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tv   Headline News  RT  July 5, 2013 2:00pm-2:45pm EDT

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breaking news on. in egypt of these three people reportedly killed and several injured as the crackdown on backers of the ousted president mohamed morsi. five months of desperation in guantanamo bay the hunger strike drags on with prisoners failing to win changes to their plight as we bring you special coverage on the issue with r.t. closely following the protest on air and online bringing you opinions and comments from former detainees medics military and political experts. international news and comment on the screen twenty four hours a day this is. at least three people are said to have been killed and several
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injured as troops in egypt opened fire on mohamed morsy backers the military though has denied using live rounds saying they used rubber bullets and tear gas only there are now reports of clashes between rival factions on his middle east correspondent in the egyptian capital following the escalating situation. least three people have been killed and several dozen injured in the latest round of matches between the pro morsy supporters and the military the confrontation took place as a group of demonstrators pushed their way forward to both the headquarters of the republican guard building now going to eyewitnesses one of those killed managed to put up a poster of the deposed president on the barbed wire surrounding this building when he was shot in the head it is believed that president morsy and some fifty five members of his house to parliament are currently inside the headquarter building
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the army however has denied using live ammunition it says it has only used blank rounds and tear gas the interior ministry also saying that they would no deaths reported in front of this building all of this is happening on a friday of rejection there are mass demonstrations happening across egypt the muslim brotherhood and other islamic speakers have called for their supporters to take to the streets to express their anger against the ousting of the old matrix imprisoned elfie here in cairo there are thousands of protesters gathering in masses that the military also continues to round up the muslim brotherhood leadership there are a risk warrants for some three hundred top islamize figures we know that dozens of them have already been arrested and that many of them are in hiding fearing that the hunt for them is on basically is a sense of deja vu i mean it was only two years ago that hosni mubarak was ousted from power and now this week we see the same happening with his successor the point
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of a needs to be made that mohamed morsy was erected by democracy that is the point he continues to make the point that exporters continue to shout and they say that the only way to get rid of a democratically elected president is at the ballot box and also make the point that he's only been in powerful one year and that he inherited a system that was internally corrupt and he needs to be given a full to. term of office to deal with the entire country is in a state of high alert the police had high since their presence particularly in north and south sinai and in the sewers earlier this morning there was an attack on an airport there egypt is also closed its border with gaza full fearing third of uprising some further attacks from there so we're talking about a country that is not only facing internal division that is not in any case he can turn up protests but it's also great for me. where you can follow auntie's paul asli on twitter and she's in the midst of the events there in currys you've just
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seen him providing the latest updates from the country she's been tweeting that the muslim brotherhood supporters are charging down with the military rule and they are promising more demonstrations five months and counting that's how long the inmates at the guantanamo bay prison have been refusing food to protest what they call inhumane treatment despite international outrage over the situation the hunger strike is showing no signs of ending today we're taking a closer look at why. so nearly two thirds of the inmates have now joined the protest against their indefinite detention without trial forty five of those prisoners are being strapped to a chair and having nutrients forced down their nose twice a day the government says the procedure is done in the most humane way possible and is trying to prevent death by using it or he's going to look at how the
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controversial practice is actually carried out and what the prisoners say about it . the u. one cost to the u.s. to stop force feeding guantanamo hunger strikers the practice is against international law and is seen by many as a form of torture and here is one thing first the guards strap the detainee down to a chair like this one then they put a mask over his face so that the detainee can't move bite or spit and the nurse snakes the feeding tube into nasal cavity the feeding tube which is roughly the size of a pens in cartridge or this well this is not an actual feeding tube but it gives you an idea and this area is very rich in nerve endings and patients report extreme pain during the procedure and the nurse pushes the tube further down the throat creating a tightness that makes breathing difficult at that point patients typically feel pressure on their chest in long some say it feels like they were drowning then the
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staff tapes the troop to the detainees nose so that they can bite or swallow it and then two cans of nutritional substances are being funneled through the tube now we wrote to guantanamo and asked whether they use an anesthetic for this seemingly painful procedure here's the response typically not however it is available if the detainees request that most detainees prefer to use standard all of oral to lubricate the two us of her szell's are trying to make it sound like it's not as bad but here's how one of the detainees a yemeni man somewhere in r.g. all house on the bell describes what force feeding actually feels like i will never forget the first time they passed a feeding tube up my nose i can't describe how painful it is to be force fed this way as it was thrust it made me feel like throwing up i wanted to vomit but i couldn't there was getting in my chest throat and stomach i had never experienced such pain before i would not wish this cruel punishment upon anyone we also asked
