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tv   Headline News  RT  May 17, 2013 1:00pm-1:29pm EDT

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many russia says the cia crossed the line with its antics after the us agent was caught in. a phone recording involving another american operative intercepted. europe can get by with. demands from the u.k. accusing its leaders of splintering the. gay rights parade in the georgian capital tbilisi attacking the activists who needed police help to escape the area. but faces obstacles from power as the rebel forces there despite evidence of
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atrocities committed by them in the. top stories this hour. live from studio center here in moscow the cia has gone too far with its spying operations that's the message from russia's federal security service commenting on the recent scandal involving an american agent uncovered in moscow this week. the implications of this. i visited the f.s.b. had called in moscow the f.s.b. officials told me that they knew from day one since ryan fogle came to moscow that he was working for the cia that's why they had a very close eye on him and the most important formation here clearly is that this is not the first case over the past three years in fact in fact since two thousand
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and eleven there have been four cases like that but one story which the f.s.b. officials wanted to draw particular attention on is the story of also a third secretary of the u.s. embassy benjamin dillon who just like ryan fogle tried to recruit an employee of the national anti-terrorist committee offering him a money and for him to meet and in private to discuss the details that's when the f.s.b. officials actually managed to apprehend him i have acquired and the audio recording of the phone conversation between benjamin dillon and that man it's a group you have a. minister misses and those that. are never really. weird militias you have to let me know long philistia squad but also not some do not call daughter but instead you knew us and yesterday and we were never assume or new used to be mysterious and so. for specific approach to two
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years to give you well the f.s.b. officials also pointed out the tactics which both local and dylan used have a striking resemblance they both made phone calls they offered money maybe there's one exception that presumably dylan didn't have a wig on him like fogle did but clearly the tactics were the same and the consequences will probably be the same as well because we know that ryan fogle is now in for a dipper taishan from the russian federation and the same thing happened to deal and he was deported in january twenty third scene without making it public and it was done quietly back then of course there are some routine intelligence work and some professional athletes but the cia according to. the f.s.b. officials went too far with the fogel case the reason why the benjamin dillon story was not made public in january was because the f.s.b. try to keep it under the carpet they made a warning to the cia colleagues that such things could not happen especially given the fact that f.s.b. and the cia have a very strong partnership in fighting terrorism together i talked to one of the
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high ranking officials in the f.s.b. and here is how he explained the current state of affairs we were particularly outraged at the actions of the american spy dylan benjamin he tried to convince an employee of the russian national counter-terror committee to hand over classified documents of this department to the cia like mr fogle he was also deported from russia we hope the cia would learn their lesson and something like that would never happen again so we decided not to release the information about dylan to the public but apparently they didn't learn that lesson in fogel's case the cia crossed a red line so we had to react according to official instructions. while they have no common so far not from the u.s. embassy in moscow not from the washington officials but the f.s.b. told me that they will let us know if anything any comments coming from washington come on that matter. and. the european union can survive without britain according to the french president who gave
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a marathon three hour news conference yesterday and went as far as accusing the british of being a threat to the very existence of the e.u. . cilia reports. there's been a lot of your skepticism growing in the u.k. and david cameron had said that he wants to put the membership of the e.u. to a vote in twenty seventeen and when a lot was asked this question a lot simply said europe existed before britain joined it. was very noticeable how along has really been trying to go on the offensive he was acting showing himself to be a strong leader at this point because he himself is facing a very large and growing euro skepticism in his own country if you just look at the latest figures there is a pew research showing that even if most french people still want to remain as part of the eurozone seventy seven percent of french people think that this closer economic ties with the entire union has been detrimental to their own economies so a lot of very seems he has been talking to the french people that is his audience
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for this speech trying to show how france can still go on even if the u.k. does leave the you that if that is the final decision now a lot also said it criticized the u.k. for being such a euro skeptic essentially saying that this kind of rocking the boat attitude of the u.k. is threatening to splinter the e.u. is what we can see here is pointing out the fact that the u.k. really has been one of the most critical voices in the union so far and also along . david cameron an interesting lot himself is facing no growth in his own country so he said that david cameron's policies is hindering growth in the u.k. while france right now is officially in recession now again it's interesting to point out that when a lot of this trying to rebut and answers these questions he's speaking to the french people hoping the massive this satisfaction that he's facing for the french people will eventually turn on his leadership here is under question he's facing massive unemployment he's
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a very unpopular man at this moment so in trying to prove that he is still a french leader years going on the offensive it's unlikely that we're going to hear him say that france is not going to survive without the u.k. . let's get some british perspective on the french president's remarks joining me from that is done is maturing is the u.k. former minister for europe is mcshane very harsh comments from the french president well deserved third you think. i think you'd find an awful lot of british politicians as a british practice commentators who do agree with him that britain would be better off outside the european union and almost every day you could have papers in britain here or go listen to debates in the house of commons where people are lecturing the french and everybody else in europe what to do sadly europe the european union the moment is it a kind of giant blame game finger point to you because you it's not me i'm a good boy i'm going to get better the brits claim the french the french blame the
