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and making a splash a sixteen year old russian qualifies for the big final in germany is a top weight in gold in competition hit central moscow for the first time. but there's only one place to start just as god played out a goal this draw with cabana in moscow to take the point they needed to clinch their fourth russian premier league title and first in seven years concert in all the weekend action. the old eyes have to be in top of the league since the end of a tale with a scar finally silvio fourth russian premier league trying for the game to spare following is grabbing the real draw against the one in front of their fans the army and emanated throughout but trailed to take their chances that didn't spoil their jubilant words as a point was enough to give the moscow side their first league crown since two thousand and six and a maiden title for kosher and it's landscape i grew up on that i said before that i
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am one first of all i want to thank my mom i love you and this victory is for you the professional players and coaches around a great pressure throughout the season so thank you to everyone who supported us that means a lot i'm going to celebrate. let's say or see what they can wear what they have to offer the russian gas ok thank you. i think second blazingly came from behind to win three one at home to walgett both sides finishing with damn man i think sound of training open for the visitors seven minutes in and now to leveled up to half an hour then fifteen minutes from time goal does alexander get back i was off them with ten minutes last week the president didn't even form then and stoppage time were mentioned in the day although in champions home season rather bizarrely scoring to make it three one just during religious his own fans and seeing red eyed sports echoed out a dull one knew when its course not there but get the wiser now the results to
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rocket up to fourth with what often i will have to read and once were awarded a dubious county which was saved but three minutes leader are chandu before and by the reality who will lead home the winner. i've denied us fourteen game unbeaten run finally ended and they sleep out of the european sports after a one meal defeat at relegated alinea with both sides down to nine men how much brees can finally open twenty minutes before time. with seven minutes to go did i want top score alexander got coring made it two footed challenge on the new america which led to a mass rule and both men among four sent off ending their season early. i've a surprise three one win for struggling careers i may have left to be in two places outside the europa league and gave cruelly hope of avoiding the relegation where we stood by you know one of the home side in front or away on a i might seem of bounced on the narrow after the break to make it to nail why did
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you do to go back with water or from our left but instead which dymock seam of so his wrist and if i was coral three one with a penalty. i'd go there were final really to despite i want to draw with derek this around so i broke the double just before they are one through liberally if it was one family action but me again and neither should think all eyes were the one tight shot and more do it during the line in the back in the second tier. i've held of illiteracy the fight back to win three to their chances of avoiding the playoffs the home side scored twice in six first how minutes through an exam that i made to and largely a group of demi myself to lean to build their own blog your you have made it through email how we were us the overall it with the guinness the eric of double in the sixty fourth minute and in stoppage time but it was too little too late rest of they thought more than but still remote for finding two were the blips on standby that our team. and let stay with football is year of stock managers enjoyed
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a week of contrasting full chins england's most successful coach cirrhotic ferguson had one last hurrah as the retiring manchester united boss was the star of the victory parade to celebrate the red devils winning a record twenty of the top flight title midfield up pull scholes will also now quit playing at the age of thirty eight overall ferguson claims twenty eight major accolades in twenty six seasons at old trafford ending his reign with a thrilling five zero. drew at west brom the old. however united's arch rivals manchester city sacked their manager roberto mancini after the italian failed to guide him to a single trophy this season finishing second in the league and losing the f.a. cup final to since relegated wigan the sacking came a year to the days since city won their first top flight crown in forty four years malaga manwell pellegrini has emerged as the front runner up for the job.
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but over in spain barcelona captain got us boy all was over the moon as the catalan giants paraded their league trophy with a little help from star striker lionel messi botha have now won six domestic titles in eight years it was also the first top gong for tito vilanova head coach. while perry signed to man celebrations by winning their first league title in nineteen years were cut short after violent scenes erupted in the french capital tens of thousands of fans have been left waiting at the trocadero when the players arrived more than an hour late and with them quickly led away by security frustrated fans through stones and other objects at the police who responded with tear gas several fans were later treated for minor injuries. while chelsea became the first english club to win all three of you wafers major trophies as they beat benfica two one for a thrilling last gasp victory at the europa league final in amsterdam fernando torres put the blues in front only out with a fine solo effort scheduled from the penalty spot nine minutes later but deep into
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injury time branislav evanovich rose to meet one matters corner to ensure chelsea joined i x. y. in munich and eventers is the only clubs to have won the champions league europa league and now defunct cup winners' cup. however joe's a marina and christiane are right now they were sent officeholders way all madrid lost to one in extra time to rivals athletico madrid in a stormy copper delray final of the bird about for now they're headed the home side in front after a pool for over an hour but athletico level in the first top three diego costa then with fifteen minutes to go manager marino was sent to the stands for protesting against a decision extra time came and after ninety nine minutes after to go the two way out for the first time in twenty five games was twenty one year old called kit grabs the winner now there was some talk that getting out of athletic up to galveston and that he also surfed that lead to get hung on to with the copa del rey
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for the first time in seventeen years. thank you but despite that victory so much let it go fans later clashed with police in the spanish capital bottles and other objects were holed by the crowd while the police went in with batons and one shields to quell the protests. while happier fans were at the airport in moscow to welcome home the russian side who won the european under seventeen title on friday after beating italy five four on penalties after a goalless ninety minutes goalkeeper and captain anthony through skin was russia's hero denying three spot kicks in the slovakian city angelina. now boxing and the first of two big fights in moscow where russian alexander pivot can defended his w.b. a heavyweight belt with a third round technical knock out of balance and a very unique and is now set for the fight of his life against the net klitschko robert downey and was ringside years of frontispiece.
