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from the battlefield to to the table russia and washington agreed to the wearing syrian slides should washington appeals to retreat on possibly giving arms to the rebels climes wreckage is worsening. more cracks at the heart of euro basil france rejects all stammered t. while in britain the queen gets a pay rise as a subject of for the time to in their belts. and central asia rolls in a violent wave of islamist andress leaving nearby states hammering out plans to contain what's being dubbed the taliban eyes ation all the region.
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that's nine am here in the russian capital you're watching our live it with me with . the chance between russia and the u.s. over how to achieve peace in syria seems to be narrowing with both sides say build trying to bring all wearing factions to the table and usual show of solidarity came despite the u.s. not giving up its plans to arm the syrian rebels at some point in the future alessio chef ski's been forming the visit of secretary of state john kerry to moscow. after a very lengthy meeting between the russian president the russian foreign minister and the u.s. state secretary hardly anybody in the press room expected that there would be somewhat of a backing down from a very harsh rhetoric which we heard from washington and moscow on the syrian conflict lately in fact at one point of the press conference john kerry even said that there is a common perception that russia and the united states have been on
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a different page about syria and they were here to show to everyone that they were on the same page in fact the main bottom line of the meeting and that was voice that the press conference was that the u.s. and russia have decided to call an international conference probably by the end of this month to have both the members of the syrian government and the syrian opposition at the same negotiation table to find something of a peaceful solution to the only going conflict in the country now an interesting twist to the press conference happened when after the initiative was one of the reports said why should the syrian people believe that this is the time this conference would actually change things and russian foreign minister came up with a very interesting answer to that you can still sort of look at this stage we have a task to convince all sides of the syrian conflict to sit down at the negotiation table after the geneva communiqué was adopted last june to damascus express their
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willingness to work according to this plan afterwards the government established a committee which is responsible for dialogue with all syrians and yesterday the foreign minister of syria confirmed that they are committed to dialogue on the basis of the communique but these are just words in order for the words to become actions we need to hear from the opposition as well so far we haven't heard a word from the opposition which would confirm its commitment to the geneva communiqué but the press conference took an even more interesting twist when john kerry was asked a question by a journalist. about the proposed legislation in the u.s. congress to support the syrian rebels with weapons and even military training john kerry's own sister jested that despite the obvious closing in on positions on syria between rushing out is this there's still a loophole remaining in the u.s. stance there is some sentiment both in the house and senate to provide arms to the
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opposition. i think that ultimately that will be determined to some degree by the state of the evidence with respect to chemical weapons and what steps have been taken so despite the positions of the of russia and the united states closing in on syria as it was repeatedly said at the press conference still there is a feeling that they may be going in circles somewhat particular because of the statements by john kerry about the chemical weapons and about the possible supply of weapons to the syrian troops if we remember last year when the geneva communique was signed everyone was hopeful back then that this would bring the opposition on the syrian government to the same negotiation table and that a peaceful solution will be found this did not happen of course we'll have to wait and see whether this will be the case this time but definitely the initiative to call an international conference at the end of this month was voiced by the sides the question is whether this initiative will of course become a reality u.s.
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based on an as yet has been writing on the syrian conflict he told us that america's obsession with a.s.u. off on proven use of chemical weapons bobby assad's regime suggests washington's are ready to take action in syria. it through deja vu situation made. the didgeridoo of your ark of the weapon of mass destruction doesn't fly too well with the international community obama told about a place on france well he was going to act on the situation in syria and he mad analogy between these action against osama bin rather and so that is some kind of vague what do. you know we basically said ok we will act on the chemical weapon issue we just taking our time and we want to be sure that we are out for u.n.
