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tv   Headline News  RT  May 4, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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i mean really. breaking news on our t.v. a set of powerful explosions have shaken damascus with syrian state t.v. saying that they were caused by an israeli rocket targeting a military research center. a trace of terror boston bombing investigators focus on the widow of the killed a suspect after discovering a radical islamist material on her computer. and in the changing of face of u.k. politics an anti e.u. party moves from the margins to claim a stunning result in local elections leaving the governing conservatives to wonder how to win back lost supporters. and you are with our team live from moscow let's start with our breaking news this
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hour massive explosions have rocked the syrian capital damascus according to syrian state t.v. a military research center has been attacked let's now cross to syria and get the details from damascus based journalist abdullah mom was. thank you very much for being with us can you give us some details as to what has occurred in damascus. in the. west or all. all that it's. it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's all. over but now we're still. and also some. of the city and all.
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they think with the simple. state of the state. machine. or most of the most of all that shit or it's. instance i'm. ok and that was a damascus based journalist xeni thank you very much thank you very much for being with us let's go now cross live to israel and to get further information on the flammable situation from artie's paula sleep there now paula and now how is israel commenting on the situation right now. well as of yet there's no official confirmation from the israeli side partly because it's still very early sunday morning and also because it's israeli strategy as we've seen in the past so often neither confirm nor deny any kind of strikes that israel is reportedly responsible
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for we are hearing some new moves that we can expect an update from the israeli defense forces spokes person as you noted but have been trying to get hold of them and said i haven't had any like these different state television however is reporting that israeli rockets are responsible for the strike the early morning the in the early hours of sunday morning according to syrian state television israeli jets broke the sound barrier and hit civil military posts inside syria now they're also reporting that twelve missiles twelve israeli missiles were launched from a space targeting damascus is below t.v. is also came in that at least one israeli jet was downed after the explosion but i need to make the point that we haven't been able to independently verify any of this information and as of yet no confirmation or denial when in fact any response from the israeli side the information we have at this stage is that early sunday a military research same town the outskirts of the capital damascus from the cutscene on mountain region was struck and this is
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a strategic military position for the forces of the syrian president bashar assad there is a video footage that has been uploaded onto you cheat by activists and this footage shows a huge ball of fire rising into the night sky but again we haven't been able to verify these videos either. so you just mentioned this video that was loaded we are we have this video we're showing it and again we have to convey say that we cannot independently verify this but striking images if they do turn out to be this particular incident now. this is not the first time israeli jets have been blamed for bombing syria even recently is it. no exactly it's not and in fact at this particular research center in the jumbo area was the target of an early israeli strike back in january now we're still waiting for confirmation at least from the israeli side for a second strike that happened overnight there is
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a day now that strike was on a shipment of missiles in syria that were believed to be destined for lebanon's hizbollah and israeli officials spoke on the condition of anonymity on a saturday and they say that israeli aircraft were responsible for that attack but what we see by and large is that not only is the syrian conflict becoming regional but it also has international implications is below is a militant organization based in lebanon allied with damascus and israel has repeatedly said in the past that it will to quote the israeli side stop any kind of gain changing weapons from gazing into the hands of this organization going on is also violated eleven has also filed a complaint with the international community complaining that israel violated international law by flying over lebanese airspace. which is the policy thank you very much we know that you'll be keeping across this story as this story develops and of course our team will be looking into information trying to in the been independently verify our sources as information comes in as well thank you very
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much. law enforcement officials investigating the boston marathon bombings have turned their focus to the widow of one of the suspects radical islamic material was discovered on a computer belonging to the american wife of tamerlan a sudden there of who was killed when police tried to capture him or two since the government has more. katherine russell she's a twenty four year old widow of tamerlan and she's been under investigation basically since the identities of the boston bombers were revealed she initially came under scrutiny when authorities discovered female d.n.a. on a piece of a pressure cooker that was used to construct a homemade explosive material she submitted her fingerprints and d.n.a. and authorities say that they did not match the sample on the explosives that were found however investigators have also been probing her computer materials and what it turns now now is that authorities have discovered al qaeda is inspire magazine and other so-called radical islamic literature on the computer now the key question
