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tv   Headline News  RT  July 7, 2013 8:00am-8:47am EDT

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whistleblower on the run and word snowden could be having to latin america with the years of three countries they're ready to brand him political asylum this after his latest leaks revealed of brazil and russia have been targeted by the u.s. snooping program. egypt is rocked by deadly clashes between backers and opponents of the ousted leader mohamed morsi as russia's president putin warns against an escalation into all out civil war. and also this week with no sign of a let up and the one time obey hunger strike now it's six months prison guards are resorting to new harsh techniques to hand the standoff.
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this is r.t. coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshie it's four pm here him and we begin where the latest news stories as well as the stories that highlighted during this week now three latin american countries have said they're ready to grant asylum to edward snowden the leaders of believe venezuela nicaragua are offering a helping hand to the man who exposed the u.s. government's global surveillance web washington's aggressive pursuit of the whistleblower has prompted those leaders to rally around the former n.s.a. contractor arch is a nice now as more. i think snowden tsonga's places though with a latin american twist a glimmer of hope after living in limbo for weeks then as well as nicaragua and bolivia after the n.s.a. leaker asylum after the european countries rejected official request for most of
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the week if snowden himself didn't know where his future would be taking him then we certainly did and this really it was thought ecuador might be a possibility but president gray is sentiment toward snowden shifted suddenly saying their help with initial transport documents was a mistake then as well as my doro made his country stand clear this weekend saying snowden can come and live in the land of chavez quote away from the persecution of american imperialism but only after bolivia's ever morale us was detained and deny airspace over europe for some fourteen hours while his presidential plane was searched for snowden in an exclusive interview with our team around reacted to what bolivia called a kidnapping. and they think they can humiliate and subdue us by blackmailing us and dictate their own terms like they did before making us change our policies
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they're wrong we'll make our own decisions and they can't pressure us into doing what they want. latin america united with their condemnation social media rocketed with claims the u.s. was behind the move and europe a puppet washington remain silent they have made a serious mistake because this is just one more example of the way things are going to be not only throughout latin america but throughout the world already where you have powerful hegemonic totally disrespectful towards the national sovereignty of all countries even their allies snowden's leaks help reveal how the u.s. was cold war style tapping their closest e.u. partners even when you expose the truth even when you give it this truth to the people who are being spied on they won't step up and support truth so yeah it is a bit frustrating to see these european nations just kind of ignore this outright
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spying that's happening while searching for snowden at all cost and he's now a r.t. moscow nicaragua media have published what's said to be an official asylum request from snowden in a letter written last sunday or so take a look at what it says while snowden apparently says that here fear is u.s. prosecution after exposing his government's violations of the constitution and the un treaties the whistleblower doesn't think he'll get a fair trial and will face life in prison or the death penalty if he returns home snowden is currently unable to travel as his u.s. passport has been revoked he has published a statement accusing obama of using his citizenship as a weapon and i were active as norman solomon agrees with this saying washington's trampling on snowden's basic human rights. the conduct of the u.s. government including statements made publicly by president obama and vice president
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biden i think from the very beginning several weeks ago intended to deprive edward snowden of basic rights you know this until proven guilty first amendment and the freedom of speech that he had isn't titled you as are all american citizens so i think the statement by edward snowden is quite reasonable quite accurate and the united states from a tactical standpoint as the government has attempted to use the calling of those passport as a weapon and that's just wrong. spying revelations are coming out and this time brazil is in the spotlight snowden's leaks documents show that the country was a major target for u.s. intelligence russia china iran and pakistan are also highlighted as key data gathering targets this after some latin american leaders lashed out a washington jury a summit and believe while you were quiet accuse washington of political terrorism
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while venezuela's leaders said the united states actions show the extent of its control over european governments argentina's president said that the grounding of the believe in presidential plane on wednesday was a human rights violation committed by e.u. countries which usually promote them meanwhile aqua door is a leader rafael correa criticized washington for its colonial approach to latin america the leader of the host nation adam raw is also had plenty to say as a teen spanish correspondent brasier cigar via reports. rela said this all for it is a protest against the u.s. and some european nations speech has always been mostly anti american but now the u.s. is not alone since friends portugal italy and spain closed their ers base to believe us presidential blame europe has become the new un to be the also mentioned that now is the time for nineteen american countries to impose their own politics of
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course he was referring to the u.s. now we have clearly seen here on the streets in the puss these new onto your opinion feeling people are angry and their minds are going back to colonial times now if you put together colonial memories and does that skyjack episode the combination can be a bomb meaning it relations between a latino america and these four european countries might be meeting a new start i need may not be that bright so the e.u. nations trying to help the u.s. and its hunt for the very man who revealed that washington was able to listen to every word said e.u. offices brazilian masticate of journalist bob escobar says that these developments are bringing latin american countries closer together to all sort get that what so what twenty four well four hours before what happened to overboard i list there were outraged in serious it were being spied of all in
