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tv   Headline News  RT  July 2, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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but snowden rejects russia's asylum condition but he stops working against washington however moscow says he will still not face extradition. president obama says every country spies in big politics and i've been called the alfredo of america's blatant snooping on if you would be an ally. also the sollie launch into nowhere i don't mind a russian rocket loaded with navigation such a life crunchers a minute after takeoff and gulping the accident site in clouds of toxic gases and sparking fears of an environmental disaster. and we're bringing you live pictures from the from the egyptian campus old from
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tahrir square back as people are getting together for more protests so egypt's president mahmoud. more session save face is one blow off to another as the army demands his address calls to quit by millions of protests as well senior government officials resign in solidarity with the opposition. international news live from moscow this is ulty with me thanks for joining us. edward snowden has was drawn his request for asylum in russia it follows a statement by the russian president that the huge to whistleblower is welcome to stay only if he stops harming washington the details now from our she's hugo is joining us now live from the moscow airport very nice to see you so what's happened
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there. well it first there were a lot of conflicting reports about whether or not edward snowden had asked russia for political asylum now we know that he did in fact a written request to a representative of the russian consulate board through the legal expert on. who is accompanying him on this trip and a leader he took this request back after he heard president. conditions over how he could get asylum and which he said that moscow is not planning to extradite him to the u.s. and he could stay in russia if he wanted to but then he would have to stop working against washington now all of this was later confirmed by his press secretary need to score for also added that moscow sees snowden as a human rights activist and doesn't see it possible passing him over to the u.s. where the death sentence is still being used. and of course we're now that's not an i has applies to twenty thousand countries five silent what's been beyond since
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what's been the response. in this animal that he passed over to the russian consulate there were also twenty other requests to other states for political asylum and while already ten states have officially rejected it including india and brazil eight e.u. member states including germany and spain said that the rules are that all applicants for political asylum have to be on their soil so it seems to be that these formality are the main obstacles in the way one of the first leaders to comment on the four situation was the president of bolivia and believe in venezuela say that they still haven't received to the official request for political asylum from mr snowden and artie's spanish channel managed to speak with the bolivian president exclusively here's what nevermore allas had to say on this. i knew when
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they were news if snowden asks for political asylum will be provided to him. he will hear all. yes why not. of course the situation is far from ideal and his case is constantly discussed on an international level so i want you here but our goal here are personally i missed your moves here bolivia is ready to give political asylum to the people who expose spying activities so to speak. with someone if you want to have you received a request for asylum i expecting one soon well no but if we receive a request that we're willing to consider it and enter into discussions. another leader who basically said that snowden has great chances of receiving political asylum in this country is the president of venezuela and now he's also
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calling on the entire world to apply more attention to edward snowden and his figure let's listen to what the venezuelan president said. saying we should know that this young man must be protected in terms of international and humanitarian law because he's being pursued by the u.s. vice president vice president by the secretary of state why is he being pursued what kind of crime has he commits it has he launched a missile or killed anyone no he hasn't on the country he's doing everything to prevent it was to prevent any kind of illegal action against the whole world venezuela hasn't so far received an asylum request from snowden when we get it we're ready to consider it. the first the first country where edward snowden. for political asylum was ecuador and the ecuadorian president says that. snowden at least has to be on russian territory not to mention ecuadorian territory for them
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to be able to proceed to request while he is still thought to be at the transit zone off limits of our airport where he arrived to around a week ago from hong kong with an invalid american passport the u.s. is still asking for his extradition while snowden is promising more revelations in the future. as he grew up as can often live from moscow from sure matter to me precisely where my thanks indeed. meanwhile the u.s. is attempting damage limitation after the latest leaks by snowden revealed a washington has spied extensively on its european allies barack obama's claims this is usual practice and politics has not come to the outrage in the u.s. and the u.n. is also he's a marine a partner i reports. united nations secretary general ban ki-moon is urging nations to protect the integrity of a diplomatic missions on their soil the u.n. chief's comments come amid allegations that the u.s.
