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the man shot dead by the f.b.i. during questioning about links to the boston bombings was reportedly on alms a new revelations emerged contradicting earliest statements get tagged offices with a knife. as london reels will be hammering religion murder argy looks into claims that are here criminal cases involving the muslim community at the race and religion factor. ratcheting up tensions the u.s. abuse its digital warfare capabilities recruiting thousands of hackers for internet tags the report comes as obama prepares to confront china it's a digital offensive. a
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very warm welcome to you if you've just joined us this morning on our t.v. with me to be on with a let's take a look at the news this hour. at certain immigrant to killed in the u.s. so during questioning about his alleged links with one of the suspected boston bombers was on armed according to law enforcement officials bring him to da schaeffer was shot dead by an f.b.i. agent when he allegedly became violent initial reports claimed he attacked officers with a knife arches going up what now has more. well the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of abraham to dosh of have turned even murkier according to the washington post post which cites law enforcement officials the twenty year old chechen immigrant was unarmed when he was shot dead during an f.b.i. interrogation last week now federal officials and nationally said that he became violent and launched an f.b.i. special agent with a knife while he was being questioned about his ties to alleged boston boston
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marathon bomber. and unsolved two thousand and eleven triple murder that took place in boston now at the time of the shooting up to half a dozen law enforcement officials including two massachusetts state police troopers and an f.b.i. agent from the agency's boston division were present at the florida condo which was not far from universal studios but the f.b.i. has provided you details after the shooting saying that the matter is being investigated by a specific f.b.i. review team and the f.b.i. may not finish its probe for several months now news is coming out that this man was on arms so where does this leave the initial story that the f.b.i. presented to the public now the f.b.i. meanwhile has been under enormous scrutiny for missing several warnings about tomorrow the biggest warnings coming from a russian intelligence officials years ago indicating that may have links to
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extremist groups the f.b.i. for whatever reason did not follow up and probed the matter to the fullest extent and that some would say led to the execution of the boston marathon double bombings and now we have this development unfolding where our man that was shot and killed by f.b.i. agents turns out according to the washington post to have been on the arm so clearly the f.b.i. is going to have a lot of. questions to answer in the coming days with these new developments on this story. r.j. has been covering this case and the controversy surrounding it from the onset of we've got all the details as well as our interview with the father of the man who was killed on a website party. to the u.k. now where one of the alleged killers who had to british soldier to death in the
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london street has been officially charged with murder michael adebowale will appear in court later on thursday the gruesome killing has added to the anti muslim an end to immigrants and to mince in the country and the words are not increasing under fire for don't play in the race and religion factor in crimes when a tory is offered sex or grooming ring case being one of the most recent examples or she's pretty boy or explains. across the country many have been shocked at the uncovered sexual exploitation rings first in rochdale then brother and darby and most recently in oxford gangs of men vulnerable young girls some as young as ten with presence in order to gain their trust then they force them to take drugs rape them and finally they sell them off into prostitution reported gangs are made up of mostly men their victims young white girls so the government choosing to ignore obvious marcuse when it comes to these horrific crimes race and religion to talk
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about the issue i'm joined by sean thomas he's a writer and journalist shawn you've written about the case in oxford is there an elephant in the room is the government choosing to shy away from making a connection between these men's religion and their white victims i think unquestionably yes in the past there is some evidence that these crimes have been going on since the early one nine hundred ninety s. if not before. additionally a labor m.p. and crier raised the issue maybe ten or fifteen years ago and of course in a tourist leave the head of the british national party a far right politician raised it in one thousand two thousand and one and in two thousand and four if i want it was right in two thousand and four it was a subject of a secret b.b.c. documentary and the reaction of the of the political and legal establishment to nick griffin enough for a politician raising the issue was to try and silence him not to investigate the crimes that he obviously is regarded as being an ethnocentric if not racist politician but but they they ignored everything he said and instead tried to soften
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his point of view so the crimes went on for another five or six years at least before they originally put it became finally revealed in the last two to three years you've also mentioned in your writing that it was a muslim prosecutor driving the sentencing in the oxford case do you think anybody who is known muslim feared being branded a racist if they look too closely at the case the fact that it took a muslim prosecutor in the northwest to be funding cut through the. yes there was a problem a show that that what prosecutors what social workers what legal offices and what politicians were very wary of addressing the issue because they are all terrified of being associated with the b.n.p. with the far right of being seen as racist it could it can ruin careers if you get that label and yet the government hasn't taken this up as an issue you think it's too dangerous a can of worms to open yes completely and in fact to be fair to the government the police forces they are now in fact tackling this crime pretty damn seriously i was reading a report where they were said there were no fifty four ongoing investigations into
