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tv   Headline News  RT  July 8, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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we were actually involved in misleading the public and misleading all politics developing story tonight cia whistleblower edward snowden explains what pushed him to expose america's secret surveillance program in a newly released part of his interview. deadly divisions in egypt fifty one people were killed in cairo at a muslim brotherhood rally that sparked fears of the country could slide into chaos now we've got a report for you from a hospital on the front line of the violence. and the u.k. policy drift away from the e.u. the british government is planning to walked out of around one hundred european regulations on justice and the police will.
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follow them or it was noted a moment but let's start with egypt is how shall we egypt finds itself on the brink of chaos more than fifty people have died during a mass city in support of the ousted president mohamed morsi the muslim brotherhood claims security forces used live rounds and tear gas against the crowd during dawn prayers of side the republican guard headquarters but the military blames the gunfire on terrorists troops at a makeshift hospital for the wounded but we want to warn you that some of the witness accounts coming up featured here can't be independently verified. i'm here as a field hospital inside the city and it was a scene of bloody clashes between security forces and those still supporting our president mohamed morsy in the early hours of this morning speaking to the doctors here who were treating wounded they told me the first injuries that came in why
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from live ammunition they believed was the bullet wounds came in from the back and through the abdomen later they said they had superficial wounds that were just skin deep from possibly what's called him cartouche which is birdshot in addition people are being treated at the moment the suffocation off the tear gas bombs. women. seem right to the patients upright injuries most interesting to some back on those arms as i have seen part of sea level mission that we have. seen. maybe three point six speaking to eyewitnesses they tell me they were praying and in early in the morning when they had people chanting which means praise to god after that they saw armed groups they couldn't identify who they were he started firing on them and then the security forces apparently also started firing on them this is are unable to verify this is just speaking to eyewitnesses they say they've been attacked with live ammunition with bad shots and gas bombs as well the gates
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all been from our backs even before our prayers and they started fighting the bullets and they were the problem that there were many children and men women children couldn't breathe five of them died hundreds of bullets coming from the backs many people who fell to the ground and even when they fell to the ground we thought even fighting the and this is this is where they're being treated first of all before them leave the main hospitals behind me an old woman who's in her late sixty's her husband was arrested she was in tents condition to an old man who is in his late fifty's early sixty's he has a gunshot wound to his back and it's very chaotic a went on able to verify any of these accounts but the people here who are dealing with the injured say they've been overwhelmed by the. amounts of people coming in now with brains mean one apprentice in their time interstate threats be saying that even though that they feel that they're under fire from the military they want that president to be reinstated and they will stay here in the americans the army can add parts and say that they were tanks in the republican guard headquarters is just
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in front of me here by this incident they say the armed groups that supports the morsy had attacked them meanwhile the military helicopters continue to i circled the area and their army deployed in all the streets surrounding this city and including armored vehicles it's extremely tense here we don't know if these cost going to break out again let's not talk to political analyst dr committed to ganymede joining us in a line from detroit dr either i mean the last twelve hours or now here in egypt spring. muslim brotherhood calling on the brothers in arms to revolt against the army is this a direct call for violence as you see it a step further towards the breakdown that everyone's worrying about. i don't think it so that it calls for violence i think it's the day it's called for freedom we had an elected president and this elected president was overthrown by a military and when people go to the street just to express themselves and see it we don't we do we do a lot we don't know why this military regime we will well. country
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back we want our democracy back they just fired at them and killed more than fifty people the army promised today that they would release a video to show that the way it was the was really and at that kandahar and they showed nothing they had this press conference and they had like fought this for the sheer force from here and there but the universe showed any real evidence that the army was under attack that this peaceful protesters if you understand this. ok talk to you saying that yes the overall aim is a call for freedom however end of the day if the calling for revolt and the do rise up against the army what's the army going to do let's put it that way will the army fight back. we cannot fight back at peaceful protests that we had i was part of the what ifs of tell you if you should we we didn't evolve but we didn't use any anything if we think all our means were peaceful and we did revolt and we did it
