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tv   Headline News  RT  July 3, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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a lot of them are livid after some allegedly refuse that as space and demand to search the believin presence trat have been discredited rumors he may have been smuggling whistleblower edward snowden out of moscow. the situation has united south american nations more than ever with leaders calling to be thwarting all the flight offensive and mediating. clashes resume in cairo it would be on his deadline now with the president to resolve the deadly unrest but mohamed morsi says he is ready to go down fighting if this means protecting his rule.
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and you saw russia and iran the wall this is she with me you national thanks for joining us. america's in aprile after several european countries allegedly denied aspace to believe in presence playing the flight who was forced to divert to vienna where it was then searched for made rumors whistleblower edward snowden was on board. a response calling the incident humiliating and offensive. i believe years says that they did coordinate the flight plan with the european officials prior to taking off from moscow and then all of a sudden mid flight several e.u. states banned them from entering their territory and this is despite the fact that the needed to refuel along the way and it seems that at this point we began having technical problems with the plane and related with the fuel we found
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a transcript of what seems to be a recording of the conversation between the bolivian pilots and the air traffic controller at the airport in vienna in austria let's listen in do you need any assistance not at this moment we need to land because we cannot get a correct indication of the fuel level we need to land after the plane landed in austria a local authorities actually searched it and looking for snowden on board although they themselves say that they were allowed to do so by authorities but even when they did didn't find to be former n.s.a. contractor on that plane it still took quite a few hours for the believe in president to continue his trip back home since the e.u. still wouldn't give them the proper airspace cord or the proper route to continue their flight now libya call this an act of aggression violating all international laws especially the fact that the president's plane was searched this is totally
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unprecedented in the approach to how to deal with airplanes belonging to heads of states and the ability also claims that this whole operation was planned and organized by washington there's been also a massive reaction in latin america with cuba and ecuador saying that it's a massive offense not only against believe here but all countries in the region who and argentina are calling for an emergency summit a continental style and for all the local countries to discuss this incident and think about reaction you know one of the reasons why they may have thought that snowden was on board that plane is. because of the bolivian president told earlier exclusively to r.t. that his country was ready to provide political asylum to snowden why not of course the situation is far from ideal his case is constantly discussed on an international level bolivia is ready to give political asylum to the people who expose buying them so to speak basically for the former n.s.a. contractor this there's a transit
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a limbo continues as he's still stuck inside that franzen zone actually meets where airport the u.s. is still calling for his extradition or moscow does say they're not planning to buy smaller since they do see him as a human rights activist while passing them over to the country where they still actively use the death sentence is a possibility for russia and of course it's little surprise that reaction from believe there has been strong and exclusive interview. senior officials haven't been mincing their. this is an unprecedented situation this goes against the practice of cooperation in coexistence between countries this goes against international conventions and treaties this goes against international law and the rules that have been established over a long period of time this shows disrespect for other countries independent. so.
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this is the countries involved in hijacking president moross plane making a mistake they think that others still attack in the territories wage wars impose embargoes and go back on their own word just like they do we would like to warn the international community about catastrophic consequences of such acts as they give offense to any person or state the current policy of the usa and their allies in nato aims at ensuring their own security at the expense of somebody else's. and spanish and french officials have denied claims they believe in the president's plane was refused access to their space and their original flight path would have taken the jet over all stretch eight early france. france spain portugal and then to the canary islands for a fueling and before actually having to believe it but after the plane was allegedly deny permission to proceed at a further on its route it was forced to make a u.
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turn and finally land in the vienna the asian act that creates he says someone's clearly not telling the truth about what actually happened that. you know it's been quite a bizarre morning really with this plane traveling out form moscow and seeming to do that dog leg over austria going back to the. theory to refuel but also going to suggest to him that any further a space has been blocked so the aircraft can't continue until clearance is given to enter for example italian airspace french airspace and of course spanish airspace so strange turn of events you know we kind of wonder who is telling the truth here and let's not get reaction from brazil and journalists to mauricio seven reza.
