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tv   Headline News  RT  July 4, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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flogs but after the believe in prisons judge is diverted grounded and searched an option dubbed by luck some are going to leaders at kidnapping and humiliation for the entire continent. changing of the guard celebrates as the former egyptian leaders fade from grace and fraser rants while islamists lick their wounds before what many predict will be new clutch. prominent players on the financial stage given night cyber currency bitcoin and in search for an alternative to mainstream cash.
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international news live from moscow this is all she had with me. for joining us latin american countries are saving denouncing as outrageous the decision to ground a jet carrying they believe in president furious leaders are equating back to kidnapping with almost the entire continent rallying to believe this cause the president's plane was reportedly even searched over rumors that whistleblower edward snowden also board that's now hear more on this from. who's joining us now live alex a nice to see you it's not looking pretty for european envoys in latin america is it. well by all means things are not looking so good for the diplomats european diplomats accredited in latin american countries some of them may actually be expelled in particular those working in believe that will be more clear after the emergency summit of the illness organization which unites most of
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the latin american countries which will be held on thursday some statements will be produced there but following this nightmare flight of ever more dollars through europe last night we've seen an unprecedented solidarity from all that american countries on the matter they've all been very critical of what happened with the believe in president believe in presidents why and i'll just quote some of the american leaders for you so would understand the magnitude of their anger now the president of argentina cristina the commissioner said that this was the humiliation of the entire south american continent president of venezuela nicolas maduro said this was a dangerous disproportionate and unacceptable aggression a joint statement coming from the colombian government stated that the airspace denial is an act of aggression and last but not least the venezuelan foreign minister described it this airspace denial as fascist well this kind of criticism has been coming from all levels in level latin america even from
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a terrorist organization the fark which describe it as that and that of infamy but clearly the most offended side here were the bolivians with the foreign minister describing this as equating in this to. a kidnapping attempt and i believe we can listen to some of the reactions coming from the bolivian diplomats. who i think this is an unprecedented situation this goes against international conventions and treaties this goes against international law and all the rules that have been established over a long period of time this shows disrespect for other countries independence from. the countries involved in hijacking president morales is clean and making a mistake. they think that others steal attack invade territories wage wars impose embargoes and go back on their own word just like they do the current policy of the usa and their allies in nato aims at ensuring their own security at the expense of
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somebody else's we've also received a reaction coming from the russian foreign ministry which was also far from happy about how things pan out for the bolivian president. so you are somebody of the you are. due to the failure of european states to give permission to the aircraft of the bolivian president to fly through their airspace and is forced landing of this special flight in vienna the following should be noted the activities of france spain and portugal could hardly be regarded as friendly towards we live here as well as russia from where president mirrors was traveling after his visit to moscow moreover the refusal to grant the right to fly the aircraft could have endangered the safety of the passengers including the head of a sovereign state. or europe received the lion's share of criticism for their actions in regards to the bolivian president with some latin american officials
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saying that despite europe is criticizing what edward snowden has actually revealed still that acted as a colony of washington but of course the united states have also been criticized on this matter because of reports that they may have had a hand in this particular incident in fact the united states never made secret that they contacted countries in europe about snowden possibly traveling through their territory and that she he should be handed over to the united states authorities for charges and later trial so this story is definitely far from over we are anticipating this summit and believe the emergency summit of all of us who are and what steps will be taking next and as long as edward snowden reportedly remains at moscow's sheremetyevo airport will be definitely seeing more crazy twists and turns to this saga being. a life in central moscow alexei thank you very much indeed and the united states has admitted it has contacted a range of nations in passing on the dangers in passing the dangers of allowing
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edward snowden to pass through and gone and her attorney and author says the actions show clearly way its priorities lay. despite the fact that the united states basically is demeaning those european nations and violating their own rights and treating them as second class citizens at the same time they do share these collective military and economic interests and so i think that a lot of the response mainly from some of these european countries heads of states condemning these actions of the united states and calling for further investigation was mainly merely to satisfy their their constituents and their people and it's not something that they're really going to follow up and we see that played out in the case of a more dialysis airplane i mean these same european countries that were just criticizing the united states for this espionage program they were willing to act on u.s. instructions to violate the rights of this latin american leader so i think we see clearly there the hypocrisy of and what is being said virtually out of the
