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you know how bad the less bad luck i got. i mean cameron and i believe that i'm the philippines really messed up. in the old story so the sleepless. live the worst superglue going right out to the. radio guy and for a minute. i want. to give you never seen anything like this i'm still. going on guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set so you may have seen the disturbing video that's now circulating the web from the peaceful bystander simply filming police officers on the job in hawthorne california and what happens next is shocking and important. for you to get because.
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it's getting a little bit. easier if you're going to go with. her or if there's a. little bit like churches that. are going to join. us after detaining this man for no apparent reason the officers then shot and killed his dog who was only attempting to protect his owner now unfortunately got no response from the hawthorne police department when asking why this man was being detained in the first place however i did find out that there are no current laws on the books in the state of california prohibiting individuals from recording on duty police guys what happened here is not only tragic it's downright unacceptable police officers are public servants funded by you and me. if we're being tracked
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and spied on everywhere we go it's not only our right but it's our duty to film authority and they can't arrest us for this nevermind kill our pets for it so if you want to demand accountability for these alleged peace officers join me to break the set. were you ever seen anything like that. today marks the final stop of a two month long act of civil disobedience led by antiwar activist cindy sheehan cindy along with a dedicated group rode their bikes across the country stopping in dozens of cities along the way to spread a message and war and action was called port of peace and it started on april fourth the anniversary of the death of cindy's twenty four year old son casey casey was among the thousands of american soldiers who lost their lives during the u.s. occupation of iraq and since his death cindy is devoted her life to ending empire
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and restoring peace today in the final leg of the horse and he has the right right here in d.c. she joins me now in the studio. so it's great to see that have you on what was your inspiration for toward peace well you know. we've talked about this a lot i've been trying everything to raise awareness to get people out in the streets to protest the war is that when obama came into office. you know the movement was demobilized and i've been trying to do everything so in january i was just really frustrated with not so much the empire because the empire does what empires i was going to do i was frustrated with the lack of response and so i said i'm going to ride my bike across the country because i sold my car years ago i've been riding my bike i'm against fossil fuel economy and things so we last like you said april fourth and today's july second and tomorrow i'll be fine home after we
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do a rally in front of the white house so we had many stops along the way. crowds the crowds were big for today you know we don't get the thousands hundreds of thousands of people that we used to get but people i sense their frustration and they want to know what they can do about it now look what you've been saying at the places that you've stopped at what was the most surprising part of the work is i know you started a lot of conservative pockets across the country well i've been telling people you know we have to break free of this partisan up with the that wearing. and that our activism has to be based on our own principles not the principles of the democratic party or the republican party and the surprising thing is the very positive response that we have that we've received to that message and how people are turning towards each other in community and saying you know we're just going to give up on much what's happening there and what i call washed up to see it you know we're going to turn to community and make things better here in our families our neighborhoods and in our towns really just generate in the community involvement
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with each other because they're going to save so much hope you know what it's going to be are bold actions like this necessary well the empire is going to collapse all empires do and the ball actions are necessary because we have to. we have to form the infrastructure that's going to keep it from collapsing on us and so yes actions like this you know man we have to always oppose what our country is doing since we left there's been so many horrible things that have happened bridges are collapsing in. student interest rates for loans are going very doing us tour de war and you know there are massing troops on the on the syrian border and so we have to yet we have to break free of any kind of. hypnosis or what i like to call hope and this is we have to rely on ourselves and each other but we still have
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to actively oppose it whenever we can i really like what you just said there that we need to create the infrastructure that needs to be in place when the embargo is called because it will yeah i really do it's just a matter of time it is obama's up the drone use to a person because extraordinary new powers new reach and even after the revelations of the n.s.a. spying still sitting still or apologizing for him what is it going to take i mean what we're just. you know i see in millions of people in the streets you know in cairo and i know that they have it a lot worse than we do here but wouldn't it be amazing you know we're having a rally at nine o'clock and friend of arlington cemetery tomorrow will be like if we get fifty people you know there should be millions of people because what's happening in the united states is important but our empire is spending billions of dollars every month on these wars money that could be brought on