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thank you very much for joining us now at r.t. obviously what we're seeing now that the latest events that surround at snowden's case of course have united latin american governments from your point of view is it likely to last. i would say it's a little more complex than that because some countries which are very close allies to mr morales they are surely very vocal now but many others have kept silent this morning that's the case for chile that's the same case for colombia that's the case for brazil which is the biggest country in the region so i would say that's how the countries which are merkel are closer to mr rollins the kargil teena in israel and gaza they're going to push forward the agenda for criticism on the decisions against mr rollins but rather for other powers in south america are going to be a little more patient to get all the data and see how they are going to act diplomatically and i believe it says it will take the presidential plane scandal a case to the u.n. do you think it will yield anything. i would say that up believe it has had that
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kind of stance before and they were kind of led to roll back a few months later they did their first reactions are always very very strong but then they roll back many times and that is many times because brazil and chile have a kind of a mediating role that helps latin america carry on as it was before i will also sing the hero flare up of the revelations they've been spied on by the u.s. but now that criticism seems to be dying down from your point of view why is that. america takes a different is very split when it comes to the west many countries are very very critical just like the bolivian as well and here are they could work in other countries tent city to negotiate more with the u.s. that's the case for chile for example they're negotiating a trade agreement with the u.s. and brazil's president dilma rousseff has had close contacts with president barack obama and that includes a state visit to the u.s.
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so i would say that the posture of bless america towards the u.s. might be of some criticism now on the microphones well behind the scenes is going to be a little more split things. which sounds american country from your point of view most likely to grant snowden asylum if any. if any i would say that that would be the case for bolivia the reason is basically where i was doesn't have much to lose he doesn't have any trade agreements to negotiate with europe or with us his country is very very poor in south america and they could be on the highlights again to to get some kind of improvement in their situations well i would i wouldn't rule out ecuador as well because president. seems to be interested in the snowden case although he has mentioned read very recently that it was a mistake to to suggest he could grant him asylum but if i would get if i had to bet money on this i would bet just tumbled india so that's saying to you and think
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a day is saying that europe is actually not going to spoil its relations with america i would say not i would say not just the fact that these countries allegedly. didn't give any chance to fly over the territories it also shows that on the microphones people say one thing but behind the scenes they are interested in other aspects of the relation with america is probably more interesting than the one they would have to bolivia or to even to to do russians something. i would say that less america's case which is the biggest mark in the region is the go see it and also trade agreement with europe with the you know with european union that might cause a split because argentina seems to be pretty much against it now but as the time goes by and other aspects are analyzed maybe it will be the time to work for people to sit on the table in this case the issues in a more pragmatic matter. right journalist mary says said
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a resume very said thank you very much indeed for joining us here. thanks for having me. i quite all have discovered its embassy in london has been bugged by dozens of microphones shortly after snowden's revelations that the u.s. has been spying on european diplomats from the inside of democracy and cooperation paris believes although the e.u. seems to be angered by washington's eavesdropping it's just playing out for the cameras it's very revealing and symbolic that president morales his plane should have been forced to land in a european union country after the withdrawal of overfly rights by other european union countries because this of course shows how the european hudl generous to the american. circus masters command the european governments are very obviously under the shadow of the americans they have shown this very fluently and the reason why i say it's symbolic is that it's the abuses which snowden has revealed is only
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one side of the coin the other side of the coin is that there has been a massive increase in correlation in intelligence sharing between the united states and its european union allies in the last ten years and certainly since nine eleven so it's entirely appropriate if you like. the whistleblower should have been attempted to be caught by european union countries because the problem that he has revealed is concerns intelligence sharing between the european union and america as well as the increased best finish by the american security forces and france is at the forefront on the rhetorical offensive against washington surveillance activities officials have even said a massive trade pact being negotiated by their client allies could now be sunk by the spying revelations of parties where if
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a national report. no lice between elyse no privileges for the ones proven false fronts has been so furious of america's in couldn't spying that it's almost straightforwardly rejected the e.u. us years long project the world's biggest free trade zone now we have this political and diplomatic debate is it normal that one states united states with the help of the united kingdom takes the ability to spy on every communications all over the world there's a lot of people who tend to think that not normal that's not morally and politically justified according to recent leaks of the us national security agency has carried out covert surveillance on french and e.u. high ranking officials both of home and abroad monitoring millions of emails and calls blogger and internet freedom fighters and mark says paes have always existed
