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tv   Headline News  RT  July 2, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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wiki leaks. requests on behalf of edward snowden. leaks left many nations either reluctant to get involved. and president obama deals with european. politicians. nothing new. lights. just. lead to a total evacuation of the area. and egypt's president mohamed morsi takes fire from all directions as the. government protesters. resign.
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worldwide headlines thank you for joining us today. start with breaking news this hour russia says it's off for asylum to edward snowden but only if he stops leaking information that has now been rejected by him. joins us here with the story. can you bring us up to date on this what do you know now. you know this just been that edward snowden has officially rejected. rejected an offer that he could find
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asylum in russia and stay in russia according to conditions that vladimir putin announced on monday he has rejected it because of those conditions the conditions being that he was welcome to stay in russia if he was willing to. quote harming russia's u.s. partners now snowden has said that because it's condition she doesn't want to silence in russia this is his options of where he possibly could go. and get political asylum are not going down by the day more countries are becoming reluctant to help him in any way to sort of reach out to him that you were putin on monday also said that the u.s. that they would never give anybody up that they'd never given anybody up and that the u.s. would never give anybody up to them and in fact. it can be the next tradition for russia were highlighted by president president putin spokesperson jimmy trooper's govt pointing out that russia first off doesn't extradite anybody to
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a country that has the death penalty and they don't extradite as a principle they exchanged so this is looking like the situation is going to become more and more difficult russia was possibly one of the places where snowden could come possibly be protected if you will stop his work obviously he's not ready to do that are so nice a belated on this breaking news is the the former n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden has rejected moscow's offer for him to stay in russia the offer basically saying you can stay here if you stop damaging ties between moscow and washington and if you stop doing your leaks as well all right all season he said the way the latest on this breaking news thank you. for the meantime though the american president barack obama will he's in a state of damage control this off to the latest bunch of damning revelations from edward snowden suggesting washington has been spying on its allies obama said well this is how things are usually done when it comes to big politics and european states are doing exactly the same thing but even the u.n.
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chief is trying to distance himself on the international body as on his more important reforms in nations secretary-general ban ki-moon is urging nations to protect the integrity of diplomatic missions on their soil the u.n. chief's comments common made allegations that the u.s. has been spying on the european union and other allies over port by german weekly der spiegel says that the national security agency blog to the e.u.'s mission in washington d.c. and also popped into its computer system to be able to access e-mails and other internal documents the e.u. delegation at the united nations was reportedly subject to similar surveillance citing classified documents leaked by n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden the weekly says that france italy and greece are among the thirty eight u.s.
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surveillance targets now while the news has blindsided and shocked many european leaders u.s. president barack obama has downplayed the surveillance story saying that it's basically political protocol between friends they're going to be trying to understand the world better and what's going on in world capitals around the world . from sources that aren't available through the new york times or n.b.c. news. that there that they are seeking additional insight beyond what's available through open sources there. and. if that weren't the case then there'd be no use for an intelligence service. and i guarantee you that in european capitals there are people who are interested in if not what i had for breakfast at least what my talking points might be should i end up meeting with their leaders but not everyone is seeing the circumstance so
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casually greece's foreign ministry says it will be investigating reports that its embassy in washington and the u.n. mission in new york were being spied on by the n.s.a. according to the guardian newspaper and the eavesdropping greek u.n. mission was known as powell and the operation against its embassy was known as wanda and snowden well that's just the name of the american that leaked the surveillance information that the world is now talking about reporting from new york more enough more nine r.t.t. . and a spy lekas left a massive trade agreement between the u.s. and the european union now hanging by a thread and german politician and member of the european parliament rebecca hommes believes a lack of trust between the powers could end up killing the deal. this is a huge spying attack from the united states help especially by the united kingdom against against their friends in the european union we have certain instruments
