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tv   Headline News  RT  May 6, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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the u.n. commission on syria says there is no clear proof of any chemical weapons being used there despite one of its top investigators suspect the rebels have resorted to sarin gas. israel for a series of air strikes inside syria takes a look at whether the ultimate target the attacks could lie elsewhere. also reporting this hour a year after anti-government protests turned violent. and the release of those accused of inciting clashes with police. record unemployment painful austerity and the lowest ratings in recent french
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history. marks the end of a tough first year as president top stories. online on screen international news and comment live from our studio center here in moscow this is. the u.n. team looking into the conflict in syria says there's no conclusive evidence any side has used chemical weapons despite an earlier statement by a leading team member that deadly nerve gas may be used or may have been used by the rebels the u.s. however continues to suggest that president assad is likely to have been behind the release of deadly chemical agents. is in washington so what got it looks like that
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u.n. investigators are actually failing to persuade the u.s. over this issue. well after the news broke about the findings of the u.n. investigation the white house said it's highly likely the our side regime not the red balls. would be behind any chemical weapons use you want a human right investigators say based on the evidence that they have the rebels in syria have use siri nerve gas and leading u.n. investigator said she was quote stupefied by. our investigation for crimes against humanity and war crimes. we collect. witness just to money. that made to appear that some chemical weapons were used in particular. and what was. what appear. to our investigation
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that was used by openings by the rebels and we have no no indication at tool that the government authority of the city government had used chemical weapons but what if you did that. first the first indication we got they were about the use of never opening. however when this headline made when this soundbite made headlines the commission issued a cautious press release saying quote it is not reached it has not reached conclusive findings as to the use of chemical weapons in syria by any parties to the conflict as a result the commission is not in the position to further comment on the allegations at this time and of quote the white house basically rejecting the possibility that the rebels could use chemical weapons and what appears to be this u.n.
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commission's quick attempts to blackout their own investigation raises all kinds of red flags about the possibility of facts being skewed by politics damascus the nice the claims that they used chemical weapons and ask for an investigation at the request of the syrian government there's supposed to be another u.n. investigation into a concrete incident in the middle of which happened in the middle of march when chemical weapons were allegedly used but that investigation is being hampered by additional requests from the u.n. chief who wants the u.n. mission to have access to all facilities in syria some worry that it could turn into a hunt for weapons of mass destruction and of course the iraq experience comes to mind in the veer that politics may get ahead of facts now president obama said if there is hard evidence that assad forces have used chemical weapons it would be quote a game changer washington is not saying exactly what they're going to do but last week the u.s. defense secretary said the administration is rethinking its opposition to arming
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the rebels critics say blotting flooding syria with more weapons could only lead to more bloodshed the u.s. may end up or meaning those who may be using chemical weapons now but the white house now even rejects the mere possibility that that could be the case going to thanks very much indeed for that update in washington ortiz going to check on. and eric then a safe from the french center for intelligence studies told us earlier that syrian rebels may have received chemical weapons from abroad while it's very difficult to say probably been stolen them in in some syrian stock but they could also are being. received at the gateway center in from the foreign countries because they're dumb ass and bashar they don't have any interest to use chemical weapons because because i'm sure more than a night person thought that territory they are in position or they are going to war
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again to rebuild so they've doubled after use chemical weapons because it would be absurd to come to predicted so every time we receive something from nation saying that the bashar regime is using chemical weapons we are very very cautious because we don't believe that going to have information after launching air strikes inside syria over the weekend israel is bolstering missile defenses on its northern border it wants to protect itself after launching two attacks on syrian targets within forty eight hours syria has reportedly pointed its rockets at israel and threaten to strike back immediately if there are more raids what is paula sneer is following events. the syrians are stressing that all options are on the table although they haven't specified exactly what they mean when they say this assad has also said that he would announce how the student organizations operating in his country to wage war and to wage attacks against israel from the golan heights which is of course the mountains that border israel and syria what this means in effect is that