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is whether this material actually belonged to her or whether it was downloaded by her husband or somebody else so that is the key question that investigators are looking into at the moment if we actually begin with katherine russell i mean she grew up in rhode island the christian daughter of an emergency room doctor and a nurse sort of the epitome of the all-american girl before she met in fact she graduated high school in two thousand and seven and according to one magazine report her yearbook quote had mentioned that she wanted to grow up and join the peace corps people who knew her said the girl with a passion for learning and travel that really radically transformed since meetings are not she ended up becoming a college dropout she married him converted to islam and stayed at home and took care of the children the same could be said of himself actually there was an interesting interview with an ex-girlfriend of his who said that the man she met and dated in two thousand and six had transformed from a pot smoking party boy to an anti american the islamist jihadi essentially that is
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how she described him it's unclear what prompted the transformation in case but we do know that much of his radicalization officials believe was inspired by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula there's reports that he has watched sermons by the american born cleric anwar all blocky and according to news reports sources of actually refer to inspire magazine as one of the materials found under the possession of. it's known to have published a bomb making guide and investigators have also uncovered other evidence of sort of radical material. they have been labeled the clowns and loonies but now they've picked up a quarter of the votes in british local elections the euro skeptic u.k. independence party a former outsider has grabbed one hundred forty seven seats in local councils and surprising increase from just eight previously they even came second in one byelection prime minister david cameron reached out to ukip which he once called a bunch of fruitcakes now he says it's no good insulting them trying to benefit
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from you keeps a recent popularity and win back voters he demanded to referendums on europe with the first one next spring cameron's upcoming speech outlining the government's legislative plans and focus on the main issues of the u.k.'s programme you membership and immigration earlier my colleague bill dodd the deputy leader of the u.k. independence party paul not all whether they're getting work. david cameron is committed to the european union we know that because he said if there is a referendum he will campaign to stay in and if you are members of the european union you can't control your own borders so we have a problem in this country where we have twenty two percent youth unemployment a million kids in britain who are going to weigh every day i'm going about open. to twenty nine million remaining and i'm bulgarians when restrictions fall on january first and communism it says that is nothing can do about that so quite frankly we're not worried that he's going to his time cannot say because he simply
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can't see how you're going to gain momentum now because surely most governments at the time of these midterm elections always lose popularity you've got to keep the momentum up now but really to aim for part of parliament now is that that's is that really realistic for you keep it it's early stages well i think we will take a seat in the house of commons if not two seats before the general election in two thousand and fifteen if we continue on our put trajectory in byelection zameen we are finishing seconds and a lot of by elections now particularly in the north of england. and i think that we can eventually take a seat in a byelection but let's not forget that a big elections next year the european elections take place in june two thousand and fifteen these are the elections that we will win i genuinely believe we will see more any peace but so brussels than any other party and then in two thousand and fifteen ukip will be standing in every single constituency and we will be putting up a good fight if we enter the election on double digits ahead of the liberal
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democrats we have leadership debates in this country and will be on those leadership debates and he would wipe the floor with clegg cameron and miliband mania will start just finally back to immigration policy people do perceive you as racist how are you going to overcome that challenge just briefly. well quickly we have a blanket ban on anybody who's been a member of a far right political party ever joining you that is nothing racist about discussing immigration and wanting british jobs for british workers well we've got more news online for you including public fury against the muslim brotherhood in egypt which is a boiling point with the islamist leader's son lynched for a shocking murder he is accused of committing at the argee dot com for the full story. of. what china is breaking pace of industrialization it may not comply with people's hopes for a green and environmentally friendly future hundreds rally in the city of cuming
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against the government plans to build another factory producing hazardous materials more details on our website. criticism over the domestic use of drones in the united states is mounting while demand for them is skyrocketing the federal aviation administration predicts some one hundred thousand commercial unmanned aircraft will be over american skies within the next five years and as artie's an associate you're going to has been finding out building and operating the drones is becoming a coveted profession for many. unmanned aerial vehicles better known as drones are not only in the skies but might be taught at a college near you at least three u.s. schools offer bachelor degrees in engineering and flying dozens more offer drone one zero one courses and classes. the university of north dakota kicked off its four year program in two thousand and nine with just five students that number is now at one hundred twenty they've elected to major in unmanned aircraft systems and
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i believe the reason is that they see that as an opportunity for growth it's an emerging technology embry riddle aeronautical university in florida began training u.a.b. pilots and operators in two thousand and eleven and expects the number of graduates to reach the hundreds in the next several years becoming and they use are becoming more prevalent in pretty much any time region you can imagine the increased interest in the drone industry is largely fueled by post-grad starting salaries that are much higher than those for pilots flying planes or helicopters or an economy that's hasn't recovered ok so people see opportunities for jobs wherever there's money to be had of course but the problem is that universities are supposed to do something more than serve the military industrial complex. to widespread debate drones are notoriously used as weapons and u.s. wars abroad the one that's under heavy scrutiny right now is that i mean aircraft are in the past been used by the military therefore the logical leap is that i mean