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but the way the game is played has been transformed what is interesting now it's to figure that the n.s.a. doesn't spy on people only for terrorism to fight terrorism but also for political and also economical reasons because we know that they are using this spying system to help american companies steffanie used to work as a journalist in the soviet union at the time of the cold war he says he has an impression that nothing has changed since then our role most nothing. at least it was clear at that time there were two sides to lines today is not certain who is friend and who is rival yes good question if there are friends of talk true friends i'm not sure. france america's nato partner has been supporting its most controversial initiatives over the last decade sharing risks and expenses cost in both money and human lives. we're asking for confirmation or if i'm
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asian of it so as not to prejudge it but there is already a sufficient amount of elements for us to ask for an explanation what will be the consequences firstly for it to end as soon as possible i would see mediately but some doubt that france will go beyond wars in circulations believing that perry's who continue to dance to america's tune we think alone should stop only goshi ations over the free trade zone but we sure he's not going to do this because he's key logic is to keep good relations with the usa and this is a big problem for europe even humiliated and violated by america we still want to have special relations with this country. france has demanded a clarification from the us but has so far been denied an answer this is one of thousands of cameras that we can see around paris and it can see us one the
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government is using for security reasons france may not be a world leader on the list of big brothers but even these has sparked a tense discussion here over freedom and privacy violation of an ordinary citizens the reaction has been more vocal when politicians and diplomats found themselves in the spotlight and of a way bigger surveillance system it's too early to say whether paris and washington will ever be able to swallow this bone of contention and move on or they'll always look bad written off r.t. from paris and. his case appeal they want to whether prance will go through with a threat to kill the trade deal with the us of a spying. france's president francois hollande he's demanding an immediate explanation from the u.s. over reports of spying took place on e.u. diplomats and is threatening to pull out of the billion dollar worth trade deal between the u.s. and the e.u. now reporting the german newsweekly kicked it all off just
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a few gold revealed that the n.s.a. bogs the offices of diplomats of allied countries however when the allegations first came out chancellor angela merkel said quote if allegations were true it would be an unacceptable cold war style behavior but despite their clear view on spying a state spokesman for germany has come out and expressed a desire to get started with the trade negotiations france is not willing to step down on this matter but right well the interests of thing is that france is appearing to take a tough stance on international spying but there's a bit of a contradiction going on right now because france was accused along with a number of other european countries by the believe in authorities of forbidding oblivion bound jet to travel through their airspace because they suspected edward snowden was on board along with the bolivian president now the plane was held up more than fourteen hours a result now this is been formally denied by the french authorities but if it is proven to be true it would mean france is putting on
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a tough economic front against buying but when it comes to peer politics it's quite another matter so a bit of a contradiction going on there do you think france or world based wild story about the interesting thing is the second time that they've stalled these negotiations after initial worries that their culture industry would suffer as a result of the trade deal i managed to get their audiovisual sector excluded from that it was the midst of a long got his way on that one but considering the french economy fell into recession in the first quarter of this year and is expected to stagnate going forward on does not a financial position to stamp out a multi-billion dollar trade to ear. american correspondent received to go via has been closely following the situation around the forced landing of the believin president's plane as well as the reaction to the incident and on his twitter feed hay posted this quote from the brazilian vice president believe me i
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should say vice president economy is imo longer in latin america they are in europe and response to the us so you can follow him online for the latest updates on how south american nations are reaction to the u.s. hunt for snowden. and of course all bank shortly after a break with more on the clashes in cairo well before the day of antigovernment process they made fears they could trigger yet and now that revolution and these are live pictures from the egyptian capital what people have got together to protest against president morsi is.
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egypt on the brink mohamed morsi and his democratically elected muslim brotherhood face massive protests in social upheaval as one revolution ended in another started the opposition figures have asked the military to step in to restore order if the military again becomes the key power broker in egypt what does this mean for democracy in the arab muslim world. do we speak your language anything about the will not advance. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news that will turn it into angles stories. for you here. shortly i'll teach spanish to find out more visit i to our. tito it's called.