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the kuantan official how many detainees resist the procedure and how many give their consent to it and he won't be. saying the majority of the detainees report compliantly and do not resist detainees are given a choice to eat a hot meal drink the liquid new trend or be enthralled fed the detainees see the choice differently take a listen. when they come to force me into the chair if i refuse to be tied up they call the team so i have no choice either i can exercise my right to protest my detention and be beaten up or i can submit to pay in full force feeding for most people these detainees are out of sight out of mind as sudden as it is they see physical suffering as the only way to draw the world's attention to their plight we can't hear their voices but here's what they write i'm doing this because i want to know my destiny i cannot abide not knowing anymore i just hope that because of the paid we are suffering the eyes of the world will once again look to guantanamo
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before it is too indefinite detention is the worst form of torture respect us or kill us it's your choice the u.s. must take off its mask and kill us the obama administration doesn't want inmates to die but neither is it in a rush to give the detainees their lives back in washington i'm going to check on iran one hundred forty people from the u.s. navy's medical personnel are performing these procedures well to talk about the kind of health effects the hunger strike could be having on the prisoners amount joined by dr years of brody he's a clinical psychologist years of i know that it's difficult to speculate on specific cases but broadly speaking what is the psychological impact of going without food for so long. i think it's not good and any time that anybody is subjected to these kinds of practices it's not good physically or psychologically but it's difficult to speculate on exactly what
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that's going to mean for any individual person now the u.s. navy the medic team there they say it is providing humane high quality medical care to the prisoners and i'm quoting that so why is it being criticized because it's there clearly to help save lives isn't. this is something that's closer to punishment and torture with medical devices than it is to health care i mean what is the goal of the military doctors actually is it to prioritize the welfare of these prisoners or is it to make the situation for the institution in which they work for more can more convenient in this case it's the latter clearly and you know this is a huge this is not a humane way to treat people in any doctors or nurses or other medical professionals who are asked to participate in this form of treatment they call it should refuse to participate you question it being called treatment some are saying
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it's torture but is that not going to fall. well it is a cruel and abusive practice and any time that you subject people to any kind of medical procedure without their consent in restraints. as a form of punishment which this looks like if we take the perspective of the prisoners . who are in a situation where they have no other choice and striking is the common form of protest those defended by human rights organizations and medical the medical ethics groups around the world in every subject people to that. it's not really helping them is it but wouldn't it be an ethical and human rights violation if they let them die well again this is a form of protest this is not a medical problem at this point these people have a right to do with their bodies what they want to do they're being indefinitely
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detained many of them eighty six of them have been cleared for release or transfer they can't go home they really have no other choice and the only thing but they can choose to do is what to put into their bodies are not put into their bodies and they're protesting this indefinite detention and they are trying to raise awareness for their cause and what you may call the allegations by some detainees that being sexually abused during invasive body search is what the prison guards really be doing that. well you know that's something that's difficult to speculate on but i can tell you this is not entirely unusual in prison but why would you be carrying out an invasive body search if you've been incarcerated in somewhere like guantanamo the most high security prison in the world i'd imagine what what would they be hiding well let's a good question i mean one thing that we you know. there's an experiment in one
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thousand nine hundred eighty one is that whenever you put people into hierarchical structure and one group of people has all the power and the other group of people no power then it's a situation. there needs to be serious oversight it's not that kind of abuse doesn't end up being clinical psychologist years of pretty thank you very much for joining us live here on. well now the united states is running up really quite a bill by keeping one they open one hundred fifty million dollars per year that's how much the pentagon is spending on the facility now that's roughly a million per prisoner compare that to the cost of regular inmates housed within the u.s. you're seeing here and to put that into perspective the average american citizen makes nearly eighteen times less than what the government pays for each guantanamo prisoner. will stay with us here on r.t.
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because we've got more extensive coverage of the content of the hunger strike including a firsthand account from a former prisoner and also a legal perspective from a military lawyer. interview . the right to see the little search trick.
