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tv   Headline News  RT  May 25, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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there are global protests against a u.s. g.m. food giant accused of dominating the world's food markets so much so that consumers health is at risk and farmers are taking their own lives. to listen to a french owned you raney a mine in retaliation for france's military for its a north africa. mali intervention is fanning extremism across the continent. also reporting the suicide bomber targets police in the capital of russia's republic of dagestan killing one and injuring fourteen people is the latest in a string of deadly terrorist strikes in the region.
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on screen online international news and comment line from our studio center here in moscow this is. a wave of ronnie's is rolling across the globe in protest by a take a giant monsanto campaign is an environmentalist some more than forty countries accuse the multinational corporation of aggressively expanding into the food market and spreading hazardous products some of the largest demonstrations are taking place in the u.s. where the company was set up more than a century ago auntie's honest joins me live now from new york so tell us on a start what is happening where you are now. well new york is certainly one of dozens of police in the united states holding these protests these big marches throughout the week i were in york city right now the events are only getting started we're certainly expect. giant march taking place later on in the day we're
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waiting for that to begin so far already hundreds of people have gathered and certainly this wave of protest that's taking place not only in the united states but all over the world in over forty countries where expecting about two hundred thousand participants up more on a happy with monsanto this is a controversial and the rest. are reducing the engineer. tearing down to turn its bottom. it's. just it's just. that it's sort of what we saw we were losing your sound actually what would just try once again all right so clearly very angry people there behind in new york the demonstrations going to get bigger but what are they hoping to achieve from all of this. the initial goal really is to bring as much attention as possible to the fact
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that g m o liebling does not take place in the united states in particular and people want to act as much attention to the g e produced and agriculture that the that monsanto is really has really monopolized throughout the world but what they're hoping to achieve is labeling off to mars as well as further scientific research into possible health consequences office genetically engineered food being sold and consumed throughout the work out so also the goal is not to just win these events to kickstart a major global conversation about what it is that corporations are doing in influencing people's everyday decisions but i was does it thank you very much indeed well no doubt we'll return to a little later as the demonstration gets underway there in new york but for the moment thanks very much indeed and the stars of chicken are reporting that well despite global anger the u.s. senate has scuppered a bill which would have given american states the authority to decide whether to label genetically modified products the majority of legislators believe that people
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don't need to know whether they are eating g.m. foods what is making lopez explains why. for years now americans have been concerned about the food in their refrigerators and more importantly the ingredients in those foods the debate over genetically modified crops isn't only playing out in the fields it's being harvested in the courtrooms as well as within the walls of capitol hill and it turns out the u.s. government might have a bigger stake in the biotech industry than anyone could have imagined a report released by the food and water watch group shows that the u.s. state department played a major role in promoting g.m. foods and crops around the world the report examined diplomatic cables from two thousand and five to two thousand and nine provided the first comprehensive analysis of u.s. foreign policy when it comes to the biotech industry now here are the four stated goals that food and water watch discovered in these cables the first one is to
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promote biotech interests abroad they try to facilitate trade and encourage cultivation of g.m. crops second up lobby foreign governments to weaken biotech rules you can't after all profit off these countries if you can't get your products in some of them along with lobbying the need to protect biotech exports by stopping trade barriers like tariffs all this to promote and protect an estimated twenty five billion dollar industry and biotech crop exports and in particular one property monsanto which was the biggest biotech seed company in two thousand and eleven and finally reach out to new markets by pressuring the developing countries to adopt a biotech crops the main argument here is that these crops are stronger and food insecurity around the world with a growing global population the state department also lobbied against the labeling of these crops and genetically modified foods they don't want any type of labels on
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them countries from egypt to hungary argentina to mozambique were targeted in these efforts and many of them were very receptive some of them. actually change their regulations as a result now this lobbying started happening around the same time that monsanto admitted to bribing indonesian officials in an attempt to weaken environmental oversight of g.e. crops now in the wake of these cable releases it appears that monsanto and other biotech firms don't need to bribe country officials anymore they have the government to do that using taxpayer money nonetheless it is the latest chapter in a dispute over your dinner plate in washington meghan lopez r t let's get more analysis on this from f. william and gal he's a political analyst and author of seeds of destruction the hidden agenda gee. what is wrong with g.m. food well the fundamental problem with g.m. food is that it's genetically and biologically unstable there is no genetic