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as least i as a green member of the european parliament see those instruments we have two agreements. in between us and also europe on data so this is this with agreement and also the agreement of. data in the international flights p n r we could stop those agreements and. i really am convinced that we should not open the negotiations on t.v. to this internet this united states trade agreement because this is also very very sensitive when it comes to debt up texan there is a complete different concept of privacy and predicting citizen freedom also in the european union compared to the united states or the recap of our
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breaking news for you this hour here on r.t. presidential spokesperson so is edward snowden has rejected asylum in russia the surveillance was reportedly found conditions disagreeable one of which was that he was to stop leaking information nevertheless we also have that is an extradition is out of the question as russia does not extradite to any country that has the death penalty. all right now we can take this a bit further here and we can get some asian perspective on all of this in cross live steve zion professor of contemporary chinese studies and director of the china policy institute at the university of nottingham hello to you sir thank you for joining us on the program today china reportedly among the states which edward snowden applied to for asylum do you think or beijing perhaps might open the doors and let him in no i don't think beijing is opposed to open the store and let mr snow we don't want a chinese territory the chinese government if they had wanted to get what i think
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they might have wanted to get from mr snowden and they would have already got those information mr snow don't go into china would only cause trouble for china but now the chinese authorities are first they seem to be quite loyal to the leaker otherwise why would he choose to speak out while he was on their territory in hong kong but he was incredibly useful windfall for the chinese government when mr snowden spoke out and the fact that he spoke from a chinese territory and making it clear that one of those countries that were being spied on was china and that included even a chinese university that was really useful basis for the chinese government is to counter the american plane of chinese. side as phonology against the united
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states but do you think some of edward snowden's revelations actually work in china's favor. oh it certainly worked in china's favor because the reality is that . in this world everybody who's got the capability spying on everybody. each sure really is one to whether one can claim the moral high ground united staes has made claiming that moral high ground at nice until mr snowden and. mickey is that relations which we really we can be american to claim to the moral high ground and this is what make you so useful on the chinese perspective or let's say let's address of the latest we've just heard here at r.t. that edward snowden has are withdrawn his asylum request in russia why is he founded a thorough heart of strong releasing anti american information. well the
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value of mr snowden's and his capacity to stay in the limelight and depends on him being able to say that he's got more to say once he's got nothing to say than he's value for then is really just and manto all how he will be down to it and whether americans will be dealing with him and you know cauldrons with american law and all the other diplomatic one goes that will be involved in getting mr snowden to face the justice system in the u.s. so he has a vested interest in going artist of trying a director of the trying to policy institute of the university of nottingham thank you for sharing your time with us here in our to you today. recap of our breaking news for you this hour here on r.t. a presidential spokesperson says edward snowden has rejected asylum in russia the surveillance was reportedly found conditions disagreeable and one of which was that
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he was to stop leaking information and nevertheless we also heard that his extradition is out of the question as russia does not extradite to any country that has the death penalty. well thank you for joining us here in art's he and the russian space rocket has crashed to earth just seconds after launch it was carrying three satellites meant for russia's glow and that's global navigation system a bit earlier in the program i discussed this with these men in a culture of a who's been following the story. if we just have a look at those horrific video there is the russian pronto a rocket that was carrying three glonass satellites now it went out of control moments after launching now the main part of the rocket just erupted into a massive fireball and then smaller pieces of the rocket lands it's right on to this an inhabited area and of course we are talking about quite a massive accident and surely there will be some environmental impact where you
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talk about and of our environmental impact and we do know you know what a rocket such as this is lowest from the launch pad is absolutely filled to the brim with rocket fuel and of course of many people who are thought about as toxic rocket fuel for the concerns might be environmental impact nor just for the environment for anyone who might be nearby at the time right exactly and experts are saying that the satellites were actually carrying some toxic fuel and them now aspers as saying that in total the side of the rocket was carrying out to six hundred tons off if you will but while reaching the earth the while reaching the earth if you will mostly vaporize but still this accident created a cloud of dangerous pollutants now that information is you getting the earth or it is all warriors and there are fears of a possible evacuation and we've been receiving reports that some of the workers at the baikonur cosmodrome have already have been evacuated so it is a really
