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britain's euro skeptic you care independence party makes huge gains in local areas curing over twenty percent of the vote so indexes show boring but in conservative. u.r.c. turn america is now considering sending weapons to rebels in syria i made a report of an alleged government led village to go out. and five a kill in a baghdad blast the latest deaths in iraq was really one of the worst ways of collins says it was told its troops two years ago. news from russia and iran the wall this is the with me hello and welcome to the
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program britain's governing conservative party is dramatically losing seats and local council elections where the for political outsider the euro skeptic the u.k. independence party making impressive gains early results show u.k. but has so far grabbed twenty six percent of the vote while coming second in the by election in south shills pushing the tories into this place. is following the word which could have long lasting repercussions for british politics. south shields used to be the seat of former labor foreign minister david miliband and it was seen as a real litmus test for how people are feeling at the moment and labor managed to keep hold of that seat but with ukip nipping at their heels so they've come in second and it's significant because what it shows is a pattern is emerging over the past six months you can't have a second in four by elections most notably in eastley very recently and it's
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showing that you can't this was a party that was until very recently as marginal one senior conservative minister described it described them as clones only very very recently but it looks like they're having the last last this is a party that's noticeably euro skeptic they want to see britain out of the european union they're not happy with the way that brussels dictates policies for the u.k. how much money the u.k. treasury forks out for the european commission every month and the fact that they've got such gains shows how fed up the british people are with the political status quo in this country look pattern emerging is very clear the ruling coalition parties the conservatives i'm the liberal democrats have sustained losses in council seats quite significant ones in fact labor have made slight gains nothing to write home about this was really the night of the u.k. independence party why the count so far they looks like they've gained an average of over twenty six percent of the vote in the wards where they were represented in
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so overnight we've seen a real change to the british political landscape because there are now going to be ukip councillors all over the u.k. some might end up holding quite significant power and it's you know this is a party as i said it was seen as a very marginal and three recently it was the place none of the evolve parties a place where people launched their protest vote because they were sort of stuck with the stumbling status quo that the lib dems the conservatives and the. party but that has all changed overnight we've seen nigel farage the leader of the he came to the dance party appearing on television this morning saying he's delighted with the results so far that he's he says that it really shows that ukip is a long lasting political party their success hasn't been short term and the chairman of the conservative party this morning had to concede that clearly their party is failing to get their message across and they're going to have
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a think about what they can do to change that. and let's now take a closer look at b. early results of britain's local elections we have three main parties there and the rising star of the show the u.k. independence party so far the tories are down seventy five seats so it's coming so their coalition partners the liberal here we are so empty five seats down the liberal democrats have seen a little less cumulating loss of sixteen seats the labor party did better they are forty two seats up and you keep actually go up to forty two new councillors the unexpected result widely viewed as a sign it could pose a real threat to the three traditional parties of the twenty eight fifteen general election and jungleland broadcaster and columnist her recently joined you keep himself explains why in his opinion it's a better alternative. early marry people working class citizens are fed up of the
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political elites in the political establishment who have been running the country for the past thirty or forty years ukip was a protest party just about being a member of the european union overnight has become a fully fledged political party it's got a fastest growing membership things but ten thousand new members on in the last couple of months because what people want is a party that's going to put the united kingdom first so they want things like they want to get out of the european union which clearly cost britain fifty two pounds a day to be a member of they want to have control over their own borders we want to hold to immigration and drastically reduce immigration over the next five years and if that's what resonates with people the first professional politicians would just further in their own nest they want people who come from all walks of life you have normal jobs you can have the kingdom in a different way that's what's happened and as i say it's no longer just a protest vote this is a vote for change and the u.k.
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is going to go into fundamental change over the next few years with more support as leered away by the u.k. from the traditional parties britain's political landscape is likely to change and of course we'll be watching the u.k.'s local election results rolling in throughout the day to keep you updated to stare. meanwhile don't go all the economic woes in europe which some people in the hardest hit countries towards a life of crime called details at a later the program. holding bond for two years washington house confirmed it's now considering whether to all of the seaward rebels the dramatic twist comes a week after u.s. officials claim to have confronted intelligence pointing to the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government or possible new approach came amid reports that president assad's forces have carried out an alleged massacre in a village he's going to take on cities. so far the administration has been
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reluctant to arm the rebels directly old oh allies have been doing that for the past two years there have been persistent reports of increasing radicalization of anti assad forces you have an al qaeda affiliated group operating there and the opposition general you all comes their efforts of the concerns are there now the administration says it's rethinking or being syrian opposition fighters secretary hagel said give me a ration is considering a range of options he also said he firstly has not decided whether it would be wise to provide weapons to rebels so there is nothing definitive in those remarks at this stage but the context of recent events has created a certain momentum and this kind of momentum it end up bolstering those forces on the ground and actually result in more violence because those fighters want weapons and they want heavy weapons now president obama said there is proof that the government also forces have used chemical weapons in syria that would be quote a game changer again he says the u.s.