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governments of the european union and what actually they're doing in reality and in reality they are just going along with the u.s. agenda. and for more on europe's role in this scandal and walt said steak let's speak now with robert oulds chair of the british group policy think tank mr all thank you very much indeed for joining us here on r.c. great to see you as always on a lighter note how do you how do you think would of france react to president france or lungs chat being grounded and searched in colombia for example. it would be an affront to to the french should be an affront to any nation it's an infringement of solvent. and an abuse and of course you need to respect the independence of other nations and their voyage and of course especially the heads of state to do so the actions it's being taken to infringement head of states plane
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is unacceptable. why would france and the you risk a continental scandal just for the chance to catch your money wanted by someone else was a logic. well the logic is is that the european union favors the united states foreign policy and likewise the united states has always supported the european union from its very foundation always supported britain being involved in the european union it supports the european union cogic and the european union is not viable to the united states it is or it is a partner and they cooperate on imposing sanctions on various regimes around the world even though their legal basis for doing so is highly questionable the european union does seem to do the bidding of the united states of america which really is an infringement of various other countries soften t. and of course shows that use not really independent in terms of its own foreign
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policy and seeks to bind to the foreign policies of other member states in europe and control what they're doing which is anti democratic and course really does go against the principles of many other nations but only out of hand snowden has incited a global scandal betrayed his country done damage to its image as a washington's ally shouldn't the e.u. help catch him. well it's interesting to say that snowden has created an international scandal most certainly has but whistleblowers always do he's hasn't passed their secrets to the enemy he's not working for a foreign power he's just saying that there's various aspects of american intelligence gathering which runs contrary to constitutional constitutional restrictions and of course democratic restrictions and of course what's been said to congress as well so really he's blowing the whistle while you wrongly he is
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a whistle blower and which will blow should be protected under law twelve of them being persecuted. not to every case but of course in this case it does seem that really he's just raising an alarm he's the messenger right but i believe there's vice president said that colonies are no longer in america they are in europe and they respond to the u.s. is this fair what european union follows what america does it in terms of sanctions against iran which don't have a legal basis really does seem to accept american foreign policy goals rightly or wrongly but that's not an independent voice any lines other countries within the european union under the common foreign and security policy so really it does mean that the cherished principle of a nation state having its own foreign policy is undermined and that then course
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infringes on national sovereignty and does leave a country to be be a colony of a greater political power which of course want contrary to democratic legitimacy. right robert oulds child the british were politically but it's called think tank rabbit hole thank you very much indeed for sharing your views that's thank you you thank. international consultant and author adrian so big she believes the case of snowden will lead to further tensions between the united states and to believe their thing that they have made a serious mistake because this is just one more example of the way things are going to be not only throughout america but throughout the world already where you have powerful haygood. disrespectful towards the national sovereignty of all countries bolivia has already the support of other countries that are also model line to united states like venezuela in a way argentina are probably brazil and definitely ecuador ecuador of that as well
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or about to consider giving asylum to mr snowden and then you have the other countries that are traditionally aligned to the united states of britain that will definitely try to keep a very low profile on this chilly colombia and even mexico however they are all very much aware of the fact that this is a very serious event and there will probably be some sort of combined action or at least a combined declaration saying that this event has been deplorable because you never know who's next so even a country that is friendly to the united states might find out overnight that it is no longer friendly jewett. its president also. online fear dot com controversial redevelopment plan for its stumbles upon have been thrown out by a court in turkey bringing another survey show that sparked weeks of protests in cities across the country get the full story at r.t. dot com. from the force feeding of hunger striking
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muslim inmates and gun time tomorrow will be conducted by other methods to respect their will by month of ramadan believe head on live from details plus don't miss our special coverage on the fifth of july as the protest marks one hundred and fiftie day. it is not a surprise to me that we have problems and one time during a time of budget cuts we spend one hundred fifty billion dollars each year to imprison one hundred sixty six people get more it's become a symbol around the world for an america that wants the up. and coming up after the break as egypt celebrates the end of president a president morsi is rule as he looks at what the swift change of power could bring to the country and its people.
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so basically what the saudis or the iraqis or the do or the turks or the companies when they provide the shipping those promoting to the regime that the same d.n.a. that doesn't give you share a language to share it's a faith to share a culture and tradition now what you're saying is that because you are an arab because you are a muslim you for some reason the same right to protecting the syrian people but to me it sounds just as you know congress sounding as the bushes claim or feels that you know supposedly khaya responsibility if.
