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politics maginot then came south in a presidential race last year this woman is definitely gaining a stronger footing with her people and her ideas are quite controversial. once a political outsider now breathing down the neck of the establishment challenging patriarchy and politics in her popularity rising as all stare at me in joblessness batter europe. in multiculturalism graveyard where social unrest is rife could she meet the way she have the strength to save the sinking ship to return from simple pleasure. from conflicts in colonialism culture shock under brussels bankruptcy we talked to the leading woman in french politics. i'm going to be dealt with that and the european parliament committee almost unanimously voted to lift your immunity because of alleged racist
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statements you made three years ago why now and why is to parliament so united in this question. this is new home for you and you that's the truth is the censorship reigns in france and we are hunted down in all circumstances because we express an opinion that is different from the one way track of thinking developed by the european union and also by the socialist party and the right wing parties in france i've been hunted down for saying i think it's not normal that prayers should be allowed to take place right in the middle of the street blocking traffic it was a territorial occupation that is unacceptable it's the law and yet i'm being hunted down for having said this it's not a big deal it's a source of pride for me to be hunted down by the system. more than. do you feel less secure because of that nor some reason but most no i don't feel any less safe but still it shows that although france bends a lot of time preaching freedom to the entire world it should probably deal with
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its own issues first but. we said to sit mean that your attempt to fight the system from within as you said you were doing has failed. no i don't think so i think next year's european elections are going to be a huge up people because patriotic parties like my own are growing in popularity in all countries across europe all peoples are starting to reject the european union which is a deeply undemocratic system that is failed and i think the majority in the european parliament can change next year and it's true that it will be a change in direction which i think will be a good thing if you look so your own popularity continues to grow i mean i grew up in paris and i remember when i was a child the national front was really a marginal party that didn't have much support and now it really has become they think france is third biggest party why do you think you've become so popular now
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why did cause him. the third maybe even the second maybe even when the european elections come around the number one party. i think we're really moving towards taking power and that's what i want you know i'm not here is a bystander i'm here to come into power and apply the ideas that are mine and that i can see are already being applied in other countries around the world i think it's just a matter of it all coming together since a lot of french people are starting to realize that everything's a national front predicted came true on the subject of the risks with immigration and the economic model that has been imported from and imposed by the united states meaning the older a liberal model which destroys economies and denies the people the riches that they have and selves have created and denies nations their sovereignty their you are and so consequently with each passing day realizing the national front predictions were correct more and more french people are taking an interest in the solutions used
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and hearing to the solutions we also. could. well having said that your opponents say oh my look then use popular now because of the european union's problems not because she's actually contributes to anything positive any positive change in france we may be sure yes of course but that's not true and they know that because in the partial legislative election we've just passed out of the national front came second so we're not just a protest party against the establishment anymore some where a real party of people who vote for the national front so that we apply our ideas people couldn't so that we win the election not just to show discontent or despair as our political opponents would have it. it's pretty going to run for presidency the next election. it will. yes well i mean if the board if first of all if the national front party members trust me enough to
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invest in me as a presidential candidate. that i want to do know for sure. and i. i think that we're going to take our i think we'll make it in the next ten years which means that might be in two thousand and seventeen or it might be the next time. the system thought up by the union for a popular movement the socialist party establishment this stuff is clearly collapsing and i spent my whole life working on what have been the next picture by which i mean on rebuilding a system that is respectful of democracy respect of justice. all of these aren't things to which all means the freedom of the people. on the envelope and likes to say that things are go and get rich pressure than under sarkozy because things back then were so bad that he can only make a bit of a program. the reality is that things are getting worse and worse and these two
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movements managed to turn one of the world's richest countries to two friends into a bankrupt country with a rocketing unemployment rate with poverty that continues to rise and a real feeling of despair but with a culture that is collapsing it's important to talk about this in life it's not just the material aspect there's also a feeling of belonging to a people a desire to defend one's culture and identity and identity that is so respected across the world everywhere except by the french elite. says so. so you say friends would be much better off without the european union i said the latest survey and it's true that sixty percent of french people think that e.u. is heading in the wrong direction but only thirty four will vote for francis exit from the e.u. what do you read in this figures. to that point but. well first you need to