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had evidence that the weapons were used but had no conclusive evidence to tie it to the assad government right now both the rebels and the assad forces blaming each other for the alleged chemical attack in the middle of march in aleppo the syrian government requested the u.n. to send a mission to investigate the incident the u.n. fact finding team has been on stand. by and ready to deploy but then the un chief appears to have changed his plans for the investigation there's russia's foreign minister with more on that the syrian government asked the secretary general to deploy a team to investigate this particular situation the secretary general stated that he is ready to do this but a couple of days later he sent a letter to the syrian government demanding a nexus for the international experts to all territory to the entire its director of syria as well as access to in his sight and any person this team would like to talk to or to visit and this is something which really defeats the purpose
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of immediate. investigation into a specific reported case of the use of chemical substances to have. in your sights to any person in syria. resembles very much the security council resolutions regarding iraq and we all remember the end of that story so now instead of investigating a concrete incident be you one want access to all sites and this inquiry has once again throw off the united nations into the center of a possible plan for weapons of mass destruction where he places the go. the fear again is that politics may get ahead of fact so the u.s. is considering arming syrian rebels but independent research is soraya. believes those very same weapons could end up being turned against americans. disappointed that the sand regime has not fallen fast enough and it had always been the intention not only to dismantle the syrian army all render it useless but for us
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sad to leave and this isn't happens in order to boost support for intervention we need to come up with all sorts of stories such as use of chemical weapons former cia operatives they've all spoken of blowback the united states has a band-aid policy that we we will take care of something today nothing about what's happening tomorrow and every time it's the population in america it's the americans that are being victimized as a result of blowback it's not the people that start these wars start the arms and they continue to win at major corporations that are funding these wars so you know the the american people in a sense are almost as much. as the people in this part that are being subjected to these brandis. things that are going on on the ground there and it will come back to bite the supports the put. iraqi authorities say a bomb blast at
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a sunni mosque north of the capital baghdad has killed five people during friday prayers the country's suffering some of the once the violence as there was to all of us troops into lebanon the u.n. says more than seven hundred people were killed in iraq last month alone clashes between security forces and sunni started in care kirk sparking a wave of violence that quickly spread many iraqis accuse the government of corruption and political unrest and will the prime minister to resign there are so now fi is at a sectarian tensions could escalate and see a return to full blown who has this account examine some of the impact of national struggles on everyday life. bombs made till haunt baghdad but the young men are more concerned with burning the rubber in a country where daily life is based on trying to avoid the dangers these iraqis are turning to danger as a way to avoid reality tasting the thrill of speed and testing the authorities it's
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an unexpected sight in post-war iraq for the good with to stick half of the country's growing youth population is only able to find work. the biggest problem is financial support day everyone is constantly trying to find work but in baghdad there are very few jobs and myself i'm unemployed. ten years after the war a lie but iraq is full of contradictions but for young men like omar the motorcycle is one way to escape the daily press tracings of life here in iraq the running of the engine and taking on uncertain future. adrenaline may be one way of coping with uncertainty but not for salva hasan hussein she now spends most of her days at home with her daughters trying to rebuild a life shattered by corruption in the household chores are a far cry from her former career as a journalist but she's too scared to return. and to work she had been investigating
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corruption and prison abuses when she herself was detained and thrown behind bars the charges have been dropped but the family had to sell nearly everything they own is just to cover the thousands of dollars and bribes to secure her release. in this country money can buy you a degree is can buy you a high position and it can buy your freedom and if you get accused of something in iraq you could be executed just because you can't afford to pay to save your life it was a year long ordeal that by her account involved beatings and sexual assault she says that she's become a victim of the same corruption she once tried to expose. from victims to victors in a country better known for violence and divisions this youthful school is one of the few bright spots that stands out sunni shia and christian kids play here on the same field and that's exactly why the school was opened. fourteen year old ali doesn't like to talk about killed instead he spends his time training on the field
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hoping to one day play on iraq's national football team but for now a more pressing desire. so i want the security situation to become peaceful elsewhere maybe one or two people are killed each day to him many people are killed every day but explosions and even beheadings so i want to rock to become safe like other countries. it's a wish that's undoubtedly echoed all across iraq with the past decade left nearly everyone with a tragic story to tell and yet somehow life goes on you see catherine of our team. for years iran has been divided by roadblocks and checkpoints that meant to make the lives of iraqis safer but also trapped thousands and seemingly endless trying to john's see that reporter now you tube page.