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a base in strength so it isn't out over the nato headquarters in the most outside of belt twenty four hours later they did what they did against evil without the leader of a small south american nations and now the united sounds so marriage against the u.s. it just is ridiculous but benteke role of the european focused on here looking for the latest on and we're now in or a mistake a development over the past few days we've got it all for you on our website so long onto our athena com for our timeline complete with fresh updates opinions and more. it's slid back into political deadlock this week mass celebrations after the country deposed its first democratically elected leader turned into deadly clashes between supporters and opponents of mohamed morsi a new interim government is slowly being formed but millions are fearful over what
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lies next for the country as well as leader now reports. egypt's back in the headlines but for all the wrong reasons a week of street battles mass crowds a divided country on the brink of civil war this is the street where the worst violence in cairo happened even thirty five people killed more than a thousand injured the mood is extremely tense friends family and supporters shouting crying a lot of emotion and the country's bracing itself for more u.s. issued military combat boots stand guard the newly installed all means not taking any chances if no clear government changes where the status quo in egypt is on the brink of disaster terms going up for egypt tonight's internet the real. real change is on the one side the millions who rallied for the ouster of the muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi they got what they wanted when on wednesday the
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army took over across the bridge those who want to reinstated both sides are talking war i want to say to the american states and to the wallet to the whole wallet to the west to europe be careful if you join the army there gyptian army or the head of the egyptian army to destroy the islamists that means that your turn in this country to up ways that will produce a lot of islamists i there's a strong feeling of deja vu after just a year in office the muslim brotherhood leaders have joined the predecessor imprisoned president hosni mubarak both now sitting in the same jail. america's betting on a losing horse by selling out to the islamists where is the america that calls for freedom why have they allowed this to happen does freedom mean shutting down islamic t.v. channels does it mean shutting down news papers minima hair watches events unfold from his balcony this cup question lives in an apartment overlooking tahrir square
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he says it's now each option pitted against egypt this. something that completes the first evolution. official position was incomplete but i have been. limited to retake control of the country for more than a year and then. fusion in a democracy in a very bad way by giving. the country to the muslim brotherhood which was the worst people to control the country this is after months of the and i would like you to join me in a journey through time travel back in time travel to unravel discoveries discover evolution that made egypt and the element that made egypt an evolution of a smooth city because one of the few taking advantage of the constant turmoil he offers foreign tourists a v.i.p. revolutionary to it includes a quick look at a few well the mostly through the cars window and now i'm so as spoken thanks to that evolution i used to stammer and stutter and flounder now you see my speech
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flows like a mighty stream momos like british people but most tourists are staying away while the country plummets unemployment's up and the egyptian pound is false musing it's already weakened value as supporters on both sides brace for more confrontations many fear the situation will only go from bad to worse policy r.t. . russia's president has warned the situation in egypt could ask the light into a much more severe conflict in syria because of which and syria is already engulfed in a civil war however sad it seems and egypt is moving in the same direction we wish the egyptian people can avoid this fate. well we caught up with a former head of the arab league who is now one of the top opposition figures in egypt on a most i'm told bell true that democracy is not just down to the ballot box. but the security forces the armed forces are trying to maintain law and order in the
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streets going forward. the way that would allow the country to be. back on track but moments after the ouster of mohamed morsy we had reports of hundreds of missing by that officials who were arrested the president himself was put on the house arrest with no communication t.v. networks were shut down people are calling this a military coup how can you defend everybody so millions of people pouring into the streets so it was not a coup it was a popular uprising if not the revolution that is not enough to be approving you and then you just sit and enjoy your life and let the people. i don't know how some people in. a. way of thinking believe that democracy is just the books the majority over there has the right to do or not
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to do anything how can you include the muslim brotherhood and its political parties like the freedom and justice party in the political roadmap of egypt if their leaders have been arrested yes yes egypt is in. unprecedented exceptional circumstances some precautionary measures would be taken but i hope it is for us and the rule of law that would prevail here watching our moscow coming up a genetically modified died for you or britain urges you to ease restrictions on g.m. products despite concerns that the government is treating consumers like guinea pigs . the civilized world produces more food than it needs. people die of hunger in other countries. millions of victims every. where in the bill is the
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most. flood or droughts to blame. it was a bad year without a train. we couldn't plods anything with that what we would there was great hunger. but was it that help comes too late and with good intentions. charity diplomacy and business want to.