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and i think the church. doors. instrumental the little. being the little. we continue our in-depth look at the hunger strike a gone to my bay which is into its six month was i'm begging spent nearly two years at the prison he joins us to talk about his experience there just tell us briefly what was your stay like at the prison give us an idea of what the conditions were like and what life was like there. most of my time spent in solitary confinement which meant being in a cell that measured eight foot by six foot which was windows us at the time i
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didn't have any access to any meaningful communication in my family i had no knowledge of if i was ever going to be charged tried i wasn't at that time no noise were allowed so it had been at least two and a half years and there was no law no concept of of facing any legal proceedings in addition to that. being sometimes paraded around inside a cell that was slightly bigger just for recreation. and so forth. all of those. were what was the it was like when i was there and what i don't like now that the situation has changed a lot during that time they would you claim that you were tortured or abused well i say that everybody who had been held in guantanamo has been tortured or tortured or abused in one way i mean when i was first taken into custody it was the most torturous process i think that any person could ever imagine meant being stripped
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naked it meant being in basically your body bags that cavity searched as they call it now being a hair shaved of being punched and kicked out of on. one occasion it was in the background facility before i went to the bottom or i was subjected to such a woman screaming i was literally it was my wife beater portrait so everybody necessity in torture in the worst sort of records is a psychological sort in which she was in solitary confinement and able to know what it is that you've done for which you paid the ultimate price which is your freedom you talked about this body searches and now we're hearing allegations that that actually included sexual abuse this is the latest coming out of the prison do you think there will be a fair investigation into that and do you think that is a fair charge from what you know. certainly i think every prisoner will say that he has had invasive cavity searches i think this is across the board some hundreds and you know men if you'd asked them did this happen to you they would all say yes it
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happened to us if there is structures of detention this is the particular prisoner thing is there is you know who it was from morocco the same precisely this but of course it's a violation of his dignity and he's believed that the term rape has been used in its broadest sense meaning that objects have been inserted into a personal tour extremely painful and of course the great to. these reports coming out of guantanamo one ex military official has said that in effect it's encouraging retaliate for attacks and indeed is a recruiting ground for al qaeda is he right. well it's bizarre isn't it president obama recently went and visited robben island and he actually was in the cell where nelson mandela was and he actually wrote in the business book the nothing can break the strength of the human spirit not even shackles or chains but he forgot to add of course unless you behave how you happen to be in our shackles and chains and in ourselves of course this is the sort of thing that will make people angry but if
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you look at the the over six hundred prisoners that are being released from guantanamo almost every single one has returned not to begin a month of terrorism and recidivism as they call it but actually to stretch their hands and out across to follow the guantanamo soldiers guards and interrogators that for the want of gods come to my house and meet the children and the they prevented me from seeing when they were born so this is the sort of nature of the one prisoners who are extremely forgiving and just briefly those hunger strikers it seems that they're prepared to die during your time there did you think you're perhaps die in guantanamo and will they achieve anything by this hunger strike just briefly. i think many times that the the in this administration there suggested to us i was just what was told that if i had thought about committing suicide and they told me how i could commit suicide if i felt some doubt so clearly the prisoners moved along since that point but clearly prisoners have died that night people have
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died on them or if the hunger strikes continue in the way that they are then the force feeding is not the solution the solution is to give them justice and that's the reason why they're doing it they're not doing it because of all the abuses those are peripheral they're doing it because it didn't help of a twelve years that almost without charge or trial and any normal legal normative system was embodied former guantanamo bay detainees thank you very much indeed for your time. well on air and online as well we're extensively covering the ongoing hunger strike there in guantanamo bay prison you can log on to our web site to follow every day the protest continues the guantanamo timeline it's all on dot com and here's a report she looks at president obama's failing attempts to keep his promise to close the camp. as president i have tried to close gitmo i transferred sixty seven detainees to other countries before congress imposed restrictions to effectively prevent us from either transferring detainees to other countries or imprisoning