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has been spying on the european union and other allies over port by german weekly der spiegel says that the national security agency bogged it the e.u.'s mission in washington d.c. and also popped into its computer system to be able to access e-mails and other internal documents the e.u. delegation at the united nations was reportedly subject to similar surveillance citing classified documents leaked by n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden the weekly says that france italy and greece are among the thirty eight u.s. surveillance targets now while the news has blindsided and shocked many european leaders u.s. president barack obama has downplayed the surveillance story saying that it's basically political protocol between friends they're going to be trying to understand the world better and what's going on in world capitals around the world
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. from sources that aren't available through the new york times or n.b.c. news. that they are seeking additional insight beyond what's available through open sources. and. if that weren't the case then there'd be no use for an intelligence service. and i guarantee you that in european capitals there are people who are interested in if not what i had for breakfast at least what my talking points might be should i end up meeting with their leaders but not everyone is seeing the circumstance so casually greece's foreign ministry says it will be investigating reports that its embassy in washington and un mission in new york were being spied on by the n.s.a. according to the guardian newspaper the eavesdropping of the greek un mission was known as well and the operation against its embassy was known as wanda and
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snowden well that's just the name of the american that leaked the surveillance information that the world is now talking about reporting from new york marina more nine r.t. . on the left father discussed this with james corbett pais dad so the colbert report an independent news and information website based in japan james a very warm welcome to you all see nice to see as always so what do you make of snowden's refusal to accept his offer. well it's a question of what we make of the offer itself and really i think that there's not much more to it than political blather that same to shore up the moscow washington relationship rather than actually anything to do with snowden or what he's talking about for people who don't know one of the conditions supposedly for his entry into russia was that he stopped harming moscow's american friends and which of course begs the question that he has already been doing this or is doing this by leaking
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this information about the violations of the fourth amendment right to. freedom from unlawful search and seizure which many people believe is at the heart of what it means to be american but also because as grant glenn greenwald's for tweeted out today all of edward snowden's information has now been passed to journalists so that it is now the newspapers that are determining what information comes out and when edward snowden really doesn't have anything more to do with this case other than of course being the figurehead for the leaks themselves so the idea that he has to stop harming america as a condition for entry to moscow is it's political blather in line with say bush and blair's two thousand and three comments that saddam has to disarm or be disarmed again it's all to meet and that has no meaning. it's some say if snowden had chosen moscow's off that he would have helped washington avoid a father humiliation what can they do now to silence him. well again it is given that his information is now all been passed to journalists there's really not
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nothing that they can do to stop that information from coming out at least not through snowden and i think that the real point is to try to stop him from being a type of martyr for the cause of leakers and whistle blowers and people who are concerned about this so if this is a p.r. optics campaign from washington's perspective then probably the worst thing that they can be doing is counting and pursuing him and making him into this statelessness island seeker as they are because this only continues to draw attention to the case so again i don't think that this ultimately plays into the interest of washington in the long term but i don't think that they're particularly concerned about that aspect of it. can we talk again how much more can snowden home the obama administration or is this bluffing to maintain this value his value in the asylum betting what you think well as again as gleaned greenwald tweeted out today all of the information has been passed so i don't think that snowden has anything up his sleeve i don't think he's pretending to have anything left up his sleeve at this point i think his value is a political value would only be as
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a type of thorn in the side to washington for members for example of the bolivarian alliance of the americas who might want to stick their noses up at the at washington but but it certainly isn't a big bargaining chip to to bring to the table because it is it does bring a lot of political baggage and obviously complicates relations with washington so i think this is a bit of a hot potato that nobody wants to touch at this point right but i did so the colbert report independent news and information website based upon trends thank you very much indeed thank you. snowden's case was a response to the debate on whether whistle blowing can possibly be done through proper channels and if you have show breaking the side of the military in talks to one woman who attempted just that. i want to emphasize i requested to testify through proper channels i was
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a whistleblower but i did it through congress i tried to do it through congress and and a lot of whistleblowers are citing my case as evidence that going through the proper channels is not going to work and is not going to protect the public or the whistleblower it makes no difference if the government feels threatened they will attack you you yourself were subject to really harsh crackdown from the government i mean even the alter of the patriot act those that he said that he never intended it to be used in the way that it is now i mean what do you think when you're looking at everything that's happened over the last decade did you foresee it ever getting to where it's gone and how pervasive it's because i was the second arab american ever indicted on the patriot act and the patriot act has criminalized dissension it says that sedition is the act of opposing the government through nonviolent means has become such a threat that free speech itself is now criminalized by the patriot act and i think