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a very troubling situation right now as far as one of them or do the right know the weather conditions at the baikonur cosmodrome the heavy or high winds the this point any cloud of a toxic pollutants being dispersed in a great distance right now it's not happening we're keeping a close tablet. but when it comes to what do you know the russian space program typically is used to use of successes but this however this this kind of accident has happened before yes exactly and the sad news is that this failure well this is not really the first failure this. rocket now the program has suffered a number of the sailors in the past two and a half years now in particular back in two thousand and three other navigation satellites were lost and there was another event another failure back in two thousand and eleven here i'm talking about the failure off the progress rockets now of course we need to mention the financial losses that come to gether where this
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type of failure is an expert of the alliance of rocket cost up to one hundred million dollars and the failure of this type of a line ship may actually hit up to two hundred million dollars and law so that's a huge failure of one hundred million dollar law and then you talk about the three glow of soft lights on board as well of the price tag if you're going to go higher of course we do know with an accident such as this of the baikonur cosmodrome because it stood. for the blame game to begin we understand here at all to the investigators already looking into what exactly went wrong with this proton rocket launcher any ideas what might happen the possible shake up in management toward well you are looking right at the point well basically of the russian space agency has been changing and the last couple of years quite massively and we've seen a lot of resignations we're seeing people being fired and really in particular back in two thousand and twelve the highs of the russian space system and he was actually leading the glonass project resigned following quite a massive corruption scandal and then of the of the construction center also
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resigned following another failure with the rocket launch so it says there is a massive restructuring process within the agency but of course of the most important thing now is. get to the bottom of this accident that hit quite badly the baikonur cosmodrome this morning that's right so a russian proton rocket basically exploding a two second since it was launched from the baikonur cosmodrome three satellites on board an unmanned rocket for that matter he's meeting a question of a thank you we come to you live from the heart of moscow the islamist backed egyptian president mohamed morsi is a well he's drastically losing the support of his cabinet along with the sympathies of the public at least five ministers resigned amid antigovernment protests which were joined by millions with the military promising to deploy into arrears square but this time to guard the demonstrators artie's bell true now joining us with the latest from cairo and good to see you how the protests are developing this hour now
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. well in the early hours of tuesday morning the egyptian president finally responded to a military ultimatum giving him just forty eight hours to meet the demands of the people otherwise they will intervene the president said that he didn't know about the statement before was released and slammed the language has begun computing he maintained he was working towards national reconciliation and said the greatest things come out of the journey which divided dilution was a civic democracy however he is losing support within his own administration we had the latest resignation just hours after his statements the foreign minister quit following four other resignations in the last two days meanwhile hundreds of thousands of egyptians returned to the streets on monday for a second day calling for the ouster of the president they say he's incapable of running the country we've seen no change in the last year we've got major fuel water and electricity and bread prices there's no employment they said enough is enough he must go there all remains of the army will be deployed to the streets in
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the growing violence a number of the muslim brotherhood this is the group that the president has from their headquarters to be attacked by a bomb run site you see deadly clashes between those who support the president and those who are against the president leaving many to leave you with many deaths and injuries across the country so really what we're seeing here is a lot of tension and further violence on the horizon or authorities are bell true there reporting live from cairo thank you. now russia considers a real life get out of jail free card but with a catch financial wrongdoers and those unlucky enough to bungle their tax forms could now evade prison. if indeed they fully reimburse the government or pardons for whatever they made off with more of the law and conditions after the break here on out.
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world. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew. i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. we speak your language. but there. were news programs in the documentary some spanish what matters to you breaking news the alternative angles kid stories. so you hear.
