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tv   Interview  RT  May 12, 2013 12:47am-1:01am EDT

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as far as i know they have very good proposals its two main factors that are important the sum of money that is offered but also the gas plan because you can understand especially for an economy which wants to get out of a crisis we want the cheapest possible energy for the next five to ten years but did your government receive any sign any advice from western authorities or not. the only advice came from articles in newspapers well i'm also a journalist and i know how some articles appear it's just media speculation on the best man wins the best offer in our case ok so as i understand it all sounds like no more austerity for greece is that correct we can't stand the greeks have sacrificed very much the average income of the greek has fallen by thirty percent you know how much more.
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development would desperate for for oxygen because we were in a downward spiral we managed to stop it and by summer we will have to rise again and this year will be the first year after many many years that greece will have a primary surplus. and i believe it's something like thirty years that we have achieved that so we're doing things right it's hard and we must help the soonest possible those categories for example open sions that need help even at the time when when euro zone was created back in at the end of one nine hundred ninety s. helmut kohl and the german chancellor ignored signs and the fact and experts have
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been saying that pointed that out for him that italy was not ready to join the euro zone he was very well informed and very well aware of the fact of the special reset this country and the succession may pose to the euro and two years later the same happened with greece it was accepted but it wasn't actually ready as experts were saying why at that time countries like italy like cories were so forcefully dragging you think. well it was the european dream then the very you have to look for also other responsibilities or i did we insist in the monetary union we. come over political how was that possible why did we do such a mistake i'm telling the responsibility goes of brussels. to the whole of the
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european union. and dr no the european union is facing a major challenge it must change it must be taught by the mistakes of the past. but. and we really want to be optimistic we believe that europe will change in the correct direction but mistakes were made and you're absolutely right that well anyway when we stop making them. well we have to ask helen to highlight a few politicians about that but will anybody ever hold any responsibility for those mistakes because the consequences are very tough and ordinary people are suffering they they don't deserve consequences what do you mean consequences the crisis across office quinces for somebody that made money out of this yes there will be consequences for somebody that this side the wrongly poorly what
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kind of consequences i believe the biggest punishment for a politician especially a leader is what history writes what other consequences put them in prison if we had that the political union along with the monetary union we wouldn't have arrived at this point if before lending the money we were checking better we wouldn't have arrived at this point if we had known we wouldn't have done what happened but with if you don't solve problems what is most urgent for us is to make think it's better for the people and still greek society is united how how you feel it isn't bad enough of course listen it is a very difficult period it is a period that. you know unemployment is the best way for extremists.
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that's why you so you see the rise of the neo fascists and that's why you see the rise of the the political violence that's why you see from the. extremists. leftists to carrying out acts of violence is the longstanding phenomenon or else very known no it isn't a longstanding phenomenon and that i believe that as soon as we manage to battle unemployment we will start we will see political violence. slowing down and you will see the the rise of the new fascists and the. and you will you will see if it is the standard of desperation is the worst council . so we must bring back hope people are striking throughout crease from
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time to time and your government has at least twice already threatened to arrest striking workers and some may say that we don't enter believes don't arrest striking workers now i said threatened to arrest those people back to work i know there is a procedure in the greek legal system that in certain occasions allows the government to order people to work. for example when you have a strike of well paid people that those with salaries over three thousand euros per month when most greeks are making ends meet with one thousand and less. and they say they are striking and paralyzing the whole sitting a group of a few hundred people so that they won't lose their privileges then yes the
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government must force them to work and that's what we did we didn't arrest anybody we didn't threaten anybody we enforced the law. nobody can keep a society hostage that's what we said and that's what we did i can hear i can feel that you are talking with a. huge respect about your european partners but there is a scorn coming from some german politicians and german media in relation to morden take greece is creased right now happy to live in in this kind of common european. let's see what kind of european home we make because and telling europe has to change let's see the direction at right now are you happy writing out listen there what they expressed partners express their solidarity last november we were offered help in conditions that are the best in europe and possibly the best in the
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world finally they showed their solidarity now we must do our job and we believe that this year by the end of this year we will be on the rise and everybody will know that we're on the right track. thank you very much for this interview and i hope the mistakes you are going to make that you promised will not have serious consequences i hope our next film food will be in greece and you will have this stuff never to see that as well so you have an open invitation thank you very much. the. olympic gold. live.
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the latest news and the week's top stories on our songs to time pull. the in the country's history general election. by in taliban attacks. turkey plays a syria intelligence will be deadly cross border bombing of a tongue that's seen as an entry point for syrian refugees and rebels. while russia the u.s. and britain officially come version a common approach to mediate this and syria is why the ongoing western backing of the insurgency. from first just francois was up for a senate version of becoming the french president as easy as popularity slumped and tens of thousands of his disappointed coaches.


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