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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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deadly divisions in egypt fifty one people were killed in cairo at a muslim brotherhood rally you with the army denying it fired shots and blaming terrorists sparking fears that the country could slide into violence and chaos. and that with the germans and i say whistleblower edward snowden claims american intelligence has been working hand in glove with berlin and its secret surveillance program. and mali gears up for its post-war presidential election amid concerns that the fragile security situation could collapse back into chaos we report from inside the west african nation struggling to return to normality.
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this is are you coming to you live from the russian capital i'm marina joshie welcome to the program edge of find itself on the brink of chaos more than fifty people have died during a mass sit in in support of the ousted president mohamed morsi the muslim brotherhood claims security forces used live rounds and tear gas against the crowd join dawn prayers outside the republican guard headquarters but the military blames the gunfire on terrorists are supposedly or has the details from cairo the situation here in egypt is deteriorating and deteriorating phosgene time at nasa city with these clashes happened is enough don the military has posed the whole area and as a result ambulances on unable to reach the injured inside we are hearing that a makeshift hospital has been say to eyewitnesses they saying that bodies are literally being laid out on the ground doctors also telling us that many of the
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people have been shot in either the chased a hit and many of them have actually been fired at from. behind now among the date is at least one woman and five children including a six month old baby these reports to correlate with what we're hearing from the muslim brotherhood who says that it was holding peaceful dohrn praise it was holding a peaceful sitting in front of the military barracks where to believe that president morsi is being held when the group was suddenly fired on by the army and as a result the brotherhood is calling for an uprising it says that this is a massacre it is calling for international intervention to prevent the situation here in egypt from descending to quote in another syria the army has a different version of events they say that protesters stormed the barracks and that armed gunmen and to quote the military terrorists took aim either way certainly live ammunition was used a lot of tear gas and a deadly fatality this that just keeps climbing rough is that the situation were escalating either into martial law into some kind of civil war or possibly both
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both sides now are calling for the protesters to come to the streets we're keeping an eye on this we are concerned that they will be mass demonstrations again today we're hearing from the al-noor party which is the second largest islamic party they have withdrawn from negotiations in light of these killings and this is this is posed a huge setback for the interim president who's been struggling for days to try and create some kind of interim government to manage this country so against this growing violence and this growing anger on the street you have an interim government that simply unable to even establish itself forty percent of this country lives below the breadline which is some three dollars a day one of the biggest criticisms against morsi is that he spent his first year in office consolidating his own power rather than trying to address the economy and improve the daily lives of people living here and so he this is going to have to be one of the issues that this new interim government if it's ever created addresses those who can have long since lived trading cairo for quite
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a sure it's amidst this real estate broker panicked job is finding homes for those with. cash to pay up front but now she's thinking of closing up shop because business has never been this bad this sort of when you want to launch a new project in real estate everything is put on the whole it stops foreign buyers don't want to come and invest in egypt lack of security lack of parliament lack of unstable governments so. we do nothing but just help the way economists say it's no surprise president morsi was overthrown he spent his first year in office tightening his grip on power rather than trying to rescue the country's floundering economy food prices have rocketed the country cannot pay off its debts to major oil companies and forty percent of egyptians live below the poverty line on less than three dollars a day on top of that major international investors have pulled out and sold their assets the safest decision in a repartee deteriorating environment for the foreseeable future it looks like egypt
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will have a government that again is unable to as to policy and as a result unable to provide investors with the confidence that they would need to begin to sing it but here in tokyo square protesters are not sawing the western giants on leaving just how much i owe i think i already have made this call the some businessmen tells us he's fed up. before morsi was ousted and we're begging for the i.m.f. loan of about four point seven billion dollars a year now we don't want it when all is businessmen collectively decided to support the egyptian economy and one day we collected over fifteen billion dollars in donations or a large economy we can rely on ourselves but the facts tell a different story for each day these demonstrations continue the egyptian economy is forced to cough up another one billion dollars the ripple effect is more insecurity in an already unstable region if there's anyone benefiting from these
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revolutions it's people right here in tahrir square you can pick up whatever see. from years ok makes you want from slats to posters to key rings and even a coin code. maggie mohamed used to work as a sales agent but he's company was forced to shut down after mubarak was all stood for two years this has been his office the same spot on to his square business isn't brilliant but at least he can put food on the table. i couldn't find a job but after the revolution i came here so i could make a living or i have children and i just want to move. the egyptian flag is waved to both the pro and us it's about the only thing common between the two camps threatening to take egypt apart but if things don't improve soon the financial lifeblood of the country will be completely drained and whichever flagwaving group eventually prevails may find very mishal to celebrate policy r.t.
