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police in the you are so hunting for a group of gunmen who went on a shooting rampage during a mother's day parade in new orleans injuring nineteen people. spyware made by a british farm has allegedly been used to snoop on activists in bahrain we hear from in a rights campaigner who's raising the alarm over the intrusive surveillance methods being used in her country. while conscious travel greece awaits approval for another bailout loan deep spending cuts snarfing the nation's stifling nation's health care sector sending medication costs over.
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international news live from moscow this is our see with me. thanks for joining us . police in louisiana are hunting down several gunman who opened fire on a crowd during mother's day celebrations nineteen people were injured in the broad daylight target during a street parade in new orleans the incident opened wounds that many in america's thought were just the beginning to heal as ours has been there to trick our reports . new orleans was celebrating mother's day with over three hundred people participating in a parade police say three individuals are believed to be responsible for starting a shootout two four of the wounded though are believed to be in critical condition another public event and other tragedy there's a manhunt underway for the three suspects who police believe have managed to escape
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one of them is reportedly wounded in the same way as investigators of the boston marathon bombings appealed for crowd sourced photographs new orleans police have urged anyone with any photographs of the parade to step forward so just in boston the police are drawing the public into the manhunt certainly putting nearby neighborhoods on high alert police are going door to door in search for suspects and of course everyone is hopeful that they will find them but at the same time many are looking at these recent public events which have gone terribly wrong in thinking where the law enforcement can really provide security at outdoor gatherings like this with the boston bombers or could it be early warnings that were missed the perpetrators of this shooting in new orleans we don't know who they are but we do know that in the u.s. there's very little control over in whose hands guns end up guns are freely sold going shows and online and all of this makes people nervous about their safety at public events naturally. and you can head to our website for for us
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hand accounts of what happened as well as images from the scene and footage showing how they went and folded. and also lined for you keep up the big debate on the risks posed by firearms that could be produced right in your home with three d. printers that's on r.t. to help. the bahraini government used a surveillance software from a u.k. based company to spy on a leading rights activist that's according to documents filed in the london high court by one of the founders of the rives group bahrain watch the manufacturers say the program is designed for use in criminal investigations but privacy activists claim the technology is being widely abused the program which is named fin spy can perform a wide range of surveillance operations it works by infecting your computer and then recording your skype conversations and local media activity you can also take
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screenshots with all of your knowledge and access all the information on your hard disk rights groups and i hope the docs are sure harvey is a witness statement on the spyware can force a judicial review on the british government's failure to investigate where the knowledge is growing and she spoke earlier on this and said the use of digital surveillance has been spreading in bahrain ever since former u.k. police official john gates became security advisor. disguised as if they were from journalists and were from other activists and then after we discovered after two months investigation of a technical analysis to try and. investigate what kind of information and what this software actually does we discovered there was a company called gamma international which sells this software to foreign governments so we assumed and we given the circumstances in which i received the
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e-mails and the nature of the e-mails this was a suspect this was sold to the bahraini government but we also know that the servers. received this information from the software is actually based in bahrain so the servers are currently in bahrain and they're being updated in bahrain which means that this is further evidence over the past two years particularly since a british advisor john yates joined the bahrain security services we have noticed the increase in the use of surveillance in the use of c.c.t.v. and the use of digital surveillance and there are very targeted arrests and infiltration amongst protests activists that are happening using the latest technology technologies and this is all happened since following on from the hiring of the recruitment of john yates and most of these companies that provide all of this technology are british now we know of at least thirty six. being maintained worldwide so now the this is a global operation gamma international has sold this software to at least twenty
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five governments and the us seems the use of this software seems to have no any type of restriction so this is turning into a global phenomenon and it's run by the private sector so well look increasingly of the commercialisation of digital surveillance which is even scarier because it's very difficult to regulate. the idea that britain would be better off outside the european union is gaining ground in prime minister david cameron's government the defense secretary has now joined vegetations secretary in saying he would vote for the u.k. to leave the block if a referendum was held right now on the soft reports now from london. this is going to look to many like the prime minister is struggling to maintain control of discipline amongst his own party aver the e.u. if you know he seemed very senior figures within his own party education minutes that michael gave come out and say that he feels that there could be benefits to