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we're going to see the patriot act applied to many more people. were you ever seen anything like that. russia's prime minister has demanded a list of those responsible for a space rocket crash in kazakhstan on tuesday morning seconds after takeoff the unmanned a rocket fell to the ground and exploded within the baikonur cosmodrome it was carrying three such lights meant for russia's global navigation system. medina culture never gave before details to my colleague robert de. it was indeed to rather shocking morning for those at the baikonur cosmodrome this this morning and as you can see here there is to be a russian product on rocket which was carrying three galon our satellites now it went out of control moments into launch and then the main part of the rocket just
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to rub it into a massive fireball and then the smaller parts of the rocket just crashed onto and then habitat's area so clearly it was a massive accident and surely it would be followed by some environmental impact as well you know you talk about environmental impact also i suppose the risk to human safety you you talk about the baikonur cosmodrome if you will where the spectators start it's about two or so kilometers away from the launch pad a good safe distance however with a rocket that shooting up into into the sky at a very very high speed exploding during the launch what kind of dangers does that pose well it of post some dangerous of course and the experts say that in total it was carrying over six hundred tons of fuel not to mention of course the toxic fuel and the sad lies that it was carrying together whether it now but while reaching the earth the fuel mostly vaporized but still and created a cloud of dangerous pollutants now that information of course was getting the
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story it is quite worried and there were even fears of a possible evacuation as clearly it is a troubling whatever well i mean we know the latest reports are from the baikonur cosmodrome the cause extent the weather is clear there are no high winds of the bombers there's no concern right now of some sort of a toxic pollutant cloud disposing over the area but when it comes to the russian space program typically it's used to a big lot of successes however when it comes to this proton rocket this failure is not the first time it's happened andy said that isn't deed not as of. this type of a rocket now the program has suffered a number of failures and the past. two and a half years now in particular back in two thousand and another three navigation sad lives were lost in the pacific ocean due to the rocket launch failure than in two thousand and eleven here i'm talking about the failure of that progress rocket
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so clearly some failures but they all come with huge financial losses now the launch rocket cost somewhere around one hundred million dollars an expert say that the failure of it could head up to two hundred million dollars and last and these are huge yeah that's all we've got is a fifty one hundred million dollar launch when you talk about the three global i mean i have no idea how much they're worth each a piece of being lost in the tip of this new proton rocket you see the one thing i do know is that the russian space agency has been restructuring certain levels of its employees expectations when this blame game begins and it's going to roll exactly well the russian space agency has been changing quite significantly and the past couple of years well we've seen resignations with seeing people being fired and in particular back at the end of two thousand and twelve the hands of russian space systems and he was actually leading the go on projects and he resigned
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following really a massive corruption scandal then also and the same two thousand and twelve at the height of the main construction center also resigned following a you fail or another rocket launch so clearly what we are observing right now is some massive restructuring process within the agency but again the most important thing is really to get to the bottom of what happened this morning at the baikonur cosmodrome do this. it's a big loss this morning a three global board approach on the rocket launched today as the rocket lost its trajectory and exploded over the policies within a culture of i think you. and of course you can visit our website for more details about the pros rocket crash as well as a timeline of previous space on students' undoes still ahead for you this hour here and i'll see french farai it needs
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a marine le pen's been stripped all immunity afforded to her as an m.e.p. me. and when this isn't now it's safe at paving the way a prosecution of problems after she compared praying muslims on the streets to the nazi occupation of friends that's one more break.
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down load. up location so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television and well it just doesn't work so well with your mobile device you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. this is all she welcome bond the clock is ticking for aig. president mohamed morsi as the on his wednesday ultimatum for approaches. determined to oust the is the misleader show no intention of leaving cairo's tahrir square meanwhile president
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morsi is suffering have a political blows two of his spokesmen have reported now quit following the resignations of the foreign minister and for other cabinet ministers belcher reports now from. egyptian president finally responded to a military ultimatum giving him just forty eight hours to meet the demands of the people otherwise they will intervene the president said that he didn't know about the statement before was released and slammed the language as big confusing he maintained he was working towards a national reconciliation and said the greatest things come out of the journey which defy revolution was a civic democracy however he is losing support within his own administration we have the latest resignation just hours after his statements the foreign minister quit following four other resignations in the last two days meanwhile hundreds of thousands of egyptians returned to the streets on monday for a second day calling for the ouster of the president they say he's incapable of running the country we've seen no change in the last year we've got major fuel water electricity and bread prices there's no employment they said enough is enough
