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tv   Headline News  RT  May 5, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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a declaration of war that's how syrian officials have described and they just as rated as strike a military research center near damascus was pummeled with rockets over night to our cost condemns the strike demanding action from the while the u.k. calls for an answer to the arms embargo on the opposition saying peace in the region is now under threat. and in bahrain a court has sentenced that he won protests to fifteen years in jail for throwing five bones journey on to where she riots last year.
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this is on c coming to you live from moscow hello and welcome to the program. syria says israel has effectively declared war after its planes bombed targets in damascus the second airstrikes in as many days syria's states media says radio rockets targeted a military research center on the outskirts of the capital video footage and eyewitness accounts such as the attack and hit weapons dumps triggering large explosions syria says a number of people were killed and wounded amid widespread destruction of the arab league us condemned this trikes and demanded the u.n. security council to stop any more. t.v. station run by lebanon's hezbollah militant group showed images of what it claimed was the right of the israeli air strike in syria the and verified footage was reportedly taken at the site of a military research facility in german riot after their time but the center itself appears not to have been hate the strike apparently left a major road filled with debris and shell casings and while there's still been no
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official reaction from israel paul is here the details the syrian deputy foreign minister files that i would make dad has called this morning's attack on a syrian military research facility to quote him addictive ration of rule by israel now said the a tech represented an alliance between islamic terrorists and israel he also says that syria will retaliate against israel in its own time and way you know this is extremely important this is the first time we're hearing confirmation from the syrian government that this was an attack carried out by israel and that it is choosing to respond it has regional and international implications because syria of course is a close ally of iran and in all likelihood iran is now bound to also declare war on israel so we were watching this closely it remains to be seen but at the same time the israeli military is still refusing to confirm or deny reports that it is
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responsible for this morning's attack having said this though. senior israeli unnamed source has said that israel is responsible and that the attack was carried out in the vicinity of damascus airport but this official continues to give comments anonymously because he cannot represent any kind of private intelligence or any kind of decisions that will make can made by the israeli government we do know that israel has put in place the iron don't defense missile systems near the cities of suspect and haifa in the north of the country so that sort of these is an indication that israel is preparing at least for something on the ground it's not preparing it's at least worried about any kind of the television at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting the smalling of the prime minister netanyahu said nothing about the strikes but he did reiterate that he was committed to the security of israel over the past few days the israeli military caught up several hundred thousand reservists for what it called a surprise military exercise on the israeli border with lebanon in recent days
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there have been signs of mounting tensions between israel and hizbollah which is a militant group based in lebanon but allied with damascus now in a warning to israel earlier this week the hizbollah leader. did say that his militia was ready to quote him he said he has and they have a hand on the trigger in the event of an israeli attack israel has in the past repeatedly warned that it is prepared to resort to force to prevent any kind of syrian weapons making their way from syria into the hands of hezbollah and other groups that want. tech was on a stockpile of long range missiles that is well believed ultimately would find their way into his hands back in january it will hit the same with holes that was the attack was what that was the target of this morning's attack and if indeed it
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is confirmed that israel carried out the strike on sunday morning that would be the food time that israel has hit in syria since january this year. egypt condemns the israeli air strikes on syria with the arab league also demanding action from the u.n. security council so the league say there has been a dangerous violation of an arab state sovereignty article two of the united nations charter bonds the use of force against the territorial integrity of any state that should recount in washington and in london told me earlier about the reaction coming from the u.k. and the u.s. . the u.k. foreign secretary has said that this latest israeli air strike is making the case stronger for lifting the e.u. arms embargo on the syrian opposition according to william hague this recent escalation of the conflict shows that there's a real risk that the violence could spread outside of syria and into the wider
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middle east of course this isn't the first time that the u.k. has called for an end to this e.u. arms embargo in fact it's become somewhat of a regular occurrence this is just the latest reason that they're citing for providing extra assistance to the syrian opposition and we know that germany has to provide extra weapons to provide weapons to the syrian opposition we also know that yet the united nations have begun reservations about it they say that flooding the region can only create more violence underscores many international observers have been keen to point out that arming the syrian rebels could have some very dangerous consequences for the wider region and for israel of course as well a lot of people are still very wary of what took place in libya the libyan scenario when weapons flooded out from gadhafi is army and into mali and algeria into neighboring countries there's still