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over we the change that isn't calling for to pollution does not mean it does not doesn't mean that you have to be violent because we had a peaceful of the two before and we can do it that is where are we to microsoft's a plan we shove it to get worse from here. it will always go it will i'm sure it will go it is not going anywhere you know because the army you cannot name the victim now the people the army is blaming the victims those are peaceful protesters that would stand there do nothing they were crazy and the army didn't show any of the evidence that will end its read to the army or to the military personnel safety this is understand this india is for the republican guard it's a it's a facility for the republican guard and it's heavily equipped with a glance camera everywhere and if there were any kind of suspicious activity they would have and evidence already cored of it and they would have guessed it but
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there was nothing it was gassed anything that means they had nothing the witness this is not just from the muslim brotherhood or from people on the ground as from people on the ground from the western media today and mr david kirkpatrick from the new york times he had he said. the protests were peaceful and the army started firing shroom it's an independent liberal newspaper he egypt they had that he court that the army started the fire on the peaceful protesters but the army pressed on the magazine to move this skill and to move this report but if you catch it if you get cash if you can find it all most of that counts most of the witnesses say it witnesses they say it was the army who started fighting at this peaceful court systems if there were if there there is no any there's no evidence at all that were you violence at the army at this time. or got it thanks for your thoughts politically on this as you are joining us on the line there from
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a detroit pre-shared. well while the political deadlock continue to need you the country's economy is in a state of freefall since mahmoud morsi took office a year ago unemployment sold well to its revenue and i'm on foreign investment shrunk drastically now its critics say that's because he was more preoccupied with political power than actually did. with the country's problems ati's paula slip except that some of the story. those who can have long since left trading cairo for quite a shores it's a lift this real estate broker panicked her job is finding homes for those with cash to pay up front but now she's thinking of closing up shop because business has never been this bad this sort of when you want to launch a new project in real estate everything is put on the whole it stops foreign buyers don't want to come and invest in egypt lack of security lack of parliament lack of unstable governments so. we do nothing but just help the way economists say it's no surprise president morsi was overthrown he spent his first year in office
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tightening his grip on power rather than trying to rescue the country's floundering economy food prices have rocketed the country cannot pay off its debts to major oil companies and forty percent of egyptians live below the poverty line on less than three dollars a day on top of that major international investors have pulled out and sold their assets the safest decision in a repartee deteriorating environment for the foreseeable future it looks like egypt will have a government that again is unable to as to policy and as a result unable to provide investors with the confidence that they would need to begin to sing it but here in tokyo square protesters are not sawing the western giants on leaving just about starvation i thought that i already have made this car leasing businessmen tells us he's fed up. before morsi was ousted we're begging for the i.m.f. loan of about four point seven billion dollars a year now we don't want it when all is businessmen collectively decided to support
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the egyptian economy and one day we collected over fifteen billion dollars in donations were a large economy we can rely on ourselves but the facts tell a different story for each day these demonstrations continue. the egyptian economy is forced to cough up another one billion dollars the ripple effect is more in security in a windy unstable region if there's anyone benefiting from these revolutions it's people right here in tahrir square you can pick up whatever souvenirs all gimmicks you want from flags to posters to key rings and even a coin code. maggie mohamed used to work as a sales agent but his company was forced to shut down after mubarak was all stood for two years this has been his office the same spot on to his square business isn't brilliant but at least he can put food on the table. i couldn't find a job but after the revolution again here it's hard to make