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leaving the event that sentiment echoed by the defense secretary philip hammond he said that he'd vote to leave if the referendum were on the basis of our relationship in britain with the e.u. as it stands today no rather embarrassing for the prime minister of course because he's in the us at the present time suppressed a trade deal between the e.u. and the us that he claims could bring ten billion pounds that the new benefits to britain now go to cameron the prime minister's actually had a statement where he's when he's responded to these statements from senior figures and he said that he does seem to think there's a swing in the town even before the negotiation has started now this is in reference of course to his the speech at the beginning of the year where he promised that if the party were voted in with a majority in the twenty fifteen general election that there would then be in out
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referendum by twenty seventy after there was a renegotiation of britain's relationship with the remember a lot of people amongst his own party included want to see a substantial repatch relation of powers from the e.u. but of course there were many unanswered questions a predominantly a well would actually be considered a failure because of course it goes no go. see whatsoever the person would i get that renegotiation of a relationship that's going to be a lot of questions about the prime minister is only thirty within his own party this isn't any problem the split eight of the new issue is an old problem for the conservative party you can imagine that the other parties right now are going to be absolutely gleeful so this whole family squabble is that once again being played outside publicly. and bersin is not alone in voicing his discontent over policies in germany display of the government its terminations there are now
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increasing signs of division and one of germany's largest promises about various. super separatist movement is gaining momentum and he spoke with a leading advocate of bahrain independence wilfrid. playing to why his state is losing patience with germany's commitment to the. area has always shown solidarity and we continue to show solidarity even during the european crisis we bear a large share of the burden but i'd like to ask the e.u. has provided the first bailout for greece second bailout for greece a third bailout for greece billions billions and billions if i asked the german people whether they believe they will ever get even one euro back that they will all say no the politicians are aware of that they just pretend like they're not but the worst part of it is that millions and millions of greeks are really between a rock and a hard place if you don't benefit one bit from all these bailouts i don't know
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anybody who's ever benefited from them because there's greeks you don't have jobs you don't have any income you don't know how to provide for their families their situation does not improve this mean something's wrong with the system and one more thought about greece our politicians say they greece is only two point five percent of the e.u. economy so my question for my fellow politicians is how can two point five percent bring the entire one hundred percent to ruin. and you can catch the full interview with wilfrid sharron angle at eight hundred forty five champion r c meanwhile it's all liars in brussels where finance chiefs are expected to approve a new rescue loans for greece and cyprus will make a big greek economy after three years of caution directions from international lenders and try to find out whether it's actually growing any that.
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turkey has urged the international community to take action against the government in neighboring syria blaming it for saturday's deadly blast in a border town has detained nine suspects saying it has evidence linking them to this you were an intelligence that damascus has denied any involvement in baton rouge forty six people dead and pointed the finger at turkey which is accuses which is accused of fueling the civil war and see where tens of thousands of refugees have fled from syria into turkey and that's made the borders and between the countries extremely volatile as art has more if you know sherman. turkey shares its longest border with syria it's hard to imagine now but in two thousand and nine the two countries even held joint military drills across that frontier in what was a brief thaw in relations between the two well communist syrian and serbian turkish they are so close that it's really only the border that prevents them being a single city people here joke they could have dinner in syria and coffee in turkey
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just by strolling through the gates you can see behind me but it's now closed and the relations between the two neighbors are strained like never before changes came after turkey joined the chorus of fellow made to states and called for assad to step down immediately diplomatic political logistical support for the syrian opposition has made turkey one of serious key foes there are numerous unconfirmed reports of weapons and ammunition smuggled into syria with help of people on the side of the border either through airports or on land. often made and sold alone and in the absence of any convincing denial from the government and given the government's policy of saying assad will go no matter what position when you look at this whole pictures it's not everybody is. inspiring pictures damascus has even accused ankara of allowing the rebels to bring chemical
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weapons into country from this turkish religion at the syrian border you can see texas military base it's a well secured area with highly restricted access no civilians including journalists are allowed to enter the army also uses special access roads to get in and out that are also closed for non military vehicles well if even if accusations of turkish involvement in supplying weapons to fighters in syria true it would be almost impossible to prove by supporting the opposition in syria turkey may pledged its loyalty to nato but this has come at a price hundreds of thousands of desperate and gree refugees are fleeing from the war zone making the security situation on the border as tense as ever we spend more than eight hundred million dollars for the syrian refugees so it's a huge number now they want jobs in in those cities so it is also somehow affecting
