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tv   Cross Talk  RT  May 27, 2013 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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and lords of the ring like something given calico returned to the beasts not that bad a hurry such as a shock defeat on a night of talk las may action in moscow. but first a football whereby in munich won the champions league with a thrilling last two one win over brasil dortmund in the first ever all german european cup final at wembley because of him but top of reports from london. by noon it came into the fore and on the back of a seven eleven to get stunning or barcelona while dortmund saw real madrid for three to prove the triumph of german efficiency over spanish flair on the european stage and after two seasons of dortmund supremacy in the bundesliga boy and also regaining this year's the mystic title the twenty third in their history. the minute giants finished the season twenty five points ahead of their rivals and arrived at their third champions league final in four years as hard favorites but
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thousands of fans of the yellow and blacks could come to london what desperate to help their side clinched their first european crown since one thousand nine to sell one. legendary boy in defender and german captain franz bacon bar one three straight european cups with munich in the nineteen seventies that kaiser was taking ports in the football for friendship project which brings together seven hundred young players from across the continent and sees big benefits from such a big tournament or my my my best friends they're coming from football like. go and then because i i met a lot of a lot of friends or with awards for meets or special aid to be here to be the other five. i hope unique we the game tonight because you need join to file for the last four years three times so as. they deserve the
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title and begin by ours dreams of war and lifting if the european trophy what fulfilled in a dramatic show be said wembley dortmund pressed early on forcing the keeper to make seven saves but failed to get allies on their chances and on the hour when you're already in the robin provided for marty and one jew cage to put boy in one but soon minutes later down to fall marker royce in the penalty area and the underground sound goal. people the wrong way then with extra time looking likely robinhood missed a penalty in buoyancy last final snatched a dramatic winner to hand you kindest man the trophy and leave dortmund stunned it was a sense of finally. you also know is this what i can i cannot describe what is going through your mind i think it's too difficult but so many emotions the only thing i can say it was great we were desert we with really just deserved to be the final
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and we showed this tonight it's important for us our fans was brilliant what they did the whole atmosphere to see it was brilliant. so heartbreak for dortmund fans but what a difference twelve months makes as a jubilant born i know on course to complete the travel as they face in the german cup final on saturday. after the disappointment of losing to chelsea at their own stadium last year by manic made amends and made history by winning their fi at the european side with a late late victory in the first ever all german final. party. now to the russian premier league and with the top and bottom two already decided the focus turned to the battles to get into the europa league and avoid the relegation play offs in a crunch final day stevens for points. be
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goose hitting and we're already guaranteed to place another season in the europa league but opponents cuban confirmed that as for the first time in the history with a one nil win and crescent up well gary in midfield it even popof netted the only goal of the twenty three minutes to ensure the home side finished fifth. be a spot that claimed the victory they needed to nail it home to ten men to cement fourth place the rock bottom visitors will already relegated and had access to costas seeing red of the seven minutes for sharing his finger to the crowd. got off capitalized off the thirty six minutes and genoa needs a wrapped up victory with ten minutes to go. be proven clinch the final europa league place with a two nil victory at home to christen it up. put the hard side ahead seven minutes in and the press now whole added
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a second off to the era the visitors and the season ten. be off to their fourteen game unbeaten run came to an end last week dhamma also just missed out on europe after a goal a stroll with volga however the point for the visit says was enough to see them finish twelfth and out of the relegation play offs. be finished this season eight and in style with a four one win at home to korea so vettel is a sell open for the hosts just before the break though lewis kevin era equalised just offer it. up put through his i regret to make it to one thousand and thirty or forever and can do a comprehensive victory that saw korea finish third blossom and in the playoffs. karelia will be joined in that dogfight by rostov despite the three nil home win
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over champions sesto to be treat polos opened after ninety minutes quite a lot made it to nail on the stroke of half time typify kalish have added a third early in the second half but the hosts finish fourth bottom. and caught clinch the point they needed to avoid the playoffs with a goalless draw at home to zero eight who'd already confirm second spot and a place in the champions league with sesto. and the locomotive finish the season ninth with a two one win at home to second bottom mordovia first off goals through an alexander semi ahead of penalty and a demo strike were enough despite on draper's and netting a last minute consolation stevens party so after thirty games the final standings are top of the table like this says karen's
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a need to take the two champions league spot swap and spotlight cuba and robin are in the europa league with the number one target missing out. at the bottom line here and more died down rough stuff and previous to that of the into the two like it relegation playoffs versus second scott and nadia. respectively. now to the best of the week sporting action from around. good look at this on monday right on the grid announce manager josie marino will leave the spanish club at the end of the reason after three years in charge of his exit paves the way for an expected return to chelsea the russian reports also claimed the fifty year old has been offered a three year deal by owner she worth over nineteen million dollars the portuguese coach failed to win any silverware this season and won one league title and one spanish cup with right now.