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desegregation grooming gangs around the u.k. but in itself that is an astonishing figure that's fifty four gangs and each of these gangs may have dozens or even hundreds of victims so we are talking about possibly fisons and sizes of girls who've been abused raped and some even possibly murdered in the last twenty years because this crime was ignored i mean it is very shocking we have to accept that yes what people can also be victims of racial crimes and i'd say these girls were such victims and thomas many thanks for your comments there you have it the muslim council of britain is going to dedicate their next meeting to talking about how they can stamp out such cases of abuse but we're yet to hear anything from the government on the issue. r.c. london we've also talked to dr attention again a mom of the oxford islamic congregation who says the current situation is primarily hurting muslims in the u.k. themselves. clearly it's a very fraught time very tense time and i think you know we muslims have actually
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given the gun given the bullet to groups like the b.n.p. in the these a far right fascist group and tell them shoot us but we provide them with the ammunition bag engaging in mindless target in terrorism and then also by targeting white girls that simply doesn't in india us to the majority population to muslims have to take some responsibility but we also have to admit that there are folks out there who take advantage of the of the situation multiculturalism has failed in this society and what is multiculturalism do it keep communities apart in a bubble so they didn't actually mix apart from from each other and what we need is an integrated society and the cultural rather than a multicultural society where each culture mixes with others at the moment we have places like luton or leeds or leicester whatever with actually muslim ghetto people living in sort of apartheid like residential neighborhoods never meeting other people and i think this only reinforces and reentering just this dichotomy between
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them and us we'll be bringing you more pinions on this undoubtedly controversial story throughout the day online and on but while opinions vary going tension is leading to the white population shrinking in some parts of the u.k. including the british capital markets are for it has more on the exodus and what else might be behind it. london. a multicultural hub known for its thriving diversity spanning the centuries but research by social think tank doubles reveals that while london remains is going to serve a it's perhaps not as integrated as some people might think i think you can think of a successful city people celebrate for example london is a great multicultural city. longdon has experienced a huge amount of what's called white flight. low
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income people mainly in the outer suburbs leaving london because they think it's changed too fast for one of these people is jane kelly having lived in london most of her adult life she's seen first hand the cultural shift is now looking to me pounce she fills the area she lives in it's lost all sense of community all people i knew when i moved here have gone they've all moved away. now mostly flats with very transitory population but perhaps surprisingly it seems many of the older generation of migrants who live around here and it settles and builds up businesses agree that integration is not working as well as that maybe should be as they call it today but in london that's part of what makes london so why do you think we're seeing a little too close to the problems the right to go to zero has its foreign people as more or less these european people they just interested to do a short journey make their money and then run off their country and there's no
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investment in very very return to their country there's nothing to rebuild the country is only for themselves to make money and that's you know that's what i first of all i mean i've been to this country when i was like twenty three years old now i'm forty three years old so i'm an investor in business i'm doing so many things in this company paying into. you know that's the way it has to be in london white brits now make up just forty five percent of the capital's total population in some boroughs the shift has been dramatic in two thousand and one and more than eighty percent of people in barking and dagenham in the east of london while white british decade on and they're in the minority just forty nine percent were here at one of london's busiest train stations and in the working week commuter hard over the course of a decade in london stories white british population for more than six hundred thousand people was in the commuter towns on the outskirts of the populations
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become more ethnically mixed so you know the white points are leaving london behind the question is why i want to thank tiffany is having on the local communities they've left behind well the diversity which is very nice in any city. but when the diversity becomes so extreme that you have. balkanized groups but. traditional communities all the traditional communities around completely newcomers the newcomers keep rolling in it has a very alienating effect what's been seen across the cape for a long time has been most acute in london but the figures aren't the full story avoiding ethnic communities does play a role in so-called white flight but evidence shows that race may not be the main driver other important factors such as class an economic status a key to the migration and ignoring the misinterpret people's complexity when it
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comes to reasons they're leaving london i think the main thing about that white flight reminds us of is that there is a problem the mistake it makes the problem is just about it's not it's about age and it's about mixing between people of different incomes and we need to address all these things together there are now concerns britain could see it's another immigration surge. at the end of this year when some twenty one million romanians and seven million beaucaire ins will be free to travel and what across the e.u. only a fraction of days of full cost to actually come here the previous immigration under-estimates coupled with white british relocation a changing the face of london's ethnic makeup without much understanding what the full ramifications of that might be. some of us see london. still ahead for you this all of the dreadful prize all the austerity we'll look at how going unemployment along with ever more expensive medical
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services thanks the. rate in belgium. say essential olympic was a record breaking number compared to them to be unveiled later in. that and much more coming up in the program to stay with us on our. wealthy british. time to. market. to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my. no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports.