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welcome back you're watching r t live from moscow the hunger strike again time a bay prison is now in its six months was no sign of a resolution guards at the u.s. military jail in cuba are resorting to a new harsh tactics to force an end to the protests reportedly slamming cell doors up to three hundred times a night to keep prisoners awake that's according to british inmate shakur on their sleep deprivation is allegedly linked to the upcoming ramadan fast when force feeding will be conducted at night and the detainees lawyers warned out in view of the inmates we condition keeping their wake at night could be highly dangerous out of the one hundred six prisoners that are now refusing food forty five are being subjected to force feeding the u.s. government has to fan of. practice in the face of criticism from human rights
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groups are going to count investigates. the u. one cost to the u.s. to stop force feeding guantanamo hunger strikers the practice is against international law and is seen by many as a form of torture and here is one thing first the guards strap the detainee down to a chair like this one then they put a mask over his face so that the detainee can't move bite or spit then the nurse snakes the feeding tube into nasal cavity the feeding tube which is roughly the size of a pens incorporates or this or this is not an actual feeding tube but it gives you an idea and this area is very rich in nerve endings and patients report extreme pain during the procedure and the nurse pushes the troop further down the throat creating a tightness that makes breathing difficult at that point patients typically feel pressure on their chest along some say it feels like they were drowning then the staff taped the troop to the detainees nose so that they can bite
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or swallow it and then two cans of nutritional substances are being funneled through the tube now we wrote to guantanamo and asked whether they use an anesthetic for this seemingly painful procedure here's the response typically not however it is available if the detainees request that most detainees prefer to use standard all of oral to lubricate the two you asked of are trying to make it sound like it's not as bad but here's how one of the detainees a yemeni man somewhere in r.g. all house on the bell describes what force feeding actually feels like i will never forget the first time they passed a feeding tube up my nose i can't describe how painful it is to be force fed this way as it was thrust it made me feel like throwing up i want to vomit but i couldn't there was getting in my chest throat and stomach i had never experienced such pain before i would not wish this cruel punishment upon. anyone we also asked the kuantan official how many detainees resist the procedure and how many give
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their consent to it and he went back saying the majority of the detainees report compliantly and do not resist detainees are given a choice to eat a hot meal drink the liquid new trend or be and troll fed the detainees see the choice differently take a listen to. when they come to force me into the chair if i refuse to be tied up they call the team so i have no choice either i can exercise my right to protest my detention and be beaten up or i can submit to pay in full force feeding for most people these detainees are out of sight out of mind as sudden as it is they see physical suffering as the only way to draw the world's attention to their plight we can't hear their voices but here's what they write i'm doing this because i want to know my destiny i cannot abide not knowing anymore i just hope that because of the pain we are suffering the eyes of the world will once again look to guantanamo before it is too indefinite detention is the worst form of torture respect us or
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kill us it's your choice the u.s. must take off its mask and kill us the obama administration doesn't want inmates to die but neither is it in a rush to give the detainees their lives back in washington i'm going to check on. eighty six prisoners at guantanamo have been cleared for transfer abroad but are still facing indefinite detention and u.s. officials are failing to address the root causes of the hunger strike as u.s. military attorney barry wingard explains ninety eight percent of these men have no allegations against them to say we can't release them because they might do something in the future is completely ridiculous look we understand that guantanamo bay is there because we're fighting the emotion of terror internationally but that the fact that we're fighting something that can't be conquered in the fact that one ton of obey remains open is still unjust and should be rectified immediately we
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can't allow this this humanitarian violation to continue i think there's a sense in washington d.c. that you know we don't care whether these men did anything or not they're going to stay in guantanamo bay forever because it's good for us politically in that it is completely the wrong answer you know if president obama wanted to he could at least attempt to stop the hunger strike i was then guantanamo bay last week and i saw no indication of any action to even end the hunger strike let alone send these men back home or give them justice in some form. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world a deadly blast struck pakistan's eastern city of lahore and saturday night killing four people officials say dozens more were left injured by the explosion which ripped through a busy street it's the first attack of its kind in lahore in over three years.