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modification known to science and there's so hear from some of the top scientists in the world on this question that a stable it's almost mutated number two all the g.m. products that are in the human animal food chain in the last twenty years are modified primarily to do one thing eighty percent of all the. right to except chemical pesticides monsanto roundup in the most prominent of them which are higher we highly toxic and they're modified to be resistant to that deadly chemical so that kills everything in sight except that monsanto corner of the soybeans what were you. chemicals are equally as as dangerous to the human food chain as the g.m. or seats and so and clearly these are the concerns that these protesters and demonstrators have but why are they targeting a u.s. company in so many countries throughout the world and why now. well i think for one
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very simple reason monsanto is the company they are the world's largest owner seeds it bought up all the small seed companies to control the whole seat rides of wheat of rice of corn and soybeans and cotton and so forth number two months ago bought a company that gives monsanto the patent on what it caught terminator seach which self-destruct the seeds can a suicide after one harvest season so farmers are unable to take part of their seeds and replant them for the next harvest season something that never in history as has been possible before this monsanto and development but month santoso is the metaphor for genetic manipulation of. the food chain and they are by far the largest of course you have other companies like singleton switzerland you have b.s.f. which is a partner and some two in germany you have a dollar and two part chemical but monsanto is really the giant of the four
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horsemen of the g.m.o. lips and i know why is the u.s. government say keen to protect its interests. well i think good this is a. strategic interest of the u.s. the agribusiness lobby which lobbied the bush sr as president one thousand nine hundred two months on to went to the white house and hadn't closed door meeting with bush and got bush to agree to make sure there were no government tests whatsoever on the health and safety of g.m.o. products before they were released to the commercial public and that was called the dr a substantial equivalence it's a fraud even dr if you just analyze the name it's by no means scientifically rigorous so there have been up until recently no long term test beyond what ninety eight a short term studies monsanto gave to the government to say oh everything is hunky dory well it turns out evidence has been uncovered of whistleblowers who say we
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were forced to alter the scientific data for months out o. so it showed that the results were positive so you have the fox guarding the chicken house here with monsanto verifying the health and safety of its own products but it's the idea of a monopoly on seats of patented monopoly on seeds worldwide that makes it makes the whole question of monsanto and the g.m.o. question. is so extremely important so many countries they are trying everything to bribe and influence the european commission in brussels a study came out in france at the cannes university in september of last year it was published in a peer reviewed serious scientific journal of toxicology by professor a sarah lenient his colleagues in france showing that rats fed with g.m.o. monsanto rice corn and other had huge incidence of cancer tumors compared with nonviable rats they had enormous organ damage and death rates five times out of of
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normal rats and the this study was suppressed well it was it was downed by the european union's. european the food safety. administration and it turns out most of the scientists on the ties to monsanto so it's just the corruption that tries to infiltrate its way they try to block labor leaders. because they're all the. product situation and. so i think there's a sea change going on against not only monsanto but. biological engineering. we don't read very interesting here thoughts on this as a political analyst and of course we want to find out more about his thoughts on this read his book seize of destruction the hidden agenda of g.m.a. thank you very much for your thoughts live in r.t. thanks a lot what of course we also want to know what your thoughts what you think that
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these demonstrations and protests around the world will achieve and that's the question we're asking on our home page on our website at the moment r t v dot com it's our site vote and these are the results so far what we can see the majority sixty three percent do believe it will increase public awareness but also concern by the fact that business lobbies will perhaps try and prevent policies being developed there to reduce g.m. production seventeen percent think that this could lead to a global ban on g.m. products being quite optimistic and ten percent believe that perhaps this could start an ongoing campaign to moderate or perhaps to limit the use of g.m. production and ten percent thinks the same ten percent believe this will attract very little attention at all and g.m. production will just simply continue there's your thoughts are t. dot com if your thoughts on express there and there's always our comments page on our website and we'll of course be giving you a live updates on our team dot com as those demonstrations get underway and of
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course will be reporting it live here on. g.m.o. giant with the backing of a government sowing seeds. the world bracing the food chain the march against lone sun totally. monarchy. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. mission free cretaceous free transport judges free. range month