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infrastructure education health care our communities but this empire and these wars are sucking the life out of our communities and that's why we have to say no this belongs here we have to keep this in our family in our community to make ourselves stronger here. not overseas killing innocent people and that's the real frustrating thing is because we think oh so much about ourselves you know i've done everything since casey was killed not even light for once for one second thinking that what i was going to do was going to bring him back but there's millions of people in harm's way and those people are just as important as you know americans are for human life is precious and one thing you've spoken about is whistleblowers do you see any hope in these countries kind of standing defiance to the us i think that is really amazing and i think that my friend. we lost a few months ago really inspired you know latin america and other. countries to
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kind of break free from the dominance of the united states so it's exciting it's exciting thing to witness that and then germany just denied snowden's position our petition but we were just spying on germany. so i want germany just say forget it you know they can come. you know many of these are in latin america as you said there's this growing leftist movement really inspired. you know as a personal friend of his how crucial is it to see these counter capitalists forces in the world standing defiance it's very crucial and what is the most important thing is it's a grassroots movement and you know the beauty of it was he showed people that they had the power and he shared the power here if we try to look at what happened to snowden look what happened to bradley manning look what happens to all of us who are in the movement they try to stifle our voice stifle any kind of dissent and
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it's gotten even worse and so obama's been president so what's important is that the people in these latin american countries and all over the world and. they've been awakened and they're taking the power where rightfully belongs. in the hands of the people we just want to give it to somebody and not do anything but we have to be inspired that where the ones that have the power were the ones that make changes and it's going to take courage and coming out of our current comfort zones to do that so i've been on a ninety day trip out of my comfort zone and i'll be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night and i'm very excited. there is that i was awake and going on sit in the one thing i loved about you is your unwavering stance you never wavered between bush obama i love you for your inspiration to me and millions of the people around the world thank you so much for taking yourself out of that comfort zone we all need to do that yeah they're going to. check it out they do so much.
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well in case you've been living under a rock for the last week n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden has been holed up in an international airport terminal in russia while there he's applied for political asylum in multiple countries but sadly he's found himself in a far more precarious situation than once thought because immediately upon arrival in moscow snowden soon found out that the u.s. had revoked his passport leaving him a stateless person aside from the glaring roadblock that render snowden unable to travel the countries where he has sought asylum are under immense pressure from the u.s. government not to grant it ecuador is looking to be the most likely host until surprising statement was issued by president rafael correa at who said that he must be on ecuadorian territory in that asylum would not be considered unless he was either in ecuador or at an ecuadorian embassy meanwhile russian authorities would have to
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secure snowden safe passage which is looking to be an unlikely scenario considering the rhetoric coming from president putin this week he said that snowden could stay in russia on the condition that he must stop his work aimed at harming our american partners as strange as that sounds coming from my lips basically putin is trying to steer as far away as he can from this p.r. nightmare and it doesn't look like snowden is going to stop releasing documents considering how he withdrew his asylum bid in russia soon after so how is the corporate media analyzing this international scandal well let's see what george stephanopoulos had to say to julian a song another silence seeker who's been trapped in london's record or an embassy for the past year. or so this is far more than political including secretary of state john kerry he spoke out on this earlier this week saying that snowden's revelations are putting people at risk take a look. people may die as a consequence of what this man did. it is possible the united states will be
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attacked because terrorists may now know how to protect themselves in some way or another that they didn't know before does that concern you at all. i myself was. object to precisely this rhetoric. two or three years ago and it proved to be false wow what a shock regurgitating fear mongering rhetoric about terrorism and lives at risk every time there's a debate about the u.s. government's rampant and illegal spying program welcome to be fair maybe george in an effort to appear on biased brought up the unconstitutionality of venice a program let's see. in two thousand and ten an e-mail that was revealed from you by barr gellman in time magazine said the you hope the revelations from wiki leaks would bring about quote the total annihilation of the current us regime is that still your goal and what do you mean by that. but i didn't say that and there is no such no such emails wait wait wait what in the rare chance of speaking of doing
