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tv   Headline News  RT  May 20, 2013 8:00am-8:29am EDT

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breaking news here on r t twenty last here the capital of russia's darkest town republic leaving at least eight people dead. nine car bombs ripped through a shia neighborhood in iraq up to forty people are dead and scores more are injured . the situation is spiraling out of control with sectarian violence fueling fears that the country is on the brink of a civil war. syrian government troops and lebanon's hezbollah around on a key border town that's said to be a vile smuggling route for the rebels. and calls in the u.k. to quit the e.u. grow louder with a referendum in the political pipeline while other members also question whether it's time to go it alone themselves.
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for piano in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina john and we go first to the breaking news we're getting here in our network well there have been two deadly blasts in the capital of russia's republic are descender farmers god all the latest for us here so andrew what do we know so far about what happened in the well not many details at the moment but what we do know is that about half an hour ago there was the first blast a total of eight people have been killed that happened. in the capital of the republic of dagestan and it happened just outside the building which is in downtown and shortly after that blast there was a second blast and as we know as we said eight people have been killed but we have no details at the moment about the number of people that have been injured but it
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is an extensive blast. and it also comes. at the time exactly almost one year since a similar blast took place also in the. it was a double blast to in other words there was a first explosion and when emergency services were on the scene and the police there was a second explosion and a similar thing has happened again it is known that there are international terror groups operating in this part of the north caucuses although we do have to say at the moment it's not clear which group would be responsible for this one and nobody has come forward to claim responsibility but of course as we get more information we will bring it to you but for now we do know there's been a double blast a deadly car bomb the placement just about half an hour ago eight people have been killed we can assume more people have been injured but we are waiting for the full details right andrew thank you very much indeed for bringing us the very latest on
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this and as into farmer just said it will be bringing you more details as we get it as this is a developing story here on our team now let's take a look at some other stories that we are looking out for you today a fresh eruption tarion violence in iraq with delhi blast targeting public areas including markets and bus stops has claimed up to forty lives their attacks straw baghdad and the southern town of basra which have also left more than a hundred wounded the details from our middle east correspondent policy or. according to iraqi officials some car bombs have exploded in shiite neighborhoods in the capital city of baghdad now we're hearing that they took place at outdoor market places at bus stops and on the streets of shiite areas on monday morning also on monday morning before these attacks there were two deadly car bombs that targeted a bus station and of restaurant in the southern city of basra which is close to the arabian border in that attack at least ten people were killed and some twenty seven
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people wounded not no one has immediately table sponsibility for these blasts but they do have all the signs and the hallmarks of al qaida attacks in the mainly shia muslim a bus route which was previously relatively peaceful have increased recently back in march a car bomb in that city killed ten and wounded many others these situations that he does seem to be spiraling out of control tensions have been intensifying since the country's minority sunni population says that its list treatment at the hands of the shiite led government has been increasing including random detentions and also neglect now purchase which began back in december who launched the peaceful but in april the number of attacks rose because of the deadly security crackdown on the sunni protest camp in the country's war and what we've seen is a spike of bombings recently targeting either sunni or shiite civilian targets especially in the last week according to the united nations april was the most
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violent month in iraq since two thousand and eight and this is fueling fears of a return to the civil war for two thousand and six two thousand and seven when widespread sectarian violence left tens of thousands of people did. as well militants have joined forces with droops in the fierce fight for control of a rebel stronghold in syria's border with lebanon the town of qusayr is considered a key entry point for smuggling arms into syria well journalist dog was eenie tell us more about what's happening on the ground. syrian army managed to make a full circle around the city fighting the opposition position fight is the main achievement is to stop that line of supply chain between lebanon and syria most of the fight is gathered from different areas and syria in order to gather and so of course had become the capital of pollution this operation moved very slow but it
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was for these studies technically speaking they managed to make first they started from the west from western side of the of the of the city and the ordinary is they control this this is own with some fighters from lebanon some extremist group were preparing to go into syria to fight with that of bills they are going to make they were going to make kind of a bigger front in order to fight and expand. the fighting line between the government and the opposition by this now we have limited the fighting into one city or one into one part of the city the international arena and international has started to change with russian american agreement. it's less acceptable. acceptable for a country to go against them by providing more weapons to that if aleutian. in syria by this it's a kind of a green line for the syrian government forces to go into. which is of course
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said now by this no more smuggling will go on. coming from cut off from other countries now middle east expert tariq ali believes a recent escalation of sectarian violence in the region is being used by the west to target iran. what this war is now increasingly becoming is a war that is style getting iran and trying to rue morgue iran's only arab ally from the reckoning it's become very clear in the way in which sectarianism has been used effectively now both in iraq and in syria in iraq you had a situation where the sunnis constituted a minority but ran the previous regime the united states intervened and effectively handed over power to the religious parties of one sort or another over another
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they then carried out a large ethnic cleansing center we now see the in response to that in syria you had the opposite you had a lot of sunni majority which was government by and the white early regime very closely linked to iran and the arab uprisings that took place the stabilize the region further in my opinion you have a minority supporting the syrian government a minority supporting the islamist rebels and a large proportion of the population waiting for the war to end and hoping that something will happen to bring a conclusion to this war. now grown british distrust of the e.u. has got members of the leading conservatives a star the push for a referendum on whether to quit bills in the pipeline for a twentieth seventeen deadline for the public to decide if they want to stay in the debt ridden e.u.