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of course much more to come here on our c including a hunger for change the force feeding of a mates who refuse to eat have gone time of day leads to an outcry from the u.n. first hand accounts of a lawyer who's visited his hunger strike inclined at the prison. and also had been a just a goner opening of the new stage of st peter's bonds renowned marines keep their silence is the doubters and its mission to rival the best venues around the world through the curtain and brings you special coverage of the curtain raiser in just a few moments this.
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choose your language. make it without any federal subsidies still some of. the consent. to the opinions that you. choose to store used. to be sent to. you watching aussies get to how do you wear those let's continue now noise say more
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than two thirds of the detainees at guantanamo bay are taking part in a hunger strike which has now lasted almost three months dozens of extra medics were sent this week to care for the prisoners twenty three away charge shot code and force fed through the nose twice a day attorney a lieutenant colonel barry when god recently visited his client that says there's no indication the u.s. is trying to resolve the crisis. my client's unethically very. he's been forthright now for about q. we. find that are in fact. that we're seeing more and more painful every time i'm on me when i come to guantanamo bay. there's an effort to put. trying to return home. here i. perform and in fact you know prisoners report to me. during solitary confinement and no effort whatsoever. to work for well i guess that's why you have an offshore prison so you can pretty
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much do what you want really an immediate whatever you want it to be but i mean when a client today i've been here eleven and a half years i did not charge with a crime i mean we're going to get a trial you want to hold me for ever i know you won't let me live in any you won't let me die. what do you think you don't need for that what kind of country you come from and how many people the people were split. in while muslims in mainland america say that is facing increasing levels of prejudice and bin ladin examines some instances of the screen ation of based on religion in the latest episode of break they said but here's a quick preview. we're seeing a ramping up of hate crimes and hate speech against muslim americans in the wake of the last amin's most recently but anger was directed to mohamed salim somali an american cab driver who was assaulted by a man he had picked up moments earlier but luckily before this attack salim sensed the man's temper and recorded the entire over keisha on the cell phone take
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a listen i'm judging you know you're. born people of all over the world oh me yes you heard you read your son so i'm of all the cold. here muslim you know that's why a bunch of me very sad especially considering how saddam is the furthest thing from some extremist here's what he had to say in response. some of the sergeant. most of america. and we love. to get the full story and much more from breaking the said tune into all see at fourteen thirty g.m.t. and then episode is also available on our website on the dot com. and the news in
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brief from around the world now and there's been a triple isolation of pakistan children because the prosecutor investigating the murder of x. prime minister benazir bhutto was ambushed and chilled out in the capital islamabad charges have been brought against ex-president pervez musharraf in relations to bhutto's death in two thousand and seven no one has yet claimed responsibility for friday's a time meanwhile in karate and election condit and his three year old son were shot dead on their way home from friday prayers. a u.s. refueling plane has crashed off to take hold of the kurdistan kazakhstan border in some ways though to them is owned of four crew members called into a regional representative the plane a broke into three pieces as it went down in an uninhibited area shortly after leaving big her gives him an ass airport he used by nato in its war on terror in afghanistan is the us is yet to comment on the reports earlier this week an american convoy of plane crash in afghanistan killing all seven people on board.