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a living i have children but then i just want to move. the egyptian flag is waved to both the pro and anti morsi protests it's about the only thing common between the two camps threatening to take egypt apart but if things don't improve soon the financial lifeblood of the country will be completely drained and whichever flagwaving group eventually prevails may find very little to celebrate policy r.t. . or extensively covering events in egypt for you on our website r.t. dot com we want you to go there for the latest updates latest pictures and analysis too. well so we're on the run edward snowden hasn't been seen since he arrived in moscow but the second part of an interview he gave while still in hong kong has surfaced on the web within the past few hours indeed out he's got a chicken joins us now to tell us all about what was said in this second part
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that's come to that's come to light now what was in it danny. well kevin in the second part of edward snowden's video interview with the guardian we learn more about what drove him to is seemingly comfortable lifestyle and blow the whistle on u.s. government secret surveillance activities we have to remember that edward snowden has worked with a number of government agencies listed in the us army because he wanted to fight in iraq at the beginning he thought he was a noble war but as he became familiar with the system he says from the inside is views have evolved snowden says he hopes that with a new president new leadership things would change but he says instead he witnessed the growth of surveillance in the state his interview his inferiors and his words are actually full of love for his country and he certainly doesn't see himself as a traitor take a listen i increasingly was exposed to true information that had not been
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propagandized in the media. that we were actually involved in misleading the public and misleading all publics not just the american public in order to create a certain mindset in the global consciousness and i was actually a victim of that i grew up with the understanding that the world i lived in was one where people enjoyed a sort of freedom to communicate with them each other in privacy without of being monitored thought of being measured or analyzed or or sort of judged by these three shadowy figures or systems i think a lot of people of my generation anybody who grew up with the internet that was their understanding. the obama administration tries whistleblowers as spies there's virtually no protection for whistleblowers here and certainly the u.s. has gone a long way from the days of the pentagon papers the days of daniel ellsberg and you'll hear pundits and politicians on television suggest that if edward snowden
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were a real whistleblower he would have stayed and gone to jail and they certainly question his motivation and a focus is on these on these other countries that may or may not grant edward snowden asylum but you don't really see people here rising up protesting against secret programs that edward snowden revealed protesting against this massive breach of privacy and we were member that edward snowden himself said that the greatest fear he has about the outcome of these revelations is that nothing will change what's worrying him isn't it ok and he's also very much thinking and i we're going to go next going to turn things from much of washington there that is the big question of them so is in moscow at the moment where do you go now will developments there the nicaraguan embassy in moscow has confirmed that it's received an asylum request from edward snowden and that's now been forwarded to the country's president meantime more follow more revelations from the ex cia employee have appeared in the german media the u.s. national security agency has allegedly been working closely with berlin it is
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secret surveillance activities let's put it on the board he of snowden says agencies share information with no questions asked concealing the source is to protect top level politicians from any public backlash these revelations appear to contradict comments that of course from the german chancellor angela merkel just a while earlier she is really a slumlord she called the n.s.a.'s cold war tactics saying that spying old friends is unacceptable how do those two things gel well meanwhile the spokes rebecca harm she's a german politician and member of the european parliament she is concerned that a number of european states could be violating privacy laws. i'm very concerned about the way how the united states of america but especially also europeans european governments european secret services are dealing with citizens' rights with the freedom of citizens in europe so for example. the
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assurance that your communication to a telecommunications is protected is based on laws in germany for all citizens and obviously so this law has been broken by maybe all the secret service this in europe and in the united states over all i would three conmen to governments in europe and in the united states to rethink the balance of freedom of the individual individual and the need for surveillance to achieve security for me it's clear that we have to fight against terrorists but for me it's also clear that the fundamental rights freedom has to be protected. coming of life from our t. post war mali gears up for a presidential election amid mounting worries over its fragile security situation
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we've got a report them for you from inside the west african nation the struggling still to return to normality it's what after this break. what defines a country's success. faceless figures of economic growth. or a factual standard of living. wealthy british style.