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understand that there is no debate in france defending the european union and the. euro the single currency that was imposed on us almost feels like the finding religion it means there's no exchange of arguments and to be against the euro is a sort of blasphemy i'm asking for a referendum because surveys are great but i remember when we were asked our thoughts on the european constitution and the surveys said that a vast majority of the french people were for this constitution actually thirty five percent voted against it so we need to organize a debate we need a referendum and to ask the french what they think about throwing open the borders with shotguns about this currency that destroyed our economy about european directives taken presidents over our own constitution which is a manifestation of the sovereign people these are real questions that have not yet been asking friends and i'm convinced that if they have been asked the french would
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make the decision to take back their freedom. it seems a ploy imagine you're the president if you have the referendum and it turns out that most french people want to stay in the european union would you change your policy annexing to you within the union would. you know. in those conditions i would try to negotiate you know i am infinitely respectful of the desires of the people i think the only solid ground here is the people consequently if i hold a referendum of the people don't follow me then of course i'll submit to the people's decision but i would try to defend france's interests within the e.u. because today france is interests are not being looked after we submit to the demands of germany a country that defends its own interests we can't begrudge them but our interests and there is are contradictory. to what you still like french to leave shang get close to change and. yes yes of course of course i think the number one rights for a country is the right to decide who can enter i remain on your territory and yet
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today we have no borders we are subject to absolutely massive levels of immigration . this which is utterly destructive including the national cohesion and our ability to live side by side. the immigration that comes from africa from north africa it's been going on for quite a long time but now with how can i put it accompanied by a new type of mass immigration which is immigration by the roma coming from eastern europe we now need to be reasonable and get our borders back to sea means police borders and check points like before. we were like before yes yes i think freedom for people comes from control over its borders not just in terms of human traffic by the way but also in terms of capital flow and also products were at a hotel full of open doors where everybody can come in and do whatever he likes sell whatever he likes there you go i think preserving and protecting france's interests begins with control that doesn't mean we close the borders it means we
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control the borders we open them if we want to open them and we close them if we want to close them and in that way we can protect the economy and the well being of our country. so i was thinking even of the european community or the e.u. cease to exist globalization is something much bigger and deeper and wider than us it's an irreversible persis so is it like a big going against the flow things with this whole border thing and then it completely cools no no i don't agree that globalization is a backward step but nobody ever said it was something we couldn't monitor all the countries in the world apart from the e.u. defend themselves against globalization saw they try to keep it in check they control it they put voters on imports they put customs duties on things to defend their products and the economic sectors that are essential to their independence are the only ones who don't do it and so consequently it's not about denying that globalization is happening it's about getting france into
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a position where it can defend itself against globalization and to set some playing rules there's not a single game in the world that doesn't have. and today globalization and the engineer was completely deregulated and i mean that we see the consequences are a catastrophic. that was made you know ben stiller leader of all dishonest you know ninety third largest party in france going to take a short break now but coming up next deserving to be french and the remedy that kills the patient stay tuned.
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welcome back to sophie and call we're talking to matt in a bed and francis top woman in politics immigration both legal and illegal stares a lot of debate and you were asked multicultural approach is failing that in a ben has her own vision of how to make things better. well this is my principle i want to radically change the immigration policy in france you could mean i want to suppress the. i believe that nationality should be inherited or deserved so we don't automatically become french just like that first that comes first second i would implement a small immigration deterrent because brown scranton series of xhosa ways that are detrimental to its own citizens it means that today there are even illegal
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immigrants who benefit from larger social aid that some french citizens can't obtain all of this draws people in so if we get rid of what i call the immigration magnets and. and in a logical and humane way tell people you're here legally there's no problem you belong here and friends on the contrary if you've been unemployed for six months it's because there's no work for you and therefore we're forced to ask you to return to your own country so honestly that's on the whole if you will a sensible reasonable plan that is already used in several countries around the world except here in france where for ideological reasons if you will we have subjected ourselves to massive immigration for over thirty years of course you know the consequences of that. i understand that you would not let more again but what would you do with a immigrants that are already in france put them on a plane. this is simple so if they are here legally and they have
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a child then there is no problem to come public well there's no issue in particular . however if they're unemployed we'll just tell them look here we can no longer meet your needs there are no job prospects here for you and we have implemented the national priority policy of the national priority policy is meant to give priority to french nationals of the same skill to tax us positions and came housing in france this is what i call a small deterrent this is a pain from the moment immigrants have no further interest in coming to france then they'll stop coming if they. see me gratian is also a huge issue in russia we talk about all the time when we say we have to have more restrictions they can here's a question who would work in places at very low salaries that russians would never want to work at same thing in france no less. yes i understand perfectly because it's a measure that we've been using since the one nine hundred seventy s.