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thanks for staying with us here on our team cyber tension between the u.s. and china as president obama gets set to confront chinese leader xi jinping the hack attacks on american that net really tree networks meanwhile reports say
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washington's launch a massive preparation for an all out sliwa war the us department of homeland security is recruiting hakas opening up to forty eight thousand job they can seize for cyber warriors obama administration pleasure to be spending on cyber security and raise its funding to three billion dollars in twenty thirteen forty was teams of cyber agents ought to be formed of thirteen of them assigned to launch attacks are just gonna judge again investigate. the cyber race between the u.s. and china is starting to look like a real arms race it has its drills its spies and both sides accusing each other of cyber attacks this june china will be holding drills with special i.t. units within its army for the first time the chief of the u.s. cyber command general keith alexander says the u.s. is now busy setting up forty new teams of cyber agents that will both protect america's critical infrastructure from hackers as well as launch attacks against
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the country's adversaries and so that there is no confusion as to their capabilities general keith alexander says quote i would like to be clear that this team is an offensive team the offensive nature of u.s. cyber defense program is emerging new reports which say a large chunk of the country's current cyber endeavors does not rely on defensive strategy as one might imagine but instead involves offensive operations launched with the intent of causing harm on the computers of adversaries a recent reuters article cites defense contractors and government officials most of whom speaking on condition of anonymity and the article says that the us government has become the biggest buyer in a burgeoning gray market where hackers and security firms sell tools for breaking into computers the u.s. has demonstrated its ability to carry out a cyber attack against a foreign country when they attack the iranian nuclear facilities a similar attack against the u.s. would be seen as an act of war by the pentagon's own definition there's a certain game of words going on here when it's against the u.s.
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it's called a cyber attack when it's the u.s. doing it it's called installing software but there would be no cyber race without spice and the latest development here is that the chinese have reportedly hacked into the pentagon's most sophisticated weapons systems leaks confidential report by the defense science board intended for pentagon leaders says two dozen system designs were compromised those systems are said to be critical to u.s. missile defense and aircraft you. officials point to china u.s. news outlets run articles with headlines like this one china is winning the cyber war because they hacked us plans for real war china traditionally denies the accusations of cyber espionage but if the accusation is true if one still has to ask the us what do you expect when they see your cyber or forces attacking another country's infrastructure or when they hear you say you're a pivot into asia pacific with all that military gear to counter china in
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washington i'm going to check them. and another sign of cyber warfare has stepped from the pages of science fiction a nature recently released a manual on the international law applicable to digital warfare daniel way the head of the country recently the dangers of a cyber attack shouldn't be underestimated. so there was very much here to stay it's very much a part of our daily lives and the trick is going to be to try to make it less of an everyday occurrence and more manageable that's only going to come with time but right now i think the u.s. and every other country in the world is quite vulnerable to cyber attack and we've already seen that everything from. nuclear installations in iran to the idea of electric grids in the united states or extremely sensitive defense and intelligence secrets that have been vulnerable to cyber attacks whether
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it comes from a government whether it comes from a very still individual hacker there was the case just last year struck four in the united states was a private company which was hacked fight teenager who managed to get through with firewalls and basically. make his point clear he was subsequently discovered of course but it can be done by an individual imagine what could be done on the part of governments there are so many things that happen every day to rehear nothing about. it takes a wrong two months to climb the world's tallest mountain as the few minutes to get it done and already dot com watch the record breaking jump walking sixty yes since the first ascent of man to ever us. class of a king is a bag of the much anticipated start of a political talk show an r.t.s. about controversy over host larry king go to the comment section on r g dot com
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where the debate is getting a fired up. i would rather question should people be busy for the ball instead of speak on their bit and that's why you can find maher's show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. well then employment and poverty gripping europe and recession raging on a rise in the perinatal adepts is becoming a gruesome indicator of the hostile start to measure the rise in fetal and newborn metallic is being blamed on poor health care and a lack of access to medical services as r.j.