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a lot of problems to do with that so it's a lot of countries are very fearful about making that mistake again in gaia to you know are there any indicators that the you are about israel's attacks in advance the u.s. and israel according to both governments work very closely in terms of intelligence gathering so it is difficult to believe that washington didn't know anything about israel's plans to bomb damascus the question that is very much unclear at this point is whether the strikes were really about hezbollah it will whether it was an intervention into the civil war in syria the sources in the u.s. government on the officially call for him destroyed just as they did. days ago one said they were targeting weapons headed for hezbollah in lebanon the meskins sees it differently they see the strikes as an attempt to boost the morale as they say of the rebels whether or not the strikes were actually intended as an intervention into the syrian civil war they may affect it anyway there is another concern the
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strikes are based on some sequence information and also so what ben's heading somewhere you could tell would be of no washington have officially confirmed anything and many worry that we're stepping into the spirit gray area worse. buried out in absolute secrecy the strikes come days after the u.s. defense secretary said washington is we thinking its position on or mean the rebels for the past two years lead misprision has been reluctant to arm the syrian rebels the right the events of this week which now include the israeli strike may have created a certain momentum and this kind of momentum could actually fall for the forces on the ground and resulted in more violence in a country where it's already devastated. and the norm the situation in the region let's now talk to. jim brown who joins us live from london mr brown thank you very much indeed for your time britain's foreign secretary william hague has backed calls to lift the arms embargo on syrian rebels would that make it more or less
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difficult for israel to deal with the flow of weapons across the region. well i must say that assumes that israel is doing what it says which may not be true at all it may not at all be maybe using this idea of the flow of weapons and as an excuse but no i mean any intervention of that kind is going to make the situation worse as well as being a violate basic violation of international law which clearly israel strike today and the previous ones have been as well but william hague is justifying his favorite method of intervention which is arming the one side in the in the fight on the basis that israel is pursuing its favorite method of intervening which is bombing and it's completely unacceptable the syrian government labeled the israeli raid a declaration of war and said it will retaliate could we really see syria engage in another military conflict given what's already happening on the home front back.
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yes i'm not sure if it is in fact a different fight to simply israel intervening in the existing fight but i suspect that syria will be very careful in this because i think it's probably an israeli provocation anyway it may well be that israel is trying to get syria to retaliate or it's trying to provoke hizbullah into retaliating and remember that israel has a very serious score to settle with hezbollah because twice once in the year two thousand and once in the year two thousand and six hizbollah inflicted a very serious defeat on israel so israel certainly wants to get this ball and i think it's trying to provoke the situation so that it thinks it would create a favorable situation for israel to do. it as trike such as the one israel carried out is a violation of the u.n. charter with egypt and the arab league calling for security council action over
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this are there likely to be any consequences for israel for that time. i'm afraid it's unlikely because there is that israel has been given historically for the last say fifty years or more a very special place such that i believe the figures are that the united states has vetoed i think forty four united nations security council resolutions concerning israel when they get anywhere near. cramping israel's ability to carry out the strikes that we've seen lately so at the end of the day i'm sure the united states would simply veto any u.n. security council resolution with teeth and in a way you can say that perhaps some of these voices in the region know that perfectly well but no i'm afraid historically it's very unlikely. that israel will be constrained iran has offered various types of assistance to the syrian regime
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what would israel's reaction be do you think if one of its enemies joins the conflict that. well again i think iran will also be very careful i mean they know perfectly well i think they know perfectly well what's going on they can read the dangers. around won't be too public about anything that it does but certainly you see israel wants an excuse anyway that's very clear and this whole question for example it's playing on this issue of chemical weapons well it's extremely cynical. and when the you are u.s. defense secretary went there on the twenty second of april they told him nothing at all about their supposed evidence and then the following day when he left they came out with this line that syria had used chemical weapons many times. well that's how cynical it has to be so i'm afraid yes they will accuse iran of supporting the syrian government anyway. and that's
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a central factor in the in the equation. basically do what he thinks he can get away with i'm afraid all right and he will actually it's from the stop the war coalition jubran thank you very much indeed for talking to us. now china grass is a founder of news website wide awake news dot com and he's in the united states let's not talk to him about how those latest developments in syria are going to play out charlie very nice to see you welcome to the program it's been suggested israel is targeting hezbollah terrorists why isn't it doing the same against al qaida terrorists in syria. that's an excellent question and i think activists jim brown nailed a lot of those those answers you know it is and it isn't just al qaeda. which is the driving force of the so-called freedom fighters inside of syria why are they being targeted you know it's pretty simple that this is fomenting war with proxies
