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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  July 3, 2013 12:29am-1:01am EDT

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tongues are the gentle. always of the help comes too late and with no good intentions. charity diplomacy and business owner to live. hello and welcome to soviet co i'm so not set and today our guest is not. outgoing president where looking at the legacy of his two terms in office and asking for his own estimation of thinks achieved.
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eight years in power it's time up for a rainy and president mahmoud ahmadinejad's but has he done his soul will he be proudly remembered it was his ambition realized and was it worth the sacrifice is his country made for the status of a nuclear state and his own voice in the face of powerful play is. the dinner john truly the choice and the voice of his people or a puppet in the hands of the clerics have his wishes come true as he reached the destination he says now for iran's outgoing presence mahmoud ahmadinejad's. talks to aussie. mr ahmadinejad's your presidency is coming to an end after eight years of your rule iran finds itself in great economic difficulty it is also isolated geopolitically what would you say are your president's its main achievements. and
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their word is facing economic recession and. to care and economic crisis is an international ones and it has adversely affect the over countries also iran let's not forget that iran has been under a unilateral one sided unfair sanctions and this has been on president it so severe. at this point to do the two problems i just told you we have made a lot of economic advancements nothing short of a miracle of course we have problems just like everywhere else in the works. but scientifically iran was ranked thirty second and now we want is rank fourteenth. in terms of scientific progress. also speed and a pace of scientific growth is eleven times more than the average in the words.
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this means that we are moving forward very fast in the last eight years iran became one today space iran launch iran. manufacture a satellite and launched into orbit iran became a nuclear power in nanotechnology and biotechnology a lot of advancements significant ones. in and in many fields related to technology we are among the top ten in the world and these are all huge significant advancements which have occurred in the country and under my presidency in the last eight years regarding iran's geopolitical position of. why do you say that iran is isolated are we isolated isolated from what. the western governments from the beginning of the victory of this nomic revolution have opposed this. they never. ever wanted to have
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interactions and cooperation with us they're doing the same thing after thirty four years we had a great victory because before the revolution they were dominating our minds are all but now. they cannot do this there is no domination by that therefore they are angry with us but now we have solved their strongest ties with the rest of the world we are we are now the worse the seventeenth largest economy. but before that before my presidency we were twenty second the twenty second largest economy out of work and in the next three years it will be fifteen second to me of the work more important than everything. is that iran has become more influential on the international arena. if we are isolated. why is it that there is all this propaganda against us if you are in significance.
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why are they going into a lot of trouble. because they are doing this because we are influential because of your effecting odgers. that is why they are putting pressure on us iran is like a culture. persian persia is like a contrary dating back seven thousand years iran is is a popular name around the world amongst the nations yes there are several countries that are against us they don't they don't want to recognize the rights of the iranian nation yes of course. mr rouhani is the newly elected president you know him personally what do you think of him. who is he is the president elect of iran has his respected by everyone and everybody will help him. so that he will be successful in managing the first of the country if the candidate you were
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supporting was disqualified from the presidential race do you think the outcome of the elections would be different. that's definitely. why didn't you contest like you said you were it is disqualify. cation. you know i hadn't said it before that i'm going to contest it or to object to it yes there is a law and i just obey the law. i remember when you came to power you really came by the help of the masses you were the first president who didn't come by the help of the ruling elite and you positioned your presidency as independent from the clerics eight years later how do you see the clerics now. is it you know you see these are some historical religious social matters and issues in iran very complicated ones. iran is iran.
