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tv   Headline News  RT  May 3, 2013 1:00am-1:29am EDT

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past reluctance of the u.s. to arm the syrian rebels takes on stoking fresh fears of foreign intervention in that ongoing conflict. the euro skeptic movement in britain continues on its upward trajectory as the u.k. independence party finishes second and yet another byelection. itself as a major force to be reckoned with. at the un says more than seven hundred people were killed in violence in iraq last month we look at how ordinary people are dealing with possibly one of the country's worst crises in recent history.
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it's just after nine o'clock on friday morning here in moscow this is r.t. life with me will receive a thank you for joining us today. interns are now officially considering arming the syrian rebels and this after holding back for two years it's all according to the defense secretary chuck hagel dramatic twist comes just days after u.s. officials claimed that they have a confirmed intelligence pointing to the use of chemical weapons by the syrian regime of the latest report on the situation from washington. so far the administration has been reluctant to arm the rebels directly although its allies have been doing that for the past two years there have been persistent reports of increasing radicalization of anti assad forces you have an al qaeda affiliated group operating there and the opposition generally welcomes their efforts of the concerns are there now the administration says it's rethinking arming syrian
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opposition fighters secretary hagel said the administration is considering a range of options he also said he firstly has not decided whether it would be wise to provide weapons to the rebels so there is nothing definitive endos remarks at this stage but the context of recent events has created a certain momentum in this kind of momentum may end up bolstering those forces on the ground and actually result in more violence because those fighters want weapons and they want heavy weapons now president obama this week said there is proof that assad government also forces have used chemical weapons in syria that would be quote a game changer again he says the u.s. had evidence that the weapons were used but had no conclusive evidence to tie it to the assad government right now both the rebels and assad forces blaming each other for the alleged chemical attack in the middle of march in aleppo the syrian government requested the u.n. to send a mission to investigate the incident but u.n. fact finding team has been on standby and ready to deploy but then the u.n.
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chief appears to have changed his plans for the investigation there's russia's foreign minister with more on that. syrian government on the circuits of the germans to deploy achieved in this to this particular situation the secretary general state the use ready to do this but couple of days later she sent a letter to the syrian government demanding the nexus for the international experts to alter it to redo the entire it's the roots of the of syria as well as. the steam would like to to talk. and this is something which really defeats the purpose of immediate. investigation into the specific reported case of the use of chemical substances to have. in your sights to any person in syria. resembles very much the security council resolutions regarding iraq and we'll
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remember the end of that story so now instead of investigating a concrete incident the u.n. wants access to all sites and this inquiry has once again throw off the united nations into the center of a possible plan for weapons of mass destruction where he faces they go to iraq the fear again is that politics may get ahead of fact. now rebels armed by the united states could end up turning their weapons on america that's according to independent psoriasis. she says about use even a shared deep inside washington. disappointed in the sad regime has not fast enough and it had always been the intention not only to dismantle the syrian army all render it useless but for a sack to leave and this isn't happening in order to boost support for intervention we need to come up with all sorts of stories such as use of chemical weapons former cia operatives they've all spoken of blowback the united states has
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a bad policy is this we we will take care of something they not think about what's happening tomorrow and every time it's the population in america it's the americans that are being victimized as a result of blowback it's not the people that start these wars start the arms and they continue to win at major corporations that are funding these wars so you know the american people in a sense are almost as much. as the people in this part that are being subjected to these brandis. things that are going on on the ground there and it will come back to bite he supports the input this is r.t. and it's a happy day for euro skeptics across britain the u.k. independence party stole the show at another british byelection ukip came in second in south shields which is perceived as a staggering result considering the party do not even stand in the constituency in the last drawing or election more on this two watson south. now we've seen
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a growing public support for the non mainstream parties and certainly you kids being right at the center of that they were coming. on labor's heels throughout the campaign trail we saw the charismatic leader here backing his candidate richard elvin but as we've seen recently with you keep growing support the public are really responding to these mainstream party politicians that. give a straight answer to a question about the bush or a. porcupine as you know when you can't get a straight answer. ask a question you get a straight answer is a straight talking not a spade a spade so it shows how far they've come to get that second place in such a short amount of time and certainly the mainstream political parties are going to be looking very closely at this now because was many dismissed this is