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cairo. well r.t. isabel true is also an edge of found out exactly what's motivating morsi supporters to stand up to the army. a lot of people are saying that it was the popular whale that pushed the comet mostly out of space what is your reaction to that actually. first of all i want to say that i am one of the people who went out in history in general going to school going through mubarak and we believe that. what is happening now is to get moved out of again and. i hope but split it in five elections among the last thirty months and if we want to proceed with a democratic way of ruling this state. and now we are being isolated by the military the military is trying to leave a big portion of the egyptian population they don't want to hear our voice they are closing t.v. the t.v.
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stations and they are arresting people without anything we don't have one suffusion that most of the people has approved only six months ago. well true also made her way to protest or sit in her city district of cars you can follow on twitter for the latest updates from there she managed to speak to some eyewitnesses of the events who described how they were targeted was live ammunition and how they skate . well we are extensively covering the events in egypt on our website so go online to r.t. dot com for the latest updates pictures and analysis. the u.s. national security agency is embed with germany and other western states when it comes to cooperating in a worldwide surveillance and that's the latest bombshell in the german media from whistleblower on the run edward snowden emerged during an interview he gave before fleeing to hong kong well snowden says agencies work together with no questions
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asked concealing their sources to protect top level politicians from public backlash all these statements appear to contradict what the german chancellor said about us moving practices angle merkel earlier slammed the n.s.a. as cold war tactics adding that spying on france is unacceptable germany's intelligence chief also insisted he knew nothing about the widespread surveillance carried out by the n.s.a. libertarian activist aaron conic says politicians have lied to their citizens and need to be held accountable. politicians and honesty that's an oxymoron that's a contradiction in terms we all know that and it is law it's all be part of the job they lie you fall the elections and they don't keep their promises soft about things that's not a big surprise one thing i hope is that the germans finally learn that the state is not of children we have to grown up we have to take that business into all one own
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hands you know in a country was us it was a house we have to understand we have the own nose and the government is nothing more than the city management can you imagine the management that hey and if you hire by yourself on the own list i suggest she starts out i think they have done the very bad chop and they don't deserve to be on management anymore. and that those revelations of american spy on european citizens have cast a shadow over an ambitious deal to revitalize transatlantic trade washington and brussels are eyeing the world's biggest free trade pact seen as an effort to seize their momentum from emerging economies which continue to show unprecedented growth pouring there just had. to appear before european banking system would start by and by the action since
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people feel believes that it's for the step in cyprus exposed to force a vote it to the right.
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welcome back here watching r.t. live from moscow now britain's government is moving to distance itself from brussels with m.p.'s planning to ditch roughly two thirds of e.u. impose regulations on the police force and the justice system but home secretary theresa may sound as u.k. will have to do some of those rules later on well let's get more on this from artists as our affiliate has a so what does britain actually want from its relationship with the e.u. . well the overarching theme here is that they want to repatriate powers back from brussels to the u.k. and specifically the home secretary theresa may had said that he wants to with who will prepare present proposals to work for britain to exercise its opt out option
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which is a drive in the lisbon treaty on the e.u. regulations relating to just as crime and the policing now one of the most contentious parts of. these regulations is the european arrest warrant which when issued by a certain country would require another country to arrest and send that person to the country that requires that person to face justice that those in favor of that opt out of exercising that all out say that the british britain actually sends out more people to other countries than it receives for people to face trial here and they're also worried about the human rights conditions that people are held in in prisons in other countries in the e.u. now those who are more in favor of staying the members of the entire regulation are saying well it's like shooting themselves in the themselves in the foot basically making policing and tackling crimes more inefficient and all of this happening on the back. that recent vote to pass through the house of commons three hundred and four votes to none in favor of that in or out referendum case number ship in the
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let's get more insight on all of this from a rory broomfield is director of better off out campaign and deputy director of the freedom association all right let's get right to it for first on what have you were fighting for freedom your euro skeptic but on the other hand you have the police the chief of police department dealing with europe white cases saying well this is going to make crime attacking quite inefficient whatever be better for the u.k. to simply remain and be a part of these e.u. regulations well it depends what type of regulation you talking about but if you're talking about the european the rest warranted there are serious concerns amongst people in the united kingdom about the conditions of justice which are. experienced by you can nationals that are transferred to countries in the european union as well as the process about which they are transferred which the european restaurant allows. certainly this is a concern because the u.k. judicial system works in a very different way to many member states of the european union and we feel that