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he must go there all rumors of the army will be deployed to the streets in the growing violence a number of the muslim brotherhood this is the group that the president has from their headquarters to be attacked by a bomb run site you see deadly clashes between those who support the president to those who are against the president leading many to many deaths and injuries across the country really here we're seeing here is a lot of tension and further violence on the rise and meanwhile just a few kilometers from where i'm standing there is a protest in support of the president happening right now they say that the president was democratically elected and therefore he should not be removed from office and less through the ballot box at the end of his term is largely spearheaded by mr brotherhood because the president hails from the spokesperson of the brotherhood. said last night they reject all calls for early presidential elections and have asked their members to mobilize and come to the streets we've certainly seen rummy's in support the president said yesterday i'm across the country we expect more on the horizon with this deepening rift neither side backing
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down with little dialogue on the horizon many looking to the army to intervene to solve the deepening crisis. and mark almond historian and middle east expert says the obvious decision to step into the conflict may be a huge step backwards for egypt it seems very much that the army is essentially trying to determine the future and that could well be a return to the past because what is very striking is there isn't an obvious alternative to morsi there isn't a clear figurehead for the opposition so even if morsi was to resign it was nobody automatic to take his place not least because the constitutional court would invalidated the elections to the parliament so that we have a very very difficult situation as only one person with any kind of democratic legitimacy that's the president and his own legitimacy is now under attack from huge crowds in the streets from the army and the police who refuse to defend himself and his party but whoever comes to power or if more sustained it's
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difficult to see that the basic problems of great poverty. or sources coming into the country terrible problems of boat paying for the import of vital resources including food those can easily be resolved whoever is in power. and you can always give your road forecast for where the troops heading at r.t. dot com where we have the very latest poll waiting for you right now there and let's now have a look at how you've been over so far and so thought most of you to predict the president will ally with the army to suppress dissent and rule on as a dictator and a little less of you around thirty one percent of you saying the government is bound to collapse leading to chaos and humanitarian catastrophe just over a quarter of you twenty seven percent say there will be a military coup that could bring some degree of stability and while only eight
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percent of you think mubarak era officials will take over after morse's imminent resignation so you can go to the dot com and cast your vote if you haven't already . now the head of france's far life national front of marine le pen has been stripped of her right to legal immunity as and lead exposing her to a possible trial of racism charges this decision follows a request by a court in leon a three years after she was accused of inciting racial hatred for comparing muslim street prayers to the occupation of france by german narses so in a recent interview to assay le pen said she's been burned a she's been hunted for quite some time for expressing something no one would do in paris and brussels. the truth is the censorship reigns in france and we are hunted down in all circumstances because we express an opinion that is
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different from the one way track of thinkings developed by the european union and also by the socialist party and the right wing parties in france have been hunted down for saying i think it's not normal that prayers be allowed to take place right in the middle of the street blocking traffic it was a territorial occupation that is. unexceptable it's the last and yes i'm being hunted down for having said this it's not a big deal it's a source of pride for me to be hunted down by the system. more than. do you feel less secure because of that nor some reason but mostly no i don't feel any less safe but still it shows that although france burns a lot of time preaching freedom to the entire world it should probably deal with its own issues first. and for all the thoughts marie le pen gave to see in that interview had told website where you can find before version of a no holds barred discussion with sophie shevardnadze. and the knocking down to the financial facts you need
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a prime interest after the short break. south carolina is playing around with the idea of using shame plates which are license plates that can display special messages the department of motor vehicles would have complete access to all these plates and be able to display text on them like suspended uninsured amber alert or stolen you know i actually don't mind the idea of using shame as a punishment i guess it could be a real deterrent to have a drunken loser written over the license plate of someone who drinks and drives in fact drugged driving plates have been in place in some states for a while but the problem is that more often than not shame penalties aren't the punishment for a crime but just a bonus one in my native ohio you can go to jail for three to thirty days and have your license suspended for one to three years for driving which is
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a brutal punishment in a country where everyone drives to work you see people are already punished for drunk driving and in america when you pay your debt to society i.e. you get out of jail you're supposed to have a clean slate but the bonus license plate suspension and possible punishment plates make this a triple sentence ignoring the fact that the government will be able to practically display words on your person like a brand on cattle is bad enough but multiple punishments for the same crime seems like a bit of a she thing than me but that's just my opinion. good
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afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm bob english here in washington d.c. here are the stories we're. today well times are changing and switzerland is once the safe haven bank country apparently does your is no officially a dwindling asset itself and it's not the longer you go to private financial asset haven according to bloomberg the amount of swiss assets under management shrank by twenty five percent over a five year period apparently the problem is if you're trying to help us clients evade taxes and then you send your client list to uncle sam wealthy americans will not want to do business with you big surprise and let's not even get into that pesky euro paid but don't count out the us dollar just yet because argentina has a brand new bond program financed by well the greenback itself central bank reserves are dwindling so the argentine central bank is offering pieces of argentine paper for u.s. paper sounds like the ultimate bait and switch but don't pray for them argentina because our.


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