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market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's culture the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on r g. british governments moving to distance itself from brussels with m.p.'s playing a ditch roughly two thirds of e.u. imposed regulations on the police force in the justice system but i was secretary theresa may says the u.k. will then have to opt back into some of those rules later on for a seller trying to find out what britain actually wants than from its relations with the e.u. . over arching the theme here is that they want to repatriate powers back from brussels to the u.k. and specifically the home secretary theresa may had says that it's
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a what will propel present proposals for britain to exercise its opt out option which is enshrined in the lisbon treaty on the e.u. regulations relating to just as crime and the policing now one of the most contentious parts of. these regulations is the european arrest warrant which when issued by a certain country would require another country to arrest and send that person to the country that requires that person to face justice and all of this happening on the back of that recent vote to pass through the house of commons three hundred four votes to none in favor of that in or out referendum case membership in the e.u. let's get more insight on all of this from a rory broomfield is director of better off out campaign and deputy director of the freedom association all right let's get right to it for first on one hand you were fighting for freedom you're a euro skeptic but on the other hand you have the police the chief of police department dealing with your white cases saying well this is going to make crime attacking quite inefficient wouldn't it be better for the u.k. to simply remain and be
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a part of these new regulations we look beautiful be. because we are concerned for the future government whether it be labor conservative or any other color will actually go into these from screens to expose british nationals to experiences that they do not want and would not be ok ultimately this is something that would not turn would not be to many of these regulations if we were outside the european union completely but there is that still up for debate for vote if and if it indeed does happen wouldn't this be very shortsighted on the part of the u.k. i don't think it would be sure so it's because the u.k. like any other country in the world will be able to. meet. and the. member states don't really have a tradition. it's both you know it's a kingdom and you. could plug for a website and see what our online team got lined up for
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a couple stories laundering dirty money using clean energy reporting that the italian mafia is ramping up its investments in wind farms what could a spark this sudden interest in green energy be asked probably answers to the dot com also billion defense dollars down the drain as u.s. missile interceptors show but not up to the task of stopping ballistic rockets find out why it's been a frustrating five years for american missile defense projects again an article called. the presidential election campaigns kicked off in post-war mali the west african nation struggling to return to constitutional order after his most occupation out of political crisis the transitional government there's lifted now the state of emergency that's been in place since january gave sweeping powers to the army during the french intervention that drove militant forces out of the country's north thousands of un peacekeepers will be helping to maintain security june the vote set for july the twenty eighth france now will be withdrawing most of its troops by the end of the year but many fear is not ready for this election at
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a time when around half a million people are still displaced the peace is still very fragile. amid some of the people trying to get their lives back on track or to bring up rooted by this war. and these people from a small village to the west of mali's capital may be muslim. but they also have their very own traditional beliefs stretching back to the relations using nuts to help predict the future and influence whether you know you are looking. it's people like these who helped form africa's unique and diverse cultures but it's exactly these types who would have been a trieste of an isolation had the militants who took control of mali's north in the name of radical islam also swept aside the authorities here. have a lot bar they say they're not muslims i don't like these people and other spiritual groups they think the same way if they find us they'll kill us. french
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troops intervened in northern mali in january as the insurgency made a push towards the capital two months later paris proclaimed the north liberated but for some followers of traditional islam that was already too late. twenty three year old silly man from the gower region claims al qaeda linked fighters chopped off his right hand and left food after he and father three and a muslim who prays several times a day refused to join their ranks and. they brought the chair to a square in the center of gower they tied me up they gave me an injection and put a bandage here brought a knife like this and cut it. however some people from solomon's village claim has a speech which the radicals punish him for one to shari'a law they imposed will do so we're against their opinion they don't consider the muslim they have their own interests or want that travelling to was the north we met no one who sympathizes
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with the insurgents and their rigid religious themes and that even goes for the next generation you want to fight against and why are they bad bad all of them lot of lalan yes they are bad that for our country. but when those ringers of shari'a law to call to the north a significant number of mali ends either join them or help them. some suggest by their wallets militants have capitalized on widespread poverty while others have been drawn in by they slogans it is now many people who join the radicals understood they were mistaken and they've joined the side of the mali an army to fight against those people are you guys affray that these people will come back. no they will not come back. or they don't why they will never come back here.