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the syrian army will not stop any palestinian from embarking on any kind of military action against israel that emanate from within the syrian territory is whole does seem to have shot itself in the foot to have its borders now open for palestinians who essentially israel has strained relations with is hugely problematic for this country and what we see now is that israel's actions have made its northern borders are vulnerable for attacks or infiltration from palestinian groups what many are saying is that the israeli strike could essentially or is essentially backfiring on them israel says that it was targeting a military convoy that was making its way from iran to hezbollah in lebanon through syria but what syria says is that one of the targets was a research center as well as a very specific military targets such as soldier barracks and compounds. but the u.n. and arab league have condemned the israeli action but there are concerns the attacks
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could be aimed at another major nation in the region an old israeli for his or his body to coach another explains there is a third player here fellow shia a lighter side and has a ballade the big boy on the block and israel's arch enemy iran now reports suggest that it was in the rain in shipment to has a lot that israel was targeting so it's possible that syria is just the middle man and it wouldn't be beyond reason that's around is equipping has blocked as a backup in case of conflict with israel israel with this bubble cation there will be for a response either from syria either from his block or better yet from the point of view or the obama to be in israel from iran so if you run in syria don't do anything for the moment just wait this will be seen as it is just a provocation but if there is you know this like this bit of a response from either syria or iran that's the perfect brick text for what really
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shocked and or against syria iran is seen as the main thread by israel's government which is very nervous about its nuclear activities and in response to these airstrikes iran has already called on the whole region to stand against israel iran labeled the airstrike as an act of aggression accusing israel of advancing its own interests by creating instability in the region with an unprovoked attack and the commander of the country's ground forces warn that iran is ready to provide logistics support and military training to help syria defend itself against israel so townshend's ass collate and the motives are for on low curse to gas that is launching missiles into syria actually part of israel's plan to contain iran. so will these searing conflicts spill over the country's borders much more analysis on that is available right now on our website www dot com and there you can also
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express your opinion or where you think the unrest is heading. a group of bahraini anti-government activists has been sentenced to fifteen years in prison for attacking a police patrol the protesters deny the charges claiming they were tortured into making confessions bahrain has been engulfed in protests for more than two years now with police often brutally cracking down on demonstrators the opposition accuses the rulers of oppressing them and claims of western countries are trying to tell the play the scale of the unrest ahead of sufi who's a government activist in bahrain says there's a conflict of interest involved in the wrist. because of the oil and behind because of the oil we bought from here already because the whole muslim straight there needs to be over now time to ensure that the flow of oil is not destructive because we have an acute case here in bahrain which damn near accuse rely on as
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a spot to watch over the region all of that have taken its toll on the evil non-brand the cavity can stall on the children that are being ousted from their schools on the women that are being tortured in prison all of that had to because of complex the interest of human rights. next to the political wrongs in bahrain we don't really have any other choice but to process the damage has been done and my cousins are and my friends are again and so for me it's the only educated king told me to do is to help them as he help me help me before. geo political analyst eric draitser thinks the bahraini regime is intimidating the protest movement because it sees a real possibility of losing power. as a scare tactic against all other democracy protesters in bahrain it's
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a way for the for the ruling family for the al khalifa family to ensure their own dominance within the country family just like the guitar of the south or the house of saud in saudi arabia they understand that they're engaged in an existential struggle for their very survival they realize that the democratic movements in other countries in the region could very quickly. translate into their own country so for those countries such as rain which has chastised syria for being so-called undemocratic they are the champions of non democratic institutions of torture of killing of extrajudicial killing and all of the rest of these things happening in bahrain that i think is the real scandal. r.t. live here in moscow still ahead this hour pre-election violence rips through pakistan with fourteen killed in the latest attack we've got an update from is