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or not recent years have seen opinion move in one direction let's have a look at what are your barometer polling center found out so far sixty years ago it discovered that almost half the the u.k. population didn't trust the at all whereas a poll taken last year shows that two thirds of those who took part were euro skeptic now that's as a number of britain's business leaders voiced concerns that is so cold brags it will result in tens of billions of pounds in losses but conservative m.p. mark pritchard says the u.k. would do much better on its own. i don't subscribe to the view that the world would end the day britain left the european union if indeed that is what the british people choose i also don't accept the view that somehow trade barriers would go up and terrace would be introduced by continental europe it's not in their interests they export more to the united kingdom than we export to the european union so that
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is not going to happen of course we heard so much scaremongering over the euro if britain didn't join the euro we were told that there would be a massive divestment out of the u.k. particular in car manufacturing what is what we've seen over the last few years actually record investment of car manufacturing in britain and we're not in the euro thank goodness we're not in the year and indeed our exports other parts of the world the commonwealth the bric countries including russia the civet countries vietnam and so on and so forth we've seen record exports to those countries so we live in a global. globally competitive world as a global race on and with all the economies and i think the united kingdom as an independent sovereign country would be better trading with the rest of the world also with the european union but with the strictures and the strait jacket of the european regulations now the british have long had a strained friendship with their continental colleagues but one of the our european
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cousins think german chancellor angela merkel has repeatedly called for britain not to turn its back on europe spoke to some germans to get their thoughts on the u.k. debate about leaving the e.u. . should it stay or should it go britain's future and the e.u. is getting serious air time at home that we're better off out now whether britain should remain in the e.u. for britain to leave the european union to those that britain would leave behind think about an e.u. with no u.k. britain it's important but the truth is of course you are could survive without britain it still would be european union it would be still a very large market it is possible it is thinkable we can have a european union without britain among germany's euro skeptics there's a grudging respect for their british counterparts challenging brussels bureaucracy however they fear they could be in for more of that bureaucracy should the u.k. leave it will probably have a backlash for the european thinking and then they may think well now we have these
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oddballs and we can go even further with the way of centralizing everything and even overregulating more than we have already and how do the german people feel about britain looking into divorce. if they want to go then they should if they don't it's not really. i couldn't care less but if that's what they want then we'll just continue without them. we can't leave you it never became possible because of their mentality and colonial past. when you're going to be able to they are not in the euro zone and if they want to leave for i say go for it i'm not sure what they'll get out of that. those germans that say that they are concerned whether the u.k. remains in the european union or not they find their infer something of a shock should the united kingdom opt for independence because if the u.k.
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were to leave the single market would shrink by fifteen per cent and three hundred billion euro worth of annual trade would face extra costs and this would affect of course everyone those injured. chancellor angela merkel's own party have wondered if the u.k. as a truly became a member of the e.u. great britain the and into a part of europe for more than one thousand years has always been an easy with been a member of the european union so now it comes to the fore we have to deal with her from having promised britain a referendum on the e.u. membership it's going to be almost impossible for this government of the next to take the issue off the agenda if that split does come about it should to bring about changes but perhaps not too many tears from the heart of europe. peter all of a party. a lot of hard feelings swirling around the e.u.
