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tv   Headline News  RT  May 7, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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israel faces the prospect of palestinian fighters are talking from inside syria territory after president assad reportedly gave them the green light in retaliation for israeli airstrikes. meanwhile america's top diplomat visits russia trying to bridge the divide over syria with moscow accusing the u.s. of inciting bloodshed in the civil conflict that. kind of hose both the leaders of israel and palestine as beijing's growing economic and political clout spreads to the middle east. the u.k. admit that radioactive materials have gone missing in the country in dozens of locations sparking fears that dangerous substances could fall into the wrong hands .
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and around the world this is the with me thanks for joining us israel is facing the prospect of syria based militants are talking across its northern border with the backing of bus stop about charlotte assad regime a palestinian armed group reportedly says it's been given a green light from damascus to carry out raids from the golan heights over here and it's apparently part of syria's response to a series of israeli air strikes and its territory over the weekend syrian missiles have ever portably been pointed at israel ready to retaliate immediately in case of a new and in neighboring lebanon syria lebanese units are reportedly being formed up as well also an historian gerald horne believes the israeli attacks have opened a pandora's box. their calculation is that turmoil they have
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unleashed in syria ultimately will we can palestinian resistance of light of the fact that damascus has been a prime supporter of palestinian resistance and allowing attacks on to really target story from the golan heights is a small price to pay in that context i'm afraid that we are on the threshold of a regional war keep in mind that hezbollah was a leadership announced just a few days ago that they would not allow the all assad regime to fall in damascus keep in mind as well that both hezbollah and the iranians have issued a very strong warnings to the rebels not to desecrate shia shrines in syria and apparently that is what has happened in the last forty eight to seventy two hours i think that there is a diabolical plot to stoke sectarian conflict as a cover for destabilizing syria then moving on to try to destroy hezbollah law and we can be islamic republic of iran meanwhile in the u.s.
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senate says how the gnostic can see that providing weapons to see iran rebels a bill allowing the move will set tonight said despite claims by a senior at you an investigator that the syrian opposition might have already resulted to using chemical weapons on his correspondent in washington going to chicken house cities have. washington is inching closer to arming the rebels this monday the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee introduced a bill that would provide weapons to quote some varied groups of syrian rebels the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee also said the u.s. must act to tip the scales in favor of the opposition so we see washington trying to decide the outcome of the civil war in syria this monday the white house has basically brushed off the latest findings of the u.n. human rights commission wish that the syrian rebels may have used the deadly sarin nerve gas here is a leading u.n. investigators saying she was quote stupefied by the evidence chemical weapons were
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used in particular. in what was. what appear. to our investigation that was used by openings by the rebels and we have no no indication at tool of government authority of the syrian government has used chemical weapons but i was happy to be stupefied that. the first the first indication we got they were about the use of neverin gas by that opening to that the white house said we find it highly likely that chemical weapons if they were in fact used in syria and there certainly evidence that they were the our side was responsible end of quote so it seems that the white house is dismissive of evidence that could suggest the use of chemical weapons by the rebels. dot com where asking you what would happen if
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evidence of chemical weapon usage incriminates opposition fighters and let's now see how you've been voting so far so the situation is changing slightly compared to last hour nearly around forty five percent of you believe this would trigger intensified calls for military intervention that just over a third of you around thirty five percent say the revelation will have no influence on calls to oust president assad around twelve percent of you think opposition backers are going to reconsider financial support for the rebels the rest just around eight percent of you think they will be a more balanced approach to the conflict so do have your say on our web site r.t. dot com. syria will dominate talks between the u.s. secretary of state and the russian leadership here in moscow the two sides a deeply polarized over how the syrian conflict should be resolved and john kerry faces a real challenge to get russia's backing here. explains. u.s.
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state secretary john kerry is in moscow to seek russia's support in resolving the syrian conflict but experts are added dismay as to exactly how he is going to get that support given that the positions of moscow and washington on the syrian conflict have been fundamentally different just twenty four hours before john kerry landed in moscow all the spokesperson on the russian foreign ministry alexander said that russia has been concerned with the militarization of the syrian rebels by the western countries the u.s. have been expressing their regret all along that the syrian conflict has been going on for more than two years now with so many people dead at the same time the initiatives are which are now existing in washington wolf arming the syrian rebels and providing them with military training are creating something of a double standard situation in other particular point which will be discussed is the alleged use of chemical weapons by the government troops this is something of course russia is concerned yet again because from the russian standpoint it looks like the fact of the chemical weapons usage was not approved and it may be used as
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a pretext for a possible use of force in syria by the western forces by the u.s. in particular even despite that the investigation by the independent u.n. commission to just that that the chemical weapons were in fact used by the syrian rebels this report is being ignored and this is causing serious concerns. the grown tunnel of a hunger strike drugs into night if i was day coming up later we hear from you made some noise about the failing health of prisoners and why their clients feel they have no choice but to put their very lives on the line. and peddling influence and new form of tourism and lives the way on how industry gets its way would be government with the german government point out how the business lobby pushes its agenda later in the program here when i see.