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because mali and france now here. but france is drawing much of its military and the very people paris claims to have driven out still appeared to be very much around. the same groups that to mali's north claimed responsibility for a terror attack on a french run uranium facility in neighbor in asia and while the very factors that allowed to their rise in the north over to a feeling of injustice and general frustration us to very much evident. in it which wasn't busy and not critical period of the campaign a bit of money now battle is not a legal matter it makes everything seem anguish to me research and only. one can be very deep and profound thing is the missing link to fate or a fortune out the art scene from mali. where once a big stories tonight
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a in the south is india a two story buildings collapse has killed twelve people eighteen are injured and more are believed to be trapped under the rubble you're seeing there in the city life of tell police what was it local authorities recently or the several buildings in the area were unsafe but that hotel actually itself will be given the all clear . picture of the protesters meantime are gathered once again in libya's capital tripoli the voicing anger against the growing influence of mercenary groups paid by the state they want the government to disband militias and create a legitimate army and police force that comes after more deadly clashes last week between two armed groups in the south of the capital. ten twenty six pm moscow time thank you for being with r.t. coming up after the break with me to know architect of russia's future economic strategy interesting chat coming up just a minute or two from them. remember
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how all the sudden an afghan card protest group became world famous and then were completely forgotten by next month yeah i'm talking about the feminist punk rock group pussy riot that performed a vulgar anti prayer and one of moscow's most famous orthodox cathedrals one possible reason for their explosive popularity in the media's eyes was revealed recently by german actress on a buck the actress claims a german t.v. channels e.d.f. paid her a large undisclosed amount of money to come out on behalf of the activists banned shell said on a t.v. discussion that she doesn't even remember what she said except for wishing them well with dealing with their incarceration it would be very odd for an actress to just make up a bribery scandal especially once she was complicit in but it makes you wonder just how many other people's e.d.f.
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may have been given a little extra motivation to cry travesty overall i think that most important of what her public revelation is that she said that you know what it's a bit dumb when actors talk about politics and i couldn't agree with her more but that's just my opinion. speak your language i mean some of the will not advance the. program says documentary some spanish what matters to you. use a little tuna to angles keep stories. spanish find out more visit. tito's comb.
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hello and welcome to this edition of sophie and co the once economies suffering through worst turbulence since the time of the great depression an attempt to stay afloat the western states come up with some of the most radical solutions but the question is is it working. at a time of mass protest and disenchanted with the global economy save itself from its clouds gather over. its wallpapers values. giants to challenge the world the old guard is holding off protecting itself from
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the new kids on the trading how can they keep their faith in the game and save their currency from a long time is running. quite cyprus beilein has by far the most unexpected twist in the latest run of events around the global economy and it directly involved russia since billions of russian money were targeted in the process and to talk about that we're joined by our guest i do the work which was russia's a deputy prime minister on economic issues i mean it's fair to say will only look on and off ok so so we're going to talk economy now. i want you to take a look at this graph there were several media reports saying that there were about from five to thirty billion heroes russian money russian money in cyprus most humble estimation came from the man who knows he's the head of cyprus central bank so from five to thirty billion euros what's your number. well it has depleted numbers but nobody knows so i talked with some people put money in the.
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code it all means other people used to france in cyprus or new entities. or. hi names at the height of the action saw i think the number is pretty big certainly higher than twenty billion dollars so one thirty billion i would i would say it's common i was just so it is certain is probably the right number but then again nobody knows exactly what he was or so much russian money in their wealth. was convenient as. it is more friendly i am not far away from russia easy to easy to travel. jurisdiction is good stocks are so low and also banks quite good and convenient to appear a reason to distance auctions across the world to transfer money and to pay for services in the. i think the rules of the game were
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known for everyone not just for russian so many british people are americans who are using cyprus as well but again for russians it was the cause of the economy and really actually the fairest and it separates was the most popular for russian up till now yeah ok do you know how much russia lost proximately. few billion but nobody more until the whole story. so everyone who has money in the stands and most. of the france most of the savings of the last but what were the percentage that people will be able to take away. while it's still unclear. what's weird is that only thirty billion that's a lot of money ok why wasn't the russian government more proactive in saving securing their assets in cyprus the russian government is protecting saving the
