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tv   Headline News  RT  July 1, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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it's. a day of reckoning for the egyptian president as millions take to the streets demanding hear an answer by tuesday a disastrous year in office that's brought the country to its name. europe's officials are stunned by the sheer scale of washington's the violence against them as revealed in the leaked documents calling it a throwback to the cold war meanwhile venezuela hints at possible asylum for the man behind those revelations edward snowden. britain's bias that drive downing street urges europe to embrace g.m. food despite a wall of rage from activists and health organizations politicians and corporations are treating can she like guinea pigs.
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good morning it's good to have you company you're watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow. egypt's protest movement has given the president and ultimatum step down by choose day or face a mass rebellion some twenty million citizens have flooded cities across the nation in the show frustration mohamed morsi is failure to keep the promises he made when he came to power a year ago at least seven people have been killed and more than six hundred injured during the rallies. true reports from cairo millions of egyptians came down to the streets in nationwide protests against president mohamed morsi on sunday the first anniversary of his term in office international news outlets actually said this could be the largest demonstration seen in the history of the world certainly in the capital at these marches stretched out its words the horizon as they descended
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on the free square and the presidential palace the scenes of three square on the presidential palace behind me on some make the world largely peaceful however there was an episode to violence towards the muslim brotherhood that had called to see the positive district of the capital about five hundred feet full of holes at least claim to the building and attacked it with mounted talks and ropes security forces for their part and to contain the violence firing take astronauts just this is led to reports that the for the president himself may have left because but all the security reasons just begs person spoke on behalf of the presidency basis on the evening saying that yes the presidency make mistakes would be very difficult to do it but called on the opposition to have dialogue this is unlikely to happen now as opposition forces have already said in numerous statements that enough is enough they don't want to have dialogue they don't believe that president mohamed morsi is
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fit to who makes my protest with full force by law streets initiative tomorrow the rebels who said they'd like to twenty two million signatures only for the answer to the prejudice they said that there's too many problems in the country should use. lady in front of me was saying fuel and water issues which is why she writes prices as well as human rights abuses and he needs to resign now and they actually are reportedly giving him a deadline to choose day five pm they say he must resign by this is really a divided egypt and with two different sides here on going to back down meanwhile just a few kilometers away from the presidential palace where mass demonstrations are happening against the president those who support the president mohamed morsi at that only demonstration it's people by the islamic and millions a coalition of islamist parties in support of the president and his organization the missing but it's things that the president was democratically elected and that's cool the only way to remove him from office is through the elections he pulled the demonstration just received
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a red line and slam the opposition forces including tomorrow as being dogs and it just emits these divisions increasing across the country and violence rising people feeling that the situation is not going to end anytime soon and that was yet to come. political activists says morsi has betrayed the ideas of the revolution. the people statement is regardless of the political process it's people's word that is outs and that woman who against anyone who thinks they can hijack this revolution mercy never fulfilled any of his promises made even his own elections program so that people's you know voting for him is no member valid because he's never fulfilled those promises that he came to any early elections this year came through revolution and he did not respect the revolution that put him there the other thing is that i would like to see very much a unified none fragmented opposition that can negotiate with
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a cutting government a smooth transition and a peaceful one it's very important that the muslim brotherhood realize that. meant going to go anywhere and that they really need to rethink their strategies and transition smoothly and give up the powers because there's no talk about credibility and legitimacy with almost any time nation out on the streets still to come this hour syria is bracing itself for a flood of american weapons amid u.s. claims that deadly cargo will only be given to so-called moderate rebel fighters but critics warn they would just prolong the two year conflict and lead to even greater bloodshed. the fate of the fugitive whistleblower edward snowden may be decided today in moscow where venezuelan president nicolas maduro is jude to arrive the leader of the world's most oil rich nation has hinted if snowden requests it he could be given asylum by caracas all of this is your reels from
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revelations that its leaders have been victims of u.s. bugging and surveillance well let's cross r.t. as you go piece north who has got the details you got bring us up to speed there more lost no chances do you think of actually getting asylum from venezuela. well the reason we acted president of this. venezuela nicolas maduro is visiting moscow on monday and early himself said that there's a great chance of edward snowden getting political asylum in his country the only thing he asked do was basically ask for it officially now snowden has already asked ecuador for political asylum the country is going to be reviewing his request while the former n.s.a. contractor is truly believed to be in moscow as you arrived to ensure its way airport to the transit zone that she made to the airport around a week ago from hong kong with an invalid american passport and the you are asking for his extradition we heard yesterday you more revelations about the u.s.