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them here in the united states this statement coming from the person many referred to as the most powerful man in the world may sound sincerely frustrated but many believe it has little honesty to it president obama has been blogging obvious he's been claiming that he can't do anything and that's simply not true he's operating a droll assassination program claiming he has the power to do that is present the united states and yet somehow he's claiming that he doesn't have the power to close down a military prison and he's the commander in chief of the united states armed forces is not a bit strange the official and most often cited reason for not releasing prisoners even the eighty six cleared of all charges they have no place to go especially the so-called indefinite detainees terror suspects considered too dangerous to read go but impossible to try in either civil or military court well actually because evidence supporting claims of their terror activity has allegedly been received
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through torture and interrogation which cannot be used as evidence in court the very existence of these men was shrouded in secrecy with the u.s. officially revealing their identities only several weeks back after they'd been entertainment for years there are still those who believe being held in guantanamo is tantamount to staying at a luxury resort in tropical paradise i don't know that there's a terrorist treated better anywhere in the world than what's happened at one time we've spent hundreds of millions of dollars to build a facility that has more comforts than a lot of americans get but despite claims that on top of me is just sort of a vacation cap perhaps of its exotic location it remains one of the world's most notorious prisons where people are held without trial for years and the conditions are such that inmates choose to go without food for five months rather than accept the conditions they're being held in in cuba r t. for legal comment on the hunger strike in going to the moon i'm joined by. barry wing god he's currently
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representing a day today in the at the facility. your client is on hunger strike what is his condition at the moment. well his his condition is very poor actually he's been hunger striking since the first week of february as we had told you at the end of february back when camp officials were denying that there was a hunger strike on his condition is weak he feels very very much pain as a result of what's going on recently they started to forcefeed liquid through his skull into his stomach he reports that he feels as though he's gaining weight but that he fill sick to his stomach and i mean his condition is as bad as i've seen in the past five years having been his attorney and also allegations of other abuse sexual abuse the prison is the military investigating these charges of told you know nothing about that. well i was in guantanamo bay last week and i can tell you
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the only noticeable things that i've seen on the ground is the public relations effort that the camp officials are under it's under way and basically what happens is that the public relations group in guantanamo bay they get new new media people every monday they stay there from monday to friday they never talk to a prisoner it prisoner and they report the whole and complete story of the official story that the military wants them to report i find it very difficult to believe how anybody with a good conscience can actually do a report of one ton of obey without even talking to the prisoners and trying to ascertain their conditions other than the official story that the camp officials want you to report i mean it's ongoing and it's book solid between now and the end of august as far as the ethical part of the hunger strike and the force feeding i mean my client reports to me look this is a peaceful demonstration that we organized it's not to be violent it's not to hurt anybody other than us as to why we've been here eleven and
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a half years without the opportunity to not only not defend ourselves but not even be told why we're here at all so i mean the fact that the military looks at this as some sort of insurrection my client would say to them it's not an insurrection it's to protest are our hopeless situation which isn't getting better even after the president's speech in may and force feeding is seen as a violation of human rights but letting the prisoners does i wouldn't that be unethical in the violation of human rights. well you have to understand the condition that these men are currently n. i mean they've been in guantanamo bay guantanamo bay how seven hundred seventy nine men of those seven hundred seventy nine over six hundred have been released now the u.s. government promises us that if they can use evidence obtained through torture they can prosecute up to twenty individuals that's twenty individuals out of seven hundred seventy nine i say to you to guantanamo bay today is not about justice it's never been about justice and the fact that they've done seven proceedings in eleven and a half years it will never be about justice these men have a right to have
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a peaceful demonstration and to have their discrepancy heard they've been there eleven and a half years and they have no hope and their home countries don't seem to be coming to the rescue i mean to wait the strongest ally that america has sets on the sidelines and watches while it hosts thirteen thousand american soldiers we say kuwait what would happen if the situation were reversed i mean we need you to get involved we need people to stand up we need the humanitarian thing to occur what would happen we are a million miles beyond hypocrisy in guantanamo bay no talk about the legal aspect just said recently the courts have no power to hear such a case is there any other sort of legal oversight or told over what's going on there at guantanamo you're a lawyer that doesn't look as if all avenues are completely blocked. well no i mean the federal judges have entertained havey as petitions and in fact we were winning the hay vs petitions by a margin of about three to one until the d.c.
