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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 5, 2013 2:44pm-3:01pm EDT

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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our little bit. of both that go. to clear. the speed. limits good. fun.
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i would rather as questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why i can find myself larry king now right here on r.t. question more. safe sex.
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welcome back to sophie and co now apart from egypt syria is another very contested issue at the moment and we'll talk to her while highness princess boss might be and so what you know well highness you are a saudi princes who grew up in lebanon and is how syrian the syrian conflict must
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also be a very personal thing for you know what's your take on the whole thing definitely it's a you know i can never distance myself from my origins of my mother's actually background my family in syria i have a big family in syria that is suffering right now along with millions of other syrians i am here and i my heart goes to all the syrians including my family including two that i feel i have seen on the borders of jordan and of lebanon and my heart goes out to the governments who are responsible about such horrendous. genocides and i really mean genocides i've been there i've seen what is happening over there children are being spilt in the street and they're crossing the borders what do you mean under government i mean all the governments of the world whoever it is has that it has at its sponsibility about this thing about either the
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opposition or the government both of them and the games themselves and i think both of them if they have listened to reason before it had to grow clueless we wouldn't be seeing ten million refugees on the borders it's been a head game by both parties the opposition and the government and i think we we we should just sit down in that debate and think up. who is. benefiting from all this i'm sure the syrian people are not benefiting because i've been there i've talked to these refugees to talk to my family on a daily basis definitely that not happy from the situation and they say on a daily basis that if i can go back to my country i don't care what happens over there i don't care who rules as long as i want as i go back to under my roof this
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is the song that i've been hearing from mothers from wives from children. over the borders from the head of the tribes on the borders also of syria and jordan and whoever is really transmitting the picture in the media from both sides from the government or from. the opposition i'm not seeing what's happening down the street or they choose not to see it because it's really a tragedy it's a human tragedy more than you ever saw in afghanistan and iraq it's it's. it's a mass genocide that's what i want you to realize and the west it all comes down to assad should go what do you think should assad go. when it's a very hard question to ask on air i'll tell you something i'm not with us and i'm not against and i'm not to the opposition and i'm not against them i'm with the people of syria whatever the syrian choose. to have should
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have we should not be putting our heads and arms inside syria syria should solve its problems on its own like we we we should say to every country in the world they should everybody should choose their own country their own government their own solutions nobody should put his leg. inside other people's problems but unfortunately it seems like in case of syria they really don't have much say in what happens to them i mean about syrian people and that's that says a lot about both sides it says a lot about the opposition and that says a lot about the government. so i would i wouldn't be choosing either of them actually to be to be the spokesman of the syrian people and what lebanon when you talk it's a global thing what's going to happen in lebanon because people always talk about
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lebanon and how beautiful. it was back in the seventy's and that's also under threat of extinction right now especially with syria. have you know lebanon has the feel for everybody since a long time for the palestinians for this is that it is for the sea it is the feeling for every single war everybody fires his own battles on the land of of lebanon the most beautiful country in the world was and you know i grew up in lebanon and i grew up in those beautiful mountains and those in a society that didn't even know what religious. sects. rather than actually being christian or being a good muslim world or being whatever they give peace of peace for. themselves and when the game. started in lebanon and nine hundred seventy five and the army has engaged with the palestinian refugees. it started
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as an argument and that in the civil war so i think this doesn't happen actually just by accident it just happens by very very. clearly to. take the war for the head and that's why the civil war to this state never been for twenty years and. don't ever think the war has ended and lebanon is just a continuous war but in a different phase and a different face how do you regard saudi society right now because i remember you say that it is more backward for lack of a better word than it was an eighty's every year that passes i see things going back more and more back was the time. i really. really impressed by. two years ago his policies his governess of the of
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the society of so i did it took the woman straight ahead he put it on t.v. he has turned his death into those voices of extremists who would according to. to favor the woman you know. imprisoned them behind closed doors. he did not listen he went along with his agenda that i thought was. the court of. the people would not do and so he was acting as the bedouin who really was taught. as its basic form and any university that taught you stream ism and how to treat people in a very extremist way if you were up to you would be the first thing that you would change for women in saudi arabia. the very first thing well the
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first the very first thing is just establish. a woman. you know recognizing women as a human being. having. put on that list of. equal . and punishment and rights this is the first. which called for. rewriting of the. constitution or writing a constitution that because you have laws we don't have a constitution you are a very outspoken person how does the saudi royals react to that aren't you afraid that you may be called back to saudi arabia and punished for what you're saying or for you for what you're fighting for i do not. if you go out afresh and you say something. for the just as
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a truth i'm not fighting said that it be and i'm not fighting the law and i'm not fighting the government i'm not fighting the king i'm not fighting anything i'm calling quote unquote therefore that's what i'm calling for i'm not going in thought of that you should i respect my kink i respect my government for the government for the very wise men and. good abia that is a lot and a lot of men and women and my family and the government that know and exercise what i say what i'm calling for is the reform of the existence of them so that is no actually in my heart whatsoever of saying the truth and calling for the truth and if you go back to saudi arabia in government. there is a lot of misjudgment about i would country that is a lot of misjudgment about the people who come out in the media because that is so many to what's going on in our societies now everything is being unveiled you can
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go on twitter and see what people talk about and so you would really get to the core of the problem i'm not afraid of that because my family. the monster is people trying to troll and i'm a proof of that i've been writing in my country for seven is the same subject that i'm talking about right now and the. was all for it and he had encouraged me to say my own mind he was never actually against me and mean that it was and is not he's not right now there was a way i would have stopped a long time ago i'm caught in florida form and the and the executional. level not on the upper level and everybody knows that you're on mine unfortunately where you're out of time but it was really really wonderful to speak to you i thank you thank you that was her while highness saudi princess abbas not being solid and
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sophie and co i will see you next time. in us in this case the us and its founders on just about everyone in the world including its so-called friends and allies wanted in six tony global information dominance and this is being done we're told to fight terror wouldn't be better if the us monitored its intelligence community rather than snooping on the rest of.
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the. live.
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live. live . clinic. cut.
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if. breaking news the marti bloodshed in egypt at least six killed in nationwide on rest as the ousted president opponents and supporters take to the streets in rival rallies with the army cracking down on pro morsy protesters. five months of desperation in guantanamo bay the hunger strike drags on with prisoners failing to win changes to their plight is pressed on with force feeding. and south american leaders unite in support and condemnation lashing out at european countries for grounding the bolivian leaders plane with president murat is claiming the u.s. pressured them to do so our top stories this hour.


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