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it was. a huge flags and after the bill even presidents just is diverted grounded on such a large dubbed by last american leaders i could nothing under humiliation for the entire continent. you feel you need those seem to do the bidding of the united states of america which infringes on national sovereignty and does leave the country to be a colony of the greatest in our alarms raised over europe and being nothing short of washington's puppet. and also this hour changing all began to celebrate says the former egyptian leaders fall from grace and are rested as the standoff between the islamists and the army results in new clashes.
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and welcome to aussie twenty following years life from moscow. ptomaine story. latin american countries a saving of a day a year's decision to ground and reportedly at such a job caring they believe in president over rumors whistleblower edward snowden was on board almost the entire continents running to believe his cause autism makes. things are not looking so good for the diplomats european diplomats accredited in latin american countries some of them may actually be expelled in particular those working in believe the that will be more clear after the emergency summit of they want us to organization which unites most of the latin american countries which will be held on thursday some statements will be produced there but following this nightmare flight of ever more obvious through europe last night we've seen an
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unprecedented solidarity from all the american countries on the matter they've all been very critical of what happened with the believing president now the president of argentina cristina the commissioner said that this was the humiliation of the entire south american continent president of venezuela nicolas maduro said this was a dangerous disproportionate and unacceptable aggression a joint statement coming from the colombian government stated that the airspace denial is an act of aggression and last but not least the venezuelan foreign minister described it this air space denial as fascist well this kind of criticism has been coming from all levels in level latin america but clearly the most offended side here were the bolivians with the foreign minister describing this as equating in this to. a kidnapping attempt. this is an unprecedented situation this goes against international conventions and
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treaties this goes against international law and all the rules that have been established over a long period of time this shows disrespect of the country's independence by. the countries involved in hijacking president morales this plane making a mistake they think that others. he'll attack invade territories wage wars impose embargoes and go back on their own word just like they do the current policy of the usa and their allies in nato aims at ensuring their role in security at the expense of somebody else's. we've also received a reaction coming from the russian foreign ministry which was also far from have happy about how things pan out for the bolivian president so if you suck or somebody out there you are at peace with that as the machine due to the failure of european states to give permission to the aircraft of the bolivian president to fly through their airspace and is forced landing of this special flight in vienna the following should be noted the activities of france spain and portugal could hardly
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be regarded as friendly towards we live near as well as russia from where president mirrors was traveling after his visit to moscow moreover the refusal to grant the right to fly the aircraft could have endangered the safety of the passengers including the head of a sovereign state or europe received the lion's share of criticism for their actions in regards to the bolivian president where some latin american officials saying that despite europe is criticizing what edward snowden has actually revealed still it acted as a colony of washington but of course the united states have also been criticized on this matter because of reports that they may have had a hand in this particular incident in fact the united states never made secret that they contacted countries in europe about snowden possibly traveling through their territory and actually he should be handed over to the united states authorities for charges and later trial so this story is definitely far from over we are
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anticipating this summit and believe that the emergency summit of almost four and what steps will be taking the next and as long as edward snowden reportedly remains at moscow's sheremetyevo airport will be definitely seeing more crazy twists and turns to this saga. commenting on europe so all in this scandal rubbish all's chel there were a group policy think tank says e.u. states haven't abandoned their colonial past when it comes to their relations with . it's an infringement of sovereignty and an abuse and of course you need to respect the independence of other nations and they're there via the european union does seem to do the bidding of the united states of america which chose to use not really independent in terms of its own foreign policy european union follows what america does it really does seem to accept american foreign policy goals rightly or wrongly but that's not an independent voice any blinds other countries within the
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european union under the common foreign and security policy so really does mean that the cherished principle of a nation state having its own foreign policy is undermined and that then does leave the country to be be a colony of a greater political power which of course want contrary to democratic legitimacy meanwhile the french interior minister has said if edward snowden applied for diplomatic shell to his country there's almost no chance have got it this following the whistleblowers revelations of the blatant u.s. spying on its european allies which sparked a wave of hearing the block including pirates off season where if an ocean explains . what we see is actually a curious evolution of france's position over america's spying activity from an extreme outrage to an even more extreme tolerance and even support we all remember that france has become furious after it was revealed that america's intelligence services had been more natori in high ranking french and european union officials
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even abroad and also at home and then the angry at france's president has demanded washington to stop spying immediately and has even threatened to reconsider economic partnership with america and delay the talks over an ambitious project with america over the world's largest free trade zone america france and european countries have been working on for years to work. we cannot fix this kind of behavior between partners and allies but we ask that this immediate change can be no negotiations or transactions in all areas until we have obtained these guarantees for from. all of europe we'll union but what we saw next has actually indicated a radical change in the country's position the european union countries including france have first agreed that the talks of the free trade zone should go on then
