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tv   Headline News  RT  July 2, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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edward snowden rejects russia's asylum condition that he has stops working against washington as his options begin to run out one by one. president obama says every country spies in a bid to calm the outrage of america's blatant snooping on its european allies. launch into nowhere an unmanned russian rocket loaded with navigation such lies crunchers a minute after takeoff and golfing the accident finding clouds of talks agassiz and sparking fears of an environmental disaster. and egypt's president mohamed morsi faces one blow after another as the army demands he address
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calls to point by millions of protesters while senior government officials resigned in solidarity with the opposition. international news live from moscow this is r.t. with me here hello and welcome to the program. edward snowden as was drawn his request for asylum in russia it follows a statement by the russian president of the future whistleblowers welcome to stay only if he stops harming washington details now from he's a gorgeous going to alt. a lot of conflicting reports over whether or not snowden had asked russia for political asylum and it turns out that late on sunday he passed an animal up with a written request to a representative of the russian foreign ministry through the legal expert from we could leaks was accompanying him on this trip at airports but then took the
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request back after hearing what russia's president putin had to say on this and he was this condition saying that moscow is not planning to actual date him but he could stay but only if he stopped working against washington before leader heard from the president's press secretary to be scoffed added that russia considered snowden human rights activists and asking him over to the u.s. where he is still actively used is impossible the envelopes passed over to the russian diplomat also contained applications to twenty other countries for political asylum and ten of them have already officially rejected including brazil and india eight e.u. member states have also given the red light so far including germany and spain they say that on the very rules all applicants for political asylum have to be on of their territory now venezuela and believe you are the countries which seem to be
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ready to provide political asylum to mr snowden and early r.t. spanish channel managed to speak exclusively to the presidents of both countries yes why not of course the situation is far from ideal his case is constantly discussed on an international level. here bolivia is ready to give political asylum to the people who expose spying activities so to speak. this young man must be protected in terms of international and humanitarian law because he's being pursued by the u.s. plays a president vice president by the secretary of state why is he being pursued what kind of crime has he committee has he launched a missile or killed anyone know. he hasn't on the contrary he's doing everything to prevent those to prevent any kind of illegal action against the whole world in ecuador was the first crunchy way snowden asked for political asylum and now we've heard from the country's president who said that he has to be at least on russian
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territory in order for them to start processing it but snowden is clearly believed to be still staying in this transit zone and should immediately airport where he arrived to around a week ago from hong kong would be invalid american passport to the u.s. is still asking for his extradition while snowden is promising more revelations. at snowden has threatened new leaks over u.s. spying programs political commentator xander the cross and believes president putin's asylum condition huge whistleblower reflects the relationship between moscow and washington i personally think that there are two kinds of relations going on between the west and russia and america as well and russia they have business relations which are growing all the time and developing and we have political relations when we have put it this posturing and saying things that don't really mean and i don't think that america and russia will fall out over snowden
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it's just that snowden is not that the big issue for the americans and russians they have so many other headaches they have to sort out syria to sort out so many other things but it does make a good sound bite you know when come in take to say yes the cold war is back which is complete rubbish actually and that's why we will see facts continue to put on the pressure and say all those things no no i don't see any serious problem with the relations between russia and the west. meanwhile the u.s. is attempting damage limitation after the latest leaks by snowden revealed washington has played extensively on its european allies barack obama has since claimed it's something everyone does and for more on this let's now speak to derek and i think belgium and e.p. from the european conservative and reformists groups who join us live from strasburg and mr young at pink very well welcome to the program so is the brussels
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going to be satisfied with grog obama's comments that everyone is spying well i don't think everything is fine europeans are very angry about what's happening they were always big admirers of barack obama they regarded him as the man next to jesus christ and all this man is spying on them particularly in germany is a very sensitive issue in germany the popularity of obama is dropping by the day you'll see the savior of the european parliament which has as an institution always been in the mire of of obama are so nothing is is fine in fact obama is heading for some trouble with europe the closest ally you could think of yeah but he's only speaking the truth so isn't a hero my european country is really not involved in spying at all. well they are maybe. also involved in some sort of spying but not in this size if you look at the
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number of communications intercept in germany five hundred million that's really excessive and that's against all data protection in germany is not just spying targeted a person's was just a general's point of of big parts of the german population and germany is germs are very angry about that it goes against all data protection legislation that we have privacy is and is intruded this way by the americans and we do not know what the scope is and what they do with the information and of course there's been a lot of talk and she gets out saying that europeans are angry the german are angry isn't going to be any real action against america that can there be any such action . well i don't think there will be any real action because we're all too dependent we want to have concluded some time an agreement about trade and investment with the united states we cannot cancel that because it is too important it's very important for the eurozone for growth and for jobs so we don't want to skip that