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spying this time on e.u. offices and also a united nations offices what's been the reaction has there been any reaction to that from them. right snowden so the latest revelations have been published by german media which reports that the national security agency in the u.s. every month listens to around half a billion of private phone conversations in germany alone has bugged the european union's government offices including its headquarters in brussels also according to the documents allegedly leaked by snowden the n.s.a. ranks the european union as the third grade in the same group with countries like china and saudi arabia and also monitors all the telecommunications off the european union's leaders and senior officials know this has already caused outrage in the e.u. with many officials saying that if these two forces are true and they could be
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a significant blow to the relations some have called it even cold war iraq tactics and while it's already threatening the latest trade agreement between the european union union and to the u.s. worked hundreds of billions ok thank you hugo that. kind of live from moscow. nicholas mature i will be joining the leaders of some of the world's top gas producing nations in moscow today looking at ways to keep global energy supply stable coordinated projects to balance supply and demand will figure heavily at the summit at a time when the controversial practice of hydraulic fracking is upsetting the markets and the environment artie's katie pilbeam will have more on that a little later. the sheer scope of america's surveillance against europe has prompted analysts to look for motives with one intelligence expert saying it all fits into the realm of economic espionage this is
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spying for logical reasons mainly it was economical espionage. to steal national secrets from companies to to destroy jobs and to import jobs to their own countries so what the americans like to do is to destroy jobs in countries like germany in countries like france where the reality of what we do with the public is just to say well it isn't chinese to spy for economical reasons it's a russian. south korea or whatever it reality or biggest enemy of the united states is the united kingdom so it's allies spying against all odds. if you're interested in just how u.s. intelligence harvest and process is your data you can head to r.t. dot com for an explanation and there we've got plenty more on snowden's latest
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revelations and his efforts to evade capture. the real damage and complexity of this oil spill was not something you can grasp just by looking at dirty birds we have between four to five million people in this directly affected area of the coast and it's pretty clear why it's not being reported because b.p. can't afford to have a reported all along the gulf coast are clean they are safe and they're open for business if b.p. is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the us war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p. and their oil this is a huge step backwards for the marker see it's a step forward. corrects it is toxic is a look a lot like spray in vietnam it was and it was not a picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out there i don't want dispersants to be the agent.
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welcome back now britain is pushing for a lift of the e.u. tight regulations on genetically modified food with the country's environment secretary saying g.m. farming is actually safer than many of the alternatives the government wants the widespread caution towards g.m. agriculture to be reassessed but the prime minister had stopped short of saying he would eat such products himself so let's take a look at why biotech food is so controversial well genetically modified organisms which were initially implanted into staple crops such as corn and rice are now ending up in products ranging from meat to milk and chocolate and around ninety percent of all biotech seeds are produced by the american food giant monsanto which is causing global control of the sea with its aggressive expansion strategy the company's accused of stifling small businesses and driving farmers to desperation
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and that economic backlash is combined with growing fears over the health implications of biotech food and the g.m. activists are raising the alarm they warn of side effects ranging from simple allergies to devastating immune. bloom's but environmental groups including greenpeace are playing down those claims and they say that no harm from such ingredients has been scientifically proven and that the most dangerous factor is the lack of information on how they really affect us more on this now from artie's . is controversial but britain is environment secretary says that the public should embrace genetically modified food is a hard sell though campaigners say it's dangerous to human health whereas the scientific community supports the technology and if it is a safe as they and the government are sure it is then the argument for g.m. food is quite compelling it would allow farmers to grow crops in tough conditions
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and thus help to feed hungry mouths around the world the u.s. and brazil already must have produces of the stuff and the british government says the u.k. shouldn't be getting left behind to talk more about this i'm joined by dr robert verkaik he's the founder for the alliance for natural health which campaigns against g.m. foods dr vereker eric there are a billion hungry mouths in the world and we're being told that this technology is safe shouldn't we embrace it in that case well if you look at all the real developments in raising eels it hasn't actually occurred through g.m. it's occurred through conventional breeding practices and we know that the european authorities have probably one of the most comprehensive evaluation systems compared with other parts of the world but only two crops have actually got through the net for cultivation over fifty have been approved for consumption but of course the majority of it's given to animals in the human what are the risks in this case how is it dangerous to human health there's been a lot of produced of course a large amount of it going to animals but the u.s.