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britain is under pressure to put tighter controls on its radioactive materials after it's so much that hazardous substances have gone missing in numerous nikkei locations over the last decade manufacturing industries nuclear reactors and even schools are implicated in the list obtained by all from the health and safety authority some of the materials are volatile enough to be sold by terrorists soft us now reports businesses university. had been using a radioactive and often very dangerous materials had in some cases mislaid or even the list of materials now we've been going through the documentation did a good copy of it here with me now and what's incredible about that is that this
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isn't just. didn't happen more than thirty times over the last decade and you see things like that pleated you rainier and you've got one three seven. these materials but i think what's causing it is that was a hell of a executive is by and large the material. well extremely low risk there have been some examples here that on closer scrutiny i recalled some alarm in one of the incidents we saw at the royal free hospital lanes and balance to the incident it was a cesium one three thirty that had gone missing and they're being used for treatment of a cancer patient and if you look at what it actually said describing that material itself without the potential to cause significant radiation into research anyone handling it or even in directly coming into contact with it for a short period of time just going down the list here and you've got a veritable who's who of big names in british industry got. darby that have
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been creating the reactors that britain's nucleus of hugo sellafield nuclear plants in cumbria say you know some really big business names and only had the investigations going back to two thousand and t.v.'s some of these happening as recently as last year and actually many of the investigations we're told belong getting at this point what's causing concern here as well is that many all the incidents on here have actually seen these involved in the culprits get away with little more than a written warning under some norm this story i'm now joined live by nuclear consult and to launch mr joe large thank you very much for being with us this hour pre-shared first of all to your reaction what's your opinion on know all this material going missing that. well it's a significant amount i mean this is thirty incidences in the last ten years that's on average for a year and some of the amounts of radioactivity of significantly large and
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others have got very persistent half life in other words they're active in a radiological sense for many many years i mean take the cesium one forty seven for example that has a half life of about thirty four years and it's good for about fifteen to twenty half lives so you're talking about six hundred years if you've misplaced this radioactive element it has to be guarded against so it's it's a shock really to everyone here yes and an important question how dangerous are all these materials for ordinary people. well it depends on the actual radioactivity i mean you know here we're talking over those thirty items there's about ten or fifteen different types of radioactivity or mention one cesium another one was. if you have a reactor accident like chernobyl for example then the first an immediate countermeasures that are required are to protect individual members of the public
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against not take and the reconstitution of radioactive are being in the thyroid gland of course the quantities here are very much smaller than you get in a reactor release but nevertheless the loss of the in southampton hospital where public the members of the public are frequent obviously is a very risky affair this particular type of radioisotopes comes in the gaseous form so if it leaks out of its container then of course it's free to be taken up in by members of the public nuclear experts warn that some of these last materials could be gased by terrorists even by terrorists if that's true how can there be such callousness in handling these substances. well if you take one one substance for example was cesium and yet those two materials what you need to do there if you was a terrorist you had evil intent then all you need to do is to ignite burn or
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detonate a conventional explosive packed near that material to disperse it as a fine body part in the air and that makes it responsible it makes it comes a contaminant so for example a scenario a scenario in a city would be to actually explode or burn this material at a high level say in the tower block or say in a city like moscow to actually burn it on the metro system on the tube system and let the trains realm be radioactive atmosphere around the metro system and that would be very very difficult to decontaminate and control because the gas would be pumped around by the trains going through the tunnels into each station. even to consult and launch missile launch thank you very much indeed. moving on now china is hosting the leaders of both palestine and israel as the asian giant looks to boost its influence in the middle east for israel beijing and
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its largest trading partner in asia and prime minister binyamin netanyahu wants to do more business there but diplomatically beijing's is leading very much towards israel's arch rival palestine a day before netanyahu is a rival palestinian leader mahmoud abbas was given a full state owners meeting in beijing president is in pain and went on to offer a four point peace plan calling for an end to the gaza blockade and the restoration of palestinian rights policies have reports now on their rush to the east. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the palestinian president mahmoud abbas are currently in china they are there on a week long business trip but obviously they won't just be talking business they'll be talking politics and they'll be trying to further cooperate and entrenched relations in the fields of economy trade and science and also develop political trust for some time we have witnessed how china is trying to influence the middle east and play