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the spanish find out more visit eye to allahabad dot com. joining us here on r.t. today western nations are stirring up a hornet's nest in syria because peace is not playing into their hands and that's one of the things they're rons outgoing president mahmoud ahmadinejad told r.t. during an exclusive interview right here in moscow. the westons don't want the syrian issue to come to an end there are two objectives first the continuation of this crisis is in the favor of design this regime it's provided the zionists with the historical opportunity in libya in egypt in syria there are conflicts in all the regional countries so nobody's paying attention to israel so they can rest easy the second thing is that under the pretext of the syrian question they want the crisis to spread out to neighboring countries to iran to
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lebanon and to turkey because they want to affect the whole region they want to new middle east. or you can check out all its useful to you with the president with twenty thirty g.m.t. about in the program sophie cope with sophie shevardnadze well a first time a financial mistress may soon fall under an amnesty rusher approves a draft law intended to give offenders a chance to pay back their ill gotten gains it would cover many types of economic crime but has already split the public and business communities alike. joins me to discuss the following the print here that's always a bit people worry about where is the bill standing right now what do you know ok let's give you the details on this from ari let's go so russia is expected to pass a draft law for amnesty for those convicted of economic crimes which could lead to the release of around ten thousand prisoners suspects on the idea was spoken in favor of some pieces about economic forum last month and is intended to be
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a more humanitarian approach especially considering that not all crimes are international in the world of business or intentional now the amnesty however comes with conditions it is for a first time offense and if the person repays the debt now economic crimes that qualify for the amnesty include insurance business and bankruptcy for all money laundering copyright breach and tax evasion among others as well crimes with any connection at all to violence will not be pardoned for certain crimes towards the state budget now it's worth noting that gel tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky won't qualify for the amnesty as he's been convicted of multiple crimes now the business community understandably is overjoyed about that boris taught all of us month of the entrepreneur is right said it would be good for morals and ethics and further
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prosperity but the bill is not without its critics including the head of the second largest lender here. course did he suggested it was offering impunity to representatives of big business so while there might be some animosity to amnesty it could soon be the law of the man so as you say it's always makes for a visa especially when it comes to the law at the moment different size of the of the korean of the story certainly difficult to understand of the fine print as well from basra it is a world i suppose gets me soon. thank you. well let's give you a recap now of our breaking news this hour here on r.t. a presidential spokesperson says that edward snowden has withdrawn his asylum request to russia for the surveillance was a blow reportedly was not willing to accept the conditions one of which was that he stop leaking information and nevertheless that russia will not send him back to
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america or either as it does not extradite people to any country that still has the death penalty i'm all more news on that story in the next hour here on our t.v. for now though knuckling down to the financial facts you need prime interest coming your way after this break. sigrid laboratory was able to build a most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't sound anything tunes mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. when the greats stay blind to what is happening in their country. the american dream is disappearing. the houses with gardens are laid out the
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poor are left hopeless the streets are full of angry crowns fighting against. heist who stole the american dream. could you take three. three. three. three. three. three brown video for your media project free media down to our teeth dot com. good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm bob english here in washington d.c. here are the stories we're tracking today well times are changing switzerland once
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the safe haven bank country apparently does your there's no officially a dwindling asset itself and it's not the longer you go to private financial asset haven according to bloomberg the amount of swiss assets under management shrank by twenty five percent over a five year period apparently the problem is if you're trying to help us clients of a taxes and then you send your client list to uncle sam wealthy americans will not want to do business with you big surprise and let's not even get into that pesky euro peg but don't count out the u.s. dollar just yet because argentina has a brand new bond program financed by well the greenback itself central bank reserves are dwindling so the argentine central bank is offering pieces of argentine paper for u.s. paper sounds like the ultimate bait and switch but don't pray for them argentina because our whistleblower in chief is facing heat from our former get mote in prison or in chief that would be george w. bush who said snowden is a traitor and that the u.s.
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has been hurt by the leaks well we're going to talk to mark foley being about these matters and more in a few minutes so here's what's on your prime interest. i . less and less people are watching television and their homes the traditional way according to a nielsen report there will be more than five million is zero t.v. households in the us in two thousand and thirteen zero t.v. household are homes where viewers watch a video content on other devices such as computers smartphones and tablets instead
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of primarily on t.v. the average american absorbs more than forty one hours per week of video content on all screens from televisions to smartphones that's almost five and a half hours a day so let's profile area is an internet subscription based company that will instant two thousand and twelve some believe it has the potential to become the netflix of the broadcast television and history you ask how does area work according to what we found on the company's website aereo has developed an unbelievably small television and tena a small enough to fit on the tip of your finger and receives the t.v. reception area who has taken their tiny antenna and created a data center which allows users to connect to broadcast television via the internet without the use of cords cables or boxes for a nominal fee subscribers can stream live and delayed television programmes on internet connected devices however the presence of aerial has not gone unnoticed by
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traditional television broadcasters twentieth century fox univision p.b.s. and others have joined to file a lawsuit against the company on copyright infringement broadcasters are using aereo of launching an unlicensed service that streams television programming. over the internet to paying subscribers computers mobile phones and tablets without seeking or receiving consent from the television signal owners but earlier this year a federal appear appeals court ruled that area could continue to operate while the broadcasters lawsuit against them proceeded this ruling has upset several broadcasters news corp chief operating officer chase carey has threatened to pull area off the airwaves aereo when's the case so what's the bottom line according to variety only ten percent of us homes were over the air t.v. .


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