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never a bad later in the program also. history behind a plane that disappeared over the russian urals a year ago with thirteen on board is finally solved that have much more later in the program. it's day ninety of a hunger strike at guantanamo bay where nearly two thirds of the detainees are refusing food at the u.s. prison let's take a brief look at the facts out of one hundred people striking the twenty three detainees are being force fed through nasal chews now and that's a method that some have described as brutal for others remain in hospital but their lives aren't in danger according to the military the strike started in february and since then an ever growing number of detainees joined the protest against being contained without charge or trial is still open for business despite president obama's pledge pledge to shut it down well critics who say it's ineffective have
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a little more ammunition for their arguments apparently every detainees over nine hundred dollars every year to look after you could head to r.t. dot com for more facts and the full hunger strike timeline. thousands of opposition activists have rallied in central moscow to mark one year since must protest that ended in violent clashes last year's anti-government demonstration left dozens injured and sore hundreds of arrests. he's been gauging the mood in the heart of the capital. during the day the numbers reached around ten thousand members of the opposition protesters here in the in the square as far as
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we gather from the interior ministry officials there have been no incidents reported everything went smoothly and peacefully in fact the whole rally could have been canceled at all because there was a tragic incident ahead of the preparations one stage was set up a young man a volunteer died tragically in an accident and some members of the opposition were even saying that the rally should be called off because it was disrespectful to hold it that the place where a man died nevertheless the organizers decided to go ahead for several hours we've heard different political slogans coming from this little improvised stage over there in fact this is the stage which was provided by this bus that was provided by the authorities after the plans to set up a stage collapsed in any case the main message of the opposition crowd here was dedicated to as they called it the prisoners of may sixth this is a directly related to events exactly one year ago when one day before the
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inauguration of president putin the opposition staged their huge protest at the very same place at the blog. and this was probably the biggest violence the russian capital has seen in years when at one point everything was going peaceful and one point a part of a crowd was trying to break the police lines and march towards the kremlin and this led to scuffles between the protesters and the police several dozen were injured more than four hundred people were arrested several dozen of them still remain in detention there still trial going. on going to trial on their charges they're charged with inciting a riot while the people here the opposition believe that these people are political prisoners and the main message coming from the state here today was that these people need to be released more international news heading your way in just a minute after the break stay with us.
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every detail. every piece of metal. and every one of those who wrote step on red square on the ninth of may are ready. for the victory day parade. the live coverage on our t.v. . download. stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just. now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere.
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news continues here and angry crowds of flooded the streets of paris putting the pressure on the french president exactly a year after he was elected tens of thousands gathered to denounce. according to opinion polls he's now the most unpopular french leader for decades at a time the record unemployment and a shrinking economy. reports. yes it was. i heard you heard the change was
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a year ago thousands of people had gathered at this very place to celebrate the victory of socialist president francois lowered but here on the thousands of people are again gathered but for a very different reason this time they're asking their president where are the changes that he had promised asked by the very same people who had voted left and put along didn't place recent polls show its popularity has plummeted to less than twenty five percent the biggest force for any french president in the past fifty years but you know i thought it. let's you know where your promises are come on where are they if they're not just sure it is not me and i've yet this is the mission that from now on will be mine to give the european construction a dimension of growth employment and first priority you have france's hit record unemployment of three point two million people in march the biggest source of public anger it's also scratched hopes of cutting the budget deficit to three percent of g.d.p.
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by two thousand and thirteen and the european commission's most recent forecast shows france will be in recession until the end of the year the seventy five percent income tax on the super rich is also a no go after france's constitutional court overruled it for the very talk of it pushed french actor gerard depardieu to give up his citizenship for a law should one one promise along didn't that it's to keep is legalizing gay marriage pleasing supporters it also sparking fierce concentration. i think. people are happy with gay marriage but it doesn't feed our families it doesn't give us food there are realities that are good to say but there are also priorities priority is employment we need to eat it is obvious is it to blame. if you're in the news that you cannot return to the new president immediately.
