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tv   Headline News  RT  May 6, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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a top u.n. investigators are strong suspicion rebels in syria have used chemical weapons but says there's nothing to suggest government forces of. israel's condemned for a series of air strikes inside syria but takes a look at whether the ultimate target of the attacks could lie elsewhere. a year after antigovernment protests turned violent. the release of those accused of inciting clashes with police you're seeing live pictures from the city center right here on. painful austerity in the lowest ratings in recent french history. marks the end of a tough first year as president our top story.
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in international news and comment from our studio center here in moscow. a leading united nations investigator says there are strong indications that syrian rebels have used the deadly nerve gas sarin in the ongoing civil war however. also insists there's no evidence the government has resorted to chemical weapons well more on this from marty's going to in washington so the u.s. is accusing forces of using chemical weapons but these comments seem to directly contradict this. well you you are
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given rights investigators say based on the evidence that they have the rebels in syria have used sarin nerve gas and a leading u.n. investigator said she was quote stupefied by the evidence take a listen here she is. multiple our investigators have been in syria and in neighboring countries interview victims doctors and food hospitals and in the latest reports we got last week i saw that although there is still no incontrovertibly prove there are very strong suspicions judging by the kind of medical help the victims received the sarin gas has been used by the opposition rebels and not the country's authority but it's not surprising because militants and people from outside have already infiltrated the opposition. when this soundbite made headlines the commission issued a cautious press release saying quote it has not reached conclusive findings as to the use of chemical weapons in syria by any parties to the conflict as a result the commission is not in
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a position to further comment on the allegations at this time end of quote nonetheless are we seeing politics getting ahead of facts not clear at this point but nonetheless this is a major development which comes at a time when the assad government is being accused of having used chemical weapons damascus denies the claims and asks for an investigation at the request of the syrian government there's supposed to be another u.n. investigation into a concrete incident in the middle of march when chemical weapons were allegedly used but that investigation is being hampered by additional requests from the u.n. chief who wants the u.n. mission to have access to all seriousness for the syllabi some worry that it could turn into a hunt for weapons of mass destruction and of course iraq experience comes to mind and the fear that politics again may get ahead of facts now president obama said if there is hard evidence that assad forces have used chemical weapons it would be quote a game changer washington is not saying exactly what it's going to do but last week the u.s.
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defense secretary said the administration is we thinking its opposition to arming the rebels critics say flooding syria with more weapons could only lead to more bloodshed the u.s. may end up or mean those who as it appears from this latest u.n. investigation do not shy away from using chemical weapons against innocent people what they did not say is what they were going to do if there's evidence that the rebels are using chemical weapons which begs the question is it somehow not a game changer. thanks very much indeed for that going to live in washington well after launching airstrikes inside syria over the weekend israel is bolstering missile defenses on its northern border it wants to protect itself after launching two attacks on syrian targets within forty eight hours syria has reportedly pointed its rockets at israel and threaten to strike back immediately if there are more raids. following the escalation of the crisis in the region the syrians are
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stressing that all options are on the table although they haven't specified exactly what they mean when they say that assad has also said that he would and now palestinian organizations operating in his country to wage war and to wage attacks against israel from the golan heights which is of course the mountains there border israel and syria what this means in effect is that the syrian army will not stop any palestinian from embarking on any kind of military action against israel that emanate from within the syrian territory is holed does seem to have shot itself in the foot to have its borders now open for palestinians who essentially israel has strained relations with its hugely problematic for this country and what we see now is that israel's actions have made its northern borders a vulnerable for attacks or infiltration from palestinian groups what many are saying is that the israeli strike could essentially or is essentially backfiring on them it's also as it was targeting a military convoy that was making its way from iran to hezbollah in lebanon through