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then on tuesday this year's copper del rey winners athletico madrid faced a different challenge as they took on one hundred thirty kids in a charity match in singapore but as you go beats their great rivals right out to warn in last week's comp final increasing speculation that strike at raja bell falcao could leave for manchester city chelsea or monaco and let it go also want an exhibition match to nail against a singapore eleven for playing out a goal this league a draw with bottom side majorca. on wednesday and just a day off to holding a private audience with newly crowned italian football champions eventis pope francis also met come finalists roma and last year instant peter's square at the magical last year won it one nil courtesy of a second home office and absolute gold all the pontiff is an avid football fan and a long time supporter of argentinian side sunlight enzo from his native one is that harry's. on
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thursday the english premier league season may be over but runners up manchester city and third place chelsea flew across the atlantic for some exhibition matches in the usa city came from three goals down to win four three in the first match insularis as ed inject go back to brace and make it richard scored a stoppage time winner and city also trying to five three at yankee stadium in new york on saturday a goal in each of my son we are now free did the damage despite a second half double from ramirez. on friday heavy snow forced the organizers to council stage nineteen of the jiro to talia however more bad weather and a group of over enthusiastic fans couldn't stop the race leader in jens and nearly from sealing his second stage victory on saturday the twenty eight year old italian went on to secure the overall title adding to his spanish well to crown from two
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thousand and ten while britain mark cavendish snatched the red points jersey after dominating the final stage. and on saturday russian daredevil made a flying start to his cliff diving season as a twenty nine year old and class three time defending champion gary hunt of great britain in the french city of la rochelle still john kerry is the only russian competing on the fourteen now to circuit and we'll be looking to build one to better their condition overall one iraq three years ago ok. and on sunday nico rosberg claimed his first win of the season the incident packed monaco grand prix red bull jewel of champion sebastian vettel and mark webber completed the podium but for leap a masseur and passed on mild or not i hit the barriers grown and grown up picked up a ten place grid penalty for the next race in canada after causing yet another
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crash but rosberg stayed in control to finally train victory after starting from the hole for the third time in a row. now let's move on to something punchy as giant estonian m.m.a. style then he small but i have cruised through to the semifinals of the m one grown pray. it was ringside the reputations of two top mixed martial arts is were on the line at thirty nine m. one challenge with previously undefeated heavyweight dennis mold of taking on in form. of who'd want his previous three fights in the first round. the two meet at all the stone you had said he anticipated a future start by even a game of which did transpire however small the ref was up to the task sucking up most of what the russian could muster and when a better game of eventually poles to regain some strength of took his chance and is opponent to the mat and dealt it a game of
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a flurry of blows to the head which the referee deemed too much ending the fight in the first round and angry even a game of squared up to the wind and tried to head butting in the face claiming he was unfairly done by the ref but small that have stayed calm as he confirmed his growing status in the m one world and showing that he started off well but i knew i had prepared better for the fight i just needed to bide my time and give him room to fight and loosen up so his punches were no longer so strong and effective and then i put him down and landed a few critical punches so this petulance you know the head but to the face luckily i don't react to such provocation in the night of the big name bout russian fighter slava wasilewski made of a tourist return to the m one fold after he saw a brazilian jiu-jitsu master charles on the other. though wasilewski had to quickly change his approach off to his tactic to anticipate unorthodox moves didn't go to
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plan sounds just. everything that prepared for went out of the window almost from the first minute as i quickly became really bad and when that happens nothing ever goes to plan by android it was a tough and wore their opponent i'm really happy to be back again i left competing in russian for and won and the spectators have really supported me so it's super well it was a scintillating night of enemy action here at moscow's broken city hall with dennis smaller of remaining undefeated and beating him off in the quarterfinals of the m one robbery force there was also a victorious return of yet just love mostly epstein to the number one challenge like the tango party moscow. and that's really brings us to halftime by staging support to go away.