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germans the germans plane spotting frankly i think playgrounds have got more adults in the nice days than the top leadership of europe well in the past you've called for britain to join the euro zone what are your thoughts now. i think we should be fully integrated we have a heavily devalued how yet balance of trade that's to say what we export is getting worse and worse and worse so you know we i think should be properly or perhaps not coming to the conclusion that many people are in this culture she dealt thanks to the kind of political leadership we've had in recent years it's likely we may decide to leave and then europe will be split asunder and i think every european country not just britain who are much weaker as a result but still do you see yourself actually then doing a u. turn and actually supporting the exit of britain from the e.u. nodal tall all the country i think britain should be a player i think we can be a player i think
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a lot of the points but will buy vista cameron and other british political leaders who got a lot of good say in the but i also think points put forward by mrs merkel of course for along the britain can't cherry pick britain can't come in say right will take this little bit of europe but we'll ignore all the rest we're moving after the catastrophe of the banking crisis where the bikes were robbed by all these people who destroyed the economy in two thousand and eight was still living with the disasters of their incompetence we now i think want to have more like supervision what's called a banking union i think britain should be part of that of how can i just ask you you said look they'll be no danger of euro the eurozone becoming a super state and in effect what you're now is advocating the controls at the e.c.b. are having over those european economies and over their banking systems it is not exactly in contradiction to what you're saying wouldn't happen no what i'm saying is we need much tougher international regulators systems for banks we've got them
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in place for trade we had to replace sixty years ago for the cold steel industries of your britain said no to that it made no difference it was the arrival of a super state what europe needs things. that we all need around the world do away with tax havens do away with tax dodging to do with little switch little luxembourg or ever to dodge taxes we need to have much tougher super efficient up will prove he's speaking by country britain has been going through twenty years of don't stop campaigning we just see the death of mrs fat should she contributed to this and this to cameron and all of the political leadership of britain the moment of the conservative side of the children of mrs thatcher and they've been telling all of us for years your it's a terrible thing it's full of awful people who want this little to do with it as possible without it the british people are believing that say ok give us a vote but we will leave the european union and our friends a job with them germany and poland and brought us the spade well ok we would rather
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you stay but if you really think you are to go by. then it's great to talk to you thank you very much and if you thought said dennis we're showing live there from london former u.k. minister for europe thank you. it is time for us to settle this question about britain and europe. david cameron's under increasing pressure to guarantee a vote on the pace of future in the league you will have a sell out of britain's european partners fear that such a divorce code is a strong thing. the cash strapped european union is mounting a crusade against the continent's banking hubs brussels declares open season on account privacy tax evaders a light with even those outside the union pressured to change their rules but have more on that later. but first moscow's efforts to launch direct negotiations between the conflicting
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sides in syria is now receiving support from the united nations secretary-general ban ki moon is the latest in a string of high profile figures to visit russia to discuss the syrian civil war has given the green light to russia's talks in the shit if you were going off is following the diplomacy in the black sea resort of sochi. well after meeting with russia's leadership the un secretary-general ban ki moon agreed that the conflict in syria could only be resolved in accordance with international law without any foreign military intervention and with the full respect of syria's territorial integrity he also agreed to the idea of putting together this joint conference which would include both the syrian rebels and the authorities now they were also able to establish the list of current stumbling blocks concerning this idea and well first of all currently the opposition is still quite divided it's unclear who would be able to represent it as a whole at such
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a conference secondly moscow wants to see all the regional players taking part in such a conference including iran which may cause problems with washington and also if the syrian authorities are ready to take part in such a conference right now than the rebels are making now are voicing preconditions which include president assad having to step down but in general ban ki moon's visit continues this diplomatic marathon which will been witnessing for the past few weeks a lot of officials have been coming to russia discussing syria including u.s. secretary of state the prime ministers of great britain and israel and in general it seems the approach of many nations two ways of resolving the conflict in the country is changing now however there are still many problems including the one with the washington since when john kerry was in moscow it seemed that they were completely on the scene ph with russia's leadership but as soon as you left he started calling again for president assad to step down and promised more support of the rebels and that was back just recently by president barack obama himself what's
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widely being ignored is the fact that many of these rebels admit that they are receiving directions from international terror organizations including al qaida there are tons of videos in the web showing horrific acts conducted by rebels including. public executions of captured syrian soldiers there's this just troubling in couric video of a rebel cutting the heart out of a dead syrian soldiers chest and eating it on camera calling on everybody else to do the same and promising to to continue doing so in the future and also there is the statistic from various international activist groups which basically shows that every time the rebels receive a weapons from abroad the violence just spikes. we've got some
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breaking news for you right now here on the we're learning that the inquest into the death of the former k.g.b. spy alexander litvinenko could be falling apart we've heard that the coroner has stated there is no evidence of the russian states involvement into the killing on the grounds of national security the judge suggested that the inquiry should be made public but we'll get some more information on that for you as soon as we get more details on this developing story coming from london. do we speak your language or not advance. news programs and documentaries in spanish more matters to you breaking news a little tone as if i keep the stories. here. and try to alter the spanish find out more visit. all tito's calm.