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sweat blood. trini. and fighting out one victory after another for the sake of one all too much for its russia's best heavyweight xander but this game has done it all. to reach the fight of his life again slowed to mcleish cool the ukrainian who holds five major titles in books and heavyweight division the final step on the road was taken on friday night but it can still want to win number twenty six of his slowest career after knocking poland. down in the second round in w.b. regular chant and finish the job in the third by a t.k.o. but it can made it look much easier than it really was with a crisco white in the horizon and everyone's lips he had no room for mistakes just i was able to move i always treat every fight as the most crucial one just a single lucky punch could have sent me to the canvas and killed the klitschko
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mission but now i can focus on it to produce a really great and spectacular fight you. meanwhile the dimmers elder brother reigning w.b.c. heavyweight champion. was ringside watching that connection you know here often because of that we're going to lead an exam to prevent game one tonight my congratulations that means the fight all boxing fans have been waiting for will finally happen within the next couple of weeks the contract will be signed through here it's over libby's contribute to a limb picking world champions will face each other heavyweight champions it doesn't make sense to make any predictions any punch could be decisive it's fifty fifty right now but once they get in the ring it will change in favor of one of them winning the fight of his life will require put into being the kind of shape he's never been in before but the thirty three year old will make sure he's ready to do what you want here i will train much harder and longer with
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a few different stages of preparation including training in the mountains to gain power it will be a really special to with a fifth this year the vet school in the same ring the weight will be fun and they will work for the artsy most skilled. well that's it for part one but stay with us for more boxing in point to what denise negative took on gadamer jones and produced one of the gutsiest performances ever seen in moscow don't go away. although i was born after the vietnam era i remember t.v. discussions about the buddhist monk who burned himself to death as a form of protest the commentators on the news said that people there just have a different mindset that westerners could never understand you know which is probably true but they were implying that people in the west are just different
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absolutely extreme form of protest which is also probably true until just recently with the cost of electricity exceeding the income of the average bulgaria. and a new government coming to power that looks exactly like the old government that collapsed at least six ball gary and have used self-immolation as a very desperate and extreme form of protest but why kristen ghodsee a professor at bowdoin college who has extensively talked to both here and protesters claims that those who self-immolating are just incredibly desperate and cannot feed their own children and that people are actually becoming a stealth check for communism because at least that system at the people's basic needs the current democratic system from the populace perspective according to her just cycles through a few new crooks every few years although it does get media attention and you may be feeling desperate suicide is never an answer the more living bulgarians the better ball carriers chances believe me but that's just my opinion.
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pakistanis have gone to the polls and elected the new parliament what will the new government do domestically and in the area of foreign policy particularly washington's drone war with growing economic dislocations in a very threatening taliban how can and should pakistan move forward and will the military continue to watch from the sidelines. download the official application so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites. if you are away from your television just doesn't do well with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. any time anyway.
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welcome back to part two of the sports show and let's resume with more boxing and it was a bruising night for russians that is lever there who enjoyed a brutal beating at the hands of panama margins to relinquish his w.b. a crazy white belt the guy charles has more.