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the imperial presidency barack obama ran for president in two thousand and eight as an alternative obama has expanded and institutionalized some of the more appalling aspects of the insecurity and obsessed state that he inherited in the name of security is obama casting aside the rule of law and other constitutional rights. a clear image of iraq story face. twenty day taxi trip through the country. the roads full of danger. clear evidence from north to south. the route of iraqi tragedy. after the war waiting for peace. taxi.
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welcome back to part two of the sports show now saturday's legends tournament in martial arts boasted one of the best fight cards ever seen in moscow and produced a stunning defeat for k. one heavyweight stopped by the herbie roberts for the onion has the highlights.
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the bed to do it hell you it keep boxing day one only brother hardy making his way to the ring one of the most dominant mixed martial artists ever the reigning you have seen like it we can't bend jungians watching ringside russia had hardly ever witnessed a man of that caliber before a sledge and showdown in the russian capital hurried to guns a big summit of the men he'd already bitten twice before the stand around the moroccan face the relentless furious and desperate war or the first round no down scored by smith have sent shock waves through the crowds and turned the belts into broke the fire escape and plating punches until there's a but johnny sent harry to the floor again and it was over. but for a while and i was watching the bar if i know anything about our. oneness and that
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is this and it's exciting. you know and it doesn't like him to have such a huge fan by august that's about and saying and i watched. some more he got sunscreen of the crop inaction on the night before len middleweight tournaments with ukraine's authority shannon cook and russia's jobar scare as shown favorites. the russian one he sim a foreigner in style with speak to echo a new look out win over in the regular go here meanwhile khashan go ahead to give his all to beat you would be smeared any meaning in that surround to overcome the russian whose surname means immortal. this should have meant a great match up between two k. want stars to shank and scared off by the semifinal victory cost the shanta too much. my face legs arms speak for. elves' everybody claimed i would have had an easy ballot but i knew this mary would
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give me a hell of a fight although i didn't expect it to go to the x. or round pretty big money was a stake in the final but health is always the top priority i want to apologize to the fans but we're not just fighters who are human beings. so it was there is a fight winner alina be who faced the scarab in the final at the age of eighteen the ukrainian head already earned his nickname the professor nevertheless jabara scared of was still too tough to hate the russian prove he's class claiming it t.k.o. win in the third round. meanwhile the main event of the night so the return of alexander remaining still one of russia's best in the mayhem waits was quick to tame the this sap. it was a very impressive white card and it's a save that russian fans would like to see an even better one by us i would love the bios of you know the people here in this country respect combat sports and i
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know being here would be that has been about being. a mess for some will be my. robert burden r.t. moscow. now from deeds to words as gold star said here gothia apologized for an apparent hint of racism after the spaniard said he didn't bite well number one tiger woods to a dinner at all frank chicken i didn't really sleep at all last night i felt like i . feel like my heart was going to come out of my body and having feeling you know this sick feeling all day difficult to share without thinking about it. but you know fortunately i said it i wish i didn't do it that you know they can do is say sorry. meanwhile defending french open champion maria sharapova reis braced for a tough fortnight as the russian and her nemesis arena williams joined men's
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holdout rafael nadal and roger federer to play tennis in the dark ahead of the season second major now on in paris. were all about adjusting i think every player now is going to turn to me after just to the conditions and and the opponent every match is a challenge i think we we all respect everyone that's across the net we know what's ahead of us and it's a long few weeks and you've got to be mentally and physically ready for it. now to athletics and as moscow prepares to host the world championships for the first time russian long jumper is targeting gold and the world record and spoke to robert bunya. the twenty two year old long jumper whose destined to be in the spotlight after setting the russian general record in. the old second best worldwide junior mark
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she wanted to win back to back european indoor titles and perhaps if you hearts around the world you'll screw. a good looking woman feels more confident in life it is certainly like being in the spotlight all the time but attention doesn't bother me i enjoy it is hardly ever gets annoying the top. model where ever she does or is there on her but she handles the pressure with aplomb surprisingly inclusion of failed to qualify for the russian olympic team for london two thousand and twelve but fought back defending her indoor european crown in sweden this march . i don't mind some with about the. i've had plenty of motivation the season especially following last summer which was far from the best time of my life i'll go through it all and now i feel rejuvenated in terms