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me is eve. it seems. the first. r.t. life here in alaska the news continues now gay rights activist had to run for their
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lives in the georgian capital tbilisi as their street parade descended into chaos a crowd of orthodox christians stormed the event attacking the reverend when ati's tom barton joins me now in the studio he's been keeping track of this event in tbilisi so what exactly happened there hi there bill yes the trouble started when a gay pride march in the georgian capital was itself marched on by thousands of very angry off the docks christians people opposed to gay rights they were in a very angry mood indeed chanting slogans like we don't need sodom and gomorra brandishing nettles that they said they would use to thrash any gay rights activists that they caught their central message really these gay a gay pride march is very much against their will for doc's christian ethos so then where were the police in all of this where the police went in to try and basically extract the gay rights act to their own safety get them on to buses and get them
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out however despite their efforts there were some incidents of fights of injuries some head injuries and others and of rocks being thrown at least one of the authorities vehicles as far as the authorities were concerned they allowed this gay rights protests to go on because they said no matter what your sexuality all groups within society deserve a public voice but i think it does illustrate something of the conflict in jordan society between the more liberal elements of the government of society and also more conservative more religious elements that don't want this kind of thing to go ahead last year there was a similar kind of gay rights march and it ended severely. thank you very much indeed r.t. tom button there. banking privacy could soon be a thing of the past in europe that is if it is have their way euro crowds have been pushing hard for access to all account data on the continent and even switzerland and member nation has found itself being squeezed and reports the prospects for the
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old pine banking hub are looking good. so what do you know about switzerland then while the mountainous country sells tasty chocolate is home to some of the finest watches and it's a great place to ski but when it comes its banking sector well that's when it also is getting a little bit secretive avenue the one hundred years this secrecy attracted some of the world's mega rich to the country now to qualify for the flat rate tax deal or not for the rich are not actually allowed to work in the country but must have a net world of at least two million dollars now this ystem has attracted more than five thousand affluent x. patches to this nation of only eight million people including. twain now well they are foreigners collectively give seven hundred million dollars in federal or local taxes maybe it is that could be going into their home than
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treasuries by this cozy arrangement may soon be a thing of the passes the e.u. caps down no such juicy tax incentives the e.u. is also piling pressure on members luxembourg and austria as well as san marino and dora and monaco which are actually not members of the union now luxembourg recently changed its changes last month that actually agreeing to lift bank secrecy rules for european union citizens who have savings that so what all these tax haven countries actually expected to do that well quite simply explode the e.u. want to be able to check out bank tea towels of any individual whenever they want without requesting permission first and considering in cyprus the banks are worth seven times as much as the country's g.d.p. and a lot about for example they're worth twenty two times more the situation could be catastrophic than if you put it in that way so in
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a world where banking secrets are no longer kept these havens may have to find another way to seduce the bridge. kitty pilgrim there in the independent online currency bitcoin is in a serious snag the us authorities broke to the account of dollar that's a business uses to convert us dollars into colin and back again the department of homeland security says the peer to peer currency runs roughshod over new laws that require transfer systems to identify its uses. explains the move as a warning shot for the fledgling currency the u.s. government has made no secret of the fact that it is keeping a close eye on that point but now it appears that the. crackdown on the decentralized digital currency the department of homeland security sees the company known as to wallop which allows customers to transfer their u.s. dollars into the points on tuesday washington shut down while his ability to
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process point payments now the u.s. ledges that my office company was operating as an on a license money transmitting business because to wallow wasn't registered with with the department of treasury is financial crimes enforcement network now some economists believe the timing of this case is no points and see the popularity and press surrounding that point is skyrocketing and the use of electronic currency is growing more appealing to investors and customers around the world this of course threatens the long trip that governments and things have had on currency regulation and interest rate manipulation. ours last restaurant behind me known as ever began accepting the point last month so far the midtown business has for orderly process more than twenty thousand dollars worth of transactions in the
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morning now while wall street remains less an economic hers away from here the financial industry to its disappointment is far removed from the way in which the business of point is operating according to new york very important artsy. american libertarian. live with me now from alabama for more on this internet currency lou the value of bitcoin is fluctuated was over the last couple of months going up. people really then have faith in the currency that is so volatile. well i say first of all the because it's not a currency i mean a currency is something you can go down and buy your your food at the supermarket with or pay the gas station. so it's a method of transferring currencies so don imus it's not entirely anonymous but it's pretty privacy oriented but of course as you pointed out earlier on the show financial privacy of every sort is under attack all over the world in switzerland