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into the economy what i would like anyway i just would like to get the president which is not making that much promise is which is keeping some key points which is not going to explain that there are emerging receive no one hundred four. yeah yeah yeah. and magic recipe this film is. says is nonexistent he made this video during last year's presidential campaign to show the country's lack of choice. in the memo that when you listen to the media you'd think there were a lot of differences between the two but that's just on a superficial level on the most important things they agree do we need to intervene in another country to fight they will agree to intervening in other countries because the weapons lobby will always be behind it
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a lot is well aware of his unpopularity but says he will weather this storm improve he can't keep his promises at the end of this five year term. he needs time fine we are here to tell him mr president time is up and you need to start changing things but others like these workers or recently closed steel plant in eastern france are not even hopeful symbolically laid to rest are laws broken promises under a heading which breeds the trail does our sylvia r.t. paris. on our website of the moment for you at vintage show in madrid ends in tragedy this dramatic video shows an antique flying machine hurtling to the ground in front of thousands of spectators head online for the details. plus reports of secret cash deliveries from british intelligence to officials in
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afghanistan raise questions over the ukase a gender in the war torn country no going to pump to learn more about the ghost money scandal. in northwest pakistan at least eighteen people have been killed in a bomb blast targeting a protel of election rally dozens more were injured in the explosion in the region if going to stand is the latest in a string of attacks against political parties running in the may the eleventh parliament treat election well more on this nel from altie arabic correspondent topic well he didn't who is in islam about the attack has targeted by which. summarize the every bit of your model of my islam which is a party. for all of the taliban and in and mediating with between the taliban and the government these attacks. while the. elections being in an emergency the bordering afghanistan and the slogans in that. that campaign was
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and the americanism can be in the supporters hearts but there are expectations from observer here that the violence will increase by the time we are approaching the elevons me elections which is called here i historical elections but the violence is if events even a few days of this elections. a quick look at some other international news in brief this report say that anywhere between twenty and thirty three are being killed in bangladesh during riots involving hardline islamist calling for an anti blasphemy law will be introduced. in also injured security forces use rubber bullets to break up the government is tens of thousands of demonstrators flooded the streets of the capital dhaka is in this group so fiercely resisting a secularist movement thing gaining ground in bangladesh it's the start of this year. the high profile trial of
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a near nazi terror group is open in munich the last surviving member of the national socialist underground they have to shepherd is facing life in prison for murder she and for coconspirators are accused of killing eight citizens of turkish origin along with a great man and a german policewoman between two thousand and two thousand and seven police have set up security cordons anticipating possible far right protests. in libya helmed mobs have gathered outside state ministries in the capital tripoli demanding the government's resignation this comes after a new law was introduced barring people who worked under colonel gadhafi from serving in the leadership a number of politicians including the prime minister unlikely to lose their jobs as a result this comes off the heavily armed militants laid siege to the foreign and justice ministries last week the modeling the bill be passed the wreckage of a plane that crashed in the urals killing all thirteen on board has been found nearly a year after it went missing search teams that scarred thousands of square kilometers
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without success but it turned out they didn't need to look so far afield it was in the swamp just a few kilometers from the airport with more here's and reform. it was a disaster that looked like it would never be solved this was the devastating scene three men stumbled across this week in the russian urals the remains of a plane that had gone missing nearly a year ago with the loss of thirteen lives normally the biplane was used to put out wildfires but on the night of june eleventh last year it's believed the pilot took it for a fatal joyride with twelve friends and relatives. was one of three people who made the discovery and he is with us now this plane was missing for over a year how did you find it. by the off the let's talk we were approached on behalf of a group of hunters who saw a strange metallic structure out in the bogs not far from the city of several of although they suspected it to be the plane they we're not sure that the. the
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location was only four kilometers away from the nearest road but the journey was very difficult and it's no easy task trekking through the tiger when we got there it was obvious that the metallic object was indeed what was left of the plate and can you describe the scene of the crash was the playing badly damaged with the bodies. of the somalia of the plane itself went down at a very sharp angle and became half submerged in the bog the shock of the impact stripped the plane's body of sheeting leaving behind only a skeletal airframe packed with human bones not one skeleton was intact we counted eleven skulls in various conditions some with evident burn marks others with multiple puncture wounds and why do you think the authorities were unable to find this airplane after all it crashed any eight kilometers from the f.a.a. . deal of the risk for most of the year the taiga in this area is simply
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impossible the plane crashed in the middle of a bog and with ice still present there it allowed us if barely to get to the wreckage and the wind to the snow is too deep and in the summer the entire area becomes a bog when the rescue was conducted in the summer rescue is simply couldn't reach the area and we saw the pass that they had left behind it turned out they had passed only about fifty meters from an area where the wreck could be seen. well a criminal investigation has been reopened into the case and will try to get to the bottom of what happened what after all was the pilot's incentive to steal the plane with friends which included a local police chief security guard and the airport's nightwatchman officials have claimed they may have been drinking and may have wanted to fly to a remote bathhouse in the region and then there are those who think something more sinister could have happened the whole episode is reminiscent of the infamous past plane crash in the same region in nine hundred fifty nine then nine people perished
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in order to circumstances and their mutilated bodies were found at the scene with a soviet investigation concluding they had died from a compelling unknown force or despite the wreckage of this latest crash being found there are still on awful lot of questions to be answered. for were there to turn your attention to business in the studio with this case you understand that russia was offering a little relief to cyprus and that it was more right yeah they learned that was given the two point five billion euros that is given twenty eleven is actually going to be extended the interest rate is going to be loosened as well just to give them a bit more freedom what's going to talk about the astaire debate as well because france is in trouble the year is that unemployment they give lots to talk about after the break because you think.