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a state to support the kids had recently it does represent a quite significant change. or we will be bringing you the latest updates on this story as soon as we get them throughout the day more information if you need it right now head over to the web site of course arts. for now iraq could be undergoing one of its worst crises since the withdrawal of u.s. soldiers that was back in the end of two thousand and eleven the united nations says more than seven hundred people were killed in the country just last month more than sixteen hundred were injured now most of the deaths came in late april after deadly clashes between security forces and seventy three sunni protesters including cook the incident sparked a wave of violence that quickly spread to other areas the iraqi government was also gripped by corruption and political unrest with calls for prime minister nouri al maliki to resign and many fear sectarian tensions escalate and see
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a return to full blown out war. and off examines the impact of national struggles on the lives of ordinary day to day iraq. bombs may still haunt baghdad but these young men are more concerned with burning the rubber in a country where daily life is based on trying to avoid the dangers these iraqis are turning to danger as a way to avoid the ality tasting the thrill of speed and testing the authorities it's an unexpected sight in post-war iraq for the fun a grim statistic half of the country's growing youth population is on able to find work. the biggest problem is financial support day everyone is constantly trying to find work but in baghdad there are very few jobs i'm myself i'm unemployed. ten years after the war a lie but iraq
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a full of contradictions but for young men like omar the motorcycle is one way to deal with restorations of life here in iraq a reading of that and taking on. adrenaline may be one way of coping with uncertainty but not for salva hasan hussein she now spends most of heard. he is at home with her daughters trying to rebuild a life shattered by corruption in the household chores are a far cry from her former career as a journalist but she's too scared to return to work she had been investigating corruption and prison abuses when she herself was detained and thrown behind bars the charges have been dropped but the family had to sell nearly everything they own is just to cover the thousands of dollars in bribes to secure her release. in this country money can buy you can buy your high position and it can buy you freedom and if you get accused of something in iraq you could be executed just because you can't afford to pay to save your life it was
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a year long ordeal that by her account involved beatings and sexual assault she says that she's become a victim of the same corruption she was trying to expose. from victims to victors in a country better known for violence and divisions this youth football school is one of the few bright spots that stands out sunni shia and christian kids play here on the same field and that's exactly why the school was opened. fourteen year old ali doesn't like to talk about the day his father was killed dead he spends his time training on the field hoping to one day play on iraq's national football team but for now a more pressing desire. so i want the security situation to become peaceful elsewhere maybe one or two people are killed each day to him many people are killed every day by explosions and even bad things so i want to iraq to become safe like other countries. it's
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a wish that's undoubtedly echoed all across iraq but the past decade left nearly everyone with a tragic story to tell and yet somehow life goes on you see catherine of our t.v. . still ahead for you here on being forced to cross the line. now. i needed a few hundred euros for medication also we had no food at all this is the money that was stolen a portuguese man who robs a bank after we're done and see left him unable to afford the medical bills for his wife who is suffering from an incurable disease that story is coming up also. should be put out to use. these. tools will be. all the head of the world renowned marine ski theater valerie go to conduct the grand opening of the new multimillion dollar stage space we've got the latest the
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best pictures and special coverage from the two with just a few. science technology innovations all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok. i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture. it's.
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a pleasure to have you with us here this morning i'm wrong. as the mass hunger strike at guantanamo bay nears the three month mark twenty three detainees are now being force fed at the notorious facility more than one hundred captives have officially joined the protest against mistreatment and indefinite detention without charge and one lawyer has told us the u.s. officials are making no efforts to resolve the life threatening crisis. my client's an actually very bad condition he's been forced on it now for about two weeks his