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but that was imposed by big companies and keep the real question is why is there no one willing to work in these places is it because they're underpaid and given. the difficulty of these jobs their salary should be higher than those that are given today kids mostly due to the decline of the west where intellectuals have been encouraged more than laborers and working with their hands is seen as something that's degrading menu i don't believe that i think that manual labor should be valued once again because we need a balance between manual and intellectual work and i'm convinced that if we hadn't given in to the demands of these large companies which always seek to keep lowering salaries then there would have been russians in russia and french people in france willing to accept jobs known to be harder but for which the salary is more than enough to compensate. is integration for huge more of
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a cultural or economic issue they do both do both because the bulk of the importance of immigration its brutal quality do this all to core of the history of immigration that it's brought to france ten million immigrants in thirty years now remember we have a population of sixty five million which is considerable however we have no jobs for them so these people that arrive can't work since there isn't and this happens because their people are not products so they come with their culture their religion their traditions and customs and set of telling them when in rome do as the romans do meaning when in france like the french our government one after another has told them stay is just as you are it's your right it's your human right instead of imposing our culture on to them so there is
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a shock for the force and at some point a conflict because the french want to preserve their way of life and don't want to adopt the culture traditions and customs of this. foreigners. and there's a serious economic crisis in france at the moment you've often said that this stereotype measures have only worsened things but wasn't france's economy drowning even before this measures were put into place and doesn't france have one hundred percent of french debt to pay anyway he continued. know me. know what i'm saying is that it would be austerity measures are a remedy that actually kills the patient. only don't there you go it's like that the patient is sick and we're about to give him a fatal remedy or in a way bleed him. but it's a major error because all the measures we take now are meant to raise
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taxes and lower earnings to clean. all of this slows down the economy more taxes constrict the economy and so there is less development less public revenue for the state higher deficits and higher debt this complex of the good in me don't come when called and so we come full circle with more taxes. this is a vicious cycle that will and by actively ruining the french economy q if you know if you are poor. minister it is staring to measures it's not the only thing annoying to french hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against a low pass by the parliament allowing same sex marriages and the adoption of children by home sexual couples below is now passed it has come into force the protests are over is that it. can this. will know it hasn't completely
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calm down now the french nation must vote better people into office paper. who have taken a vow to review that law and gay marriage in adoption or in the case of the us. we can see all the cynicism of the french right dave protests and made big speeches when the law was voted on they didn't do much to change it i think that if it's the law of the people who don't they do then we should go back over that law and that's something that i have promised to do so if your eleven is pressed into you would change that of course i would go back on that authorization sample it seems also to be the trend here in russia the russian parliament is passing a law not only forbidding gay couples from adopting children but also a law against gay propaganda whatever that means because i'm not sure how are you going to defend both the traditional values and the rights of the gay people but
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listen also we're going in the right direction this means that intimacy should remain intimate person sexual life and choice belong in this era of intimacy. however the fact that they should be the subject of a propaganda campaign makes no sense i mean to intimacy individuals and what happens in their homes people are free to do what they want morally as long as it doesn't contradict the law but to publicize it in schools as is the case in france to go gender their income straight from the united states as many questionable things do in any case that today the main teacher syndic and insists that we teach children six a book called dad was addressed but honestly we can see parents asking themselves
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why does this absurdity were so let's review everything that pertains to freedom of morals sexuality and therefore in private life you think it's not the. public's concerns seem like that it's simple right and in this way everybody can live happily. go quiet who is evil who can no good a gay man who is discreet about his sexuality be part of your cabinet he would. go to told that is the case i have homosexuals all around me and poses no problem for me but they don't make a show of their sexuality or any propaganda and they don't try to convince anyone because they are aware and legitimately so know that all this pertains to a person's private and intimate life and not to political life do it but if you could take on that there's a lot of discussion about international intervention into local conflicts you expressed support for mali interventional saying that libya has been