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a song george stephanopoulos decided to pull out a completely baseless five year old e-mail that asunder may or may not have sent really no no question of a disproportionate prosecution of whistleblowers in the u.s. illegal trans national spine and the collection of every single americans communication records instead george decided to then focus on ecuador's human rights record of the songs later points out this massive unlawful interception of data is far worse than what nixon could have dreamed to do but aside from these tired old government talking points you know things have really gone to hell when this dude shows up to the party yep all of them being decided to chime in with his two cents on the matter telling c.n.n. that snowden quote damaged the security of the country and went on to say that this about the prison spying program. place to protect the country and one of the
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certainties is civil liberties were guaranteed wow dude welcome back to the arena taking a break from your pain there be sessions i see and funny that you say civil liberties were guaranteed to. the patriot act clearly of bizzare to them furthermore even authors of the patriot act of stated that they never meant for it to be interpreted this fastly but i guess i'm not surprised that the criminal who implemented a culture of utter a lawless knows an endless war has the audacity to say that snowden is the one who damage the security of the country what a disgrace look guys no matter what you think about edward snowden or this case it all boils down to this the right to seek asylum is a human right and voted for and guaranteed by the us in article fourteen of the universal declaration of human rights and this right is now being denied to an american citizen without any judicial order or criminal conviction which leaves
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snowden right where he is in a transit center at an airport there he wrote an open letter to wiki leaks where snowden said quote in the end the obama administration's not afraid of whistleblowers like me bradley manning or thomas drake we are stateless imprisoned or powerless no hope for the obama administration's afraid of you it's afraid of an informed angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised and it should be guys this is not about safety it's not about terrorism this is about showing dissent and controlling society the question is how much more do we need to know before we become that angry public and demand what's owed to us. all right guys we're taking a quick break but when we come back we'll take a closer look at the demonstration that been happening in egypt what's next for president mohamed morsi stick around.
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she good leverage or. was even. to build a new. mission to teach me. this is why you should care only. so basically when the saudis. said that. a faith who share a culture and tradition now what you're saying is that because you are an arab because you are a muslim you for some reason have the same rights protecting the syrian people but to me it sounds just as you know condescending as the bushes claim. supposedly car responsibility here.
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i sunday millions of egyptians took to the streets marking the largest protests in the country's history of so large in fact it's far surpassed the numbers that came out to oust mubarak during the two thousand and eleven uprising the widespread protests mark exactly one years since the inauguration of mohamed morsi the
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country's first democratically elected president but now protesters are calling for his resignation already five cabinet members as well as the country's foreign minister have defected and the country's military has given morsi a forty eight hour ultimatum to either bend to the will of the people or step down but thus far morsi has rejected the army's demands and as a result of the said his only continued to swell so the talk about this latest uprising what it signifies for egypt and for the region as a whole i'm joined by ahmed thought he gyptian american journalist and columnist joins us from new york ahmed thank you so much thank you abbi for having me so we've heard estimates that anywhere from two to twenty million people a mass of the streets is possibly going to call for the removal of president morsi earth is numbers accurate give a sense of who is actually taking part the opposition. the numbers i have is all the way up to thirty three million and this is based on analyzing these satellite pictures from google earth and other such life companies private companies i mean
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shows that there is. outpouring of the masses all over egypt this is an unprecedented step since the popular of lucian and nineteen nineteen which braces all egyptians of all walks of life the are united in one thing that mohamed morsi and the muslim brotherhood regime should leave the country should step down from all sort of key and bring deep. back to the people only twelve million people gave their votes to more see in the elections last year if i take the number of thirty three million it's almost three times three times more than those who voted for him the constitution has fallen was the uprising of the people deliberately mysie of morsi is definitely not existing he and
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his muslim brotherhood which is an islamic fascist group are the only one lingering to power and they are not heeding to do power to do will of the people you just said that the protests have been three times as many as actually voted for morsi as i understand there is a petition as well circulated against morsi signed by twenty two million people i mean that's over a fourth of the country's population or a lot of people are looking at that and say that there is so much opposition why was he elected in the first place. because the egyptians over the past sixty years have lost faith in the election process we have never had a fair elections elections were in egypt were notoriously rigged for decades so the common egyptian doesn't really think that his or her voice would be counted again now after one year under morsi and the islamofascism muslim brotherhood the people have wake him up and have realized that the situation in egypt and every aspect is deteriorating economics tourism tourism is nonexistent now.