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but there is a sort of a general anger and a tremendous disappointment with the administration over obama as image has really plummeted now particularly because he is also spying on diplomats of the european union in washington and they also are the biggest admirer you could have hoped for . who could gain the most momentum from snowden's leaks in the global sense. well i think that what you see is that the united states in the snowden case is standing there as a law things talk the united states is totally powerless snowden has become a p r a person in the in the hands off of russia it's a p.r. stunt russia can do whatever it wants and basically the united states stands there with the pants down there's not much they can do now snowden may leave russia because of course he has to remain silent or whatever it is doing apparently mr
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putin is protecting the american interest better than the americans do it's not clear where he can go through i don't think there will be any european country are we willing to take him up to take him on board as an asylum seeker so probably has to look for an anti-american government somewhere in latin america or in the caribbean i would advise him not to take because if you look at the age of the cuban leaders that is not really a life insurance for him either right and very briefly if you can the recent revelations also implicated britain in a major way so why are you a pain so outraged at the u.s. when they have a much closer target. well that is true but you see the united the united kingdom it also was one leg in the european union with one leg outside of the european union the united kingdom has always very much but involved with the american security system but you can imagine that people on the continent are used to that particular northern germany i would say that germany is the most sensitive
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to this whole issue because of the second world war and also because of the german republic by basically what mr obama can do in one or two days it took the stasi forty years to find over all that information in this country so people are very angry because the fuel's being spied a lie that has targeted germany which basically is a very strong ally of the united states or is a huge disappointment with the obama administration and basically a whole image of the jesus cries from the u.s. has fallen apart. mr. belgium and e.p. from the european conservatives and reformists group who joins us live from strasburg misstepping thank you very much indeed for your views thank you thank you for having me and the circus surrounding snowden's fate it's fair to say the really revelations he initially made have been somewhat lost but to find
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them again head to website called for a full timeline of events around the whistleblower and of course the n.s.a. leaks that's rocked the international community. all right russia's prime minister has demanded a list of those responsible for a space rocket crashed in kazakhstan on true state morning seconds after takeoff the unmanned rocket fell to the ground and exploded within the baikonur cosmodrome it was carrying three satellites meant for russia's glow as a global navigation system and there are seasoned in a caution i gave the full details to my colleague. it was indeed to a rather shocking morning for those at the baikonur cosmodrome this this morning and as you can see here there is to be a russian prato on rocket which was carrying three golan asset lights now it went out of control moments into a launch and then the main part of the rocket just to wrap it into a massive fireball then the smaller parts of the rocket just crashed onto and then
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habitat's area so clearly it was a massive accident and surely it would be followed by some environmental impact as wow you talk about environmental impact also i suppose the risk to human safety you you talk about the baikonur cosmodrome if you will where the spectators start it's about two or so kilometers away from the launch pad a good safe distance however with a rocket that shooting up into into the sky at a very very high speed exploding during the launch what kind of dangers does it pose well it a post some dangerous of course and experts say in total it was carrying over six hundred tons of fuel not to mention of course the toxic fuel and the sad lies that it was carrying together whether it now but while reaching the earth if you will mostly vaporized but still and create is a cloud of dangerous pollutants now that information of course was getting the
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story it is quite worried and there were even fears of a possible evacuation as clearly it is a troubling or whatever well i mean we know the latest reports are from the baikonur cosmodrome the cause except the weather is clear there are no high winds of the bombers there's no concern right now of some sort of a toxic pollutant cloud disposing over the area but when it comes to the russian space program typically it's used to a big line of successes however when it comes to this proton rocket this failure is not the first time it's happened andy's said that isn't did not the us figure this type off a rocket now the program has suffered a number of failures and the past. two and a half years now in particular back in two thousand and another three navigation satellites were lost in the pacific ocean due to the rocket launch failure than in two thousand and eleven here i'm talking about the failure of the progress rocket so clearly some failures but they all come with huge financial losses now the
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launch rockets cost somewhere around one hundred million dollars and x. where it say that the failure of it could head up to two hundred million dollars and last these are huge figure that's only that is the price tag million or one hundred million dollars lost when you talk about the three global i mean i have no idea how much they're worth each a piece of being lost in the tip of this new proton rocket you see the one thing i do know is that the russian space agency has been restructuring certain levels of its employees expectations when this blame game begins and it's going to roll exactly well the russian space agency has been changing quite significantly and the past couple of years well we've seen resignations with seen people being fired and in particular back at the end of two thousand and twelve the hands of russian space systems and he was actually leading the glow on a project that he resigned following really a massive corruption scandal than also in the same two thousand and twelve at the
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height of the main constructing center also resigned following a failure a nother rocket launch so clearly what we are observing right now is some massive restructuring process within the agency but again of the most important thing is really to get to the bottom of what happened this morning at the baikonur cosmodrome. it's a big loss this morning a three global board approach on iraq at last today as the rocket launched its trajectory and exploded over the policies within a culture of i think you. this is all see also ahead for you this hour french far right leader marine le pen's been stripped of her immunity afforded to her as an m.e.p. with a decision paving the way behind prosecution of france after she come pad praying muslims on the streets to the nazi occupation and from.