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people of iran are cultured people. dating back seven thousand years their civilization runs deep in history yes and because of that iran is very complicated socially and politically. to. my team will continue to be at the service of the people in the country and if we we are going to maintain our restoring ties with the masses of the people. this is a thought this is my fault that this is going to continue. to cool erikson iran. are not like one classification one distinct classification of the society or just like other people. to have different views different inclined nations i mean. it's not like this that's the clerics a lot was distinct classification of people one party in iran. or many
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clerics. who are trolls my governments there are supporters of my government. would you say you were able to do everything you wanted in this year in this year's theme you pushed your policy and you didn't have any obstacles from the clergy. and you cannot find anybody who can do whatever he wishes to because we have to act within a framework in russia can mr putin do anything he likes a mentor is this constitution or is this parliament or different political groups is this public culture a social system in place yes maybe somebody has some wishes and they cannot fulfill their main eight years. here we have great expectations that everybody has a good great wishes but can we hope that they can all be fulfilled and they can all come true of course not. because some material word or some obstacles you the
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conditions should be provided yes i do believe that. i have achieved greatness great success in it's in achieving my wishes and my dream yes has been some opposition because this is a free society people express their views and their mind. yes the way i do things has been different from others yes naturally i have been opposed mr president why do you think iran never had direct dialogue with the united states in eight years because there were attempts from the from the u.s. side. i sleep. you know the principle of dialogue it's good in principle to be talking having dialogue is the best way to resolve differences because. you know nobody can be opposed to dialogue yes we said from the get go that we are supposed
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to but under what circumstances. if somebody. comes to you and holds a hammer over your head and tells you forces you to have a daw a lot would say. that that is not right we have dialogue is to have to gain understanding is to resolve differences and it is not should not be used as a method to impose on others it should be it should happen under fair and just circumstances yes there are times are ready to have a dialogue with the u.s. . but other side was not ready only there are times when there were claiming that they were going to have a child with us because but to contend this is very not. right for us it was unilateral so we didn't accept it but all in all i think dialogue is
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a good thing and ultimately we have no other choice but to have a dialogue you know the latest and assailing by edward snowden reveal actually that iran was under the heaviest of the electronic controls by the united states did you know about that. has less natural this is the word of communications when you get connected to internet vendor is the satellite. to come to keisha networks yes there are going to be. problems like that but i don't think it is it was as heavy as they claim it was. right now. i do think that we are being boxed displacement bark maybe it is. we are being bought it is not difficult to do to take any contra measures defensive measures. yes naturally yes. i would call it soft war going on into virtue and work yes. these are doing this if
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it is necessary as you have we have been attacked our electronic and complications networks have been attacked are no clear and that's why it was attacked but they defused it they could be counterattacked it our banking system has been under attack. defended ourselves. a vital networks electricity water networks have been attacked yes it has become second nature to us this is something . yes. the disadvantages of technology coming cations sometimes cyber attacks we're going to take a short break coming up next saying serious thinking is right now.
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thanks. to. egypt on the brink morsi. he and his democratically elected muslim brotherhood face massive protests and social upheaval as one revolution ended in another started opposition figures have asked the military to step in to restore order if the military again becomes the key power broker in egypt what does this mean for democracy in the arab muslim world.
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i'm. it's.
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welcome back to sophie and the revolutions that swept the arab world seemed so implausible but the fact that there's leaders like well barack ben ali qaddafi where were thrown how safe do the ruling elites in iran feel which up to the outgoing president of iran mahmoud ahmadinejad from the beginning we just leave that the people of those countries if you're struggling are like just like. the rest of the people have to work they want to have a better life see that yes they want to have a better tools yes life conditions after freedom and justice they want to vote for the happiness that you know it's that they want they were looking for an
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opportunity to change their situation it would be sort of that's we see it but it was like it i mean it's happened so fast. and our country it should be you i think that it's here i think about this it was not really natural i think there was a kind of it was. there was a kind of man it would be to you if you these are illusions or imagine states of the state that is something i don't want to get into this is for this interest because neither of these countries have achieved and how do you get to achieve to disability and peace. we hope that they were ultimately but you said that you write about in iraq so no ruler should feel safe in jail no nover in the world not just in illinois question because of the. human society of these communities national are moving forward they want to achieve perfection when you share their demands have not been fulfilled can you show me
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a city in which to keep our average one hundred satisfied and that this is something like we are just the life that we're living is ideal we don't know if we just think you know i think he's here manatee estate has a long way to go to the camp can you can give me an example of a place where justice is that esther fully know couldn't do a lot with the left local with celtic governments say that it has. to do justice in this society can go can any government say that it has to stay true to all the rights of the piece of this so no ruler should feel safe i get it. unless we do my duty on this he shares about this really respects the rights of the people i'm not saying that mistakes are not. yes made there might be some rebellions just want to see you everybody should be careful. should try