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aircraft were used militaristically in the united states the federal aviation administration says that ten thousand commercial drones could be used over u.s. skies within five years for surveillance and other purposes while controversy surrounding them is that a p how dare they even talk of bad drones on a domestic case there are many many cities in the country that have already got rights to use these drones and they will be using them so without the laws that protect our privacy we do. not how they're going to be used most people teaching and studying programs insist their use is much more varied than for military purposes abroad and surveillance at home. where doubt when need be an issue at all border security meteorological and environmental surveillance such as sending a drone into a hurricane without having to worry about the pilots are among the applications most commonly praised and you even use still the most common association with
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drones at home is law enforcement and it's this aspect that's making americans very uncomfortable obviously there's going to be some regulations that are going to have to be put in place so that people don't run around or at least you know police or whoever doesn't just have the ability to run around and you know go unchecked looking at you know having a ever watchful eye over the public but i don't think that will it will be a deterrent more so it'll be a challenge to make sure that you know people are happy with the implementation of their graft into the national airspace system officials are yet to convince americans that there are more pros than cons to drones flying over u.s. soil it's time to say wait a minute hold up let's not move forward in this area without understanding where we're going and that's the problem here that's the danger the association for unmanned vehicle systems international estimates the number of american jobs in the industry will grow to over twenty three thousand over the next fifteen years. and.
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new york thousands of going to from every corner of the u.s. have gathered in houston to explore everything the gun industry has to offer this year's meeting of the national rifle association is likely to be the biggest ever despite all the recent shooting tragedies in the us the n.r.a. is holding steadfast in its opposition to obama's attempt to strengthen gun laws in the country. is in houston with the details. the national debate over gun control maybe among the most divisive issues in the united states but it's also proving to be a p.r. success for america's largest and strongest rights organization approximately seventy thousand people turned out for the national rifle association annual meeting taking place here in houston texas you could understand the enthusiasm and the strength behind the n.r.a. so many families here have brought their their children now was those in attendance
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are not allowed to fly any of the weapons or admonition but they certainly are allowed to pick up the guns hold them in their hands aimed them for the kids there are air guns that the kids are allowed to shoot also for actual cards to play with and many in the crowd told me that they come with the feeling of victory because in recent weeks u.s. president barack obama's first furthering gun control legislation failed in the senate that effort of course was for strengthening background checks when you hear from the poll that turned out they say that they will stand behind the n.r.a. to continue to fight any efforts washington makes on furthering gun control legislation think it shows how america feels about our freedom to own guns is second amendment and most analysts are supporting in our a because there are backbone for believing in fighting for our rights i didn't split the speaker grunow
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i didn't use one it's wonderful i look to you like fifty one for the n.r.a. there would be no more i think a lot of people came this year because. president obama was reelected and we know we have a tough fight to just keep our rights former vice presidential candidate sarah palin and texas governor rick perry are among a long list of me. aims of pro-gun conservatives that addressed crowds throughout this three day of that all those that spoke accuse president obama and new york city mayor michael bloomberg and even the mainstream media leading a vicious attack against the second amendment but that fights includes a very hefty financial investment according to reports the n.r.a. spent seven hundred thousand dollars in the first quarter of this year to fight any efforts made by washington to strengthen gun control now ironically as the us
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leader has been making his efforts to strengthen gun laws gun sales have been a creep increasing and membership to the n.r.a. has been expanding so far in this ongoing political battle of the n.r.a. he's clearly proving itself to be strong enough to go up against and defeat the president of the united states reporting from you stand with r.t. . for more international news. spin around the globe. u.s. service members have been killed in two separate attacks in afghanistan you know roadside bomb killed five men in the southern province of kandahar two other american troops have been killed during an insider attack by a rogue afghan soldier in the country's western helmand province this comes just hours after president hamid karzai asked the taliban to stop destroying the country and help defend it against what he calls for and plots. three people
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have been killed and dozens injured after two blasts went off within minutes of each other near an election office of a pakistani a liberal political party in karate the taliban claimed responsibility for that attack militant earlier promise to target three secular political parties ahead of the general elections in a week's time more than seventy people have been killed in the ongoing insurgent attacks in the run up to that may call the vote is expected to mark the first. ever democratic transition of power in pakistan. in hungary hundreds of far right protesters rallied on budapest martyrs square a day before the world jewish congress opens in the country judges came under fire for authorizing what is widely seen as an anti-semitic protest for the victims of their zionism in a country within the largest jewish community in europe it was organized by the job of party who ran a campaign called hungry for hungry and in two thousand and nine. two