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might was in the russian government should not care about saving the people who make brought it wasn't just private savings then more so things were private most of saving so we had some russian state control banks have some. in cyprus and three you do have to be to be bank likely to be bank and. the government was very active in protecting the property or for me to be as a government to show my shareholders to be it was about fifteen billion dollars and i think it was successful. you separate successful you know in cyprus and the actions were lifted after a certain period of time so i think the russian government so in prison were doing all the right things to protect those properties but did russian guard lose anything at all this whole similar story in the russian government didn't was because i mean. the signs of this crisis looming were coming before march and
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everyone really knew about it. but the key. things that changed station dressed was the greece a lot as all european countries had to participate in saving the greece. and cyprus as well that was the usual burden on cyprus battleship and after that became clear that cyprus isn't huge that problem russia was actually helping with that through. for cyprus giving it quite to be low. and actually after after the crisis in cyprus we took the decision to improve loan conditions for cyprus so that cyprus. would be pay an easier way in a few years did you personally see the signs of this looming did you think it was
2:35 pm
what happened the way it happened all european countries are under stress. in europe is on the reader threats such as this is unprecedented. and nobody i think nobody believes that you will feel that they've decision. to pressure cyprus to be part of deposits i think that was not. expected by anyone in any quantity by a new normal government but major european countries decided that they don't want to cope cyprus anymore cyprus or so it is over its only issue and so on so i would say for sure it was completely unexpected that the tradition for cyprus will be to. share or for the deposit base so no one was like behind the scenes warned that this was going to happen because what it was like e.u. russia summit for example i can december or january something like no one told you that is not happened no we are news that. cyprus is under stress so for the
2:36 pm
government was the question because support from the russian government a number of occasions what we thought the cyprus issue because of similar way is the issue but i was in the way that it was real you know when this whole thing was going on and angela merkel in particular she was very adamant that cyprus doesn't talk to anyone else but e.u. members and particularly not talk to russia about you know this problem which was really weird because i mean how do you expect cyprus not stuck to russia when thirty billion dollars of thirty billion euros are in spanx so therefore there was a conspiracy theory that either was going to do this anyways they were going to have the haircut done but having so much money in cyprus was like an additional extra reason to actually do it because it will also hit russian money. i know the arguments of for. such. nature
2:37 pm
but i think all the arguments being taken into account when the decision is taken so i would not exclude. that german. politicians or french reputation is so we're thinking both russia as well because they were taking the decision but i don't think that was the main argument the main argument was that cyprus is. hurting. the mainland the fewer poor by taking part of money is a go to europe or in. cyprus is a. haven for big amounts of money cyprus will do all for its problems and they would have done it anyway yes i think i think that the russian. russian factor which i thought fuck that was not because icing on a cake yeah maybe yeah there were also much spec yet because you hurt so much talk
2:38 pm
in the media about russian dirty russian money dirty work and money being you know i think politically for europeans was important dimensions of the russian money but i don't think that was going to for the decision makers to present this publicly it was good it was without argument but but not for not for pretty much decision making process here's a graph also going to take a look there were a lot of speculations in the western media that top top russia's reachout their money their saved in cyprus money laundering is facilitated by generous provisions for rich russians to gain separate citizenship some eighty oligarchy gain access to the entire you in this way in two thousand and eleven alone some eighty billion flowed out of russia and much of that money has been channeled through cyprus a lot of people i guess like in russia felt like it was an additional you know vindictive reason to i'm sure but i'm pretty sure. that. most of those funds.
2:39 pm
were converted to cyprus in the legal way not money laundering. it was not the dirt . the dividends that were paid by. legal companies public companies owners of those companies russian oligarchs but no it was not about money laundering it's about but the. taxes but it was legal but what's funny is that like you mentioned british money it's about a quarter of a foreign investment in cyprus that they didn't really make such a fuss about their money being cut off was that rule there were much more they were in a quite free library they were doing things as well but you think cyprus is actually setting a line how we will act in the future i thought i was saying that if you were a real insight to in a single way in other countries so that will lead to the disaster of the big seems
2:40 pm
to. well it's for cyprus especially i mean they're trying to save its economy but considering that eighty percent of their. economy is based on financial bases financial services if there's an issue of who is going to put money in cyprus now nobody many years but also like and i'm thinking globally like for you were up in general could it affect the could could could could that actually be a reason for cash outflow from europe in general. except maybe for. the. banks so yes europe will be the european banking system to be heard by and by the actions and people feel. believes that for this happened cyprus happens pretty portable. but it's time for a short break and in the second part of the show will we'll talk about the russian officer any chances dunaway.
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what if china were a military superpower on par with the united states what kind of world would we would china put in to check washington's appetite for unilateral military action and manipulation of the global economy or would we miss another cold war where both beijing and washington maintained a chilly the relatively peaceful world. defines a country's success. faceless figures of economic growth. standard of living.