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the social stability in this region some say turkey is being used as a proxy by the western and gulf countries hostage to power that's forced to pull the chestnut's out of the fire but there are those who approve of enterprise actions and think turkey should take advantage of that situation if the syrian regime it will be changing and i think it has lost its legitimacy and it has lost its political credibility with its own people that the syrian people will not blame turkey of having chosen the dictator in the period when they were suffering turkey feels that this region these close region. central asia and middle east is a priority region we should be the. power which has. in all the regions it curing these were the two recent reports by
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enlisting international and international crisis group global independent movements the documents reflect the concern by western and gulf partners or would they call turkey's near ottoman imperial aspirations what's these countries certainly don't want is their loyal ally who paid a high price for being a good team player starting to play for itself. r.t. turkish syrian border. and news just in on r.t. reports say a turkish fighter jet has crashed in the country's south near the syrian border radio contact with the plane was lost after the pilot said it was attracting the search operation is underway now and of course we'll bring you more news on that as we get it and let's now go back to one of our top stories the growing calls within the e.u. within the u.k. rather government to pull out of the e.u. under on this now with british conservative politician andrew rozen doubt mr andrew
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rosendahl welcome to the program why do you think they've chosen this moment to make their announcement. world the queen's speech debate is taking place in parliament this week and then the moment has been put to the queen's speech calling for a referendum legislation to be brought berlioz so that we can say to the british people that we're serious about allowing a vote a referendum on the subject david cameron has been pushing hard for transatlantic free trade area between between us and the you do you think these plans are realistic. well i believe that britain is historically a trading nation we traveled the globe we sold tall corners of the planet in order to trade with countries far and wide and we should go on doing that we don't need the european union to tell us how best to trade we've done that for hundreds and
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hundreds of years the british empire was built on trading so the idea that we have to be in the e.u. in order to trade with america i think is nonsense i think that we need our freedom and flexibility to trade with all countries around the world and i think that is just as possible for america and britain to have a trading agreement that is for america and the e.u. we just have to be bold about this and reassert of national sovereignty and independence so that we can run our own affairs and make our own decisions the e.u. was only actually created in nineteen ninety two so you know the the idea that all of our trading would suddenly stop if we were part of the e.u. is nonsense we traded round the world for years and that will continue whatever happens of course the u.k. independence party made huge gains in the recent local elections do you think the conservative party is now starting to adopt some of their ukip sadia is that.
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well i think the reality is that have we listened to mrs thatcher twenty years ago had margaret thatcher's advice been taken we wouldn't be in this mess today she told us then that political union was wrong she told us that we shouldn't go further into this would become a federal europe she knew that was wrong and she warned us against it we should have listened to her sound advice at the time but we didn't so we've had twenty years now of two more continuing today you to effect a different government in every prime minister until we unravel this and make it clear that political union is not fast we happy to trade we happy to cooperate we're happy to have good relations with our neighbors but political union must be taken off the table and then we can get back to a sensible relationship with our friends across the english channel and what about the potential political damage if britain deserted the e.u.
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at a time of crisis what did this cause huge damage to its relations with major you members from your point of view. well i think the germans and the french we may huff and puff offer all their project german from have come together to create this grand vision of the united europe well it was never going to work and that's being proved today we're seeing the term all across europe because of the disastrous euro project and i think it's germany's interest and interest of france as world to also have a different type of relationship with the rest of europe it's not just britain that would benefit from a simple free trade agreement with the rest of europe i think everyone would benefit rather than political union so if britain can lead the way on this which quite often we do if we lead the way on this and show that we can actually be successful and prosper incorporate without a political union then i think they will be
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a good example for the rest of europe and hopefully we'll have a much happier situation with each nation deciding their own future and cooperating freely rather than being part of this e.u. straight jacket all right conservative politician andrew ross in doubt thank you very much indeed for sharing your views so that's thank you thank you. and reports are coming through of a car explosion in libya's second largest city benghazi the bill also said to have a crowded area outside a hospital just yesterday bomb attacks targeted two police stations in libya the british and american governments as well as all major b.p. have all announced they will be pulling stuff out of levy as the country plunges further into political turmoil. and of course more news after this coming break you will see.