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this isn't he coming to life for most welcome bark some parts of the egyptian army have reportedly been put on higher alert status as the military is allowed to mate and for president morsi to resolve the violent crisis has now passed fresh clashes between government supporters and on to islamist protesters erupted earlier outside cairo university at least eighteen people were said to have been killed there overnight and also with correspondent about truth and force here is egypt and capital right now and hello to both of you let's start with you now we're seeing crowds gathering in the capital pushing for any possible solution to the crisis how this is here developing that so far. one of the moments we're seeing huge crowds at the presidential palace was the times the president this forty eight hour window is over and the people here know that in some ways to put it seems even to celebrate it do they actually want to the president might resign in the next few
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moments they feel they've got the armed forces almost right not the police in this challenge here are the people the army and the police want and they feel that finally they might be listened to in the future they have been tipped to people behind them the president might step down this comes after a year old difficult time egypt's economy is in freefall protesting telling me this is not you want to thank you ben i want to you should use a great crisis system with a human rights you see basically people here are saying nothing is change the generosity privatization i mean i don't know if we should make a commission suddenly we choose the islamic courts you think the president feels from taking a look at what they want to see a new president they want to see a new constitution and we see they would see a new technocratic technocratic government that represents if you. since you want to marry me as you can see people are singing and dancing and flowing forms and
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listening if they really feel they might actually be listen but actually it was by the president might resign any minutes it was long since it wasn't a sensible face in the administration at a number of missing nations leading up to this huge the most people here very very little of the army might intervene and help them as the president says that makes him a was yes and now to you paula there's been a major division but when they protest accounts it's wrong to rescind a ban so was the sneezing to. paula all i could hear us a lot paula. thousands of people again in my happiest days ninety one to two thousand and four that it has been no official announcement from president morsi and the army that forty eight hour ultimatum to find him acting as
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if we didn't want. him to chant we'll keep our donkey and say morsi is coming then off i was in there i'm trying to eat and talk to get a many believe that this is a victory for me and see the chance now to someone a spectrum of people you have people from all walks of life what you might i mean it's a criticism of the president they believe he has done precious little to provide food and jobs to egypt at the same time a key cinemark bringing together the various opposing political parties but it points to the bigger picture across egypt you have egypt and he morsi people you have cuomo say you have the full significance you have a summative senate for you when we have a country that is divided right now we are on standby for a statement that is to be issued by the military we've been. told that the army has taken over the egypt and state television building their own employees there have
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been taken out as soon as that statement comes we'll have a better idea of exactly what it is the army plans to do now the army has spoken about setting up an interim council of dissolving parliament after forming full fresh presidential and parliamentary elections in the next year the army made the point that if this is not a coup but you just need to ask anybody all speak to anyone applies a little bit of logic and it certainly does have all they the trappings of a coup d'etat the concern of the boxes is that they will be more bloodshed and let me just remind you that the military was in power after the for me to present hosni mubarak was forced out of office before the current president morsi came into power and if we look at the figures the military is being backed by the united states since morsi came to power washington is given some one point three billion dollars in military aid and that is why many are saying if indeed the army comes to power here is this many
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a puppet government that is being setup and backed by the united states this is a concern that if the army takes over you will moderate islamic world we asked philby pushed to become more extreme and that they will be further violence and for the islamization further down the line you going to have a country here that is deeply divided if the army comes to power this poses the worst scenario for a very very troubled egypt. and the by the way the news just saying that according to egyptian t.v. present the one that morsi is right now under house arrest assays policy and about true porting their live from cairo our tensions are running high thank you to both of you very much indeed. we spoke to egyptian novelist and political commentator asking to have a story who believes it's a sad irony the army has stood behind the popular rest of the military for the year that they were actually in power they themselves waged
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a war against the protesters on the streets in an escalating massacre so it is very sad that we are back in this position. but in fact it really is the intransigence of dr morsi that has led us to this because over the last year he has had repeated continuous trinity's to act as the president of egypt to bring people in to mend kind of broken ties and put the country on the road. and some believe beyond is a roadmap for a peaceful solution looks more like a coup hour later this hour peter labelle distract the egyptian crisis with his gaffes on cross-talk and here's a quick preview. there two questions i heard on the one was do you think that this will actually be a coup or just a means of transition by other means and also what about the the motivation of the
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world as a. brian fred right well when the military is coming in and taking a level of authority away from a democratically elected regime that meets my standard of a coup we can call put lipstick on a pig and say it's a transitionary phase or but i think of those have been the words that have been uttered in every cuckoo that has ever taken place throughout human history also the words this is not a coup have been said in every oh i'll take the power and i'll give it back to you maybe in the future ok sounds like algeria to me one hundred ninety two in two thousand and eleven i don't think that we have a reason not to trust of the military will do the generals until we did a remarkably good job in my opinion given the challenges that he faced when he was head of the army into those eleven and he stared through that transition. i am very short last promise cross-talk luke said they gyptian on his next move as a threatens to deploy the present constantia police question.
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i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my fellow larry king now right here on r.t. question more. this is not a surprise to me that we've got problems and one time during a time of budget cuts we spend one hundred fifty billion dollars each year.


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