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one thing manny seem agreed on is anger at brussels nine european countries are now and a recession with no end to a sturdy inside your membership appears to be more trouble than it's worth for some cereal now reports. oh if you're talking about the gloomy situation here in europe it's no longer just the naysayers or the so-called euro skeptics who are voicing their pessimism ordinary citizens across europe have now been starting to change their minds really on this entire european project if you look at a couple of recent surveys one is the pew study it shows that right now less than half of the european citizens support this entire european project that they're even optimistic about it it's at forty five percent right now down from sixty percent a last year and this of course has largely to do with the entire economic situation we've seen dismal numbers come out this week putting nine out of seventeen euro zone countries in a recession and if you look at one of those countries which is france it is also
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one of the two poor countries at the very foundation of the creation of this union seventy seven percent of the french feel of that economic integration has been bad for their economy that more business within the e.u. has undermined their own economy and if you look at the biggest concern of a citizens here it is the lack of jobs at seventy eight percent and that is not surprising considering that the e.u. has reached record unemployment rates and still continuing to rise also we look at the youth unemployment here we've seen that going up above fifty percent in countries like greece and spain and the optimism really has gone down into the most pessimistic countries really are france and italy not seeing any future for the young people we've seen a rise in suicide rates again in countries like greece spain and italy we've seen on employment skyrocketing poverty among young people children here in belgium has just gone up as well as a result of a lot of parents losing their jobs so these numbers are just confirming the kind of
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pessimism that is across europe it's not again just an opinion of the euro skeptics or may say years these are figures of citizens themselves creating this european union looking at what the future. goals for the we really are not very optimistic at all. well clearly europe is going through some changes and today on our website r.t. dot com we are conducting a poll we want to know which way you think the e.u. will go let's now take a look at the bragg breakdown of the vote so far well exactly half of you are not feeling optimistic thinking that europe will end up in a financial collapse and a dissolution just over a quarter or so far think of predicted evolution into a virtual german empire twenty one percent of those who took part in our online poll saying that e.u. will go on but it will lose some of its weaker members and as we can see only a tiny fraction which is three percent of feeling big and optimistic saying the
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e.u. will manage the debt crisis and grow stronger while doing that let us know what you think on the issue log on to our tea dot com and leave your vote there. these toys . this question by putting your. hand it seems protecting a vulnerable can put you on the wrong side of law in britain. for trying to take care of her elderly father we bring you the story of one woman who was secretly thrown into prison for trying to take on the state that's coming up in just a few minutes. pakistanis have gone to the polls and elected the new parliament what will the new government do domestically and in the area of foreign policy particularly washington's drone with growing economic dislocations in
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a very threatening taliban ok and should pakistan move forward and will the military continue to watch from the sidelines. while. it's technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future are covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom parker welcome to the big picture.
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welcome back you're watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow the british prime minister got a slap in the face from his own m.p.'s this weekend they plan to derail moves to legalize gay marriage could cause a rift was in the already strained governing coalition why for long and we're joined by our correspondent sarah firth so sarah tell us why this proving to be such an incendiary issue at westminster. well this is a real headache for the prime minister he could be about to have the worst possible start to his week with the potential for a house of commons to feet over one of his flagship policies that of equal marriage that's fact being debated over the next two days in the house of commons one of the things things abated one of the amendments is this extension of civil partnerships to heterosexual couples that screen dubbed the wrecking amendment so cool it is
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very sad three to delay or possibly even do you rail the equal marriage bill all together so a huge amounts of debate that we're seeing this morning around this this is really it's all going to hinge on what the labor party what the liberal democrats decide to do in this state because it's not just the conservative party that we've seen carry out this infighting over this issue the concern at the labor and the liberal democrats is that there are actually in favor of extending civil partnerships to heterosexual couples see that this would tidy up the legislation of course that's quite confusing though because if they joined the conservatives who are going to vote for that amendment by and large who oppose equal marriage altogether then they could be participating in as we said delaying this bill so there's a huge amount of its butts and maybes that a surrounding this. and what's happening in neighboring countries i mean gay
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marriage has become a big thing for politicians across europe right. well yes we've just seen france survey come the ninth country in europe legalized gay marriage he populists this month many european countries here in the u.k. are massively divisive one for the conservative party as he said this is one of the prime minister david cameron's flagship policy but a lot of questions over really his handling of it because it has come at an incredibly bad time we've seen the fallout from the e.u. referendum debate last week we've had the debacle over this a swivel i lose comment that a senior member of the conservative party was said to have made and now we've of course got this debate over equal marriage and all of these incidents all narrowed troublesome for the prime minister but when you put them all together and really is starting to build up a pretty ugly picture of