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but we say at least fifty thousand protesters marched in islands capital against government plans to legalize abortions for women with life threatening pregnancies the bill was drafted after doctors refused to use the procedure on a woman having a miscarriage she died one week later with courts ruling down the doctors decision was responsible the irish constitution outlawed abortion in nine hundred eighty six with multiple governments refusing to review the article even for extreme medical emergencies. one person is dead and sixty more unaccounted for after an explosion which devastated the canadian town of luck mackenzie and ana tan a train pulling seventy tankers of petrochemicals roll into the town center do rail then exploded leaving inferno which completely destroyed the town center
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a minor environmental disaster is also fear as light crude oil is said to have poured into the nearby river. jordan has charged radical islamist preacher of tata with terrorism after he was deported from the u.k. tata arrived in amman on sunday after a ten year legal battle to extradite him from britain is known as a key figure in al qaida linked to videos and was viewed as a national security threat. britain is pushing for a lift of the e.u. tight regulations on genetically modified food with the country's environment secretary saying g.m. farming is actual of the alternatives but despite government ministers apparent enthusiasm for by attack parliament's cafeterias have banned g.m. products from their menus now g.m. products are usually associated with staple crops like corn and rice but can find
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their way into many items ranging from need to milk and chocolate around ninety percent of all biotech seeds are owned by the u.s. giant mint santo which is accused of stifling small businesses and driving some farmers to ruin and even suicide meanwhile the alarms being raised over the health implications of genetically doctored food ranging from simple allergies to deadly immune system problems are just bully boy who investigates. it's controversial but britain's environment secretary says that the public should embrace genetically modified food is a hard sell the campaign is say it's dangerous to human health whereas the scientific community supports the technology and if it is a safe as they and the government assure it is and the argument for g.m. food is quite compelling it would allow farmers to grow crops in tough conditions and thus help to feed hungry mouths around the world the u.s.
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and brazil already must have produces of the stuff and the british government says the u.k. shouldn't be getting left behind talk more about this i'm joined by dr robert he's the founder of the alliance for natural health which campaigns against g.m. foods. there are a billion hungry mouths in the world and we're being told that this technology is safe shouldn't we embrace it in that case well if you look at all the real developments in raising eels it hasn't actually occurred through g.m. it's occurred through conventional breeding practices and we know that the european authorities have probably one of the most comprehensive evaluation systems compared with other parts of the world but only two crops have actually got through the net for cultivation over fifty have been approved for consumption but of course the majority of it is given to animals and not to humans what are the risks in this case how is it dangerous to human health there's been a lot of g.m. produced of course a large amount of it going to animals but the u.s. population has been eating a lot of g.m. corner a lot of g.m.
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soy and they say well we can't see the effect we believe looking at humans as guinea pigs is not a great way of doing it particularly given the fact that we're only looking at really one or two generations of exposure why is the government so keen to develop this technology in that case and who would be benefiting from it if they did there are about a half a dozen companies that are the key players in this areas of which monsanto is the biggest and they've been putting huge pressure on governments they're all doing that the biggest problem is concentrating the agricultural research. and particularly seed supply in the hands of a few companies and these companies have a lot of sway with the major governments in the world including the u.k. government many thanks for your comments was one environmental group said the british government's attempt to get g.m. food back on the menu is like flogging a dead horse and despite any of the scientific arguments for it one thing that you couldn't argue with is that g.m. food just doesn't have a good reputation
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a survey last month showed that only twenty one percent of the u.k. population supports the technology pretty boy artsy london. now let's take a look at what our online team of picked up today for you snail mail spawning if you saw you could hide from big brother by avoiding email in favor of traditional letters you're in for a disappointment new reports show the u.s. postal service has been working alongside the intelligence services for decades was mail workers photographing letters and packages before they are delivered so i had to r.t. dot com for the full story. antarctica's lake vostok scientists are getting excited over a new discovery finding thousands of life forms in the isolated body of water that's been cut off from the outside world for millions of years had already dot com for more on that. well after the break here in r.t.l. look at halfords to tackle mass starvation in the horn of africa that's next here
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in our. south carolina is playing around with the idea of using shane plates which are license plates that can display special messages the department of motor vehicles would have complete access to all these plates and be able to display text on them like suspended uninsured amber alert or stolen you know i actually don't mind the idea of using shame as a punishment i guess it could be a real deterrent to have drunken loser written over the license plate of someone who drinks and drives in fact drugged driving plates have been in place in some states for a while but the problem is that more often than not shame penalties aren't the punishment for a crime but just a bonus one in my native ohio you can go to jail for three to thirty days and have
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your license suspended for one to three years for driving which is a brutal punishment in a country where everyone drives to work you see people are already punished for drunk driving and in america when you pay your debt to society i.e. you get out of jail you're supposed to have a clean slate but the bonus license plate suspension and possible punishment plates make this a triple sentence ignoring the fact that the government will be able to practically display words on your person like a brand on cattle is bad enough but multiple punishments for the same crime seems like a bit of a she think to me but that's just my opinion. in
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july two thousand and eleven the horn of africa was struck by a wave of famine. again our screens were flooded with images of a may see that africans. over
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thirteen million people in somalia kenya ethiopia eritrea and djibouti are once again threatened by famine. the u.n. approaches the international community for immediate food aid.