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signing passages are infected and the forced to use more and more people every time . you come to guantanamo bay to read in the street. for a different. trying to resolve the hunger strike one year i seem. to wish performed in fact. prisoners report. happy and very solitary confinement no effort whatsoever to keep on top of the men who are suffering so i guess that's why you have an offshore prison system pretty much do what you want to release to the media whatever you want it to be between a client today i've been here eleven after years. charged with a crime i mean we're going to get a trial you want to hold me forever you won't let me live in peace you want peace what do you think you don't do to you because you need for that what kind of country do you come from and how naive of the people we're live. in the united
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nations is now officially classified the force feeding of detainees at guantanamo bay as torture a report by a key u.s. think tank slammed washington for abuse at the facility still to come back here on out the next hour on the program the co-chair of the panel bill gives me the panel responsible for that report certainly explaining why guantanamo bay should be closed down. we just do not believe that it fits into the laws and the ethics and the values of america to have indefinite detention and to not allow a court of law and adjudication of the charges against a person to be to go through an orderly process more than half of those detainees at guantanamo currently have already been cleared by the u.s. government and that means all the intelligence the military the law enforcement and
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all the agencies involved have said there's no reason to hold these people and they still are indefinitely being detained in guantanamo we feel very strongly that they ought to be released and they are and that should be done immediately and the president we've called on the president to tell his secretary of defense to issue that exact that order to release them. are not far off from the office he was update but for now us and his buds are now out of a rinky theater celebrating the long anticipated opening of its new state of the stage space with the latest high technologies decorated to reflect on two centuries of legendary performances to set to rival the best venues from all around the world the grand opening of the golla to buying. it was like curtains out they here. a theater two in st petersburg up to ten years in the making over seven hundred
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million a us dollars are spent in creating this techno seven very contemporary space everyone from the who's who of st petersburg was here to celebrate with the creators of the space. the one person that everybody wanted to make sure was the well in preston getting that approval stamp was from a present of letting really putin himself he was here at the building and he seemed just as impressed as all of the guests who were here the man of the hour it was valerie getting turned sixty years old and of course celebrating twenty five years as maestro and to sit directly of mariinsky theatre one and money and if he had to see the performances was what everybody was looking forward to here at the opening of those mariinsky orchestra played their best showcasing the strings and the influence of which could be heard all the way from the back of the auditorium to
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the front and clear as a platinum sound and of course the ballet theater is ballet did not disappoint they put on a show to be remembered i think that it is the night that everybody here in st petersburg and around the world will be talking for years to come about the spectacular gala that was put on here and you should be proud of this here. this morning marines. will be. a great company then you have to thank so much for your years all of us thought of you an ecstatic and a head it's a great honor for me to participate in the opening of the as well and to congratulate her on her yet if nothing else it's a wonderful stage tonight so i think one of the most important. things. on stage like this is like. i think some time it was. incredible this is a very much if someone who knows more about the arts and culture is none other than
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the hate all but the bolshoi theater he is that i'm not really exciting and he told me all the cultural relevance on this theater. with russia now has a unique building you can stage technically complex performances from the russian foreign opera and ballet companies and incredible night to remember the spectacular performance is it was just the opening night do we have two more nights of this. so join me. right here on our c formal. and i had over to our website all if you got a call for more on the stories we're covering want to are of course also the website you can find out how winds of the french president are to go up for sale and more than a thousand bottles are expected to fetch up to a quarter of a million euros some of that money is set up prop up the state's struggling finances you can find out how much needs to be spent to save some at least say
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a wine on line. and two decades behind bars that's the punishment to us high school student could get for some of his facebook posts labeled as quote disturbing verbiage by police. order twenty minutes past the hour moscow time the european central bank has cut interest rates to a record low of zero point five percent of course all of this in a bid to boost the euro zone's flailing a quantum is the e.c.b. president pledged he's ready for even further reductions but robert oulds from the euro skeptic think tank at the bruges group he believes the measures will bring zero really. within the eurozone there will not be any change because they have one come and see so it won't actually help the economies of southern europe particularly spain portugal italy and greece which we can all count together as countries that are struggling as a result of their being the e.u.