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and the u.s. of course and the you they want to know every single thing about every dime we have every dime we spend the better to control them and to tax us so begin to system also in terms of security and national security interest isn't isn't that fair i mean this lends itself to money laundering and another criminal activities is that really why the u.s. is concerned about this because of the anonymity well that they are concerned because of course they make what they call money laundering or crime money launderer is not a crime money laundering is the use of your own money that you've paid taxes on that you've honestly earned in a way the government doesn't approve of well they call that a crime but is there anything wrong with that i think clearly not but as governments become more and more authoritarian as they seek to run every aspect of our lives so yeah they hate something like like bitcoin that's one of the reasons it's prospering people are are sick of sick of the government sick of the government tyranny which is increasing at quite an alarming rate but it's so
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thrilling about just. being amongst the likes of libertarians and it consists and the anti establishment is it really going to be adopted by many more people it's just in the margins of society the name disney and capital structure this planet is it up to about the good guys but we can hope that more people do i think it's it's that you know it's an entrepreneurial question it's a business will it prosper why we should all all the best of luck us is certainly targeting the exchanges they're targeting the companies that are not registered as money transfer. maybe in the u.s. and in the you and other more authoritarian areas big quantum of end up being or variant of paper it's still a good thing if people use it if people want to use it if it prospers in the market that means of serving a purpose i don't care what the treasury says or the fed orphans or the rest of these durandal agencies in washington which you know want us all just a service on their plantation. thank you very much indeed great to get you comments
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on this joining us there from alabama thank you. this is r.t. live here in moscow we're returning to some breaking news for you right now this hour we're hearing that a british inquest into the death of the former russian security officer alexander litvinenko could be falling apart the court has stated that there is no evidence of the russian government's involvement into the killing on the grounds of national security the judge suggested that the inquiry should be public so that some sense of evidence could be considered a former f.b.i. f.s.b. officer alexander litvinenko died of polonium poisoning in london in two thousand and six and we'll bring you more on that story as soon as we get it that's our breaking news this hour. in the meantime a look at the murky world of corporate spying and the techniques used by tax dodges that is next in prime interest coming your way after the short break.
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a fairly dickinson university study has been revealed to twenty nine percent of americans think that a revolution won't just happen in america but needs to be done in order to protect individual liberty if respondents consider themselves conservative than that number is bumped up to forty four percent that's nearly half also fox news found out that since nine eleven the percent of americans willing to sacrifice their personal freedom to reduce the threat of terrorism is at an all low this number might sound trivial but it only takes a tiny percent of the population actually start a revolution i mean how many communists were in russia at the start of the nine hundred seventeen and how many were there at the end revolution may sound like a nice thing to a growing number of people but the media wrongly portrays revolution is some fun video game battle where freedom fighters toppled a statue of the dictator and then democracy just instantly comes about and life is
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good and happy i don't ask you to ignore movies like v. for vendetta and look at history revolutions cause horrible destruction that could take decades to repair i guess what when your economy collapses because a revolt infrastructure breaks down and the shelves go bare also professional revolutionaries get their supplies from somebody and a foreign powers would have say fundamental revolutionaries they would want something in return aloha and goodbye alaska if you look at history then you'll see that revolution is brutal and ugly and it's truly the last resort but it still is a resort but that's just my opinion. good afternoon and welcome to prime. i'm interested i'm harry and boring here in the washington d.c. and here's the stories that we're keeping up with today. they start targeting bloomberg after new revelations emerge about reporters improper use of confidential
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data j.p. morgan itself is under fire for a lapse and risk controls last year has as bloomberg to provide confirmation of its controls allegations are swirling that the london whale story itself went to bloomberg broke last year may have been a result of an improper for lifting up the data and goldman is using the opportunity to turn the screws on bloomberg broker dealer operations will be discussing bloomberg gave a link today in a special segment and in a live interview with christopher chambers how do you remember credit default swaps they were at the epicenter of the a.r.g. goldman sachs bailout and pay off in two thousand and eight now the market for these insurance contracts and corporations and government is undergoing a make over a new proposal by the international swaps and derivatives association would change the rules about when the contracts pay out and the government tries to bail out a bank by forcing losses on bond holders instead of taxpayer.


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