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syria but what syria says is that one of the targets was a research center as well as a very specific military targets such as soldier barracks and compounds. both the u.n. and arab league of condemned of the israeli action but there were concerns the attacks could be aimed at another major nation in the region although israeli further there's obviously been a question of explains. third player here fellow shia a lighter side and has a bill on the big boy on the block and israel's arch enemy iran now reports suggest that it was in the rain shipment to has a lot that israel was targeting so it's possible that syria is just the middle man and it wouldn't be beyond reason that iran is equipping has a block as a backup in case of conflict with israel israel with this provocation there will be for a response either from syria either from his bloc well or better yet from the point
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of view of the obama to be station in israel from iran so if you run in syria don't do anything for the moment they just wait this will be seen as it is just a provocation but if there is you know the slightest bit of a response from either syria or iran that's the perfect brick text for what really shocked and or against syria iran is seen as the main thread by israel's government which is very nervous about its nuclear activities and in response to these airstrikes iran has already called on the whole region to stand against israel iran labeled the airstrike as an act of aggression accusing israel of advancing its own interests by creating instability in the region with an unprovoked attack and the commander of the country's ground forces warn that iran is ready to provide logistic support and military training to help syria defend itself against israel
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so townshend's ass collate and the motives are for onlookers to guess at its launching missiles into syria actually part of israel's plan to contain iran. with the twenty four hour a day still to this pre-election. fourteen killed in the latest attack we've got an update from. the program also. the plane that disappeared over the russian. border is finally sold and much more.
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thousands of opposition activists have gathered in central moscow one year since mass protest that ended in violent clashes last year a. dozen injured and saw hundreds of arrests and joins me live now from. tell us just how big is this rally today the. number of people. here heavy police presence across the area. right now.
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several people have been detained. shortly here on the ground. there was a chance that it wouldn't happen at all because it was marred by tragic. even before it started man who was installing the stage here died in an accident and even split the opposition in some way that some of the opposition members believe that holding a rally where the person died would be immoral but the organizers still decided to go ahead with the gathering here and it's going on for at least another hour as we understand what all of the demonstrators trying to say what is their message today . all the main message coming from the stage which is in fact a small bus which was provided by the most authorities after the stage collapse. in fact the main message here is freedom to the people who were detained following last year's protest in may the sixth this was definitely one of the biggest
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violence. violence we've seen in years in russia when just a day before. thousands here it's the same square below the square in central moscow and when a part of them tried to break the police line in the march towards the kremlin there are signs of protest people because the violence clashes erupted between them and the police several hundred people in fact more than four hundred were arrested and two dozen still remain in prison they have charges against them for inciting riots and these people here who have gathered at the square today believe them to be political prisoners demand them to be released of this is the main message obviously coming from the stage here and in the crowd as well thanks very much indeed. in central moscow and on our website with live streaming pictures from that rally there in the central part of the city so head to r.t.
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dot com to keep your eye on that and keep updated. a group of bahraini anti-government activists has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison for attacking a police patrol the protesters deny the charges. i mean they were tortured into making confessions bahrain has been engulfed in protests for more than two years now with police often brutally cracking down on demonstrators your position accuses the rulers of oppressing them and claims western countries are trying to downplay the scale of the unrest the habit of sufi he's an activist in bahrain he says there's a conflict of interest involved in the rest. because of the oil and behind because of the oil we bought from sorority because the whole moses trait that needs to be over now time to ensure that the floor or is not destructed because we have an acute case here in bahrain which damage it can rely on as
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a sport to watch over the region all of that have taken its toll on the people on the ground yet that have taken its toll on the children that are being arrested from there is this close on the women that are that are being tortured in prison all of that had to because of the sponsors to protest human rights. next to the political wrongs in bahrain we don't really have any other choice but to force this the damage has been done and my cousins are again my friends are. and so for me it's the only educating for me to do is to help them as me help me help me before. the life here in moscow i'll be back with more news after a quick break stay with us if you karen. yes surface of the surface for security reasons the motives are simply new.
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so you. would you do if you didn't you know who it was who were forced to.