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they all told me my language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports but unlike the players no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your letter play. list or carry out a call is on the job here no. thank you no more weasel words. when you made a direct question are you prepared for a change when you run you should be ready for a. pretty tough speech in a little down to freedom to. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all
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here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the c.o.r.p. interviews intriguing story are you. trying. to find out more visit our big. welcome back to so cinco we're talking about the cyprus crisis and our guest today is russia's deputy prime minister i got to do a college who knows a lot about economy and so we're talking about the sappers fallout in the first part on a drop of that we did have has proposed to actually create russia's own offshore. i mean what's the thinking behind that i mean who's going to put money in russia not sure because russians obviously prefer to have their money said somewhere else that
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russia can become one of the global financial centers or or at least region financial centers was. on the table. long before cyprus crisis when the crisis. started in two thousand and eight. and tribulations in europe in the in the united states after the election by g twenty started to. get tougher resource that maybe russia can actually. be transferred into a better financial reduction for for the money that they're not being held in europe or the united states into started to. be more convenient for banks or investment companies or for people to. be put in russian.
2:45 pm
we started to reduce taxes on financial transactions on savings on didn't and the poor inflow of crypto stuff that in two thousand and ten to be a pretty good station then money started to go back last year and this year because of flow of capital and this sort of maybe after cyprus we cannot make the case that the russian banking system is one of the safest and we make that case i think so i think russian banks have better capital position than many banks and a new report in the united states right now. explain well basically russian banks were much more conservative. as in most banks in the war. our company is. always saying that it's really difficult to get loans get credit. interest rates are very high but that is one side of the story for brinks.
2:46 pm
that means that. they're not putting money in the risk of transactions and for people who save money in the russian banks. picture brights and brains are not to. the point that's money but when we talk about offshore it's who would be our clients because when you put your money in banks in america and europe or america think that you know these are established economists and i'm going to really trust it happen tomorrow when you think russian economy globally you don't think it's like the safest most stable economy in the world because sick people who think simply don't understand much about banking system you know they first think well i'll drive i have my money save me a bank that has a stable economy you know what i mean well i think you should be pretty much a crook nobody i think is. thinking seriously including prime minister medvedev that the whole of russia can become sort of them for the worth of the
2:47 pm
whole but russia can become one of the convenient countries to war korea's capital and one of the countries research in percent income tax this is a key factor for individual investors the low income tax. russia can surf was an extra. that can be used for can be used by investment banks in new york banks as well also we were sinking boat making far east as one of the. centers for my needs that. i've been convinced of the asia pacific region as hong kong and shanghai. right now and the decision to reduce the corporate taxes in the forest to make this easier but again nobody is thinking seriously both to transfer and crush into the not sure sure sure country when it's
2:48 pm
an idea it's a work in progress or you guys actually were not all make a subtle and i'm sure place. we will try to. do this but we are not. we are not trying to perth various financial services in so wholly in our east to make society in to. give us the. places convenient for investments i wonder what japan will say about that i think then japan will start cooperating with us even. islands and. from pragmatic point of view not a political point of view. going cause of the crew islands means putting money in. and trying to take quite away from from russia well here's another graph let's take a look at that this crap actually shows that western european countries generate
2:49 pm
more offshore wealth than anyone else in the world pretty clear that you want so sure is down and out of existence right i mean it's only normal i think. is a part of for normal life and nobody's saying that. the global economy will stop before force will cease to exist. the ideal for. international makers is to make sure it's more transparent rather than three could be of force because the feeling we're getting is that russia and e.u. actually want to d.l. sure i still think that's a wrong idea i don't want to close down offshores i think it's it's wrong but people who believe that you can easily. things will be going much better i think everyone from sweden stands that if you will do this you should reduce taxes domestically. for the economy to grow. economic growth is
2:50 pm