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technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered. modern russia was built on coal. fuel for its factories. coke for its steel. more gold is it more than heat for its people. join me james brown to meet them spend their lives underground and work in one of the world's most dangerous professions. would. hearts of coal on our t.v. .
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welcome back to all to see europe's finance ministers are poised to sign of billions of euros of financial aid today heavily indebted greece and cyprus a counting on big checks from the you are group to prop up their aging economies cyprus is expecting the green light for the first of three billion euro installment of its bailout agreed in mush have to tears negotiations negotiations with international lenders greece has been relying on cash injections for the past three years and it's now banking on getting another four point two billion euro age tranches and it's also seeking approval for a further installment of three point three billion euros later this year displayed the greek government's claim that the money is bringing the economy back on track many believe the country is paying too high
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a price without help as now reports. as been three years says greece was granted its massive bailout by international lenders since then the harshest measures have driven the economy into the ground but some claim that the risk hope on the horizon for grace and that it's about to turn a corner let's see now how greece's economy fares today compared to what it looked like in the last full year before it needed rescuing starting with the country's output g.d.p. an indicator of the standard of living that's plummeted almost fifty billion euros in the last three years while government data has thursday by forty five percent so where do the optimists sounds while the good news these measures have improved the country's budget deficit to three point eight percent to put that in perspective that's now very close to the figure sets by the european union but for the greek
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people though of the most alarming trend is the unemployment rate that stopped twenty seven percent mostly the country's youth and that's going to get worse four thousand civil servants are being laid off this year alone with the number is set to triple by the end of next year one expert says no matter how the number is set up now the money will still have to be repaid the greek government is trying to image. it budget deficits by simply slicing the public investment and continuing continuously delaying statements about its directions so in reality if if the greek states. were every monday all those reports did. you know that this is so that's why they insist that this i mean listen it is an attempt to remain so little that
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a real aspects of the. government's economic policy or of policy. what is your recession the very big question the elephant is a room of this size this. is you know below the agreements a moment in reality they have in greece. and during an astonishing six years of recession is also having a harrowing consequence so is science in greece which used to be the lowest rate in euro are rising rapidly mostly among the middle class troublingly people have taking their lives in public hanging or shooting themselves or even self-immolation while politicians and economists shuffle the figures as the people of greece being the price with their livelihoods and their futures. and reports. let's check some other stories from
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around the world and we'll start in ghana stan where road side bomb blast has claimed the lives of ten civilians and left many others injured in the southern region of kandahar the victims including three children were in a truck which hit an improvised explosive device they were on their way to a funeral of two others who died of another explosion last week no group has claimed responsibility so far however in april the taliban threatened renewed violence and what they call their annual spring offensive. volleyball kerio position protesters do with torches have clashed with security forces have broken through police lines during post-election riots in the capital so fear they were action that was overshadowed with the widespread allegations of ballot fraud members of the opposition are contesting the rescue the results right that which gave the form of prime minister's party a victory he stepped down and made corruption allegations and mounting economic turmoil just two months ago.
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next a look at one of the world's most dangerous professions and the heart of coal right after the break. the illusion of safety trumping you're right seems to be the main political theme of post nine eleven america i notice pushing the keep you safe at any cost on globe or the new york billionaire mayor michael bloomberg who originally had to defend his stop and frisk strategy after giving a speech to police brass stop and frisk is the practice of just being able to search anyone in new york at any time for any reason with your hands this gestapo style practice has been in place since two thousand and two but thankfully was finally recently found to be unconstitutional by
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a federal judge you know the fourth amendment all the talk about no unlawful search and seizure seems pretty clear to me why did this take so long to figure out bloomberg despite that silly constitution thing stands firm with this policy declaring if you and st stops looking for guns they will be more guns on the street and more people will be killed it's just that simple well to that i would say if you stop nazi style first kings of random innocent people there will be more freedom on the streets it's just that simple but that's just my opinion. it's the. one time of massive change stall in dreams of the moment.
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and he wants to fast but to do it he needs to. blend in ones coal is the bread industry and during the soviet union the miner was held up as a shining example of what a worker should be tieless ready to sacrifice himself for his country and the hardest workers of all where here inside there is who's boss region taking the coal that would make everything from steel. to record. more than seven hundred billion tons of coal on them.


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