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peacekeepers have been abducted by rebel fighters in the israeli occupied golan heights are to contribute sabse and returns it believes the incident is the latest among many which make it harder for the u.s. to justify its favoritism towards the rebels if only the united states people realize that presumably john kerry will have to be telling mr putin you see the martyrs of yarmuk order they call themselves even as they kidnap twenty one un observers in march and they have given up for more filipinos i've been to the golan heights and the broken churches that i saw still today in the golan heights on the syrian side and the green fields on the other side but but i think the key here is the american public needs to know that their government is supporting the defacto supporters or at least those very close to those who would have supported the nine eleven attacks and what we want now really is the american people to start writing
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to their congressman and say the united states must stop supporting these rebels because this is not going to benefit anyone in the middle east or the united states . and a couple of hours on r.g.p. crosstalk examines the many unanswered questions are thrown out by the syrian drawn out conflict here's what's coming up at seven thirty g.m.t. . i disagree that there's any solution in which assad is going to remain in power that's simply not going to happen we need to be thinking about a post assad syria here's where i think actually russia has an important role to weigh to play they have been trying to do that and the americans have received no because obama and what one of the first obama alliances assad had to go and now they're about to restructure saying look after two years he's not go away the only possible solution i agree from the beginning that's right he was proposing that let's sit down. there all the players as you are including all the regional players
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betting that links hater iran saudi royals and individuals and there may be i mean so you know. we've been through. this in. france and germany more divided than ever over how to escape the financial crisis engulfing the european union as finance ministers met in berlin france rejected the slash and burn policy of austerity saying public spending cuts need to happen more slowly but surely money where jobless levels lie at their lowest in nearly two decades is giving its neighbor no room to maneuver i'm saying fiscal discipline is still the way forward across the english channel though as the british tighten their belts another knowledge the royal family is about to get a five million pound pay rise as political reports from london. my minister's first
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priority will be to reduce the deficit and restore economic stability at the same time the creed is set to get a five billion pound pay rise this year thirty six point one million pounds from the u.k. taxpayer will go towards the queen and her residence says her royal chefs and footman cost an estimated ten million pounds a year thirty six million is divided into money which runs the royal household of the queen and the duke of edinburgh most of it goes on salaries also on the upkeep of royal palaces such as buckingham palace and windsor castle and all royal trouble at home and abroad the british monarchy has become synonymous with the image of britain because it is the world's most high profile money keep the queen of ages seven and a consul the duke of edinburgh at ninety one are remarkable examples of
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public service and of national unity but the cost to the public purse rises steadily as austerity sets in the five million pound increase in the queen's expenses from the state's represents a fifteen percent rise vital services are being lost while the queen gets this big pay rise i think it's very unfair given that she is personally one of the wealthiest people in britain where the personal wealth of an excess of three hundred million pounds the royal family has over seven hundred servants six palaces they can quite clearly afford themselves to cover any increased costs they shouldn't be begging for the state it's a royal spectacle such as the daily changing of the gaza buckingham palace the groovin terrorists from around the globe but in these times of austerity some of beginning to question why the windsors haven't tighten their belts
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a. but the rest of the queen's subjects last month the guardian poll found that eighty eight percent of brits were happy with the pay rise think this should give more to the poor not to get too much money the future of not overly impressed to be honest i'm sure she's got more than enough money to survive which in a scarecrow she brings in quite a bit on the toys some whatever but where does it go away where does it go the people that i miss because i work i'm ok worker and you know they're being cut where does it our progress going on learning elsewhere in europe royals have had to rein in best spending in the face of public opinion the spanish royal family's budget has been reduced for a third year in a row the british monarchy actually stands out around the world it's completely different to almost every other monetary that you can think of in the sense that they are still surrounded by so much home and circumstance and all the marching.
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the horses the wide alongside the fronts of carriages the published figures suggest that the royal family the queen and everybody else process around something close to forty million pounds a year but doesn't take into account all the extra security all the police work that it gets involved in protecting her and the rest of the world family and it doesn't take into account the money that's lost or the extra because she and prince charles in particular get lots of tax privileges that the rest of us aren't entitle to and while the government has pushed through budget cuts to the national health service and slashed welfare as part of an unprecedented austerity drive there are those that say that prime minister david cameron's promise that britain is all in it together doesn't include the queen of england. r.t. london. led to annoyance of the queen who will lay out the government's agendas for the next year in her annual address to the british parliament and her speech which is drawn up by the coalition government she suspected to one. on sweeping new
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measures to control immigration to the u.k. there will also be a promise to slap fines of thousands of pounds on land those who don't check whether people stay in their properties allowed to be in the country and bosses will use a little labor will also face financial penalties that's on the back of the success of the anti immigration u.k. independence party in last week's local elections which secured around twenty five percent of the vote. coming up so when life in prison is the only life you can afford some called say in ohio law jailing the homeless and people with disabilities because they can't afford to pay small fines of the details in a few minutes. and.
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oh. i've been going down over sean and good morning we will remember that we will have that. mission free. education free. free. free. free. free. download free blog video for your media project free media r t v dot com.