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to assume and good name or just food to be a man of his word delivering brushes daily slippage if he's sick in korea defeat in front of his home crowd no one in the sold out serena knew moscow would have expected such a huge upset either when jones opened up a cut on the liberty of spite in the first round debut of showed tremendous heart commanding blow off blow the panamanians hard to look more she was made of stone and went on to win in the eleventh round by a team kate only has liberty it could no longer see as his rights or an identity i was performing today. was supposed to do i know i was shy and will sound indifferent for our to lead that will last that day and i said aiden so made a new date inside me that when i said that i did
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a song. that i did on he did me just that i'd done it no eight and biting the little piece little piece when i had been i offended that among slippage of support his was a mix on the prevents can just himself defended his w.b. eight heavyweight title saying after the fight that he was sure in dennis's quick return was legit promiscuous it's hard to say what could have happened and he couldn't see with one eye that's a fact this most probably made him more worried and that also took its toll it's pointless to talk about it now there will be another fight and another chance for g.'s to prove he is and what he can do i was shocked myself at how jones took so many punches i didn't even expect him to put up a defense to such a fierce attack the water would boil and as the long awaited fights between them fit in i'm glad to make each car draws closer brother vitaly made against the parents to cheer on the true version of farts is your new video pick you up
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recently. i haven't seen such an intense fight for quite a while. and actually impressed by denise and his defense he's shown great strength will encourage a lot of character and desire to win it has given a fantastic performance before but more than once i thought the fight was coming to an end but it went on and on denise was leading by points and unfortunately he missed the boat but we should also take into account the fact that he couldn't see with his right eye starting from the fourth round and even jones's promoter legendary don't king himself could face his heart was going out to the russian. is a great champion i in my opinion do not think he should have held on as long as he did because being a promoter for forty some question you do know you could always have a return match and you can have an opportunity to play it again but when you let him fight like he did in the way he was hurt. it is highly dangerous and i pray to
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god that nothing happens to him that will hinder his future. jones improved his record to thirty nine thirty one knockouts while a bit interested in hospital hoping for a quick recovery and no doubt revenge nicole archos forty moscow. while staying with fighting talk and there's less than a week to go until mixed martial arts is on the cards as the much anticipated thirty ninth i want to challenge comes to moscow michael brings us a preview of the m one challenge is one of the premier mixed martial arts events held around the world and the next round of ballots is scheduled to be held in russia's capital on may the twenty third with n one selection heavyweight champion dennis squaring up the currently undefeated team of whose fights of all ended in the first round but they have to still he has what it takes to change that. first
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of all we'll have to see what actually happens in the ring this time it's been a while since i've seen anybody game a fight but what i have seen is impressive he really does finish his fights in the first round which means he's explosive and packs a punch but i know i won't be easy to knock down in the first so let's see on thursday meanwhile we have to see if ski has recently returned to russia after a stint with the billets warfighting championships in the u.s. and is set to resume his m one career with a fight against brazilian chiles on the rabbit who has won his last four fights and basilisk is fully aware what his opponents could potentially be throwing at him. i've been preparing specially for this fight after finding out i would be fighting chas he's got a lot of fights under his belt plus he's a black belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu so his strong point is fighting right down i've had to add certain tactics to my approach but i'm ready for him and on the twenty third i'll show all of been training for other ballots on the night include
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a super heavyweight fight between austrian dunbar's or marsh and below us fighter alex he couldn't as well as a handful of fast paced lightweight contenders setting up what looks to be an explosive nights of mixed martial arts action michael jenkins r.t. moscow. now would speak as loud as actions former england captain david beckham said he wanted to retire at the top and the midfielder broke down in tears as french title win as paris sunjammer relegated brest three one in his final match at the park they prance. obviously when i left you know it we won the league when the last. one left madrid we won the league like i said leaving the galaxy you know doing two years of winning the championship and then obviously coming here and winning the league. it's nice it's nice to go out like that you know i think people look back and you know. simple you're leaving as a champion and i think that's why i think this is the right time. welbeck can call
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this a day on a twenty year career that saw him become the first englishman to win domestic titles in four different countries the thirty eight year old is also england's most capped outfield player with one hundred fifteen outings to his name and will be badly missed by the football community. in the monitor's daubed. of course. not just because. the football world lost. the last. version of the last good man while russian pole vault star you're a novice in bible says only a third world gold would do as the thirty year old began preparations in style for the moscow world championships in august but your time really big challenge and won her first event of the season in shanghai before holding a coaching clinic. i don't have any particular number how high i would like to jump