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old free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media dog r.t. dot com. watching a business head on out say this monday evening welcome. oh russia is offering cyprus some much needed relief by extending their over two point five billion dollar loan the russian billions will lead to cyprus back in twenty eleven for five years at an interest rate of four point five percent the russian loan was now extended and the interest rate reduced to help cyprus combat its financial problems the details follow document that has been drawn up by international lenders which confirms it keziah has met all conditions for the ten billion euro bailout loan the bailout compiled by the troika will start with a three billion euro trance of cash later this lay. out tensions are brewing
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over austerity as france shows signs of wanting to loosen the spending reins france's fina minister pierre moscovici says the era of us thirty is over or germany in contrast continues to support the procedure the french finance minister says all star city on its own impedes growth his comments follow the european commission statement in that gave france two more years to reach its deficit targets as the economic recovery is expected to be delayed and in turn will give it she added the french president francois longed a boat turning against german inspired cas on its day i asked jacobs and chief economist from saxo bank about the french position. as these politicians speak at home in front of a home audience they tend to be more restrictive more less restrictive in terms of how they talk about things generally they have a different audience as soon as they get into the diplomatic circles of course they
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become more and it's constructive and more positive to watch these other but it's absolutely clear that the friends and good german relationship is under some pressure of course because all along has sided with the club med club they now have just had to use extensions to treat dissent deficit and france is under pressure from the growth side and the lack of structure and reforms in france and germany seize upon this as saying well listen you guys it's doing too little too late relative to the cycle of course this is not good latin in germany and as such going into election year for german this house calls becomes more accentuated but we have to remember a diplomatic meeting is about achieving what's possible not to discuss what way they disagree this is stay with germany from my own sake is something i found very interesting was the dam and finance minister at the time when the euro was founded is is calling for the caps to still fake it his was current seats be broken up what
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do you make of those comments saying first of all the left one chain which you referring to is yesterday's man in german politics but i think his voice probably have some resonance because of course when these politician tends to leave the official. public life they tend to be more brave and more honest about what is really their opinion so i think it's clearly a man who promoted very much behind the euro from the get go when for some of the rules in place right now who is having second doubts i don't think he will make any materially impact in terms of the domestic german opinion or in the french german elation ship but i think it's interesting to see. single politician who is left office tends to find himself in the position of doubting far more than he did while they were in office can we say as well to conclude do you think the days of austerity are i. know i think the political economic environment is up
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against each other right now what is that has meant is that we have delayed by two years most of the austerity comes in place but at the end of the day this is merely a delay not a stopping off a sturdy i think we all need to realize that you can't spend money you don't half unfortunate for france and the center left politics in europe. ok staying with us we've got the european markets to check out just let you know the footsie is actually closed today for easter bank holiday that's why there's no movement on the markets today but for many learned europe we've got a modest decline there for the dow just around a tenth of a percent a news from italy today with a lowered economic outlook for twenty thirty now forecast actually lowering domestic demand overall though volumes are low and that is because of love them all right let's have a look at the u.s. and see what's happening there as stocks continue to rise again pretty modest for
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the dow jones there around half a percent up for the nasdaq and that's really rising are the standard and poor continue to extend their record highs actually now this week the news last week showed that american employers added more workers than for cars in april so that's feeding in to this week as well alice continue with the u.s. markets and talk about a stock move up russia's biggest payment system kiwi was valued at eight hundred eighty four million dollars i.p.o. in new york the listing was made in the middle of the price corridor and shareholders more than two hundred twelve million dollars most of the boys were investment funds from the u.s. really says all things will be invested into the russian i.t. sector so let's check out the russian market is both the indices the r.t.s. sex and did the trading day with modest gains we had after vasant a.f.c. system or they were among the leaders growing more than three percent on the back
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of positive corporate news there we are. i would also check out the russian ruble then and you can see that she managed to gain in the session so is up against the us dollar and the common currency just there all right slot is the markets than us i will be back in less than two hours actually from now but we're going to stay with the austerity debate and r.t. sits down with a greek governmental speaker to discuss the fight against it so with us from our. and yet another step along the pointless anti gender crusade activists in sweden are pushing to promote a new gender neutral pronoun these activists want the term hen to replace the pronouns han and haun which mean he and she respectively i think the logic of these
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bizarre gender neutral movements in the e.u. is that they really feel that it's awful to force someone into a role that doesn't fit them you know i can kind of see this i remember back to when i was a boy in school and with me there was a kid what kind of only female friends and he certainly wasn't the sport's a toy trucks kind of kid if you understand what i mean you know i could see this guy having all those male stereotypes shoved down his throat you know made his life at school really unpleasant but the whacko liberal answer to some tiny amount of people being pushed into gender roles they don't like is to force everyone else into a genderless world they don't like fan asked stick i guess gender neutrality advocates can speak swedish how they like and they're free to use this word hen but don't force everyone in the country to do things your way the overwhelming majority of the world is very happy with its gender thank you very much but that's just my opinion.
