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tv   Headline News  RT  May 10, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the spanish. visit actuality. syria's crisis tops the agenda as president putin or as the british prime minister cameron well the cheerleaders are seeking to hammer out a common approach to getting peace through talks. meanwhile washington reaffirms its reluctance to back syria's radicalise rebels any further after russia and the u.s. agreed to set up an international conference to bring about an end to the escalating conflict. and a blood soaked democracy braces for saturday's historic general election amid a wave of brutal attacks and kidnappings by the taliban.
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is just had a mid day here in the russian capital you live with us on our t.v. with me to say it's good to have your company with us now working out a common approach to mediating peace in syria is expected to dominate the discussion when present bloody meet putin has british prime minister david cameron late on friday the meeting comes after moscow and washington patched up some of their differences on the crisis and called for an international conference on syria artie's alessio chef ski has more. well literally seventy two hours after it was meeting john kerry the secretary in moscow he's meeting the british prime minister david cameron in the city of sochi the host of the winter olympics in twenty fourteen that's where the russian president fact will be meeting most of his international colleagues over the coming months now this comes of course at the meeting in moscow where a principal decision on holding an international conference by the end of this month to have both the members of the syrian opposition and the syrian government
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at the same negotiation table to attempt to find some kind of peaceful solution to the syrian conflict indeed this meeting in moscow was a breakthrough according to many experts because after months of harsh rhetoric the sides of managed to soften their position and agree on something in the long run the positions of the united states and russia have been different just the same story with the position of the u.k. and russia as well for months russia has been criticizing the west for taking one side in this conflict that is the side of the syrian rebels russia has been criticizing the calls in the west to arm the syrian rebels provide them with military training and even possibly intervene into the conflict going on in syria now definitely we also know that russia also said about the syrian conflict that the west has been calling on assad to step down but at the same time never mentioned that the future of the future of syria must be decided by the syrian
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people and mosco john kerry in many ways agreed that the syrian people who will have to decide the future of the country in the election at the same time he reached aerated that that washington does not want to see assad in power it's interesting to see whether the same sentiments will be coming from david cameron after he meets president putin here in sochi especially given the fact that he already printed a statement saying that there was an urgent need to find a quick and peaceful solution to the syrian conflict and that is exactly the reason why david cameron was flying to sochi to meet the russian president of course we'll be keeping our viewers up to date as we get all the details here in the russian city of sochi. the cake continues to insist the syrian regime may have recently used chemical weapons despite a top u.n. war crimes investigator saying there is reason to believe such arms were in fact used by the rebels and despite its official commitment to peace through diplomacy britain is stepping up efforts to start directly arming the syrian opposition firth
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reports. well the prime minister said to m.p.'s in the house of commons recently that there's a growing body of limited but persuasive evidence that the syrian regime has used and continues to use chemical weapons now the u.n. war crimes investigators have said that as yet they've reached new conclusions as to whether either side has indeed use chemical weapons now the one day talk is taking place at a time when there is growing calls for some form of diplomatic progress to be made in place sites are going to be very much focused on not the prime minister's spokesman saying the u.k. considers russia an important player when it comes to these discussions despite this russian the u.k. has certainly had a fractious past when it comes to the topic of syria both the prime minister david cameron and foreign minister william hague have come out with some extremely strong rhetoric in the past blasting russia for not having supported
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a cool for u.n. intervention in the country now the one they talk to say coming at a time when the u.k.'s been seen to try to step up efforts to bring an end to the e.u. arms embargo that would then allow the supply of weapons to the forces a face to the syrian regime a lot of concern from some here in the country and indeed internationally as to who exactly would cause to cheat the legitimate opposition given that the same much concern surrounding the other elements inside the country that are also confusing the extremely fractured picture that we're seeing playing out as the syrian conflict continues nonetheless the two sides are going to be pushing ahead with these talks whether or not they'll be able to put that fractious past behind them and come to some in cream and remains to be seeing but at the u.k. prime minister's restated his commitment to trying to find some form of diplomatic
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progress moving forward. with russia and the u.s. having agreed to unite their efforts towards mediating peace in syria but is no hard pressed to reconsider its support for the rebels according to r.t. contribute to afshin rattansi it's especially outrageous of the british prime minister just dismissed call upon the u.n. commission into who is using chemical weapons and when in the syrian conflict and at the same time the very rebels that are being sent to the so-called normally full force and equipment and materiel they're defecting to al nusra according to a report in the british papers if britain being exporting things like global's to the syrian rebels and they use them in a sarin gas attack as for indicated by color for this u.n. report does that mean britain has been backing chemical weapons in the middle east the fact that every cameron can do this shows him completely out of step after all it was him trying to lift the arms embargo for the rebels and never countenanced at