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the area i. am. welcome back you're watching r.t. where the international forces are backing up in afghanistan the region is a big part houses china and india are getting very worried about the spread of radical radicalism so much so that the two sides who usually don't see eye to eye are brainstorming over how to contain afghanistan's especially virulent brand of extremism and egypt and explains what the region's players have to fear. the u.s. prepares to withdraw the bulk of its forces from afghanistan by the end of two thousand and fourteen karzai stepping down with the elections coming up also in two thousand and fourteen what's next the possibility of a power vacuum in afghanistan and the question what demons can emerge from that vacuum is of great concern to the whole reaching a vacuum in afghanistan seems to be nobody's interest here's a brief and very rough breakdown of what players regional and non regional are
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trying to achieve in afghanistan you ren despite the rivalry with the us has three years support the karzai government because having a completely chaotic and unstable afghanistan is a neighbor is obviously not good for them washington is of course interested in keeping the more or less centralized structure of the government in afghanistan for that the u.s. is even ready to engage the taliban in talks and maybe see them as part of the government in the future that's right having fought the taliban for over ten years the u.s. is now talking about a political solution pakistan is the middleman here last month in brussels sector of state john kerry met with president karzai and pakistan's army commander the message that they want pakistan to deliver to the taliban is that the allies are ready for talks on leave the taliban make an unambiguous public break with global jihad is the telephone have a strong pakistan although the pakistani government denies having much influence on them but pakistan's motives have been mixed to say the least on the one hand the
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help that you were some of the allies and pakistan it suffered greatly from the extremism that spilled over the border after the u.s. invasion in of ghana's then on the other hand they were accused of helping the taliban to keep leverage with them in case they get in power also as a hedge against indian influence so they have that rivalry going so far as pakistan's interests it's been complicated russia possibly the greatest threat to russia faces now from afghanistan is the flow of afghan harrowing kills thousands of russians every year so russia has a stated. stated a clear interesting afghanistan that would be under control of a responsible government not plagued with corruption a government that would help and the drug play but what if global powers are on able to avoid a power vacuum in of gamester. what could happen then if you've ever comes to the stage we're we have to deploy our forces or support somewhere that you may have to
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be the only problem is in the past in the one nine hundred ninety s. after the draw on the screen of external proxies let me just civil war with. positive outcome one thousand nine hundred ninety six so we want to avoid that kind of civil war like situation now as far as the taliban the talks with them stalled last year after their failure to agree on the terms for the release of five afghan insurgent commanders held the guantanamo it's not really clear how far those talks will go because the taliban are not homogenous either part of them seems to think that once nato pulls out they'll be able to take over anyway so why negotiate in washington i'm going to. across in bangladesh a senior cleric and almost two hundred others have been arrested for inciting the mass under arrest that quickly turned deadly earlier this week now police and more than two hundred thousand to hard line islam as they have been mobbed in running
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battles for days over a line and demands to make blasphemy a quiet punishable by death the governments are refusing to budge though with police reportedly deploying live ammunition inspections are also demanding twelve other amendments that would enshrine shari'a of principles into law you know a compromise on commonwealth countries says it is signals the gradual talibanization of bangladesh. there's always been a movement actually in terms of legion so some common ground if you like between the groups in bangladesh and those in an old style in the event and stuff for team to understand but we tend to see that they have their own indigenous qualities as well but there's no question about the reason spiration. for if you like taliban they say show of force and this is something we should keep in mind. after the. attacks or two thousand the ones from britain two thousand and one the nationalist
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party certainly opposed to violent action would be the use of pakistan as a means of attack on the storm so the us forces said there is a possibility in future this might. find some kind of means but it remains to be seen whether that will develop other than i'm optimistic that it won't be quite as extreme in that sense but the signs are definitely there for potential. in pakistan violence and fiery rhetoric reaching a peak was just days to go before the general election a mass rally was held in karachi where u.s. airstrikes and madly blamed for much of the gripping the country there i am a full on britain to london the mounds it had carried out. in afghanistan operated by british pilot safely in the english countryside but as far as reports
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of the amen the milestone is a no guarantee all the countries don't future. well the world's military drones used to be directed from a small u.s. base in nevada but no more after the cake carried out its first drone strike in afghanistan launched from u.k. soil in an area based in lincolnshire not many official details have been released about the drone strike in many likely to be given the level of secrecy surrounding the ministry of defense have confirmed that one of their reproduction is controlled by pilots from thirteen squadron an area forwarding to an in lincolnshire fired a weapon supporting u.k. trees on the ground in afghanistan now this is cause huge concern among and he joined campaign is at a recent protest here in the cave the organizers had said that they see this is a sign that they'll be further civilian casualties as a result of drone use and also the politicians would make it easier for them to be