supported by offshores taxes are lower and people are investing future amounts of money from offshores and the mainland or over on the corner and this supports the economy grows you for taxes will be put to the level they are in the mainland like in russia where we have twenty percent corporate income tax eighteen percent were added tax etc to you for taxes across the world will be the same level economic growth across the world we would much lower interest in this surprise for dear dear friend but the gain that doesn't mean that we should. support existing coffers we should treat them as normal a way to put money in but we need more transparency need to understand what's worse i mean it's the future of offshores i think it will be used in less intensive way it will be more transparent governments will know who is holding money offshore
2:51 pm
in real try to tax more ways to get the compensate for the losses but the governments will not write to you could date overflowing and so this whole cyprus operation that we spoke about was carried out to actually keep the eurozone going to save the euro. what's going to happen to that i mean do you personally buy your us for example. part of the savings to cross russia or are you are since normal. part of framing savings most of my wife's savings and the snow from our financial accounts the completely transparent in our neurosis well that's. normal for money but most of. ourselves as to when robles not in europe but i think do you ever say if you bend the dollar at this point. about the same i would say about the same exchange rates up and down but. as far as the quality of
2:52 pm
the currency is concerned both the same us economy is bigger in the. years that is there for is stronger than the european central bank that's clear that's why still most of the finest introductions across all of our. bowlers but you are the second. strongest currency. because of the rising. currency in asia and china. capital control step step by step for year by year you are now. getting stronger and stronger and to become eventually one of the reserve currency across the world. you know currency worries another huge topic but i'm going to have you on another program to talk about that right now what i want to talk to you about now shortly because we're coming to an end is brics survey is trying to create its own bank because they figured out i am math
2:53 pm
and the world bank are dealing the way they should be dealing with their business. we spoke to zuma president of south africa recently when he was inside she and here's what he had to say listen to that the one from developing countries that the established banks today or financial institutions. are very discriminants they're not allowed in other parts of regions of the world to participate and there's been a lot of debate about the need to transform the financial institutions that exist to transform and the manner in which they they they are dealing with those that needs to be helped. they're using the rules that we established that isn't decades ago the world has changed this institutions have not changed with the world they still remain. dealing with matters in the manner in which they do. there would be
2:54 pm
very few countries there would be any that would say as it is that two of them approaching visit institutions they would grow and get out of touch. but first of all do you agree with what he's saying. oh you know yes but. well for number year over year congress were saying that we need it but the war being better i.m.f. . but there. are institutions and the progress is very slow and then the idea for a patient breaks for instance came to the table and. we discussed but i would like to stress that the terms of preferences for the potential. strong institutions are not. and we don't know how it will look like in twenty three to
2:55 pm
create fire but they're talking about the they're talking about where it's going to be set up and it's actually a work in progress right something either a right but again the. nature of the institution in what it's going to do more and most important think not the place if you'll be lucky but so many people brooke but you think we could work at what the. real be so that it's at the but i would like to stress again but we don't know you know. how much how much pressure when contributing we don't know that either i don't know this is a really far off perspective to look for but. i mean conceptually do you see how how it will be different from i.m.f. or the world bank. the key difference is. one of the focus on the. developing world. and confidence that brics trying to.
2:56 pm
cooperate in peace. i'm going to be helping cyprus or. well maybe but separating but not with the media and the second is a different kind of management because they were in so. professionals from the new congress that i was a. united states would you be like setting your own economic or political rules like i.m.f. and world bank usually do when they go into country they help them but they say you know what you need to change these. in order for us to help the russian position is that you should not within your political rules are into the system reality is always more complex and with a political considerations with a conflict but again for poor financial institutions i think it is not. efficient to use the police got to convince. the decision makers all right it's been great talking to you are going to that are going to thank you very much for
2:57 pm
being with us today and i will see you next time this with sophie and cuddle with me sophie shevardnadze. live live.
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we were actually involved in misleading the public and misleading all. developing story tonight cia whistleblower edward snowden explains what pushed him to expose america's secret surveillance program and the newly released part of his into the. deadly divisions in egypt fifty one people are killed muslim brotherhood rally sparking fears now that the country could slide into chaos we've got a report from a hospital on the front line of. the u.k. policy drift away from the e.u. the british government is planning to walk around one hundred european regulations on justice and the police force.


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