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any point the idea of a talks process of kind of process that was aside from all the fighting and killing and slaughter and get john kerry and me putin seemed to have come to an agreement that yes of course they have to talk instead of all this killing. the u.s. defense secretary says the old order in the middle east is disappearing although it's still not clear what will replace it chuck hagel stressed the conflict in syria is becoming increasingly mostly tarion and extremist but the country's collapse now more real than at bad while some u.s. lawmakers make fresh calls for military intervention washington's taking a backseat as gannett she can explains. after the administration all but accused the assad government of having used chemical weapons vice president joe biden now says quote we don't know for certain whether they were used by some of the opposition including the radicals who have aligned themselves with al qaida this is
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probably the first time we hear someone indeed ministration talk about the possibility that the rebels may have used chemical weapons just a few days ago the white house press secretary was responding to the findings of the u.n. human rights investigation which said serry nerve gas may have been used by the rebels in syria and he basically brushed off the report saying it's highly likely that i'll start forces were behind it that has also been the narrative perpetuated in the media last week chuck hagel said the administration is considering arming the opposition also this week a bail was introduced in the senate that would authorize exactly that chuck hagel delivered a speech at the this conference in washington where several commanders of the free syrian army were also invited in that speech he did not mention arming the rebels he said that turkey jerry kerry and russian foreign minister lavrov announced they will seek to convene an international conference with representatives of the syrian government and the opposition to determine how to implement
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a political transition in syria. using the for rangers tools the united states will continue to work toward achieving our goal of ending the violence and helping the syrian people transition to a post the sort of story so we see there is a build up of hope for this conference which will presumably take place sometime at the end of may both washington and moscow said they're working on it but as far as the syrian opposition so far they have not clearly come out in favor of a political solution also it's not clear how the idea of a political solution something that washington says it wants to achieve can coexist with the idea of flooding the conflict with more weapons because when you give them or arms the message is go fight the messages not stop fighting so it seems that arming the rebels are the core message of this geneva communique and both washington and moscow say they want this upcoming conference to be based on that geneva communique and that message is basically stop fighting and find
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a political solution across the border in lebanon at the head of his blast says they are ready to receive shipments of advanced weapons from the syrian leadership his statement comes just days after israeli air strikes targeted suspected on steppers near the syrian capital and while a border tensions rise of the syrian opposition is being increasingly radicalized as a middle east correspondent policia reports. the united nations says that its peacekeeping forces are continuing to monitor the separation of israeli and syrian forces along the israel syrian border but they have said that they've moved some of these units to new positions because of the precarious security situation twice in the last three months un forces have been kidnapped from the very same position according to the martyrs brigade which is the group that detained for filipino at the u.n. peacekeepers earlier this week they have been released we're being told that the united nations negotiated
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a safe passage with the syrian army forces in the area meanwhile we all received reports that the free syrian army which is the main opposition to the syrian president bashar assad is losing finds who's as well as capabilities to the list and says inside syria in some cases recruited me entire units of the f.s.a. have defected and they've moved to jump. which is and those numbers organization with links to al qaida who are being told is that the main reasons for the defections are better conditions and the missions and weapons but it certainly does present a dynamic for the united states britain and other governments who provide that support to the syrian rebels and also considered arming them with weapons the entire situation is of course also of great concern to israel which is just next door this is why many in these talks between russia and britain to see what they will yield policy on t.v. tel aviv. coming up later on r.t.
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big brother big quick windows in high demand following the boston terror attack us cities are craving for all the cameras but it's about privacy advocates worried that the surveillance surge will only trump the rights of those aides to protect the plots. changed my bench and gets god time and time again assume i'll get nothing. and i mean wait be be asked me to go back to work. i design employment hits a new high in portugal scores of people are seeking refuge from economic turbulence by having a broader we'll bring you more details in a few minutes. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't i'm charged with the big picture.
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welcome back you're watching our pakistan's main political parties have held a final rallies as voters prepare for such a this poll in the country's first transition from one democratically elected government to one of them let's take a closer look at the front runner in the race now the outgoing ruling social democrats the pakistan's a people's party founded by. the powerful bhutto family has topped the polls of five times before however so far they expected to fall behind the conservatives the pakistan muslim league headed by two times of former prime minister now was shot and now he's pledged to end the u.s. led war on terror in pakistan should his party win the race the dark horse of the race cricket legend turned politician imran khan and his movement for justice all the. support about pakistan's call for military the lection is
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a major step for pakistan democracy but one which has been marred by violence and as there's a chasm of now reports week after week these are the images the world has seen coming out of pakistan victims of a brutal wave of violence bomb blasts rippling across the country this is supposed to be a time of triumph for a country that's gearing up for its first ever democratic transition from one elected government to another but recent bomb and gun attacks by militants against religious minorities and secular politicians have called the country's stability into question and so on fear among pakistani voters. everyone is scared of bombs and nobody feels safe so very few people go in vote because they're scared. the women. the pakistani taliban has vowed to target the country's secular parties and they've made good on that threat the awami national party or the a and p.