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you're watching us here live from moscow welcome back on a day of tremendous recruit told the egyptian president the country's new leader is showing little mercy to mohamed morsi on both close to him. months or who will sworn in as interim leader the general prosecutor orders the measure of detention of the islamist muslim brotherhood supreme guide and his deputy but this one china of paua has infuriated the ex-president supporters who fear if the persecution of true reports. the situation rapidly developed overnight so off to the announcement from the military of the ouster of mr brotherhood president mohamed morsi just one
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year into his term we had reports of hundreds of arrests of missing brotherhood officials this was quickly condemned by rights groups here in egypt who said they didn't want to see egypt to send back into the dark days of the mubarak and former presidents where the muslim brotherhood was which hunted in addition the president the former president himself morsi was put under house arrest officials on the twitter accounts were tweeting and it went on saying the keeping separated from his president to a in addition the missing from the hoods owned television channel mr twenty five was shut down and the people who present the sentence were arrested also on top of that al-jazeera arabic local channel here in egypt their offices were run sacked and members of the organization were reportedly also arrested meanwhile we've seen an army deployment in the streets particularly focused around rallies in support of the former president i was there last night there's
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a lot of military a lot of ahmed being coast and what they put forward is they're broken up the egypt they are saying that now egypt will have a new president the head of the constitutional court will take over today in addition we will have the current constitution will be suspended and there will be a committee set up to look into changing some of those articles and the technocratic into him council will be formed to really manage this moment of transition will be kind of one sign the anti-government protesters who've been calling for this ouster celebrating into the early hours of the morning people with dancing and singing and banging drums setting off fireworks. holding off families showing the faces of major missing because he is in the military with a hearing to the hours that he would look to chance at the people in the army of one few weeks to take they said to me they finally their voices being heard however on the other side the support. what is the president's remain in the sit ins calling for him to be reinstated they say he isn't just
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a bit president i miss him brotherhood organization is one of the largest organization here in egypt they have a significant support base i was in those six in late last night speaking to those people they said to me they felt isolated and attacked the minute she had surrounded their encampment they feed that they would be likely to talk to if you can you see officials are being targeted so what you're seeing is a country divided and particularly and as we've already seen during the lead up to these demonstrations mass movements of violence push the country this time and again last night we had classes between supporters and opponents of the. next president so really we have to see you know how the situation develops. and fully u.s. diplomat john graham believes this is just the beginning of the disorder as those kind as does cost us a chance of power well wait for that chance to return eight. question now is whether it works he's supporters even though the army seems to have cast their hand . will start
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a civil war that would mean in many ways going up against the army so fewer hours a few more days it should be clear but right now it's a total chaos and it's there's more players as well you see all the mubarak supporters no regime there are sort of in the background but they're waiting opportunistically for for a moment perhaps them to to gain something of a say you've got the christians the cops who who are not anti muslim but nonetheless they're not muslim as either so you've got a lot of different players. on the on the on the secular side you have not one party or true you have perhaps a dozen there maybe fifteen different parties none of whom agree totally with each other so you that's where the chaos comes from. so looks like agents gone full circle a block to the outside of the revolution two years ago and if you go to all see dot com you'll see our online poll there and we're asking you that where the country is
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actually heading so and most viewers around fifty six of you think that the army will do its bustard minister the country until fresh elections can be held just over a quarter of you twenty seven percent say a consensus is unlikely and egypt will be dragged into further chaos some of you saying beyond me well now keep hold of power fourteen percent of you and the rest just a minority or you three percent claim mostly on the muslim brotherhood but not broken and could still return and you can also come up with your road options or know what's next for the country in the comments section and go to r.t. dot com and to cost you about. the need for us who is an advisor to the u.s. house of representatives believes the deep divisions currently seen in egypt will contribute to even greater violence in the future you know i published
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a book the coming revolution and the term in which we've projected that first of all civil society as a whole will rise against the haters that was what happened in january when you have an egypt then they're going to depart the seculars on the one hand and the more organized islam is on the other hand the islamic one the day in that election then the seculars are going to realize that the islamists are not going to drive egypt into a very wanted initially counter revolution this is what happened now and i do anticipate that these dramas and i go back to the opposition organize themselves all of this will be ok short of having violence if you are going to take advantage of what's happening with these divisions and conduct violence then we may have a scenario closer either to algeria in the ninety's or unfortunately it would be to syria today. to catch our would be a rapidly evolving revolution in egypt and follow its events online go to our website dot com and there you'll find a full timeline along with analysis and images from the very heart of cairo.