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later france has not allowed believe this president's jad to enter its aspirates because an undesirable person adverse norden could also be on board the same plane and that allegedly following america's request to do so so why we see this change in the position of france people here on the ground are saying that that's been an act of populism for from french president francois hollande his ratings are among the lawyers in the history of his presidency and of course he could plan to gain some points by saying exactly what his people what his electorate wanted him to say that only proves that france has not been able to go beyond words in its accusations of america's behavior. and will not actually openly spoil its relations with washington and actually instead of gaining some popularity here on the ground a french president has in the opposite end or at the public people say the shamed with this ypocras see from their leader. and let's now further discuss
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the current situation contributor time as it is joining us now live from london mr townsend thank you very much indeed for joining us here at great to have you with us as always so the e.u. has swung a long way in these two days from harsh condemnation of the us to the forced landing of the believe in president's plane as a favor to washington or do you make of it well i think first of all that france has been wavering i understand now the french president mr all out has apologized to the bolivian government but i think the key thing here is that you know this isn't barry endorsed back in the one thousand nine hundred sixty seven in charge of bolivia the u.s. back to take over some of the killing of che guevara even more as someone quite different and that's why this cochabamba summit which is going to be ending on thursday with so many and i profile latin american leaders is is quite something what's depressing here in europe is only in london the security minister was quick
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to criticize edward snowden austria verna fineman the chancellor there saying that the plane wasn't searched that it was searched and other countries portugal italy no comment the lackey status of europe you must remember president obama was very quick to say he wouldn't scramble jets to shoot down a plane carrying edward snowden to kill him but it seems he can do what he likes with european leaders in this way yes and despite mr lungs apologize of course everyone's been wondering what to make of the earlier threats i guess now the question is how can they explain this change of heart to the public. well certainly here in britain it's completely in june with what washington wants in fact we now know that an american spying device has been found in the ecuadorian embassy here in london where julian assange is holed up because the british authorities so as to how europe are going to continue to cope with this it looks to me like europe will
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do whatever washington tells them to do and of course the state department is saying well we don't know anything about it at all but it seems that any head of state giving an interview to r.t. or r.t. i actually doubt in this case who talks gives any sympathy to whistleblowers trying to expose the truth and president obama can order any nation to work they intercept their planes threaten the safety of the you know the safety of the head of state so i take it the e.u. u.s. trade zone more important than for brussels than any kind of dignity right. well i understand that the negotiations which is supposed to start on monday are still in some doubt i gather merkel was very quick to say oh you know we want to have these talks nevertheless you see one particularly sad. explanation of events or statement came out of new york and that was the secretary
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general of the united nations himself i know that believe your is taking this up with the u.n. because it contravenes diplomatic international legal status bag ki-moon said what edward snowden did was a misuse of his position in that case all the european leaders can go on saying we're just echoing what the u.n. secretary general said let's see what the latin american leaders come up with russia was very quick to criticize what the european countries are doing we'll have to wait what china says but certainly at the moment it seems like the united states can without any impunity threaten any head of state in an airplane in the on the wise or just because of these secrets and of course this all takes away information or newsworthiness from the actual exposures made by edward snowden it being independence day he says he's fighting for the constitution which
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countries are going to end up in and what are the next leaks glenn greenwald says it's definitely new leaks ahead. of our rights are to contribute to our hands if thank you very much indeed for sharing your views with us. and also and consultant agents so bad she believes they forced landing of the believe in presidents chance sends out a clear message that anyone kind of a washington's next target. i think that they have made a serious mistake because this is just one more example of the way things are going to be not only throughout latin america but throughout the world already where you have powerful hegemonic told to be disrespectful towards the national sovereignty of all countries bolivia has already the support of other countries that are also modeling to united states like venezuela in a way argentina probably brazil and definitely ecuador ecuador of as well or about to consider giving asylum to mr snowden and then you have the other countries that
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are traditionally are aligned to the united states of britain that will definitely try to keep a very low profile on this chilly colombia and even mexico however they are all very much aware of the fact that this is a very serious event and there will probably be some sort of combined action or at least a combined declaration saying that this event has been deplorable because you never know who's next so even a country that is friendly to the united states might find out overnight that it is no longer friendly to it the united states while hijack its president also. and when they believe in plane grounded as part of the glass hunt for snowden well washington they held to account and breaking the set abby martin looks at what the unfounded suspicion could unmeet you. i guess my question is who that whole does obama thing is only after a week of declaring that he wouldn't scramble jets for a twenty nine year old hacker obama forces down the plane of a foreign head of state that's ludicrous and humiliating just imagine if another
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country demanded air force one to land mid flight based on an on founded suspicion as centrally the u.s. is saying we can do whatever the hell we want even if that means outright disrespecting leaders of nations there will be consequences for this kind of disregard for the world stage and if you think that it's completely insane to join me and let's break the said. it looks like you were. never seen anything like that. coming out of the break as a gypsy braise the end of president rule says rule looks at both the swift change of power could bring to the country and its people.