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today. these are the images. from the street. showing corporations rule. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you don't i'm trying hard to compose a big picture. first
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of all thank you very much for joining us here on out thank you for coming in two thousand and twelve. with us on your country managed to keep the your and fears of the country's immediate bankruptcy have receded is greece over the worst of it greece is over the worst of it but it's not over yet we still have things to do. our first but to all government came to power on june. the climate was a very very negative i would say we were with. practically out of the eurozone but we managed to win the first battle the battle for the euro zone now is the second battle the battle against unemployment because employment in greece has risen to levels nobody could imagine twenty seven percent
2:41 pm
among all population sixty percent among young people. because in the beginning it was only thirty or thirty and nothing else. that didn't work that's why we have the fourth year of recession that's why unemployment rose to those levels. the new program has. policies full development and these tools we are using them to create jobs in any case greek economy desperately needs. clean money clean i mean not by loans and this can be achieved and two ways. by. exports of venting our exports and by attracting investments in both of these ways russia is an ideal partner and
2:42 pm
that's the reason that here in russia we present that for the first time the new investment law in greece this tell us a little bit more about that investment. well i'll tell you two things that are quite significant on the high level. we have the fast track procedure high level i mean big investments we have the hype of a fast track procedure which is that means that practically whoever invests more than fifty million euros in greece or well we will take the investor by the hand and guide him to the fulfilment of his investment we have made certain procedures that for example or permissions all necessary permissions will be by one service they won't have to go through this marathon labyrinth of the service to
2:43 pm
get permissions this bureaucratic. it's an easier procedure were battling bureaucracy who are simplifying things something else in the low level something that they believe will be attractive an attractive idea for many russians is that we will have any russian that buys a house in greece. up above a certain level which i believe will be around two hundred thousand euros he and his family have. a visa a five year visa will which will be renewed if he keeps the house well as i can see greece is moving towards. closer. stronger relations with russia but not everybody's happy we know that greece expected to raise fifty billion euros in privatization among other things as sallie natural gas assets and there are media reports suggesting that u.s.