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a bigger role in this part of the world if you look at israeli chinese relations in one thousand nine hundred two the two countries began and established diplomatic relations and since then they have developed increasingly close commercial military and strategic links trade between the two countries currently stands at around ten billion dollars a year their investments in israel are at the beginning i believe they have a number of reasons why the investor buy they don't invest in this group. are cink this think also in large political terms they think is really simple they want to have a phone call to you. china has always supported the arabs in the conflict at least. but you notice that in the last in the recent hours they have recovered maybe a little bit more hesitant. maybe they want to get something back from the arab
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side what is particularly interesting when we look at the relationship between israel and china is that it seems to be coming on the back of a cooling of the relationship between israel and the united states there's no secret that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the american president barack obama do not like each other and obviously netanyahu is going to look around and search for new partners one of whom could easily become china if you take note of how china is getting more and more powerful of how the world is becoming more multi-polar when it is clear that there is no room for ignoring a world power such as china if you look at the euro crisis where did countries go in terms of asking for help china if you look at the north korea crisis where did countries go they ask china for help now in the turn yahoo is in china at a particularly sensitive time in terms of israeli syrian relations many people are asking why he did not cancel his trip to go there and in fact what role the recent
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syrian israeli flare up will have in terms of the agenda that is being addressed there china has always had a firm position toward syria and it has always been on the side of negotiations never did it support the bloodshed from either side of the conflict so it will be interesting to see what comes out of if anything israeli chinese discussions over the situation in syria. next year when i'll see amman breaks loose from a jail here in moscow all the details right after the break. yes surface of the surface of really is the moment there's a billion you. believe
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. you really do you know what you would do when you think you know who it was or where he was.
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there watching l.c. live from moscow welcome back now a man has escaped from a detention center in northern moscow reportedly with the help of a spoon is the first escape from this particular ascension center for over a decade and there is no sign of the man here well let's now get the details of exactly what has happened with aussies tom banse and tom very nice to see you in the studio as always so please tell tell us what happened bring us up today. well yes it seems that thirty three year old alecto part of who we can see here managed somehow to. dig through the ceiling of his prison cell get out onto the roof of this notoriously high security prison over the fence and away he is not a petty criminal he is charged with a double murder and with illegal arms trafficking the guards at the prison service say that it's most likely he he really could only have used a spoon to dig out of that cell because this is the cells of regularly checked for
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other implements for that very purpose of the moment there is a manhunt underway to try and find mr pile of and also an investigation to look into possible negligence by guards yeah obviously you say that the man the president basically dug his way out with the help of this group whatever usual breakout method of playing how can you rate that well exactly yes i mean this is obviously one man and one man and his spoon as it were there were perhaps seven other inmates in that cell so the prison service we don't know if they played a part however we do know of other accomplices just last year a very high profile almost hollywood escape from a prison remote prison in russia where accomplices hijacked a helicopter and managed to use that to lift the said inmate out of the prison he was later caught there are other examples as well across the world just last month a very notorious french armed robber took the guards hostage inside
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a french prison and then used explosives to blow the doors off and then escape himself and of course we can't end without mentioning nine hundred sixty two alcatraz and what were the the tools of choice there to escape of course the humble spoon all right tom there are some amazing pictures indeed anything it is an extraordinary story of thank you very much indeed for bringing us up to date. all right and right now on r.c. dot com you can find that. so just as scientists claim they're close to grating at the scene for a tribe it appears they could be and not a disaster on its way we're told the story of a superbug spreading across the globe which medics say is drug resistant had to r.t. dot com for minorities hells on the virus some fear could be even worse than aids.
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and also turns tycoon kim dotcom threatens to sue new zealand's foreign intelligence agency for spying on him by the governments undeterred and is pushing for even greater powers to snoop on its residents. it said day ninety one of the gun tunnel by a hunger strike one hundred inmates are refusing food in protest against inhumane treatment of the hands of the u.s. military twenty four are being force fed a procedure that lawyers have condemned as brutal and david ramos who represents seventeen going tunnel inmates told us that small to medium. or. energy as you would imagine the others. are we. can manage but it's. all of what.