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right to see. her struggle. and i would think that your. reporters would.
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be. able to see a life from moscow welcome back a day after a military coup toppled a gyptian president the country's new leader is showing mill macit to mohamed morsi on those close to him with top judges judge other name on so rather than having been sworn in as interim leader the general prosecutor has had the islamist muslim brotherhood supreme guide and his deputy arrested but the swift challenge of power has triggered a renewed clashes on the streets policy and now reports. well it certainly does seem as if this is it will be for the president and his supporters all those you see behind me there are celebrations ongoing here in toughness where there are huge numbers of pro morsi supporters who understand and fear that
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a full army crackdown is on the cards they are living in fear of being a wasted we know in that the film of president morsi and his entire presidential office are currently under house arrest they've been held in a minute change intelligence facility there will also be some we can't change the way swarming such issues for the leaders of the muslim brotherhood the military has a way he began rounding up these needed and wasting them now only a two day way means full met head of the constitutional court was sworn in as the interim president of egypt he took an oath in which he states he swears to uphold the constitution he swears to uphold the republican system and respect the constitution and law he also said that it was his mandate to safeguard the people and protect the nation from those words coming from a team and so he says that these mass protests are something that should be praised and have managed to not to gyptian but certainly that's number one the scene on the ground with the sinking growing divisions within the egyptian society since sunday
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when these mess demonstrations started at least fifty people have been killed we're just receiving reports right now that being on t.v. offices in cairo are witnessing find international not far from them so this is an indication that the violence is far from a beta that will see hearing statements from overseas meant that they're going to get some kind of jihad some kind of poll you will find that they can point to the end because they are not willing to accept this this this is taking away off a president having said that though there are statements coming out from the muslim brotherhood leadership they say that they won't be an armed struggle even though they do not accept what they are putting a military coup the question of course is whether or not. that leadership can control the people on the streets there is likely to continue to be some kind of showdown between the army just how this plays out what they mean in the coming hours the army has laid out to vote in terms of how we govern the country for which
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it has of course suspended the constitution it has dissolved the parliament and it is going to be calling for fresh parliamentary and presidential elections and it is establishing an interim council that is being lead by the film a hit of the constitutional court. and you can follow all cheese poorness here on twitter which is in the midst of the buttons in cairo providing the latest updates and pictures from the country and has been tweeting about the muslim brotherhood says it will not take up arms in response to the ministry crew while many members of the islamist group have been arrested ironically it's turned out they are being held in the same prison as hosni mubarak. and that's not get role in the situation in egypt from journalist while his join us now live from cairo vile thank you very much indeed for being with us here at r.t. . has united millions of people in egypt against morsi what will unite them now.