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right we're going to we're going to go in and say we're going to attack hezbollah or weapons headed for her and of course there are an iranian origin this region of the world is a powder keg and it seems the west along with israel is looking looking for the right spark who is actually the main target behind these attacks syria iran or hezbollah in lebanon who is the main say that again please of course who is the main target who is the main target behind these attacks where they may be through ron or maybe it has been i think it's you they want to put all these cattle all these fish into one cattle tied them together as a new axis of evil in inside the middle east and north africa and do away with them i think they're all under attack you know like like i said syria's been hanging on with the sectarian government under civil war for over two years and you know we
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are funding the west is funding and i don't know of many merican realize this but they doing well should you know we're talking we're getting daily diatribe by washington d.c. these people that are allegedly trying to convince us that we want to spread democracy to that region of the world and give the people a chance we're talking about now directly arming the rebels and we need to understand who these rebels are they're the same individuals we were shooting at the stand and that we've been you know led to be believe that these are the terrorists that want to come over and steal our rights so you know i don't think that there's any one specific target i think it's the region i think it's the west along with in israel trying to foment a war. we can presume israel hardly ever acts without permission from the us do you think washington was aware of these actions in advance absolutely one hundred percent i guarantee it look look at the rhetoric that's been built up over the last weeks the rhetoric about the red line the chemical weapon you know dennis kucinich
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one i believe on a. politician former congressman said if you want to know what's going on inside syria just go ahead and google syria calls chemical weapons more manufactured intelligence of course we knew what was going to happen over this weekend you know we talk about red lines we talk about netanyahu being on the floor of the u.n. with his cartoon reading meeting this red line for the nuclear threat for iran absolutely involved it was no doubt all parties that this attack is going to. break right charlie mcgrath a founder of news website wide awake news dot com and he was in the united states china many thanks indeed for sharing it. thank you. let's now have a look at how our viewers. the whole situation about the israeli strikes on syria and online at home we have paul you can always log onto our web site and
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participate in that online poll and let's now have a look at the results so far over forty percent i should say forty two percent of you believe that israel is carrying out western plans to hold this seat where rebels there are thirty two percent of you saying there is an declared war being fought just under twenty percent of you said nineteen percent or so filled the message to the you as that israel is ready to strike iran and the minority of you who voted in the action of self defense against hezbollah and so on the risk is a beirut based journalist and middle east expert he believes that israel is trying to drag the u.s. military into the regional conflict. has there been any escalation against israel for israel to react has there been any military action has israel being been attacked by any side whether it be husband law whether it be syria whether it be housed israel in the been attacked by any side whatsoever israel has not been
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attacked so that we hear this talk about you know game changing weapons but all of this you know doesn't doesn't give the right to war doesn't give the justification . for such escalation i think you have to put all the pieces of the puzzle together remember that the all of the fuel rather you have a chemical weapons who was the one which made this first announcement that was bruno the military intelligence israeli official made the announcement about syria using chemical weapons from a very beginning after president obama had said time and again that is the red line that didn't succeed thus far in dragging the us to war against syria so now i think that we had two incidents there with i reported the israeli strike on a convoy and now we have indeed an israeli strike on them but i think we have a classical example of what we would call israel trying to manipulate us
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policy in the middle east israel is going to continue i think with these practices until it drags the us into conflict y. and the reason being that the syrian army has made military advancements very recently it seems that bashar al assad militarily has gained the upper hand and so is where i realized as i said once the growing list is outside intervention outside intervention as i said trying to drag the us by saying if you don't go in then we will we shall wreak havoc we should go ahead with our own military escalation. gracious now breaking news story now that syria says it's rated as tracks on the outskirts of damascus will make the whole region more dangerous and valid to do everything possible to protect its citizens one official said they destruction of the country's military research facility was a declaration of war syria state media says israeli rockets targeted
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a military research center on the outskirts of the capital video footage and eyewitness accounts suggest that tox hit weapons dumps triggering large explosions that syria says a number of people were killed and wounded and made widespread destruction the arab league has condemned the strikes and demanded the u.n. security council acts to stop any more dates on this developing story in our news bulletins and online at all to dot com as well and stay with us as we have no news for you after this break. they all see themselves as dying swans in their dreams. but only one of the cells and will ever make it to the child. they're ready to give their lives for the chance to die on stage if only once.