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an exclusive interview to also see iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad tells us hey hey things has been scamming the crame also say we're in a conflict over that and more after the break.
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download the official publication so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't work so well with your mobile device so you can watch or see anytime anywhere. you're watching also you live from moscow welcome back. and the clock is ticking for egypt's president mohamed morsi of the army's one state of tomato and for government action approaches immense crowds determined to aus there is the misleader show no intention of leaving cairo's tahrir square meanwhile morse's suffering have a political blows with senior politicians resigning one after another and to find
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out more of those when i was joined live from egypt's capital biology's about trees hello there so what more can you tell us about these latest developments in cairo. well it means growing tensions across the country on the third day of nationwide protests against the president the muslim brotherhood the islamist group the president hails from released a statement saying they expect imminent attacks on the harry square and presidential palace which is witnessing anti government demonstrations right now they say this will be on they don't know who's behind these intimate attacks they talk about it is set up to frame that their muslim brotherhood and divide the nation some people are dismissing this statement as a means of them trying to get people to leave anti-government demonstrations in fear however the clock is ticking for the president the forty eight hour window the military had given him to meet the demands of the people is closing with hundreds of thousands of people coming back to the streets calling for his ouster they say they've had enough the president is unable to to rule they see no change in the
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last year and they're staying put until he resigns and we do have the support base of the president being shown across the country as well at the moment there are rallies in support of the president happening just a few kilometers from where i'm standing in a sit in they say that the president was democratically elected and that he cannot be ousted in this way and he states the next four years of school term in office and only leave through the ballot box so we're seeing at the moment is extremely divided to egypt with a very very tense atmosphere snavely on by the way about right now we're able to bring our viewers some live pictures from the square where people of gaza to protest against president nor so that live pictures from cairo from taipei of square and by the way how is the government trying to deal with the current situation that. well the president is losing support from when he when his own administration we've had a stream of resignations five ministers have resigned in the last few days and
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presidential spokesperson resigned today in addition to the cabinet spokesperson this follows several resignations from egypt's upper house of parliament and the shura council and the president for his part has met with. ministry of interior and the chief of the army the defense minister in a bid to try and soak this crisis however it does seem that this is really a make or break moment for him meanwhile the the u.s. president obama has issued a statement saying to the last king morsi to listen to the people saying that democracy is more than just a ballot box at the u.s. embassy for their parts and have closed the embassy saying this too many security fears they worried that the very high levels of unsay u.s. sentiment expressed in the and the demonstrations is too much certainly i've seen a lot of post is blasting the u.s. ambassador and patterson and blaming the bomber for giving his agenda to the muslim brotherhood so we're really seeing very very tense scenes here expected violence on the horizon. all right john she is truly live from cairo bow thank you very much
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indeed for that report. and mark almond historian and middle east expert says the on his decision to step into the conflict may be a huge step backwards for egypt. it seems very much that the army is essentially trying to determine the future and that could well be a return to the past because what is very striking you see there isn't an obvious alternative to morsi there isn't a clear figurehead for the opposition so even if we'll see just resign it was who would be automatic to take his place not least because the constitutional court invalidated the elections to the parliament so that we have and it is a very very difficult situation as only one person with any kind of democratic legitimacy that's the president and his own legitimacy is now under attack from the street and from the army of the police who refused to defend himself and his party
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but whoever comes to power or if mr stays and it's difficult to see that the basic problems of great poverty will in her sources come into the country terrible problems of boat paying for the import of vital bridges resources including food those can easily be resolved whoever is in power. and of course you can give your own forecast for way egypt's heading at r.t. dot com and that we have our latest poll waiting for you there right now that's now have a look at how you've been voting so far so most of you is around thirty three percent of you predict the president will ally with the army to suppress dissent and rule on as a dictator a little less of you just such supercenter think big government is bound to collapse leading to chaos and a humanitarian catastrophe just over a quarter twenty seven percent of you say there will be a military coup there that could bring some degree of stability and while only eight percent of you think mubarak era officials will take over after morse's