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there are there are a lot of people that have united against morsi and they are now in complete celebration in him leaving after this. very huge protests and what we see is that people want another path is different than the one taken by morsi at the moment what we have is there are people that are for this military intervention and people of course morsi supporters are against it the main sentiment here is that this is not a coup but military intervention but whether that is the situation on the ground this is what we're going to see in the coming you know days and how the military chooses to handle this already they. head of the constitutional court as a form of assuring the people that it's not a military rule that this is
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a civilian government but people are still staying until they find out what the roadmap is for the future so they're celebrating and also waiting in anticipation but the military had power and its hands before as well and egyptians were not particularly happy about what's changed now. you know the the new thing is that the military addressed the people in in a different way completely almost learning from its mistakes i don't know if it's true that they have but the way they've addressed people seems to be as if they've learnt from their mistakes and this is a this is what we can see now is that they're taking the right moves which is also incorporating all the different parties rather than just a few of them and you know an extension to the invitation of sitting in talking about the future of egypt was extended to. that new who has the people
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already and it was turned down but i think that if we continue on the road of inclusion rather than exclusion that will be a step forward people are just two very tired of the muslim brotherhood rule and the mom monopolization of power and undemocratic steps it's true that people say that morsi is democratically elected democratically elected but even if we can see to that people have not seen a single democratic step from morsi so in a way morsi is democratically elected but undemocratic and this is i think is the major issue this is why people are very ready to accept an intervention which would take them back to the path of democracy. yeah and from your point to you how serious is the threat of a surge of violence and terror now and how will the military handle the situation.
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the one thing that we fear is that the military does a crackdown on the muslim brotherhood a needless crackdown what they need to do is to contain the violence and the situation what they intend to do is. is really not clear so far they've they've covered the protests in the surrounded the protests of the pro morsi said protesters and they so far they've just been searching them on their way out to see if they have weapons and so forth but it's so so far they've been doing it cautiously but meanwhile in places like many all suit and muscle throughout and different governments in egypt their violence has broken out and the pro more see protesters feel that they're a legitimate president has been ousted. this situation requires a lot of care on the part of the military they need to make sure that it's not an outright military coup where they take power they need to make sure that they don't
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crack down on all the parties are now innocent people aren't you know taken and arrested and you know put in jail for no reason very careful it's a very sensitive time right now i think for egypt absolute made journalist while ask and out talking to us so from cairo i thank you very much indeed for your time miles thank you. so we would like to know your opinion on what's going to happen in egypt next of course it's a very difficult time for them right now and if you go to r.t. dot com you can find our online poll and let's not have a look at how you've been voting so far and most voters fifty six percent of you believe the army will do its best to administer the country until flush elections can be held just over a quarter say a consensus is unlikely and egypt will be dragged into further chaos some of you
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around fourteen percent of you saying the army will now keep hold of power and the rest claim morsi and the muslim brotherhood are battered but not broken and could still return and you can also come up with your other options on what's next for the country in the comment section and go and cast your vote in la egypt's crisis may have a tough impact on its neighbors which have already been through destructive civil wars and a correspondent from the jerusalem post kanan told us countries like israel can't make long term plans in such a positive as environment. again it's we just have to have a little patience now and wait and see how things play out if people take some time i think in general you can say a couple things about how as a look at these types of events israel is adverse to chaos in the first unpredictability and i think what this does is this sends the whole region into a certain degree of chaos in a certain degree of an untruth ability which is uncomfortable for israel israel
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like stability and likes predictability even if those it's dealing with are not necessarily favorable to it however like to know how they're going to have to take syrian president bashar assad for instance very tough relationship with israel over the years but as you kind of knew what he would do knew how he would react now in syria there's complete chaos in egypt also now catechize ways and it's tough it's tough for israeli policymakers to look at this and define what to do at the nonsense of breaking the sat is next after a break. as a person who lives in russia i get asked very often why automatic console fat well are americans actually fat or is this just a myth from some hater countries the centers for disease control have declared obesity to be a disease that's
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a twenty point nine percent of adult americans are obese and that is an all time high people blame the sedentary lifestyle as the cause yes if you were out all day at work and then all evening after driving home sure doesn't help your waistline but problems can have multiple causes and the authors of the book rich food poor food believe it could be tied to eight foods that are allowed in america but are banned in many other countries across the globe some of these chemicals and techniques and foods that are banned by some other countries are a less strong which is in many snack products which lower scale worries but kills your body's ability to absorb minerals brought me to flour which saves tons of time for the baker but beats up your internal organs and of course our good old friend synthetic growth hormones which are in livestock which have been linked to cancer big problems rarely have simple solutions you can run around and exercise as much as you like but if you're being pumped full of these chemicals that are illegal in much of the world well your chances of fitting into that bathing suit are
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ironically slim but that's just my opinion. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous. i mean. as i was really. really so closely. worst. light out of the day the radio guy and for a minute make. a good joke if you've never seen anything like this i'm telling. you. guys i'm having martin.


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