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the perspectives for the alternative cyber currency known as bitcoin brightened as some serious financial players prepared to open it to investment the wind co was twins best known for seeing facebook's founder mark zuckerberg for allegedly stealing their social network idea i'm planning to float a bit coin trots out his creative pill be him. big coin repairs to parallel trying to cash an alternative to traditional currencies has had its fair share of controversies this is introduction four years ago and it's now being backed by the infamous facebook suing twins tyler and cameron winklevoss if the proposal for a big coin trust fund is given the go ahead by the securities and exchange
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commission the twins will contribute their own ten million dollars worth of big coins into the trust of exchanges shares in the virtual currency because it was created in two thousand and nine by an anonymous web developer and can be exchanged for other currencies and used to pay for goods and services but it doesn't exist in physical form now the big coin is seen by its users as an alternative to traditional currencies especially during the euro zone sovereign debt crisis as more people began distrusting the central banks but leverage a coin has been linked to money laundering and accusations of drug smuggling which has made the value of the bitcoin extremely volatile since the start of the year rising from thirteen dollars in january to a peak of two hundred sixty six dollars in april and right now it's at around ninety dollars now their release is also tightly controlled may be king a central banking systems control over the minting of money which means there can only ever be twenty one million created right now there's around eleven million is
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. this factor has led to some to speculate that there may rise. the facebook feud between the when cost to end the mars like a virus protected in the twenty ten movie the social network and eventually resulted in a sixty five million dollars settlement so i wonder if they'll be updating their faces with their new venture i think not. with some other news making headlines around the world in afghanistan four girls have been killed by a roadside bomb in the country's southern province of helmand according to authorities the girls aged between seven to twelve or at weddings and had gone to fetch some water from the stream when the blast went off at least one hundred eighty civilians were killed in afghanistan last month with violence in the country reaching almost its highest levels in twelve years. north korea have
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agreed to hold talks with his son of over reopening a jointly one industrial zone near the border the discussion is shared jude for this weekend it comes amid growing concern among businesses in the area over economic losses caused by the closure the idea of talks so much some three weeks ago but didn't lead to anything constructive due to bicker with the details. the white house has rejected a petition demanding a recount of the twenty twelve presidential election responding to the documents that was signed by more than seventy eight thousand people or death or he said there was no evidence of fraud and his claim they was great science in the state of ohio as an example of cheating. and coming up. as a pos. as
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a person who lives in russia i get asked very often why automatic console fat well are americans actually fat or is this just a myth from some hater countries the centers for disease control have declared obesity to be a disease that's a twenty point nine percent of adult americans are obese and that is an all time high people blame the sedentary lifestyle as the cause yes if you were out all day at work and then all evening after driving home sure doesn't help your waistline but problems can have multiple causes and the authors of the book rich food poor food believe it could be tied to eight foods that are allowed in america but are banned in many other countries across the globe some of these chemicals and techniques and foods that are banned by some other countries are a less strong which is in many snack products which lowers calories but kills your body's ability to absorb minerals brought native flour which saves tons of time for
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the baker but beats up your internal organs and of course our good old friend synthetic growth hormones which are in livestock which have been linked to cancer big problems really have simple solutions you can run around and exercise as much as you like but if you're being pumped full of these chemicals that are illegal in much of the world well your chances of fitting in. are ironically slim but they're sure my opinion. hello and welcome to all the part that they could after the war in iraq it is difficult to find a single analyst in the middle east who would argue that it was and what while undertaking was commentator is a much more blunt calling it
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a war of oppression or even a genocide of the iraqi people because the same community that condemned the use of force for political goals in the case of bush and blair appears quite accepting of violence as the method of regime change in syria and those who'll imbalance to the west for ruling iraq ultimately advocating a similar approach in syria want to discuss that our knowledge joined by an asshole to critique president of the cordoba foundation mr altikriti i really appreciate your being here now my first question may sound provocative but i find much of the pro-democracy and anti aside the rhetoric really similar to what we heard from george w. bush about a decade ago people like yourself who at least at some point for in support of armed rebellion argued that since assad is a dictator or syria would be a better place without human therefore all the measures to get rid of him are somehow justified even if it is
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a war and to me that is the very aston's of the bush's case to launch a war in iraq there are some stark differences to start off with between iraq and between syria and iraq there was no revolution in iraq there was a war that was instigated by the push of interest strategic financial. whatever it may be at the time that led tony blair and george w. bush to launch a war which i felt and i at the time was one of the leaders of the end to a movement ok what's the difference very. well syria was. was a revolution in the end then in the same way that egypt saw its revolution which toppled hosni mubarak in the same way that tunisia so revolution that toppled the banally and in the same way that the people of libya rose the people of syria as well as yemen other countries also rose at the very same time the context can't be ignored the syrian revolution for six month.


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