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circuit court shut us down there so the hope is this point if you're hoping for the military commissions to come along and do some justice in guantanamo bay that's not going to happen but what's probably going to be the ultimate way for these men to go home outside of in a coffin is by public pressure one and two hey b.s. petitions being refiled once american forces withdraw from afghanistan in two thousand and fourteen look we understand that guantanamo bay is there because we're fighting the emotion of terror internationally but that the fact that we're fighting something that can't be conquered in the fact that guantanamo bay remains open is still unjust and should be rectified immediately we can't allow this this humanitarian violation to continue and of course you got a few months ago we saw congress you're going to face the argument that surely releasing these people or transferring them does actually pose a substantial risk that in there for nothing so many would argue well i would
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say to you that ninety eight percent of these men eleven and a half years later have no charges against them let me say that again i think that's a critical point ninety eight percent of these men have no allegations against them let alone them ever hoping to get a trial that's ninety eight percent the military has promised us that they can do up to twenty prosecutions to zero prosecutions of the seven hundred seventy nine men who've been held there over half of which even today over half or cleared for release so to say we can't release them because they might do something in the future is completely ridiculous just briefly. he's constantly promised to close the prison there he is the commander in chief of the military people can't understand what is stopping him what is just briefly. well i think there's a sense in washington d.c. that you know we don't care whether these men did anything or not they're going to
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stay in guantanamo bay forever because it's good for us politically and that is completely the wrong answer you know if president obama wanted to he could at least attempt to stop the hunger strike i was then guantanamo bay last week and i saw no indication of any action to even end the hunger strike let alone send these men back home or give them justice in some form military attorney. thank you very much for your time live there in washington. thank you. is not a surprise to me that we've got problems and once during a time of budget cuts we spend one hundred fifty billion dollars each year to imprison one hundred sixty six people did most become a symbol around the world for an america that was the evil. more news for you in just over half an hour from now in the meantime after this short break if you have not said discuss is tyranny and the global quest for power
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with a member of saudi royalty. as a person who lives in russia i get asked very often why automatic console fat well are americans actually fat or is this just a myth from some hater countries the centers for disease control have declared obesity to be a disease that's a twenty point nine percent of adult americans are obese and that is an all time high people blame the sedentary lifestyle as the cause yes if you were out all day at work and then all evening after driving home sure doesn't help your waistline but problems can have multiple causes and the authors of the book rich food poor food believe it could be tied to eight foods that are allowed in america but are banned in many other countries across the globe some of these chemicals and
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techniques and foods that are banned by some other countries are a less strong which is in many snack products which lowers carol worries but kills your body's ability to absorb minerals brought me to flour which saves tons of time for the baker but beats up your internal organs and of course our good old friend synthetic growth hormones which are in livestock which have been linked to cancer big problems really have some. solutions you can run around and exercise as much as you like but if you're being pumped full of these chemicals that are illegal in much of the world well your chances of fitting into that bathing suit are ironically slim but that's just my opinion.
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and i welcome to sophie and co i'm so think shevardnadze today we're looking at what's going on in the arab world including egypt where the president has just been forced out of power. the egyptian revolution cycle has moved on and turned on itself morsi is forced from power by a popular cruise because the people and the army celebrates unity. political islam is egyptian presidency lies in ruins drowned by the voices on top hear. how
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the arab spring zouaves broken on egypt what will be exposed if they roll back across the arab world where the arab spring is demands coerced. but chances do multi-faith societies have under political islam we speak to a woman of arabia a princess of the east. our guest today is her royal highness saudi princess best not been saudi activists. writer and a business woman and she joins us live from london your world and it's great to have you on our show today thank you it's nice to be on your show and on the russian t.v. for the first time so was that from the latest news we're witnessing a coup in egypt where military have taken power but half of the population and that's millions are celebrating is just really a military coup or the victory of the people now i think it's actually both.