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of my fitness and mental state and it just paid off in gothenburg she says the silver horse the voice i always keep looking for more and even if i ever win the olympics i will definitely set myself another target one more limping called us a breaking the world record to me achieving the goal is even more important than the goal itself. with a personal best of seven mirrors or five collision a claims the mission of breaking the world record of seven fifty two which has stood since nine hundred eighty eight is just about her potential. that it was and was but. you know what a quarter it was a world record holder go in that used to call her who once said i'm sure diocletian has got what it takes to beat it it's pure inspiration for me and i believe i really can do it. it's easy to believe nothing's impossible for her who is one of a client and keeps going on have to perfection yet the other great circuit is i
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don't have an idol and i never try to be like someone else it's rather about self development and becoming a person i would have maya as a woman as an athlete and as a friend and for those of you who are wondering what she dreams about this is it. but i knew the story. i turned off my phone no internet no eyes on me and just go somewhere where i can be on my own and relax it could be a beautiful beach or interesting city to walk around and look at that would be my perfect time off just for a short while of course. the river r.t. moscow. and in moscow on saturday at around three thousand hours or affleck's took part in a charity run to help children with down's syndrome and michael craft that ran ten kilometers for the course. running has always been a good way to exercise without incurring many costs all problems finding
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a suitable place to practice in and when it's done for a good cause the motivation is perhaps that little bit greater for the last four years the down side up charity run has brought together people of all ages who are passionate about sport while giving much needed support and awareness to children with down syndrome in russia and it was one of the people who don't understand what it is they voted out of lagos and all of us the ideal randi say at the foot if it gets so messy and so hard if you like what anybody says that we don't know what is going to have a lot of it here i do not always want to run the lot now to diagnose my colleagues but the band. this particular event had various running competitions for my kids run with lots of prizes to a fun run with participants dressed in a variety of course jeans to the more serious five and ten kilometer runs and it was the latter i found myself reluctantly signed up to. that misty in the park in
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the northeast of moscow was fantastic with smiles and good spirit all round. our goal today simple to run ten kilometers because we love to run we take part in every running event in moscow because it's fun and it's interesting charity runs of the best because you're running meeting people and getting fit and at the same time you're helping other people especially children i'd be really happy if there were more americans for good causes. downside up managed to raise over three and a half million rubles or around one hundred thousand u.s. dollars through their vent and the charity is just one of many sporting events organized by the group to help spread awareness of down syndrome. we can't find them if we told them we can't like the. outside this is not
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a good offering something good fellowship overhead and would like everybody else i was excited to give them well it's certainly not the biggest sporting event that russia seems with the response to the messing around one point two million people across the country but with three thousand people here today it's a start and it's also for good cools and of course that's why i'm also having a run. which is something i did repeatedly question one so i got on the way. things i do for charity and for our team it's not drink or party from roxanne. and finally a home away from home is taking shape for the athletes of the upcoming sochi winter games as construction workers apply the finishing touches to the olympic and paralympic village in the black sea resort nearby ice was being laid at the iceberg skating palace ahead of a training count for russian figure skaters while biking must go the organizing
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committee chief pledged to deliver the safest games ever. the threats that this is the global children should this has knowledge or graffiti it's good to be everywhere and. this is a problem point for that but i do believe that wishes to be. the safest city where more than one hundred different this knowledge is traditional living in peace will be safe for the games time as well and also from the sports team life and. live. live
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. live live. live . you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is are.
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welcome to the big picture. the mission of free accreditation free zones for charges free arrangement free. free. free. download free blogs just a lot of video for your media project a free media dog to our teeth dog tom. me is eve eve eve. you. need to. see.
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leading the charge the e.u. lifts its arms embargo on syria but the u.k. and france spearheading the move by economic sanctions on the mask in place. this comes just as the top russian and u.s. diplomats meet in paris to discuss next month's peace summit and it ended a syrian called it meaning all sides to the negotiating table. runty islam hate crimes sore across the u.k. for in the brutal killing of a british soldier black muslim extremists. and a massive rally in the french capital against a recently passed to gain knowledge of all kinds of violent allegations of police brutality against protesters. in the headlines and less than honest coming up now.


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