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to listen to the people to to stay true to justice and the holy this is something that this is something universal each christmas that nobody's are exempted from is this. i want to ask you about syria i know you don't like the word isolated geopolitically but many believe that one of the main reasons why the west is so after assad is because the ultimate target is you and iran to isolate you because he is your ally in the region. this through. of assyria it's very complicated. to give the facilities you see i mean that's where we say syria then israel comes to our mind immediately destroy our so into related. i mean you have to look into syria in a historical context of course you have said it before that it is the right of every nation to enjoy freedom. and justice. i mean we've got to advocate
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for sure that everybody should have the riot. free choice they should be able to share. in lex's routers themselves discuss that you look at the most basic principle and that's the real i mean syria the same thing should happen. to are two things the two methods which are now change or soon one is militarism or the method of war for. someone to come to power militarily i think that is wrong we have to think that is wrong but jenga good anybody who comes to power should militarily jenga do tell you mean that he approves of the world of armed conflicts especially in the. military if it were to plant trees english there are different ethnic groups or different clans to get at that
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there is another method that is national. reconciliation and everybody should all there should be free election people who choose their destiny and everybody who is that it was trusted by everyone i think that is the second method works and is the right one for everywhere especially for syria. shipley one for yes i do agree we just said somehow to westerners don't want the syrian issue to come to an end. first the continuation of this crisis is in their favor is in the favor of the zionist regime has provided designers with a historic opportunity. yes it's come to this for twenty years and they are. going. for twenty years but before that they felt that there are other
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precious. egypt and libya and syria that are conflicts you know in the region centuries so nobody is paying attention to them so they can rest in peace. the second thing is that under the pretext of the syrian question they want the crisis to spread out to the countries. going on to turkey because they want to affect the whole region after a new middle east they want to do this through. this crisis so i don't think that they want the syrian problem to come to an end swiftly they wanted to continue to questions and one because we're running out of time. do you believe the israeli rhetoric is just rhetoric or they're going to actually hit the iranian nuclear facilities and also do you believe they have a proof that israel has nuclear weapons because netanyahu is certainly things that
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iran will have two hundred. largest with iran is going to have two hundred warheads that's what he says yes. this is something that i've said many times before it's not of any use to us to have nukes can we use it i mean nuclear weapons they're useless anybody can do you think anybody can use it. has most of the nukes in the words can if used this can use it. joey it was a man has to really change human society. at large or well over at this one that doesn't have to look good because it is so twentieth century even not the people of the us are going to allow the government to make use of that it is the most brutal most inhuman weapon that can be used against others. iran
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throughout history has always been a defender. and has always use conventional solution it has never used chemicals watch this iran is still defending itself it is mostly a political it's a cultural defense we don't need any nuclear weapons it will actually do the same iran is not a country that has just fabricated or has been created on the map no it was not like this and there were some people who had rulers in there has they went to the map and they put some lines on it as i said earlier this is iran. actually but it cannot be said about design is regime you know nobody watches russia is iran russia thousands of years which we are rooted in these territories so we don't need just such recognition as there are some other.
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fabricated regimes just favor to occupy some other territories and they just change the names. and the people there are feeling secure because they don't belong here they have come from other places yes those. nuclear weapons not i remember that i was having this conversation access to mr putin in china in order to dismantle all the nuclear weapons in the world to eliminate russia does not want to have such weapons i know that. person that we are just natural why should it have russia assessed such well but because. yes defense in defending ourselves against a zionist we don't need such weapons which would. i think. are enough that it was rational people in the us who would not allow the zionist regime to do such a stupid think that a. nuclear facilities are not going to go away with
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bombardments that is if they are in the heads of our scientists this is your duty we have. localized it you are so that iran is a one million. square kilometers vastness so. everybody. is just a psychological work of course we all ready to defend ourselves. if. this was the wrong mahmoud ahmadinejad who is presidential term ends on august the fifth thank you for being with us and i will see you in the next edition of.
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the world with. its technology innovation and all the developments around russia we. covered. real damage and complexity of this oil spill was not something you can grasp just by looking at dirty birds we have between four to five million people in this directly affected area of the coast and it's pretty clear why it's not being reported because b.p. can't afford to have a reported all along the gulf coast are clean they are safe and they're open for business if b.p. is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the us war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p. and their oil this is a huge step backwards for the mocker see it's
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a step forward. carex it is toxic is a look a lot like spraying and. it was it was not a picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out there i don't want dispersants to be the agent. this bills.
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colin olin. live. live live. under the speed. limit. which.
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are likely to be. a good look. at him. i'm a little. six six six
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. space for a plane carrying bolivia's president. edward snowden to safety in latin america. egypt's ongoing political crisis leads to more bloodshed on the streets of the capital cairo where the president says he's the legitimate leader in defiance of an ultimatum by the army. could be imminent. unemployment. across europe and the e.u. economic powerhouse germany they take to the streets.


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