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a prime minister that many say is losing control of his party now whether or not that's the case it's what is certain is that equal marriage has really been an issue but david cameron wanted to take charge of questionable whether he's actually managed to do that because you've got the quarter dismissed for youth in the same party who are very much opposed to this the fire laws this is actually in a city that appeals to the bases that are exactly the base of the conservative forces the younger voters that are out there but he hasn't really taken charge of it in and put his face to it so we're really seeing him take a pistol battering over this age of the infighting surrounding it is not going to get much of the credit at the moment if he doesn't really take charge and he said the government has said they're pushing ahead with this for the remains to be seen actually what will happen in that base and you know huge questions remaining and what we're really seeing is we've all the parties here all the mainstream parties the sort of running around like headless chickens and not really taking the debate seriously enough is that this infighting can actually overshadow the issue of the
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very important issue of equal marriage and i think that's going to a lot of bases of great era certainly interesting to see how it all pans out for now the thank you very much for bringing us this update. you're watching our t.v. now the vocal radiation no go zones still means locals are banned from staying overnight in their own neighborhoods but as we explain online japanese farmers are plowing on anyway using the land for growing rice for mascots. also here in our how do you keep football fans say a twenty first century world cup perhaps an army of u.s. military robots and israeli drones are about brazil's twenty fourteen plans on r.t. dot com. british families torn apart and some relatives even put behind bars for trying to care for their own families the court of protection has been exercising its sweeping powers to decide the fate
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of families and individuals judged unfit to make their own decisions looks into one of the most notorious cases when john maddox was diagnosed with dementia his children ivan and one day intended to give him the best care they could but they clashed with social workers and their local council which took the family to the secret court of protection it ruled that the eighty year old lack the mental capacity to make his own decisions and needed to live in a special cabin he didn't want to be in a home basically told he didn't want to be in a home. he wanted to be the one to go with one to the final whom he went to i'm swear to god to kill the conference. the court makes rulings on behalf of citizens deemed to one well to be responsible for their own affairs it has power to take control of assets and separate family members all in secret
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wonder and i even want to allow to take their father out of the state run facility or even discuss his living arrangements with him and ask if you want to go. but i didn't like to tell him that it didn't mean i was any more they got it because of the court protection and the sickos will do whatever they want with finances in its house what you're going to be locked up in these rooms week long growth. i don't feel free in order to mount a legal challenge to the secret court ruling wonder took her father to see a solicitor one day tried to draw attention to the case but was sentenced to prison for contempt of the secret court so instead of caring for her father like she wanted to she had to spend two months in here in the company of criminals or crime the first two days i was in the prison i cried because nobody you treated. in there
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you really cannot challenge the question as to whether somebody has mental capacity or not without talking to them and she was in prison firstly for taking her father to see a solicitor in birmingham. which makes it sound quite draconian well in a sense it's worse than dr drew conan because draco would not have gone that far when i was in the chair i was frightened because he lets them into a phone calls so i was afraid to speak to dad. because i'm the commission's report on this and also you know in case they got in more trouble meanwhile her brother and i even watched their father's health deteriorate under the strain of her absence in the end when he moved into that fire alone that was the end of him and he wanted it wanted still loved him anything i said you've got to know this she divorce. she's put herself in prison port observers say the difficulty with justice behind closed doors is that no one knows if the lawyer is being followed the evidence is heard in private defendants often
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lack legal representation and i want to allow to publicize their case when nelson's it is giving the state too much power to intervene in people's lives preventing people complaining about what's being done to them is never right the government's faced a barrage of criticism over the practice of secret justice justice secretary chris grayling has said i have written to the president of the court to ask him to look at what steps can be taken to increase transparency while continuing to protect the interest of vulnerable adults but john maddox never got to go to his home or to his family he died in january of this year has for to me what we've done that taken away from him and the world and what's going on to us when we get older you know you've got to be really careful and not say like. artie stoke on trent. and a reminder of our breaking news story here on r.t.m. there have been two deadly blasts in the capital of russia's biggest republic the
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explosions went off within a fifteen minutes of each other at the central bailiff office the second device was time to target first response teams and it's the largest such attack in the past year or less may at twin bombing at a police station killed twenty people and just on is a predominately muslim republic and has long suffered with islamist insurgency well coming out here on our team of people who take the test so you get the treatment as we hear about a pharmaceutical drugs trials in the u.s. . although i was born after the vietnam era i remember t.v. discussions about the buddhist monk who burned himself to death as
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a form of protest the commentators on the news that people there just have a different mindset that westerners could never understand you know which is probably true but they were implying that people in the west are just different and would never use this absolutely extreme form of protest which is also probably true until just recently with the cost of electricity exceeding the income of the average ball garion and a new government coming to power that looks exactly like the old government that collapsed at least six ball gary and have used self-immolation as a very desperate and extreme form of protest but why kristen ghodsee a professor at bowdoin college who has extensively talked to both here and protestors claims that those who self immolate are just incredibly desperate and cannot feed their own children and the people are actually becoming a stealth check for communism because at least that system at the people's basic needs the current democratic system from the populace perspective according to her just cycles through a few new crooks every few.


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