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twenty forty five pounds and sixty pounds and it's really a horrifying situation and they shouldn't have to do this to get a ten and ten of the american public and they shouldn't have to do this in order to cry out for their release the commander of the joint detention group he's effectively the warden of the. prison for the detainees has refused to talk to them until they stop their hunger strike i have to say that it's sort of a macho pose on his part it's he's just not going to flame first he could have solved his hunger strike within three or four days if he had sat down with them and talked with them about their concerns and found a pragmatic solution that's what his practice that's true yet after three months he has not been willing to discuss the matter after all this rate i'm afraid that some men may die. because the military just isn't paying attention to what
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it's trying to do is break the hunger strike by any means possible however for little. girls he has been following the strike from the outset and would go this full timeline on our web site for you and that you can find out just how much tuxpan as a shining out take a gun kind of a running and he why the scandal ridden facility is standard business. moscow is gearing up for its a may the ninth victory day parade of thousands of troops and vehicles are staging a rehearsal in the heart of the russian capital over eleven thousand soldiers along with one hundred times and dozens of warplanes are involved in the preparations the troops were greeted on red square by war two veterans and cries of spectators cadets from military schools took part in a rehearsal march on the square that makes and abrasions or they also stay when russia marks the sixty eighth anniversary of the soviet union's victory over nazi germany. for a goal times in europe have caused
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a surge of public interest in how governments are spending taxpayers' money and who's putting the strings behind the big decisions some enterprising german toll guys are now offering visitors to berlin the chance to catch a behind the scenes glimpse of how business is not that the government piece on of our reports now on the map the relationship between commerce and politics. on the streets of berlin there's a new form of tourism grabbing attention sightseeing tours that show just how the political lobbying process works. everyone gather around their big green i just want to make sure everyone can hear within a couple of kilometers we take in how an issue goes from the desk of the lobby organization to the ear of a politician and it's opening. i didn't know how powerful the industry is it's interesting to see how they go about pushing their agenda but why
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are these people giving up their saturday afternoon to traipse around closed office buildings it's a topic that you don't get much information on. easily and i thought also think it's a topic that's very abstract but we manage to. make it more concrete we give a lot of concrete examples on the door and we go to where the lobbyists. and i think that's what makes it attractive to take the tour and you're going to see where germany's auto giants make their presence felt and how they made sure the country's highways famously have no speed limits and since this is germany of course the beer industry also has a say. brewery lobby were facing a drop off in sales so this is where they lobbied to be allowed to lemonade tasting better to attract a younger crowd of. people with money have more of a say in politics than the normal man in the street what i'm seeing is that
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political decisions are made by the rich one of the most interesting parts of the tour is getting to see where the closed door meetings take place in highly selective private clubs these are clips. we all know these discussions take place this tour like to see just where they happen i had no idea that there was such a place as the china club right here in the political center of the city the popularity of tours like the one we've just seen shows that more and more germans are wanting to find out exactly who's pulling the strings behind some of the major decisions they get taken in parliament peter all of a r.t. . and after the break a psychiatric hospital in st peters about how it's patients develop their creative potential stay with us. and yet another step along the pointless anti gender crusade activists in sweden
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are pushing to promote a new gender neutral pronoun these activists want the term hen to replace the pronouns han and han which mean he and she respectively i think the logic of these bizarre gender neutral movements in the e.u. is that they really feel that it's awful to force someone into a role that doesn't fit them you know i can kind of see this i remember back to when i was a boy in school and with me there was a kid what kind of only female friends and he certainly wasn't a sports a toy trucks kind of kid if you understand what i mean you know i could see this guy having all those male stereotypes shoved down his throat you know made his life at school really unpleasant but the wacko liberal answer to some tiny amount of people being pushed into gender roles they don't like is to force everyone else into a genderless world they don't like an x. stick i guess gender neutrality advocates can speak swedish how they like and they're free to use this word hen but don't force everyone in the country to do things your way the overwhelming majority of the world is very happy with its gender thank you very much but that's just my opinion.
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yes two to simply look for civilian police along with discipline in. the fuel but it should be better shooting a change in. the city of new name it steadily putting it in a new division. because if it's a new field it's not simply if he's institutional. with fatah not a political force i'm going to co-exist with one of them in.


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