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the u.k. should have the freedom to choose whether to extradite these individuals to the e.u. or not well this is just one of those regulations but looking at it on the whole it will be analyzed later on if indeed the u.k. opts out and eventually may opt in again so wouldn't opting out right now just create another barrier wouldn't it really make it just another hurdle to get through will indeed we look before the. european union because we are concerned that the future government whether it be labor conservative or any other color will actually go into these protocols and expose british nationals to experiences that they do not want and would not be held in the k. and ultimately this is something that would not happen we would not be hope. in to many of these regulations if we were outside the european union completely but there is that still up for debate for vote if and if it indeed does happen wouldn't
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this be very shortsighted on the part of the u.k. i don't think it would be sure so i said because the u.k. like any other country in the world will be able to. meet. and be between the member states and alternately have extradition treaties that fits both you know of the kingdom and the european union many other countries have with the u.k. currently the member states of the so it's freedom to choose rather than being forced to choose by another entity and just finally and very quickly if indeed the u.k. still ups in what has to work with its european partners in tackling crime this will be opting back and will be based on the approval of other e.u. member states in the might get as a difficult position indeed the opting in will be. on behalf of the u.k. by other e.u. member states which is something we do not want. the u.k. was able to make to us it would be able to balance for itself rather than having
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that decision made for it by another body elsewhere all right thank you very much for your thoughts there will be u.k. indeed there is a rise of your skepticism here we know about the in-out referendum and now these opting out of the e.u. referendum as far as the reaction of e.u. member states in the u.k. has already faced that criticism of cherry picking what it wants to be a part of germany has already raised some opposition into these into this opting out of e.u. regulations so that's where it stands right now. all right tessa thanks very much indeed for this hour he says are silly and rory broomfield heading better off out campaigning in the u.k. . a presidential election campaign has kicked off in post-war mali the west african nation is struggling to return to constitutional order after an as the most occupation and political crisis the transitional government has lifted the state of emergency in place since january and gave sweeping powers to the army during the french intervention to drive belgian forces
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out of the country's north thousands of un peacekeepers will be helping to maintain security during the vote set for july the twenty eighth france will be withdrawing most of its troops by the end of the year manny fear of mali is not ready for an election at a time when the round half a million people are displaced and peace is still very fragile arches maria finish them at some of the people trying to get their lives back on track after being uprooted by the war. and these people from a small village to the west of mali's capital may be muslim. but the also have the very traditional beliefs stretching back to their relations using notes to help predict the future and influence the weather you know looking at the. it's people like these who helped form africa's unique and diverse cultures but it's exactly these types who would have been
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a tree skirt and elevation had the militants who took control of mali's north in the name of radical islam also swept aside authorities here. have about a one hundred bar they say they are not muslims i don't like these people and other spiritual groups they think the same way if they find us they'll kill us. french troops intervened in northern mali in january as the insurgency made a push towards the capital two months later paris proclaimed the north for the rate hit but for some followers of traditional islam that was already too late. twenty three year old silly man from the gal region claims al qaeda linked fighters chopped off his right hand and left food after he a father of three and a muslim who prays several times a day refused to join their ranks and in a fit they brought the kid to a squirrel in the center of the gower they tied me up they gave me an injection and
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put a bandage here brought a knife like this and cut it. however some people from solomon's village claim has a speech which the radicals punish him for wonder cirilo they imposed or do so we're against their opinion that they don't consider the muslim they have their own interests and the world want that travelling to was the north we make no one who sympathizes with the insurgents and their rigid religious themes and that even goes for the next generation you want to fight against and why are they bad bad all of them lot of yes they are bad bad for our country. but when those ranges of shari'a law too cold to the north a significant number of mali ends either join them or help them. some suggest by they while it's militant. have capitalized on widespread poverty while others have been joining by they slogans. now many people who join the radicals understood they
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were mistaken and they've joined the side of the mali an army to fight against those people are you guys are afraid that these people will come back. they will not come back. ok oh why they will never come back to me. because mummy and france now here. that's fronts is drawing much of its bigotry and the very people paris claims to have driven out steven p. to be pretty much around the same groups that. claimed responsibility for a terror attack on a french strong uranium facility in neighboring new share while the very factors that allowed to their rise in the north proved to be a feeling of injustice and general frustration just to very much as it didn't. break. carrying the. police in the legal pleasure of the