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all of that let's go into that as we know morsi inaugurated just one year ago i mean speak to what it's been like for the average egyptian during the last year. egypt economy depends greatly on the. revenues generated from the tourist industry and this have almost been one existed there were some tourists coming but not in the in the original numbers tourism in egypt is the largest employer so imagine that we have at least one third of the workforce have been laid off not those only directly working in the tourism area but on other industries that support this mega industry this is one day remittances from the egyptians working abroad especially in the gulf area have declined some restrictions have been imposed by gulf states. the number of visas
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offered for the option workers some inflammatory statements made by leaders in the muslim brotherhood against for example the government of the u.a.e. of course have left a bitter taste in the throats of these governments so we receive decline in that exports is another area egypt exports have been declining shortage in. refined oil products and energy gyptian is now are going on a regiment's in electricity did their hours of having electricity i mean like you like almost in every aspect of life things are and you are hitting one hundred two there's a station that most recently the military gave morsy forty eight hours to step down if he doesn't see the well the people what should we expect to happen after this time. let me put before i start to comment to to what is going to happen that the military is being mandated by the masses to protect the two to regain
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control on the country again i hear some leaks or rumors reuters had there on iran a report that we should expect the. suspending of the constitution that's been passed by the muslim brotherhood the islamist groups and the dismantling of the shura council which is equivalent to the senate there since the parliament they have been dissolved by a ruling for the supreme court in egypt i think this is this is a step in the most. most realistic and logical scenarios there is to want to form a transitional presidential council consist of five persons the chief justice from the supreme constitutional court representative for the military establishment after the approval of the supreme council of the armed forces a liberal person a leftist person and
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a person from the higher which is the religious establishment in egypt this is one way of looking at it the second scenario is to have another council with the two the military and the constitutional court present plus a technocrat experts like somebody to be in charge of the foreign affairs somebody to be in charge of the domestic affairs and third person to be in charge of the economic affairs all this in anticipation of rewriting the constitution by constitutional law experts and professors and i'm eating it to do to the nation for referendum and then holding parliamentary and presidential election of the right and as we know i mean the constitution that morsi brought i mean inside it a number of complaints from women to religious minorities who felt like they were being disenfranchised under the new administration women have been brought in spite that egypt has a relatively good record in women's rights but under the muslim brotherhood and morsi is constitution women has been minimized just
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a container for making babies so that's that's in a nutshell and i'm very sorry to say to put it that way bluntly but it's the reality and it's the facts on the ground all of that's a travesty and i mean are these protests. about a move toward secularism equality and really what will that move me toward the region at large. that's very good question thank you for asking. this small if it succeeds i can say to the. political islamic project goodbye and. this should be the end we should see repercussions in gaza where hamas as a subgroup of the muslim brotherhood is ruling there we should see the precautions in tunisia inspired the tunisian president diem and said tunisia is not egypt reminds me of what mubarak said by the time of these are of illusion that egypt is not is not tunisia it can't have a precautions in libya and it is hurtful to what's going to happen in syria if the
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islamists reach power after removing all bashar to last if he succeeds of course and of course i just want to get your quick comment on this if left but of course we're hearing you know this is a who either from the mubarak regime or the military what's your response. i don't think that the mubarak regime or the military you have the power to mobilize thirty three million people this is unprecedented in the history of usually with the exception of the nineteen nineteen revolution so it's definitely. not realistic to take it in this manner it is amazing to see so many people pouring out in the streets demanding a referendum and thank you so much for coming on sharing some thank you on the situation all fled. journalist and columnist. if you like what you see so far have you are you tube channel you tube dot com
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latin american nations express outrage. states allegedly refused. to search the president's jet over discredited rumors it may have been smuggling whistleblower edward snowden. the situation's united south american nations with leaders calling. offensive and humiliating. and live pictures from egypt where a tense anticipation descends on the country as vehicles appear at the epicenter of the protests in the capital fears a military coup is already under way we get live reports there are a little later.


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