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imminent resignation so you can go to dot com and cast your vote if you haven't already. now the head of france's far right national front of marine le pen has been stripped of her right to legal immunity as an m.e.p. exposing her to a possible trial of a racism charges the decision follows a request by a court in new york three years after she was accused of inciting racial hatred for comparing muslims treat prayers to the occupational problems by german nonces in a recent interview to see lappin said she's been hunted for quite some time that the expressing something no one would dare do in paris or brussels. i knew the truth is the censorship reigns in france and we are hunted down in all circumstances because we express an opinion that is different from the one way track of thinkings developed by the european union and also by the socialist party and the right wing parties in france have been hunted down for saying i think it's
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not normal that prayers should be allowed to take place right in the middle of the street blocking traffic it was a territorial occupation that is unacceptable it's the law and get being hunted down for having said this it's not a big deal it's a source of pride for me to be hunted down by the system. more than. do you feel less secure because of that nor should resign but most no i don't feel any less safe but still it shows that although france bans a lot of time preaching freedom to the entire world it should probably deal with its own issues first but both are. so for all the thoughts marine le pen gave to r.t. in that interview had to a website where you can find the full version of her no holds barred discussion with sophie shevardnadze and also on our website when moguls misbehave russian media tycoon examined the letter to is sentenced to one hundred fifty hours of community service for war he started during a live t.v.
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show find out the details of the drama on our side of pop. a russian transport helicopter has crashed into a hilltop in siberia killing at least twenty one people including children the aircraft was said to be carrying twenty eight people including a local politicians and representatives a one their investment company the polar airlines chopper reportedly came down and strong winds and low visibility over three hundred rescues and fifty vehicles have been dispatched to the scene but bad weather conditions are complicating the search operation there officials say they've opened an inquiry into the case piece in a series not will the west ones that's according to iran's outgoing president mahmoud ahmadinejad and exclusive interview to r.t. have told us some powers on the conflict in syria to spread all across their needs to reach or. to two or more in libya egypt and syria there are
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conflicts in all the regional countries so nobody's paying attention to israel so they can rest easy the second thing is that under the pretext of the syrian question they want the crisis to spread out to neighboring countries to iran to lebanon and to turkey because they want to have friction the whole region they want to new middle east and you can watch the full interview with president mahmoud ahmadinejad at twenty said to charity up ahead it's the margins breaking the set. south carolina is playing around with the idea of using shame plates which are license plates that can display special messages the department of motor vehicles
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would have complete access to all these plates and be able to display text on them like suspended uninsured amber alert or stolen you know i actually don't mind the idea of using shame as a punishment i guess it could be a real deterrent to have a drunken loser written over the license plate of someone who drinks and drives in fact drugged driving plates have been in place in some states for a while but the problem is that more often than not shame penalties aren't the punishment for a crime but just a bonus one in my native ohio you can go to jail for three to thirty days and have your license suspended for one or three years for driving which is a brutal punishment in a country where everyone drives to work you see people are already punished for drunk driving and in america when you pay your debt to society i.e. you get out of jail you're supposed to have a clean slate but the bonus license plate suspension and possible punishment plates make this a triple sentence ignoring the fact that the government will be able to practically display words on your person like a brand on cattle is bad enough but multiple punishments for the same crime seems
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like a bit of a shade thing to me but that's just my opinion. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images cold world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.
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to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i got so many i mean the towns i know that i'm sitting at the seams are really messed up. and they're all very sort of personally apologize and. worse you're going to go oh my house to give it to a radio guy in fort lauderdale a minestrone click off that i want you to watch what we're about to give you've never seen anything like this i'm told. it was up guys i mean martin and this is breaking the set over the weekend tensions and huge egypt makes its military sources saying that yesterday's demonstration was the biggest in the country's history so far there have been reports of sixteen deaths and seven hundred injuries as millions.


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