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has borne the brunt of the attacks forced to campaign in the shadows. we can't campaign we can't arrange meetings all parties are doing rallies with millions of people which we can only do them with two hundred men and even when we do that terrorists still target us but islam is parties have been targeted too this is the aftermath of an attack against a political party seen as being sympathetic to the taliban but the latter have condemned to democracy as a whole meaning any political party taking part in the elections could be considered fair game by the militant group more than six hundred thousand security personnel including fifty thousand soldiers have been deployed during the election to guard against attacks but that's not exactly a comforting sight for a country that's been ruled by the military for almost half its life as an independent state the violence isn't just political in a country where the majority faith is islam religious minorities have accused the mainstream political parties of not doing enough to protect them against attacks
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that could hurt the ruling party in the polls. people's party iron. clad the positive. security. questions are this but the issues that may shape the outcome of the vote are more clear cut pakistan's economy has been battered by three years of successive floods which severely damaged agricultural heartlands power cuts are in demick with some rural areas getting only four hours of electricity per day clean water and food education and health care remain out of reach for many pakistanis crime and unemployment are huge issues in the cities all the main parties have vowed to tackle these bread and butter issues but few have outlined exactly how leaving voters skeptical a start it's a. politicians make promises they get. and then they forget everything about nearly five thousand candidates are running for pakistan's lower house of parliament and
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more than ten thousand hopefuls are angling for seats in pakistan's four provincial assemblies when it comes to the job of prime minister polls indicate that it's a showdown between former cricket legend imran khan and former prime minister nawaz sharif the latter seems to be heading to victory but khan has ridden a wave of popularity among younger voters with its promise to clamp down on corruption it's a tight race that's been overshadowed by violence a landmark election that has proven so far to be the bloodiest in the country's history the attacks are a stark reminder that politics and pakistan is a dangerous game and that democracy can be deadly. r.t. islamabad pakistan. right on our website rolling out the big guns in the moscow spring sunshine but we've got a victory day parade and fireworks which marked a sixty eight years since. the nazis we've also got the wartime recall elections from the veterans. and here is what happens when you wrap yourself
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in knots an american soldier accidentally triggers his parachute and is pulled from the plane the thought it is all mine. the boston terror bombings reinvigorated debate over the role of public surveillance in the u.s. new york and other major cities have in recent years expanded the number of cameras using homeland security department grants the multi-billion dollar security industry is growing at up to eight percent a year the question is a boost even watch on what big brother is up to investigate. the video surveillance market in the u.s. has been permanently expanding more than i decade and here at the new york city a s i s exhibition and conference we are getting an up close look at some of the most latest and cutting edge surveillance technology that is being displayed by many
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security professionals that technology of course includes facial recognition iris scanning high definition close circuit cameras and other software that was once only seen in side by move now some would say it's appropriate for the site to be taking place in new york city because after all it was the mayor of the big apple that recently said he wanted to expand the amount of surveillance cameras that were on route the city of course those comments came in the aftermath of the boston terrorist attack and the mayor of new york is just one of many officials throughout made it states that are calling for surveillance we spoke with some professionals that are here displaying their surveillance technology they say they have already seen a peak in holes and increase and of course that can equate to a peak in sales i hate to say it but our phones have been ringing off the hook since the tragedy and you know it's it's an unfortunate thing but people are starting to think now how they should have been thinking all along you know to be
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able to provide a safe environment you have to think ahead is there going to be more surveillance cameras deployed and the answer to that is yes because lessons learned have shown us that if you have a bench recording. you can go back and find information that might not have been pertinent while you thought you were filming it but all the sudden if an event happens you need all the information you can get the experts estimated that this industry would reach revenues of more than twenty billion dollars by twenty sixteen but now those numbers are being recalculated to be projected even higher because of the time. the talks that took place in boston as government spending on video surveillance is expected to search tension between law enforcement officials and privacy advocates is also expected to greet critics say the american public has been forced to see privacy and civil liberties in the name of national security but
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the payoff hasn't been big after all america's web of spy cams failed to prevent the boston terrorist attacks and even when the f.b.i. finally revealed images of the suspects they needed the public's help to identify according to new york we're not r.t. and a man who knows all about the absence of privacy is journalism is crime magazine editor at large a.j. jacobs he founded two months of his life with a camera attached to his ear and says a massive surveillance is coming big time is what's ahead in his interviews lardy late on friday i. think that would be a problem i actually think you know big brother is a little bit of a problem but i think a little brother is going to be more of a problem by that i mean other people will be videotaping you all the time so you do something embarrassing someone else is going to be videotaped and put on you tube and we'll be humiliated you know you won't be able to slip on the banana peel