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use continues here on t.v. in northwest pakistan at least fifteen people have been killed in a bomb blast targeting a proton about election running dozens more were injured in the explosion in the quote on region in afghanistan it's the latest in a string of attacks against political parties running in the may eleventh parliamentary election well more miss from the correspondence where you didn't who is in islamabad. the attack has targeted. which. summarize the every vicious of your model of my islam which is a party. for all of the taliban and has been mediating with between the taliban and the governments of this attack. while the. election's going to be in an
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emergency the bordering afghanistan and the slogans in that that that campaign was and the americanism can be in the supporters of kurds and people so far has been killed and scores are injured there are expectations from observer here that the violence will increase by the time we are approaching to the elevons me elections which is called here and historical elections but the violence is if you don't even a few days of this election. angry crowds flooded the streets of paris over the weekend piling pressure on the french president exactly a year after he was elected tens of thousands gathered to denounce thirty drive according to opinion polls he's now the most unpopular french leader for decades and faces record unemployment and a shrinking economy well for more on the results one's first year in power i'm
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joined by cult form he's editor of the french news site pour dot org so fred so although and seemingly the most popular french leader in recent history does that surprise you. doesn't surprise me really very much at all i personally wasn't expecting very different from that but indeed he's launching the polls and in in the open you nude seems to be quiet these days for sure why is he so unpopular what is the main reason behind this discontent we're seeing in france at the moment. i think the main the main reason is the economy although there is also another dimension probably from his his personality and his estate share and the fact that he's a bit of a president by mistake nobody expected him to be president a few months before the election and there are doubts on the stage here as a statesman but the main problem remains jobs and. power and the economy but it's
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not the only european country going through a tough time doesn't he deserve a bit of patience is that not what's needed at this stage. patience probably you could say that i think what people are starting to feel is that we are not taking a turn for the better patience would be in order if people had the feeling that waiting some more would bring better things that i think that feeling is really fading these days and that's why people have a big trouble being patient what about his foreign policy is he is very keen to focus on defense of nato policy is also of course that intervention in mali did that not score political points for him some sort of support from the french. it seems not it seems not we all have to hope that a statesman doesn't go into such adventure for the seek of popularity so let's hope that's not the case but in any case to me it could have often wars do have that
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effect but in this case it seems it didn't really gain him very much in popularity at all. all right then so it's the economy obviously which is a straight some fraud just just how bad is it now for the french people understand unemployment is very high. debt is something like what ninety percent of g.d.p. at the moment we get into a crisis level that is right. yes all i think definitely crisis level and i think even more in people's minds and in people's lives then the then the aggregate numbers about. job losses unemployment and debt i think people really see now day after day processing power eroding and becoming fewer and fewer more unemployed and the people who have jobs feel that every day their job is the biggest struggle and the biggest stress to keep it in to reach to our video objectives i think there's a pretty general a stealing from
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a few three village people that things are getting really tough for everybody day after day in france today and how much support will be getting from brussels and indeed particularly from berlin because he was very critical of the austerity measures that germany really wants them to see any obvious he's had to make big cutbacks but he was very keen to pursue the growth policy was and it seems not to work but has that put him at odds with the rest of those in brussels and indeed in. yes listen france has been increasing its debt france hadn't as it had a single. balanced budget since one nine hundred forty five so if deficit increasing the debt would bring growth and prosperity by now we would know it wouldn't we so so this this idea that we can resolve this crisis which is fundamentally a debt crisis by piling on more and more debt and by making the state the already
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morbidly obese estate. bigger seems seems unreal and i think deep inside people start to realize this so. expecting expecting to get a green light for more debt and more deficit from the other european countries will be will be a very tough one to to again for sure really good to talk to you thanks so much for your time live here not. joining us live there from brussels for having me thank you. well on our website for you at the moment a vintage show in madrid in this video shows. the ground in front. of spectators. of secret cash. to. raise questions.