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soldiers are dead and of four more were injured in an attack on a mali an army patrol near the northern city of gal a suicide bomber and armed militants a provoked a clash that left two mali and troops killed three of the attackers also died in the fighting the attack underscores the challenges the country faces following a french led military intervention to liberate three main towns controlled by al qaeda linked groups in northern mali the area has been rocked by several suicide attacks targeting military forces in recent months. in tripoli government supporters have clashed with demonstrating that militia members who were demanding khadafi officials the ousted from the government last week are men laid siege to the countries of foreign and justice ministries calling for a purge of the old regime members violence and instability are once again threatening the country two years after a nato led intervention and the overthrow of colonel gadhafi millions of orthodox
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believers are celebrating easter in church ceremonies around the world it's one of orthodox christianity is most important services and marks the resurrection of jesus christ thousands of people gathered at russia's main a vigil at the cathedral of christ the savior in central moscow artie's medina coaching over as details. christ is free send us the phrase our two dogs be rescreened each other with the celebration continues early on saturday you believe . in the church of the holy sample in jerusalem and the holy fly is described to buy our two dogs believers as a miracle that happens alfre year on the eve of the easter celebration later that fire is distributed to the r.v. docks countries including ballo russia serbia georgia and many others and it was also brought to russia. in moscow's of neugebauer airport and was
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a later delivery to the christ as savior could be there which is really a bit louder and more are to doc's cathedral in the country and that's where the a main easter service was taking place now the service of began shortly before midnight on saturday pris and believers holding candles and carrying on like around the cathedral right after midnight glory following the resurrection of jesus christ and that service lasted for several hours and well into the early hours of sunday it was also time to by the russian president vladimir putin and prime minister meet the need to be safe and really despite what about what the this day as it was pouring with rain throughout saturday still hundreds of people came here to this special night service easter is a presidio it's a by quite a long period of fasting b.g. verse abstain from meat axe fish and products for eight days which they tend to
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stunting praying and this is a night so this is then followed by the easter sunday that's one believe there's give each other colored folks that they've prepared and special russian easter brad which is called beach it is really a very special moment and a special day for millions of our dogs to believe around the globe as they celebrate the most important day and they are the docs calender. sir david chapman editor of the russian orthodox church magazine explains why orthodox believers place so much significance in the celebration of easter. is to service is the one of the strongest evidence is that christ has risen and brought us to everlasting life is to service consists of three main parts on the mountains which is the service follows the easter procession around the church
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people are coming to venerate the resurrected christ and to sort of. joyfully see. to him. and of course the right place to do it is the church so that's that's why people are gathering of the church many people couldn't just physically and to the church because there isn't enough room there are limits is only the space that the churches have st petersburg is experiencing a renaissance as an international cultural capital by breathing new life into the renowned theater which is now a modern high tech twin the spectacular opening of the new venue silenced critics of the modernist building and kicked off a series of lavish events artes to bang bang was their. standing just outside the
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marines here to day to just live or come out here in st petersburg the theater of was an open door for the public after ten years of waiting to get a seat in that there's a wonderful auditorium as well as see a piece of of the theater now of course with out of the critics a luring about we wanted to find out what of the people themselves or thought yeah yeah especially that you know i'm waiting for something you know building is beautiful but this one is going to be so sunny that's why i'm looking forward to something magical. i wish despite all the technical novelties of the new stage some of the directors kept the original staging of the classical performances surprising us with innovations and new productions leave the classic pieces as they are. to see for your commissioners to. first of all i hope to see the ballet which is a jewel itself as well as the technical abilities of the new stage the conductor
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and the performers this is an amazing event in the lives of citizens of st petersburg the program appear to chew day to consisted of the marines a ballet company the company is actually split into three parts the rubies and the diamonds as well as a b m rolls now the company wanted to stage a mixture of jade pizza bites a cop ski serve in ski and foray a mission that they called the jewel it was a performance that stunned everybody which had everybody on their feet applauding with critics a silencer there's no doubt of that there's a new mariinsky theater to space will become the emblem of st petersburg. i'll be back with the latest on our breaking news in a little over half an hour's time but in the meantime archie explores the lives of syrian refugees seeking asylum here in russia stay with us.
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my name is. i am from syria and i head toward the sea i like to. just go to see my friends and my family. my name is. i came here because i want for my children to live in peace and to be killed russian citizens. and their home ones are some i'm coming to. live here because my all on. my name is it or not. come back to the lovely country when would we.


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