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free. three stooges free. download free blog plug in video for your media projects a free media dog our teton tom. i took. he continues here in r.t. france has admitted its troops took part in an assault on a military base in the year after it had been overrun by islamic militants if one of the twin bomb attack on the base and an outlying french owned uranium mine
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a prominent islamist group took responsibility saying the operation was revenge for france's intervention in mali a pattern of violence had begun to emerge across former french colonies in africa in general france not for military intervention in mali to stop an islamist takeover of the country just a few days later more than eight hundred people were taken hostage by extremists in algeria demanding an end to france's military for dozens of the hostages were either executed or caught in the crossfire in the ensuing battle the man behind the raid a veteran north african al qaeda leader was believed to have been killed but it turns out he has now dispatched militants to attack me share from libya meaning it too is now host to terrorist cells he says it's retaliation for france's actions in north africa but he's more of an ocean or is in money. those behind the two sides last the over twenty people in niger on thursday have described this as an attack against braun's in revenge for its offensive against islamic militants in neighboring mali one of the two groups claiming responsibility for almost
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simultaneous explosions at an army base and a french run your reign in mind in nigeria is the movement for onus and jihad in west africa last year the al qaida linked group seized control over the northern part of mali and brutally ruled the area for months people being driven out of mali by french troops france's president then hailed the operation as success here in the capital the macros the french military we've spoken to have also expressed to us their option is confirming they destroyed all the major bases of the militants in mali north but this recent attack in niger it's clear that the grass remains serious and it shows that the militants are not defeated and the fight against them is far from over although the battlefield has relocated when the recent loss was what was on the set france would not interfere in niger however the next day french troops could cause an operation to free hostages with images captured off of the
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attack to to further the hat for those who want the french intervention to really get chain reaction that will give paris more travels and will bring more violence to the entire region. notion altie from mali. contributor and she returns to dulce french military action will suppress extremism in the region especially given the natural riches that. there's no doubt that the french intervention will lot of changed anything in particular. the idea of extremism or al-qaeda linked groups are just going to go away friend special forces a left. which usually we knew about because of course the yellowcake uranium saddam hussein deals this is where all the world's uranium you know there's a big fight for whatever is happening in these areas there is a scramble for this uranium french company or
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a with this uranium mine how strange that its revenues are twenty eleven or about the g.d.p. of the entire country what fertile ground to have extremism of any kind. portugal aims to convince the e.u. it needs more time to deal with its economic crisis but its report later this sturdy is already pushing the middle class towards the breadline as people struggle for a way out of it. one person has died in fourteen or been injured after a female suicide bomber blew herself up close to the police headquarters in russia republic of dagestan and these two children are reportedly among the wounded is the latest in a string of attacks that have shaken the republic recently. as more. the explosion happened and around meant a very close to the regions in terror ministry building and according to the locals
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the blast was so powerful that it could be heard in different parts of the city it was a female suicide bomber she was in a car police stopped her to check the documents and at that time she detonated her device currently the area is blocked off by police as there are fears that this blast may actually be fulled by another one to increase the number of casualties now this tactic is really well used by terrorists around the globe in particular by the al qaeda terrorists in their terror operations in various areas now this blast is just one in a string of latest terror attacks that hit this region just five days ago there was another deadly blast and we have four people were killed and forty others severely injured they reach an elf dagestan remains one of the most volatile areas in russia's north caucasus with reports on terror attacks coming in almost in a regular basis. and if the world's largest publicly traded old
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company has suffered a massive new deal billions of dollars in a joint venture to pump out an estimated forty billion barrels of black gold in venezuela you can go to the website for more details on the vest. for us rage across the ports above the stock for six despite a heavy police presence in the streets and get videos pictures and all the updates of the moment of the political. at least thirty orthodox protesters and gay rights campaigners have been arrested during a heated rally in moscow on a section activists were protesting before the lower house of russian parliament when they were charged by christian vigilantes wielding icons and crosses police were forced to intervene dragging away dozens from both sides initial demonstration was intended to protest against russia's anti-gay propaganda in the walls which activists and rights groups amounts as oppressive in the sexuality was decriminalized in russia in the early ninety's but homophobia remains rife.
