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tv   Headline News  RT  May 15, 2013 2:00am-2:29am EDT

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the e.u. races to raise billions of dollars to reconstruct war torn mali but there are concerns the country is still too insecure and the insurgency too strong for rebuilding to begin. fourteen countries try their luck by seeking permanent observer status of the arctic council this in order to gain access to the region's vost untapped energy resources. and the mother's day shooting in new orleans reloads the debate on tougher gun control in the u.s. the firearm lobby is continuing its fierce fight against change.
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just after ten am here in the russian capital a very good morning to you this is r.t. live from moscow with me reception european leaders and delegates from all over the world are meeting to raise billions of dollars in aid for war torn mali it's the highest level gathering since france sent troops to intervene and aims to help rebuild a country still plagued by islamists and rebel ins with more from the summit in brussels also used tessa ross. the leaders from the e.u. and france as well as international donors are gathering today here in brussels to drum up and get aid and support for mali a country which has been dealing with a radical islamist militants as well as a political crisis for the last couple of years now now the french foreign minister aloha fab you said said that the aim of today is to raise some one point nine billion euros a to give to the country in what he calls a quote unquote an effort to build democracy dialogue and development now we know
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that france has been very in the country especially in the beginning of the year when it launched a military operation into the country a saying that they were there to fight off its law mr militants away from key cities now france is also in the middle of withdrawing some four thousand troops from the country wherever it does plan to keep about a thousand troops in says in what is seen as a long term a kind of posting in. in contrast to what has been told to the french people in the beginning who had given support to this military operation they were told that it was going to be a short a kind of operation however we have been speaking to some experts who are very familiar with counterinsurgency efforts and have had firsthand experience with them and they've told us here on our t.v. that it's very difficult for counterinsurgency operations to be a short kind of war because as you drive out militants are from key cities they do have a tendency to just keep coming back so there is a question of whether security is really in place to do. any military intervention creates is that you chase the terrorists from one place they move they withdraw or
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they consolidate somewhere else where. they are less likely to be entirely new theories of the state of chaos so. it's an ideal place for going to get out but it is us they can see. what freedoms their assets they followed the variation of the whites because they know that sooner or later the intervention forces whether their friends in mali american enough guys are sitting right there the occupiers the french foreign minister insists that security is largely in place in the country however critics do question the extent of the kind of stability the mali may be seeing at the moment there is no argument among everybody involved that a stable mali is in the interest of a secure region a regional security however there is that question of how sustainable and how effective the efforts have been so far there are also plans of having elections in
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the country in july if and when that does happen what kind of a democracy and system will be put in place considering that the country is still facing some of those militant threats it's not one hundred percent out of the a country also since today is largely a fund raising activity there are questions on the money now are there mechanisms that will make it should make it very transparent as to where this money is going to go and if it will actually reach its intended destination a lot of questions that need to be answered as these leaders and international donors meet today here in brussels. artists are still reporting there we would of course be following the conference and bringing you up to the minute analysis of the situation in mali throughout the day plus tess's in brussels right now as you could see a moment ago you can always check out her twitter feed for the latest updates underscore artsy. for now the arctic council originally formed of nations with land above the arctic circle now has a waiting list of nations keen to join up some though very far from the north pole
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of china and india are among fourteen nations seeking permanent observer status during the current meeting in sweden has been a question about explains why this ok. here in the north this weekend the future not the arctic is at stake and ministers from aid to the north in most countries including the us canada and russia will decide whether to let fourteen other states gain observer status and they are to become self so what is that for one suddenly cill interest says and this ice covered region while their reason is on tip of the iceberg its vast resources given the harsh environment there resources are difficult to extract but underneath as snow and ice is around twenty two percent of all remaining well and gas deposits there were also eight north and most countries are those who fell slate clean to the region there is still uncertainty however over how the life should be divided among them but now some countries including the