2:44 pm
and european authorities are advising greek authorities know not to sell it to those sort of things we are going to do good carry on the procedure as it has been planned the best offer wins and we welcome the russian proposals the russian companies that are entering that have entered the procedure as as far. i know they have very good proposals its two main factors that are important the sum of money that is offered but also the gas plan because you can understand especially for an economy which wants to get out of a crisis we want the cheapest possible energy for the next five to ten years but did your government receive any sign any advice from western authorities or not you know the only advice came from articles in newspapers well i'm also a journalist and i know how some articles appear it's just media speculation on the
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best man wins the best offer in our case ok so as i understand it all sounds like no more austerity for greece is that correct we can't stand the greeks have sacrificed very much the average income of the greek has fallen by thirty percent you know how much more was thirty development would be best period for for oxygen because we were in a downward spiral we managed to stop it and by summer we will have to rise again and this year will be the first year after many many years that greece will have a primary surplus and i believe it's something like thirty years that we haven't achieved it. so we're doing things right it's hard and we must help
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the soonest possible those categories for example open sions that need help even at the time when when euro zone was created back in at the end of one nine hundred ninety s. helmut kohl and the german chancellor ignored signs and the fact and experts have been saying that pointed that out for him that italy was not ready to join the euro zone he was very well informed and very well aware of the fact of the special rates that this country and the succession may pose to the euro and two years later the same happened with greece it was accepted but it wasn't actually ready as experts were saying why at that time countries like italy like greece were so forcefully dragging you think. well it was the european dream then the very
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you have to look for also other responsibilities or did we insist in the monetary union out of. the can over political how was that possible what i did with. i'm telling you responsibility those of brussels. to the whole of the european union. and dr no the european union is facing a major challenge it must train and it must be taught by the mistakes of the past. but. and who we really want to be optimistic we believe that europe will change in the correct direction but mistakes were made and you're absolutely right that well anyway when we stop making them. well you have to ask well into whoa wait a few politicians about that but will anybody ever hold any responsibility for those
2:48 pm
mistakes because the consequences are very tough and ordinary people are suffering they they don't deserve consequences what human consequences the crisis across office quinces for somebody that made money out of this yes there will be consequences for somebody that this side that wrongly poorly what kind of consequences i believe the biggest punishment for a politician especially a leader is what history writes what other consequences put them in prison if we had that the political union along with the monetary union we wouldn't have arrived at this point if before lending the money we were checking better we wouldn't have arrived at this point if we had known we wouldn't have done what happened but with if you don't solve problems
2:49 pm
what is most urgent for us is to make think it's better for the people and still a great society is united how how you feel it is in fact in all of course listen it is a very difficult period it is a period that. you know unemployment is the best way for extremists. that's why you so you see the rise of the neo fascists and that's why you see the rise of the the political violence that's why you see from the. extremists. leftists to carrying out acts of violence still a long standing phenomenon or else very long no it isn't a long standing phenomenon and i believe that as soon as we manage to battle unemployment we will start we will see political violence. slowing
2:50 pm
down and you will see the rise of the new fascist and. and you will you will see it it is understandable desperation is the worst council . so we must bring back hope people are striking throughout greece from time to time and your government has at least twice already threatened to arrest striking workers and some may say that we don't either believe don't arrest striking workers now i said threatened to arrest those people back to work i know there is a procedure in the greek legal system that in certain occasions allows the government to order people to work. for example when you have a strike of well paid people that go with salaries over three thousand euros
2:51 pm
per month when most greeks are making ends meet with one thousand and less. and they say they are striking and paralyzing the whole city a group of a few hundred people so that they won't lose their privileges then yes the government must force them to work and that's what we did we didn't arrest anybody we didn't threaten anybody we enforced the law. nobody can keep a society hostage that's what we said and that's what we did i can hear i can feel that you are talking with a. huge respect about your european partners but there is a scorn coming from some german politicians and german media in relation to morden date greece is creased right now happy to live in in this kind of common european.
2:52 pm
let's see what kind of european home we make because i'm telling europe has to change let's see the direction at right now are you happy writing out listen there what they expressed our partners express their solidarity last november we were offered to help in conditions that are the best in europe and possibly the best in the world finally they showed their solidarity now we must do our job and we believe that this year by the end of this year we will be on the rise and everybody will know that we're on the right track. thank you very much for this interview and i hope the mistakes you are going to make that you promised will not have serious consequences i hope our next film to be will be in greece and you will have the chance to see that as well so you have an open invitation thank you very
2:53 pm
much. i've been going down over the song and good morning we will remember that we will
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yes social interests of the surface appearing that he's a lawyer sitting in a. so
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he'll tell. you what he was getting. so we'll hear what he wants to. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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u.n. commission on syria says there's no clear proof of any chemical weapons being used it despite one of its top investigators saying she suspects the rebels have resorted to sarin gas. meanwhile israel is condemned for a series of a strike inside syria but altie takes a look at whether the ultimate target of the attacks could lie elsewhere. year after anti-government protests turned violent in moscow to demand the release of those accused of inciting clashes with police. and record unemployment painful austerity and the lowest ratings in recent french history. and it marks the end of a tough first year as president.


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