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population has been eating a lot of g.m. corner a lot of g.m. soy and they say well we can't see the effect we believe looking at humans as guinea pigs is not a great way of doing it particularly given the fact that we're only looking at really one or two generations of exposure why. is the government so keen to develop this technology in that case and who would be benefiting from it if they did there are about a half a dozen companies that are the key players in this areas of which monsanto is the biggest and they've been putting huge pressure on governments they're all doing that the biggest problem is concentrating the agricultural resources and particularly seed supply in the hands of a few companies and these companies have a lot of sway with the major governments in the world including the u.k. government dr vereker many thanks for your comments but as one environmental group said the british government's attempt to get g.m. food back on the menu is like flogging a dead horse and despite any of the scientific arguments for it one thing that you couldn't argue with is that g.m.
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food just doesn't have a good reputation a survey last month showed that only twenty one percent of the u.k. population supports the technology. r.t. london. we have plenty more stories online including human rights watch sets its sights on saudi arabia the organization urges the country keep its hands off the internet seven people for inciting protests on facebook. i'd also there are new military buildup on the korean peninsula north korea the north is reported to be beefing up its troops on the border war now. home. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on our team reporting from the world talks about six of the yard p. interviews intriguing story for you here. in trying.
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to find out more visit or a big. dog called. the u.s. claims it has found a way to make sure that sends to the rebels in syria won't fall into the wrong hands this comes after leaked reports from the cia that it's about to start funneling heavy weapons to rebel fighters but again reports there's concern within the u.s. political establishment that extremist groups could be the ones to benefit. as war torn syria braces for an influx of u.s. arms some u.s. politicians ask whether president obama has carried out background checks on syrian rebels before giving them weapons this is a tweet from senator ted cruz and it's a snarky comment given president obama's push for more stringent rules for gun here in the united states as for flooding syria with weapons the administration's standards may be quite different from those applied at home the obama
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administration claims it's familiar with the backgrounds of those the u.s. is arming in syria there are greater guarantees now that the weapons are being transferred to moderates and directly the syrian opposition but many ask how do you determine degrees of moderate amid a bloody civil war where the opposition fight is riddled with horrifying executions scenes like the. little boy what happens is that. the more radical elements will have access to these weapons and that's and there's really no foolproof way of insuring against them the fear is that the libyan scenario is being set in motion again this time in syria we have as a result both the u.s. and nato intervention in libya the unleashing of a massive cache of weapons from libya both weapons that came from the west as well as weapons that were part of kentucky's caches and then made their way across the
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borders into money to actually create havoc not only in mali put throughout the region u.s. politicians ability to do background checks on those who they backed has been compromised a number of times in the past whether it was with osama bin laden or with syrian kidnappers and criminals in senator mccain's photo album his office later issued a statement saying the senator did not know the rebels by their names when he agreed to take a photo with them it shows the utter confusion and. inability to determine who the good guys are and who the burgos are the obama administration claims that it decided to flood syria with more weapons because the us has evidence that the syrian government has used chemical weapons the u. when in the meantime says it has no proof as to who used chemical weapons in syria there are indications that chemical weapons went to turkey and into the hands of the emotional words united states in terms of looking at that you don't hear you
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hear a peep when the u.s. there is ignited this one group in syria that terrorist organization the rest of the syrian opposition criticize the u.s. for that and demanded that washington reverse its decision they were thankful for its assistance in fighting on their side and keeping that in mind one should ask are there any guarantees that those getting u.s. weapons in syria now will share america's values in washington i'm going to check out. a quick look now at other news making headlines this hour caray she has become the twenty eighth member of the european union sparking celebrations across the country formally war torn state has gone through several years of tough and sometimes unpopular reforms to become part of the e.u. but in its fifth year of recession and with one in five people out of work there are widespread doubts over whether this over whether this new status will actually bring changes for the better. in brazil police have clashed with protesters