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u.s. are calling for the scrapping of turgid moral principles to make it a free for all china and india are one of those schools would cherish that most these two countries have already made tentative steps north this april china signed debt free entry deal with iceland as fast with a european nation chinese businessmen are also to be investing in greenland so it really seems that they gene aims to get a foothold in the arctic and other fast developing global player is indiana also seeking to be heard about the arctic council wakes up to the increased economic potential off this region so far the arctic council includes of those countries who are invested in the protection and exploration of the north in place cap but now as the commercial interests kicks in maybe other nations are rushing to be rejected and it's up to the consul's home and its members to decide whether the unfriendly
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north insurers should suddenly become a crowded place. just a few minutes here on the program spying on us was necessary to plug a dangerous leak according to the u.s. justice department or as one analyst told us or it could be a way to scare whistleblowers and stop them from working with a b we take a closer look at that in just a few minutes time. we know. that. and this unfolds at the submarine for run into trouble we've come to. find out what's. more on that story coming up a. new orleans police are seeking a teen suspect over the mass shooting at a mother's day parade on sunday left nineteen people wounded and the incident comes
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as president obama continues his push for a clamp down on gun owners. reports the. it's the national wound that never stops for. nineteen americans including two ten year olds were hospitalized after gunfire erupted in new orleans during a mother's day parade yet another mass shooting in the united states this time amid a national debate on gun control if you go to google to look at the stories on this particular incident you'll find that there are also advertising places to practice your shooting out of carry weapons and all the rest of it in other words instead of because she waiting people from using guns this whole incident is being used to promote more guns and promote more people having licenses to carry guns
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so you know i we're in a situation now where bizarrely the more violence there is the more violence there probably will be in the aftermath of last year's school shooting in newtown which killed twenty children and six adults the national rifle association proposed armed security guards to be stationed in every american school. in the country's largest gun organization is five million members strong and has fought fiercely to defeat washington's recent efforts to introduce basic gun control legislation let me make this perfectly clear we will never back away from our resolve to defend our rights and the rights of all law abiding american gun owners . these children were among the eighty six thousand gun enthusiasts who recently turned out in houston texas for the n.r.a. annual meeting and exhibit. personal lessons on how to stand their ground.
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for kids as young as six practicing their aim with air guns let's just serving about what's happening. now the gun culture is the way the n.r.a. spearheading this kind of integration of children into the use of things like assault weapons and military style semiautomatic weapons as opposed to the old you know bold action on to questions that kids maybe grew up with a generation or two ago with a reported three hundred million guns already circulating in the u.s. kyle copeland founded the armed citizens project to give firearms out for free we're going to be training and arming residents in a neighborhood in oak forest in houston it's a high crime neighborhood with a lot of home invasions and we're offering all the residents that live in our targeted neighborhood if they can pass a background check and it will take our training class will give them for free a pump action shotgun for home defense when it came to defending attendees at the
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new orleans parade even police officers interspersed in the crowd couldn't stop the gunman so all in all this was a pretty shameful day for washington but many argue the legislation for basic background checks that failed last month in washington could have ironically america's divisive. has turned into a blessing for the arms industry sky rocketing sales of rifles and ammunition has been reported arguably making it even harder for the future of mass shootings to possibly be prevented according from new york growing up were naive partly. out of the aussie won't update and many other news stories from today's headlines are just around the bend hope you can stay with us here not.
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we speak your language i know that there. were news programs and documentaries and spanish matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles stories. for you here. the spanish find out more visit i to our.