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able to carry out military intervention now certainly many have seen this is a sign that this use in control of advanced train technology has now spread far beyond the u.s. indeed person alone has invested more than three billion dollars that's about three billion pounds enjoying development and there are plans to further expand is throwing arsenal now the control the sea surrounding these situations is highlighted again as the beginning of this year when the u.n. launched an investigation looking at the extent of civilian casualties. at the legality surrounding drone use now research team for the london university are assisting them in that investigation and their findings are going to be presented to the un general assembly in the also and based on what they find they could then recommend that further action be taken as we're seeing this increase during usage
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with the u.k. having launched its first strike is proving ever more important to many campaign is that the legality and the questions they video nice and now it just properly in a clear and apron arena. being out of a job or disabled the whole survey are no excuse or games been jailed by some u.s. courts for failing to pay even the smallest that on time and american civil liberties union reporters revealed is a fairly common practice in the state of ohio the spy claims that it violates the constitution more important investigate. a midwestern u.s. state. internationally recognized for being the battleground where america's next president is decided let's talk about the importance of ohio and in the battle for ohio state eighteen electoral votes mean so much elbows paid a lot of attention ohio ohio. you're probably going to decide the next president of
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united states for the past thirty six years no candidate has entered the white house without winning this swing state while ohio undoubtedly wields an enormous influence in the arena of u.s. presidential politics the state is currently garnering headlines for its prisons specifically the medieval type punishment being imposed on countless citizens who are drowning in debt according to a report released by the a.c.l.u. of ohio thousands of citizens are being locked behind bars because they are too poor to pay their debt and we saw some really troubling numbers one case that we looked at out of mansfield ohio there was a gentleman his crime against the community was he let his dog walk in his mobile home park without a leash he was fined thirty dollars and he ended up being found in contempt of court and was sent to jail for not paying for a thirty dollars fine fifty five year old jack dolly was incarcerated three times
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for failing to pay nine hundred dollars in fines every ninety days you had a jail date. and if you weren't working well you're going to jail debt prisons violate the u.s. and ohio constitutions according to the a.c.l.u. most of the defendants weren't given hearings before being jailed for outstanding fines if the court had taken any time to ask whether or not they couldn't afford to pay that they would see that these were people who just simply cannot pay they were individuals who are homeless many who haven't worked. for months if not years people who are disabled people who are taking care of disabled family members these are people who are working and just don't feel like spending the money these are people who literally have no money people like dante stiles who is unemployed and says he often has to choose between feeding his two children or paying his fines i find myself back and forth back and forth in court back before of conflict days
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here fifteen days here and while the cash strapped citizens are incarcerated in gutters prisons. their fines keep growing like credit card interest it's described as a vicious circle it was seven hundred thirty thirty seven dollars ok well at the eleven days when i went back to court at the core course and paranoid the public defended it went up actually two hundred dollars more than one point eight million ohioans reportedly live in poverty i want to get it behind me dolly lost his job last year after missing work for a ten day sentence in debtors prison i had just started the job i was probably there not quite a month. i was expecting a paycheck so i'd gone in early to get a paycheck so i could go in and pay on my fine my release was terminated from my job dolly has received fifty dollars credit for each of the sixteen days he was illegally imprisoned but most like styles have not and the state revered for
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predicting america's presidents has garnered a new reputation for how it punishes the poor. artsy ohio. coming up documentary called war and peace raids is next you are seeing. every detail. every piece of metal. and every one of those who will step on red square on the ninth of may are ready. for the big green day parade. want the live coverage on r t.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are all today. in the early hours of a hot july dawn a group of unusually dressed people carefully head on to the shore of one of the me
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up as tributaries there clad in servant military uniform from the days of world war two. in the summer of nine hundred forty one on the sort of deal the crossing the. one hundred thousand people were killed while they were trying to escape the surrounding enemy. eyewitnesses say that the river ran red with blood for several days now candles float down the river. moscow's military history club called the division has traveled here to honor the memory of full on russian soldiers but this journey to smolensk is just the beginning now they have three thousand kilometers to cover across the european roads to take part in the legendary war in peace show in england. up. in the village of belching in kent is the old hope farm surrounded by a huge cock today it attracts collectors of military vehicle.


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