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portuguese workers are again protesting all that going to measures this comes as lisbon plans to ask the e.u. and i.m.f. for more time to cut its debt the country wants creditors to revise their demanded targets for a third time and as are the people of a found out the middle class has been hardest hit. europe's politicians insist that austerity is essential but what effect does that austerity have upon the everyday people to whom it's inflicted upon. i went to meet a family just outside of lisbon who are feeling the pressure of portugal's financial failings and we used to take certain things for granted hard water lights now have to watch everything we use families in financial straits like this one of
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becoming a common occurrence is the gap between the middle class and the breadline narrows in one of europe's purchased countries. my husband lost his job now will live and see that and whatever work he can get as a day laborer those savings are running out with two daughters and now one grandson the effects of portugal's financial plight is being felt through generations of this family and it's leaving its mark. i'm twenty years old people my age should be planning for the future but there's no work the way things are now i have no prospects no hope this family are lucky there are many in portugal and a far worse situation as the country's debt grows and the unemployment levels rise charity organizations are seeing an increase in those needing help push this or themes of already we have children passing out of school because parents can't
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afford to feed them properly how can they learn if they're focused on hunger these aren't children from bad pairings just parents that conned feed them and there's another worrying trend appearing bill send worry them all too often we see the same thing the family lose their income they're too proud to ask for help the bells start piling up the mortgage to food before you know it's the family on the street what future is that for the children the problem for portugal is that it has debts around one hundred eighty billion euro one hundred twenty percent of the new production couple that with twenty percent unemployment and it leads to a very difficult situation for its people the country needs money but it doesn't have the economic output to pay off its bills. however what's of more concern is that the country could see another generation grow up under the shadow of national debt. my son would i hope her readers that he can get
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a job somewhere abroad i can see anything for him here. peter all of r.t. portugal. well some more international news in brief the sarah french soldier has been taken to hospital after he was stabbed while on patrol in paris he was reportedly attacked by a man of north african origin he was aiming for his neck this comes after wednesday's decapitation of a british soldier in london when two attackers beheaded him with a machete sparking a wave of islamophobia violence. in pakistan sixteen schoolchildren and a teacher of died after a school bus caught far east of the capital islamabad the children were aged between five and fifteen police say seven others injured in the fire were taken to a local hospital reports a gas cylinder also exploded in the blaze. in syria at least twenty four people have been killed in fighting between government forces and rebels in the western city of kut said eighteen of those who died the
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opposition fighters according to a u.k. based activist group president assad's troops launched an all out offensive on the area week ago this is seen as strategically important for rebels funneling weapons from lebanon which is just ten kilometers to the west. and also in a world of hundreds of left wing activists a march in the berlin suburb of book to mark the anniversary of the murder of an unemployed man did it he was stabbed to death in his home by four right wing extremists who thought he was abusing the welfare system they were later sentenced to between four and thirteen years in prison who has suburb in the north of burning has become a hotbed of extremist activity in recent years. that's it for me the news team for the moment will be back with more in about thirty five minutes from now the meantime after the break it is breaking the set with months.
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although i was born after the vietnam era i remember t.v. discussions about that buddhist monk who burned himself to death as a form of protest the commentators on the news said that people there just have a different mindset that westerners could never understand you know which is probably true but they were implying that people in the west are just different and would never use this absolutely extreme form of protest which is also probably true until just recently with the cost of electricity exceeding the income of the average bulgarian and a new government coming to power that looks exactly like the old government that collapsed at least six ball gary and have used self-immolation as a very desperate and extreme form of protest but why kristen ghodsee a professor at bowdoin college who has extensively talked to bulgaria protesters
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claims that those who self immolate are just incredibly desperate and cannot feed their own children and that people are actually becoming a stealth check for communism because at least that system at the people's basic needs the current democratic system from the populace perspective according to her just cycles through a few new crooks every few years although it does get media attention and you may be feeling desperate suicide is never an answer the more living bulgarians the better bog areas chances believe me but that's just my opinion. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i sent her i had because you know how badly when i don't. i mean. i think that i'm seeing the same thing really messed up. in the all three so. it's. worse for the little things. like how superman. radio.
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minutes for a. while because you've never seen anything like this i'm told. hey guys welcome to break in the set i'm abby martin and environment where real investigative journalism is in serious decline it's important to recognize those who go to great lengths to uncover the uncomfortable truths and that's why jeremy scahill is a work is so crucial is the same journalist who blew open blackwater's criminal. and now he's delving into even more dangerous territory to expose the scope of u.s. covert wars with his new book an upcoming documentary film called dirty wars take a look. it's hard to say when the story began greetings from kabul afghanistan this
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was supposed to be the frontline in the war on terror the name of the military but i knew i was missing the story there was another war in the shadows. and i agree. to see the two men in the guest house for the first people killed. you can. believe in those in the you saw the u.s. forces take the bullets out of the body. were these men that stormed into homes and why would they go to such horrifying likes to cover up their actions so to talk about the evolution of u.s. foreign policy in the mindset that the world is a battlefield i was joined earlier for an in-depth interview investigative journalist and author of blackwater and dirty wars jeremy scahill. so here are some on the street if the u.s. that were that called they say no obama and the wars he drew down the troops but your book and film dirty wars clearly show that that is very far from the truth to talk about the concept of dirty wars and how.


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