now at this time of height weight height and reckon militia activity it's more fear mongering from pro-gun groups this kind of rhetoric is tone deaf at best dangerous. and very very ugly
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who helps but we've gone during a recent appearance in w n d radio the texas congressman had some. interesting things to say about the obama administration and its hampering the war. cataclysm is at war with those thank god the moderates don't approve of what should be done but you should ministration is so many muslim brotherhood members. in. making wrong decisions for america. remember the man you just heard hawking bigoted conspiracy theories is not some random crazy guy off the street he's an elected member of our house of representatives and that is for a very. each
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year millions of americans are dealt the devastating news that they have cancer and each year millions of americans many of whom are uninsured have to figure out how to pay for the life saving treatments that they need and unfortunately that decision can be a very hard thanks to america's for profit health insurance industry prescription drugs are a big business in fact in two thousand and twelve the top eleven global drug companies made nearly eighty five billion dollars in net profits and made these profits by slapping extraordinary price tags on the prescription drugs and health treatments that they sell here in the united states that americans are forced to rely on in orders survive devastating diseases like cancer but while drug companies have been largely able to get away with a robin os right now for the past several decades more and more people are speaking
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up about this all rages cost of life c. treatments a group of more than one hundred leading un colleges cancer doctors from across the globe have penned a journal article announcing their plans to start campaign to force drug companies to slash their profit margins c.b.s. news recently discussed their plan and spoke to one of the oncologists who authored the report take a look. cody anderson is alive today because of new cutting edge therapies for a type of leukemia called c.m.l. but bill's was at medicine began to sort of i was not on the approved list and so they said they would only pay fifty percent of that and that left me with five thousand dollars a month co-pay the unprecedented attack on drug prices comes from or the hundred on colleges they say the prices for cancer drugs are unsustainable and may be harming patients dr hogg of m.d. anderson cancer center is the principal author of the commentary today most of the
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f.d.a. approved cancer the drugs come at the price of over one hundred thousand dollars which makes it almost impossible for patients off or down one of the drugs anderson and the article or groups of our colleges ask what determines a morally justifiable price for a cancer drug a reasonable drug price should maintain healthy pharmaceutical industry profits without being viewed as profiteering and a quote these doctors are absolutely right by getting far settle for only forty two billion dollars in profits so that americans can get lifesaving cancer drugs they need at prices that won't bankrupt their families and leave them homo's. the cancer drugs are the only drugs on the market that are gouging the wallet of americans last year eleven of the twelve new to market drugs approved by the f.d.a. were prized above one hundred thousand dollars per patient per year and americans pay nearly fifty percent more comparable prescriptions in the united states than
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people pay in the united kingdom france germany spain and pretty much every other developed country in the world for instance look at nexium a drug commonly prescribed reflux in spain a prescription for nexium cost eight dollars. on average one thousand dollars in france and the united kingdom nexium costs on average thirty and thirty two dollars respectively. but here in the united states a prescription for nexium costs on average a whopping one hundred eighty seven dollars six times as much as across in france in the u.k. . other commonly prescribed medication in the united states used to treat high cholesterol in new zealand a prescription for lipitor across on average about six bucks in south africa spain across eleven and thirteen dollars respectively but here in the united states a prescription for lipitor costs on average one hundred dollars these are just two
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of the commonly used drugs that are bankrupting americans although commonly use medications like names in acts of all like toronto and celebrates also cost more here in the united states and other countries in the developed world prescription drug prices in the united states is unregulated which means a big pharma can basically charge whatever it wants for prescription drugs. if you ask executives at a top pharmaceutical companies about the high cost of prescription drugs they'll tell you that high and increasing drug prices are necessary to sustain research and development efforts but numerous studies have debunked those claims one study by a british medical journal found for every dollar the pharmaceutical companies spend on r. and d. research and development they spend nineteen dollars on promotion and marketing in their drugs make no mistake about it lifesaving medications and commonly prescribed drugs in america today are absurdly expensive here and only in this country because
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big pharma is ripping off americans so what can we do about this how do we drive down the cost of prescription medications right now in canada drugs cost a fraction of what they do here same drugs same manufacturers that's largely because in canada there's a single payer insurance program that negotiates prescription prices the drug companies. as the group physicians for a national health program a group of doctors campaigning for single payer health care system points out when all patients are under one health care system the payer the american citizen government has a lot more quiet ones over the pharmaceutical industry for example the veterans administration they get roughly a forty percent down on prescription drugs because of their large buying power imagine if that buying power were spread to all americans instead of the medicare part d. that it is illegal for medicare to negotiate with the drug companies for discounts
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they have to pay full retail. competition a negotiation some would call the free market are the great fears of big pharma and the reason why big pharma is so opposed to any kind of single payer health care system. but isn't it about time that we put the lives of americans ahead of added all of it's a big pharma is executive and stockholders. it's time to save lives we already have a single payer not for profit health care system in the united states it's called medicare all we need to do is reduce the eligible eligibility age to zero birth and give it the ability to go shave prices with the drug companies i call it medicare part easy for everybody it could be done with a two page piece of legislation and has been proposed repeatedly in congress only to be blocked by republicans wake up your friends and neighbors and tell them about it and call your legislators medicare for everybody and that's the way it is the
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night monday april twenty ninth two thousand and thirteen and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag you're it. wealthy british style. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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change. hello and welcome to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle syria and those red lines with allegations damascus has used some kind of chemical weapons in this ongoing civil war there is a growing possibility the u.s. nato and the gulf countries may up the ante to break the deadlock in this conflict if that comes to pass the possible outcomes and are any of them better than the
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status quo. to cross-talk syria i'm join.


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