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about. these are the images. the wreckage of a plane that crashed in the urals killing. has been found nearly a year after it went missing and search teams had. success but it turned out they didn't need to look far afield it was in the swamp just a few kilometers from the airport with more. it was a disaster that looked like it would never be solved this was the devastating scene
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three men stumbled across this week in the russian urals the remains of a plane that had gone missing nearly a year ago with the loss of thirteen lives normally the biplane was used to put out wildfires but on the night of june eleventh last year it's believed the pilot took it for a fatal joyride with twelve friends and relatives well he was one of three people who made the discovery and he is with us now this plane was missing for over a year how did you find it. by the off the stalk we were approached on behalf of a group of hunters who saw a strange metallic structure out in the bogs not far from the city of sirat although they suspected it to be the plane they were not sure that the. the location was only four kilometers away from the nearest road but the journey was very difficult and it's no easy task trekking through the tiger when we got there it was obvious that the metallic object was indeed what was left of the plate and
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can you describe the scene of the crash was the plane badly damaged where the bodies. of the somalia of the plane itself went down at a very sharp angle and became half submerged in the bog the shock of the impact stripped the plane's body of sheeting leaving behind only a skeletal air frame packed with human boners not one skeleton was intact we counted eleven skulls in various conditions some with evident burn marks others with multiple puncture wounds and why do you think the authorities were unable to find this airplane after all it crashed only eight kilometers from the airfield. they'll of course thought for most of the year the taiga in this area is simply impossible the plane crashed in the middle of a bog and with ice still present there it allowed us if barely to get to the wreckage in the winter the snow is too deep and in the summer the entire area becomes a bog when the rescue was conducted in the summer rescue is simply couldn't reach
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the area and we saw the pass that they had left behind it turned out they had passed only about fifty meters from an area where the wreck could be seen well a criminal investigation has been reopened into the case and will try to get to the bottom of what happened what after all was the pilot's incentive to steal a plane with friends which included a local police chief security guard and the airport's nightwatchman officials have claimed they may have been drinking and may have wanted to fly to a remote bathhouse in the region and then there are days he thinks something more sinister could have happened the whole episode is reminiscent of the infamous t.f. law passed a plane crash in the same region in nine hundred fifty nine then nine people perished in the. stances on their mutilated bodies were found at the scene with a selfie to investigation concluding they had died from a compelling unknown force or despite the wreckage of this latest crash being found
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there are still an awful lot of questions to be oncet. of them coming up a look at how it is being used in st petersburg to help the mentally challenged i'll be back with more news in just over half an hour. and yet another step along the pointless anti gender crusade activists in sweden are pushing to promote a new gender neutral pronoun these activists want the term hen to replace the pronouns han and han which mean he and she respectively i think the logic of these bizarre gender neutral movements in the e.u. is that they really feel that it's awful to force someone into a role that doesn't fit them you know i can kind of see this i remember back to when i was a boy in school and with me there was a kid what kind of only female friends and i certainly wasn't a sports
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a toy trucks kind of kid if you understand what i mean you know i could see this guy having all those male stereotypes shoved down his throat you know it made his life at school really unpleasant but the wacko e.u. liberal answer to some tiny amount of people being pushed into gender roles they don't like is to force everyone else into a genderless world they don't like fantastic i guess gender neutrality advocates can speak swedish how they like and they're free to use this word hen but don't force everyone in the country to do things your way the overwhelming majority of the world is very happy with its gender thank you very much but that's just my opinion. yes super severe yes the flippers of plenty of bees a lot of discipline in you need a. fuel but it should be the catalyst to change in
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a good suit of clothes we're seeing new media steadily for the meaning of the show. itself because it's an influence not simply yes he's institutional the way. the phenomenon of the medical school and the movie going i use a lot of the middle of the first there's a whole dysfunctional disabled son. because some of the other grows more they go there some more middle they're miriam's. they'll come way out but he was born with that and then. a bit of pressure so that's i mean. you're part of pressure that in the show i think alan priya you know my very valid work you shall.
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see when making art here she can see if she so let's take this color and make it a bit softer let's not make it so saccharin it was beautiful i mean look like you i mean your graphic what looks very confident people but there was no skull and bones and now this skull looks like a mosque when i first saw it.


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