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says oh so your reports. in a new year a paris study it shows that fetal mortality brussels is at an alarming rate eleven point six per thousand babies die here now experts do say that one has to be wary of looking at the information presented in the study as brussels city is compared with other countries for example iceland that level is at a four point seven portugal a four point eight a cyprus a four point two experts do also say that the infant mortality situation in brussels is a cause for concern it's an indicator of an increased poverty in some parts of the city on the poor neighborhoods in the migrant neighborhoods it's more than fifty percent unemployment and that. those neighborhoods of course the living conditions. are not very healthy and that shows also in the sky and the figures now this is an addition to a recent o.e.c.d. report which looks at countries with increasing the child poverty and belgium is
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among them and we also spoke to doctors who says that the problem here of infant mortality has to do with a lot of access to medical services people without papers. or fused into medical services because they have not the right papers it takes a lot of time to have these papers to have access and so on. a lot of pressure on the doctors and on the administration in general to not accept people who. prove that they can paint in light of increasing unemployment the talk of the so-called a lost generation of young people without jobs the increasing wealth gap among citizens this is yet another problematic aspect of the social fabric of europe that the leaders will have to find a solution to reporting from brussels i'm tess are cilia. well less than a year left before the twenty fourteen winter olympic games kick off and forty a record breaking number of medals have been and veiled they're being shown after
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during a presentation in st petersburg as president putin with the international olympic committee right away now joined live by andrew farmer from our russia's norway and capital and you've been teasing us about the medals are we know the presentation is underway is that five grand what can you tell us right now. well what i can say is you're probably seeing the very first glimpses that the whole world is seeing of these medals that will be presented to athletes. twenty fourteen next february their design up until this point is pretty much been a closely guarded secret all we knew was that they would reflect russia's national identity and character but what we do know is that a record number will be produced that will be thirteen hundred that's more than at any other lympics not simply because sochi will include twelve new medal event when the games finally get underway in eight months time and that will make them the biggest winter olympics in history president putin is doing the honors at the moment he will meet with the i.o.c.
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president jacques rogge a bit later on today for a private tour no doubt they'll be talking about the medals but also about such as preparations for these games and doing just that to the press a few moments ago is to make sure china shanker he is the man that is in charge of such as organizing committee and basically is responsible for such preparations and what he said there was interesting in itself he talked about concerns over security he said that terrorism he acknowledges is a global problem but said that to govern how take an exceptional steps to guarantee the games will be safe and secure he also addressed concerns about the recent warm climate the source he has experienced it did experience a very warm winter and that led to snow shortages in some parts of the mountain separate. but he now says the. a scheme is underway where they store hundreds of tons of snow under thermal blankets up in those mountains and that should cover any shortfall you also talked about all the sporting venues and my ready they've all
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hosted international events in the past the tests the construction side of things in terms of roads and rail links will be done by october and then from that point the beautification process will. the message he was saying is that everything will be ready today's medal presentation is really a milestone in sochi preparations for the games in february. and to follow their we've seen a glimpse of it as you just said they look really glitzy so i'm sure everybody will be excited to see and learn more about the battles ahead of time of their reporting live in st petersburg at the medal and veiling twenty fourteen. rivage is some other international news brief and now a us on the so guilty to killing sixteen civilians in afghanistan in a deal to avoid the death penalty stuff thousands of individuals will have to go into details of his rampage last year final sentencing
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a sentence to be announced in september bales is accused of murdering villages that during a nighttime raid most of them women and children. and it's only a tornado has ripped through the industrial district of a small town just outside milan that some buildings were completely destroyed and several vehicles overturned by the town center as well for head to your homes damaged entries uprooted there are no reports of casualties. next to in coming up with the kind the report with max and stacey and they roll up their sleeves to tackle the bankers and find out how the world's oldest profession is affected. destruction is one thing the media does very well we all tend to focus on one spicy
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issue of the moment and ignore the rest jubal's are definitely worth the media attention but let's not ignore the fact that the food people eat around the world is an attack from multiple fronts antibiotics are often overused in cattle which can and eventually sadly will lead to anti biotics resistant bacteria evolving animals are also injected with various hormones which can make their way into our stomachs and speaking of mysterious things getting into our body pretty much any crops and you we are doused with all sorts of pesticides and sit on top of powerful fertilizers which can affect bodies of water far beyond the fence of the farm obviously technology has been and should be used in farming so we all don't start. i get why pesticides exist and why they started giving diseased animals antibiotics but there comes a point where outputting a lot of poisonous food will kill you just as dead as slowly starving will there is a healthy middle ground out there somewhere but if we only worry about just the g m o's and only win that battle then we'll still be eating food loaded with bad stuff
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just other bad stuff but that's just my opinion. go to the kaiser report imax kaiser spankings are trading at all time high according to the economist magazine bankers are paying top dollar or pounds in this case for going to old fashioned bottom slapping from a dominatrix who can show them who is the true bad boy meanwhile because of the debts and the austerity pushed by these same masochistic spanking loving banks are the economist magazine reports that the prostitution market in the u.k. has been flooded.


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