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and. you know really children from the most horrific that we've seen over the years that. we grew up learning about africa is hunger problems. that the african people always suffer from hunger and the so-called developed world always stands food.
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is there perhaps something wrong with the food aid mechanism. if you're looking at all this money that has been pumped into the fifty's and you're still starving. then it means that something is not right incomes or the interest of those who are putting to be assisted in kenya or any other african country to improve their food security one of the hate public. will be pumped. and you can see it's going to be many ways because it becomes almost like. a business. will you see report to do what. it given once you can put together speaking we're looking at a very wealthy continent which has been now sustained into public t.v. just before the aiding the street and that's why we need to put two and.
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approach both language. as i would you know changing the predicament. the african people. to. yeah. yeah. yes. northern kenya was one of the regions affected during this recent famine
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wave. the land is arid and barren. that was. how i never was never a good lover i am the turkana are this region's inhabitants one of kenya's most traditional tribes that were never. forgotten my. dad did that with. their nomadic pastoralists. for centuries they have learned to survive on this harsh land depending on the rain periods. i. might never find that way yet. i. but
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in recent years the ongoing droughts threaten their very existence. i guess that. in northern kenya we had a year with basically no rain at all to come in a region as seen. successive droughts of the past few years and what we're seeing is the stress getting more and more frequent and the rain is becoming less and less common. left many of the enemy is very very weak so people didn't have that didn't have the usual income. of. manu titian level is really short or. what the global acute malnutrition rate is fifteen percent in some areas of true country it was up to fifty seven percent that is more than double.
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the. yard work i had to go to. i mean to go to not five and they all died. even then we couldn't eat them. yet out of the hole in my small field was of no help the seeds died before they could sprout. a year young it was a bad year without trained we couldn't plant anything. there was great hunger. even the wild fruit became rare. while my sister died last year during the long drought. she was old
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and as there was no food. no she died and i came to take care of her children. there was no food or water because it was too dry and a lot of the. animal immediately there. you probably know how bad it was last year on the way most animals died. you get this is a man's tomb and the other two are womens. they died of hunger. there was no food and the government didn't help.
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if hope would come sooner would these people have been saved a year darl they guess they would be alive and these tombs wouldn't exist you've gone. up she was complaining that she was hungry and thirsty for a while arguably. all of the above with she couldn't sustain herself. not but everybody knows we need food and water to live. it with it in. how long after her death did the food arrive. after five months.
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it is chilling to say the least to hear that the two thousand one drought had been predicted and that lives could have been saved if the system functioned differently the drug does not happen just like switching on and off of electricity. drugs is something that comes with being a period of time. after ethiopia's famine in one thousand nine hundred fourteen one thousand nine hundred five which left one million victims the us created
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a forecast system for dangerous droughts in order to avoid similar tragedies in the future. in two thousand and ten the system had already warned of things to come. yeah we saw it coming and we've been warning for months before you know people were paying attention death sometimes to a problem you know the problem often with the world attention is that sometimes. people only play pay attention if you see the dying children. but our warning systems nowadays our knowledge is so sophisticated we know months in advance we've been warning about this since the for the before the crisis happened and because we
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could see that the rains weren't good enough. but people were left to starve. they had to die before the international community was mobilized. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find why i feel larry king now right here on r.t. question more. right
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on the scene. first street. and i think that you're. on a reporter's twitter. and instagram. to be in the know. on all. good.
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the problem is that it's government spiced national and international donors so also the dismounts are intrinsic. during its always act as quickly as they can. and it takes months. t.v. screens to really mobilize public opinion and get governments and politicians interested in the crisis. when it becomes of more interest to the international media then you tend to get a very strong public response which is extremely helpful which pushes the
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politicians into action because when the public has about it then the politicians know they need to to respond because. their public expects them to do something. unfortunately you know action could have been taken at the start of two thousand and eleven or earlier in the year. vick should really have stopped it becoming such a big crisis but unfortunately. far too often the action isn't taken until it's too late and so people are already suffering. and it's not the first time that the turkana people receive help. international
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organizations and n.g.o.s have been visiting their area for the last fifteen years . and they always welcome them with joyous songs am. i am. a lot. about milo no no no no. no no no no no i didn't. provide them with food that.


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