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good morning from moscow it's a nearly quarter past ten here on rover sushi an international peace conference on syria brokered by moscow and washington likely to take place in geneva next month and russia and the u.s. are turning that diplomatic efforts to finally bringing the syrian government and the opposition to the negotiating table now the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has warned washington will give additional help to syrian rebels if the assad regime backs out of the talks russia's foreign minister insists the syrian government is positive about the prospect of negotiations so the gloves are off also explained the likely format of the conference. personable so it's as though we're just nichols. regarding the composition of the participants at the conference should be at the level of ministers all their deputies we discussed the possible formats of the conference the general opinion is that those who were in geneva in june last year should be at the new conference as well as russia
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believes that a few important players should take part two including iran and saudi arabia most importantly we need to ensure that both the government and the opposition support the initiative the government has already made a statement and that statement is generally positive the opposition still does not speak with one voice today we discussed with john kerry the necessity for our american colleagues to do everything possible so that the opposition appoints a delegation it's a little it's the prospects for the international conference on syria and what's in it for foreign countries are certainly topics for debate in the latest edition of crosstalk the full program coming your way in about so an hour and a quarter of an hour pretty. winston churchill said that americans can be counted upon to come to the best option after the tried everything else but i think the united states missed an opportunity to. reinforce and support moderates in thai forces center collapsed we ended up
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with extremists from the muslim brotherhood all the way to al qaeda so the united states is trying to give it a shot. at least with. a lot more new stories are coming your way here on our today finale u.s. justice department has defended its spying on associated press saying it was necessary to find leaks that could endanger american people the phone records of about one hundred journalists including that private numbers were seized sparking outrage in the media world wide white house though has distanced itself from the scandal saying it knew nothing about the probe i have a president obama's administration is known for targeting whistleblowers seriously
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and as r.t. contributor afshin rattansi reports that we now think twice before contacting ip. they would able to notify the head of associated press because it would undermine the security of the whole operation like the idea of justice anyway in the united states around the world we see now how can they be at the bottom of justice when that dream longest strike is in cuba and as for eric holder himself well what exactly are they thinking when they're actually naming associated press the american taxpayer will have to pay reparations to associated press because let's face it no whistleblower source is now going to cool the a.p. desk in new york or washington d.c. . generally it has to be said that given the obama administration's attitude you're not really an american journalist if you're not. being recorded or at least the phone logs are being noted down and sent to the f.b.i. . you can find out
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a lot more about this. from washington officials. as well as reaction of journalists. also. hunger strikers in guantanamo bay. before any contact with legal representatives. about the real condition. but breathing problems are. different story the real deal is.
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on monday a deadly blast in libya's second largest city of benghazi several people dead and many many injured and the. pullout of u.s. embassy staff of course the recent spike in violence. from the executive intelligence review magazine and things the west could be leaving behind. well they created a monster that they could no longer control and it's turning against them in a way there was absolutely foreseeable the fact that the tony blair policy which obama kameraden star cozy filed implemented in the overthrow of gadhafi in orcus two thousand and eleven created this condition which was understandable and
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he wanted a new no was going to happen we worked directly with the al qaeda militia to all throughout in gaza you know other parts of libya and now libya has become fund government of the so even the people who initiated the mess have to leave to protect themselves because nobody looks the tech down and the situation is completely out of control. all right as promised let's get into it now let's open it up with nigeria the president has there is a declared a state of emergency in three states in the northeast of the country which decision was prompted by a surge of guerrilla attacks at least twenty three killed in the latest round of violence the army reinforcements are being made they will be dispatched to the troubled region of this though their order to demolish all is limited hideouts. mexican authorities have restricted access to the area around the to peddle volcano preparing for a kilometers into the sky with info to dry that to this point no evacuations have
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taken place but emergency officials are a bit worried that rain could arrive washing down the ash gathered around the crater there by flooding nearby communities. and more than fifty people are feared dead after an overcrowded boat capsized off the coast of the passengers were fleeing a township in the west of the country which is preparing for the arrival of a powerful cyclon at the un has called for them to be evacuated from the region because many live in ramshackle camps in vulnerable low lying areas. now at twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow of britain's planning to spend nearly one hundred sixty billion pounds over ten years on new military equipment the last chunk of the money will go towards a new class of nuclear submarine but the project faces serious problems and the subs new plugs underwater to sarah further reports on the high tech weaponry which is far from state of the art. the cutting edge in military technology.