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and more score first the fall i will focus for victory because it's my home it's my it's my home town is the russia and this world champ and so it's real be held the first time and they serve atlantic so and of course i'm focused for the victory and for the good result for the great result. and now with temperatures rising to thirty degrees here in moscow the capital host is first about international wakeboarding tournament last weekend where a sixteen year old russian left everyone in his white well go grab. wakeboarding is a relatively new sport in the global scene mixing elements of water skiing and snowboarding and while the traditional way of writing is being pulled by a motorboat on a large body of water or river it's the close course cable systems that have spawned a new attraction with focus on amazing tricks russians are also showing a partial for the latest extreme sports and last weekend the wake the line
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qualifiers came to moscow for the first time ever. the line that's a pretty big push margaret and it's really a segment. in there is on a lot less together. and it's. really going to be a lot of sick not just. for you guys. to ride to some of. the open tournament actually attracted to europeans among its thirty competitors the rest were russian yet for many in the crowd the spectacle was completely new and curiosity kept drawing in more and more people throughout the afternoon as the country's brightest wakeboard has showed off the skills only one rider could qualify for the final in cologne on may the twenty fifth and although it looked like veterans they get the marciano and manual route would lock horns for that purpose it was sixteen year old nicky the test scores that stole the show and the
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tickets germany. i came only two weeks and i'm really happy i managed to win anybody could have won today but in the end i want it in germany it will be much more difficult because they're the best of the best in the world will be competing but i'll give it my best shot i think i have a chance so fingers crossed. the sport's popularity around the world has indeed propelled it into becoming one of the seven contenders for the twenty twenty summer olympic games a sign of things to come but something the insiders are still debating on whether it's the best next step for wakeboarding and. that's my favorite thing is another. service to the sport is growing that we can go to places like russia. it is very very good for the sport. the one thing
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is certain wakeboarding here as you can see by the packed house here. you can hold the hats in cologne the twenty minute the tango. well while whiteboarding is targeting lympics status wrestling is fighting to keep it the discipline house being provisionally dropped from the games program but it's governing bodies a lot being hard to ensure wrestling is included in twenty twenty years of important reports. may the thirty first could go a long way in citing the future of wrestling here the international olympic committee will meet as he disposed to decide which of the seven sports to bank for inclusion in the twenty twenty lympics wrestling was provisionally dropped in february and its waters have since been lobbying hard around the world more than a million people have signed a petition with the asking for it to be reinstated to morsi and the president of the russian wrestling federation is quietly confident this will happen. but i would
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really like the i.o.c. to think long and hard about the decision of which i'm sure they will do all that it's very important that they look at this question objective lee and i just hope the wrestling will have an olympic future. because you know my me i should really self is a former olympic wrestling champion winning gold in seoul in one thousand nine hundred eight there have been many more russian witness and spend hours they've wrestling loses lympics status so it's likely the funding and how to suppresion levels across the globe will drop significantly yes and i was a child not that long ago and i dreamt of one day when england in goal given i would go into the gym and look at the pictures of world famous wrestlers and this gave me a lot of motivation is where it is very important in helping to educate children and wrestling really helps to give them discipline. wrestling is a cheap sport to see you which makes it accessible to many and enjoys worldwide popularity and is practiced in one hundred ninety countries wrestlers from seventy
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one nations competed at the london games twenty nine of those managing to win medals i'm afraid from countries is very different time korea and canada who are doing their part to save the sport's limpid future something former i.o.c. vice president tallis memo says is crucial i've if all the wrestlers show the world they will. demand straight today membership in. so disport if you mean you don't know the good program. if executive board lived a chance for you for this sport to be submitted to day sure session then bonus status so then i think. i think the chance to say. you had a good. final decision concerning which speak to me twenty twenty minutes will take place i'm going to cite is september i was wrestling it's but i did first make the
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shortlist which will be decided in russia's second city i'm a bit better but it's pretty bumpy for me to not see stuff i and finally the future met the past here in the russian capital last week as the olympic torch for the nine hundred eighty moscow summer olympics was put on display next to the one designed for the fast approaching winter games in sochi organizers a finalizing the list of torchbearers with a record long country wide relay set to kick off from moscow in october before the flame lights up the such a cauldron four months later on february the seventh and that's it from the sports name for another show by. well. it's technology innovation all the list of bellman's from
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around russia we've got a huge area covered. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are today. please. choose your language. of choice because of it oh if. some of. the concerns get to. choose to opinions that invigorating. choose the stories that impact the life choose the access to off to.
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play. good lumbered sure. was to build the league's most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything jim's mission to teach music creation and why it should care about human to. fish is why you should care only.
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russian authorities say they have killed suspected terrorists plotting an attack on moscow. and calls in the u.k. to quit the e.u. grow louder or whether referendum. while other members also question whether it's time to go it alone themselves. it works like tarion violence retches up as nine car bombs ripped through shiite neighborhoods killing up to forty people and wounding scores more. the situation is spiraling out of control with the terror in violence fueling fears that the country is on the brink of a civil war.


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