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now bringing you live pictures from california right now where a wild bushfire covering eight thousand acres yes in southern california is heading towards malibu almost one thousand five hundred still battling the blaze which broke out on thursday morning it's forced the evacuation of schools and university and threatens over two thousand homes and countless businesses that. while some said is living europe's most debt ridden countries have been resorting to increasingly desperate measures all of them at one such man we turn to to actually to crime after three decades of office labor in order to make ends meet. portugal is certainly beautiful but its current financial woes are making it a living hell for some with one portuguese man claiming that the crisis has driven him to crying. to work for over thirty years in construction before being laid off
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today he's a convicted bank robber the money. i needed a few hundred euros for medication also we had no food at home this is what i bought and the money that was stolen i think about a thousand euros. turned to crime after he couldn't afford to pay the medical bills for his now ex-wife who suffers from m.s. . by own branch because of what they did to me he gave me loans are crazy interest resource have to take more loans to pay for this they robbed me so i robbed it i'm not proud of it and the state forced me into this recession so what's going through your head as you're walking down here knowing that you're about to commit a crime. and i have a small plastic toy guns not a moment but there's a cross in the binder saw a policeman nearby there was a bag near the street said to the caucus you check it out i hope this will be a destruction watch and then i went into the bank and did what i did it was all over in five minutes. he bought what he needed then turned himself in to the police
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after spending a year behind. part of the conditions of his release that he maintains a twenty meter distance from the bank remains angry with the portuguese government who he says are encouraging this type of behavior with an unfair welfare system. it's so disgusting their mentality they gave me nothing when i needed it most so you know now that i've broken the law and i'm on their radar they give me help they don't notice but the less they get into trouble also. concerns echoed by those who represent the rights of workers in portugal. but the government worries more about pleasing germany than looking after its own people there is a lot of anger out there and the more people think they aren't getting a fair deal the more this anger snowballs this is the danger of keeping people in the limits of poverty. portugal has high unemployment and crippling debts of one hundred eighty billion euro around one hundred twenty
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percent of your production the end of the crisis is certainly nowhere in sight asked if he feels remorse for his crime. is very clear. i feel remorse for what i did to the bank workers and really scared the hell out of them for getting what i needed any way i could. i don't feel the slightest bit sorry for taking from the r.t. lisbon. meetings as in china i could smell a riot in their daily meals online would tell you how hundreds of people have been arrested in china for involvement in meta related crimes including the production of fake beef and mutton animals such as rodents makes and focuses. on. and also make a way sell itself in france more than a thousand bottles of wine from the presidential palace for sale and could fetch up to a quarter of a million euros well some of the money is said to prop up the country's trucking
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finances but to actually dot com to find out how much. you'd need to splash to at least palace why. after months of sound checks and acoustical tweaks st petersburg's marine skiff etc has held its downswing open to garner on its ambitious new stage the seven hundred million dollar high tech venue is the first new russian opera house to aspire to a global significance since the name of the czars have on them all say took her seat for the spectacle. it was like curtains at bay here. in st petersburg up to ten years in the making over seven hundred million a us dollars are spent in creating this technique very contemporary space everyone from the who's who of st petersburg was here to celebrate with the creators of the space. the one person that everybody wanted to make sure was a well in preston getting that approval stamp was from
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a present of letting really putin himself he was here at the building and he seemed just as impressed as all of the guests who were here the man of the hour was valerie getting turned sixty years old and of course celebrating twenty five years as maestro and to sit directly of mariinsky theatre one and mariinsky if he had to see the performances was what everybody was looking forward to here at the opening of those mariinsky orchestra all played their best showcasing the strings and the influence of which could be heard all the way from the back of the auditorium to the front and clear as a platinum sound and of course the ballet theater is. not to disappoint they put on a show to be remembered i think that this is the night that everybody here in st petersburg and around the world will be talking point years to come about the
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spectacular gala that was put on here i think you should be proud to be here. it will be. great company then you have thanks to all of us thought of you an exotic hecker it's a great honor for me to participate in the opening of the house there with and to congratulate her on her yet is nothing else it's a wonderful stage tonight so i think one of the most important. things. on stage like this is. just sick some of it was. incredible this is a very much just stick someone who knows i'm all about to the us and culture is none other than the hate all but the bolshoi theatre he is that i'm not to the exxon and he told me all that the cultural relevance of this theater to see russia now has a new unique building that can stage technically complex performances from either russian or foreign opera and ballet companies an incredible night to remember
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spectacular performances it was just the opening night to we have two more nights of this at money in the it's you so join me to them with a wide honored sea formal. stunning isn't showing up next people of other he's got to discuss america's massive defense spending and who profits from it. mission. critical should be free. for charges free. range month free. free. free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects
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a free media dog to our teeth dot com. welcome to teal one i hear you can feel it whoa. there are three choices in life i first used to work in i'm a killer go to school and live on a miserable way like a slave.


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