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extremists who wish to. research it i don't. know when can we start. this sounding is the missing link to fate written otieno from mali. well let's now take a glimpse at what our online team of got for you today wondering there imani using cleanout argy the mafia is ramping up its investments and the wind farms to greenwash its illicit cash and benefit from subsidies so had to r.t. dot com to find out more. than a billion defense dollars down the drain as a u.s. missile interceptors show they are not up to the task of stopping ballistic rockets find out why it's been a frustrating five years for american missile defense projects over on our website r.t. dot com. the united states and the european union are set to hammer out
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a major economic pact which could create the world's largest free trade zone the deal will certainly have global implications but there are conflicting opinions on which countries will actually emerge as winners are sandra farmer has been investigating the potential repercussions. so on the face of it this trade deal sounds like a win win situation for the u.s. and the e.u. it would simplify trade regulations between the two and doing business across the atlantic would become easier and some experts predict their economies would each enjoy a one hundred billion dollars boost every year as a result so it sounds like a no brainer but it would also create loses within the e.u. economists warn trade between e.u. countries would shrink as american products gain a foothold in the u.k. and germany would benefit overall according to the ifo institute a think tank based in munich france wouldn't gain much and luxembourg would
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actually lose out but winners and losers would also emerge on the global stage chile and mexico rely heavily on the u.s. market but could be edged out by european competition other countries which might suffer a similar fate of canada australia and japan while west african nations supplying europe could find themselves unable to compete with american products creating the world's biggest trade bloc will reap economic benefits overall for the u.s. and e.u. but it will also redraw the economic map on an international level and that won't help everyone however there is still a long way to go before it becomes a reality hammering out a deal will not be straight forward with many differences on hundreds of issues to be settled on either side of the atlantic agriculture is one such hurdle the u.s. and e.u. have had epic trade battles over all my own treated the fifty genetically modified organisms and reaching an agreement on what can and can't be sold will be difficult
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is the same case for the car industry america and europe have different safety regulations and the question is can they find enough common ground so there are complicated issues to resolve although it is hoped some form of agreement can be reached by the end of twenty forty. now the free trade talks between the u.s. and e.u. come at a time when the western economic leadership is facing a tough challenge from emerging markets economist patrick young believes that no matter what they think of each other right now the deal is vital for both sides the u.k. in particular of put a great deal of store into the idea of creating a free trade agreement across the atlantic the united states of america under the obama presidency you have been seen to be pretty much anti business and anti free trade also one could say that the obama presidency on a broader basis is ultimately headed towards failure so you've got two prime ministers presidents heads of state who are each unbuckled and they want to create
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a win win situation it is an incredible opportunity for the frankly currently all full european union predicament canonically to manage to fight back the emerging nations of the world they're the benchmarks and hard to do exports right now if they're going to continue to grow whether this free trade agreement happens or not but ultimately the president of the united states of america and the european union can alter forward in the current economic circumstance where their lunch is being eaten by the emerging east not to come up with a do. and now as take a look at some other stories from around the world in southeast india a two story building has collapsed killing twelve people eighteen are injured and more are believed to be trapped under the rubble of the cd a white hotel local authorities have recently warned that several buildings in the area were unsafe but the hotel itself have been given the all clear.
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and protesters have gathered once again in libya's capital tripoli voicing anger against the growing influence of mercenary groups paid by the state they want the government to disband the militias and create a legitimate army and police force this comes after more danley clashes last week between two armed groups in the south of the capital so stay tuned for an interview with one of the architects of russia's economic strategy on it's next for the country. remember how all of a sudden out of one card protest group became world famous and then were completely forgotten by the next month yeah i'm talking about the feminist punk rock group pussy riot that performed a vulgar anti prayer and one of moscow's most famous orthodox cathedrals one
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possible reason for their explosive popularity in the media's eyes was revealed recently by a german actress on a book the actress claims a german t.v. chill's e.d.f. paid her a large undisclosed amount of money to come out on behalf of the activists banned show said on a t.v. discussion that she doesn't even remember what she said except for wishing them well with dealing with their incarceration it would be very odd for an actress to just make up a bribery scandal especially one she was complicit in but it makes you wonder just how many other people's e.d.f. may have been given a little extra motivation to cry travesty. overall i think the most important of what talbott said her public revelation is that she said that you know what it's a bit dumb when actors talk about politics and i couldn't agree with her more but that's just my opinion. of the. technology innovation all the developments around russia.
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the future covered. hello welcome to this edition of sophie in co the once economy is suffering the worst turbulence since the time of the great depression an attempt to stay afloat the western states come up with some of the most radical solutions but the question is is it working. at a time of mass protest and disenchantment in the global economy save itself from it so. short a gold charlene's wallpapers family. emerging giants.


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