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not even broken wings could deter them. for generations to come a risky theater ballet sweat and tears. well. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. this is also welcome by a court in bahrain sentenced. to fifteen years in prison each they're all aged
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between sixteen and thirty four and have been found guilty of carrying out fiba togs during antigovernment protests which in gaza the kingdom last chair one of the lawyers claims his client was tortured until he gave a false confession the monarchy has been widely criticized for its violent suppression of protest rallies. and of more for this group of thirty one protesters as you said is aged roughly between sixteen and thirty four so you can imagine for the sixteen year olds this is an incredibly have the sentence they all come from island in the northwest part of the country which has been the hotbed of protests that have rocked bahrain since early twenty the eleven now these protesters have been sentenced on a range of charges including for example setting a car on fire protesting possession of have told bombs and also attempted murder this is according to the lawyers but the protesters denied the charges they say
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that they're innocent and they in fact claim that they were coerced into confessing in order to get these charges now the background to all of this is these as creating protests that we've seen in bahrain that as i mentioned began in two thousand and eleven basically where you have is ongoing unrest with the majority of shiites in the country and demonstrating and demanding a greater voice in the political system that has been ignored by the sunni monarchy that ruled in many ways with an iron fist as protesters allege and so what began as peaceful gatherings people taking to the streets to protest has really transformed into what we've seen in the. brutal crackdowns by the police with tear gas being used mass arrests of protesters in fact one of the most best known cases of the regime essentially cracking down on some of the protesters was the case of the builder of job who was actually interviewed here on our t.v. by julian assange and in august twenty twelve he was actually sentenced to three years in jail for participating in one of these protests so a lot of human rights activists say that this is untenable situation that these
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these people are really stepping out to demand democracy but they've really been met with an iron fist so of course continue to wash see how this situation develops but it's quite possible that the sentence the sentencing of these thirty one protesters could spark fresh rest in that country. this week workers around the globe joined a day of protest against the unemployment poor salaries and violations of their rights and amber of may day rallies in particular are making the headlines in turkey there was violence with police resorting to tear gas and water cannons against angry crowds at least twenty eight were injured and dozens were arrested and these pictures are from barcelona where the rally was also marred by clashes with police thousands took to the streets in spain protesting against austerity and unemployment which is at record highs may day protesters marched in athens as well as part of a twenty four hour walkout following the recent of fifteen thousand public sector
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jobs and it comes as the e.u. faces the prospect of another year of recession and job losses according to latest forecasts so these are the three countries would be highest unemployment rates in the eurozone in greece over twenty seven percent of the workforce is out of a job while in spain one in every four is unemployed portugal's rate is not far behind on seventeen point five percent and then employment numbers are predicted to keep soaring. and right now. while u.s. president barack obama is pushing for tighter gun control laws those opposing the idea are pledging to never surrender their annual meeting the national rifle association said the fight against the proposed legislation on extended by ground checks is far from over and as our she's now reports from texas they're not short of support. the national debate over gun control maybe among the most divisive
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issues in the united states but it's also proving to be a piece of our success for america's largest and strongest kind of rights organization approximately seventy thousand people turned out for the national rifle association's annual meeting taking place here in houston texas those in attendance are not allowed to fly any of the weapons or ammunition but they certainly are allowed to pick up the guns hold them in their hands aim them and get a good feel of what these weapons are all about for the kids there are air guns that the kids are allowed to shoot also virtual gods to play with in recent weeks u.s. president barack obama's first furthering gun control legislation failed in the senate that effort of course was for strengthening the background checks but when you hear from the people that turned out they say that they will stand behind the n.r.a. to continue to fight any efforts washington makes on furthering gun control
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legislation make it shows americans feel. free to second amendment. most in the show are supporting the n.r.a. because they are a backbone for believing in fighting for our rights former vice presidential candidate sarah palin and texas governor rick perry are among the long list of names of pro-gun conservatives that addressed crowds throughout this three day event all those that spoke accuse president obama of leading a vicious attack against the second amendment now the n.r.a. is c.e.o. wayne la pierre referenced last month's boston terrorist attacks asking the audience how many bostonians wish they had a gun two weeks ago as an unprecedented manhunt for the bombing suspects was underway now ironically as the u.s. leader has been making his efforts to strengthen gun. laws gun sales have been
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a creep increasing and membership to the n.r.a. has been expanding so while the issue of guns for me and very divisive for the nation so far in this ongoing political battle of the n.r.a. is clearly proving itself to be strong enough to go up against and defeat the president of the united states reporting from houston or not you are today. and join my colleague bill daughter after the break for more news and i coming up in just a couple of moments delves into the beautiful but brutal world of bun the rena training its blood sweat and ballet in just a couple of minutes to stay with us. famous
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american political figure ron paul has decided to create his own liberty oriented home schooling curriculum at ron paul curriculum to give parents not turn of the standard public education you know when i was a kid homeschooling was only for like the kids of wacko's and cultus if you met someone who was homeschooled you always look at them with some sort of suspicion like what's with that kid with what's with his parents i mean who would home school their kids well let's look at it this way who would grow their own food when american supermarkets are stocked with pure healthy and natural food the problem is that food in stores is now loaded up with all sorts of mystery chemicals and g m o's and it makes perfect sense that nowadays people are intro starting to grow their own food and this logic applies to education too when public education becomes so dismal it is perfectly logical and reasonable to try to educate your kids yourself the no child left behind program did a fine job of making the american education system lower the.


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