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the victory of the people is the victory of the army itself because maybe it's very foreign to other people to know that the army and egypt has for so long protected the people. you know sworn on protecting the people rather than the government so this is not actually something unusual for the army. by the people. and since most he has. been powered by a democratic election. the army is told very hard to be independent and mr mercy has fought very hard to have the army under his power so i think it's just a very normal reaction from from the army to to be where he is and. definitely celebrating that there are. certified his
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identity and kept away from from the political game and what about the muslim brotherhood i mean it's a very well organized political machine well entrenched in their region with millions of supporters how do you think they will react to the coup the overthrowing of their man well actually it's nothing i have to mind you and i have to remind everybody that the muslim brotherhood ten years ago. was considered a terrorist party and it's hasn't been recognized by the. slavic. community in egypt or an arab world except recently so we've not actually as if we're talking about a very great party that's been in power for such a long time it's really it's been considered as a as a. terrorist party for a long time since i've been nasser so what i'm saying is that the muslim
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brotherhood shouldn't be very surprised about their short. power being in power because they were not supported by the egyptians observe since a long time it's not the short notice. alarm to the egyptian people if this is the word because the world doesn't know doesn't know the egyptian culture doesn't know the egyptian history doesn't know the egyptian the muslim brotherhoods history so rather. than really said a big thing the muslim brotherhood failure i don't think by any means that this make brotherhood. is a political movement it is rather just movement part of decided by other powers in the world ok so what's not just muslim brotherhood in egypt political islam in general we see taking up the vacuum filling in the vacuum of the overthrown
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dictators of the arab spring states why is that. could never be tired and not backed by big powers. systems cannot survive on its own and this globalized world. and the fight over the middle east and its gas and petrol has been going on for the last. let's say two centuries we're just seeing the results of who want smaller right now rather than actually. meaning which is superior and divine which everybody has been singing in the last. two to three years funded out of spring it has nothing to do with with god it has nothing to do with equality it has nothing to do with humanity it has to do who has more power on the ground you take it you put another nothing changes if we don't gins the systems themselves we can never actually change whatever is happening in the middle east whether now in ten
2:37 pm
years of in twenty years the people will still be a rising like in iraq because. it was brought down in the name of democracy and ten years after the fall of saddam or do we see in iraq destruction wars bombs bloodshed and democracy. fighting over your day to day bread people and secured goods being great and this was never that happened in the time of saddam i'm not saying that saddam was a good one but i say what is the alternative we are making wars and revolutions we don't want not thinking about the consequences what is the solution what what can we put instead of morsi and more but all these tyrants because it all the same for me as a human being that all the same that all exercising the same power what i'm saying is if we don't put the system in place we are looking for
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a long term out of revolutions in the middle east that will never quiet in the end the country it would be and. it would be another iraq. the next one is syria so we're just creating. terrorism as we go along down down the way in the name of the more. so you think this could that just took place in egypt could actually spill over if the region i think it's one off and i think it's not it's not going to be the end in egypt. it's going to spill over the whole the whole. the whole region and it's not only the whole region and it's the whole globe that is undergoing a shift and economy europe spain greece the states. south america north america brazil look at look at the globe look at what's happening you have to connect things together you cannot just talk about egypt without talking about syria with the with talking about. brazil without talking
2:39 pm
about europe the economy everywhere is driving that evolution's and this is what nobody i have seen we are naming actually out of illusions by a religious show. but basically it's economic it's unemployment it's it's not giving the proper human human rights the social human rights security social security environmental security child security government security border security this is all our issues which are very important to do today person and we're not actually really addressing these issues we had at that are seeing issues and looking at the very secular way which is the political way which is you know naming religion is the cause of reform or order of illusion it is not it is economic and this is what you are seeing you know qatar and saudi arabia today
2:40 pm
expressed no objection to the military coup in egypt but they're supportive of hardliners in syria i mean they're pouring huge amount of money in weaponry into a country that's ripped apart by a savage war why such a dramatic difference in dealing with those states well i would like to ask that question myself you know that it is. so many contradictions even the states you know when we look at president obama's remarks about bringing down a modesty and seeing a democratic well you can say you know you can't say anything except it contradicts every single via bird and the human being in the middle east who should be seeing what's democratic and what's not if i do not actually exercise them democracy in my country if i do not exercise the thing in my country how can i ask it from other countries there's a lot of contradictions on the scene on the political scene and everybody is
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confused and confusing the masses by the messages they're sending from the top p five security. club. i call it the club but would you agree that the two countries qatar and saudi arabia are actually competing in exporting hard line islam to the region and thus you know it all comes out to control who will control the region through hardline islam well let me tell you something actually decided it could not do anything on its own there is support from different parts of the world for these things as russia is supporting syria so that it is against it so it's like a game it's like a football game everybody tends to put the ball in the other. person's field all governments feel it's a game of power and this is blankly you know name and naming get down to the court and distilling every single. agenda and the region to the core it's not about did
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it start up but it's not about it's about who has more power in the region and whether it is by islamic. democratic edge and what evidence you can put to it it is a fight for power. all right so we're going to take a short break now coming up next what's up for lebanon and saudi arabia how water tight is it when it comes to revolution stay tuned. the civilized world produces more food than it needs. well people die of hunger in
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other countries. millions of victims every year. where a meal is the most treasured. flood or droughts to blame. it was a bad year without a train. we couldn't plods anything with the one who would it all but there was great hunger. it was a good help comes too late and with no good intentions. charity diplomacy and business model to. a. wealthy british style it's time to go to the front. of.
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the markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report on our. goals. listen. the speed. limits.


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