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every decade tens of billions of pounds in the making these of britain's new class of hunter killer submarines and they've been making waves that lead to. serious problems from ground to. corrosion this is a. the astute on a jinx the damning description is a far cry from what persons ministry of defense has hailed as one of the most technologically advanced machines in the world as impressive as she sounded on paper. launch into the public sphere it's not been an easy one the series of leaks intelligence has become clear that its problems could run deeper. is that. if. the design started in the mid ninety's.
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you know electronics. right but all the. time to try and keep up with that and you need to think about replacing equipment. as complete problem. simple things become big problems. in the northeast of england in barrow in furness is now the only site in the u.k. that designs builds and test submarines and that work forms the backbone of the economy here the current owner of the shipyard is defense systems not without its critics it's a company that shrouds itself in secrecy and it didn't disappoint when it came to addressing the alleged catalogue of errors with the submarine program having been beset by the design for allegations the. asked the aide to give us their side of
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the story but they declined to comment. it's perhaps no surprise with the government order a seven astute class submarines only two are in the water with one still being built to any one of the things that can play a part of the obviously the people be. very protective of the stuff and you preach . about the problems. on information that. it is difficult for you come to expect an understanding and there's a distinction between the protectiveness and secretiveness of local people compared to seek to the rest of the company and that's because in terms of the local people and people there protecting them because this is their heads of state history and from the perspective you understand they are because the commercial means that's that's the reason that they're being paid x. amount of money to build and design something the local pride in the submarines is
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evident but even the ministry of defense is being forced into embarrassing admissions about what they've turned teething troubles. back and so do we continue producing this part of submarines or do we get it right and then start again the problem here is this is if they stop. short of submarine attack submarine. and that means that strategy. really is quite serious with the launch of the third class submarine still some way of the next couple of years for this project kid three sink or swim time. surf arty barren furnace in the north of england. or as in about an hour's time will be during cross talk for now just around the bend here look beyond the corporate sponsored business news headlines prime interest from. so it's.
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giving peace a chance this may or may not be the case when it comes to the fate of syria russian peace plan to end a civil war is being reconsidered are the u.s. and its gulf oh i serious or is this a ploy to merely intensify the culprit. modern russia was built on coal. fuel for its fun to raise. coke for its steel blue mark good as it was and heat for its people. join me james brown to meet them in to spend their lives underground and work in one of the world's most dangerous professions.
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would loads. of coal on o.t. . the mission. couldn't take three months for charges free. range month free. three stooges free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free video done to r t dot com. good afternoon welcome to prime interest i'm harry and boring here and washington d.c. and here's the story that we're tracking today. you hear it first here on prime interest and we're calling it bloomberg gate and heating up by a scandal of break in at a washington hotel bertha goldman sachs. claim they got wind that bloomberg reporters are trolling their log and records now we know at least one employee who
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was keeping tabs on the none other of ben bernanke and him guy no word on how often the chairman checks the price of gold but in a related development more than ten thousand private messages sent from bloomberg terminals turned up on the web after a simple search. for the new york mayor's namesake from and we're just one week away from the most anticipated shareholder meeting of the year j.p. morgan shareholders are raising questions about come close the details made between board members and their outside affiliates and we've been reporting jamie dimon himself is rumored to be on the chopping block he would however retain his c.e.o. title if you broaden the board finally we highlighted the hot i.p.o. market yesterday but the bullish or bearish i have to report that private equity groups that have been snapping up homes are going to flip them into rental property i.p.o. but they're doing it much sooner than anticipated says blogger i have met normally
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i'd wait a few years to givens investors the rental of the rental management unit is a viable business so is this a sign of market top. all right let's get into what's been your interest. and.
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every day billions of shares are traded in the stock market all of the activity depends on knowing the prices at the moment you buy or sell so how does the information get out there and has it always been reliable today we're going to take a look into the fine print of stop quoting in the early eighteen hundreds the only way to receive prices was either word of mouth or handwritten messages since the useful life span of one stock quote was brief quotes didn't travel far outside of new york city now after the civil war the invention of the stock ticker revolutionized wall street and tracking became excessive or to a wider geographic audience this allowed the people across the us to access near real time stock prices and the trade on exchanges by the.


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