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single common see the euro france as well is also suffering economically and has unemployment rising we're seeing a separation between the french and german economies so cutting interest rates by this small amount won't actually really make much difference we need a vatican change of policy within the e.u. to to bring about economic growth eventually the will have to be a breakup of the euro that's the only way to restore economic growth it's the only way to get people back to work if they can then have their common seize depreciate and of course that the the the new of tapering to do which market that were to be returned that would then increase in value and that would help the disparities within the eurozone which has been created largely by the single currency to need to be a vatican change of course unemployment will just keep on going up. meanwhile are disintegrating economies and the most debt burden countries of europe are forcing some people to resort to extreme artie's put all of our phone. portugal is
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certainly beautiful but its current financial woes are making it a living hell for some with one portuguese man claiming that the crisis has driven him to trying. to work for over thirty years in construction before being laid off today he's a convicted. now mother. i needed a few hundred euros for medication also we had no food at home this is what i bought for the money that was stolen i think about a thousand euros i do sto turn to crime after he couldn't afford to pay medical bills for his now ex-wife who suffers from m.s. . by own branch because of what they did to me he gave me loans and crazy interest resource have to take more land. they robbed me so i robbed i'm not pride in the city forced me into everything. so what's going through your head as you're walking down here knowing that you're about to commit. a small plastic toy guns not a moment as i was approaching the bank i saw a policeman nearby there was
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a bag near the street so i said the call should check it out i hope this would be obstruction then i went into the bank and did what i did it was all over in five minutes. just keyboard what he needed then turned himself into the police after spending a year behind bars part of the conditions of his release that he maintains a twenty metre distance from the bank on the remains angry with the portuguese government who he says are encouraging this type of behavior with an unfair welfare system saying. it's so disgusting their mentality they give me nothing when i needed it most in the now that i've broken the law and i'm on their radar they give me help they don't notice people unless they get into trouble. with concerns echoed by those who represent the rights of workers in portugal. the government worries more about pleasing germany than looking after its own people there is a lot of anger out there and the more people think they aren't getting
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a fair. deal the more the sangar snowballs this is the danger of keeping people in the limits of poverty. portugal has high employment and crippling debt super one hundred eighty billion euro around one hundred twenty percent of you. the end of the crisis is certainly nowhere in sight asked if he feels remorse for his crime and it's very clear soon to the more i feel remorse for what i did to the bondholders and really scared the hell out of him the forgetting what i needed anyway or cute now. i don't feel the slightest bit sorry for taking from the r.t. lisbon. and straight to pakistan now to open up the aussie world update is where the head prosecutor in the murder case of pakistan's former prime minister benazir bhutto has been shot dead in the country's capital child. was ambushed by government on motorcycles on route to an antiterrorism court in the garrison city
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of rawalpindi on tuesday the court summon pakistan's former president pervez musharaff over charges of failing to provide adequate security for benazir bhutto the country's first and so far only female prime minister was killed back in two thousand and seven. syrian state media says firefighters have put out a large blaze at the fuel depot of damascus international airport two explosions were reported there earlier with no word of casualties or for that matter the cause of the incident a syrian government forces have been battling rebels in the area for the past several months. the sort of my brothers the suspects in the boston marathon bombings originally planned to carry out their attacks during the u.s. independence day celebrations a surviving sibling told interrogators they do i decided to strike after completing their bombs sooner than expected i mean while the body of jihad as a brother has been released to his family he died after being run down by his fame
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brought. full of huge police manhunt the explosions at the marathon killed three people and wounded more than two hundred. venezuela's opposition leader. has formally challenge the narrow victory of nicolas maduro in a presidential poll lawyers representing a professor filed a complaint to the country's supreme court alleging electoral fraud and demanding the results you know of them of those when it was declared people took to the streets and a mass outcry resulting in the deaths of several protesters the early vote was held after former leader chavez died just months after being elected as president for the fourth time. ok after a very short break here on our brand new financial show that of prime interest in just a. famous
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american political figure ron paul has decided to create his own liberty oriented home schooling curriculum at ron paul curriculum to give parents not turn it into standard public education you know when i was a kid homeschooling was only for like the kids of wacko's and cultus if you met someone who was homeschooled you always look at them with some sort of suspicion like what's with that kid with what's with his parents i mean who would home school their kids well let's look at it this way who would grow their own food when american supermarkets are stocked with pure healthy and natural food the problem is that food in stores is now loaded up with all sorts of mystery chemicals and g m o's and it makes perfect sense that nowadays people are intro starting to grow their own food and this logic applies to education too when public education becomes so dismal and it's perfectly logical and reasonable to try to educate your kids yourself the no child left behind program did
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a fine job of making the american education system lower the bar down to the very basement of the lowest common denominator i mean if you think there should be more in a high school graduates had besides reading writing and arithmetic that homeschooling might be for you as art sports and music and science programs all across the nation have to do a lack of funding is wrong post libertarian curriculum what's best for your kids hey i can't say but it's definitely worth taking a look at other alternatives given the d. minus quality of public education nowadays but that's just my opinion.
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good afternoon to welcome the prime interest i'm perry and boring here in washington d.c. and here's the stories that we're tracking today. rolling stones that tell you the way to end on brown vitter the tough new banking bill that was introduced last week he had some harsh words regarding a report that was issued by standard and poor's which is one of the bill's critics tavi wrote the paper essentially hands about forcing banks to retain more capital could lead to world of financial collapse the onset of a new i used age mahmoud's roaming the practice. however as of yesterday's close climate change futures were not yet pricing in the selling bonds ability. this morning president of the european central bank mario draghi cut the main refinancing rate to a historic.


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