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angry at the public services in the large amounts of money being spent on sporting events thousands crowded outside the stadium where the national football team defeated the federation's cup final has been overshadowed by ongoing protests that have brought hundreds of thousands of people into the streets over the last two weeks. a luxury sports car has plowed into a crowd of spectators a car show in poland injuring at least seventeen people including two children the driver whose thoughts. the norwegian lost control of these vehicles during a demonstration you organizers of the event insist that all safety rules were in force when the accident happened. and two people have been killed as gunmen attacked a prison in the sudden nigerian town of cure a and use explosives to free one hundred seventy five inmates islamists. and al-qaeda linked group to have been have been behind several prison raids in recent years but it is not clear whether
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they were behind this jailbreak or whether they had any members being held there. and in the u.s. state of arizona at least nineteen firefighters have been confirmed dead while battling a wildfire that broke out on friday the fire has damaged almost half of the houses in the town of yarnell because the fire is under investigation the world's gas producing giants both nations and corporations are gathering in moscow to sift through the challenges facing the industry among them are financial troubles new technology and fracking and environmentally dubious practice that's been jumped on by u.s. energy for artie's katie pilgrim reports now on the order of the day. the world's biggest gust countries and companies have sent delegations to moscow to discuss their continued dominance of the industry now there is plenty on the agenda including how to develop in these tough economic times along with new energy
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technologies and efforts to protect the environment who are the member countries that at this summit well we can see in the blue russia is joined by a run and egypt there are thirteen members in total costs for observers in the orange that including iraq norway according to the organization the gas reserves of the member countries altogether sixty two percent of the world's natural gas reserves as for russia energy companies account for whole of the value of the russian stock market and gas bombs exports make up ten percent of the national total other form comes at a time when liquefied natural gas is a hot topic of debate because the us is on the brink of becoming a major exporter of l.n.g. thanks to fracking lead energy through which is meant the u.s. gas prices have collapsed the design prices in the rest of the world especially europe have jumped gas prices are now five times higher in europe than in the u.s.
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environmental concerns surrounding the shale gas have been flagged up by the president of russia himself rather made putin it recently spoke of groundwater becoming contaminated by the fracking process of the high cost of production putin has also worried russia's energy companies to rise to the challenge of shell and he'll no doubt be urging the dissidents at the gas forum to do exactly the same in moscow today. i'm back with more news in about half an ass time stay with us so you are not a because saif yucaipa is next official. do we speak your language anybody will or not a day of school music programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news
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a little tonnage of angola's kidneys stories. you hear. detroit all teach spanish find out more visit i. all tito it's calm. place.
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i. more news today says once again flared up. these are the images cold world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.
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hello welcome to sophie and i am sophie shevardnadze and today we're looking at friend's son its new leading figures after we are said the margins of the politics maginot then came south in a presidential race last year this woman is definitely gaining a stronger footing with her people and her ideas are quite controversial. one simple logical outsider breathing down the neck of the establishment challenging patriarchy in politics or no popularity rising as austerity and joblessness batter europe. multiculturalism graveyard where social unrest is rife could she lead the way she has the strength to save the sinking ship to return to simple pleasure. from conflicts in colonialism
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culture shock and brussels bankruptcy. to the leading in french politics. down with it and we'll hear a pin parliament committee almost unanimously voted to lift your immediate chief because of alleged racist statements you made three years ago why now and why is to parliament so united in this question. that home from go on you that's the truth is that censorship reigns in france and we are hunted down in all circumstances because we express an opinion that is different from the one way track of thinking developed by the european union and also by the socialist party and the right wing parties in france i've been hunted down first saying i think it's not normal that prayers should be allowed to take place right in the middle of the street blocking traffic it was a territorial occupation that is unacceptable it's the law and get i'm being hunted down for having said that the.


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