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a catastrophe and now we may be looking in some sort of intervention in syria how do you judge which intervention in which country is justified or not. can't tell us . about the still the situation is very straightforward in mali first of all there's been cooperation between france and mali for many years now and it's the legitimate government in mali that asked us to intervene since faced with the rise and power of islamicist terrorist groups that were aggressive and even assassinating people there consequently in those conditions we find ourselves in a situation that we know from before where a friendly country to come and help because it's the subject of aggression. so we went to help. what is incoherent in the behavior of french leaders is that they fight the islamicist in mali but support them in libya and in syria and that's
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what's completely incoherent and i'm completely i consider the danger of islamic fundamentalists absolutely. terrifying and i think that yet again we have to tell a terrorism in the twenty first century there was communism and naziism in the twentieth century and now there is islam islam and globalism that's the taliban muslim of religion on one hand and of trade on the other and so i buy it but i fight it everywhere in mali in libya in syria and i know you don't own our land and cameron are presenting a united front against the e.u.'s desire to stop arms getting to the rebels in syria is that a step towards intervention and what would the consequences be for france because after all no single but one of his own something no i don't think it's a step towards intervention for a simple reason actually a good bunch of leaders did such a bad job that i don't even think the french army has the capacity to intervene alone particularly in libya. especially since they've just intervened alone in mali
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in conditions that were already technically difficult to get and france only intervened in libya because the u.s. gave support in the form of infrastructure. which is a shame by the way and we need to change that and so i don't think that there will be an intervention but i still think that bunch of leaders are under the influence of qatar and saudi arabia who are pulling the strings are behind the scenes and who are providing weapons and assisting islamic fundamentalists across the world. and we must announce that which is what i'm trying to do in my own country you say defend the. right so that was not in a band way to her vision of france this is saying to you for being with us and i will see you next time.
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real damage and complexity of this oil spill was not something you can grasp just by looking at dirty birds we have between four to five million people in this directly affected area of the coast and it's pretty clear why it's not being reported because b.p. can't afford to have a reported all along the gulf coast are clean they are safe and they're open for business if b.p. is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the us war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p. and their oil this is a huge step backwards for the marker c. it's a step forward for oligarchy carex it is toxic is a look a lot like spraying in vietnam it was it was not
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a picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out there i don't want dispersants to be the agent on which. this bill's. choose your language. actually we can't know if general flynn today still some honest. choose to use the consensus to. choose the opinions that you think are great to. choose the stories get in high school might. choose to access to often. sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new old most sophisticated rowboat which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach me the creation why it should care
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about humans and world events this is why you should care watch only on the dot com . but i'll pull over my language of all but i will only react to situations as i have read the reports so i'm likely to push for a no i will leave them to stay current to comment on your latter point i come on to say it's six am a car is on the docket no thought. of a jail no more weasel words. when you made a direct question for me prepared for a change when you're throwing a punch be ready for a battle freedom of speech and little doubt the freedom to question.
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the leaders demand an explanation from washington after the latest revelations by edward snowden pointed to rampant u.s. spying on european institutions. meanwhile washington remains tight lipped was the only reaction stating that every country is committed to protecting its national security. and protesters in egypt ransacked the headquarters of the ruling muslim brotherhood in cairo after millions turn out to demand president morsi renounce power by tuesday. doesn't go fix a walk without. fear is an all out bloody conflict are banned by the muslim brotherhood's vows to react after the save the opposition crossed the red line of violence.


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