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you know anymore without it going on the tree this is what we're going to be doing we're all of our lives are going to be on the record so we're all going to be like politicians whatever we say will be recorded. portugal's unemployment level has had a painful eighteen percent was close to half of young people now out of work and while the figure threatens to grow even further scores of people are jumping ship for jobs and a decent living outside a home country back to my debts paid to all of the has meant some of them. leaving home in search of a better future it's not wanting to or outside portugal it's needing to work outside viktor is a journalist he's heading off to angola to work for a magazine because there just isn't work in portugal that allows him to support his
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family he says this is a problem that affects all portuguese society you have. people working in construction ok so with with low education. and then you have the middle class upper class journalists financial direct. commercial direct. advertising agencies portugal is in the midst of an unemployment epidemic around twenty percent of the population are out of work and those with jobs off basing salary cuts with many families trying to live on under five hundred euro month as more and more portuguese people look to make a new life for themselves abroad just how easy is it to make that dream become a reality this is where ricardo comes in he often rates a website telling people what to expect when they decide to make the move. of
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marketing. it's not going everybody i saw a lot of people decide that they would move to somewhere like brazil only for it not to work out i tell them what to expect and how to make the right choice also there are so many scams out there people saying that they will help you get a work visa disappear right after they get your cash he's emigrating him self at the end of the year but he worries about the country he's leaving behind. you were facing a serious brain drain in portugal oaken three educates people but can't employ people. so we're left with a grain corp. that's graying population are all too aware of where the current situation will leave them here several times you stop my pension gets cut time and time again soon i'll get nothing but i'm waiting for the day they ask me to go back to work. maybe go for young people like
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a nation yo the decision is clear they are off to presume for a new life in a country they say can give them what portugal just can't ask them in the fuzzing kids who don't want to they reach out and to move in for the money where i am woman so that one day we can earn enough to start a family leave normal lives here now if you can get a job it's on slave wages for perhaps three years that's not living. peter all of a. political. my job i had here on our t. every mountain is a unique take on the international headlines in the stands. you know i've been asked a few times if i believe in conspiracy theories which is kind of an odd question i
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mean just in general believe in conspiracy theories like all of them even the ones that contradict each other i mean j.f.k. could have been killed by the mob the cia the k.g.b. and various secret societies at the same time or could he have been know what you just declare themselves official conspiracy theories that's silly obviously it isn't could just go around fishing for evil plots to explain every situation the mainstream media sure does lie a lot but i think they're telling the truth about that whole sky being blue thing but on the other hand if you never question what the glowing box in your house tells you that just makes you a sucker the kind of sucker who bought that there were magical mysterious invisible weapons of mass destruction in iraq and you know what in all honesty there's actually been real evil conspiracies that have been exposed like the tuskegee experiment and the fascist coup attempt against president roosevelt in one nine hundred thirty s. over all people think it's pearcey theories are matter of belief but actually they're completely a matter of facts and there's a lot of good evidence to support a conspiracy and good arguments that maybe you should consider it but if someone
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tells you the president is actually a rip tell him from the cosmos yeah you might want to just stay away from that one but that's just my opinion. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so. i mean family and the town i believe that i'm still really messed up. in the all for it so personally call it the. worst you're going to live through the white house or the. radio guy for a minute from a. local are about to produce never seen anything like this until.
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the top guys i'm out remind welcome to break in the sets so about a month from now israel will host its annual presidential conference the event will comedy at least five thousand people including some big names like bill clinton tony blair even barbra streisand but there is one famous academic will not be in attendance cambridge university stephen hawking in a letter the organizer of the of the conference talking stated and i accepted the invitation to the conference with the intention that this would not only allow me to express my opinion on the prospects for a peace settlement but also because it would allow me to lecture on the west bank however i received a number of emails from palestinian academics there your nana's that i should respect the boycott and view of all this i must withdraw from the conference how i attended i would have stated my opinion that the policy of the present israeli government is likely to lead to disaster yet despite criticism from israeli leaders and academics hawking has come forward.


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